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Justin Dorin - Mojave On My Mind     Rock, Acoustic 28/06/2019
Front man for Australian rock group Stone Empire, Justin Dorin has taking time away from the band to focus on writing new material for his debut solo album “Mojave”
After Touring America in 2017 with Stone Empire, driving across some amazing desert landscapes on the same highways Americas greatest music artist have toured Justin returned to Australia and put pen to paper and wrote “Mojave On My Mind”.

A song about being free and on the road, touring in a band and experiencing the heart of the American Desert.

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Merpire - Habit     Rock, Pop 28/06/2019
Merpire conjures magical moments in the studio and on stage. Backed by a predominantly female line-up, a live show is a playful tease between intimate pop ballads & immersive arrangements.
A city is a fascinating backdrop for a song. Adelaide has eighteen songs written about it (including the obvious ones by Paul Kelly & Ben Folds) and now Melbourne has another, thanks to Merpire. 'Habit' is a stunning ode to the city and community that helped her break the bad habit of not believing in herself as an artist.

Project 62 - Ancient Valleys     Rock, Australian Indigenous, Grunge, Blues 28/06/2019
Rough around the edges art rock; at times chaotic and dramatic. Ancient Valleys tells of a father experiencing a disconnect with his son due to the modern world.
Ancient Valleys tells of a father experiencing a disconnect with his son due to the trials of a modern world. A realisation delivered by a pair of Indigenous spirit guides causes the father to reassess and seek a reconnection with his son through nature. The film clip features Conrad & Shannon Bauwens; custodians of Gummingurru and its associated Jarrowair philosophies.

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Sinclaire - The Words We Speak     Rock, Pop 28/06/2019
Following on from the release of their critically praised new single ‘It’s Not Enough’, Sydney-based indie-rock quartet Sinclaire have just unveiled their emotively-driven debut EP ‘Now I’m Ready To Start’.
Now I’m Ready To Start’ is five fervent tracks that give a solid nod to modern indie-rock heroes Gang of Youths and City Calm Down,

Other tracks by Sinclaire:  Missouri Dreaming
Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch - Lost At Sea     Rock 28/06/2019
What happens when the musical worlds of Australian Music icon Steve Kilbey & classically trained ARIA Award winner Gareth Koch collide?
The second release in this series of collaborations between Church frontman Steve Kilbey and classical guitar virtuoso Gareth Koch. This release features more layered guitars, drums (Barton Price of Models fame) and soundscapes, all pulled together with Kilbey's mysterious lyrics and ethereal vocals.

Stone Lions - Apologies     Rock, Punk, Pop 28/06/2019
Central Coast-based punk-rock trio, Stone Lions, have just revealed their infectious party jam ‘Apologies’.
Taking cues from the likes of New Found Glory, All Time Low and Neck Deep, ‘Apologies’ is a fast-paced and energetic pop-punk affair that combines monumental drums, steadfast bass and razor-sharp guitars. Stacked with unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks and catchy sing-a-longs, the track is the quintessential summer party anthem sure to warm you up this winter.

Tactics - Who Tells Me     Rock, Punk 28/06/2019
Tactics were a post-punk group which formed in Canberra in 1977. They were one of the most celebrated acts on Australia's new wave scene during the 1970s and '80s.
A track recorded at Alberts Studios after the bands last Australian tour with producer Wayne Connolly featuring original members Dave Studdert, Garry Manley and Ingrid Spielman. The first single off the new 2019 album 'Early Shift at Charles de Gaulle'.

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Terra - Confidence     Rock, Punk, Metal 28/06/2019
Terra is an alternative-rock five piece, hailing from Melbourne, Australia.
'Confidence' is a track that encapsulates the feelings of strength and power in overcoming disappointment and dependence on role models and figuring out ones own self worth. Front woman Cassie Sutton explains that 'Confidence' is about "using the bitterness of disappointment to progress from naivety to the realization that people have flaws and weaknesses."

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XIII - I Need You     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Britpop 28/06/2019
XIII are a new 3 piece from Perth, Western Australia. They are Dan Sanders (Gyroscope) on vocals/guitar, Myk Deville (Concrete Legend) on bass/vocals, and Drew Goddard (Karnivool) on drums/vocals.
'I Need You' is the track dropped by Perth band XIII.

Taken from their debut album release 'Bloody Banks Of The Swan'.

Song about the west coast delivered by west coasters. It's sometimes nice to go away but it's always good to get back home, chill and have share drinks with loved ones. Our lonely livers' suspended in liquid.

