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FANGZ - Falling Out     Rock 07/02/2020
FANGZ is a four-piece punk rock band that write songs with the sole purpose of getting people to party and attempt backflips in mosh pits.
“The song is about turning a negative into a positive. It follows the story of Josh leaving home in Nova Scotia, Canada, and illegally hitching a train to Toronto to start a better life playing in bands and following his dreams which eventually lead him to Sydney, Australia.”

Fire & Whistle Theory - Big Bad Beautiful     Rock, Blues, Indie 07/02/2020
Hailing from Ipswich, Queensland, Fire & Whistle Theory are the new Blues-Rock Pioneers on the block. Filled with passion and grit - they are sure to rock your world.
Big Bad Beautiful is a dynamic, blues infused rock experience. Become lost in the deep riffs and the honey sweet vocal tones of Tom Greenwood - Fire & Whistle Theory's lead singer. Get carried away in the rivers of passion and then get snapped back to reality by the bands charismatic grit.

Michael Meeking - Where You Going To Go     Rock, Country, Blues, Roots 07/02/2020
Michael Meeking performs soulful alt-country roots rock with chiming guitars, strong upbeat melodies & big choruses. Meeking’s music career has taken him from Melbourne to London and back again.
"Where You Going To Go" is a song about choices. With hearty smatterings of Rock, Country and Blues, this song describes reaching the cross roads in life and having to decide "what do you really need".

This is the first single from Michael Meeking's solo album "November 72" which was recorded and produced by Meeking and Roger Bergodaz

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Molly & The Krells - What Went Wrong     Rock, Alternative, Punk 07/02/2020
Sydney based rock band Molly & The Krells bring to the front a righteous retaliation to heartbreak, hate & the cliches and hypocrisy that encompass the different personalities of millennials.
My friend couldn’t seem to catch a break, she resented the help offered to her and kept making the wrong decisions. We drifted further apart to the point where we pretty much just watch each other’s Instagram stories. Some people just don’t want to be helped. I got inspired by reflecting upon our friendship and wrote What Went Wrong.

The Mis-Made - Dissonance     Rock, Metal, Alternative 07/02/2020
Dissonance is the final track from EP, Intruder Alert. It is also the last release before the band go on an indefinite hiatus
Dissonance is a song about feeling disconnected and at odds with the world around you. It is a song about staying true to yourself even when those around you oppose your intrinsic beliefs and principles. Adversity will show you where to go.

Joy In Motion - Casual Enemy     Rock, Alternative, Pop 06/02/2020
Joy In Motion are a four-piece pop rock band from Brisbane
The band teamed up with ARIA nominated producer Stuart Stuart to produce, mix + master "Casual Enemy", introducing a fresh new sound + experimenting with a more polished and beat driven vibe. The single narrates the battle of chasing respect, fighting to be treated like a human being after being walked over, taken advantage of and treated like less.

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Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - Desk Chair     Rock, Garage, Indie 06/02/2020
Rising Canberra grunge revivalists Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers
Teen Jesus and the Jean Teaser's new single ‘Deskchair’ is a grungy indie rock blend that follows their acclaimed 2019 tracks ‘See You In A Bit (I Still Care)’ and ‘I Like That You Like That’.

Canopy - Mistakes/Lessons     Rock, Psych 05/02/2020
Brisbane-based psychedelic rock project
Psychedelic rock

Other tracks by Canopy:  Time Alone  -  Arm's Reach
Paul Louis Villani - Once Again     Rock, Folk, Indie, Alternative 05/02/2020
Paul delivers an eclectic mix of emotional folk rock acoustic/electric styles that seem to reflect current lifestyle challenges and observations.
Mental Health and my lack of understanding about it is challenging. At times I feel like I’m surrounded by it and I struggle to deal with others conditions and current unbalanced emotional state. I go from having complete empathy and understanding, to having no patience and complete doubt about the legitimacy of what is being experienced.

Other tracks by Paul Louis Villani:  Fade Away  -  Reach for Heaven
BIILMANN - Bad Man // Good Intentions     Rock 04/02/2020
BIILMANN was born in late 2018 off the back of the love of rock and the collaboration of four completely different musical journeys.
The debut single from BIILMANN is here to melt faces. The song bursts through your speakers with ferocity and might. Reminiscent of greats such as Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine, BIILMANN absolutely shine on Bad Man // Good Intentions. Vocalist Jack Biilmann soars to great heights and is backed by brilliant musicianship. Press play and be liberated!

