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Stephen Bailey - Distance     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Chill 26/02/2019
Stephen Bailey is the single from Perth based psych lords Mt. Mountain. His solo work is a sprawling mix of psych pop, indie and slowcore.
Distance heralds a new stylistic direction for the Mt. Mountain frontman - it’s sonically expansive and lush with Stephen’s voice up close, personal and nicely saturated. Layered intertwining synths flutter along with chugging bass and drums just behind the beat. Bailey’s falsetto is wistful, barely there yet immediate.

Other tracks by Stephen Bailey:  Country Song  -  Day Dreamer
The Urban Sea - Underground Love     Rock, Soul, Roots 26/02/2019
The Urban Sea are a genre fluid 6-piece from Brisbane. Armed with an arsenal of instruments they create musically diverse, lyrically driven songs about life in the modern world.
Underground Love is a RnB/rock inspired modern love song set within a dating world where limitless options exist at the swipe of a thumb. It’s a shout-out to a generation who have struggled to find someone to connect with, despite oceans of possibility flooding across their iPhone screens.

Goldfish Smarts - The Bastard Soul Of Night     Rock 25/02/2019
Goldfish Smarts is a musical project based in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches. Three guys, arguably past our prime, but dedicated none the less to making some sleek tunes.
"I try to use words to convey scenes. First verse. Its a cold windy night, and I'm rueing the decision to bring an inappropriate jacket. Second verse. A simple example of the imbalance between rich & poor. The third... a religious image the makes me chuckle. Jesus and the Devil racing on Sydney's hopeless public transport system." Phil Kelly, Lyricist

Salibu Macey - Bonnie     Rock, Garage 25/02/2019
Salibu Macey is a three-piece mobile booty shaking service that concerns itself with the welfare of ankles, knees and hips of those inspired by indie-rock across the Adelaide metro area.
Salibu Macey are masters at restraint and release. 'Bonnie' could be indie-rock's most ferocious and slackadaisically tuneful tracks to arrive from the South Australian capital. The group's reconciliation of interwinding guitars and parallel rock elements pays homage to their musical alchemy at work. 'Bonnie' is more or less a reunion of antiquated indie-rock tropes at their most refined demonstrative.

AM Reruns - Thrill Me     Rock, Britpop, Pop 22/02/2019
Three-piece rock'n'roll band from Melbourne, playing reduced, stylish and modern guitar music. An idiosyncratic take on '70s LA punk rock with a sliver of Northern England drama.
A pounding piece of Californian power pop with a dose of romantic introspection and an irresistible chorus: "Thrill Me" has been a highlight of the band's live shows since its introduction into the set in mid-2018. "Thrill Me" and the upcoming album were recorded and mixed by Robert Muinos (Saskwatch, Little May) and mastered by John Davis at Metropolis, London.

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Carla Geneve - 2001     Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
Remote Control Records is proud to welcome Perth artist Carla Geneve to the ever-growing Dot Dash roster. She releases new single '2001' premiered this week on triple j's Good Nights.
Taking its name from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the track '2001' also references science fiction writer Jack Vance and John Carpenter's film The Thing (1982). Carla explains the song "2001 is about escapism through old movies and books that I loved as a kid. Those paired with songwriting serve as the best form of catharsis for me."

Eco Def - Be Here Now     Rock 22/02/2019
Howlin' Wind & Mousally created Eco Def as a vehicle to let their rock and roll imaginations run wild. Electric Guitar, Electro Flute, Vintage Synths, Bass & Drums.
Luscious alternate Australian rock. Electro-magnetic-heaven! Unique flute invocations, the swirling dervish of virtuosic electric guitar on a bed of vintage synths, powerful bass & drums.

Other tracks by Eco Def:  Datsun 2600  -  Surfin' The Quake
FERLA - I'm Fine     Rock, Rock 22/02/2019
FERLA deliver distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distill it into their own sultry mess.
‘I’m Fine’ is a song about not being fine at all. It’s a dance party for the heartbroken, when being in the presence of other people’s love and romance makes you sick to your stomach. FERLA seek to take moments experienced in solitude and make them communal, and this song is an example of that ethos.

Ice City - Catch A Wave     Rock, Punk, Pop 22/02/2019
Ice City is a punk and alt rock band from Australia. Consisting of four dudes.
It's a song about looking around at everyone else in life and seeing the great things they are doing and wondering why you aren't at that same level. You clear your head and realise that everyone is struggling one way or another and ones success doesn't mean you're falling behind.“

Indigo Point - Ripples     Rock, Pop 22/02/2019
Indigo Point, a fresh Sydney based alt-rock band is working diligently on producing new music, while also performing songs from their debut EP, Distance.
This song represents the fateful and unpredictable nature of life. Its characters are representatives of ourselves wandering, lost and alone until the destined and yet undetermined moment in our time when we're picked up by the ripples of fate.

