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Megalove - I Am Not Your Hero     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
It’s time to be your own superhero, let yourself go, prepare for a trip to another world and get crazy with the most ridiculously futuristic electro-rock music on the planet.
I am not your hero tells the story of learning how to see what you admire in others is within you.

You can only ever feel your own power.

You’re already stronger than you know, remember who you are.

With beautiful big guitar chords, spacey synths and chilled groove to relax and enjoy.

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Megalove - The Elephant In The Room     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
It’s time to be your own superhero, let yourself go, prepare for a trip to another world and get crazy with the most ridiculously futuristic electro-rock music on the planet.
Walking through your greatest fears is what life is about. This futuristic electro rock takes you on a journey through the darkest night and helps you see your true potential. Let your vision come around, hiding inside you, the elephant in the room. Driven by heavy verse guitar riffs and rap verses into catchy chorus hook and epic guitar solo!

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The Buzzing Towers - Sooner Or Later     Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
From a sprawling range of backgrounds, cultures and musical stylings, Brisbane has spat out an offering of sonic proportions, “The Buzzing Towers”.
Blasting their sonic rock sound, ‘Sooner or Later’ packs a punch with its fast paced drum line, gritty guitar riffs and rumbling bass tones. Channeling the best of 90s and 00s alt rock, the group’s nostalgic and lively vocals build the track into a furiously addicting piece.

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The Spectre's Revenge - The Other Side of Time     Rock, Garage, Indie, Alternative 17/12/2019
The Spectre's Revenge were a 1980s stalwart of the Australian indie scene. This previously unreleased track has recently been unearthed.
"The Other Side of Time" is a swampy exploration of love after the apocalypse.

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Tokyo Beef - The way we like it     Rock, Punk 17/12/2019
Straight up 4 on the floor in school Rocknroll with a punk edge
Stick it to the man. 9 to 5 grind

Other tracks by Tokyo Beef:  Gypsy Woman  -  Kamikaze Man
V.A.L. - Ghilbli     Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
Producing since 2005; a mainstay in unusual independent pop and alternative music, V.A.L. continues to throw curve balls and entice niche global audiences.
Ghibli is the local Libyan name for the Sirocco phenomenon (a seasonal weather event that originates in the Sahara Desert blowing desert sand, high gale winds and 'blood rain' across the Mediterranean). This natural phenomena is a inspiration for the song and draws on parallels to the current turmoils in Africa and Southern Europe.

Elanor Jane - Two Sides     Rock, Pop 13/12/2019
Brisbane based artist, writing songs and righting wrongs
Two Sides is about making peace with the fact that you can’t control what people say or think about you and the idea that sometimes you just have to be happy knowing your side of the story even if you can’t always tell it.

Polish Club - Countdown     Rock, Alternative 13/12/2019
There are two of them. They are called Novak and John-Henry and are the loudest goddamn soul outfit you’ve ever heard. (And yes, they are both sort of Polish).
Not content with the traditional New Years Eve countdown, Sydney's most raucous duo have created their own. Aptly named 'Countdown', Polish Club's latest single is set to have you dancing into the new year (and maybe regretting that 3am kebab).

Tara Vern - Girl With The Flashing Eyes     Rock, Alternative, Garage, Punk 13/12/2019
Tara Vern is Sydney-based rocker known for powerful guitar hooks, an 80s aesthetic and demented drumming.
Upon a tumult of drums and a ringing two-note-tap to your forehead, Girl With The Flashing Eyes gets your attentionon and points your gaze towards a future of scuzzy riffs and cheeky twists.

In Eyes - Time Won't Wait     Rock, Alternative 12/12/2019
In Eyes are Queensland's newest alternative rock prodigies
The single is an extension of the band’s new style and message: "Time won’t wait for you!" Delivered through an honest retelling of Jacobson’s experience with trying to fight for her passion while faced with mental illness, it has a fast-paced drive and heavy guitar and drum lines providing a powerful instrumental filled with all the angst to match.

