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Elder - The Commute     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Pop 20/12/2019
Elder are a progressive jangle trio from Brisbane.
‘The Commute' explores fulfilment and dreamscapes as navigational aid for life’s grinding mechanisms. Meandering lyrics frame the spacey cage of discordant rhythms.

Tiny Mountain - Treading On Ice     Rock, Pop, Dance, Punk 20/12/2019
Tiny Mountain is a Melbourne based duo. Their music contains 80s inspired Funk and Rock elements whilst maintaining Pop sensibilities.
Treading On Ice is an upbeat 80s sounding Funk Rock tune inspired by bands like INXS, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The 1975.

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Clam Sandwich - Working Hard     Rock, Country 19/12/2019
A Rockin 3 piece from Cairns, we have supported Wolfmother, Radiators, Screaming Jets to name a few, we have played in Japan, PNG, heading to USA in 2020
Working Hard, A Working Class Song about looking forward to days off!

Tim Finish Him - Nightmare on Wall St.     Rock, Garage, Metal, Alternative 19/12/2019
Tim Finish Him is a Frankenbok ex-pat (1997 - 2017) who has been Studio-bound and banging out solo albums since going into self-imposed exile.
Sick & tired of songs about greed and corruption masquerading as free enterprise? Well, here's another one - what could possibly go wrong?

Other tracks by Tim Finish Him:  Deep State Clusterf**k  -  Double Dare
John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers - Toy With Eternity     Rock, Alternative, Indie 18/12/2019
With John’s crooning baritone, and their blend of shoegaze and blues, John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers' introspective lyrics, dreamy atmospheres and indie-rock beats bring melancholy to the dance floor.
Toy With Eternity is another upbeat banger from John Lawrie & The Welcome Strangers - combining synth hooks, shoegaze walls of sound, and a drum beat stolen from an 80's organ. Layered, dense and loud, but oh so catchy, Toy With Eternity hits John and the band's trademark sound whilst getting you melancholic on the dancefloor.

Brandon Duff - Make It on Your Own     Rock, Pop, Indie 17/12/2019
Brandon Duff is an independent singer/songwriter from the Central Coast.
“Make It on Your Own” is a modern rock track with huge instrumental builds and heavy breakdowns. The lyrics send a message of going after your dreams and dusting yourself off when it doesn’t work out. “You never make it looking at the stars”

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Chavez Cartel - Scum and Fears     Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
A five piece alternative rock outfit from the Gold Coast. Ben Simpson (Vocals), Jack Kelly (Lead Guitar), Tom Isaacs (Drums), Calvin Brillus (Bass Guitar) and Josh Kemp (Rhythm Guitar).
"Confidence is all I'm taking home. Hard earned like ya fathers gold. I'd pay for pain but you bring so much for free." To grow we must accept who we are, flaws and all; embrace every opportunity we're given, make mistakes to learn harsh lessons and become a better version of ourselves.

Other tracks by Chavez Cartel:  Different Underneath  -  For Better Or Worse
Dover Island - Bad Advice Club     Rock, Indie, Punk, Alternative 17/12/2019
Melbourne's okayest punk band.
‘Bad Advice Club’ is Dover Island at its purest. All about trying to endure young adulthood and all the no-good house parties, sloppy mistakes and well, bad advice that comes with it. 'BAC' was recorded by the band, and then mixed and mastered by longtime pal Aidan Ginn (Turn South, Don’t Text Ur Ex).

Heinous Crimes - Procrastination     Rock, Psych, Indie, Punk 17/12/2019
Heinous Crimes belt out a hypnotic brand of psych-rock that feels simultaneously unnerving and euphoric. Soaring vocal melodies and crunching instrumentation, carving out a sound that is uniquely their own.
A whirlwind journey of disbelief about one's remarkable creativity and skill in delaying the everyday tasks in life. The verses strike like the voice in your head telling you to get on with it. A thundering outro embodies the frustration of inevitably losing the fight with ourselves. There's a little (or a lot) of us all in this song.

