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Glitoris - The Policy     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Fearless females roaring through unforgettable punk shows. Fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude, Glitoris’ debut THE POLICY (November 2nd) takes their theatrical punk mayhem to the next level.
‘The Policy’: a modern-day rock anthem featuring soaring vocal harmonies, hard rhythms and driving guitars. Beginning as a delicate, harmony-laden slow burn with pizzicato strings, the positive self-empowerment message gradually ascends through huge symphonic choruses into a fiery, dramatic climax. Epic, visceral, defiant and empowering: THIS IS THE GLITORIS POLICY.

Jacob - Baby, I'm A Blockhead     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Split between the two steel cities of New South Wales – Wollongong and Newcastle, Jacob are a 4 piece emo revivalists.
“The song is about knowing how to be that ideal person for your loved one even though you are definitely not being that person at all…We made sure to throw in as many references as we could from the boy band New Kids on The Block into the song too. Those NKOTB boys were just as lovesick as we are.”

San Mei - Heaven     Rock, Pop 25/09/2018
San Mei is a multi-instrumentalist from the Gold Coast who produces guitar driven dream pop. Her new single 'Heaven' is lifted from her forthcoming EP of the same name.
'Heaven' is the second track pulled from the upcoming EP of the same name, and sees San Mei contrast duelling guitars with lush, cascading vocals to deliver a cut plucked straight from dream pop heaven.

Shorelines - Worry About Yourself     Rock, Punk, Pop 25/09/2018
Described by popular music blog, Wolf in a Suit, as “punk rock at its finest”, Brisbane band Shorelines are well on their way to the forefront of Australia’s pop/punk scene.
It's the bands rock anthem from their side of negative and unnecessary conflict, explaining that they will keep creating their own path the way they feel is right for them, and that others should just focus on themselves. The single is part of an overall story of significant experiences the band have had to face with people in their lives.

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IVY - Sinners Grin     Rock 24/09/2018
Swaggering, fuzzed-out rock born in a desert far, far away.
The most exciting track to date from the upcoming Central Coast 3 piece 'IVY'. To the catchy, in-your-face bass driven verses to the insanely catchy verses mixed in with a tad of psych to straight up fuzzed out guitar tones. 'Sinners Grin' talks about the temptations in life and what happens if you go to far.

Kiara Jack - Should Have Known     Rock, Soul, Blues, World 24/09/2018
A live sound that spans world music and contemporary genres. Unsullied and raw no-fuss modern gypsy dance music.
Melding indie and spiritual evolution, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Kiara Jack brings you a fusion of Rock, Soul and Blues to illuminate even your wildest musical curiosities.

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Laruina Sue - Dark Side     Rock 24/09/2018
She writes and produces her own tracks, plays guitar, piano, synth, drums, sings and shouts!
Her debut single “Dark Side” is uptempo and high energy, inspired by 80s synth pop fused with contemporary rock and a killer chorus

The Iron Horses - Salvation     Rock, Pop 23/09/2018
Sydney indie rockers, The Iron Horses, will release their emotive new single, Salvation on Oct 12.
The ethereal reverb on 'Salvation' runs all the way through the song and the chorus hits like a heavy weight. - Echoes of 90s indie rock a plenty. This is a sublime track.

CLOVE - Sober     Rock, Punk 22/09/2018
Clove are an emerging five piece band from Melbourne, comprising of Mark Jamieson, Ben Hyland, Luke Petherick, Jared Chappell and Chris Pratt.
Sober is written about the time after I found out my Mum had cancer. The time left me quite numb, I did a fair bit of drinking and avoiding the topic. I felt hollow. But I wanted to feel the fear and the sadness, with my family, for my Mum. It’s tumultuous and confusing, and portrays the mixture of feeling.

colourblind - Water     Rock, Punk, Grunge 22/09/2018
colourblind are 4 piece alt-rock/emo band from Adelaide who take pride in their DIY attitude.
Water is a fast paced track featuring emotionally rich vocals, melodic guitar riffs and punchy drums. It is about finding a safe space to reduce your anxiety, and represents the struggles one faces when living with mental health issues. The track has gained interest from Claire Mooney and Declan Byrne from Triple j, being premiered on Home and Hosed.

Lupine - Tell-Tale Heart     Rock, Garage, Pop 22/09/2018
A Melbourne garage band with feels.
The first of two singles recorded and produced by Grammy-nominated producer Nick Herrera (Hiatus Kaiyote, Jaala), 'Tell-Tale Heart' is Lupine's first release of 2018.

