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TOTTY - Lucky     Rock, Garage, Grunge 04/06/2019
Returning with their quirky melodic grunge, TOTTY announce the relatable new single ‘Lucky’. Hailing from Wollongong, the female-fronted surf punk trio revealed their debut EP ‘Cut The Poppies’ in 2018.
Returning with their quirky melodic grunge, TOTTY announce the lush and relatable new single ‘Lucky’.

In contrast to their usual tracks, ‘Lucky’ is a standout. Slower than expected its still replete with grungy guitar and thumping drums. Produced by Brett Jansch (Dune Rats) and engineered by Jack Nigro (DMA's, Skeggs), it's a far cry from the sheds they began in.

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Clap for Alaska - Video Games     Rock, Pop 04/06/2019
Swampy rockers Clap for Alaska are a low to medium impact pop/rock ensemble who specialize in moody bangers about childhood experiences and semi-confused love ballads.
Video Games is about working in hospitality for way too long and feeling like you're drowning in lattes.

Other tracks by Clap for Alaska:  Hill  -  Sooner
Man Vs Synth - Fall Apart     Rock, Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience 04/06/2019
Combining cavernous synthesiser tones with piercing guitar refrains, Man vs Synth place a core emphasis on rhythm in their venture to spawn a seldom-explored, genre-defying genus of synth pop.
Fall Apart is a hard hitting angular Indie Synth Rock track that isn’t afraid to be a little vulnerable at times. From the syncopated verse to the blaring chorus Fall Apart describes the inner thoughts of a man who has lost all hope.

Other tracks by Man Vs Synth:  Embrasse Moi
The Kings Enemies - Catchyalaterman     Rock, Grunge, Punk 04/06/2019
The Kings Enemies is the solo project of Michael Bolger (The Busymen, The Buzzrays, The Hoovers), playing alternative rock/pop tunes with dark undertones.
Catchyalaterman, see you around
I’m gonna have a good day
Catchylaterman, don’t hang around
I just don’t dig what you say

Other tracks by The Kings Enemies:  Dead Set  -  Living The Dream
Braden Evans - Midnight Hummingbird     Rock, Pop 03/06/2019
Braden Evans is a singer/songwriter with a unique voice. His influences include Pearl Jam, Fleetwood Mac & The Beatles. His songs are full of thoughtful, evocative lyrics, with catchy melodies
Midnight Hummingbird is a feel good rocker that will have you tapping your foot and singing along by the second chorus.

Deathbeat - Madonna     Rock, Hip Hop 03/06/2019
Melbourne duo Deathbeat are taking the guitar-drum two piece format to new heights, delivering a punk hip-hop infusion more pungent then lynx Africa.
This is our take on a track 'Madonna' would dance too.

Other tracks by Deathbeat:  Tomcat  -  Faceless Ghost
Fyre Byrd - Put Me In A Dress     Rock, Garage 03/06/2019
FYRE BYRD have already made serious ground with their fresh approach, blending classic songwriting with Josh’s distinctive vocal sound and wired modern guitar on top of animalistic, hard hitting drums.
Guitar, drums and vocals. Ade brother & sister duo Fyre Byrd look like the White Stripes on paper, but have the energy and power of a full band! Hi octane rock n roll thats as much at home at Splendour as it would be on Download.

Regular Band - Snow White     Rock, Grunge 03/06/2019
Regular Band are a pretty punk, pretty grunge and pretty loud Nirvana-esque alt-rock four piece forged from the safest, most boring suburbs in Brisbane city, Australia.
“Snow White,” the first song written in collaboration with their newest member, Felix Lindgren (originally from The Dollar Bill Murrays), sees the band exploring new ‘sonic territory’.

Written when emotions were high in the band, the song invites the listener to delve deep into their emotions and come out head banging on the other side.

Wizard Rose - Wizard Rose     Rock, Blues, Metal 03/06/2019
Wizard Rose are a force unto themselves, that belies their youth, producing a sound that harks back to - without emulating - the era of Led Zeppelin and Rush.
Spoken as the most aggressive, hard hitting & dominating track upon the album. Wizard Rose writes a story of an unfaithful lady, She’s the lady with the Wizard Rose. Expressing an energy & essence of one of the best tracks on the album, Wizard Rose is a big hitter & an in your face piece of music.

Other tracks by Wizard Rose:  Black Knight
Daisy Brains - Sunshine     Rock, Grunge 02/06/2019
Gold Coast four piece, playing their take on the grunge side of indie. Influences include the Walking Who, Dope Lemon, Cage the Elephant, and Wolf Alice.
The first release with rhythm guitarist Ellie Hopley lending her vocal abilities to the mix, with the final cut a blend between silver-tongued and that classic rasp we’ve come to expect from the group. Don’t be fooled by the stripped back open chords, if you’re a fan of loud crunchy guitars, you won’t be disappointed.

