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Polaroid Fame - Face Off     Rock, Electronic, Pop 03/03/2010
Dancy Indie Rock with catchy bass lines textured synth beds & hooky vocals with some pop thrown in for good measure.
Face Off is a song about the battle that happens between what your heart feels/wants & what the voices in your head whisper to add confusion & doubt.

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Other tracks by Polaroid Fame:  We Live Your Life  -  Wanna Know
Spearmint Fur - Red Star     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 03/03/2010
Dreamy, atmospheric, grindy, dissonant, are all words that have been used to describe the music of Spearmint Fur, featuring Singer/songwriter Zadia Lenders who penned this debut album.
Red Star features atmospheric guitars, sweet vocals, interspersed with rocking guitars and muses about feeling like an alien and missing the starship home.

Other tracks by Spearmint Fur:  Maybe  -  Under the Milky Way
The Touch - Shot     Rock, Punk, Dance, Electronic 03/03/2010
If you combined the interlocking riffs of Television with the electronic elements of Bloc Party it might sound something like The Touch.
Shot is the first taste of their work with producer Darren Cross (Gerling, The E.L.F), a more mature sound melding their earlier punk tinged dance rock with an undertone of electronica.

Other tracks by The Touch:  Shot (Youth Remix)  -  Shot (Loot & Plunder Remix)
Greenthief - Plea for Sanctuary     Rock, Electronic 25/02/2010
A sonic explosion that will take you on a journey to an uncharted land...
Opening track Plea For Sanctuary is perhaps the one most ripe for radio, with its epic, chiming build-up, chunky riffs and soaring, androgynous lead vocals - Matt Thrower (Rave Mag - Anicca Review)

Other tracks by Greenthief:  Wanna Fly  -  Morning Sun
The Stoics - Submarine Song     Pop, Acoustic, Atmospheric 25/02/2010
The Stoics are a five piece alternative pop band. They have independently released three Ep's in the three years since they formed. Their bio overflows with high profile support shows.
A song about the walls of your submarine suddenly blowing out and letting the harsh waters of lonely existence in.

Other tracks by The Stoics:  Living Proof  -  Doom Girl
The Box Rockets - Something     Pop, Britpop, Rock 24/02/2010
The Box Rockets are an indie pop rock outfit hailing from Melbourne, Australia. They produce lean, emotive and melodic music in the vein of The Beatles, Smiths and the French.
'Something' is a sweet, accessible and tender ballad. It contains a wistful nostalgic verse followed by an uplifting triumphant chorus.

Other tracks by The Box Rockets:  So Long  -  Walk On
Aleglass - All For Fun (legless again)     Rock, Comedy 24/02/2010
Something new, something different and something fun.....
Written as an Ode to fun. Been there done that and still have some of the tshirts. Lets worry a little less and keep the good time rolling.

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Other tracks by Aleglass:  Neapolitan Ice
El Duende - Creatures     Rock, Pop 24/02/2010
Great songs, great arrangements, brilliant brass section and violin, make this band sound like a cross between the Saints and the Go-Betweens
The tone is set with the rousing opener, Creatures. It's joyous and romantic, but also melancholy and elegiac. It's designed for an adrenaline rush, and it owes a little something to the Saints' Know Your Product.

Other tracks by El Duende:  Trying  -  Lights of Town
Twelve Foot Ninja - Beneath The Smiles     Rock, Metal, World 24/02/2010
Exciting alternative-rock act with so many layers, it’s a wonder they only hit the Melbourne a year ago. An engaging blend of metal, dub, yacht rock, funk & world music.
Opening with a mysterious Eastern flavour, the thumping drums start to draw you in - before the anthemic chorus lifts you up & rouses you to join the ninja's plight to rid the world of evil.

Other tracks by Twelve Foot Ninja:  Molotov Brother  -  Dark Passenger
Ghostboy with Golden Virtues - Wolfish     Rock, Experimental, Punk 24/02/2010
Ghostboy with Golden Virtues (GBGV) are avant-garde art rock brutes! These 2009 Green Room Award Nominees have just released their debut album "Enter" featuring the singles "Love Me" and "Wolfish".
First single of debut album "Enter". Clip has had multiple plays on rage and the song has just been played & added to Triple J. Nick Cave meets Serge Gainsbourg at a park.