Other tracks by XIII:  Mind Over Murder  -  La Lumen
Candy - Familiar     Rock, Pop, Punk 27/06/2019
Candy is the solo moniker of Melbourne creative Calum Newton. Formerly of Lunatics on Pogosticks and Amyl + The Sniffers, Candy sees Newton embrace post-punk and dream-pop of all eras.
“Familiar” traces the struggles with dementia; forgetting who you are, where you are, and the impact on those around you. The track juxtaposes an uneasy topic with bright guitar tones and violin, which is becoming a somewhat trademark of Candy’s.

jacobs run - Superman     Rock, Britpop 27/06/2019
jacobs run music blends layers of guitar and orchestration, classic melodies and a powerful sound; influenced by British acts Oasis, The Verve, Italian artist Eros Ramazotti, and Australia's The Church.
Superman is the 6th single to be released from the forthcoming album from Melbourne Indie band jacobs run. The track features layers of guitar, infectious melodic hooks and glorious harmonies; another fine example of the exceptional songwriting talents of singer songwriter Michael Jacobs.

The Limbs - Here     Rock, Grunge 27/06/2019
Forming in 2013, The Limbs became a popular fixture on the WA live scene, honing their sound; a love of shoegaze, flourishing into a central sound encompassing punk and grunge.
‘Here’ is driven by free and driving guitar and vocal melodies, while the rhythm section of the track harks back to the glory days of The Smiths, and the dominating essence of Blur. It is rock music served up with grit, but there’s also a loftiness to James Redman’s melodies that brings the music further into the light.

Empirical Prey - The Tyrant     Rock 26/06/2019
Empirical Prey are a new alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
'The Tyrant' takes you on an experimental journey from the beginning to the end. Atmospheric desert rock with trippy guitars, a haunting melody and poetry. It’s totally unique and deserves to be the next Breaking Bad theme song.

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Fight Ibis - 6 Nickel Rocket     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 26/06/2019
Triple J Unearthed winners Fight Ibis are back with a jangly Surf Rock tune to ease you into warmer weather. ***ON TOUR THROUGH JULY***
Lead singer Kyuss Calamari, says of the upcoming single release and launch "This new song is a simple pop song about being blissfully ignorant towards people that are trying to make you compromise what you want to do with your life. We’re playing some local shows with some of our favourite local bands for a bit of fun!"

Figurehead - Ear to Lend     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Punk 26/06/2019
Built on a sound that draws from the fertile springs of WA’s indie rock tradition: with clamorous guitars, soaring melodies and chest-pounding vocals.
Ear to Lend is about a one sided relationship.

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Picket Palace - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti     Rock, Punk, Sports, Garage 26/06/2019
Birthed and nurtured in a sweaty loft apartment above a picket fence workshop in Brunswick, Picket Palace crank out razor-sharp punk belters with a reckless enthusiasm that is completely infectious.
Their blistering new single ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’ is a barnstorming, heart-pounding, head-banging tribute to the exhilarating football of the man they call ‘Walla’. Pulsing with joyous adrenaline, the track channels the ferocity and tenacity of its aussie-rules hero into an irresistibly thrilling punk anthem.

This will be the first look at Picket Palace’s upcoming second release, The Footy Record.

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The Belladonnas - Heights     Rock, Pop 26/06/2019
This fusion five-piece is a hard hitting alternative roots-rock outfit with a wide array of influences ranging from Fat Freddys Drop to BadBadNotGood to No Doubt.
In homage to inspirational acts Massive Attack and Portishead, the floating and hypnotic subtleties of Heights are juxtaposed against powerful pop song-writing sensibilities akin to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. With a lyrical theme regarding rebelling against the status quo and challenging oppressors, ‘Heights’ is an alternative anthem for those who don’t fit inside the box.

The Bone Shack - Hot Knife     Rock 26/06/2019
The Bone Shack are a five piece Rock ‘N Roll band based in Melbourne, Australia. Think dirty dive bars, cigarette smoke and rollin’ home when the sun comes up.
A dark, riff-heavy, Rock 'N Roll track with soaring female vocals and a heaving rhythm section.

Ash Grunwald - Whispering Voice (Feat. Kasey Chambers)     Rock, Blues 25/06/2019
One of Australia’s finest storytellers and live performers, Ash Grunwald has released ‘Whispering Voice’, which features the unmistakable vocals of Kasey Chambers.
Written in gospel style, but by no means a gospel song, ‘Whispering Voice’ is written about that little voice inside your head. “The song is about your internal voice, maybe your ego, which is your constant friend. If that guy is being an arsehole, or being good to you, it dictates your reality,” Ash says.

Bench Press - Dreaming Again     Rock, Punk, Garage 25/06/2019
Snarling, angular and loud, Bench Press invoke the old while pushing something that feels very new.
"The track is a collision of the band’s devil may care attitude, with unmistakable song writing acumen. Coming in at under 3 minutes, the band waste no time getting to the point. Prepare to be hitting the ‘replay’ button in this one…several times over." - Tone Deaf