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Dover Island - Casey     Rock 28/02/2019
The three indie-rockers from Melbourne have just laid down the foundations for their first extended play, but are launching into the public eye with their debut single 'Casey'.
'Casey' tells a tale of a girl who just won't grow up. The track goes between the perspectives of Casey's mum, and Casey herself. Casey tries to justify not growing up, and her mum tells her it's time to grow up. The track features a huge pub-like chant of "Grow the hell up Casey, you're never gonna be a princess".

Gary Collocott - Hey     Rock, Pop 28/02/2019
Gary Collocott is a indie pop/rock artist local to Gold Coast, Queensland who's made music from a young age, Gary Collocott has been passionately making music for him and others.
Indie Pop/Rock artist Gary Collocott is back with his brand new upbeat single ‘Hey’. In this charismatic and upbeat track, Gary explains that ‘Hey’ was written based on his personal experience by means of wanting to say “Hey” to that special person for the first time.

Lime Cordiale - Money     Rock, Pop, Rock 28/02/2019
Louis and Oli Leimbach, the brothers better known as Sydney's Northern Beaches duo Lime Cordiale who are responsible for delivering us hook-laden jams such as 'Dirt Cheap'
Money produced by Dave Hammer (the name behind their 2018 debut LP Permanent Vacation), glitters with a unique 70's essence, it's a pastiche of the past with a modern twist. The buzzing bass and booming trumpet echo the catchy chorus to end, and this really brightens the whole tracks mood.

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LOSER - Vacation     Rock, Punk, Garage 28/02/2019
LOSER is Tim Maxwell (Apart From This/Grim Rhythm), Chris Cowburn (The Smith Street Band) and Craig Selak (The Bennies). LOSER are doing anything but losing.
Vacation is the third single to be lifted from the Restless Noise EP, which scored an 8/10 from Hysteria and was described as "grimy 90s nostalgia, self deprecating rock relatability and infectious melodies; all bundled in a heavy, mosh pit yearning sweat storm" by the AU Review.

Ocean Alley - Stained Glass     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Reggae 28/02/2019
Northern Beaches six-piece Ocean Alley solidified their position as one of Australia’s most exciting bands in 2018, with their ARIA Top 10 and Hottest 100 #1 single 'Confidence' certified Platinum.
Moody and expansive in sound, ‘Stained Glass’ creeps up on the listener; fusing elements of blues and surf-rock with Baden Donegal’s soulful voice, lingering heavily over dreamy tones and swirling organs. As the harmonies and dense reverb simmer, the track launches into its grand zenith, a multi-layered tapestry of emphatic guitars paired with crash cymbals and a hypnotic melody line.

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Rocket Ship Chaser - Normal People     Rock, Punk, Pop, Rock 28/02/2019
5 piece indie rock band from Perth, releasing our debut 6 track EP "That's What You Get" on the 22nd of March
Many people forfeit being seen as an independent individual because we tend to choose to conform to our social norms, rather than staying true to our idiosyncratic personalities and potentially standing out from the crowd. "Normal People" questions this, and encourages the listener to refrain from changing who they truly are as a person just to fit the norm.

Second Prize - Waiting For A Spark     Rock, Pop 28/02/2019
Second Prize explore that queasy territory where “normal” male behaviour drifts over into toxic masculinity. Musically, the songs evoke Pulp, Grinderman-era Nick Cave, and Lambchop and Sparklehorse.
With an Everest-sized mellotron hook, Flaming Lips drums and a psychedelic freakout at the end, Waiting for a Spark takes the kitchen sink approach to a pop song. A riff on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it sees the narrator picking over the embers of his ruined relationship, trying to figure out what he did that made it all go wrong.

SEIMS - Translucence     Rock 28/02/2019
Sydney's instrumental math-rock band SEIMS is set to release their EP '3.1', a follow-up to 2017's math-rock masterpiece '3', on March 29th.
"[It begins] lost and struggling to find its way out of the absolute black, until we find our feet towards the big middle section of that song - then leading into pure Clarity - 7/4 banger that’s all about seeing this one motif through right to end - almost heading 'towards the light' with that giant mess it finishes on."

Sloan Peterson - Here     Rock, Pop 28/02/2019
Creating love songs full of sweet sensibilities reminiscent of a time gone by, the Sydney songwriter draws strong influence from musical legends, grasping 50s guitar pop and contemporary garage rock.
I wrote 'Here' when I was 18, and the song brings back nostalgic vibes of living in the moment and being free, which I wanted to translate through the film clip. I was inspired by elements of Elton John and Gwen Stefani within the dynamics throughout the track creating a push/pull wave of energy.

