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Warren Skane - Here I Am     Rock, Metal 26/08/2019
Independent Electronic Loop Artist from Butler, Western Australia.
Here I Am is all about finding your soulmate. Strong vocal with a rocking tune to boot.

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Other tracks by Warren Skane:  Comin' For Ya  -  Rise Of The Robots
Yeti Ghetto - New Love     Rock 26/08/2019
Yeti Ghetto brandish influences as their unique and vibrant D.I.Y sound finds inspiration in quintessential 90’s Britpop, early Weezer, The Pixies, and Elliott Smith.
Showcasing their knack for a sing-along chorus, cheeky guitar riffs, and tongue in cheek perspective on the mundane nature of everyday life, “New Love” is a powerful track that reminds us to love in the face of fear.

Ethanol Blend - Tongue & Cheek     Rock, Folk, Punk 24/08/2019
4 piece South Australian post-folk.
Toe tapping 'Tongue & Cheek'

Bryan Estepa - Rattled and Rolled     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 23/08/2019
Bryan Estepa is an Australian singer-songwriter who blends alt-country and power pop. New album 'Sometimes I Just Don't Know' out August 23rd 2019.
Rattled and Rolled details a relationship in decay with Estepa's trademark melodic mastery over a mid-tempo country rock and soul groove. A super catchy mix of rhythm and rock 'n' roll.

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Other tracks by Bryan Estepa:  No Ordinary  -  Granted
Hearts and Rockets - You Were Right     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Goth 23/08/2019
Hearts and Rockets is a feminist bratwave punk band from Birraranga (Melbourne). Their second album Power is out August 23, 2019. Listen to our recent singles Drama Club and Feelings!
We're lucky enough to have mums that always have a nice thing to say, no matter how bleak the news may be. This song is about some of those phone conversations! We love you mums!

Other tracks by Hearts and Rockets:  Candy  -  Beat It Creep
Picket Palace - Richo     Rock, Punk, Sports 23/08/2019
Conceived in a sweaty loft apartment above a picket fence workshop in Brunswick, Picket Palace crank out razor-sharp punk belters with a reckless enthusiasm that's completely infectious.
Picket Palace took virality to another level with their tribute to Essendon footy star Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti. Following this, the boys are back with another cracking footy song about former AFL player and media personality Matthew Richardson). Richo is a song so brimming with euphoria, nostalgia and childlike rapture that it appeals to lovers of football and music alike.

Sunscreen - Own Two Feet     Rock 23/08/2019
Born from garage in Sydney’s inner west, Sunscreen is a band making the ethereal indie rock of your dreams.
Sunscreen's Falling In An Elevator EP opens with an upbeat sense of anticipation and excitement with the bittersweet, 'Own Two Feet'

Other tracks by Sunscreen:  No Need  -  Co-exist
The Kava Kings - Medicine     Rock, Pop, Reggae 23/08/2019
The Kava Kings are a young band who have established a strong musical identity and audience touring across Australi, Europe and The UK. FFO Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale.
Prime use of sparseness is balanced with a sun-kissed brand of laidback guitar work and melodic patterning

Other tracks by The Kava Kings:  Give Me Gold
WAAX - No Apology     Rock 23/08/2019
After years of evolution and growth, the expected shape of their punk to come has finally taken the form of Big Grief, their stellar debut album, out August 23
From the anthemic title track that opens the album with a triumphant fist held high, through to the barn burner ‘No Apology,’ and the quietly tender ‘History,’ Big Grief is a record that is dynamic and wide in scope.

Wifey - Wow Bob Wow     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots, Pop 23/08/2019
Sydney five-piece Wifey offer up a menagerie of alt-country storytelling, dive-bar disco and sweaty pub guitar-wrangling.
A thumping indie-rock tune featuring Wifey's signature bass, drums, guitar and violin combo, augmented by fresh choral arrangements, mellotron, triangle and other exotic percussion.

Other tracks by Wifey:  Working With Children  -  Triumph of Bacchus
Wing Defence - Cuts     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 23/08/2019
Describing their sound as pop punk, the duo's references span from No Doubt to CERES and Michelle Branch. They tell stories and face hard hitting themes with catchy anthems.
Cuts explores Skye’s experience with her two week stint on the dating app Tinder and emphatically includes the on-going experience of her friends who have also dabbled with the fickle and rather disappointing outcomes

Dopamine - Decide     Rock 22/08/2019
Dopamine are a 5-piece Brisbane outfit making waves in the music scene with their stylistic blend of indie-rock, pop and post-punk.
Decide is about the initial feelings that you feel in a relationship. As in the uncertainty of where it will go and the hesitance to put all of your trust into someone with the fear that you could get hurt.

