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Remora - I'll Be Creepin'     Rock 01/04/2019
Remora are a Melbourne based rock band who specialise in recording modern versions of their classic rock heroes, including Free, Zeppelin, Deep Purple and more
Melbourne band Remora's I'll Be Creepin' is a cover of the classic rock track by Free.

Bradley Stone - Limitless     Rock, Pop, Blues, Acoustic 29/03/2019
Bradley Stone returns with new single ‘Limitless’. Written in Brisbane’s Old Museum, a striking space that inspired its anthemic sound, ‘Limitless’ is the second single from Bradley's forthcoming EP ‘Puzzles.’
'Limitless' came to life during a time of struggle for Stone and the song's creation in itself helped him to move towards a kind of personal rebirth. 'Limitless' was co-written by Alex Henricksson, a songwriter who at the time had just wrapped working on Matt Corby's infamous Telluric album, an artist that has been an ongoing inspiration for Stone.

Gaspar Sanz - Meanderthal     Rock, Pop 29/03/2019
Dom, Sammy, Jesse & Jimmy are a four piece band from Sydney who cover a wide array of musical genres (ranging from pop to folk) and settled on a sound.
The major theme of this EP is the notion that we all really know nothing at all. We're all meandering through life, lurching from thing to thing without ever truly understanding the significance of it all. Taking comfort and solace in more simple/seemingly mundane elements of life is a beautiful and powerful thing. It’s something everyone needs to do more

Househats - Stuck on Repeat     Rock, Garage, Pop 29/03/2019
Househats are post-millennial malaise come to life spitting and kicking at life’s frustrations and moribund fantasies — but still imbued with a resilient spirit that refuses to stay down.
Stuck on Repeat features on Househats' debut album Running Out Of Time, and sees the pummelling monotony of being stuck in a seemingly endless cycle turned to music form.

Other tracks by Househats:  Get It Done  -  Broken Watch In A Parking Lot
Opelousas - Dear John     Rock, Blues 29/03/2019
Opelousas whip up a lil gumbo to wile away the hours with a feast of grit and glory. A roux of rough raw vocals, guitar, fiddle and swamp soaked percussion.
The combined force of smoky blues star Kerri Simpson, country/blues rocker Alison Ferrier and drummer Anthony "Shorty" Shortte, Opelousas release their first single. Written by the trio, ‘Dear John’ sees Opelousas break out of the belly of the blues as rock’n’roll runaways, while maintaining the swampy sound that sets them apart.

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Young Monks - Good Morning     Rock, Funk, Psychedelic, Pop 29/03/2019
Canberra five-piece Young Monks have spent the past three years creating and refining their infectious blend of neo-psychedelic rock, crafting trippy and exciting musical odysseys all completely self-produced.
An ode to starting the day right, ‘Good Morning’ is about embracing the best part of the day and welcoming the sunrise into your body. In Young Monks’ signature funky-rhythmic style, the track features an infectious guitar lick with warm, uplifting horns ablaze that paired with layered harmonies, an upbeat melody and vivid production, create the ultimate psychedelic chiller.

Totally Unicorn - Prized Pig     Rock, Punk, Metal 28/03/2019
Sydney’s wildest quartet, with their own brand of party punk.
'Prized Pig' is a jagged riff monster that serves as a not-so-subtle middle finger to body shamers and unsolicited opinions about how someone looks.

Kieran Wicks - Things Start Speeding Up     Rock 27/03/2019
A rock'n'roll romantic, blues storyteller and song-writing journeyman, this master of the guitar is set to charm audiences with his phenomenal voice, cheeky wit and gritty, animated crossroads tales.
This is a song about heartbreak, reflection, desperation, and loss of control, but with an overwhelming sense of resolve and purpose. It has a distinct darkness, passion, and smoky atmosphere to it, that sets a defiant tone for Sticking to My Guns.

Other tracks by Kieran Wicks:  Sticking to My Guns  -  Running in Slow Motion
Helena Pop - Punk's Dead     Rock, Electronic, Punk, Pop 26/03/2019
Helena Pop play experimental punk art-pop, and you can too. They just want you to have a good time, and for you to let others have a good time.
We've ditched acoustic guitar for synthesisers. We took inspiration from Ball Park Music and Sports Bra and found the exact synth sound used on 'Smile Like You Mean It'. It's us at our most 'pop' yet. Jack says: "The music style is mean to be ‘anti traditional punk’ but mostly we just had a lot of fun with synths.”

