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GUS - Golden Kisses     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk 24/05/2019
Four Brisbane ratbags make tight, crafty gutter-pop with a blend of surf, punk, shoegaze, and psych influences.
"Alrighty GUS, you've dangled the carrot and I'll have a bite. This is some nourishing and fast paced indie rock." - Dave Ruby Howe

"Love the solid garage rock sound and coastal shoe gaze vocals. They're a little rough around the edges but perfection is not what you want here. It's gnarly attitude and GUS IS ATTITUDE." - Nkechi Anele

MOSS - ROCK GOD     Rock, Blues, Pop 24/05/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
ROCK GOD has a foundation based on the fact that all MOSS members not only played their part in the creation of this song, but we all shared the same experience and emotion relating to the subject matter.

As with all the sentiments in our songs, ROCK GOD goes a little bit further in connecting us to a shared experience

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Palace Of The King - One Of These Days     Rock 24/05/2019
Melbourne's Palace Of The King play four on the floor rock n roll with big guitars, bigger drums and the spirit of old school Oz Rock in their veins
One Of These Days is the first single from the as yet untitled new album from Melbourne rockers, Palace Of The King.

Having toured the world supporting 2018's Get Right With Your Maker, the band show no signs of slowing down with this belter of a rock track!

POTK are touring with Rose Tattoo in June

Reality Instructors - Reality Instructor     Rock, Punk 24/05/2019
Ritual outbursts of ham-fisted aggro-jangle and urgent suburbanite melodicism from Bland St, NSW 2131
Stylistically, the song packs the signature elements of Reality Instructors' sound into two and a half minutes of churning minor chords, hypnotic drums, pummeling bass and restless, searching melodies delivered by intertwining male/female vocals. Raw post-punk smarts in a power pop package.

Other tracks by Reality Instructors:  Everything Is Worse  -  Why Couldn't You Be Kind?
Seaside - Sycamore     Rock 24/05/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are four friends making indie music with a punchy, dream-pop sound.
"Sycamore" was inspired by a need to persevere through social anxiety and self doubt.

Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable, but the ever existing reminder of the Sycamore is that if we give ourselves a little self-love, we can make it through anything.

The Nicoteenagers - Black Lips     Rock, Grunge 24/05/2019
The Nicoteenagers are a four piece rock band hailing from Melbourne, projecting music with strength akin to Queens of the Stone Age and Muse.
‘Black Lips’ is an exploration of rhythmic melodies and intoxicating rock and roll from one of Melbourne’s best young bands to do it. Injecting enough swagger to make Queens of the Stone Age proud, The Nicoteenagers shine with ferocity on ‘Black Lips’, Drew Gardner’s vocals weaving in and out of rollicking guitars with smoke-like effect.

Tidal Peak - Lonely Spring     Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental 24/05/2019
The solo project of Kyle Lacko, making ethereal dreampop & shoegaze music with hints of romantic gothic darkwave & neo-psychedelia scattered around.
Lonely Spring is the opening track of the EP, characterised by a buildup of guitars that shimmer across the channels before being propelled by a drum machine and synth bursts. Dense and atmospheric, a track for fans of ethereal shoegaze and post-punk.

Other tracks by Tidal Peak:  Molecular (feat. Lucy Korts)  -  Nocturnal
Busseys - Lazy     Rock, Pop 23/05/2019
Busseys’ latest release ‘Lazy’ marks the start of a new sound for them, putting a stronger focus on melody while still maintaining the energy of their first tune ‘Crystal Gazer’.
Lazy is an alternative/pop-rock ballad with a powerful melody that expresses the heartfelt lyrics. The love song is backed by ambient sounding instrumentals pushing the emotional mood of the song.

Shining Bird - Who Are We     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 23/05/2019
Shining Bird is an experimental pop band from the coastal town of Austinmer, NSW Australia.
"Who Are We" is a 9-minute epic, clearly marking a new direction for Shining Bird. Recorded live to tape, in a single take by Jez Player (The Pinheads), the track highlights the band's improvisational strengths and maturity.

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The Cameramen - Pulse Connection     Rock, Pop 23/05/2019
A 4-piece from Adelaide, The Cameramen play progressive-pop songs based around guitar, piano and sax, with the baritone vocals of Richard Sallis at the forefront. Their new EP is here.
Pulse Connection is about being totally infatuated with someone. Written by Richard Sallis years ago, it has at long last been recorded by the full band. We've been playing Pulse Connection live for the past two years, and the driving beat has made it a bit of a set favourite.
Recorded in a church in the Adelaide Hills.

