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Odin Malchik - Why Do I Worry?     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Britpop 05/03/2019
Home recorded, psychedelic pop from W.A.
'Why Do I Worry?' is taken from Odin Malchik's debut album 'Forgiveness and War' which will be released in full on the first of March.

All parts written, perfored, recorded and engineered by Ryan Johnson.
Mastered by Rob Agostini at Soundbaker. 2019.

Glenn Shorrock - Cool Change     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Cover Version 04/03/2019
With a career spanning more than 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business.
An updated and re-imagined rendition of Cool Change by Glenn Shorrock produced by Steve Balbi.

The Jackies - The Devils Share     Rock 04/03/2019
The Jackies are best described as an eclectic 80’s/90’s indie infused guitar rock band.
“The Devil’s Share” - about the trials and tribulations that affect us all. The guitars are strong and the lyrics evoke the lives we sometimes lead.

Other tracks by The Jackies:  You're All Gonna Die
Castilles - T-Rex     Rock, Garage, Pop, Blues 02/03/2019
Belting into 2019 with a tyrannosaurus effort, electric three-piece Castilles are gearing up for a big year, stretching their legs interstate, with their debut EP on the way.
Boot stomping goodness Valentine remarks, "T-Rex came together quick. It got the hips shaking as soon as we started jamming on it. A big chorus and a swingin' riff, it's fun to play.."

A taste to come for a moving 2019.

Adaptors - Pulse     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 01/03/2019
Sydney based outfit Adaptors create entrancing Pop Rock soundscapes that take you on an aural expedition.
Sydney based Pop Rockers Adaptors have come out with another absolutely stellar single in Pulse.

The track builds the whole way through with outstanding dynamic shifts.

Chakra Efendi - Plague, Struggles & Sin     Rock, Pop 01/03/2019
No stranger to the idiosyncratic struggles of young adulthood, Sunshine Coast-based singer-songwriter Chakra Efendi today unleashes his debut EP 'Until The Children Grow Old'.
'Plague, Struggles and Sin' is a noteworthy track that focuses predominantly on the emotive vocals and lyrics, shadowed by sombre guitars and lightly rolling drums. Drawing from the depths of his mysterious mind, Efendi croons "Gazes into the bottle for a glimpse of hope, the only thing he found was reflections that; Broke him"

Other tracks by Chakra Efendi:  Home  -  Myself At Night
Conspiracy of One - Don't Try the Mindset at Home     Rock, Funk, Pop, Soul 01/03/2019
Fun catchy songs about science, psychology and social commentary. A quirky twist on the familiar pop funk rock sound that's enjoyable both on the surface and beneath.
Pornography. Whether we love it or hate it, we just can't look away. Much of it expresses a view that women are there to be used and treated as objects.

With liberal use of sarcasm and satire, the central theme is to not look at this fake, idealised view of sex and take it as how real life should be.

Other tracks by Conspiracy of One:  Just a Theory  -  See Food Diet
darvid thor - Can I Be?     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 01/03/2019
Melbourne based artist darvid thor makes woozy, daydreaming guitar pop.
One of the older songs written for the record, Can I Be is about uncertainty and feeling over crowded. It's a song for those times when you need your own space. Performed and recorded by Darvid in his bedroom, Can I be is a guitar driven track in the vein of Lower Dens or Cigarettes After Sex.

Other tracks by darvid thor:  Last Time  -  overgrown
DYER MAKER - Elastic     Rock, Pop, Roots 01/03/2019
Salt crusted, cruisy, oceanic and anthemic. DYER MAKER is sure to please fans of Ocean Alley and Sticky Fingers while remaining authentic and fresh.
Elastic elaborates on the flowing, deep, yet relaxed vibe Dyer coined in their previous single, Delay which premiered via The Music and landed the group a spot on HIT106.9. The track’s relatability, coupled with its salt crusted, partially reggae inspired riffs creates an easy and drifting listen not un-at-home soundtracking a fleeting summers evening.

Halcyon Drive - Reach     Rock, Pop 01/03/2019
After a highly productive 2018, Melbourne-based indie-rock trio Halcyon Drive return with their infectious new single ‘Reach'.
Opening with the swooning vocals of endearing front man Michael Oechsle, the hypnotising introduction falls effortlessly into a soaring blend of dreamy synths, fuzz-laden moog and syncopated percussion. As the track switches back and forth between its stripped back, sombre verses, ‘Reach’ finds its extra gear within its uplifting bridge, exploding with a myriad of joyous emotions.

