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Regurgitator - One Day     Rock, Pop 22/06/2011
Regurgitator - Brisbane's musical purveyors of all and everything return with new material and an extensive Australian tour.
Regurgitator's punchy fun new track'One Day' from upcoming release 'SuperHappyFuntimeFriends'.
Regurgitator's "UNIT" was recently voted #13 and "Tu Plang" #31 on the industry voted Top 100 Australian albums.

Other tracks by Regurgitator:  No Show  -  All Fake Everything (Radio Edit)
Ill Starred Captain - Four Feet Away     Rock, Garage, Grunge 16/06/2011
A hard touring two piece band creating a wild hearted folk/punk/surfedelic sound made by drummer Justin Francis & singer / guitarist Scott Bassham.
A surfedelic, punkrock journey that makes reference to strange visitation and some big Aussie waves. Wierd for asing written in the depths of an Irish winter. But you can dance to it.

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Other tracks by Ill Starred Captain:  Black Swan Eye  -  All Good Too Easy
Jonnday - One Type Of Falling     Pop, Rock 15/06/2011
Rising Pop-rock stars Jonnday, from the Central Coast NSW, are taking audiences all around Australia by storm with their live performance and their new record 'All or Nothing'.
The story behind the song 'one type of falling' is about how a girl falls in love but finds it difficult to read how the boy is feeling. The song is upbeat and captivating, enjoyable by a variety people with all different tastes

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Abbe May - Design Desire     Rock, Blues 13/06/2011
Abbe May's album “Design Desire” is due for release July 7 and is already one of the most anticipated releases amongst genre-bending tastemakers.
"Design Desire" from the album of the same name by Abbe May

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Other tracks by Abbe May:  Mammalian Locomotion  -  You Could Be Mine
Crooked Saint - The Big Easy     Pop, Rock, Roots 11/06/2011
Melbourne’s 'Crooked Saint' (aka Tim Wheatley) announces his debut EP Every Angry Inch - the project showcasing the multi-instrumentalist in total musical control for the first time.
'Aren't we all looking for the big easy, one last flight of fancy for it all?'

The Paper Scissors - Lung Sum     Rock 07/06/2011
Discovered by underground radio including FBI and Triple J, The Paper Scissors launch their new album "In Loving Memory" in June
Lung Sum, the first single from "In Loving Memory"

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Other tracks by The Paper Scissors:  Taller Than You Then  -  Over There
Enola Fall - I Am An Aerial     Rock, Pop 07/06/2011
Musically they sit somewhere between the cabaret crescendo of Arcade Fire and the windswept melancholy of Tom Waits, singer Joe Nuttall’s voice running the gauntlet from whisper to sea-lion roar.
Title track off the EP, melodically stunning with overtones of Arcade Fire.

Other tracks by Enola Fall:  Andromeda
The Band From Oddworld - Vella LaVella     Rock, Psychedelic 03/06/2011
Addictive like a drug. The Band From Oddworld will take you to higher places. Mischievous. Daring. Grooving, the psychedelic sound of The Band From Oddworld will arouse your senses.
Vella LaVella is a fast paced high energy rock track, one of the more direct songs on the album, it drives hard with a post-punk modern rock tone.

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Other tracks by The Band From Oddworld:  Attic & Lace  -  I Architect The Cassette
Umpire - Green Light District     Rock 03/06/2011
Umpire are Perth’s widescreen indie-rock craftsmen, combining sprawling rock sounds with reflective melancholy, expertly wielding massive sun-drenched melodies, serpentine guitar parts and soaring vocals to spectacular effect.
The new single by Perth’s widescreen indie-rock craftsmen Umpire, ‘Green Light District’ marries Umpire’s sprawling indie-rock sounds and reflective melancholy, providing the instant gratification of massive The track is taken from Umpire’s forthcoming debut album Now We’re Active, the band’s first release through Hidden Shoal Recordings.

