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Beau Lightning - Smoke In Your Lungs     Rock, Roots, Pop 30/08/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'n roll is the name of the game.
It’s a break up song essentially, there’s been millions of them, but it’s an impossible topic to avoid as a song writer or an artist when you have recently gone through one.

Other tracks by Beau Lightning:  Last Night  -  In My Hands
Bluey - No Plans     Rock 30/08/2019
Taking inspiration from artists such as Alex G, Beach Fossils and Elliot Smith, Bluey combines tightly structured pop melodies with swirling synths to create a sound that is refreshingly unique.
‘No Plans’ is the first cut from my debut EP and came about at the beginning of the year when I was feeling beaten up and disheartened about my prior creative endeavours. It’s about the realisation of self worth and the comfort of having someone stick by you through the tough times.

Dear Doonan - Puff Puff Give     Rock, Psychedelic, Country, Experimental 30/08/2019
Genre-bending psych-outfit Dear Doonan will captivate you with their multi-coloured madness. Kaleidoscopic, seamlessly arranged, toyed-with time signatures, addictive grooves, and journeys that take you far beyond your wildest dreams.
PUFF PUFF GIVE is a kaleidoscopic journey through psych-country instrumentals. It’s a 3 part modern stoner anthem starts with a lonely Trumpet, jangly banjos, trembling guitars, and electric grooves to ensure every level of marijuana’s effects. Dear Doonan are no strangers to unorthodox musical combinations, and their melodies will leave you hooked, singing the addictive lyrics, and wanting more.

Dyson Stringer Cloher - Believer     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Pop 30/08/2019
Dyson Stringer Cloher release new single 'Believer' from their self-titled debut album, out Friday 4 October via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
The beautiful music video for 'Believer', directed by Annelise Hickey, follows Cloher's neighbour Lulu who plays for the Northcote Junior Football Team and aspires to play in the AFLW. The immediate power and focus of ‘Believer' felt like the perfect union of sound and vision based around aspiration, teamwork, community and reaching goals through self-discipline and self-love.

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Jerrah Patston - It's Like A Waterfall, But It's Not A Waterfall     Rock, Alternative, Pop, Folk 30/08/2019
Jerrah Patston is a singer/songwriter/drummer who works out of the supported Club Weld studio in Parramatta. JP has a knack for elevating the everyday.
It's Like A Waterfall, But It's Not A Waterfall is a song about the Penrith Weir on the Nepean River. It's a much-loved destination for Jerrah.

Other tracks by Jerrah Patston:  Brian Lara  -  The Corned Beef Song
My Volcanic Mind - Stingray     Rock, Garage 30/08/2019
My Volcanic Mind is 2 guys that love to create and record original music.
Stingray is about love and war and demonstrates how the 2 are so easily interchangeable.

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Other tracks by My Volcanic Mind:  Ischemia  -  Broken Pieces
Plastik Reality - I Can't Skate or Surf     Rock, Garage 30/08/2019
Plastik Reality is a 5-piece band comprised of the classic format of dual guitars, bass, drums and a front-man. The band was birthed in the early months of 2018.
I Can't Skate or Surf is Plastik Reality's 2nd single release for 2019.

S.J. Smith - Shinjuku Love Hotel     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Experimental 30/08/2019
S.J. Smith makes indie-rock music that's sometimes dreamy, sometimes punchy, and sometimes downright chaotic. He has spent the last two years quietly working on an upcoming debut self-released album.
‘Shinjuku Love Hotel’ combines Smith’s darker than usual vocals, hazy guitar tones and a cacophony of squealing sax, the piece is catchy, propulsive and at times pleasantly chaotic. It is the second single from a forthcoming debut album, scheduled for self-release in late 2019.

Silent Feature - On Your Hands     Rock, Experimental, Grunge, Garage 30/08/2019
Experimental 4 piece from Brisbane.
Drawing influence from lo-fi artists the likes of Beck, Iggy Pop, or Tom Waits, On Your Hands similarly wouldn't be out of place on a Jim Jarmusch film soundtrack. Littered with industrial percussion, grinding guitars, and dirty vocals – it’s about as pleasant as a punch to the throat.

