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SAMSARUH - Subvert     Rock, Soul, Pop 21/03/2019
Melbourne based Samsaruh has stormed into the Australian music scene with her stellar debut releases gaining huge radio support including having the #1 played track on triple j.
'Subvert'; a power packed punch of soul infused rock, with Samsaruh's killer vocals taking the song to new heights. The new single showcases again the range of Samsaruh's rock repertoire, produced and co-written by Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy. Announced alongside the new single is the news that Samsaruh will be delivering her debut EP in mid 2019.

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Art of Fighting - Your Love     Rock, Folk 20/03/2019
Premiered via Triple R Breakfasters and the Geoffrey O'Connor directed video clip by The Music - Art of Fighting share new single 'Your Love', out now via Remote Control Records.
Ollie Browne shares his insights on the track - "‘Your Love’ is about that feeling when what your fear the most in the world is the inability to contain and rationalise your love for someone. How that makes all the other genuinely terrifying things in both the internal and external world seem completely insignificant.”

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Syntax Error - The Four Distressed Waves Of Sleep     Rock, Experimental, Instrumental, Atmospheric 20/03/2019
Psychedelic post-rock music for the apocalypse. Based in Sydney, Australia and featuring two guitars, theremin, bass, drums and occasional vocals.
Thick vines of sound, guitar strings, descend to the forest floor. Intertwining streams of music flow along indigo and green paths. Drums leap like fleet animals from tree to tree. Guitars call to each other in the languages of the forest. It’s all a dream, a dream in waves.

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Rocket Ship Chaser - Dead End Street     Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock 20/03/2019
Our music's goal is for people to feel empathized with, comfortable with their flaws, confident in themselves and above all: Like they belong.
Dead End Street is about my childhood suburb. After growing up there what I realized a was I wasn't getting the exposure to positivity that I needed to take myself further in life. I wasn't seeing success happen in those around me, so it was hard to envision myself being successful in any way. So I learned from it instead.

Other tracks by Rocket Ship Chaser:  Waiting  -  Smile
Geo - The Rivers Ran     Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk 20/03/2019
Groovy, Funk-a-licious Prog Rock lightly seasoned with darkness and eccentricity.
A Prog Rock/ Metal ditty about the rivers, the mountains, the clouds, the land, the ocean, the light and of course the dark. Beware the sucker punch key changes and Transylvanian Piano grooves.

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Now In Colour - Manifest Destiny     Rock, Metal 20/03/2019
Now In Colour is a 3 piece progressive rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their debut self titled album was released on March 15, 2019.
Manifest Destiny and Seafoam marked a change where acoustic piano became a prominent feature of a number of tracks on the album. The verses use a relatively unusual 10/4 time signature, and the instrumentation and production style of the verses was inspired somewhat by the 7/4 parts in “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters.

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Other tracks by Now In Colour:  Seafoam  -  The Hourglass
Yeevs - Moving Magnets     Rock 20/03/2019
Sydney three-piece Yeevs new single from their debut album due out in mid 2019. combining elements of Indie Rock, Punk and power-pop.
‘Moving Magnets’ is the first listen from the forthcoming debut album, and their most inspired release to date. In essence, the song is a skewed take on personal perspectives. While navigating privilege, and good intention, the inherently paralytic ideals of self-doubt and rumination can cloud all judgement.

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Foxton Kings - Gold     Rock 20/03/2019
Perth's Foxton Kings play a brand of no-bullshit smouldering rock n' roll. Full of rhythmic swagger and oozing confidence, the band delivers a banquet of meaty riffs and catchy melodies.
“Gold was written while I was involved in a toxic relationship. Dumbing down the ego should be an enlightening and humbling experience, but I was hoping for some reciprocation. Once I reached my threshold, my ego gave out...Ultimately, it captures the resentment I felt towards a relationship that went sour, and the liberating feeling of breaking free of it.”

Martin Frylink - Matters     Rock, Retro, Blues, Garage 20/03/2019
Martin Frylink gives his listeners a thorough ear slapping with his riff riddled, high energy, retro rock which fuse with themes of faith, hope & love. It's a powerful combo.
Driving drums, a catchy guitar riff, gutsy vocals and some clever background electronica gives the listener a thorough ear slapping. 'Matters' continues Martin's artistic strategy of delivering big themed lyrics via a thoroughly enjoyable and intense musical experience.

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Oh White Mare - Goodnight and Goodbye     Rock 20/03/2019
Perth three piece Oh White Mare produce epically catchy, riff-filled indie rock packed with impeccable hooks and soaring melodies.
Harking back to the days when alternative radio was the oracle of quintessential music, Goodnight and Goodbye has every component it needs to set airwaves ablaze. Packed with impeccable hooks, singer Ross Wood's soaring melodies are perfectly espoused to his lyrics of romantic foreboding, carried by the kind of thick, fuzzed-out guitars that are indie rock's indelible signature.