Jeremy Sullivan - Overdrive     Rock, Indie, Pop 17/12/2019
Jeremy Sullivan is a songwriter whose music moves listeners from the mundane of the everyday to the place where there are no limitations.
“Overdrive” encapsulates the idea of embracing the experience of leaving comfort zones so that a new vista may be beheld, in all its glory. It's about abandoning old limited paradigms because you've had a taste of an infinite potential and you're ready to TAKE THE PLUNGE!

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Megalove - I Am Not Your Hero     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
It’s time to be your own superhero, let yourself go, prepare for a trip to another world and get crazy with the most ridiculously futuristic electro-rock music on the planet.
I am not your hero tells the story of learning how to see what you admire in others is within you.

You can only ever feel your own power.

You’re already stronger than you know, remember who you are.

With beautiful big guitar chords, spacey synths and chilled groove to relax and enjoy.

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Megalove - The Elephant In The Room     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
It’s time to be your own superhero, let yourself go, prepare for a trip to another world and get crazy with the most ridiculously futuristic electro-rock music on the planet.
Walking through your greatest fears is what life is about. This futuristic electro rock takes you on a journey through the darkest night and helps you see your true potential. Let your vision come around, hiding inside you, the elephant in the room. Driven by heavy verse guitar riffs and rap verses into catchy chorus hook and epic guitar solo!

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The Buzzing Towers - Sooner Or Later     Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
From a sprawling range of backgrounds, cultures and musical stylings, Brisbane has spat out an offering of sonic proportions, “The Buzzing Towers”.
Blasting their sonic rock sound, ‘Sooner or Later’ packs a punch with its fast paced drum line, gritty guitar riffs and rumbling bass tones. Channeling the best of 90s and 00s alt rock, the group’s nostalgic and lively vocals build the track into a furiously addicting piece.

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The Spectre's Revenge - The Other Side of Time     Rock, Garage, Indie, Alternative 17/12/2019
The Spectre's Revenge were a 1980s stalwart of the Australian indie scene. This previously unreleased track has recently been unearthed.
"The Other Side of Time" is a swampy exploration of love after the apocalypse.

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Tokyo Beef - The way we like it     Rock, Punk 17/12/2019
Straight up 4 on the floor in school Rocknroll with a punk edge
Stick it to the man. 9 to 5 grind

Other tracks by Tokyo Beef:  Gypsy Woman  -  Kamikaze Man
V.A.L. - Ghilbli     Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
Producing since 2005; a mainstay in unusual independent pop and alternative music, V.A.L. continues to throw curve balls and entice niche global audiences.
Ghibli is the local Libyan name for the Sirocco phenomenon (a seasonal weather event that originates in the Sahara Desert blowing desert sand, high gale winds and 'blood rain' across the Mediterranean). This natural phenomena is a inspiration for the song and draws on parallels to the current turmoils in Africa and Southern Europe.

Elanor Jane - Two Sides     Rock, Pop 13/12/2019
Brisbane based artist, writing songs and righting wrongs
Two Sides is about making peace with the fact that you can’t control what people say or think about you and the idea that sometimes you just have to be happy knowing your side of the story even if you can’t always tell it.

Polish Club - Countdown     Rock, Alternative 13/12/2019
There are two of them. They are called Novak and John-Henry and are the loudest goddamn soul outfit you’ve ever heard. (And yes, they are both sort of Polish).
Not content with the traditional New Years Eve countdown, Sydney's most raucous duo have created their own. Aptly named 'Countdown', Polish Club's latest single is set to have you dancing into the new year (and maybe regretting that 3am kebab).

Tara Vern - Girl With The Flashing Eyes     Rock, Alternative, Garage, Punk 13/12/2019
Tara Vern is Sydney-based rocker known for powerful guitar hooks, an 80s aesthetic and demented drumming.
Upon a tumult of drums and a ringing two-note-tap to your forehead, Girl With The Flashing Eyes gets your attentionon and points your gaze towards a future of scuzzy riffs and cheeky twists.

In Eyes - Time Won't Wait     Rock, Alternative 12/12/2019
In Eyes are Queensland's newest alternative rock prodigies
The single is an extension of the band’s new style and message: "Time won’t wait for you!" Delivered through an honest retelling of Jacobson’s experience with trying to fight for her passion while faced with mental illness, it has a fast-paced drive and heavy guitar and drum lines providing a powerful instrumental filled with all the angst to match.

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