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Streetlight Foxes - Midnight Walk     Rock, Britpop, Pop, Punk 29/11/2018
Alt Rock band that'll remind you of when Green Day's American Idiot was released, Panic! At the Disco didn't just consist of Brendan Urie & when MCR were still kicking!
Midnight Walk is the debut single from Streetlight Foxes which fuses old school emo vibes with the bands alt-pop-rock roots. This song will remind you of old school Panic! At The Disco, Green Day and The Killers!

Other tracks by Streetlight Foxes:  City Lights  -  What We've Become
darvid thor - Get Out     Rock, Psychedelic, Retro, Pop 29/11/2018
At times anxious and quietly anguished, tender and candid, Darvid makes skewed indie-rock music. It's woozy, introspective and intimate; a collection of jangled guitars, warped synths and warm tenor voice.
Darvid Thor delivers a skewed pop ballad, revealing a different side from his past singles. With fluid, floating textures and lyrics plucked from a head resting on a morning pillow, there’s an eerie intimacy to it. “‘Get Out’ is quite literally about trying to get out of your own way... out of your head."

Lost Woods - My Amazon     Rock, Pop, Acoustic 29/11/2018
Lost Woods are an Indie Rock five piece from Adelaide. Comprising of an eclectic mix of soaring vocals, jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section.
My Amazon is an upbeat, summery, indie pop sing-along. My Amazon addresses the expectations placed on our lives by others. The uncertainty of pursuing a creative dream, at the expense of a stable job and financial stability. And the internal and external battle for acceptance that goes with that.

Dyer Maker - Delay     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 23/11/2018
Dyer Maker are an indie 5-peice from Newcastle NSW. If you're into anthemic surf rock, with a slight psychedelic twist, inquire within. Sitting between Ocean Alley and Arctic Monkeys.
The anthemic nature of Delay perfectly complements the track’s exploration into the human psyche and the ability to transcend situation due to self-discovery. Prominent imagery in this surf-rock sing along track, makes Delay the quintessential accompaniment of summer road trips.

Heinous Crimes - Lies     Rock, Psychedelic 23/11/2018
4 Piece Psychedelic rock band from Adelaide with a fresh and unique blend of psychedelic, desert rock and alternative rock elements that make up the Heinous Crimes sound.
Lies is a hypnotic and explosive track featuring a massive chorus with soaring reverb drenched vocals, a driving rhythm section and melodic intertwining guitar work. Lies is the first taste off the upcoming second Heinous Crimes EP offering ‘Popular Music for Popular People’ due for release in 2019.

Incomplete - My Girlfriend’s Perfume Reminds Me of You     Rock 23/11/2018
Incomplete are a hard rock punk band from WA. We sing about life, satire, observations and our personal relationships - sharing love, fun and experiences
With a tongue in cheek title, this track takes a dark turn once the true nature of the narrator’s reminiscence is revealed.

Other tracks by Incomplete:  Cold Light of Day  -  Useless Company
Smoke Rings - Camcorder     Rock, Britpop, Pop 23/11/2018
Smoke Rings are songs of futility and sadness dressed in glittery guitar hooks, laconic vocals and shimmering tambourine.
The first and only release for 2018, Camcorder has been a long time coming. A commentary on mediocrity and submitting to 'settling down', this single applies strong hooks and pop sensibilities to dress it's dark content in a reverb wash of catchy guitar.

Valentina Brave - I Met A Man     Rock 23/11/2018
Valentina Brave’s vintage rock, murder ballads and soul anthems come directly from the underworld.
Unapologetic and unforgiving, this vintage rock bomb, reminiscent of a 70’s Betty Davis style anthem, is a heavy soul war-cry against the status quo. Valentina Brave holds nothing back on a full force performance where her epic voice wails a warning to ‘the man’ that ‘you can only wash yourself clean as your darkest sin’.

Syntax Error - Time In Reverse     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Experimental 22/11/2018
Psychedelic post-rock for the apocalypse.
Time In Reverse shimmers on an inverted ocean sky. Before long we are plunging down a rabbit hole of mysteries and unanswered questions. Pearl drop guitars give way to gnashing rocks that threaten our little boat on the ocean sky that has begun to liquidly turn itself back on itself in a Moebius loop of time.

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Hideous Sun Demon - Ssppuunnkk     Rock, Punk, Garage, Psychedelic 22/11/2018
Hideous Sun Demon ooze raw untamed energy. This three-piece band bring with them a unique blend of psych-punk garage rock that packs a punch.
Embodying the chaotic raw energy synonymous with Hideous Sun Demon’s signature blend of psych-punk rock, ‘Ssppuunnkk’ is a dark, sludgy and explosive tune, full of twists and turns bound to hypnotize and make you bop to the mellifluous groove.

