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Beyond These Fields - Fight!     Rock, Instrumental, Soundscapes, Electronic 18/03/2019
Synth Rock party jams for the apocalypse! Beyond These Fields is a new project by instrumentalist/sound designer Dan West (Cookin' On 3 Burners) and drummer Rory McDougall (The Putbacks).
Fight! by Beyond These Fields is an upbeat instrumental banger recalling the challenging stages of vintage arcade games from the 80s. Drawing you into an analogue vortext of Dan West's crusty Roland and Moog syntheseizers and ever evolving crunchy acoustic drums of Rory McDougall. Building and tweaking from here to oblivion!

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Good Pash - A Yacht in Sydney Harbour     Rock, Folk 18/03/2019
Sydney four piece bringing the slacker rock vibes. Catchy guitar melodies, check. Sarcastic stream of consciousness vocals, check. Casually hitting the fuzz pedal for the rocking chorus, check.
Whimsical tune about living in share houses and being young with a big ego and doing whatever you want. The tone is lighthearted and a little bit nasty, with bright crackling rhythm guitar and smooth gentle lead. A song to make you feel hopeful, nostalgic, and a little bit like you’re being made fun of.

Radio88 - My Turn     Rock, Grunge 18/03/2019
Radio88 are a Melbourne based band with a unique and distinct style of music that blends rock with blues and overtones of Jazz.
My turn is a rock/grunge track written about dealing with people in the customer service industry. Featuring big dynamic changes and an intense guitar solo.

Steve Saxton - Emmaline     Rock, Alternative Country 16/03/2019
Early in his career Steve was “Unearthed” by Triple J the first Unearthed CD alongside other winners like Grinspoon as part of the prize.
A dance floor fluffer leaves her life in the city to settle down.

Other tracks by Steve Saxton:  Face of it all  -  Been Here Before
Sally Chicane - Buy Me a Trophy     Rock, Punk, Pop 15/03/2019
We're a four piece punk/rock band hailing from Australia's capital. With a 50/50 split of male/female after welcoming our American ex-pat drummer Alicia, we make some great music together.
With a pinch of reggae for an intro, "Trophy" (as we affectionately call it) soon launches into it's pop/punk vibe. It's a tongue in cheek song about taking leisure pursuits too seriously.

Other tracks by Sally Chicane:  No Songs Are Written About Me  -  1989
Sasha March - Ten Days     Rock, Folk, Pop 15/03/2019
“Sasha March took to the stage with a guitar in one hand and everyone’s gaze fixed in the other...truly, Sasha March is a goddess of impeccable vocal and style prowess.”
Melodic and musically rich, ‘Ten Days’ is a song that provokes nostalgia and yearning. As electric guitar threads its way through crashing, vibrant percussion, March takes the listener through a diary entry of a relationship, a road trip of a narrative that winds through emotional territory masterfully.

STUMPS - Your Old Man     Rock, Pop 15/03/2019
STUMPS are a four-piece act from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, dishing up a refreshing blend of Indie and British Pop.
Typically boisterous Sydney indie-rock four-piece STUMPS take things down a notch with their earnest new single 'Your Old Man'. This latest single allows STUMPS to reveal an earnestly solemn, introspective side to their sonic stylings, slowing the tempo to deliver a heartfelt tone and lyrically-focused track.

Terrible Signal - Man If You Saw Me On The Street Today     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 15/03/2019
Terrible Signal is the solo project of Vincent Buchanan-Simpson (Hideous Sun Demon). Their debut was recorded in various bedrooms across Fremantle. It takes strong influence from the Dunedin Sound.
"Man" is classic sounding power pop song in the vein of bands like The Only Ones, The dB’s and Shoes. I really got into Game Theory when I was writing this song. I tried to write the longest continuing vocal melody I could whilst still making it sound like a cohesive pop “hook”. It was fun to write.

100 - Just Us     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic 14/03/2019
Sydney psych/post-punk four piece 100
Working again with producer Wade Keighran (Hockey Dad, Polish Club) “Just Us” sees the band delving into a richer, darker sound - a lurching bass line and a trappy hip-hop groove drive the song forward while vocalist Rowen Tucker spits cutting witticisms over it all.

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Clowns - I Wanna Feel Again     Rock, Punk 14/03/2019
Melbourne based, five piece punk band about to release their fourth studio album.
A melancholy of softly strummed guitars introduces the new song, before bursting  into a break-neck assault of garage soaked punk, in true Clowns style. Accompanied lyrically by a poignant tale of preserving through mental health struggles.

