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Neighbours - Soap     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 22/05/2019
Neighbours are a female fronted punk 4 piece out of Sydney's Inner West. Neighbours want to cut the BS, speak their mind, and flaunt their passion and vision.
‘Soap’ off Neighbours’ late 2018 debut EP ‘Bubble’, as described by Laundry Echo as “one of the biggest ear-worms of the year”, is a garage punk track criticising an overly sanitary society in a world heading for antibiotic resistance from the over use of antibacterial products.

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PLTS - August     Rock 22/05/2019
Byron Bay's PLTS have developed an innate knack for writing larger-than-life songs, clocking in over 3.6 million streams and touring with artists including Harts, Hockey Dad and Hands Like Houses.
Some songs come from a mysterious place in your brain or your spirit that is not always linear or clear. August is one of those songs. Driving guitars, slamming drums and a powerful chorus help tell the story as it follows a broken relationship.

The Know - The Joker     Rock, Blues 22/05/2019
The Know are moody midnight rock 'n' roll. Sounds like AM, QOTSA and The Black Keys all spat in a cup and the boys dripped it in their morning coffee.
“The Joker”, is an ebb & flow groover with a slinky verse that moves into a busting, anthemic riff. The song tracks a crazed anarchist throwing caution to the wind and calling upon others to 'run (his) way'. It's stoner stadium rock 'n' roll.

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Waxhead - City of Love     Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae, Punk 22/05/2019
Waxhead are a unique surf rock quartet who grew up surfing together in Byron Bay. The band consists of Finny, Shrecky, AL Dogg and Froggy
City of Love is a simple song about finding love. From the feeling of new love taking over, to the nostalgia and reminiscence of love that’s faded away, from feeling insignificant and unconnected in the vast seas of people to finding a meaningful connection with someone special in the lonely crowded streets in the City of Love.

Fawkner Walking Society - Ether Girl     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Britpop 21/05/2019
Fawkner Walking Society, indie music from Melbourne's north - chillwave, melodic, lyrical.
Pure Indie - Alternative 90s Sound
Standing in the line, still waiting for the words to rhyme,
Still throwing stars in to the skies, all night

Staring in the dark, still waiting for the morning lark,
You left your heart on the line, online

Other tracks by Fawkner Walking Society:  Fawkner Walking Society  -  Murmuration
Crystal Cities - Under The Cold Light Of The Moon     Rock, Pop 21/05/2019
Textured cinematic Rock
"The song ‘Under the Cold Light of the Moon’ was inspired by the plight of young North Korean girl Park Yeon-mi who escaped North Korea in search of freedom. After watching her speech I penned the lyrics, interpreting her story.”
- Geoff Rana (vocals / guitar)

Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist     Rock, Pop 21/05/2019
Gold Coast-based indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals have announced their signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia and released a dreamy new track, Just Exist.
Gold Coast-based indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals have announced their signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia and released a dreamy new track, Just Exist.

The new single was produced by Kon Kersting (Mallrat, WAAX, Big Scary, Kingswood) and is the first taste of new music from Eliza & The Delusionals for 2019.

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Lime Cordiale - Inappropriate Behaviour     Rock, Funk 21/05/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches, Lime Cordiale already command legions of dedicated fans with their distinct brand of cruisey surf-rock and incredible live capabilities.
Inappropriate Behaviour is the latest single to be lifted off their second full-length studio LP which is expected to drop in the second half of the year. The track was produced by Lime Cordiale’s long-time friend and collaborator Dave Hammer, the name behind their 2017 debut LP Permanent Vacation which reached #1 of the 2017 AIR Australian Independent Album Chart.

MOSS - Dust and Dreams     Rock, Pop, Australian Indigenous 21/05/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
The motivation to write Dust and Dreams came after a month in the Australian outback. Symbolic, yet practical, sincere and real, fostering a sense of unity between indigenous and non indigenous Australians.

Assisted by Mr. Jack Buckskin, linguist and teacher of Kaurna language at the Tauondi Aboriginal College. (Susan Craig lead singer and lyricist. Mark Simpkin lead guitarist and composer).

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Neighbour - Inchepa     Rock, Pop, Garage, Folk 21/05/2019
Five years of finger plucking tunes has resulted in Neighbour releasing the diverse 2019 album, Simplism. Expect synths, distortion, acoustics, loud, quiet and a whole lot of honesty.
A song telling a few moments from a horrible date.

