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Sailing Styx - Sailing Styx     Rock 19/10/2019
Sailing Styx is a one man, mythological rock and roll band.
Sailing Styx is the title track from the album, and is written about the experience of sailing across the river Styx, to the gates of Hades, and encapsulates the sounds and feelings that one may encounter on that journey.

Other tracks by Sailing Styx:  Nomad  -  Movin' On
Don Hillman - Time's Runnin     Rock, Blues, Pop, R&B 18/10/2019
Victorian Surf Coast troubadour Don Hillman is about to release a new album of his original Australian indie surf-country folk blues & roots rockin tunes.
Time's Runnin is the first single from Don Hillman's upcoming album.

Time’s Runnin is a flippant punchy blues rock statement on the transience of life and the human condition.

The track features mesmerizing pedal steel solos by Garrett Costigan over a pumping rhythm section.

The time-lapse video by filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn is the perfect accompaniment.

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Sean Sully - Meaning Miner     Rock, Folk, Alternative, Psych 18/10/2019
Sean Sully and backing band The Sleep-Ins play an energetic brand of folk-rock with raw, observational lyrics drawn from personal experience.
A song about friendship and how valuable it is. Having a good conversation with a good friend can really open your mind up and exercise your brain.

A fast song driven by drums and mandolin with many tight stops and starts, featuring a downtempo psychedelic bridge.

Other tracks by Sean Sully:  Another World  -  I'm Waiting
Youth Group - Erskineville Nights     Rock 18/10/2019
Ivy League Records are incredibly excited to release Youth Group’s first new music in over ten years, their celebrated fifth album Australian Halloween!
Ivy League Records are incredibly excited to release Youth Group’s first new music in over ten years, their celebrated fifth album Australian Halloween! To coincide with the release, the band have announced the next album single, ‘Erskineville Nights’. “Erskineville Nights is about the end of a relationship. But more than that, it is about the end of a home."

Eddie Ray - TV     Rock, Roots, Punk, Pop 16/10/2019
Eddie Ray is a multi instrumental multi faceted performer who weaves story telling, comedy and funk together. His music is uniquely Australian and is refreshingly upbeat and positive.
This song asks the question, what is TV doing to our minds?

From the minute the drums start this song pulls you in to ask "did you ever stop to think about the way things are?" This is an observation on our obsession with screens and the non stop propaganda that tells us how it is night after night.

Other tracks by Eddie Ray:  Lost  -  Toyotas
Kaiser and the Machines of Creation - Institute     Rock, Metal, Pop 16/10/2019
Kaiser and the Machines of Creation, melodic heavy rock sensations from Adelaide, Australia.
Melodic Heavy Rock track, the 3rd release from the album Flowers And Lies.

Luke Spook - Happen To Me     Rock, Folk, Psych, Country 16/10/2019
Luke Spook is a psychedelic folk-rocker based in Wollongong, NSW. Spook sings songs and tells tales of the past, but they're truly his very own.
Luke Spook brings it all down a notch on this authentic folk-rock song, boasting 70s vocal hooks and lead guitar riffs. "It’s about different situations you might find yourself in and being aware of the situations everyone else might be going through. It could be taken as being receptive to experiencing things with an open mind" - Luke Spook.

Tanaya Harper - Crash Pad     Rock, Pop 16/10/2019
Emerging from beloved indie-rock band Bells Rapids, Tanaya Harper’s solo project solidifies her as a leading lady of Perth’s original music scene. The multi-instrumentalist has returned with earworm ‘Crash Pad’.
‘Crash Pad’ was produced and mixed by Dave Parkin with mastering completed by William Bowden, and is certain to catapult Harper from promising artist-to-watch to a celebrated forerunner of modern Australian indie. Bookended by ‘90s reminiscent vocal hooks, ‘Crash Pad’ builds and retreats with edging crescendos of woozy guitar jams and heart-pulsing percussion, before imploding into an all-out fuzz fest..

the Trapps - I Drive Along     Rock, Pop, Garage, Alternative 16/10/2019
Regular performers in the manning valley live venues recently performed Longview Music festival , and the up coming Wingham Akoostik festival.
I drive along is all about coasting through life wondering what direction to take or how many mistakes we have made on the life path , and having confidence to keep trying .

Other tracks by the Trapps:  Swipe Right  -  all around you know
The DieCasts - Time and Space     Rock, Punk 15/10/2019
Rock Trio from Melbourne, VIC. Think 'The Living End' meets 'Clint Eastwood'.
'Time & Space' is the first single off of The DieCasts debut, self-titled album.

Musically it is a Rock, Punk, (Spanish) Western theme with a bridge section that will transport you elsewhere.

Lyrically it reflects on aspirations and how you could go and do anything if you just went and did it. We're only limited by our decision to stay.

