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The Bungalows - Hypocrites     Rock, Garage, Pop 02/05/2011
Positive energy and good vibrations, and in these strange times ‘Monkey Mountain Road’ may just be the right remedy for fans looking for something with more soul and less spin.
Hypocrites sees The Bungalows rocking on fun. Good times for good vibrations. Surf meets garage as The Bungalows do 'garage by the sea'. Enjoy

Other tracks by The Bungalows:  It's About to Stop  -  Monkey Mountain Road
Front End Loader - Bring It On     Rock, Garage, Pop, Rock 21/04/2011
Australia's least popular, relatively well-known band, Front End Loader plays Rock Music.
I guess you would call this anthemic. An edited version without the repeated swearing is available.

Other tracks by Front End Loader:  Lily White  -  The Duality Of Man
Hostile Little Face - Return To Sender     Pop, Rock, Chill, Acoustic 21/04/2011
Each track has an element of familiarity and yet the distinct blend of dynamic, thoughtful instrumentation and passionate, catchy melodies creates a sound that draws you in and connects.
Sounds of both longing and uplifting. A song that builds. It’s about being lonely away from home (when I was in Melbourne) and writing a letter to somebody that makes you feel at home even though it’ll never be sent. And that even though it’s sad, you’ll get back. Eventually.

Other tracks by Hostile Little Face:  Reveal II  -  Lights Off
Angelas Dish - Crash     Rock, Pop, Christian 20/04/2011
Hailing from Australia’s Central Coast, four piece Angelas Dish offer a brilliant mix of haunting lyrics and honest reflection on their sophomore album ‘Walk Into The Sky’.
Crash is comprised of intense build ups, a driving beat and guitar sounds that vary from dirty to soaring in a heartbeat.

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Other tracks by Angelas Dish:  Redemption  -  Rapture
The Beautiful Temper - Bright Blue Eyes     Christian, Acoustic, Folk, Pop 19/04/2011
“The Beautiful Temper” is an energetic acoustic act seeking to breathe new life into the acoustic pop music scene sharing catchy melodies and honest lyrics about love, life and faith.
This song is about people jumping from one relationship to another, bringing the same baggage into each relationship, followed by the realisation of true love.

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Other tracks by The Beautiful Temper:  Everything You'll Ever Need  -  Take This Time
Chasing Light - Closed Hearts     Rock, Christian, Punk, Pop 19/04/2011
An energetic stage show, fast riffs, epic beats, sweet melodies, thoughtful lyrics, with a touch of screamo – Chasing Light is one not to be missed!
Closed Hearts is a song based on child slavery and the human response. The story is told through the eyes of a African slave working on a cocoa farm. He laments his situation and pleads for help.

Other tracks by Chasing Light:  In Search of Truth  -  A Matter of Trust
Buggirl - Faster & Faster     Rock 16/04/2011
BugGiRL are inviting everyone to party...and it’s going down a treat. The power-duo, of siblings Amber and Clinno, are amassing hugely diverse crowds not seen since the likes of Motorhead.
A glam rocking song

Other tracks by Buggirl:  Dirt In The Skirt
The Blindfolds - Cause of All My Ills     Rock, Roots 16/04/2011
A four piece rock and roll band from Sydney's Inner west, The Blindfolds have just released their snarling, moaning debut album Nasty Canasta featuring 14 original swampy, rootsy, psychedelic nuggets.
A rockin two minute forty seconds excursion among the debris of a relationship gone toxically wrong.

Other tracks by The Blindfolds:  Same Way Anymore  -  The Crunch
Jeff Martin 777 - Queen of Spades     Rock, Blues 14/04/2011
Tea-Party frontman Jeff Martin creates new band with J Cortez (The Sleepy Jackson/The Armada) and Malcolm Clark (The Sleepy Jackson). Jeff-Martin-777; super-tight-trio who come up trumps with their debut-studio-album, The-Ground-Cries-Out.
The Rum soaked Queen of Spades is a blistering 3.47min of rootsy blues rock with an infectious groove from Malcolm Clarke and J Cortez, not to be outdone by Jeff Martin's, Seeming-ly haunted by the mythical Carribean hoodoo queen, Zora Neale, herself, it’s a voodoo-love affair with an all-in stomp.

