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Shannon Noll - Man I Can Trust     Pop, Rock 19/10/2012
Shannon captured the hearts of music fans with his raw, rock voice. He remains the only Australian male artist to have ten consecutive singles in the top ten ARIA charts.
To coincide with the release of his brand new single ‘Man I Can Trust’, Shannon Noll will also be releasing his book ‘So Far’ on the same day. The book is written by Shannon with Alan Whiticker, a Sydney writer.

Cub Scouts - Told You So     Rock, Pop 19/10/2012
Cub Scouts celebrate their first EP and a fantastic clip for single “Told You So” with cameos from 90s icons like Bubble-O Bill, Ninja Turtles, Rubix Cubes and Hubba Bubba.
The new single from Cub Scouts "Told You So" as seen on YouTube, heard on Triple J and soon to be bouncing around in your head.

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Love Parade - Surfin' NSW     Pop, Rock 19/10/2012
Love Parade have been compared to Big Country, Bowie, Modern Lovers and a number of bands. They think they sound like Teenage Fanclub, although they sound closer to Tinted Windows.
Surfin' NSW is the perfect spring-time smash: hooks aplenty, loads of harmonies, and surf guitars from Midnight Oil/The Break genius Jim Moginie (aka the country's #1 surf guitarist) make this track perfect for radio – even if N.S.W has more syllables than 'New South Wales.' Just don't back-announce it…

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The Faults - Patients     Rock, Garage 19/10/2012
After the warm reception of their first self-titled 4-track, the Faults are back with their sophomore EP “Patients”, produced by Sydney musical troubadour Darren Cross (Betty Airs, the E.L.F).
Title track from Sydney garage rock band The Faults new EP.

Other tracks by The Faults:  Piece of Mind  -  Leather Jacket
Sea Legs - Al Pacino     Rock, Britpop, Pop 18/10/2012
Sea Legs have exploded their way into the Australian indie market with outstanding reviews, with regular air-play on Triple J, FBI, Radar and rage!
AL Pacino is a powerful indie-pop cracker, with an intriguing title and vivid melody that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head every time.

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Children Overboard - Gunner Holt     Blues/Roots, Rock, Soul, Garage 16/10/2012
Children Overboard are foot-stompin’, booty-shakin’, polka-dot wearin’ love children, hell bent on smearing their personal brand of blues and soul across the air-waves.
A bit tongue in cheek, a bit old-time, and a whole lot of fun!

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Other tracks by Children Overboard:  When the Devil Comes to Town
The Fearless Vampire Killers - Mexico     Rock, Garage 15/10/2012
Melbourne based quartet with a signature sound rooted in 60’s garage rock, textured with memorably sharp guitar riffs and Sean Ainsworth’s nostalgic vocal tones.
Mexico is the first single from the forthcoming sophomore LP (due 2013), from Melbourne's Jai Taurima's of rock, The Fearless Vampire Killers. “It's an upbeat western-rock ditty documenting the neglected desire of a fading man to travel to his childhood dreamland of Mexico” Al Marx (Guitar)

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The Model School - Pictures of Summer     Rock, Pop 15/10/2012
Sydney's The Model School are back with more big hooks, resonant lyrics and big dose of heartland rock couched in classic guitar sounds!
Pictures Of Summer is a snapshot of summers past ... when the summer went on forever, but ended all too soon... how was that possible ? Pictures of Summer will be available for free download on Monday Oct 15via bandcamp.

Other tracks by The Model School:  Streets I Left Behind
The Oyster Murders - The Water In Your Blood     Rock 15/10/2012
The Oyster Murders are an Australian alternative rock band formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2008. A sound punctuated by large pop moments, ambient guitars, vintage synth's and densely layered instrumentation.
The Water In Your Blood has a deep soulful element that create a strong and emotionally satisfying track. Ambient guitar, haunting vocal melodies and soothing synth combine to make the track a beautifully powerful song.

Sons Of Rico - You Don't Know What You're Missin'     Pop, Rock 15/10/2012
Sons of Rico's quirky, unique approach to song structure has introduced the world to a new and catchy sound, led by one of Australia's most unique voices.
You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ is a three-minute blitzkrieg. The first taste of Sons of Rico’s forthcoming sophomore album to be released in 2013, You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ is a flat-knacker summer hit in the finest of traditions of giant choruses and sing-along catchphrases.