Cuppa Shred - 53 & 17     Rock, Blues, Roots, Grunge 14/03/2019
Hard rock n roll/blues band!
Newest single released by Cuppa Shred. It's fun, upbeat and downright rock n roll

Daisy Brains - Feel Alive     Rock, Grunge 14/03/2019
Daisy Brains are a 4 piece alternative rock/Indie group from Mermaid Beach, on the Gold Coast.
Feel alive is the First single taken off the forthcoming debut EP from Daisy Brains. Recorded and mixed live by George Carpenter (The Pretty littles, Ivey, Smoke Rings) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Shins, Cage the Elephant, Arctic Monkeys). The track encompasses the energy of the band live, and sets the vibe for the EP to come.

Damien Johnson - Dog     Rock, Garage, Blues, Metal 14/03/2019
Damien Johnson's life mirrors Ross from friends, Despite being a lovely, sweet guy, he's already twice divorced and a hopeless at love and he's only in his thirties.
This song is a big, ballsy, garage blues track. With a huge thumping beat and massive guitars.

DISTANT DRUM - PRAYING TO THE BEAT     Rock, Blues 14/03/2019
Philip Foxman of Supernaut on lead vocals and guitar, The Nature Strip’s Peter Marley on bass, Big Merino’s Colin Sevitt on drums and When Saturday Comes’ Dom White on guitars.
Alternative/rock, groove driven, with lyrics that attempts to make sense of the increasingly addictive relationship we have with our cyber selves and our cyber universe (“behind those empty screens”).

Echo Del Tusker - Endless     Rock, Garage, Pop, Soul 14/03/2019
Echo Del Tusker are a rock 'n' roll band featuring Estelle Artois on vocals (ex-Tequila Mockingbyrd), Brendan Forward on guitar (ex-Massive) and Mick Quee on bass (ex-Dead City Ruins)
Track taken from the Echo Del Tusker EP "Words To Live By."

Other tracks by Echo Del Tusker:  Colour Of Love  -  World Is Yours
Edith Thomas Furey - Cannibal Metaphysics     Rock, Industrial, Goth, Punk 14/03/2019
Edith Thomas Furey is the solo project from Brisbane's Joel Glazebrook. Manipulating drum machines, synths and guitars, Joel creates bleak post-punk and shoegaze music with an industrial lean.
Cannibal Metaphysics is a pummelling meditation on excess - featuring a deathgaze melange of fuzzed guitar and synth swirling around howling vocals ordered to an incessant drum loop that recalls the industrial precision of Skinny Puppy.

Ella Vice - Motor Running     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge 14/03/2019
Female fronted, Brisbane based heavy psyched out rock!
Motor Running is 3 minutes of heavy guitars, heavy angst and lots of fun.

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Fair Maiden - Under Legs     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Fair Maiden are the Adelaide's doo-wop, chamber-pop, freak-folk, country-noir, surf-psych, harmony army, lead by Ellen Carey. Searing new single, "Willow", is taken from, Oleander, out March 22 on Hysterical Records.
"Under Legs" is somber psychedelic folk. Carey’s lyrics are bound to pastoral imagery: desolate rural landscapes, furious and unforgiving storms with woozy and hypnotic melodies.

Forces & Fury - Stormy Weather     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
Astrid Holz and Kat Ayala of Rackett fame, Forces & Fury is the culmination of a shared desired to explore the textured sonic soundscape of alternative electronica and rock music.
Featuring Rackett frontwoman Rebecca Callander on guest vocals, ‘Stormy Weather’ builds in intrigue; buoyed on by layered electric guitar and crisp vocals, the darkness simmering beneath the surface of this music bursts through with each chorus, demonstrating the musicians’ deft playing with sonic tone.

Goldfish Smarts - Limestone & Old Tallow     Rock 14/03/2019
Goldfish Smarts is a musical project based in Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches. Three guys, arguably past our prime, but dedicated none the less to making some sleek tunes.
This is a song about awe-inspiring, lonely, expansive, refreshing, contemplative landscapes and places...prominent along the wild coasts of Australia. There's always lots of history that define these places, both ancient and more recent. And the history is recalled in stories and landmarks and art, and remarkable people. You end up coming away from places like these changed...generally for the better!