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Preston Pierce - Return of the Prodigal Son     Rock, Pop, Electronic 27/09/2018
Preston Pierce is an independent solo artist and Australian singer/songwriter/producer based out of Brisbane, Queensland.
An upbeat, self reflective, positive track, about returning to music, forgiveness and acceptance.

Other tracks by Preston Pierce:  Agent Orange  -  The Incredible Disappearing Man
Señor Tabby - New Wave Fascism     Rock, Reggae 27/09/2018
Funk + grunge + jams = Señor Tabby
On an aural bed of laid back reggae grooves, washing and waving into peaks of fuzzed out rock; Señor Tabby dive into the topic of white male privilege, border control and refugee status.

Other tracks by Señor Tabby:  Mansplosion! (radio edit)  -  Animal Fire
Shepparton Airplane - Like You     Rock 27/09/2018
Shepparton Airplane are from Melbourne and their album Almurta was heralded by The Australian as, “wiry lo-fi post-punk in the vein of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Minutemen and Fugazi.”
"Like You" is the third song lifted from the Shepparton Airplane's second album Almurta. The song perfectly captures the balance of the album's abrasive post-punk guitar sound, pounding rhythm section and highlights — without any fear — the band's craft of writing songs laden with memorable pop hooks.

Teenage Dads - Sunburnt     Rock, Pop 27/09/2018
With a unique variety of music, Teenage Dads take a modern spin on the psych pop/rock sounds from the 1960’s, noted for their charismatic performances and high energy.
Sunburnt is “about finally moving forward from an unhealthy relationship and feeling really really good about it, like dancing down the street vibes. We wanted to emulate a great feeling of joy through the music".

The Iron Eye - Conscience Cleaner     Rock 27/09/2018
The Iron Eye are a rock trio hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Having just returned from Tom Larkin's "Studios In The City", the band are preparing to unleash their next EP.
The Iron Eye's latest offering "Conscience Cleaner" is a frenetic 3 minutes of fuzzed-out, self-diagnosed destruction. Producer Tom Larkin described the trio's new sonic assault as sounding like "The Prodigy.. if they were a rock band." with a driving rhythm section flavoured with the tones of 90's Drum & Bass pulsating under Nick Lythall's punchy and energetic vocals.

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The Pretty Littles - Hills Hoist     Rock, Garage 27/09/2018
The Pretty Littles are a four-piece garage rock band from Melbourne with a knack for creating yell-alongs that have seen them sell out venues across the country several times over.
"Hills Hoist is about an old man who wonders around his house doing really mundane things. I pictured my Nanna and Grandpas house in Ocean Grove. They were classic Grand Parents with a well stocked lolly jar, custard and diet lemonade in the fridge. Empty houses are always kind of dark when they used to have more people in it."

The Pretty Littles - Runnin Outta Steam     Rock, Garage 27/09/2018
The Pretty Littles are a four-piece garage rock band from Melbourne with a knack for creating yell-alongs that have seen them sell out venues across the country several times over.
This song is Emo as fark, lots of yelling, fun to play live.

Other tracks by The Pretty Littles:  Flags and Stones
Treehouses - OLD FRIENDS     Rock, Experimental, Punk, Folk 27/09/2018
Treehouses make music that both breaks your heart and patches it back up again. Lush female/male harmonies sit amongst a collage of spoken word, romantic synth swells and guitar lines.
Now, the band is thrilled to release OLD FRIENDS, a track that is unforgettable in its striking vocals and relentless build. Telling of the excited delirium of burgeoning relationships, OLD FRIENDS untangles our beautiful but complicated feelings, rising powerfully, rousing us to feel everything, as Treehouses’ music often does.

Rose Carleo Band - Faded Tattoo     Rock, Blues, Rock 26/09/2018
Rose Carleo Band seamlessly fuse the elements of riffs, grooves, melody and infectious hooks. They are Rose Carleo (Vocals/guitar), Mick Adkins (guitar), Steve King (Bass) and Mick O’Shea (Drums).
‘Faded Tattoo’, showcases the member’s true blues-rock leanings. The tone, groove and emotion perfectly captures the essence and undying bond of mateship. It carefully carries the underlying theme of the passing of a very dear friend while simultaneously balancing the melancholy with uplifting reminiscing of the glory days. The ‘Faded Tattoo’ is the constant reminder of those times.

