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Inseek - WAITING FOR LOVE     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Composed and inspirational INSEEK has earned his reputation as a talented songwriter, recording artist and live act.
An inspirational tune with an anthem pop-rock feel and sound.

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Jackmann - The Wolf & The Hare     Rock, Blues, Garage 14/03/2019
Born in Australia, baptised in Kenya, tried in Mongolia, tested in Eastern Europe. Jackmann is an age-old story of self-reflection and discovery against a backdrop of identity and conflict.
Written on the Transsiberian from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow, gazing out over the Russian forest, a place of both life and darkness. Inspired by Richard Marx's Hazard, TWATH is an exploration of guilt, power, predator & prey in a world of internet relationships, emotional manipulation & sugar daddies. "I am not a criminal, I'm just as much a victim as her..."

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Jess Ribeiro - Chair Stare     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
Jess Ribeiro releases 'Chair Stare’, the third single from her highly anticipated newly announced album LOVE HATE out Friday April 12 via Barely Dressed/Remote Control Records.
Premiered via Double J and accompanying video premiered via Pilerats, brand-new track ‘Chair Stare’ exemplifies one of the reasons Jess Ribeiro is such a compelling and extraordinary songwriter – packed full of double and triple entendre, the protagonist addresses a wooden chair assigning it personality, agency and sexuality. Or maybe not.

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MID CITY - No Surrender     Rock 14/03/2019
In the 12 months since their inception, MID CITY have already drummed up some serious attention from media, fans and industry both internationally and at home. Debut EP coming soon.
Hard-hitting single ‘No Surrender’, another almighty slice of punchy, passionate indie-rock.

Lead singer Joel Griffith expands on the track;
“’No Surrender’ is about the true impact of the digital age we find ourselves living in.. people become twisted, nightmarish versions of themselves catapulting through that rabbit hole."

Milk Buttons - Penguin     Rock, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
In full bloom, Milk Buttons are following up their highly acclaimed debut EP with six explosive, golden yellow alt/ psych-rock tracks in this sophomore EP, ‘Daffodil’ (out March 22)
In black and white, ‘Penguin’ marches forward in a snowstorm of fuzz and melancholic sentiments.

Other tracks by Milk Buttons:  Bright Lights and Strange Bouquets
Minor Premiers - Airplane Enthusiast     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 14/03/2019
Minor Premiers are from Brisbane. They play a mid-fi brand of indie-rock that draws influence from Dinosaur Jr, The Go-Betweens, Big Star, Yuck and The Replacements.
"We like planes and we like pretending we know a lot about planes even though we don't. This song is about that, though could also be a metaphor for something culturally deeper. I guess it's the kind of dumb song you write when life's going pretty good". -Luke

NOT A BOYS NAME - Cut It Off     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
NOT A BOYS NAME is the indie-rock project from Dave Jenkins Jr.
‘Cut It Off’ was written and produced by NOT A BOYS NAME, with additional recording from Simon Berkelman (Philadelphia Grand Jury) and Chris Collins (Tigertown, Gang Of Youths) on mix. A well-known and sort multi-instrumentalist, Dave recorded all the instruments on his single with lead guitar performed by Kirin J Callinan and Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) on backing vocals.

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NTH RD - I'm On     Rock, Grunge 14/03/2019
NTH RD is a hard rocking 4 piece of blokes. Recently, we’ve been recording at Studio Truth for our debut EP, releasing on all streaming platforms March 21.
I'm On is one of the first originals NTH RD has ever performed, and is our first song to ever officially release. Earlier versions of the song have been performed since 2016.

Odin Malchik - Burn Me Down     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Britpop 14/03/2019
Home recorded, psychedelic pop from Perth, W.A.
Burn Me Down is taken from the debut album 'Forgiveness and War' by Odin Malchik. The track explores theme of temptation within the early stages of a relationship which are inevitably met with regret.

Plotz - Baby Shakes     Rock, Pop, Garage, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
The exciting new project that combines pop, garage, psychedelia with rock to make a really nice audible smoothie.
Melbourne five-piece Plotz make return with exuberant new bop 'Baby Shakes'. Twinkling, lo-fi guitars and sweetly melancholic lyricism combine in this story of making the best of unfortunate circumstances. In Yonatan Rotem's own words, 'Baby Shakes' was written "in a fairly dark period with the idea of lightening up my own mood, and trying to see things in a more balanced way."