Other tracks by The Cameramen:  Warp
MADOJA - Society Jab     Rock 22/05/2019
Take a dash of Talking Heads, a chord or two from Fu Manchu and add a healthy dose of indie pop-rock and you have MADOJA.
Society Jab smashes it right out of the studio monitors! One of the funkiest bass riffs ever takes the listener straight to a rocking drum beat, perfectly timed guitar rhythms with clever and insightful lyrics topped off with a cool Memphis horn flavour...MADOJA is on fire with Society Jab!

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Crocodylus - Ghosts     Rock, Garage 22/05/2019
Crocodylus return in a cloud of sweat and fury unleashing their new single ‘Ghosts’ before setting off around the country once again, this time in support of The Chats.
Grungy as hell, ‘Ghosts’ is everything fans have come to love about the well-toured trio – fuzzy guitars, hazy vocals, searing riffs, stomping rhythms. Premiered on triple j's Home and Hosed, 'Ghosts' lulls listeners into a ballad before quickly picking up speed into the raw and blistering chorus. One hundred percent energy, it sits neatly in their sweaty live show.

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Dave Tonks & The Dream Machine - Sh*t On     Rock, News, Folk, Blues 22/05/2019
Australian Original Band covering various genre's. From Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Ballads, Folk, Country. All independent and so not being pigeon holed.
Shit On really is a protest song, it's a song that say's while you can have your say, I've had to have mine too and vice versa. Although it can encompass many social issues it remains pretty benign. Has there not been a time when anyone has thought...."Hey, I've been Sh*t On". "Oh no? I can't say That?"

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Neighbours - Soap     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 22/05/2019
Neighbours are a female fronted punk 4 piece out of Sydney's Inner West. Neighbours want to cut the BS, speak their mind, and flaunt their passion and vision.
‘Soap’ off Neighbours’ late 2018 debut EP ‘Bubble’, as described by Laundry Echo as “one of the biggest ear-worms of the year”, is a garage punk track criticising an overly sanitary society in a world heading for antibiotic resistance from the over use of antibacterial products.

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PLTS - August     Rock 22/05/2019
Byron Bay's PLTS have developed an innate knack for writing larger-than-life songs, clocking in over 3.6 million streams and touring with artists including Harts, Hockey Dad and Hands Like Houses.
Some songs come from a mysterious place in your brain or your spirit that is not always linear or clear. August is one of those songs. Driving guitars, slamming drums and a powerful chorus help tell the story as it follows a broken relationship.

The Know - The Joker     Rock, Blues 22/05/2019
The Know are moody midnight rock 'n' roll. Sounds like AM, QOTSA and The Black Keys all spat in a cup and the boys dripped it in their morning coffee.
“The Joker”, is an ebb & flow groover with a slinky verse that moves into a busting, anthemic riff. The song tracks a crazed anarchist throwing caution to the wind and calling upon others to 'run (his) way'. It's stoner stadium rock 'n' roll.

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Waxhead - City of Love     Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae, Punk 22/05/2019
Waxhead are a unique surf rock quartet who grew up surfing together in Byron Bay. The band consists of Finny, Shrecky, AL Dogg and Froggy
City of Love is a simple song about finding love. From the feeling of new love taking over, to the nostalgia and reminiscence of love that’s faded away, from feeling insignificant and unconnected in the vast seas of people to finding a meaningful connection with someone special in the lonely crowded streets in the City of Love.

Fawkner Walking Society - Ether Girl     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Britpop 21/05/2019
Fawkner Walking Society, indie music from Melbourne's north - chillwave, melodic, lyrical.
Pure Indie - Alternative 90s Sound
Standing in the line, still waiting for the words to rhyme,
Still throwing stars in to the skies, all night

Staring in the dark, still waiting for the morning lark,
You left your heart on the line, online

Other tracks by Fawkner Walking Society:  Fawkner Walking Society  -  Murmuration
Crystal Cities - Under The Cold Light Of The Moon     Rock, Pop 21/05/2019
Textured cinematic Rock
"The song ‘Under the Cold Light of the Moon’ was inspired by the plight of young North Korean girl Park Yeon-mi who escaped North Korea in search of freedom. After watching her speech I penned the lyrics, interpreting her story.”
- Geoff Rana (vocals / guitar)

Eliza & The Delusionals - Just Exist     Rock, Pop 21/05/2019
Gold Coast-based indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals have announced their signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia and released a dreamy new track, Just Exist.
Gold Coast-based indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals have announced their signing to Cooking Vinyl Australia and released a dreamy new track, Just Exist.

The new single was produced by Kon Kersting (Mallrat, WAAX, Big Scary, Kingswood) and is the first taste of new music from Eliza & The Delusionals for 2019.

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