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NeRV - Tick Tock     Rock, Acoustic, Garage 01/06/2019
NeRV play original acoustic guitar driven rock with drums, harmonies and energy
Tick Tock is an insistent, energetic, driving riff-driven song about time and living.

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Other tracks by NeRV:  Axe  -  Go
Chalk - The Sometimes Always     Rock, Pop 31/05/2019
Twenty-four years after the release of their EP, veteran Brisbane rockers Chalk are back with the first single "The Sometimes Always" off their debut album The Quiet City.
Frontman James Kliem says the song is a letter he wrote to his younger self in the hopes that he could somehow pass some wisdom on to the young person reading it.

Cloning - Special     Rock, Electronic 31/05/2019
Cloning are a Perth based band who have found sonically unique heights with their new single "Special", to be released on May 31st.
‘Special' is the first offering from their debut EP 'Pillars of Salt’ and explores ideas of mortality and legacy. The song was at Blackbird Studios with WAM award winning engineer/producer Dave Parkin.

Dead Before Breakfast - Haze     Rock 31/05/2019
Explosive riffs and energy with a technical edge, Dead Before Breakfast is progressive alt-rock loud and proud!
‘Haze’ is a tongue-in-cheek autobiography of the band’s trappings of inner-city existence, from the never-ending hospitality grind to the impulse leather jacket purchases which keep a 20-something in an endless cycle of being broke.

Taken from their upcoming album, ‘Rogue’, ‘Haze’ showcases the troublesome trio’s signature energy, combining angsty guitars with soaring hooks and intricate melodies.

Fyerfly - Golden Arrow (Instrumental)     Rock, Downbeat, Folk, Instrumental 31/05/2019
From the gentle mountain streams of Victoria, sensual sadcore songstress Fyerfly is captivating audiences with her mesmerising late-night intimacy.
This torch song tale tells of falling deeply in love, the pain of bad timing, making mistakes and eventually finding your peace in what you once shared.

‘Golden Arrow’ is a little bit gypsy-swing. It’s a dark and dramatic mix of acoustic, electric and bass guitar, piano and percussion fit for a soundtrack of building passion or disaster.

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Ice City - Mr Whippy     Rock, Punk, Grunge 31/05/2019
Straight off the back of the success of single "Catch a Wave" Mackay alternative rockers Ice City are back with another boisterous, grunge song "Mr Whippy"
Despite its name, the song has nothing to do with ice cream and everything to do with blaring guitars and melancholic nostalgia, with the band explaining that lead singer Jack Thompson wrote it after going through a rough patch in life.

Jason Penna - Not my Time     Rock, Country, Pop, Rockabilly 31/05/2019
We only have a short time on this earth, I am making the most of it and sharing my love and passion for writing music with the world :)
Not my Time is a song I wrote to inspire people to take life and enjoy every aspect of it and not let life get you down.

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Other tracks by Jason Penna:  Veil of Life  -  April Swell
Jonah Primo - Round My Neck     Rock, Psychedelic 31/05/2019
Indie multi-Instrumentalist Jonah Primo fuses complex vocal harmonies with a vintage rock sound. Jonah creates a smokey psychedelic brand of rock storytelling. Imagine Led Zeppelin and Tame impala's love child.
Round My Neck explores the mental implosion of a Renaissance king, although those who frequently self-sabotage will relate.

It features 8 layers of vocal harmonies, and the dynamic range of the track takes you on a journey through his rise and fall. The track has a distinctly smokey, vintage feel reminiscent of Pink Floyd and Zeppelin.

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Magnus - Humbugger     Rock, Experimental, Goth 31/05/2019
Best described as "Oddly Timed Stoner Jazz Rock with a Dash of Goth"
Humbugger" treads the line between the head-banging of a live show and a psych rock bliss out. Lyrically written as a personal call to arms and a reminder to be yourself.

Skilton Avenue - Tomorrow     Rock, Acoustic, Roots 31/05/2019
Hailing from Newcastle on Australia's east coast, Skilton Avenue are a passionate band who channel their innermost thoughts and feelings into music that people can relate to.
When you realise that you're ready to drop everything and focus on your dreams, with the knowledge that the people you love will be there to support you, but also finding the inner strength and drive to be able to chase them on your own, Tomorrow takes you on a journey of self-discovery from start to finish.