Other tracks by The DieCasts:  In the End  -  Set in Stone
this modern empire - City Lights     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Pop 15/10/2019
this modern empire are an unsigned 4 piece band from Adelaide, South Australia. They have been together for 10 years writing and creating their own brand of Alternative/Indie/Pop music.
This track was recorded in our own studio

Other tracks by this modern empire:  Leicester Square
Goatzilla - Dropbear     Rock, Punk, Metal, Garage 14/10/2019
Hard Aussie Pub Rock. Think hot nights, packed bars, sweaty bodies, sticky floors, Rose Tattoo, early ACDC, The Poor, The Angels, Cosmic Psychos, Airbourne...
Dropbears! Mutant creatures from the depths of hell, bent on the destruction of the Australian Bush and humanity in general. They are taking over from normal Koalas and will soon render them extinct unless Australia wakes up to whats happening out there and does something to protect our wildlife and ecosystem from Dropbears.

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Other tracks by Goatzilla:  High Octane  -  Fight To Win
Pretty Thrills - Flames     Rock, Pop 14/10/2019
Pretty Thrills (Sydney-based) are debuting with an explosive pop-rock single that will set the band up for a thrilling year in 2020.
Fueling this debut single are pop-rock guitar-riffs, electro-synths, a high-powered drum beat and a commanding vocal delivery from Max Donnellan who transitions tonally from soft, breathy verses, into the demanding choruses.

This is all followed by an enrapturing bridge as the band gets explosive in half-time as Max belts out the lyrics, "Burn it down".

Chavez Cartel - Love On The Run     Rock, Alternative 11/10/2019
Staying true to their signature grungy alt rock sound, the new single is filled with gloomy vocals, slick guitar riffs and drumming resonant to that of a marching band.
With bold lyrics 'Feel me pin you in a vein and shoot you up through my arm', Love On The Run is a slightly twisted and deranged love song that focuses on the darker, more destructive side of love. It represents unexpectedly falling in love during a time and in a place that you probably shouldn't be.

DROVES - Retribution     Rock, Garage, Indie 11/10/2019
DROVES’ futuristic look at New Wave Punk has drawn comparisons to early New Order, The Eurythmics and The Cure.
When they kick into the rollicking 'Retribution', driven by an urgent percussive undercurrent and a mantra-like chorus that layers the band's multiple vocalists into a pounding, syncopated chant.

Recorded with Cody Munro Moore's portable, makeshift studio under a tram station in Glebe, the song cuts through an underlying tension with resplendent guitars and an unshakeable sense of urgency coursing throughout.

Fox Company - Second Chance     Rock, Indie, Blues 11/10/2019
A four piece rock outfit keeping the good times rolling!
A song about getting a second chance with the one you love.

Repulse Pop - Just Live     Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative 11/10/2019
Repulse Pop are a young band from Melbourne, creating hard rock with a modern twist.
With members ranging in age between 14 and 18, Repulse Pop deliver their dynamic brand of hard rock in this short track, complete with a huge chorus and ripping guitar solo, far beyond their years. “Just Live” is brimming with energy, reflected in the uplifting lyrics which describe the feeling of being free, and being able to... just live.

SEABASS - Body Close     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop 11/10/2019
SEABASS are a four-piece, female-fronted, rock and roll band from Adelaide.
Body Close is the self-produced debut track by SEABASS. Body Close was recorded at Ryan's run-down rented house located in the affluent suburb Dulwich in South Australia.

Vox, bass, guitars - Annie Siegmann
Guitars, bass - Ryan Hutcheson
Drums - Kyrie Anderson

Mastered by Steve Smart Studios 301

St Joan - I Think (You Think)     Rock, Psych, Blues 11/10/2019
Drawing influence from the story-telling of Jeff Buckley and sinister melodies of Radiohead, Sydney trio St Joan fuse psychedelia, blues, indie and folk to create vulnerable and dynamic music.
"I Think (you think)" sings of fallen expectations within a brotherhood. This psychedelic beast, powered by its beefy bass line, is the love of a brother and the pain of letting them down. Visiting the psychedelic world of King Gizzard, this is just one faucet of rock'n'roll pouring out of St Joan and the emotional lament that is "Burning Home."

The Franky Valentyn project - Paul Isn't Dead     Rock, Pop, Psych 11/10/2019
Franky Valentyn is a well known, respected and multi award winning Australian Composer, Musician and Artist, whose songs, music and albums have been described as 'absolutely stunning masterpieces'!
On the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles 'Abbey Road', The Franky Valentyn Project takes a tongue in cheek look at the events surrounding the 'Paul Is Dead' mythology with the track 'Paul Isn't Dead' 50th remix!

Featuring the supporting talents of Lance Smith, Stephen Layton, Andy Payne and many more.

Brilliantly remixed and mastered by Ben Craven.