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Borrowed Chords - Let Me Go     Roots, Rock, Reggae / Dub 06/04/2020
Borrowed Chords are a young roots duo from Adelaide Hills. With heavy influences from old school blues rockers, Borrowed Chords have a modern, heavy foot stomping sound.
Let me go is a poetic interpretation of the constraints someone feels in an abusive relationship.

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Jelly Oshen - Sleepless     Roots, Soul, Pop 03/04/2020
"This kid has something primal and these songs are full to the being with raw emotion. It’s a real sonic stew and I’m dipping my ladle in for seconds”Tommy Faith-TripleJ
"I made Sleepless because making a seemingly sweet lullaby about your ex sounded kinda funny and felt like a natural and/or good way to transition through the moving-on process" - Jelly Oshen

eddie cole - Temptation     Roots, Folk, Soul, Blues 03/04/2020
Roots based guitar virtuoso and vocalist.
Soul roots track with a sexy groove.

Eamon Dilworth's Crawfish Po'Boys - Mushroom Mumma     Roots, Jazz, Blues 03/04/2020
Trumpeter & Singer Eamon Dilworth's Crawfish Po'Boys is a roaring romp of upbeat feel good music inspired by the crescent city of New Orleans
An upbeat track full of horns, piano & organ with raspy vocals celebrating all things Mushroom!

Mama Kin Spender - The Road     Roots, Blues, Folk, Soul 26/03/2020
Mama Kin Spender lock in on both a musical and spiritual level. This compelling bond and creative sparks generated mark them as favourites for an ever-growing league of music fans.
‘The Road.’ a dirt track lament shared by a couple of broken and rejected strangers. A song about those times when someone brings you their broken bits and you sit in the discomfort of their discomfort with them for a moment. Sharing their load, not challenging it by asking them to defend or validate what is real for them.

Nomika - Heart Work     Roots, Soul, Rock, Jazz 20/03/2020
Nomika are on a mission to create soulful, honest music that grooves and challenges. With a 10-piece lineup, Brisbane’s homegrown nu-soul/jazz-funk band are dedicated to tight musicianship and collaborative composition.
Heart Work is an energy-pumping, 80’s-rock inspired tribute to the downtrodden folks finding themselves doing all the emotional labour. It is a call-to-action driven by juddering bass and slathered in woodwinds and brass.

Matt Cal - Summertime     Roots, Easy Listening, Indie, Folk 16/03/2020
“I’m just trying to be a good singer/songwriter,” Cal says. “I’m not overly worried about the genre, it’s always about the song. Gutsy but intimate is how I do it.”
Summertime is the follow-up to 2019 single, Changes. While the latter evoked emotion and mood, Summertime sounds exactly like its title. Cal’s new single was composed with the ocean and life’s tides in mind. “It’s a place we escape to,” Cal says. “ to go dip in the ocean and cast a lonely view out to the beautiful horizon.”

Paula Standing - Hiding Out In Tuscany     Roots, Country, Folk 13/03/2020
Paula Standing has taken a bold step forward. The ethereal musician, whose eclectic songwriting comes together into a cohesive body of work, showcasing her bewitching vocals and her storytelling ability.
Taking a chance on life and daring to step into the deep end. It’s never too late to make a change. There is an Americana feel, with Celtic undertones, wrapped together with a strong current of country music – a direction that has always been the heart and soul of everything that Paula does.

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Victor Cripes - Wishes to the Fishes     Roots, Blues, Rock 11/03/2020
Upbeat Lo-fi Dirty Blues
Victor Cripes and Gareth Fox of Studio Schizoid take another foray into the grey area between blues and lo-fi rock to carve out their second analogue recording direct to old magnetic tape. 'Wishes to the Fishes' was recorded completely live in the studio with no overdubs, loops or re-takes.

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Other tracks by Victor Cripes:  Ratbag  -  Dig Some Gold
Glen Heald - No Matter What I Do     Roots, Blues, Blues, Rock 08/03/2020
Glen Heald is a multi instrumental singer/songwriter who plays a mix of rock, blues and acoustic ballads. A independent Aboriginal recording artist who has written and produced eight solo albums.
A blues rock vocal song recorded with 12 string guitar, electric slide guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and drums. The lyrics of the song are about trying to improve your life while you struggle with the same problems and mistakes that you make.

