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Kings Union - Spirals     Rock, Alternative, Blues 13/09/2019
Hailing from the UK, and now based in Australia, Kings Union are a rock band who mix heavy riffs with lyrics and melodies to match.
Spirals is a song about overcoming challenges even when you feel those challenges keep repeatedly coming round

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Rumours - Incredulous     Rock, Alternative, Metal 13/09/2019
Rumours are an alternative rock five-piece from Melbourne, Australia
"Incredulous" is produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker) and begins with a deep sound that welcomes an introduction not unlike Ocean Grove before settling into its pop/rock roots with a grungy edge. The single is about society's ignorance and inability to accept change, even when the evidence is obvious.

The Dead Amigos - Hold Out     Rock, Alternative, Punk 13/09/2019
The Dead Amigos are a prominent bluesy/hard rock band from St Kilda, with a mission to keep music live and loud for the masses.
In an age where guitar music is being told to turn down, Hold Out is the anthem of raising a middle finger to the establishment. It’s a song that ignites a fire in listeners trying to find their own voice. A song with a message to keep doing what you love, to just keep holding out.

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The Midnight Infirmary - Eden     Rock, Blues, Indie 13/09/2019
The Midnight Infirmary is a melting pot of blues rock, jazz, and folk-like storytelling based in Sydney.
The 2nd single of our debut EP, Eden is a haunting ballad of mixed emotions... oh, and love a guitar solo? This one's for you!

Tim Sherry - Don't Act Below It     Rock, Blues, Folk 13/09/2019
'Don't Act Below It' is the debut single from Tim Sherry out of Perth, Western Australia. An infectious first taste of Sherry's forthcoming debut album.
'Don't Act Below It' is the debut single from Tim Sherry out of Perth, Western Australia.

An infectious first taste of Sherry's forthcoming debut album.

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Ursula - I Don't Mind     Rock, Alternative, Garage 13/09/2019
Ursula is a garage, shoe-gaze band from Perth, Western Australia.
“I Don’t Mind” is the second single from the upcoming EP. It is a garage, shoe-gaze inspired tune about the world falling apart around you. It was recorded and mixed by Mitch Mcdonald (The Love Junkies). The song was written some time ago, and with the addition of Ashby to the band, the song has reached its full potential.

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Hill Town - Closure     Rock, Indie 12/09/2019
Serving up spirited grooves since 2017, Hill Town are laying down fluid, rhythmic guitars, catchy melodies and honest lyrics that will have you moving and shaking all summer long
Full of big hits and even louder guitar, “Closure” captures all the chaos and mental turmoil of being trapped in a situation you know is hurting you but you “just can’t seem to break these chains.” Gripped by a vice or a relationship that is toxic but has become comfortable, we feel powerless to remove ourselves and let go.

Machine Age - Year Of The Monkey     Rock, Pop, Punk, Experimental 12/09/2019
Born out of the Warp Records back catalogue and Oz Rock staples Machine Age crafted his unique songwriting and production styling in Far North Queensland.
Year Of The Monkey is the lead single from Machine Age's debut album 'Point Of Departure'. It's a song born out of frustration, regret, restlessness and coming out of those feelings into something new, letting go at a 'Point Of Departure'.

Other tracks by Machine Age:  If Only  -  Touched By Fire Kissed By Rain
Rosa Maria - Here She Comes     Rock, Psych, Garage, Alternative 12/09/2019
Inspired by the primitive garage rock and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock n roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener.
'Here She Comes' is the 3rd single and title track from Rosa Maria's sophomore album. An ode to La Calavera Catrina (the symbol for the day of the dead). "She comes from the dead to tell me to not fear death, but to celebrate death." - Broc Townsend. This dark and groovy surf tune will hypnotise you.

Blain Cunneen - Goodbye For Now     Rock, Folk, Britpop, Garage 10/09/2019
Sydney singer/songwriter Blain Cunneen (Guitarist for Julia Jacklin - Inspired by Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, Andy Shauf and George Harrison
Goodbye For Now was written on a sombre day when a friend of Cunneen's decided to move away. Overcome with a feeling of abandonment from someone he became maybe a little too close to, Cunneen also explains his secret feeling of relief. "But I hope you won't forget me. Maybe I'll forget about you."

Other tracks by Blain Cunneen:  Montpelier
BALU - FLASH FURY     Rock, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/09/2019
BALU – love, passion and human imperfection, combined with retro-rocking electro guitars. Not one for the generic, renegade in nature is the sonic sound of BALU.
FLASH FURY is a song about the mixed feelings experienced from emotional abuse. These include sadness, confusion and submission. Followed by anger and lashing rage. An unfortunate or fortunate existence, depending on how you perceive the situation to be? Fight or flight? Succumb or grow stronger?