Other tracks by Neighbour:  Surreal  -  Between The Lights
Radolescent - Tuck Me In     Rock, Garage, Punk, Grunge 21/05/2019
If you can’t get to the Gold Coast, the sound of the Gold Coast will come to you, so raise a tinny and get your mosh on to Radolescent.
"'Tuck Me In' is a song depicting the typical comedown of the party animal," explains vocalist and guitarist Isaac Atkinson. "Whether it be sleep paralysis or self-induced psychosis, this song depicts the absolute mind f**kery that is experienced on Monday, Tuesday and sometimes even Wednesdays. Don’t be fooled by the pretty voices, this baby is darker then you would expect..."

The Stitchlings - The Ballad Of Connie and Ray     Rock, Blues, Blues, Garage 21/05/2019
We've always gravitated towards music pushing boundaries. People will always connect with what makes music great, whether it's 'Three chords and the Truth' or groovy hooks and beats.
The Ballad of Connie and Ray pays homage to the unstoppable attraction between two people. If society or the world around them thinks it wrong does not matter. Their deviant love is so strong.

Other tracks by The Stitchlings:  Coming For You (remastered)  -  rain
S3 Saba Brothers - Boomerang     Rock, Pop, Christian 20/05/2019
Boomerang is the first single off their upcoming album and is at radio today and available to download in June.
The next installment form the Sydney based outfit S3 Saba Brothers comes a soundtrack poised with rock flare and a new edge to the bands past works. Showing off their abilities in their most recent single Boomerang the guys experiment with their already established sound resulting in a well honed and crystal clear modern rock gem.

Shotgun Mistress - No Friend Of Mine     Rock 20/05/2019
If you like the energy of AC/DC, Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver and the like then this is probably the go to crotch for you.
Melbourne based rock band Shotgun Mistress introduces you to the resurgence of rock. The single boasts that classic sleazy roots of rock & roll that a lot of us have seemingly left behind along with their trusty pair of worn in chucks, guitar solo's and silk scarfs still attached to weathered mic stands.

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Syrup, Go On - I Never Wanted You To Care     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Atmospheric 20/05/2019
Based on the Gold Coast, SYRUP, GO ON developed in the shoegaze mold, utilising male and female vocals and evolving out of the genre's conventions to explore new sonic pathways.
The sophomore single from Syrup, Go On’s debut album sounds like a collaboration between a female fronted The Smiths and ‘A Soft Bulletin’ era The Flaming Lips. Featuring a melodica solo, sleigh bells, and Phil Spector-style production, the song transports listeners to a wintery New York scene.

Cody Jones and The Lost Company - One way street     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 19/05/2019
Cody Jones and The Lost Company have blended folk, country and rock influences to create a collection of original songs on their first EP, One Way Street.
One way street is the title track of the new EP by Cody Jones and The Lost Company. It's about relationships and the expectations people put on their partners to be a certain way, and the realisation that it's both ok to change and compromise to make things work.

Other tracks by Cody Jones and The Lost Company:  Take my problems
Al Matcott - Mediocre     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 17/05/2019
Folk-rock multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter known for earworm melodies and biting lyricism.
Debut single of Melbourne singer-songwriter Al Matcott. A melancholy road-trip track propelled by Al's nimble drumming and shimmering guitar, the slick bass lines of Brendan West, and pedalsteel of James Gilligan. Recorded in Castlemaine and mixed in New York by Sam Evian.

Bollard - Tsina     Rock, Britpop, Experimental, Punk 17/05/2019
Bollard released their debut album 'Trawlers' in April 2018. After 2 years of playing shows around Melbourne they are ready to release their follow up EP.
In a down town apartment, in the coolest of scenes....

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Emily Soon - Good Help Is Hard To Find     Rock, Folk 17/05/2019
Emily Soon is an Australian born, Malaysian-Chinese singer/songwriter from Melbourne.
Co-written and produced by Henry Wagons. This started out as a chat about working in retail and people watching. Channeling that imagery we went into a deeper discussion about feeling lost, trying to grasp a sense of identity and belonging.

Gena Rose Bruce - Rearview     Rock, Pop, Folk 17/05/2019
Gena Rose Bruce shares new single 'Rearview', from her forthcoming debut album Can't Make You Love Me, released Friday 28th June through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
Gena explains "This song is a conversation I could never have with this person, it's about accepting failed love. I was angry at the time but I didn't have the energy to stay angry or feel sorry for myself. We wanted to create a Twin Peaks vibe for this video, weird and dreamy." The video was directed by Alex Badham.

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