The Unknowns - Doin' The Grind     Rock, Punk, Garage, Rockabilly 22/09/2018
Energetic Sunshine Coast trio The Unknowns are shaking up modern music with their driving beats, raw rock‘n’roll riffs and fresh punk attitude. ‘Forever Slaving Always Craving’ out 19-10-18.
‘Doin’ the Grind’ is the opening track (1 of 4) and lead single for The Unknown's second official EP ‘Forever Slaving Always Craving’, conveying the daily grind of forever slaving away to earn a living, always craving for something more. The music video light-heartedly captures the sentiment of a young band working through the average struggles of day-to-day life.

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Other tracks by The Unknowns:  Choke  -  From Where I Stand
Paper Tapir - Makes Me Melt     Rock, Garage, Punk 21/09/2018
Paper Tapir play original songs about the complexity and the simplicity of contemporary life. Direct and raw lyrics, underscored by swirling guitar, anchoring bass and drums- PT surprise and delight
Makes me melt is one of the first songs we ever wrote. The lyrics touch on the frustrating nature of self imposed inertia, which makes one emotionally numb. It was written sitting next to a box of apples.

Other tracks by Paper Tapir:  Placements  -  Blue and Green
Rich Black - Winter Comes A Calling     Rock, Blues 21/09/2018
Rich Black is all about rock drama. Producing music with many layers and moods which hopefully challenge and reward the listener is what the band is all about.
Its rock acoustic intro quickly enveloped by the string orchestration, the RB drive builds and a chilling guitar lead background ferries you to the icy world beyond. In time the bridge returns you to warmer territory. Soon enough the ice-wall of sound builds again taking you back to the frozen desert. The light has gone - fear the wolverine…

Other tracks by Rich Black:  Maggies Heart  -  Widdershins
Team Utopia - Strips Off My Soul     Rock 21/09/2018
Having gone through the necessary evolution and experimentation all the best bands go through, singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Nebe can now proudly say, will you please welcome Team Utopia
A modern alternative rock track from this Brisbane band, featuring two guys and two girls. The song is well crafted and catchy, with great sounds and a radio friendly chorus.

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The Wilds - Just a Mirror     Rock, Alternative Country 21/09/2018
Mixing a potent cocktail of earthy rock’n’roll, this rag- tag band of brothers are the sound of all our yesterday’s collapsing into now: honest, reflective, distinguished but primal as hell.
A slow-burner that hangs on a descending keyboard hook before rupturing on a wave of feedback-laden guitar. JUST A MIRROR is a subtle rumination on conflict that could be political, personal, both or neither. As is typical of The Wilds, there’s always space to find yourself.

Warbirds - Control     Rock, Rock, Rock, Grunge 21/09/2018
Warbirds are an Australian hard rock power trio.The band is best described as playing ‘hard rock’. Stylised by blending heavy groove riffs with melodic high melodies.
'Control' The first single from the EP.
Actually designed for a push towards radio stations, hoping for an audience who appreciates rock and misses it. To maybe notice the songs distorted waves ring through the speakers.
We were careful to keep the song as crisp, clear and fast pumping as possible.

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Other tracks by Warbirds:  My Symphony
Bored Shorts - Mistake     Rock, Garage, Pop 21/09/2018
We're just trying something new again.
Take from Bored Shorts' debut EP - "Looking Up"

Other tracks by Bored Shorts:  Caught Up  -  Fire
Scarlet Drive - Sad Robot     Rock 21/09/2018
Perth based Alternative Rock outfit Scarlet Drive effortlessly blend elements of Punk, Funk and Reggae to carve their unique sound.
Sad Robots opens with a subtle bass line and funk-laden guitars, erupting into a verse that will have you dancing the day away! The single is reminiscent of Brit Pop from a time before, combined with a modernistic take. Press play and get moving for the day!

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Baker's Eddy - Leave It To Me     Rock, Punk 21/09/2018
Having formed in 2009 as an escape from adolescent pressures and career expectations, Bakers Eddy found their sound listening to two and three chorded punk songs.
“It all began when we decided to make the move to Australian shores to pursue our dreams of writing and performing music for a living, a goal far more achievable within Melbourne as opposed to our home town of Wellington, New Zealand.”