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Alana Jagt - If We Had Some Money     Rock, Pop, Folk, Country 10/12/2019
Jagt’s dynamic rasp soars over her blend of stormy folk-rock noir that's refreshing yet familiar. She performs powerful solo shows; playful trio affairs; and with her twin guitar rock band.
the song was written whilst driving from Whyalla to Adelaide, which takes about four hours. I had been toying with 'I could do a lot of things if I had some money' for a chorus as it'a favorite Homer Simpson quote.

I was thinking 'if we had some money we could've flown', and then the verse lyrics flowed from there.

Black Diamond - Running     Rock, Metal, Easy Listening, Roots 10/12/2019
Powerful sound a little more pressure an BLACK DIAMOND was created an began to shine
Running. Is about life an the the ups an downs don't give up !

Other tracks by Black Diamond:  Living the Dream  -  Whiskey
Fox Company - Electrifying     Rock, Blues 10/12/2019
A four piece rock outfit keeping the good times rolling!
A song about still loving someone you probably shouldn't

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fungal fever - Take a Stand     Rock, Pop 10/12/2019
Two mates with diverse backgrounds coming together in the studio to hone their skills and have to some fun. fungal fever - it grows on you.
Music & lyrics: Colin Stephen
Recording & production: Graham Gould

Modulii - Gravity     Rock, Alternative, Metal 10/12/2019
Modulii (ex-Teen Skank Parade) have been playing rock/punk/metal together sporadically since around 2006. In late 2019 Modulii is releasing "The Last Album".
A love song of sorts. A down tempo track with fat guitars and some swing that is influenced by stoner rock.

Other tracks by Modulii:  Hollow  -  Sh*tty F**ken Life
Pollyman - Inhibitions     Rock 10/12/2019
It is guaranteed that Pollyman will captivate the audience with their passionate energy, charm and enthusiasm; all of which is reminiscent of a hardworking pub band from the late 70’s.
With pulsing rhythms and defiant guitar work, Pollyman's 'Inhibitions' places songwriter George Carroll Wilson at his most vulnerable. The lyrics elude to the soulful yearning in us all: to be heard and understood.

Powerful musical accompaniment rounds out this track, allowing Wilson to explore his range of vocal emotion and power; from a raucous exclamation to a sensitive plea.

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Slim Jeffries - Nine To Five     Rock, Punk, Garage 10/12/2019
Slim Jeffries never quite got over the golden age of grunge. The band takes inspiration from 90s burbs culture and combines it with a dose of Australiana cynicism.
The lead single from Slim Jeffries' second EP - 'Tastes Like Panadol'. This song is about the dangers of flirting with the line between passion and profession.

East Coast Low - Gun Club Road     Rock, Alternative, Punk 09/12/2019
Four words: Steel city rock & roll. An East Coast Low builds outta downtown Newcastle with a uniquely Australian sound, hailing down rock to soothe souls; rock to burn hearts.
Gun Club Road is the title track from the 7" vinyl EP, "Gun Club Road".

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Other tracks by East Coast Low:  Bunnies  -  Company
Saga City - Give You Up     Rock, Punk, Garage, Indie 09/12/2019
Keeping the sounds naked and untouched, Saga City bring earworms to the radio table of original independent audio. Our passion for the art makes it easy to share our entertainment.
a not too serious tempo'd tune with the best bass solo ever because why not!

Lyrics describe the folly of our times and ease of access to many different vices, hence the term Give You Up.

Other tracks by Saga City:  My Only  -  Bruiser
alt. - Insubordinate     Rock, Metal 06/12/2019
Formerly known as After Change, the Adelaide-based rock outfit have reformed, rejuvenated and re-branded as alt. and are exploring a brand new sound to accompany.
"Insubordinate" flaunts huge riffs, a darkness reminiscent of Deftones and a driving force throughout that makes the track an addictive listen. "Insubordinate" takes its name from definition and revolves around the topic of the government and vocalist Daniel Richards stance on their inability to action a positive change towards a better future.

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