The Med Heads - Something About You     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 28/02/2019
The Med Heads are a collaborative effort out of Newcastle, with 8 current members
Something About You

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The Superhero Dress-up - Wet willy     Rock, Punk 28/02/2019
The Superhero Dress-up is from Queensland, Australia. Wet Willy was recorded at Pacific International recording studios in Hervey Bay, Queensland.
Punk rock pop song about giving a wet willy.

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WAAX - FU     Rock 28/02/2019
Sold out national tours, released EPs, supported Wolf Alice, Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro, and played sets at Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, Good Things and Unify Gathering.
Boasting signature searing guitar lines and an undeniably anthemic chorus, ‘FU’ makes its biggest stand as a showcase of frontwoman Maz De Vita at her powerhouse vocal best. Meanwhile, the song’s short, sharp, one-two punch title serves as the perfect descriptor for the weight with which the music and the words land.

Lisa Caruso - A Holiday     Rock, Pop 27/02/2019
There’s an unlikeness to Sydney Artist Lisa Caruso that leaves a mark on avid listeners. With an utterly unique vocal, this charming songstress creates music that is un-fearfully pronounced.
Now accelerating at full speed with single number two, Lisa reveals a batty demeanour in ‘A Holiday’. Keeping a 90s garage attitude with elements of surf and 60s flair, expect to hear fuzzed out guitars, an unrelenting boisterous drum part, and layered vocals that entertain very forthright lyrics.

Romeo Moon - It All Goes     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric, Instrumental 27/02/2019
Textures, patterns, minimalist lyrics, and the stretching of loops are signature elements of Romeo Moon's music, taking the listener to timeless meditation, visceral psychedelia, or brittle intimacy.
Orr: "The song feels like there is almost a melody missing, but I think that's the song's purpose. I toyed with a vocal but everything felt forced. It’s that missing part that I find most interesting. It allows you to tune in and out of the song, or just gives you space to think of your own melody or thoughts".

TEJAVU - Dream     Rock, Psychedelic, Ambience 27/02/2019
TEJAVU is the recording project of Brisbane based musician and producer James Halstead
TEJAVU’s debut single ‘Dream’ will be released March 7, 2019. The song’s wavy instrumentals, sharp guitars and lush vocals work together to illustrate a vivid dream-like state. By manipulating pace and building tension, ‘Dream’ reflect an intense journey in one’s subconscious.

Birds Of Tokyo - Good Lord     Rock 26/02/2019
'Good Lord' is the heartbreaking anthem from the five time winners of APRA’s “Rock Work Of The Year” Award - Birds Of Tokyo.
“It’s the old story”, Kenny says. “You get married and you think you’re gonna live happily ever after. But one day unexpectedly you see something that literally shatters your whole world. Then you have to spend years trying to put your head and heart back together.”

Dan Sultan - Love & Hate     Rock 26/02/2019
One of Australia’s most loved singer-songwriters, Sultan boasts numerous accolades to his name, including ARIA Awards, NIMA Awards, Top 5 ARIA-charting albums and a gold record in Blackbird.
Melbourne singer-songwriter Dan Sultan releases ‘Love & Hate’ – a rendition of Michael Kiwanuka’s original hit first released in 2016 – as the lead single from his highly anticipated album Aviary Takes, due for release on March 15

Kim Smith Rock Music - Back In Time     Rock, Pop 26/02/2019
Kim shows her skills as a guitarist, singer, & writer, who knows how to hit the pavement hard and keep your motors running. Her husky voice keeps it very real.
I wrote "Back In Time" as a tribute to Michael Hutchence, he and INXS have been a great influence during my music journey.

I think it is an appropriate time to upload this track on his birthday 22nd February. This track is "soft rock", and easy to listen to.

Mannequin Death Squad - Blue     Rock, Punk 26/02/2019
Mannequin Death Squad are a two piece punk band from Melbourne offering aggressive, riffing rock n' roll with healthy dollop of bratty humour
'Blue' is a song I wrote at 16 years of age in my 90's poster drowned out room. It feels to me like an angst break up song. It's about who we vilify when were feeling kinda blue.

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Party Dozen - Party Dozen     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental 26/02/2019
A sonic partnering of saxophonist Kirsty Tickle and percussionist Jonathan Boulet, Party Dozen is a project loosely based around improvisation.
"We called this track Party Dozen because we think it's just such a good representation of the band. It's fun, wild, rockin' and energetic. It's also not lost on us that it's pretty funny and confident to self title a track, and not an album"

Recorded in one take at Golden Retriever, Marrickville. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Boulet.

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