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Olympia - Shoot To Forget     Rock, Pop 21/02/2019
Olympia bursts into 2019, with a stunning new single, an impending world tour with Julia Jacklin, and some big international signing news.
“Shoot To Forget”, is fresh, light and loose, the sound of a relentlessly original artist coming into her own. This second single from the highly anticipated sophomore record balances Bartley’s force, melody and masterful use of imagery, while also showcasing the rock leanings introduced in lead single ‘Star City’.

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Christopher Sprake - Jackboots     Rock, Atmospheric 20/02/2019
Christopher Sprake is a songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. He wraps his words in dashes of atmospheric indie-rock, folk and Americana sounds.
Jackboots is an atmospheric indie rock song asking the question "How do we retain hope in the midst of rising political intolerance?"

Other tracks by Christopher Sprake:  Storm  -  Longing
Creek - The Deep     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Grunge 20/02/2019
Awoken from their slumber, the hairy Creek rad-lords have ascended from riverbanks Victoriawide, merging in Melbourne to spread their concoction of heartfelt noise mud all over fans of heavier music.
Heavy, earth-shifting beats and murky guitar riffs combine to lead you astray; as does the hand of the swamp siren to her blissfully unaware victims.

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Rick Webster - Lost in Lucerne     Rock, Pop 20/02/2019
Rick Webster has dedicated his entire life to the guitar. From a diligent student, to an award-winning songwriter, to surviving a near fatal car crash, his journey has been incredible.
Rick says of Lost in Lucerne, "It's really a song about travelling - I’m always amazed every time I travel to a new city and get a similar rush of adrenalin. I was in Lucerne, Switzerland and I loved everything about it - the people, the buildings...I remember writing down the lyric “I can feel everything printing on my brain”.

Audioscam - Batesfield     Rock, Rock 19/02/2019
Guitar Bass & Drum rock/pop music with strong melodies and vocal harmonies.
Hard rock song about a bank robbery gone wrong.

Other tracks by Audioscam:  Hand of Sin  -  Get Used To This
Baby Animals - How Do I Make You     Rock, Pop 19/02/2019
Baby Animals have been one of Australia’s biggest bands since they burst onto the scene with their debut in 1991. Baby Animals spent six weeks at number one in Australia.
The summer of 1980. A teenager with big rock dreams is at her family’s Perth home, listening to one of her idols, Linda Ronstadt. Fast-forward nearly four decades, and that teenager, Suze DeMarchi, has recorded a stunning version of Linda Ronstadt’s 1980 hit, ‘How Do I Make You’, with her band, Baby Animals.

Dangerfield - Repeater     Rock, Pop 19/02/2019
Dangerfield is a five-piece rock band from Brisbane. Featuring members of The Thrill, Cassia and Cheesy Crust.
Repeater is a mid tempo spacious and melodic track featuring Dynamic vocals, soaring guitar parts and a simple yet solid rhythm section.

The song is about how we often get caught up doing the same things, often stupid things and habits, and often fail to learn our lessons.

Hatakaze - Questions     Rock, Punk 19/02/2019
4 piece gender mixed rock band from Sydney. Extensive FBi radio and Triple J airplay. New single Questions out February 18.
Questions is about when you put effort into friendships and others cannot take time out of their lives to be part of yours when needed. It draws from personal experiences and is something that alot of people go through. It gets to the point of enough is enough and you sever ties and not let the situation hold you down.

Mote - Adventure Call     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Instrumental 19/02/2019
Melbourne psych band with surreal videoclips accompanying their brand of atmospheric space-rock, hypnotic kraut and expansive soundscapes. Recent supports with regarded international bands 'Flavor Crystals' (US) and Dream Can (China).
Adventure Call is a heady, swirling blend of warm synths and guitars anchored by a relentless rhythm section. Featured on recent MLPS compilation (US independent): 'we got to witness genius from Mote. We are still not entirely certain how to accurately do Mote's enigmatic sound justice -is avant-kraut maybe a thing?'. The video recently featured in playlist at Psych Gazer

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Other tracks by Mote:  Magnetic Space
Offshore Projects - Not That Bad     Rock, Pop 19/02/2019
Singer songwriter Jonas Nicholls sings folk tales of everyday failures and anxieties living in the big smoke, coated in a tongue-in-cheek charm.
"Not That Bad" is a cruisy folk rock song about getting obnoxiously drunk and regretting your lack of ability to read social queues throughout the night. It aint the worst of crimes - hence the name, "Not That Bad" but something worth noting none the less.

