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Jimmi Carr Band - Monkey Kingdom     Roots, Rock, Country, Alternative 16/12/2019
Jimmi Carr Band hail from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Alt-country and groove-driven rock
Monkey Kingdom is a rollicking alt-country / rock song with an off-beat feel.

The term 'monkey kingdom' refers to modern human societies and the state of political and environmental disarray they (we) are in. The track takes a swing at Trump's America, Australia's off shore detention of refugees and the global climate crisis.

Otherwise, it's just plain good fun!

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Other tracks by Jimmi Carr Band:  Already Gone
Headphones Jones - Hectic Zebra     Roots, World, Soul, Jazz 10/12/2019
Nine-piece party extravaganza that perform high energy, feel good dance music with a blend of funk, afrobeat and afro-latin flavours.
Hectic Zebra is a Funk-Afrobeat instrumental ride that builds from steady groove into flange-filled drum solos at the climax!

Mossy Fogg - Spider Song     Roots, Alternative, Folk 10/12/2019
Down 'n dirty blues, folk and rock with more growl than a Mississippi swamp dog, Perth swamp lords Mossy Fogg have got the good medicine to cure what ails you.
Spider Song, set for official release Friday November 15th, has been a crowd favourite and a staple of live shows for a long while now and will be the first studio release from Mossy Fogg in almost 5 years.

Dominique - Stay     Roots, Blues 08/12/2019
This is my debut EP, Keep it Simple, wanted my first release to be just me and my guitar... Hope you like it!
Stay is about finding your happy place, for me it was a person but it can be whatever you want

Other tracks by Dominique:  Windswept  -  Red
Paladin - That's The Way It Is     Roots, Country, Pop, Easy Listening 06/12/2019
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
The song describes the reality of modern living and how it is easy to lose yourself despite the congestion of urban living. It also laments how it is possible to remain invisible despite the people around you.

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Benny D Williams - Love Is     Roots, Reggae / Dub, Indie, Rock 29/11/2019
Enigmatic underground looping artist Benny D Williams is an entertainment powerhouse, multi-instrumentalist and audio production wizard based in a rundown beachside shack on the Gold Coast.
This song is about the observations of love

Other tracks by Benny D Williams:  Together We Can  -  Cities Of Gold
Robert Cini - Staying at Home     Roots, Folk, Pop, Rock 29/11/2019
Award-winning singer/songwriter Robert Cini’s deeply melodic songs infusing multiple genres accompany a truly unique aura on stage and ability to capture audiences and passes by with his powerful soulful voice
'Staying at Home' is the opening track off the debut album 'Imaginary Fun'. It was written when Robert was living in a tiny 2 bed flat in Brisbane City. The song touches on social anxiety and feeling like you want to get out but there is this terrifying underlying thing stopping you!

Other tracks by Robert Cini:  Running  -  Get You Back
Headphones Jones - Snackfruit     Roots, Latin, Jazz, World 18/11/2019
Nine-piece collective that perform high energy, feel good dance music with a blend of funk, afrobeat and afro-latin flavours.
An afrofunk journey through Latin America featuring hypnotic rhythms and sweltering horn solos, broken up with a shimmering guitar interlude. The track features influences from Cumbia, Salsa, Rumba and Maracatu.

Featuring guest artist Carlos Meza playing the Guacharaca and field recordings from Cuba in the intro recorded by the artist.

Other tracks by Headphones Jones:  Gym Junkie  -  Teach Me
August River Band - Blue Light     Roots, Folk, Indie 15/11/2019
August River Band are a three piece alternative originals outfit from Brisbane consisting of Eev Ferreira, Lil Burrows, and Gerard Kerr.
"Blue Light" was inspired whilst Eev was being scowled at by "a very gorgeous and very stern Estonian barista", explaining that following the interaction "I considered how we all long for just a little connection. I remembered my own longing as a partner spent much of her time with her nose in her cell phone.

Harvey - Helado     Roots, Pop 15/11/2019
Harvey serves up a cocktail of tropical roots music by mixing acoustic and electronic elements. His feel-good music has been featured on Australian radio, television and film.
Helado is a tropical daydream with feel-good lyrics and Latin grooves.

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Brendan Bonsack - I Once Knew a Doctor     Roots, Alternative, Folk, Indie 08/11/2019
Poet, songwriter and filmmaker, Brendan Bonsack, is a unique voice in the Australian musical landscape. His love of words and storytelling infuse every song.
A track examining the patient/doctor relationship.

