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Breadcrumb Trail - I Can't Make You Stay     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 28/08/2019
Breadcrumb Trail is the DIY rock brainchild of Max Lyall (Astoria Paranoia) recording honest music as raw as possible with minimal alteration and production.
‘I Can’t Make You Stay’ is a heartfelt and grippingly honest open letter to the end of the longest of friendships, a situation which is better described through song than words.

Chalk - Sometimes Always     Rock, Alternative 28/08/2019
Chalk is a band from Brisbane, Australia. They originated in a shambolic East Brisbane share house in the 1990s.
Recently released single, The Sometimes Always sets the tone for the new album - a joyous blast of loud guitar pop belying a rather melancholy lyric.The other songs on the album pull from the band’s 1993-1995 period but this is no nostalgia trip

Other tracks by Chalk:  Robert  -  This is the story
Concrete Surfers - Shattered Thoughts     Rock, Indie 28/08/2019
Brisbane’s Concrete Surfers deliver huge walls of fuzz and bass with forward thinking lyrics and an anti-establishment flair.
Shattered Thoughts reflects a cry for help, and just getting things off your chest when you're struggling to cope with things.

Collectively as a band, we have been really branching out with the music that we listen to which has played a massive part in the way the song has shaped up.

Electric Badger - Not Anymore     Rock 28/08/2019
Electric Badger are a power trio who formed in 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia. The band plays their own brand of high energy hard rock originals.
A driving shuffle with hard rock overtones, and lyrics of alienation and resistance. Phil McTaggart- Guitar and Vocals , Charles Mackle- Bass, Bang Flerfalt- Drums.

Other tracks by Electric Badger:  Kiki Rosberg
New Nausea - Bright Bloody Blue     Rock, Folk, Alternative, Garage 28/08/2019
Featuring members of Methyl Ethel, Calmly and Jacob Diamond, New Nausea is a Perth-based band making explosive and affecting Alt-Folk/Rock.
Bright Bloody Blue is a light, summery song about hopelessness and existential terror. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Jordan Shakespeare (who has also worked with the likes of Stella Donnelly and Carla Geneve) and mastered by James Newhouse. It was recorded in a community hall between Albany and Denmark in WA.

Othrship - Beds Of Daffodils     Rock, Pop, Alternative 28/08/2019
Othrship occasionally visits the Earth. Descending from orbit to distribute an extra-terrestrial mix of multi-rhythmic, multi-dimensional Rock, Pop and Psychedelia to any fortunate Earthlings within range.
Bed Of Daffodils opens with a gorgeous guitar score, that is soon accompanied by an entrancing soundscape. Singer Henry Manuell's smooth vocals enter, drawing you into the world of Othrship. Easy going and beautiful, this track will take you on a true aural journey.

Other tracks by Othrship:  Sun On My Skin  -  Take Your Feelers Out
A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Connect to Consume     Rock, Garage, Punk 27/08/2019
The Hobart natives have amassed a fierce live following thanks to their raw, bold and at times, wild shows – heightened by the charismatic and enigmatic lead singer, Andrew Swayze.
In the words of A.Swayze & the Ghosts:

"We have accepted the prison and adorned the uniforms under the guise of convenience. We have connected and now we will consume.”

Bill Tolson & The Learners - New Life     Rock, Indie, Folk 27/08/2019
Bill Tolson is a Melbourne based singer song writer. Described as Earthy & Authentic.
New Life is a song I wrote after experiencing loss and expresses adapting to such change.

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Charlotte & The Harlots - Down     Rock, Pop, Garage 27/08/2019
Charlotte & The Harlots 2nd single off their upcoming Debut EP
Charlotte & The Harlots 2nd single off their upcoming Debut EP

Chris Aitken - All Good, Everything's Fine     Rock, Roots 27/08/2019
Multi-instrumentalist and former Melbourne Demons footballer, Chris Aitken writes thought-provoking songs (not unlike Shane Howard) about his experiences working with underprivileged Indigenous children in remote areas of Australia.
Chris says this song is about "the uncertainty of life for a young male who loses track of what really matters, caught up in a sometimes 'shallow' world, simply trying to fit in, but into what?"

