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The Insufferable Paul Scott - Sheila     Rock 31/05/2019
Surrender to Robots is a solo album by The Insufferable Paul Scott (The Likes of You, Montana, John Kennedy’s 68 Comeback Special and The Bad Machines.)
A Pixies like, Lo Fi Perfect Indie Pop Tune. All the bells and whistles are here, catchy chorus, hooks in the verse and great indie band backing. To top it off the song is exactly 3mins and 30 secs long.

Other tracks by The Insufferable Paul Scott:  Reach For Stars  -  We Heard It On The Radio/Golden Times
The Tipsy Scholars - Hey Friend     Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Pop 31/05/2019
Australian Indie-Folk band The Tipsy Scholars write honest, powerful and rich music with sentimental purpose.
At different times of our lives we have struggled with the constructions on masculinity in Australia. Through the use of unaffected and honest lyrics, ‘Hey Friend’ aims to create a platform allowing for the open sharing of emotion, joy and vulnerability between friends.

Claiming It Anyway - Escape for Me     Rock, Blues, Garage, RnB 30/05/2019
CIA is Brisbane's youngest Rock n Roll trio comprised of the 3 brothers Curt Scott and Mitch Luxton! With a 13yr old explosive drummer, every song will have you hooked!
"Escape for me" is one of CIA's most recognizable classic rock riffs. Lyrically its an analogy based on witnessing friends and the people you are close with change their ways as they 'grow up' around you. Ultimately knowing there has to be a better way to 'escape' and wishing they would take more care of themselves...

Mongrella - Opposititis     Rock, Pop, Grunge 30/05/2019
Mongrella offers a unique blend of influences in their music, ranging from stoner rock, like Kyuss, '90s alt-rock, grunge and classic rock. Solid sound that will leave you wanting more.
This song is about someone who can never make their mind up... someone that's torn between two worlds.

The Sunken Sea - Blame     Rock, Jazz, Experimental 30/05/2019
Crooked, lush art rock emphasising emotional vulnerability in a vicious world.
Breaking stereotypes of male stoicism and emotional distance, The Sunken Sea aim to make music that highlights emotional honesty and vulnerability.

“Blame” explores responsibility for your actions, and the consequential loneliness that can take hold soon thereafter. Soft synths and languid, roomy strings bring about an air of heartache before the full band enters in a moment of thunderous catharsis.

Dee Lunar - Blue Bird     Rock 29/05/2019
Dee Lunar is an emerging Australian singer songwriter and visual artist Inspired by 90's alternative rock, indi rock and modern dream pop/rock , creating music from the heart.
My Dad once gave me a blue bird jewellery set, I never forgot the story he told me, sailors would get blue bird tattoos as protection for their long journeys home. Blue Bird tells the story of a woman longing for her mans return home from his long voyage, then the blue bird returns with her lover.

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Catholic Guilt - The Awful Truth     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Alternative Country 28/05/2019
Melbourne’s Catholic Guilt write raw, emotional and disarmingly honest music for the internally conflicted masses, blending elements of folk, punk, rock and alt-country. This is what honest sounds like.
Melbourne's genre blenders Catholic Guilt are back with a brand new single, "The Awful Truth", which showcases an upbeat, catchy track that packs a punch and tackles a dark theme.

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Charlie Collins - Please Let Me Go     Rock 28/05/2019
Growing up in Tamworth, Collins was raised on a record collection of storytelling, and from the young age was pushing her way on to the stage of the local pub.
“This is somewhat of a self-pity song,” Charlie Collins explains. “I was feeling sorry for myself when I wrote this, I just felt like I couldn’t win in a sense. I felt tired and didn’t feel I had the strength to keep going, constantly comparing myself to others around me and feeling like somewhere along the lines, I had failed.”

Claws & Organs - Wait For Me     Rock, Grunge, Punk 28/05/2019
Claws & Organs are a post punk band from Melbourne that writes dynamic songs, blending raw, visceral tones with more moody and melancholic sounds.
Wait For Me captures Claws & Organs at a lighter moment, with upbeat drums and bass carrying the song through. This is contrasted lyrically, in which the song deals with mortality and the realisation of life coming to an end.

Feelds - Glass Arms     Rock, Rock, Acoustic, Chill 28/05/2019
Feelds, the Melbourne-based project of James Seymour, has quickly grown into a fully-fledged outfit, defined by clever songwriting used to provoke a dynamic soundscape of honest storytelling
Since the release of 'Kill The Moon' in August, Feelds has created an evocative path towards his self-produced debut album, with the latest addition to the photo album being 'Glass Arms'.

