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Sarah EiDA - Blood & Bone     Rock 29/11/2018
Sarah EiDA is an Alternative Rock warrior that carries raw emotion through her music. Her sound is fused through the echoes of desert blues with a gothic edge.
Sarah Eida's new single 'Blood and Bone' is a Gothic Australian hard rock anthem with its roots in QOTSA, BRMC and P. J. Harvey. With a sound born under the grey Melbourne skies, in the back-alley beer stained pubs of Brunswick and Collingwood, her Hellhound vocals and Bloodstained guitar tones paint a sonic, Dystopian apocalypse of blues and deranged soul.

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Mollydooker - BLUE     Rock, Rock 29/11/2018
Mollydooker are a four piece rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.Mollydooker are just a band that cant say no to a bit of crunch, volume and the odd 5/4 bar.
BLUE is the second single to be released by Mollydooker.

Give me something more, Than this never changing game
We are but puppets on a string
Give me something, give me more
As I sway to the floor, There is no escaping chains
We are but puppets on a string
Shades of you, blue

Other tracks by Mollydooker:  Bitter
Murray Darling - Summer Of (69)     Rock, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Alternative Country 29/11/2018
Murray Darling,Mid Twenties,Binge Drinker,Overweight,Underachiever.Sydney Garage Punk
‘Summer Of (69)’ is an instant Australian classic and perfect combination for your BBQ this summer. Murray Darling poetically encapsulates the true essence of an Australian summer – backyard cricket, prawns, pavlova, scorching sun, family and all.

Tired Lion - With Or Without     Rock, Grunge 29/11/2018
Beloved Perth rockers Tired Lion today return with a mammoth new single, ‘With Or Without,’ and with it kick off the exciting next phase of their career.
‘With Or Without’ is one of the best singles of Tired Lion's career – laden from top-to-toe with singalong hooks, addictively crunchy guitar lines, and a sweeping, atmospheric production sound, care of producer, Luke Boerdam (of Violent Soho fame).

The Limbs - Drop The Act     Rock, Grunge, Britpop, Punk 29/11/2018
"Punk furnishing with an 90’s alternative-rock interior and a shoegazey front lawn.” - Perth 4-piece The Limbs. sound like My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Shoegaze, Punk
Drop The Act is about about wanting to know the true nature of someone - intimacy on a deep level without some artifice that’s a product of insecurity. There’s a yearning to this song; emotional, and ties into the theme of the 'Dive In' EP about not thinking, just feeling. The search for the one's true self.

Other tracks by The Limbs:  Dive In  -  Bodies
PYNES - HUMERUS     Rock, Garage, Experimental 29/11/2018
We're back, baby! Drawing inspiration from acts like Savages, The Drones and Patti Smith.
HUMERUS builds into screaming chaos and features PART DOZEN's Kirsty Tickle on saxophone and Jonathan Boulet on mixing and mastering duties. Fronted by vocalist / guitarist Mel Tickle with drummer Jacob Hicks and guitarist / bassist Pat Elliott, PYNES is a Brisbane based three-piece that combines moody, wraithlike vocals with layered, textured guitars.

Spiral Perm - VISITOR     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Grunge 29/11/2018
3-piece Melbourne band, Ali E (Damn Terran, Heavy Beach, Little Athletics, Mod Vigil, Ali E Band) Kate Koomen (Bunny Monroe), and Rita Khayat (Moon Cup) come together and make tunes.
Visitor is about fully welcoming refugees.

CLEWS - Crushed     Rock, Garage 29/11/2018
CLEWS are comprised of sisters Lily and Grace Richardson, Having released their debut single ‘Museum’ in February this year, sister duo CLEWS are back with the candied-grunge ‘Crushed’.
CLEWS describe the song, saying “Crushed is how you feel when everything overwhelms you … the song is about salient moments that cut through the sensory overload”.

“Crushed” was co-produced by Grammy and ARIA Award winner Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Bruce Springsteen) with Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Wolf Alice, Nothing But Thieves).

BLACK WHISKEY - Raising Hell     Rock 29/11/2018
Influenced by Australia's great pub rock acts such as Rose Tattoo, The Angels and AC/DC, Black Whiskey deliver that good old arse kicking rock we all so much enjoy.
Raising Hell is a track about being in a band, being on the road and all things that come with it. From the upside of 'Raising Hell' and loving it, to the sometimes downside of living the so called rock n roll dream. Different towns, Living out of suitcases and wondering if you're going to get paid.

Other tracks by BLACK WHISKEY:  Slot Machine
Bill Tolson & The Learners - Young Man (Single version)     Rock, Pop 29/11/2018
Bill Tolson has been a key figure in Melbourne music since the 80s. Performing in the band As Clear As Day, opening Greville Records and eventually founding Rampant Releases.
Young Man (Come Home Soon) - A song about family estrangement and the plea from a family to have their son return to them.