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Sputnik Sweetheart - Love You Best     Rock, Pop 22/11/2018
Sputnik Sweetheart is an emerging Canberra based alternative rock band. Their original sound reflects an eclectic taste in music, drawing from a variety of Rock, Punk and Jazz influences.
"Love You Best is as smooth as it is energetic. Sputnik Sweetheart are encapsulating different aspects of a few styles here and it’s impressive to see them melt it in as a whole" - Tom, Editor @ CBR DIY

Grand Pine - Feel Alone     Rock, Folk 21/11/2018
Taking inspiration from artists such as Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Father John Misty, Boy and Bear and Husky, Grand Pine create their own style of Modern Folk Rock.
Feel Alone was written in the midst of a small crisis in which the loss of faith in everything I've worked for/on overcomes you and you feel useless to the current of the world around you. It also suggests that sometimes what you think you've wanted all along isn't all its cracked up to be.

Maroota Joe - Scum     Rock 21/11/2018
Progressive Hard Rock from Sydney Australia
“Scum” is a five minute vacuum of intensity that pulls the listener into moments of dark, peaceful, mellow verses then pushing them into a fierce, stabby chorus, leaving you feeling as if you’ve been shoved into a mosh pit right at the moment that you were feeling the pull to jump in and let loose.

Chakra Efendi - Mia     Rock, Pop 20/11/2018
19 y/o Chakra Efendi has always used late nights as a sufferer of insomnia to hone his songwriting skills, forming the backbone of his poetic, introspective and cathartic solo work.
"The ‘Mia’ addressed in the track isn’t about any person in-particular, but is the human embodiment of mental illness. These issues can harm people mentally and physically, just as a real person could. We all struggle from time to time and it’s important to talk about our problems and not keep quiet." - Chakra Efendi

Shrimpwitch - Leerers     Rock, Garage, Punk, Rockabilly 20/11/2018
Shrimpwitch entered the collective consciousness of punters in 2015, playing countless shows - all the while challenging the notion of what a live show should be, including jokes and banter.
Leerers is about trying to say no to creeps and leerers when you feel backed up against the wall. It's inspired from two experiences I've had while performing. So it's self-referential, in that when I'm performing live, I'm literally screaming at people that "I'm not here for you to leer". But through song - I'm actually screaming at you- live!

Cedarsmoke - Let The Wind Blow     Rock, Garage, Grunge 19/11/2018
Grab a bit of charm and grace and rub it in the dirt, put some grease over it and you’ll have something like this Brisbane-based slacker-rock 5-piece, Cedarsmoke.
‘Let The Wind Blow’ has the band aptly highlight the relatable mundane, circadian way of life. Imbued with a tender sense of despair, it cuts to the core about being tied down, trying to break away from “Invisible chains” and to ultimately to just let it blow and let it take you where it wants to.

Karise Eden - Gimme Your Love     Rock, Blues, Chill, Easy Listening 19/11/2018
Karise Eden is the powerful and engrossing blues vocalist that shot to fame at the age of 19 after winning the The Voice Season 1.
'Gimme Your Love' is the second single from Karise Eden's new album 'Born To Fight', coming out on Friday, November 23.

This song shows her fiery side and her passion for blues, rock’n roll and even the results of it being an amazing power ballad and chilled song to listen anytime, anywhere.

Midnight Creatures - Hope and Faith     Rock, Goth, Metal 19/11/2018
Dark, emotional rock/metal with a gothic flavour.
This track is a big anthemic number about the dichotomy between hope and faith and the cyclical relationship they share.

Other tracks by Midnight Creatures:  Daylight  -  Salt of My Earth
131's - Northbound     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 17/11/2018
Despite the multitude of ways the genre has been disputed and diluted, the spirit of punk rock has always remained, at its core, a state of mind.
Northbound is a tune about my time and relationships in Hamilton, NZ when I was 17. Some of the best times of my life. Things changed at the drop of a hat back then and life was always turbulent, full of passion and chaos. Eventually it all spun out and things started to fold.

Other tracks by 131's:  The Undertow
A Lesser Ego - Da Ee Yah     Rock, Pop 17/11/2018
A Lesser Ego is a commercial rock act that delivers a powerful anthemic sound designed specifically for the rock god in all of us.
Have you ever tried to describe that feeling when your at the tail end of a bender?

A Lesser Egos Anthemic track Da Ee Yah manages to do just that with its gritty tribal drum intro and a Queen-Esque guitar solo, this song is sure to make it into your weekend playlist.

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