Laruina Sue - Dark Side     Rock 26/09/2018
She writes and produces her own tracks, plays guitar, piano, synth, drums, sings and shouts!
Her debut single “Dark Side” is uptempo and high energy, inspired by 80s synth pop fused with contemporary rock and a killer chorus

The Buoys - Arm Wrestle     Rock, Pop 26/09/2018
Equal parts sweet and savoury, The Buoys are going to fill your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones and honest raw lyrics.
"Arm Wrestle is about addressing the reality of a situation. I had to explore if my thoughts were rational, or if I was making things up in my head and self sabotaging. It’s an exploration of what it’s like to gaslight yourself, only to find out your gut was right and you weren’t paranoid after all.” - Zoe, The Buoys

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100 - If I Give Myself     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Psychedelic 26/09/2018
Scuzzy, nimble, post punk quartet
Screeching guitars soaked in reverb, raw n heavy drumming and a hoarse vocal spitting blood and gravel over the lot of it, If I Give Myself is an object lesson in post-punk principle.

As A Rival - What We Got     Rock, Punk 26/09/2018
Beginning from an accumulation of bedroom demos, the plan for As A Rival was to be challenged musically and become a rival to what was on offer.
Pete Cerni, vocalist for the band, said that "It’s hard not to focus on the negative. It’s hard enough when it’s your own fight, but watching it happen to someone close to you can be debilitating and make you feel helpless. What We Got addresses the internal struggle that comes with failed attempts to try and comfort those in need"

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Fight Ibis - Red Door     Rock, Psychedelic 26/09/2018
Fight Ibis, named Triple J Feature Artist in 2017, have had quite the introduction to the national scene, popping up on industry radars with a steady release of punchy singles.
Eclectic Sunshine Coast Indie Rock act FIGHT IBIS are back from cosmic hibernation with new single 'Red Door', announcing a 9 date East Coast Tour next month.

'Red Door', the fourth single on the newly released 'Maddie Had a Caravan' EP (iTunes), takes the band on a psychedelic journey with a more laid back and explorative approach than previous releases.

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Inklines - Back To Me     Rock 26/09/2018
Inklines are a 3-piece rock band from Sydney. Forming in 2017, Inklines already have a national tour, several singles and supports with British India and more under their belt.
This boppy, 70's inspired tune rounds out and closes off the EP on a high note. An arpeggiated guitar riff over an earwig bass line and a huge chorus featuring Lachlan West on backing vocals, all laid over a thumping drum track, makes this the perfect outro song.

Other tracks by Inklines:  Willing And Able  -  Mylar
Lese Majesty - Age of Outrage     Rock 26/09/2018
The outfit began as a creative outlet for vocalist Jodie Gibson and bassist Joel Henderson in the basement of a Sydney share house in 2015.
The duo, Jodie Gibson (vocalist) and Joel Henderson (guitarist and songwriter), have joined forces with producer Luke Palmer (Dead Letter Circus guitarist) for the song - and have also featured drummer Luke Williams of Dead Letter Circus on the track. Add to that, mixing credits to Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Cog, Shihad), and you have something of a special broth brewing.

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Neighbours - Bubble     Rock, Garage, Punk, Live Performance 26/09/2018
A rough and ready female fronted garage punk outfit known for their melodramatic live shows. They have been described as Xray Specs with 90's guitar and the sound of 1983.
Bubble sees Jorja's heady vocals colliding with Amasaki's inventive riffs and Dean's billowing bass. Bubble invokes the claustrophobia of inner city insular living in Sydney 2018.

Reliqa - Hangman     Rock 26/09/2018
Reliqa is the four piece alternative metal band that has been on the Central Coast, NSW scene for a year now. Their debut EP ‘Afterlight’ was released early 2018.
Reliqa’s new single, ‘Hangman’, is a foreboding caution, and an anthem of tragedy. It opens the door to a story that Reliqa are carefully crafting. 'Hangman' is available today in Spotify. A hard-out track that opens on a piano riff, then doesn't mess around getting to the point.

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ROSSA - Close Your Eyes     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 26/09/2018
Rossa is a independent solo artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter originally from Ireland
A song about abuse

Blue Velvet - Make You Stay     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 25/09/2018
The last six months have been massive for lovable punks Blue Velvet their latest killer singles Stay Inside All Day and Wasted Youth signifying a dramatic evolution in the band.
A subversion of the classic love song; Make You Stay isn't written for a romantic partner, its a commitment from each member of Blue Velvet to each other and to the people that have followed them on their journey.