Elko Fields - I'm Only Human     Rock, Blues 22/08/2019
ELKO FIELDS is Kella Vee (guitar/vocals) – a female-fronted rock vessel crafting a cut-throat and unforgiving twist to dark blues and garage rock n’ roll.
‘I’m Only Human’ strikes with ELKO’s signature blend dark blues and garage rock n’ roll, made fresh with a surprising new twist of sensitivity and fragility throughout. The song showcases a melancholic side to ELKO FIELDS, particularly lyrically as she offers a peek into the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

Slowly Slowly - Creature Of Habit Pt. 2     Rock 22/08/2019
There’s an unshakable sense of comfort and resonance that comes with listening to Slowly Slowly. Through vivid and emotionally-charged lyricism and soaring instrumentals, the four-piece are nothing short of striking.
Described as a cheeky exploration of emo sub-culture, 'Creature Of Habit Pt. 2' emerged when frontman Ben Stewart was questioning the mentality behind his creativity. Built on the soaring choruses and vivid lyricism that have defined the Melbourne favourites with every output, it continues their reign as one of the most intriguing and endearing punk rock acts in the country.

The Busymen - Stop Starting Me Baby     Rock, Garage, Retro, Blues 22/08/2019
The Busymen are Brisbane’s original and most primitive R’n’B, Garage Punk band playing a savage mix of organ and fuzz guitar driven originals and obscure sixties North West Texan stompers.
Stop starting me baby, stop walking away

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Other tracks by The Busymen:  Dangerous  -  Tick Tock
Birds of Tokyo - The Greatest Mistakes     Rock 21/08/2019
Formed in Perth back in 2004 Birds Of Tokyo have grown from independent roots to become one of Australia’s most popular contemporary rock bands.
‘It’s actually inspired by the same personal experience as the last single’, explains frontman Ian Kenny, ‘but it’s got the perspective of thankfully being a bit further down the road. F**k it. Shake it off. Time to move on!’

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Chris Masuak & The Viveiro Wave Riders - 1776     Rock, Garage, Blues, Pop 21/08/2019
Australian Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, ex-Radio Birdman, New Christs, Screaming Tribesmen and Hitmen guitarist Chris Masuak and his crack band unleash another collection of hard-rocking harmonies and power.
Hard-rocking commentary on the state of the USA by Chris Masuak, ex Radio Birdman member.. Cutting social commentary with guitar. Opening track from the CD album Address To The Nation on I-94 Bar Records.

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Other tracks by Chris Masuak & The Viveiro Wave Riders:  FFS  -  Gun Song
Endless Heights - Cold Hard Kiss     Rock, Punk 21/08/2019
Endless Heights are a 5-piece punk rock band from Sydney. Boasting their original line up since forming in 2009, the five best friends fuel their passion through a DIY mindset.
“It's about allowing your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface.The song came from a season in my life where I was crazy in love, yet completely lost and emotionally numb. It’s about confronting the guilt of failing those you love most in the pursuit of finding what you truly want in life.” Vocalist, Joel Martorana explains

Evol Walks - Death of Me     Rock, Rock, Pop 21/08/2019
Evol Walks is a 5 piece heavy rock and roll band fronted by the electric vocalist and songwriter- Leah Martin-Brown.
'Death of Me' is a song about addiction to a toxic person/relationship. Although you know its bad for you, the chemistry is too damn good and you just can't let it go even though you know its killing you.

Jo Meares - The Fields of Yesterday     Rock, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Soul 21/08/2019
Jo Meares is musician who spends his time in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe, seeking out inspiration for his widescreen and intimate songs and stories of atmospheric noir.
This stately song, led by the rhythm of a digital Helix piano effect, late-night organ chords and Meares' swooning electric guitar, is a collage of inspiration. It addresses loss, but its focus is on the idea of being grateful for the simple things in life, as Meares' voice weaves the central narrative with solemn and sensitive gravitas.

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Other tracks by Jo Meares:  The Dream Hotel