The Electric Mistress - I Found You Out     Rock, Funk 30/08/2019
4 piece band hailing from Brisbane. Debut E.P. out on all digital platforms Sept 1st. Think fat heavy grooves, synths, 90’s guitars, melodic hooks, catchy choruses and heartfelt vocals….
The song is about infidelity within a relationship. Boy meets Girl. Girl likes Boy. Boy likes Girl. Girl not getting what she wants from Boy. Girl cheats. Boy doesn’t. Boy finds out. Girl blames Boy.

‘…this has the funk and strut of a modern day Terence Trent D'arby.’

Other tracks by The Electric Mistress:  Somebody  -  Hand in Hand
The Southern River Band - Do You Miss Me?     Rock 30/08/2019
Rock n Roll believers, The Southern River Band have built a fiercely loyal fan base drawn to the band's insistent guitar driven songwriting and take no prisoners live shows.
A deep and melodic ear worm showcasing the maturing song craft and tasty guitar work of The Southern River Band's lead vocalist Cal Kramer on the new single Do You Miss Me?

Thigh Master - Entity     Rock, Garage, Indie 30/08/2019
Brisbane (via Melbourne), Australia-based quartet Thigh Master are back with the long awaited second LP 'Now for Example' -- the follow up to their 2016 debut 'Early Times'.
'Entity' is a high energy, jangly guitar driven bop, and the second track lifted from upcoming record 'Now For Example', out September 27th via Goner Records.

LWILS - I Know That     Rock, Punk, Rap 29/08/2019
18 year old from the gold coast making pop punk trap trash
This track is heavily influenced by pop-punk bands in the vocal style and instrumental. The lyrics in the song are about LWILS's current life and it may relate to many people.

Power - The Fool     Rock 29/08/2019
Melbourne Rock N Roll band.
The ‘The Fool’ cuts a figure which could’ve been found backstage at a show headlined by Venom and The Stooges

Big Red Fire Truck - Heart Attack     Rock 28/08/2019
Sydney based outfit Big Red Fire Truck create an unforgiving brand of high-octane Rock music.
Heart Attack opens in true anthemic rock style - fiery guitars, huge drums and a engine-room of a rhythm section. This will take you back to the days of truly powerful Rock music. Press play and get ready to work up a sweat from fist pumping your way around town!

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Breadcrumb Trail - I Can't Make You Stay     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 28/08/2019
Breadcrumb Trail is the DIY rock brainchild of Max Lyall (Astoria Paranoia) recording honest music as raw as possible with minimal alteration and production.
‘I Can’t Make You Stay’ is a heartfelt and grippingly honest open letter to the end of the longest of friendships, a situation which is better described through song than words.

Chalk - Sometimes Always     Rock, Alternative 28/08/2019
Chalk is a band from Brisbane, Australia. They originated in a shambolic East Brisbane share house in the 1990s.
Recently released single, The Sometimes Always sets the tone for the new album - a joyous blast of loud guitar pop belying a rather melancholy lyric.The other songs on the album pull from the band’s 1993-1995 period but this is no nostalgia trip

Other tracks by Chalk:  Robert  -  This is the story
Concrete Surfers - Shattered Thoughts     Rock, Indie 28/08/2019
Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers deliver huge walls of fuzz and bass with forward thinking lyrics and an anti-establishment flair.
Shattered Thoughts reflects a cry for help, and just getting things off your chest when you're struggling to cope with things.

Collectively as a band, we have been really branching out with the music that we listen to which has played a massive part in the way the song has shaped up.

Electric Badger - Not Anymore     Rock 28/08/2019
Electric Badger are a power trio who formed in 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia. The band plays their own brand of high energy hard rock originals.
A driving shuffle with hard rock overtones, and lyrics of alienation and resistance. Phil McTaggart- Guitar and Vocals , Charles Mackle- Bass, Bang Flerfalt- Drums.

Other tracks by Electric Badger:  Kiki Rosberg
New Nausea - Bright Bloody Blue     Rock, Folk, Alternative, Garage 28/08/2019
Featuring members of Methyl Ethel, Calmly and Jacob Diamond, New Nausea is a Perth-based band making explosive and affecting Alt-Folk/Rock.
Bright Bloody Blue is a light, summery song about hopelessness and existential terror. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Jordan Shakespeare (who has also worked with the likes of Stella Donnelly and Carla Geneve) and mastered by James Newhouse. It was recorded in a community hall between Albany and Denmark in WA.