Dangerfield - Love And Tragedy     Rock, Pop 04/02/2020
Dangerfield is a five-piece rock band from Brisbane. Featuring members of The Thrill, Cassia and other assorted Brisbane acts.
A song we have described as a commercial about LOVE from start to finish. A song that portrays love as a struggle, and something with many twists and challenges.

Giraffes Casino - All In     Rock, Metal, Experimental, Folk 04/02/2020
Writer and performer of Theatrical original works
All in is a song all about "Texas hold em poker"

A rock n roll description of a game that's taking the world by storm

Other tracks by Giraffes Casino:  Suburban Smoko  -  I bite
Leanne Kingwell - I Got You Babe (Leanne Kingwell vs. Jonathan L)     Rock, Pop, Punk, Alternative 04/02/2020
Leanne Kingwell hails from Melbourne, Australia. Music is her bliss. Writing is her therapy. She passionately believes that animals deserve a better world.
A kick-ass reboot of a mega hit classic.

Early reviews tout:
"You know the song, but you've never heard it like this! A great surprise!"
"An incredible take on the Sonny & Cher classic."

Upon release the single was added to rotation on radio stations in the USA, UK & Germany including popular Seattle tastemaker station, KEXP 90.3 FM.

Lime Cordiale - Addicted To The Sunshine     Rock, Pop 04/02/2020
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, brothers Oli and Louis Leimbach are responsible for delivering us glorious hook-laden jams and gaining huge momentum internationally.
“We’ve already heard people call Addicted to The Sunshine a very “Summery” song (and they’re not wrong) but with the sunshine, comes a little darkness as well. In Australia we love the sun, but It’s heating the planet and we’re cooking. This song is about getting up off our towels and changing bad habits."

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Majestic Horses - Signal     Rock, Psych, Alternative, Indie 04/02/2020
Australia's Least Convenient Supergroup spanning the entire country with over 8 members in different cities!
Signal is the 3rd single from the album Away From the Sun. Written and recorded well before the bushfire season, it reflects on climate change and the general existential dread of the times. hypnotising guitars and mesmerising rhythms swirl around the question do we need to destroy it all to fix it?

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Vibrations From The Void - Resurrect My Mojo     Rock, Alternative, Garage 04/02/2020
Vibrations From The Void are a loud groove based rock band hailing from Brisbane.
Pete tried ripping off Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise" and failed horribly and a new song was born.

Jaded after playing in a slew of bands around Brisbane and South East Queensland, the band's debut single ended up a loud blistering crescendo to bring back what made playing in a band so fun.

Franjapan - Backlit Luminous Glow     Rock, Psych, Pop 31/01/2020
A Melbourne based, pop-rock outfit conceived in the music rooms of a shared high school.
A summerly slice of anthemic pop-rock, Backlit details a protagonist's fears of inadequacy in a relationship, while also delineating his lust for adult films.

Swaying between uplifting guitar riffs, a gritty rhythm section and considered guitar solos - the highlight of the track simply must be the soulful croon of frontman Spencer vocals.

Windows down while listening to this one.

Fyerfly - Shadow of the Moon     Rock, Folk, Blues, Indie 31/01/2020
Sensual sadcore & indie rock torch singer Fyerfly will warm you with her dark, sultry sounds & hauntingly vulnerable performances.
This haunting and hypnotic track is about meeting someone you feel you already know, but don't know how. The dark airy vocal harmonies embrace the listener, as reverb from the electric guitar drifts in and around the night atmosphere, carrying the listener through the track.

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Grasshole - Wildfire     Rock 31/01/2020
Grasshole - A gnarly fuzzed out irreverent Rock n Roll band
Fuzzed out Rock n Roll

jon horsley - Order 4 Kaos     Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk 31/01/2020
Music is in my Blood, & I can't stop writing & Recording new Songs, as I love to make the stuff that's in my head a Reality through a Song...
Order 4 Kaos is the Anthem for My Band & it as a Song it's about the Aussie Troops fighting in the Middle East. In a war that we did not start. & the song is about the hardships & Risks that our Troops are facing everyday while they are over in the Middle East. & So it's an Order4Kaos...

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Other tracks by jon horsley:  You're Amazing  -  Our Hearts are on Fire