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Jess Cornelius - No Difference     Rock, Folk 22/02/2019
Jess Cornelius (Teeth & Tongue), returns with her new single, “No Difference”. The new project under her own name, features material that is more stripped back, personal and lyrically direct.
“No Difference” was written in Melbourne before moving to Los Angeles while trying to navigate everything going on in her life, the song is part self-help mantra, part blind fatalism. Its video, directed by Thomas Hyland, was filmed in a bathroom in Melbourne and features friends and acquaintances of Cornelius.

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Josh Needs - The Desired     Rock, Acoustic, Easy Listening 22/02/2019
Josh Needs is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from the South West Rocks, NSW. His career highlights have already included collaborations with some of the greatest names in Australian music.
A motivational speech to myself. The truth of moving to a new city to pursue a career in music. It's about dreaming your goals and turning them into a reality, digging deep and working hard.

Guitar heavy, with a big drum sound. A track that gets down to the bone with solos and ambient dreamy tones.

Neil Murray - Byjantic Man     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous 22/02/2019
Neil Murray penned the iconic My Island Home, Blackfella Whitefella and Good light In Broome. The former Warumpi Band co founding member is now a respected, award winning singer songwriter
Byjantic Man is inspired by a sculpture of a man made with hand forged iron bolts (from the old Byjantic Creek Bridge) and wire by the artist Trevor Flinn that is fixed in a paddock on a farm near Moulamein in New South Wales. Neil Murray conceived him as a post apocalyptic survivor and a hero for our times.

Other tracks by Neil Murray:  Cry My Darling
Nothing Really - New Skin     Rock, Pop 22/02/2019
Nothing Really is a four-piece indie/alternative band from Melbourne, combining influences such as Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail and Tigers Jaw.
New Skin describes the feeling of letting bad events go, of not allowing poor luck and seemingly insurmountable situations define your life as well as your personality.

Plum Green - Cannibal     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Goth 22/02/2019
Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose. With a focus on crafting intimate live shows her performances are striking and uplifting.
Cannibal, is a song about a Cannibal who makes a friend and is posed with a dilemma...The darkly haunting dream-pop tune is the latest song unveiled from her upcoming album Sound Recordings,

The understated almost white noise guitars add to the brooding atmosphere and pulls you in under the water, sinking into the sonics.

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Other tracks by Plum Green:  Funeral Song  -  The Roses
Reside - Replace Me     Rock, Punk 22/02/2019
Melbourne's alternative emo-rock 4-piece Reside have been played a number of acts since 2017. Consisting of vocalist Liam Guinane, guitarist Ariel Johnson, bassist Sale Brown and drummer Dylan Houston.
Melbourne's residential sad boys Reside are back this year, with a new heart-rending single 'Replace Me'; the distressing journey of loss and the challenges of trying to reach acceptance. To mark the single release, Reside will be hitting the road on tour in anticipation for their upcoming sophomore EP "The Light That You Saw" set for release later this year.

Synthetics - Nowhere To Go     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 22/02/2019
Synthetics make short, fast, searing punk music. They are Peter Bramley, Emma Dunstan, Steve Patrick and Ash Wyatt.
Nowhere To Go is a brash, corrosive track, reminiscent of pivotal noise rock of the early 90s. Charging in at under 2 minutes, the high energy single is a perfect taste of the upcoming EP. Synthetics’ debut is fuelled by the harsh and experimental guitars of Bramley and Patrick, blistering drumming from Wyatt, and Dunstan’s wild, unwavering howl.

The Blistered Minds - Not Welcome     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 22/02/2019
“Mind-blistering” political/social topics burst and condense themselves into the raw, honest songs of ‘The Blistered Minds’, mixing with less serious stories of magic note books, surfing, influential bands and guitars.
The mortifying re-rising of the Australian ‘far-right’ and the Australian Governments shameful treatment of asylum seekers and refugees is confronted head on in The Blistered Minds Single 'Not Welcome'.

The Gooch Palms - Are We Wasted?     Rock, Garage, Punk 22/02/2019
Professional party starters The Gooch Palms return to their unique and infectious brand of good-time garage rock on raw new single ‘Are We Wasted?’.
Professional party starters The Gooch Palms return to their unique and infectious brand of good-time garage rock on new single ‘Are We Wasted?’.

Full of pounding drums, fuzz-filled chords and catchy melody – it’s everything that makes Goochies great. The single captures the best of the duo’s notoriously wild live shows and is sure to be dancing around your head.

The Trepids - Something's Got To Give     Rock, Punk, Garage 22/02/2019
With their lush grooves and psychedelic mayhem, the Trepids are both the life of the party and a companion for the lonely.
Something's Got To Give derives from an explosion of frustration towards the home-renting system. We've dealt with broken walls and doors, to drug labs hidden in the garden shed. Our shower walls were made of styrofoam and we would often get electric shocks during band practice. This is the state of Melbourne's housing industry. Something's got to give.