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Other tracks by Ghostboy with Golden Virtues:  Love Me  -  Sister Midnight
Rudely Interrupted - If You Wannit     Rock, Pop, Punk 24/02/2010
Rudely Interrupted are one of Australia's truly unique indie rock acts. This band will challenge your thoughts on what's achievable in life and entertain your mind with their infectious hooks.
A pop/rock song about thinking before you act and taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. The song also contains a chorus key change, it just works out that way for us and so that’s the rebel in the song, "it’s hidden in the music" says Rory.

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Meza - Temporary Lover     Rock 23/02/2010
Eloquently blending elements of rock and pop with an eastern flavour, Sydney 3-piece MEZA have built a solid reputation for their dynamic and intense live shows.
Temporary Lover is a melodic rock track with a kickin' beat reminiscent of The Smiths.

Other tracks by Meza:  Too Little, Too Late  -  New Year
Taylor King - Ready. Aim.     Rock, Pop 23/02/2010
Taylor King is a one piece band without boundaries. Influenced by everything that can be seen, everything that can be heard; out to evoke the deepest of emotion and thought.
This song will mean something different to every single person that listens to it. But to me, it is a very personal song that deals with a lot of troubling issues in my life.

Other tracks by Taylor King:  Counting Numbers  -  All of Us
Grenadiers - Abandon Ship     Rock, Punk 22/02/2010
A raging mash of influences like the Hot Snakes, The Bronx and Queens of the Stone Age and every awesome rock band in the last twenty years. Sing along!
Abandon Ship will make you punch the air as you sing along to the chorus.

Other tracks by Grenadiers:  Old Uncle Scratch  -  Leave It In Your Pocket
Martin Cilia - Cry For A Shadow     Rock, Cover Version, Instrumental, Pop 17/02/2010
Martin Cilia is guitarist with legendary Australian surf band - The Atlantics. Martin is one of the country's finest electric guitarists and a proven track-record as a songwriter.
"Cry For A Shadow" is the only published writing collaboration between John Lennon and George Harrison. And as an instrumental, even more curious. The suspicion is it was a sort of tribute to Hank Marvin and The Shadows. Regardless it is an enjoyable bouncy, memorable pop track.

Other tracks by Martin Cilia:  West Of Bondi  -  Ancestor
Whyte Zebra - Knock Knock     Folk, Rock, Roots, Blues 17/02/2010
Producing a prominent and complete sound, Whyte Zebra's song compositions are strengthened with drums, bass, 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, strings and harmonious backing vocals.
"Knock Knock" is an original track with hard hitting melodic drums, soothing violin with catchy guitar and bass lines. This songs chorus is harmonised with beautiful backing vocals.

Other tracks by Whyte Zebra:  Close to Getting Closer  -  Double or Nothing
Dear April - Red, Yellow and Blue     Rock, Pop 17/02/2010
Dear April: A talented Brisbane based alternative rock trio with two quality EPs and an exciting momentum behind them. Labelled as "intelligent pop" - they are definitely worth a listen.
One of our 'rockier' songs about being in love with very little money. I think that "Feel free to sell my kidneys to pay the rent" sums it up.

Other tracks by Dear April:  Fall of Troy  -  The Crusader
Jimmy & The Mirrors - Romance     Pop, Rock 17/02/2010
Jimmy & The Mirrors bridge the generational gap between 70’s and 80’s nostalgia and more contemporary indie-pop with a killer live show to boot!
Romance is a buttery pop-corn delight. Sweet guitar hooks, gang-harmonies and rolling bass combine with poignantly direct imagery to deliver a song that lets the sun shine through on a cloudy day.

Other tracks by Jimmy & The Mirrors:  Let It Go  -  Cinderella
Khristian Mizzi and the Sirens - Miss You     Country, Rock 17/02/2010
Award winning singer/songwriter, Khristian Mizzi's compelling and emotive blend of folk and contemporary music calls in people from all ages and walks of life.
A love song written in lonely times.

Other tracks by Khristian Mizzi and the Sirens:  Do It Or Don't  -  W.K.H.
Black Cab - Black Angel     Rock, Pop, Experimental 12/02/2010
Produced by Woody Annison (Children Collide, Red Riders), Black Cab’s highly anticipated third album ‘Call Signs’ is an impressive blend of brooding 70’s rock soundscapes.
Black Angel is a tribute to the tragic genius ‘70’s singer songwriter Judee Sill.