Porpoise Spit - Outbacks and Oceans     Rock, Garage, Pop 14/03/2019
Uplifting, earnest queer music. Known for their bittersweet jangle-punk anthems and visceral live shows, Porpoise Spit flip you the bird and make a break straight for your bloody heart!
"Outbacks and Oceans" is the latest single from Melbourne garage-pop-outfit Porpoise Spit! It's a celebration of polyamorous love served up as a bounding slice of jangle-punk laden with glorious hooks!

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - In the Capital     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
After a landmark 12 months for Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, who released their debut album Hope Downs to worldwide critical acclaim in June 2018.
Fran Keaney describes how ‘In The Capital’ came together:

“I first had the idea for the melody and some of the lyrics when I was swimming. It’s taken a while to finish the song, to make it feel like the initial feeling. I can’t neatly describe it, but something like connection despite distance."

Scratch Match - Sometimes It Sticks     Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
Brit, Jess, Sheena and Stacy make music which is a bit punk, a bit pop, and a bit poetic.
'Sometime it Sticks' is short and sharp, fun and fierce. The single combines the lead singer, Sheena Colquhoun's, off-kilter lyricism with the bands blistering guitar pop and harmonic mastery.

Second Prize - Back To The Cul De Sacs     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
Second Prize explore that queasy territory where “normal” male behaviour drifts over into toxic masculinity. Musically, the songs evoke Pulp, Grinderman-era Nick Cave, and Lambchop and Sparklehorse.
All great pop songs are about one of two things: class or sex. This one is about both. It’s one of those epic build songs that starts small and just keeps getting bigger, purloining Stones riffs, synth-pop arpeggios and a middle eight that pulls the rug right out from beneath you alongside lyrics that would make Jarvis Cocker wince.

Other tracks by Second Prize:  Try You On
Selfless Orchestra - Eden Is Lost     Rock, Instrumental 14/03/2019
SELFLESS creates spaces where hope and despair co-exist. Their performances are a unique experience aimed to educate and encourage audiences to take constructive direct action for issues that truly matter.
From ‘Great Barrier’ an audio-visual immersive performance work by Selfless Orchestra that poetically investigates the story of humanity’s relationship to the world’s largest living entity and Australia’s gratest natural treasure: the Great Barrier Reef.

Sweet Whirl - Strange News     Rock, Country, Folk 14/03/2019
Smoky late night confessionals from new Melbourne songwriter Esther Edquist, backed by members of Total Control, Gregor and Laura Jean band.
"This song is about wooing, trying to woo, trying to hold onto a vibe as it slips through your fingers, out of your reach, coo-cooing it back to you, hanging for a kiss..." - Esther Edquist, Sweet Whirl

Esther imbues bleak moments with space, mystery and romance, casting a sharp eye over blurry situation, dissecting hazy mornings-after with wry resignation.

Tarraleah Power Station - Winners R Grinners     Rock, Punk, Garage 14/03/2019
3 piece group from Hobart channeling classic punk rock sounds of yesteryear with a suburban edge.
"Winners R Grinners" is the title track from Tarraleah Power Station's 2nd self funded release "Winners Are Grinners" An upbeat foray into the world of problem gambling and bad luck. Also available on the Happy Hours 2017-2018 compilation CD-R

Other tracks by Tarraleah Power Station:  Abducted  -  Something To Do
The Blistered Minds - Sin     Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
“Mind-blistering” political/social topics burst and condense themselves into the raw, honest songs of ‘The Blistered Minds’, mixing with less serious stories of magic note books, surfing, influential bands and guitars.
The constant instinctual battle of a surfer trying to flee a pitching lip rather than "pulling in" in the 1 minute 44 thrash fest, 'Sin'.

Other tracks by The Blistered Minds:  Know You're Rockin!  -  Click Whore
The Electric Mistress - Its Just You     Rock, Experimental, Live Performance 14/03/2019
A band dedicated to just creating music they love with no regard for whether its cool or current. Sounds like rock, funk, spoken word, synths, samples and soundtracks.
'Its Just You' was recorded as an impromptu jam. Vocal was put down in one take. A stream of consciousness, an urge to purge, slam poetry dedicated to home truths.

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The Featherheads - Pretty Girls     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
The Featherheads venture into a more rock and roll space, bringing together tight percussion, driving riffs and catchy melodie.
‘Pretty Girls’ hits its stride right out of the gate with a surferrock punch. The track oozes nostalgia for the 90’s and boasts a ‘Blockbuster yellow’ in the cover art. The song alludes to stereotypes around pretty girls; what is expected of them and how they can be perceived. It’s a fun tune, which will get you dancing.