Damien Johnson - Make Me Hate Me     Rock, Britpop, Punk, Pop 25/03/2019
Damien Johnson currently lives in Ipswich QLD, but was previously from Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Armidale. He's a perpetual student with degrees in Education, Psychology and Theology
This song describes the experience of being caught in an abusive, codependent relationship, where you simultaneously feel a pull to leave but also think you love the person and need to stay.

Harry Phillips - Unexpected     Rock 25/03/2019
The second single from singer/songwriter Harry Phillips. Laid back, dreamy acoustic with Harry's pure tone at the forefront.
The follow up to Harry Phillips' debut single Emma, which hit No. 1 on the Airit charts when it released in late 2018. This is Harry's second single, a beautifully melodic, yet "unexpectedly" mournful song about a failed relationship (based on his own experience), which he says still hurts him when he listens to it. He's obviously doing something right.

Porcine Assembly Line - Red Headed Step Mule     Rock, Punk 25/03/2019
Porcine Assembly Line is the current solo project from Bendigo musician Brodie Roberts. With a sure and angry voice, Brodie explores themes of human depravity, deprivation and violence.
Short, fast and loud. Red Headed Step Mule is a riffy little punk song with thick guitars and aggressive vocals. It's basic and short, but riddled with sarcastic wit and fury.

Other tracks by Porcine Assembly Line:  Hammurabi
The Colby's - Telephone     Rock, Pop 25/03/2019
The Colby’s aim to combine the magic of the 70’s and by the new breed of music today to create something new and special.
A funky, melodic and boppy tune while still being emotional

The Colby's - The Gram     Rock, Retro, Pop 25/03/2019
The Colby’s blend some of the funky attributes of the 70s with the more modern indie grooves of today, while still creating something new and unfamiliar.
A heavy riff based song, full of aggression in both the lyrics and music.

Other tracks by The Colby's:  Rain
Beau Lightning - Don't Get Bit     Rock, Pop, Dance 22/03/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, the moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'nRoll is the name of the game.
Don’t Get Bit is somewhat a fantasy about unrealistically rekindling a relationship you know was unhealthy and hurt you in the past, but still having the desire to see where it could go. In a more general sense, the song is saying be careful, don’t jump into another relationship that will essentially be the same as the last one.

MinorFigures - About April     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 22/03/2019
Combine the harsh vocals from Bush with the fuzzed out riffs of Nirvana, and you’ll create what is the alternative rock, grunge rooted sound that is Minor Figures.
About April is a hard hitting, explosive song about a boy with conflicting thoughts about a girl.

The Chats - Pub Feed     Rock, Garage, Punk 22/03/2019
Self proclaimed "shed rock" band from the Sunny Coast, 4573.
“Pub Feed” is an ode to being at your sticky carpet local on a Tuesday night because all you want is a good pub feed and a happy hour schooner.

The Naddiks - Merry Go Round     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Experimental 22/03/2019
The Naddiks are an alternative Australian Rock Band, digging deeper into our culture and speaking truths
Merry Go Round is a pole ride into the abyss of lust and confusion

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The Spring Peaks - Coming Of Age     Rock, Rock 22/03/2019
The Spring Peaks sound is fun, feel-good, sunshine-pop which channels nostalgic Australiana vibes. With songwriting that shadows greats like Springsteen and Dylan it has developed into their own signature sound.
Produced once again with Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May), the track packs a punch from the get-go, wearing everything that is great and quickly becoming signature for the Western Australian outfit loudly on their sleeve - hooky, honest and clever songwriting, solid lead guitar, a warm rhythm section and a bold Australian twang in the vocals.

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KENENY - Pressure     Rock, Pop 21/03/2019
From Melbourne Australia, KENENY's latest release, Pressure, has drawn comparisons to James Bond, Adele, and Sia. Stay tuned, as KENENY continues to surprise and keep fans excited for what's next.
Pressure is a track that explores themes of breaking free of expectation through performance. His first public single release, this epic sounding pop-rock tune has drawn comparisons to Adele, Sia, and James Bond themes. KENENY's high soaring vocals set the tone for a perfect launch into an exciting career trajectory.