Not one to tiptoe around a subject, Feelds uses 'Glass Arms' to discuss ideas of trusting others and taking caution in conforming to the usual paths in life

IV Dante - #800080     Rock, Pop 28/05/2019
Swirling in a loop where talent and ambition fuel one other, Melbourne's IV Dante culminate in a banquet of everything from grandiose '80s pop to polished modern indie.
Named after the hexadecimal code for a particularly vivid purple, #800080 further plays to IV Dante's love for the pseudonymic. Its lyrics are layered with ambiguity and hidden meaning, taking universal staples of love, heartbreak and redemption, and gifting them with depth and texture beyond their simple truths.

jade imagine - Big Old House     Rock, Pop, Garage, Easy Listening 28/05/2019
jade imagine release their first new material in 2 years; 'Big Old House', it's the first single from their forthcoming debut album due later this year via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
Premiered via Double J and Pilerats, ‘Big Old House’ was written "in Sunshine Beach, after a dream in which a loose melody and lyrics came to me...” Jade McInally, jade imagine’s front-person and key songwriter says. “Then in a Brisbane hotel room, the band and I workshopped the arrangement and it was pretty much done!"

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Maynard Heap - Run My Life     Rock, Blues 28/05/2019
Maynard Heap is a versatile, solo, harmonica, guitar playing, singer-songwriter, who presents a distinctive, self-taught style and diverse range of original songs, through his debut album, Nurtured In The Wild.
This solo rock original features a bass run riff and strong electric strumming, which keeps on giving elements to a couple of angsty verses and choruses, that sets up a couple of cross harp bluesy instrumentals. Themes focus on juvenile delinquency and exit strategies to a better way, including escape to the bush.

Other tracks by Maynard Heap:  Justice  -  Pippy Sitting In The Mulberry Tree
Mitchell Martin - Dim the Lights     Rock, Pop, Garage, Blues 28/05/2019
Mitchell Martin is a 22 year old Pop/Rock artist, studying music at the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts. Mitchell has performed live on Telethon and at Optus Stadium.
Dim the Lights is a sultry, powerful, pop/rock song and is the lead single from Mitchell Martin's upcoming EP.

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MOANA - The Cultess     Rock, Goth, Metal, Psychedelic 28/05/2019
Dark Psychedelic Art-Rock.
'The Cultess’ is the third single from MOANA’s highly- anticipated debut album due for release later this year. The single and accompanying music video sees Moana expand into heavier, dirtier territory.

The track is sludgy, grungy, dark and seductive mixing elements of art-rock, metal and doom you’re left dripping in something mystical, explosive and down right sexy.

Moaning Lisa - Take You Out     Rock, Punk, Gay Alligned, Grunge 28/05/2019
Following on from their acclaimed EP, Do You Know Enough, Moaning Lisa return with new single "Take You Out".
On “Take You Out,” we see a seething grunge-pop band facing the feelings of isolation and yearning in a world of tinder and quick-swipe culture. 

Pipsy - '93     Rock, Acoustic, Grunge 28/05/2019
PIPSY is a rising DIY power-pop artist from Dunedin, NZ – now based in Melbourne, Australia. NZ Musician described Pipsy's music as 'exploding with jangly and infectious indie-rock hooks'.
You are about to hear a song featuring the lead singer of Pipsy, an acoustic cut entitled "'93". The song appears on the forthcoming EP "Strung Out" released May 28th. The song explores themes related to nostalgia, and juxtaposes the singer's modern lifestyle with remembrances of their seemingly idyllic past - perhaps only imagined as a simpler, and happier time.

Other tracks by Pipsy:  Sad Day  -  Bad Friends
PLTS - Without You     Rock 28/05/2019
Byron Bay's PLTS have developed an innate knack for writing larger-than-life songs, clocking in over 3.6 million streams and touring with artists including Harts, Hockey Dad and Hands Like Houses.
Without You is essentially a love song that can be interpreted in different ways. It describes the emotions of change, having something new and exciting pulled away from you and dealing with that new found distance.

The distance could be literal kilometres between each other or just emotional distance.

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Other tracks by PLTS:  The Darkside  -  Lonely Leaves
Blain Cunneen - Feelin' Kinda Fragile     Rock 27/05/2019
Blain Cunneen is a Sydney based Indie Singer/Songwriter. Fresh from touring as Julia Jacklin's guitarist, Cunneen's solo venture is one inspired by Elliott Smith, George Harrison and Andy Shauf
At 25, Cunneen is just like any other. Completely confused about life, love and direction, all the while looking to conform to the needs of society. The songs title speaks for itself. "Feelin' Kinda Fragile" is the musical lamentation of Cunneen's emotional struggle. "What is it now that you can't see? I've lost my mind, obviously."

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Other tracks by Blain Cunneen:  Feelin' Kinda Fragile (Radio Edit)
DALICADOS - Make Hay While The Sun Shines     Rock, Blues, Roots 27/05/2019
Dalicados are an “electrifyingly soulful and storytelling” Australian Rock band from Melbourne. Combining musical influences from seminal Aus Rock bands, Steve Earle, Wilco, Tom Waits and Soul Revue artists.
Make Hay While The Sun Shines is a driving, alternative rock song with bluesy leanings. A rockin' guitar hook, epic brass parts and quirky lyrics.

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