MERCY-MERCY - Summer Days     Rock, Pop, Blues 01/03/2019
MERCY-MERCY is a four piece band from Lennox Head Far Northern NSW. Predominately blues oriented we also have a pop sensibility in our music which makes us accessible.
Sunshine bar be q's and surf are the reference points for this up tempo homage to good o'l Oz pub rock. its fun and its rhythms and structure evoke a sense of waves rolling in - at least that was the intention. We just wanted to have some fun and hopefully brighten a day.

Other tracks by MERCY-MERCY:  Miss You  -  Sacred ground
Montana Wildhack - Leroy     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Pop 01/03/2019
Perenially sunburnt and sleep deprived shoegazers from Fremantle with far too many effects pedals and never enough time making soothing music about dogs, love, avocados, and swimming.
Inspired by Aliza’s dad’s endearing failure to call the family dog by his name, Leroy is a homage to the friendship between human and dog scored by oscillating layers of guitars, synths, fuzz drenched in reverb, reverb drenched in fuzz, tender vocals and a crashing wave of soothing harmonies.

Other tracks by Montana Wildhack:  Maisy's Song  -  Waiting Room
Rachel Collis - To The Least Of These     Rock, Christian 01/03/2019
Rachel Collis is a “welcome jolt back to the time of Carole King and Joni Mitchell.” A virtuoso pianist with soaring, Celtic-like vocals, her songs range from heart-swelling to introspective.
A rousing rock anthem, produced by ARIA-award winning Sean Carey, about the importance of caring for our fellow human beings, most especially, "the least of these".

Other tracks by Rachel Collis:  The Art Of Letting Go  -  For You
Sean McMahon - One Foot Out The Door     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 01/03/2019
Melodic, poetic song writing loaded with confessional narratives, vivid story telling and lyrical beauty with a sound traversing folk, rock and americana.
a guitar heavy, alt-country-pop track that comes in strong and has a good lifting chorus

Other tracks by Sean McMahon:  Angel At Your Back  -  Outsider Blues
SEIMS - Translucence     Rock, Instrumental, Metal, Experimental 01/03/2019
SEIMS is the instrumental math-rock brainchild of Sydney multi- instrumentalist Simeon Bartholomew, and has turned into one of the country’s most explorational and formidable outfits.
Translucence is all about the progression of the EP. Translucence is about how the EP begins lost and struggling to find its way out of the absolute black, until the music finds its feet towards the big middle section of the song and almost heading “towards the light” with the giant mess it finishes on.

Sevenhurtz - Set You Free (Dreamtime)     Rock, Grunge 01/03/2019
Sevenhurtz have always pushed the boundaries of Rock like their latest single featuring The Man In The Hat, featuring on Didgeridoo Tony Turner
set you free (dreamtime) is a song about the world and how even though we are all in it together we still fight each other and try to convey one message over another instead of living in harmony. while also drawing inspiration of growing up in the Pilbra with a connection to the land.

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Tess McKenna - Thylacines     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Experimental 01/03/2019
Singer-songwriter Tess McKenna takes a finely-honed roots sensibility and fuses it with a valve-driven, shimmering, indie folk-rock overlay.
Thylacines is an emphatic, psychedelic-folk-rock celebration that explores the recovery of hope and dreams amidst the darkness and reality of extinction.

Other tracks by Tess McKenna:  More Or Less  -  Proxima
The Florets - Shapeshift     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Pop 01/03/2019
Melody & fuzz, presently abuzz
A high energy, euphoric psych rock tune jam packed with blues riffs & catchy melodies. The Florets intent for this song was to release a short and fast single to show a rockier side of them. The songs lyrics encapsulate ones need to please others, to adapt to their surroundings & accommodate differing personalities at ones own detriment.

Atlas Chasers - Bridges     Rock, Psychedelic 28/02/2019
Fresh faced stadium rock coming straight out of the most isolated city in the world...
Bridges is a stadium rock anthem with clear elements of foals and aussie rock legends INXS.

Ceres - Me & You     Rock 28/02/2019
Ceres. Melbourne based four piece creating emotive indie-rock music.
'Me & You' is a love song. It’s me tripping over words that are hard to say—and you, beautiful you, saying exactly what you mean. Me, a dumb shit young kid. And you, the love of my life. Tell ‘em all it’s not for them, they never knew. Say what you want, but it was me, and it was you."