Other tracks by Chris Aitken:  Lying In The Street Tonight  -  Don't Cry For Me
Electric State - Lesson     Rock, Roots, Metal 27/08/2019
Electric State are grunge rock band from Western Australia! a recipe mix of Alice in Chains, a dash of Black Sabbath, chopped with Rival Sons with a Pearl Jam infusion.
Synopsis: The chance to tell all the people that have put you down, that you going show them how you get it done. No matter what they say, what they do, you are your own person. It’s the chance to say what you really want to say.

Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilby, Sean Sennett - Monument City Lights, 1973     Rock, Pop 27/08/2019
A unique collaboration between Kate Ceberano (I’m Talking), Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Sean Sennett (Hirst + Sennett) has been revealed.
Recorded in studios between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the song is helmed by a classic bass line, chiming guitars, an ice-cold drum sound and a wonderful opening gambit as Ceberano and Kilbey trade lead lines.

Martin James - No Way Back     Rock, Acoustic, Country, Alternative Country 27/08/2019
Martin James' songs are reflective, dark and edgy with some tracks adopting a more gentle and intimate approach.
The track “No Way Back” uses the metaphor of a broken guitar string to illustrate the feeling of nothing going right. The track is up tempo and at times the guitar provides an almost country rhythm as Martin unleashes his frustration. Further using the guitar as a metaphor singing "like you, I now play hard and the buzz kills everything"

Pandamic - Sweater     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Punk 27/08/2019
Hailing from Rockhampton, rowdy rapscallions Pandamic return with their first 2019 release in 'Sweater' alongside a tongue-in-cheek video clip and news they'll be joining TOTTY nationally this September.
Hailing from Rockhampton, rowdy rapscallions Pandamic return with their first 2019 release in 'Sweater' alongside a tongue-in-cheek video and news they'll be joining TOTTY this September.

An ode to lost property, 'Sweater' is short, fast and loud - everything a good skater tune should be. Gritty guitar and a punchy snare underlay infectious vocal melodies born in the tour van.

Sputnik Sweetheart - Home Again     Rock, Pop 27/08/2019
Sputnik Sweetheart are a new indie-punk-rock hybrid out of Canberra. The band has built a reputation for delivering emotive, high-energy performances to SOLD OUT shows in their home-town and beyond.
'Home Again' is Sputnik Sweetheart’s sophomore single and precursor to the quartet’s upcoming EP ‘Growing Pains’, which is set to be released later in 2019. Strongly inspired by the current refugee crisis, the band works together to weave emotionally and politically charged lyrics into a catchy pop layout with a driving bass riff and reverb-drenched guitar tones.

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The Lone Unemployed Tradesman - Going up the country     Rock 27/08/2019
The lone unemployed tradesman is some bloke from Wagga who writes songs and plays and records them sometimes. His band is based in Perth for no good reason.
"Going up the country" has two slow quietier verses and two fast noisier verses and is a short song about well, going up the country after getting sick of city life and longing for the simple life and all that sort of thing.

Other tracks by The Lone Unemployed Tradesman:  Song
The Smith Street Band - I Am Nothing     Rock, Punk 27/08/2019
The Smith Street Band are set to release their first new music in three years.
The band have spent much of the last year building their very own off the grid recording studio in regional Victoria and I Am Nothing is one of two tracks recorded there for the first time.

Joan & The Giants - Wolves     Rock, Pop, Folk, Ambience 26/08/2019
Joan & The Giants are an alt-pop band from Perth, Western Australia creating emotional, powerful and lyrically charged music.
Wolves has a dark and haunting underlying tone, layered with a sense of hope. We wrote Wolves as a way of healing from a very challenging time in our lives, a time filled with toxicity and suffocating relationships. Our main hope for this song is that it brings that same sense of healing to whoever listens to it.

Jovi Skyler - Rocket     Rock, Punk, Grunge 26/08/2019
Jovi Skyler, an emerging Sydney singer/songwriter. Energetic, explosive and melodic alternative/punk rock permeated with an early 90’s spirit of escapism.
“Rocket” is about a girl who develops a drug habit during difficult times and struggles with addiction and the mental anguish it brings her.

Julia Why? - Discount Fragile     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Goth 26/08/2019
JuliaWhy? kinda sounds like a drowning Ophelia climbed out of the water, lit a cigarette and started a band to channel her sadness and rage.
Discount Fragile is the opening track to 'Hysteria!' a slow, drum and bass heavy serenade to surrendering to and coming back from the abyss. Can nihilism be sexy?

Other tracks by Julia Why?:  Sun In Your Eyes  -  Deadbeat