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The Secret City - Soulless     Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Experimental 16/08/2012
The Secret City plays alternative music that can be described as dreamlike adventures in search of truth and beauty.
The track grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go for 3 minutes. The singers vocals are captivating and demand attention. The song is a commentary on how hollow our lives can become with no meaning.

Other tracks by The Secret City:  A Call  -  Considerable Love
Toehider - Smash It Out     Rock, Blues, Comedy, Metal 16/08/2012
Toehider are Australia's most prolific progressive rock act. Since forming in 2008, they have notched up no less than 14 stellar releases, attracting fans and critical praise across the world.
Smash It Out is a tongue-in-cheek rapid-fire blues-rock Queen-esque Muse-topping Olympic-level 2-minute adventure.

Featuring Mike Mills multi-instrumental prowess and quick-smart delivery, it recalls The Darkness by way of Meatloaf, Turbonegro and everything in between.

Anubis - And I Wait For My World To End     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Metal 16/08/2012
Anubis is a cinematic progressive rock band from Sydney, Australia. The band has gained a keen following worldwide since the release of their albums '230503' and 'A Tower Silence'.
The second single from Anubis' latest album 'A Tower Of Silence.'

And I Wait For My World To End is a soaring melodic journey of mournful yet hopeful emotion. Featuring silvery guitar leads mixed with the classic Anubis penchant for an epic, it is one of the band's finest moments.

Other tracks by Anubis:  Another Narrow Margin
Shinobi - Against the Brave     Rock, Metal 16/08/2012
Sydney 4 piece hard rock band who have a big ballsy sound, which fans have likened to a heavier Foo Fighters with touches of Helmet and Shihad.
Radio friendly, chunky guitar riffs, dirty melodic vocals with a great outro. Its not too heavy but its not soft either. Catchy 'wayoowayoo' and a spectacular video to go with it.

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Other tracks by Shinobi:  Stitches
Deer Republic - Young Reverie     Rock 16/08/2012
Sydney’s deerRepublic burst onto the scene back in 2011. In 2012, they set out to harness the excitement of their live shows onto their debut EP release, “The Sweet Resistance”,
A reflection of modern life in conflict with our basic desires. The lyrics were written as an ode to 'Into The Wild'. The post chorus chants are almost tribal.

Other tracks by Deer Republic:  The Score
Vacant Field - Method On     Rock, Dance, Electronic, Garage 16/08/2012
Vacant Field are four friends making their own blend of rock’n’roll, funk, hip hop, punk and surf.
A falsetto meltdown with a disco beat. RECOMMENDED BY:FBi RADIO SYDNEY

Other tracks by Vacant Field:  Peppermint Tongue  -  Rounds
Dead Heads - When I'm Dead     Rock, Garage, Punk 14/08/2012
The Dead Heads are a mid-fi band from the southern Highlands. They play an eclectic mix of 60’s hippie flip to 90’s scrungy grungy pop grunge, quite loud at gigs.
When I’m Dead is an upbeat spaced out pop rock grunge song. It was recorded in a bedroom, with nothing but the dead heads lacklustre recording know-how and enthusiasm. It’s an experimental raw song that with killer melody, guitar riffs and minimal drums.

Grinspoon - Passerby     Rock 14/08/2012
Grinspoon's six albums have sold a combined total of over 450,000 copies in Australia, including multiple platinum certifications and an ARIA Award in 2005 for Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills.
Passerby acts as both album opener and a lens onto the band’s newfound emphasis on melody and groove. It’s the foundation song of Black Rabbits; the artistic breakthrough that the songwriters had to have before they could build the proverbial walls and ceiling.

The Arsonist - Breakdown     Pop, Electronic 13/08/2012
Thick, driving synths, soothing harmonies, and experience well beyond that of a band in it's embryonic stages, The Arsonist have quickly made their mark on the Perth music scene
Is a track that allows the band to delve into the dancier realms of their music. A high energy track that leaves the listener enthused.

Other tracks by The Arsonist:  Holding On To You  -  Disguises
The Angels - Waiting For The Sun     Rock 13/08/2012
This is The Angels 2012. Brewster ~ Gleeson ~ Brewster ~ Bailey ~ Norton. New singer, new drummer, new songs, but undeniably The Angels
John Brewster: “Dave came in, we talked about the song, he went in & recorded a couple of takes. When we listened back to how we all sounded together, it was a magic moment. Dave owned the song in three takes. Right then, we knew this was going to work.”

Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue - This Haunting     Pop, Rock, Folk 13/08/2012
Melbourne's Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue are back with their new single 'This Haunting', an impassioned and upbeat slice of thinking man's pop music.
'This Haunting', the new single by Alex Watts & the Foreign Tongue, is a typically upbeat and impassioned tale from the Melbourne triplet, focused around Watts' trademark howl and gift for creating an engaging narrative.

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Marlow - Always There     Pop, Rock 10/08/2012
Independent pop/rock band who thrive on creating infectious hooks and melodies. Soaring guitars and uplifting vocals.
Hooky uptempo pop/rock that will have you singing along. Massive hook and chorus that will have humming in no time.

Black Board Minds - Gun     Blues/Roots, Rock 09/08/2012
Raised on the West coast of Australia, Black Board Minds are the embodiment of a part of the world where the desert meets the ocean, revealing a literal country-meets-surf feel.
'Gun' is a haunting twist of tangled melodies, set to sooth any savage souls.

Other tracks by Black Board Minds:  Sex Sells  -  Tongue
The Spitfires - Shallow Grave     Rock, Punk 09/08/2012
The Spitfires, Awareness Charged Garage Thrash for the Debt Generation. Razor lyrics, shout along choruses and machine gun drumming combine to produce pure Indie terrorism for the lost decade.
A song about vacuous hipsters who'd rather be scene than heard. Struts along with tremelo surf guitars, sinister vocals and bone shaking snare drums.

Other tracks by The Spitfires:  Smile
Mechanical Pterodactyl - Digital Berlin Wall     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Funk 09/08/2012
The Mechanical Pterodactyl was built by multi-instrumentalist/producer Yen Nguyen. Drawing on influences such as Bon Iver, Radiohead and James Blake, playing a style of music loosely categorised as Folktronica.
Miles Davis Electric Band meets Bon iver. A loping double bass groove gives way to the richly layered vocal harmonies of the hooky chorus. A tenor sax upon layers of bowed basses, two wah-wah guitars trading licks and a ridiculous synth solo all occur in roughly 3 minutes.

Other tracks by Mechanical Pterodactyl:  Runway  -  Watercolours
Ainslie Wills - Stop Pulling The String     Pop, Atmospheric, Folk, Ambience 09/08/2012
Described as a mix between PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple and Stevie Nicks, melodist Ainslie Wills' songs rush at you at unexpected angles, underpinned by a undulating voice that captivates all.
Driving in it’s delivery, resounding with Wills' rich vocals and tapered with an outro that beckons you to leave an old life Fighting Kind is a hauntingly uplifting song that asks the protagonist to 'find the truth' about his or her self. RECOMMENDED BY TONE DEAF

Other tracks by Ainslie Wills:  Fighting Kind  -  Lemon Japan
Rain Party - Stay     Rock 08/08/2012
Rain Party are a female fronted indie rock band from Melbourne. Their songs dragging all manner of sounds from the shared love of sparkling psychedelia and forbidden deeds.
About the process of letting go of someone I loved. Someone once described it to me as the relationship dance, when one person tries to leave and the other won't let go, then the roles change over and it's the opposite way around. It continues until the relationship finally dissolves.

Other tracks by Rain Party:  Caught In A Daze  -  Whisper
Bob Crain - Humanology 101     Folk, Acoustic 07/08/2012
Folk Rock Singer Songwriter Guitarist whose songwriting comes from a time long ago and far away .... socially conscious, thought provoking, crafty folk songs are his stock and trade.
This the title track with Bob playing both the Guild Electric and the Martin as he works his way through the lessons, reasons and questions that are presented to each one of us every day as we navigate this road to higher learning..... sometimes referred to as life.

Other tracks by Bob Crain:  The Soloist  -  Afghanistan
The Red Paintings - Walls     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Goth 07/08/2012
The Red Paintings combine performance art and music in a spectacular live show, featuring visual projections, human body and canvas painters on stage to create artworks reflecting their music.
"Walls" is one of The Red Paintings' signature tracks, featuring their blend of strings with a rock arrangement, recalling Smashing Pumpkins by way of Coheed and Cambria and The Cure.

It is mournful, yet triumphant, introspective, yet expansive. One of The Red Paintings' finest moments.

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Self Is a Seed - RFID     Rock, Punk 06/08/2012
"It's easy to see why they’ve toured alongside Karnivool & Helmet. In time they’ll be headlining tours to packed houses. Tall statement, a prediction I’m willing to stand behind".
The new single RFID showcases the bands love for strong melodies amongst a wall of raw, untamed noise delivered with punk ethos and a rock n roll attitude. Energetic, super catchy and a guitar solo that will have you playing air guitar across the room.

Other tracks by Self Is a Seed:  Monkey Business  -  Somnambulist