James Bennett - Third Time Around     Roots, Indie, Folk, Country 08/11/2019
James Bennett is a singer songwriter/ multi instrumentalist from Newcastle NSW touring Australia for over 8 years a roots/ folk artist inspired by Bob Dylan, Paul Kelly & John Butler.
Third Time Around is a song about the feelings inside a dedicated person, whatever they're trying to achieve in life its hard & you feel like your going backwards. this song is about doing thing over and over again until you either succeed or at least know yourself little better every time.

Other tracks by James Bennett:  Rapunzel  -  Secret Place
Jordan Mac - See The World     Roots, Rock, Blues 08/11/2019
Multi-award winning Australian Progressive-Folk and Roots artist Jordan Mac, known for his virtuosic ability on Twelve-String guitar, Anthemic Vocals and Electronic Percussion
See The World is an upbeat, twelve-string guitar driven ode to roots-music while bringing in edgier flavours of rock with a psychedelic breakdown in the middle.

Recorded on the Gold Coast by producer Matt Bartlem (Jarryd James, Lastlings), it features the virtuosic talent of Ian Peres (Wolfmother, Xavier Rudd) on Synth, Luke Williams (Dead Letter Circus) on Drums.

ANDRE CAMILLERI - Stand Like A Rock     Roots, Country, Blues, Alternative 07/11/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
I recently scored a 4 Track Reel to Reel tape machine and tried to writean album in the early 80's vein. Stand like a Rock was the first song I came up with and this recording has been likened by some of my peers to one of my famous namesakes..

Other tracks by ANDRE CAMILLERI:  Devil In The Hole  -  Wonder What I find
Ruby Gilbert - Slave     Roots, Blues, Country, Rock 07/11/2019
Ruby Gilbert, the Brisbane-based songstress is an old soul, and Gympie Muster talent winner.Raw and heart-breaking, her voice evokes an old-time feel, while her lyrics are both strange and endearing.
Slave is about working at a bad fast food job, being a slave to the man and wanting to quit. Ruby Gilbert's latest single is a Vintage Blues/Rock n Roll feel with a modern spin.

Christina Crofts - Callin' Your Name     Roots, Blues, Rock 06/11/2019
With her gritty blues/rock & slide guitar & country tinged vocals its considered a fitting description that Christina Crofts has been described as 'Lucinda Williams meets Rory Gallagher'
A swampy upbeat song with lighthearted reference to the Devil - to be taken more as a code for 'bad boy's in general - But it was inspired by a dream I actually had about the Devil while visiting Tennessee a couple of years ago.

Other tracks by Christina Crofts:  Lookin' Back on You  -  Someone Younger
Archie Roach - Rally Round The Drum (feat. Paul Kelly)     Roots, First Nations, Blues 06/11/2019
It’s an exciting time for Archie Roach, who not only is releasing his memoir and album, but also just won Victorian Australian Of The Year.
On the release of his brand new memoir and album, Archie Roach presents his new single, ‘Rally Round The Drum (feat. Paul Kelly)’. ‘Rally Round The Drum’ was co-written with Paul Kelly when they toured New Zealand together in the early 90s. Now, these two giants of Australian music reunite to finally record the song together.

Matt Joe Gow - Light My Way     Roots, Easy Listening, Country, Alternative 06/11/2019
From Queenscliff festival to boutique Americana festivals, from supporting Chris Isaak to Justin Townes Earle, Matt has built a simmering credibility to go along side the authentic Alt Country tones.
An acoustic version of the sprawling Americana centerpiece from 'Break Rattle And Roll'. 'Light My Way' is a song about letting go of the past in order to find a true connection. In this version, harmonica replaces saxophone, harmonies replace amplifiers as acoustic guitars journey the song back to it's roots.

Zennith - Ancient Warrior     Roots, First Nations, Reggae / Dub, Hip Hop 30/10/2019
Australian Aboriginal roots reggae rockers ZENNITH new album ‘ANCIENT WARRIOR’ is out now. The Official Music Video for the 2nd Single & title track ‘Ancient Warrior’ out on October 25th.
The song Ancient Warrior was written as a tribute to our Ancient Culture and the preservation of our sacred sites. Trying to find a balance of keeping culture alive in modern times. Slowly our sacred sights are being destroyed and swallowed up by developments. It's not only here in Australia, it's a struggle indigenous people face across the world.

Margaret Anne and the Rock It Man - Soul Laid Bare     Roots 25/10/2019
A traveller and inspirer to live and love life, Margaret Anne continually touches her fans and listeners with her inclusive, warm, heartfelt singing and dynamic stage presence.
Aussie style Americana is making a big impact and this tune truly fits the bill. With some brilliant harmonies and guitar playing this is a true standout and awesome debut- think Sheryl Crow meets Kasey Chambers.

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