Other tracks by Jeff Martin 777:  The Ground Cries Out  -  Riverland Rambler
Leadfinger - The Price You Pay     Rock, Blues 13/04/2011
‘We Make the Music’ is an album of reflective nostalgia, born of ordinary adolescence that all will relate to.
A contemporary rock tune that people of all ages will enjoy

Other tracks by Leadfinger:  We Make The Music  -  Fourteen
Mother And Son - Hanging Tree     Blues, Rockabilly, Garage 13/04/2011
If these rocking cats were around in the early 90's they surely would’ve ended up on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.
A swampy tune drenched with reverb, A darker tune.

Other tracks by Mother And Son:  Savage  -  Creature From The Swamp
Inga Liljestrom - The Rain And The Sea     Rock, Experimental 11/04/2011
Singer-songwriter Inga Liljestrom has one of the most unique, and instantly recognisable, voices to emerge from Australia. From gentle folk, to the raw and cinematic, her mood swings universally hypnotise.
A new statement of intent for Inga, showcasing a rawer, guitar driven sound. Album's opening line: "...Somewhere between the rain and the sea...". Somewhere between choking possession and full-scale abandon.

Other tracks by Inga Liljestrom:  Bittersweet  -  Lovers Gun
Dave Graney - Night Of The Wolverine 4     Rock, Retro 06/04/2011
Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist live and work out of Melbourne and played with the Moodists from 78 - 86, and the White Buffaloes/Coral Snakes 87 - 97.
Taken from Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide is a collection of electric rock ‘n’ roll re-recordings of a dozen Graney classics.

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Other tracks by Dave Graney:  Pianola Roll  -  I'm Gonna Release Your Soul
Rob Black - Every Days a Good Day     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
Rob Black has been described by Lee Kernaghan as "One of the hottest singer/guitarists to rock Australian country since Keith Urban".
This track is about getting out and enjoying life. Taking each day as it comes and thinking positively.

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Other tracks by Rob Black:  Southern Texas  -  Bible and the Bottle
The Leitmotif - Onscreen Romance     Rock, Dance 06/04/2011
Indie, rock, with guitars, drums, bass, synths and samplers, played by a three piece from Adelaide, best played loud.
First single from our debut EP "One Day, One Night", up tempo and with a big chorus

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Other tracks by The Leitmotif:  The Night  -  A girl in love
Markus Meier - My Patch Of Dirt     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
Territory raised with red dirt in his veins. Respectful of our proud tradition but stepping forwards, breathing his energy into the music he loves. His stories are anchored deep
Following on from the first two hugely successful singles off Markus' second album, the ARIA Chart topper ‘A Different Land’, comes My Patch Of Dirt, an inspirational song about a lifetime on the land.

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Other tracks by Markus Meier:  Rope A Cowgirl  -  A Different Land
Kill Teen Angst - Dead Witness     Rock, Punk, Pop 01/04/2011
Four piece indie / rock band from Perth, Western Australia.
Heavy, fist raising anthemic chorus.

Other tracks by Kill Teen Angst:  Generation Y  -  Reasons
Nine Sons Of Dan - She's So Fine     Rock, Pop 29/03/2011
Fronted by Californian-born Jay Bainbridge, NSOD have been dubbed "the next big thing" with their driving melodies and blistering hooks, and featured on 2011 Gold Coast Big Day Out lineup.
This song is inspired by the essence of pop with an extremely uplifting drum beat. Catchy verses revolve around the main hooks in the chorus. Is about the common high school crush feeling when a person completely takes your attention and heart just by the look of them.

Other tracks by Nine Sons Of Dan:  Cities  -  You Took My Heart
Oh Mercy - Stay, Please Stay     Rock, Pop 29/03/2011
'Stay, Please Stay' is the second single from the new album, Great Barrier Grief by Oh Mercy.
’Stay, Please Stay’ was a part of Oh Mercy's set for six mths before it was recorded; it was always planned to be the first track on the record. Alexander re-wrote the lyrics in NY, writing like the person left at home saying goodbye to a constant traveller.

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Other tracks by Oh Mercy:  Confessions  -  Blue Lagoon
Only The Sea Slugs - Big Sky     Rock, Pop 23/03/2011
Sydney rockers Only The Sea Slugs are proud to unveil their new single ‘Big Sky’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming mini album ‘Street Music’.
A rollicking, haphazardly timed narrative germinating from a simple guitar line, ‘Big Sky’ speaks of the bizarre loneliness of living in a big city. As singer / guitarist Sasha puts it, it’s “basically a tune about chasing your tail in a large city, and letting go of useless s**t.”

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