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Other tracks by Umpire:  Supply Chins  -  The Canyon
Telafonica - I Can Hear There's A Peace In The Dark     Rock, Electronic, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 01/06/2011
Telafonica blends cutting edge electronica with traditional pop songs, abstract melodies with toy and acoustic instruments, electric bluster with melancholy introspection.
A celebration of suburbia. Waking in the middle of the night to contentment, peace and restfulness.

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Other tracks by Telafonica:  Like The 309  -  Need You Tonight
Dead City Ruins - Midnight Killer     Rock, Rock, Metal 01/06/2011
A glam rock similar to Aerosmith,Alice In Chains
A song about a Midnight Killer

Other tracks by Dead City Ruins:  My Lai Massacre  -  Highway Girl
The Yard Apes - Man Overboard     Rock, Rockabilly 01/06/2011
A Rockabilly, surf band. Think of Buddy Holly meets the Cramps
It's a must have on your playlist

Other tracks by The Yard Apes:  Chain Gang Blues  -  Goin South
Sonic Porno - Jager & Sex     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Garage 01/06/2011
Sonic Porno is a loud 3 piece with a sound likened to early Grinspoon, Nirvana and Kyuss at times; vocals with elements of Mike Patton, Johnny Rotten and Josh Homme.
A fast paced, energetic romp with a driving beat, loud duelling guitars and no remorse.

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Other tracks by Sonic Porno:  Jamaican  -  Butterfly
Polaroid Fame - They'll Find You     Pop, Rock 01/06/2011
Indie pop artists Polaroid Fame color their upbeat songs with beds of synth layered in awash of guitars & groovy bass lines.
They'll Find You is a track about you, me, them & us.

Other tracks by Polaroid Fame:  Face Off  -  Wanna Know
The Aves - Supermarkets     Rock, Britpop, Live Performance 27/05/2011
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2010 Firm devotees of an eclectic range of influences, The Aves, recorded by Radio Adelaide during "Live Music Fest 2010."
Adelaide four-piece, The Aves, recorded by Radio Adelaide during the station's "Live Music Fest" which was held in September 2010.

Jed Kurzel - The Dance     Rock, Soundtrack (Film Related), Atmospheric, Ambience 27/05/2011
Composed by Jed Kurzel of The Mess Hall, the original score plays an integral role in a film, Snowtown that has already been hailed a “masterpiece” by critics.
Taken from the movie soundtrack, Snowtown.

Other tracks by Jed Kurzel:  The Trap  -  The Birthday
Luke Escombe - Drop Tha Bomb     Blues/Roots, Comedy, Rock 27/05/2011
Drawing comparisons to Grinderman, Frank Zappa and Flight of the Conchords, Escombe brings his quirky humour to the stage in typical rock fashion.
Recorded in Byron Bay earlier this year, ‘Drop tha Bomb’ is a hard-­‐grooving, subversively funny track, inspired by a recent encounter with security at Sydney airport.

Steve Williams - Autumn Air     Pop, Rock, Chill 26/05/2011
Solo composer, instrumentalist, recorder and producer with various talented singers based on various genres.
A song embracing a positive outlook on life due to the emotions forged by the changing of seasons.

Other tracks by Steve Williams:  Figure You Out  -  You And Me (Meant To Be)
The Panda Band - The Fix     Rock, Pop 26/05/2011
The Panda Band are back1 You may remember them from 2005's 'Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town' which made the Triple J Hottest 100 and received rave reviews and extensive airplay.
Best described as a mix of art-tech-indie-pop. Art: because of their crafty arrangements. Tech: because they play with effects, keys and samples. Indie: because by choosing to run their own label, they sit in the drivers seat, and pop: because they are big on catchy, layered melodies and sing-a-long bits.

West Road - Where I Stand     Rock, Pop 25/05/2011
Songs are live demos. We are a bunch of guys from the same suburb who have come together to create music that we love.
About not knowing whether a girl is yours or not.

Other tracks by West Road:  You Know You're Allowed  -  I've Been Walking