Steve Saxton - Sea Breeze     Rock, Alternative Country 19/02/2019
Steve has been writing and performing his own music for a number of years. Recently Steve recorded the single Sea Breeze with Producer Kris Schroeder from The Basics
An Australian rock track recorded in Mongolia. The Producer Kris Schroeder from Melbourne band The Basics also sang backing vocals and played bass guitar on the track. The track was written in Mongolia while Steve was living and working in the coldest capital city in the world Ulaanbaatar.

Subway Monk - Bad Chemistry     Rock 19/02/2019
Subway Monk is a 4 piece band of very experienced Australian Rock musicians from Perth, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Sydney.
The track is an upbeat Rock song with a hint of Blues. It is definitely a track that is very danceable and the tempo and delivery means it is also great whilst driving.It was recorded at A# Studios in Sydney, produced by Linzi O and mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301.

The Blenheims - Vacation     Rock, Garage, Pop 19/02/2019
The Blenheims are a Sydney trio who have made a start by playing their catchy guitar-driven indie rock arond the city's Inner West.
Vacation is an upbeat tune about booking a trip way too early. Centred around a catchy guitar riff that will stick in your head long past the first play, the song is an introduction to the guitar pop sounds of the rest of the EP.

Other tracks by The Blenheims:  Take You Out  -  The Problem
Treehouses - START AGAIN     Rock, Folk, Pop 19/02/2019
Treehouses are a four-piece indie/rock band that blend a multitude of genre-crossing elements to emerge with a sound consistently described as entirely unique.
The hot rain comes and summer begins to end, a slightly cooler breeze than we are used to drifts onto warm bodies.

The air is changing. Skin soft and sticky, bikes locked up outside the pub, bank accounts unimpressed. Everything we did and didn’t do, moments we wish could last forever.

It is here that we start again.

Skydeck - Tourniquet Too     Rock, Electronic, Punk 18/02/2019
[Skydeck] make surreal, tinny pop informed by paranoid post-punk and inspired, generally, by the state of Australia today.
'Tourniquet Too', is synth-pop/post punk hybrid, the lyrics spilling forth in a stream-of-consciousness ramble about the anxieties of life. "It's a fine on top of an unpaid fine, it's hiding the fact that you really tried", Mitch Clemens (Ciggie Witch) drones; his distinctive, monotone vocals in stark contrast to upbeat drums and winding synths.

The Paddy Cakes - Depressing All     Rock 18/02/2019
Melbourne band The Paddy Cakes are quickly forcing a name for themselves with their fast pace live shows and seductive swagger. They are working with Dylan Adams, recording debut EP.
"This song was written at a time in my life when I was getting frustrated and a bit bored towards everything going on. Some days honestly felt like Deja Vu. It was the same shit, different day, and it felt like my mind was off with the fairies for most of it. It’s essentially about just wanting something new"

Assassins - Time Away     Rock, Punk, Retro 18/02/2019
From 1981 - 1989 Assassins honed their skills around the pumping Melbourne pub scene, developing their distinct Rock edge. It was only in 2015 that the trio re-awakened the Assassins.
This is a banger with the essence punk roots that drives straight and hard. The lyrics tell the story of relationships and the struggle to remain together in the hard times!

Other tracks by Assassins:  Over My Head
HANDLES - The Hardest Part is You Were Cool     Rock 18/02/2019
5 piece Indie-Rock band based in FNQ. We have a focus on writing love songs with a bit of rhythm.
"The Hardest Part is You Were Cool" goes into the torment of an unexpected break up. Just when you thought it was all going well, BOOM, it's done. It talks about being angry, but also still respected what it was and how it ended.

Kaloptic - Hollow     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Hardcore 18/02/2019
Kaloptic’s sound is based on a big rhythm section with drums, bass and rhythm guitar working together towards a massive dirty sound. “Hard rock with a dark, grungy edge”.
After the success of their debut single “Drown” last October Brisbane grunge rock 4 piece Kaloptic are dropping the hammer with their second single ‘Hollow’. Pushing the grunge envelope further with staccato riffs and stabbing lead guitars the track represents an introspective nightmare.

Married Man - Hard Bargain     Rock, Punk 18/02/2019
"Lush, atmospheric and fiery, Hard Bargain is a fever dream, an otherworldly collision between heavenly and haunting that announces Married Man’s arrival with a remarkably cohesive debut" FBi Radio
Hard Bargain covers a lot of emotional and sonic terrain over its tight set of nine songs: there’s title track ‘Hard Bargain’, a pummeling post-punk “fuck you” to heartbreakers the world over.

Other tracks by Married Man:  Someone's Got Your Number  -  Meet Me at Penn Station