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Line Drawings - Atmosphere Flies     Pop, Rock 28/10/2009
New band from members of Ides Of Space.
The band piles together discordant rock with uncomfortable ticks, pop songs edging their way a few steps left of centre, and ambient frequencies fighting for the listener’s ear.

Other tracks by Line Drawings:  Concrete Gardening  -  Card Games
The Spoils - I'll Be Gone     Rock 27/10/2009
This Melbourne based band have toured throughout Europe and within Australia, their popularity has lead them to share the stage with likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, Catpower & Richard Buckner.
First single lifted from "The Crook, The Cloak & The Maiden"

Other tracks by The Spoils:  Come Back Again  -  Love Betray Me
We All Want To - Back To The Car     Pop, Rock 27/10/2009
New band from Tim Steward from Screamfeeder & THE WHATS.
In 2007 Tim Steward from Brisbane’s Screamfeeder released a solo album and put a band together to play the songs live. 2 years later the band had written a whole set of new material and needed a new name. WE ALL WANT TO was born.

Other tracks by We All Want To:  I've Been Listening To You For Too Long  -  Two Way
The Backfeed Slumber - She Lights My Cigarettes     Rock, Electronic 23/10/2009
Wall of sound electro guitar magic from No Through Road guitarist Nic Datson.
From a range of influences such as Underground Lovers, Sonic Youth, Massive Attack and My Bloody Valentine you can never really be sure what direction a Backfeed Slumber song is going to take.

Other tracks by The Backfeed Slumber:  Wetstuff For Electric Boys  -  Jack
SubAudible Hum - Bakersfield C.A.     Pop, Rock 23/10/2009
The 3rd album from jaward nominated critically acclaimed Melbourne band.
"TALL STORIES" is a succinct little package of tales from the underbelly of our times.

Other tracks by SubAudible Hum:  Our Last Stand  -  Go On Then
Tucker B's - Bear     Pop, Rock 23/10/2009
Nightmares in the Key of (((((WOW))))) is the band's fifth album in a career that spans 15 years, and sees the band at the peak of their FANTASY ROCK powers.
Tucker B’s are celebrating their fifteenth year together, and now find themselves at the peak of their fantasy rock powers.

Other tracks by Tucker B's:  Jungle  -  Mothers
TimeZones - Hate Me     Rock, Punk 21/10/2009
New band featuring Ross Cottee ex Riff Random.
Timezones is raw in sound and equally raw in emotion. Ross’ abrasive tones are coupled with garage sounds that transgress time itself to create punk rock masterpieces.

Other tracks by TimeZones:  Easy Way  -  Polarity
Batrider - Homie Gnomie     Rock, Pop 21/10/2009
New Zealand via Australia via London sludge rock band.
Batrider is loud, but sweet. Batrider is angry, but joyous. Batrider is serious, but not at all pretentious.

Other tracks by Batrider:  Ha Ha  -  Let Me In To Down Below
New Estate - On Your Side     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
Melbourne indies pop band featuring members of Popolice, ex Sleepy Township & ex Jaguar is Jaguar.
‘Out of the Ground’ is organic, gritty, raw, loud, sometimes mean, sometimes raucous and occasionally placatory. It’s the culmination of a five year search by four adventurers for the perfect synthesis of their different whiles and ways.

Other tracks by New Estate:  I Wanna Have Control  -  Tow The Line
Screamfeeder - Static     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
The re-released & enhanced version of the bands classic break through album.
Kitten Licks still tops many peoples’ Top Australian albums of all times lists, and the band still holds a special place in the hearts of Australian music fans who came of age during the frantic and exciting days of the mid 90s.

Other tracks by Screamfeeder:  Dart  -  Gravity
The Delicates - Mainly Fiction     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
New album from members of Flat Stanley & The Silvermine Tapes.
The Delicates are a band which is more than the sum of their record collection and the 12 tracks on The Thunderous Sound of The Delicates are a diverse expression of what you can do with drums, guitars and a laptop.

Other tracks by The Delicates:  Ninety-nine Point Nine  -  A Sudden Conclusion
The Nation Blue - I See Colors     Rock, Punk 21/10/2009
Dark, rollicking, and fast becoming know as a true seminal Australian punk rock band, The Nation Blue continue to push boundaries and defy categorisation.
Writing after a life changing episode when Thomas, singer and guitarists, had his drink spiked and wound up in the emergency ward having fallen down a flight of stairs.

Other tracks by The Nation Blue:  Uprisings Off  -  I'm Inbred
An Horse - Camp Out     Rock, Pop, Folk 16/10/2009
2 piece playing indie pop picked up by Tegan & Sara to tour the US and UK and now Sara is their A&R person. Currently based in the US.
Released as the first US single for the album. Performed live on David Letterman. Video shot in Canada.

Other tracks by An Horse:  Postcards
Legends Of Motorsport - Freedom     Rock 16/10/2009
Melbourne's kings of organ fueled sludge'n'roll!
Freedom is the lead track from the album.

Other tracks by Legends Of Motorsport:  Pushin' The Envelope  -  From Work
Ouch My Face - Knockouts     Rock, Punk 16/10/2009
Melbourne 3-piece Ouch My Face create high energy, off-kilter punk rock!
Rock track with a twist.

Other tracks by OUCH MY FACE:  Firehead  -  Obscena Demeanour
REGURGITATOR - Hurricane     Rock, Pop 16/10/2009
Released as a single early 2009. Video shot in China in the forbidden city.

Other tracks by REGURGITATOR:  Romance of the Damned  -  Blood and Spunk
Stephen Cummings - Now here she comes     Pop, Garage, Rock 14/10/2009
Stephen Cummings is back with Tickety Boo, a collection of catchy, electric guitar based pop/rock. If you're a fan of his work with The Sports, you should check this out.
'Now Here She Comes' is catchy pop rock at it's finest. This track will never slip your memory.

Other tracks by Stephen Cummings:  Tickety Boo  -  Happy City
Talons - Readheads     Rock, Punk, Punk 14/10/2009
Talons are a 3 piece, they play gritty proto punk with a hard edge. The resulting sound is gloriously unique and it challenges audiences both live and on record.
Redheads builds and builds on a basic guitar riff, chills out in the middle interlude then explodes in a crescendo of noise bliss. A massive ending secures this song as a live favorite and the lead track from the album. You'll be coming back for more!

Other tracks by Talons:  All The Tricks  -  Keys & Codes
I Heart Hiroshima - Shakeytown     Rock, Pop 12/10/2009
Brisbane band I HEART HIROSHIMA return with second album The Rip. Mixed in the UK with Andy Gill after touring Europe with The Rakes & Maximo Park.
Indie pop classic.

Other tracks by I Heart Hiroshima:  Old Tree  -  Got Out
The Wildes - Ballad of a Young Married Man     Country, Rock, Folk 12/10/2009
The Wildes and a dark and dirty Alt-Country band from Melbourne.
A medium paced alt-country tune. Think murder ballads, revenge etc.