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Melodie Jade - Dead Meadow     Rock, Acoustic, Cover Version, Pop 29/11/2018
Melodie Jade's live music performance has been described as being a female Jeff Buckley...
Dead Meadow is a cover of a Black Label Society Song and is the first track off Melodie Jade's debut album Everything That Is.

Other tracks by Melodie Jade:  Certainly  -  Here We Are
Ceres - Kiss Me Crying     Rock, Punk 29/11/2018
After a string of sold out shows across Aus in support of Viv In The Front Seat, Ceres have returned to tug at your heartstrings with Kiss Me Crying.
So Kiss Me Crying is a zoom in. A piece of Viv in the Front Seat, taken apart and put back together. It’s thinking about dying. It’s about people who have died. It’s about a life I want to live, and fuck-knows if I ever will. God, I hope so.

Eastbound Buzz - Bluestar     Rock, Blues, Roots, Pop 29/11/2018
Eastbound Buzz are an indie rock band based in Melbourne with strong Americana and Heartland Rock tendencies, reminiscent of Ryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen’s more reflective moments
Bluestar is an atmospheric, nostalgia-tinged rocker with strong Americana and Heartland Rock tendencies, reminiscent of Ryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen’s more reflective moments.

Jess Ribeiro - Love Is The Score Of Nothing     Rock 29/11/2018
Premiered on Double J's Mornings with Zan, Jess Ribeiro has released her new single ‘Love Is The Score Of Nothing’, out now via Barely Dressed/Remote Control Records.
The new single is something of an indie-rock banger, signalling a new sound for an artist whose previous albums explored a kind of intricate folk-noire. This time round Ribeiro recalls the nonchalant coolness of the great French female vocalists of the 1960’s. Her vocal performance is detached while a delightful jangle of guitars, drums, keys and percussion swirls happily underneath.

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Headcage - The Walk     Rock, Psychedelic 29/11/2018
Freddie Mercury got his teeth fixed and started a band in 2015.
This single represents sounds and stories from nightfall to sunrise mixing classic rock songs with Latin rhythms and psychedelic musical landscapes. This album also utilises multiple stereo and high definition binaural recordings to fully liberate the senses.

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Beijing Bikini - On     Rock, Pop 29/11/2018
The band play a distinctive brand of post punk pop and have caught the eye of followers since debuting in 2017.
'On' is a song that aims to capture the experience of nursing home life. It is a story based upon a very young woman who lived her last years in a nursing home.

Other tracks by Beijing Bikini:  Time
Terry - Oh Helen     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Punk 29/11/2018
Four piece punk band from Melbourne with members of Primo, Constant Mongrel, Total Control and Dick Diver. These friendly sausages dabble with various instruments and genres.
Oh Helen is Terry's take on Helen Clark's cultural faux pas in New Zealand. Is it important to know whats going on? yes! do you want to offend anyone? no! Empathy rules okay

Other tracks by Terry:  Jane Roe  -  Crimes
Sleepy West - Blood & Wine     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 29/11/2018
Sleepy West are a folk-inspired five piece from Bendigo. Their style isn’t defined, but Americana/country come to mind. The mix of country twang and pop hooks will stay with you.
This was written whilst driving out to meet up with my girlfriend, fully knowing it was “all” on the line, and that the conversation we needed to have could easily mean I’d be driving home a single. It sums up being torn between “sweeping it under the rug” and continuing to act like everything was fine even though it's tatters.

Other tracks by Sleepy West:  Wasted Hearts  -  Forgiven
Intenso - They Fed The Gryphon With Their Limbs     Rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic, Experimental 29/11/2018
Intenso are an award-winning, enigmatic trio from Perth, Western Australia. Listening to Intenso is an immersive experience; a fever dream rich with a relentless cascade of colours and textures.
Track one and the first single is the title track “They Fed the Gryphon With Their Limbs”. Starting with sample loop that’s doubled by guitar, it creates its own momentum; an action which in peaks and gullies moves inexorably forward and back on itself again before coming to rest in a primordial trough.

Hell Average - Charlie's Song     Rock, Punk, Pop 29/11/2018
Hell Average play off tropes of old pop punk adding colour and harmonic technicality whilst keeping the themes hard hitting and the melodies catchy.
Hell Average’s guitarist Aidan Dever steps forward taking over singing, from Izzy for anthemic new track ‘Charlie’s Song’. The song follows the waking from a nightmare about Aidan’s dog dying, juxtaposed with fun, happy upbeat music. It'll have you crying while dancing your heart out.