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Rubber Records

Rubber Records, born from a bedroom in Melbourne, Australia, by the great David Vodika,
is an independent music label that has been releasing, by its own estimation, quality
music since 1989.

Releasing over 250 titles in its almost 30 year history, Rubber Records is home to artists
including Even, Jet, Underground Lovers, Cordrazine, The Casanovas, 1200 Techniques,
Icecream Hands, Crooked Fingers, Liquor Giants, Ricaine, The Affected, The Grapes,
bZark and The Genes - only a small proportion of this impressive roster.

Says founder David Vodicka – “I’ve always preferred being in the background and just
releasing records by artists that I love working with."

Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Youtube

Rubber Records

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The Casanovas - Hollywood Riot     Rock, Metal 03/10/2019
'Hollywood Riot' is the first new music from The Casanovas in over 4 years and is the first track from the The Casanovas 4th studio album due out in 2020.
Hollywood Riot, is based around the subject matter of an impressionable young girl that is obsessed with becoming famous and wants so badly to make it whatever the cost.

The other meaning is the notion to riot against the institution and those that have preyed on women to further their careers in Hollywood by sleazy Mr Big types.