Sketchy Fancy - Endless Summer     Rock, Alternative, Psych, Soul 09/09/2019
Sydney-based five piece, Sketchy Fancy, carve sprays of raucous delight. Their brand of psych-rock is filled soulful thrills and hard-driven riffs.
Mysteriously hazy, Endless Summer asks big questions amongst a jive of wavey guitars and growling horns. Its high energy the perfect introduction to Sketchy Fancy's album Good.Bad.Happy.Sad.

Other tracks by Sketchy Fancy:  Welcome Home
Glass Tides - Crawling     Rock, Pop 06/09/2019
Glass Tides are a four-piece Emo/Rock group from Adelaide. Wasting no time establishing themselves nation-wide, supporting artists such as Thrice, Circa Survive, Spiderbait, Body Jar, Young Lions & plenty more.
With a dark and emotional feeling travelling through the track, Crawling explodes into its massive chorus, with catchy, pop like melodies sung with angst and aggression. This Dynamic and Powerful track truly reflects on a dark time in your life when you think there is no way out.

Porcine - Carnivorous Me     Rock, Industrial, Hip Hop 06/09/2019
Porcine is a solo music project from Australian musician Brodie Roberts, fusing Alternative Rock with elements of Industrial, Hip-Hop and Hardcore Punk.
Carnivorous Me is heavily inspired by Brodie’s journey with drug and alcohol addiction. As the title suggests, the lyrics are written within the context of a metaphor, namely a carnivorous diet.

Musically, Carnivorous Me blends Alternative Rock with elements of Industrial, Hip-hop and Hardcore Punk, for a sound that is relentlessly dark and often aggressive.

The Shambolics - Don't You Want A Bit More     Rock, Garage 06/09/2019
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast, Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho are 4 piece that rehearse in the bush.
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast. The 4 piece, featuring Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho practise their original blend of lyrical punk, rock and roots in the bush.Now they're back to show off their hard work in the studio with "Don't You Want A Bit More", from their upcoming debut album.

Various Artists - Glomesh - Crawlin' Up AC/DC Lane     Rock, Pop, Indie 06/09/2019
Shake Yer Popboomerang 3 is a 37 track Australian artist compilation that documents and celebrate the Australian music scene. The bulk of the songs featured are exclusive or rare recordings.
Glomesh are Dougie,Roxy,Jess,Bridget

“The song is about Jess and Rox hanging out in the famous rock 'n' roll Bermuda Triangle that once was - Pony, Cherry Bar and Ding Dong Lounge back in the old days in Melbourne town. We somehow always made our way back from the dancefloor alive in one piece with sunnies on at 6am!”

Other tracks by Various Artists:  Ups and Downs - Two Weeks With A Good Man In Niagara Falls  -  Four Hours Sleep (featuring Kirsty Stegwazi) - You Break Again
Various Artists - Loose Pills - City of Thieves     Rock, Pop, Indie 05/09/2019
Shake Yer Popboomerang 3 is a 37 track Australian artist compilation that documents and celebrate the Australian music scene. The bulk of the songs featured are exclusive or rare recordings.
Ryan Ellsmore- vocals, guitar
Stuart Wilson- drums, vocals
Matt Galvin- guitars
Michael Barnfield- bass

Recorded by Loose Pills @ Stu Stu Studios

“I saw ya! Loose Pills get their Pete Townsend on. Recorded in Stu's burgeoning home studio, this track is one of our more collaborative efforts and a lot of fun to play.”

Other tracks by Various Artists:  The Kariannes - This Song Is a Cure  -  Even - The Memory
Sam Fletcher - On The Road     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop 04/09/2019
Indie folk and classic rock performed with a laid-back thoughtful air is the signature sound of young acoustic singer/songwriter Sam Fletcher.
“On The Road” is a classic rock powerhouse with modern flair. Written while camped on the banks of the ancient Finke River, the song is a testimony to Sam’s adventure around Oz in a clapped-out caravan and failing car. With fresh indie vibes and a hint of Australiana you can almost feel the landscapes traveled to inspire this track.

JOHNNY - She's All I Need     Rock, Pop 02/09/2019
After the release of his outstanding debut single "Shake It" - Johnny is back again with his melodic and uplifting second single She’s All I Need.
With an uplifting melodic feel She’s All I Need showcases Johnny's signature hook laden melodies and harmonies, driven by the sounds of the classic bands that influence his pop/rock sound and vision.

Sketchy Fancy - Pub Rock     Rock, Psychedelic, Retro 02/09/2019
Created in Sydney’s southern beaches Sketchy Fancy have crafted a sound that blends psych-rock with heavy funk and hold close ties to the Aussie pub-rock style they live and love
Lead single Pub Rock draws from the storytelling of 1980’s pub culture and dusts it off with a high-energy arrangement and the poignant undertones of Australian bar scenes. The choral chant of “take me home” evokes both supportive community and the toll youthful hedonism.