The Kite Machine - Top Of The Hill     Rock, Funk 20/03/2019
Q heavy grooving riff rock band,
Top Of The Hill is a big fat riff rocking opus

Silver Citizen - Years Behind Me     Rock, Pop 20/03/2019
Brisbane Rock trio Silver Citizen deliver solid Alternative Rock with New Age, Hip-Hop/Rap-Rock and Pop influences, combining inventive composition with strong melodies and dynamic vocals across a constantly engaging repertoire.
“When I look into your eyes, I can see all of the years behind me” – ‘Years Behind Me’ is as deep as it is heavy. Full of introspection and longing, it reflects on moments from past relationships. The pre-chorus begs “open your eyes and see the light in me” – symbolism that is represented in the official music video.

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Fragile Animals - Come Down     Rock 20/03/2019
Fragile Animals are the emerging understated heroes of dreamy shoegaze rock in Australia. Luscious layering of guitars, subtle albeit hooky melodies quickly turn to earworms.
'Come Down' is a meticulously executed affair, as perfect in its understated nature as it is hooky and melodic. It's a luscious layering of shimmering guitars with Jenkins' subtle yet hooky melodies at the forefront - part indie pop, part shoegaze paragon.

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Prudence - Euphoria     Rock 20/03/2019
Prudence is the recording project of session bass player and composer, Tom Crandles (Au.Ra), whom thinks too much.
'Euphoria' is "a snaking track pitched on the no man’s land between dream pop and post-punk, the single’s languid haze belies an undercurrent altogether more insistent, a driving rhythm at the heart of the track upon which Crandles’ vocals surf, barely moving," as described by Various Small Flames.

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Dande and The Lion - Stardust     Rock, Easy Listening, Live Performance 20/03/2019
Dande and The Lion is a 5 piece female-fronted indie-rock band from Sydney. The band have been charming the music scene with captivating harmonies and powerful rhythms since their debut.
The track is inspired by Professor Brian Cox’s quote “we are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” Begging the listener to question their place in life and the universe at a larger scale, “Stardust” explores our ability to learn, adapt and evolve through life.

Funk Dancing For Self Defence - Pretend     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Pop 20/03/2019
3 young gentlemen from Werribee making loud, angsty in-your-face punk rock, just like ma' used to make.
Pretend is FDFSD’s most polished release to date. With help of producer Jon Grace and recorded at Brunswick’s Homesurgery Studios, Pretend is a glossy sing-a-long tune about the inner struggle for motivation and struggling to keep things together. The song features a huge, crushing chorus written to get punters chanting along.

Garden Island - Self-Destruction Blues     Rock, Garage, Grunge 20/03/2019
4 Piece Alternative Rock band out of Fremantle Western Australia. Garden Island's Second EP "Self-Destruction Blues" set to be released 15th of March 2019.
Upbeat energetic rock song with punchy guitar and synth riffs. The song describes early adulthood with vivid lyrics describing the bands hometown of Western Australia.

Other tracks by Garden Island:  Built  -  Stitch Me Up
Kirin J Callinan - The Whole of the Moon     Rock 20/03/2019
Following two albums of inimitable, challenging pop music that garnered global acclaim and marked him as entirely unique, a singular talent, Kirin J Callinan is back.
“The Whole of the Moon” is a melodramatic, heart wrenching rendition of the original, coming off as the theme song to the greatest 80s sitcom you never saw. The intro was improvised by Drew Erickson while the outro borrows from Bruce Hornsby’s “That’s Just The Way It Is.”

Last Lions - Sleep Forever     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 20/03/2019
Alt punk from Perth, for fans of Smith Street, Hockey Dad & Slowly Slowly.
"Last Lions have been performing the track since their early days, playing gigs in their mates’ backyards. The song carries years of experience, and in those years, the band have built a truly captivating sound for themselves." - Happy Mag.

Sleep Forever is about not knowing exactly why you're unhappy, and therefore not knowing how to fix it.

Laura Imbruglia - Carry You Around     Rock, Pop, Garage, Folk 20/03/2019
Laura Imbruglia has been releasing records since the early noughties. With broad music taste, she has covered almost all genres from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country and psychedelic rock.
Carry You Around’ gives a nostalgic sound of 90s indie rock. Imbruglia showcases unique lyrical insights with punchy vocals backed by jangly guitars and bass player Kelly Dingeldei flawless harmonies. ‘Carry You Around’ is the perfect segway to the impending release of the forthcoming LP 'Scared Of You'.