Tully On Tully - Naked     Rock, Pop 15/10/2012
Tully On Tully are a dynamic 5-piece band led by singer-songwriter Natalie Foster. Epic pop tracks with a post-rock feel, full of poetic, thoughtful lyrics and brilliant musical arrangements.
Mastered by Greg Calbi (Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear), this ambitious single from Tully On Tully presents a very confident and accomplished line-up performing at their best. A clever arrangement brings an intense, dynamic and epic sound laden with alluring hooks.

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Colour Bomb - On The Run     Pop 13/10/2012
Colour Bomb is the brainchild of two consenting adults, James Saunders and Tom Whitty. Best described as interesting and beautiful, alternative modern pop.
Colour Bomb's first single, ‘On The Run’ is the duo’s debut - a lush, melodic and heart-breakingly nostalgic track which traces the idea of young love. It embodies a sentiment of summers filled with heartache and that nagging feeling that she might just be too good for you.

Money For Rope - Easy Way Out     Rock, Garage 13/10/2012
Money For Rope are a Melbourne-based surf/garage influenced six-piece. They will release their debut self-titled album this year.
"Easy Way Out" is the final taste of Money For Rope's forthcoming self titled LP. A soaring triumph of garage rock meets surf jams, it's an explosive meltdown jam.

The City Lights - I Just Got To Believe     Rock, Punk 11/10/2012
Sydney-siders The City Lights are back with their third album and best one yet! The band are distinguishing themselves in the Aussie rock scene in a big way.
‘I Just Got To Believe packs a Rolling Stones-esque backing riff and combines it with Mick Jagger-style vocals to lay down the dance-rock atmosphere” (Offstreetpress).


Luchi - Different Worlds     Electronic, Folk, Dubstep, Pop 11/10/2012
Luchi is a solo artist who collaborates with electronic producer Tobio to make folktronica music. Indie guitar based songwriting with layers of electronic atmospherics and dub/hip hop beats
A song about the modern world, abstract enough to be applicable to many different things in our current world climate. Personal connections are left up to each listener.

RECOMMENDED  BY FBi RADIO via their Northern Lights Competition 2012.

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Other tracks by Luchi:  Falcor  -  A Million Fakes
The Animators - We, not the Giant     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 11/10/2012
The Animators are, musically speaking, what you would get if you put Sigur Ros, Coldplay and Radiohead into a blender –chopped up some Ben Folds Five and sprinkled it on-top.
‘We, not the Giant’ is a raw exploration of pop structure driven by acoustic guitars and emotive lyrics. Cuthbertson’s powerful vocal and distinct style of self-production delivers another exciting release, unlike anything you have heard from The Animators to date.

Other tracks by The Animators:  Shiver  -  The Old Dog
Honeywheeler - Another     Rock, Grunge, Pop 09/10/2012
Grunge Pop at its finest, reminiscent of the 90's in the best way possible. Loud, layered guitars and attitude aplenty, Honeywheeler command attention from the get-go.
"Another" speaks of a dark, brooding, obsessive sort of love, and just how far someone may go for the object of their desire's attentions.

Other tracks by Honeywheeler:  I Don't Love You  -  I'm Over It
James D Smith - Baby Come Back     Rock, Pop 08/10/2012
James D Smith is an incomparable vocalist and a new force in the industry. His new album "Invite Me places" is available now on iTunes. Touring Australia, Nov 2012.
Baby Come Back is a catchy tune with a sexy guitar riff. James’ writing and voice shine on this track. Soft Rhodes add a hauntingly beautiful overall tone quite similar to some of John Mayer’s earlier work.


Other tracks by James D Smith:  Lisa Marie Presley  -  Perfect 10
Train Robbers - Suns     Rock, Pop 08/10/2012
Train Robbers are story tellers. Colourful melodies, infectious rhythms and raw charm reminiscent of 60’s music & modern indie-rock form the basis of the Train Robbers style.
‘Suns’ is an upbeat and catchy single illustrating the ups and downs of summer romances - it describes the bliss of a hurried love. After all is said and done, the song celebrates a positive outlook on life and the real and human connections we have with one another.

Little Fox - Blood And Dust     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 08/10/2012
Little Fox is the musical project by Simone Macarounas. Working with producer Tony Buchen she has developed a sound of dynamic colour, heart-felt instrumentation and a unique use of effects.
Blood and Dust is a heartfelt song about a friendship that drove itself into the ground. It takes you on a sonic journey,starting with delicate vocals and piano and ending with a whirling wall of sound with strings and horns,you can feel the friendship crashing down around you.