Andy McGarvie - Going About This     Roots, Country, Easy Listening, Rock 06/03/2020
Melbourne's Andy McGarvie is a songwriter for a confused generation and a guitarist's guitarist. Currently London-based, his songs talk of growing up and wising up while remembering to have fun.
A song about growing up and coming of age; about getting sober and about accepting oneself for everything they are. The tender opening reflects on what might have been, and culminates in an admission of taking things too far before honestly admitting vulnerability and freedom from the past and an willingness to change.

Lemon Myrtle - The Dentist     Roots, Pop, Folk, Indie 06/03/2020
Han Styles (aka. Lemon Myrtle) is a 20 year-old emerging singer-songwriter from South-West WA who prefers to write songs about trees, conversations with strangers and the narrative gap.
The Dentist is a lighthearted, quirky reminder on the importance of the proper care of teeth. Folky flavour with pop sensibilities, this is the title track to Lemon Myrtle's debut EP.

Other tracks by Lemon Myrtle:  Christine  -  Fear is a Dog
Wayne Jury - It's a new day     Roots, Blues, R&B 01/03/2020
Wayne Jury “Singing the blues with nothing but a guitar and a passion, he's all grass roots and heart - somewhat like the late Dutch Tilders” -CHRIS LAMBIE Rhythms Magazine
A song of indifference about the modern world.

Other tracks by Wayne Jury:  Doors and bridges  -  Rain
Camille Trail - Devil's Drink     Roots, Country, Folk 28/02/2020
Camille Trail is a 21 year old singer songwriter from Central Queensland. Devil's Drink is the second single from her forthcoming debut album, produced by Shane Nicholson.
“I wrote Devil's Drink around the idea of something following you - whether it's a person or a fear - and no matter what you do, you just can't shake it off. I hope the song connects because I feel that the message is universal – in one way or another maybe everyone has something they're trying to outrun.”

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Tracey Barnett - Eyes Forward     Roots, Indie, Blues, Folk 26/02/2020
Tracey Barnett produces a heady mix of sound, merging effortlessly with traditional rock rhythms, blues licks and a hint of country. Her powerful presence inspires hopefulness and pure unadulterated fun.
'Eyes Forward' is the second single from Tracey Barnett's up coming new album (to be released in 2020). This is an upbeat and inspiring song about getting over procrastination, fear and taking a leap of faith. Featuring acoustic guitar, banjo, dobro and harmonica amongst the usual back line and harmonising vocals. Very catchy and happy.

Roz Pappalardo - Let It Go     Roots, Country, Blues 20/02/2020
For the best part of two decades, Roz Pappalardo has been shaking things up, challenging perceptions and forging her own direction through the music landscape.
"Let It Go is about wanting to be the change. It’s about a desire to do things differently in my life with bravery and passion. I wrote this song in less than an hour and I feel a like a frickin’ roaring lion when I sing it."

Dcrae - One Love     Roots, Reggae / Dub, R&B, Pop 19/02/2020
Dcrae rapper /songwriter, wears his heart on his sleeve also an artist at Bentley records NYC Dcrae's single Mama has touch Thousands of people around the globe.
One love a track coming out of Lagos Nigeria, Mc professor an international artist has opened up a door to our very own Australian artist Dcrae and together they have made a new track for The start of 2020

the new duo hope to have made a banger!

One love drops with Bentley records on 19/2/20

Happy Valentine's!

Si Wilson - Black Enough     Roots, First Nations, Blues, Pop 19/02/2020
Indigenous songwriter covering many musical styles including Country/Funk/Pop/Reggae and Roots.
Black Enough is a song about my experiences in Australia and my Aboriginality. It explains the constant questions and mis-understanding of my identity.

Other tracks by Si Wilson:  Special  -  Rain's Gonna Fall
Karissa Hambilton - Light At The End Of Darkness     Roots 14/02/2020
After a few years break while getting married and starting a new family Karissa is back with a great new single.
This piano driven track also features full rhythm section with an up-tempo catchy feel. Karissa’s lyrics speak of passion, frustration and loss but resolve into the positive.

Other tracks by Karissa Hambilton:  Utopian Coma
Norgay Tension - I Need Love     Roots, Rock, Country, Pop 10/02/2020
Members of 4 legendary Perth bands, the Elks, Helicopters, Manikins, and Strung Out, unite for the first time as Norgay Tension, and release their debut album, Queueing For Everest.
A rootsy cruise around the block in search of that crazy little thing called love.

Other tracks by Norgay Tension:  Wild Imagination  -  Let Me Stay