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The Jensens - Four Chambers     Rock, Psychedelic 09/08/2019
Returning with a new set of songs that delve into themes of isolation, anxiety, fear and control, The Jensens are venturing into new sonic territories.
Four Chambers is a celebration of flow. Ancient mythology and cutting-edge technologies all coexisting during a very strange and transitory period for humans. Old and new, emotion and logic, belief and science. The music on this track mirrors these ideas, encompassing elements of our sound both past and present. Like a big dirty guitar riff and a saxophone shaking hands.

The Montreals - Lilac, I Think     Rock, Pop 09/08/2019
In the span of a few years, Adelaide’s most cheerful, colour-clad quartet, delivered a flurry of successful singles, consolidating them as a staple in a vibrant Australian music scene.
'Lilac, I Think' is the debut single from the Montreals sophomore EP 'Horror Movies' - it shows a more dreamy direction in their sound.

The Sunday League - Mother's Son     Rock, Pop 09/08/2019
The Sunday League make heart felt alt-rock that resonates from the Australian sounds of the late 80's to the American country jangles of the early 90’s.
The song tells a story of growing up, featuring a guitar line nothing short of late 90's Brisbane, Australia.

Trace Decay - Passivity     Rock, Pop 09/08/2019
Trace Decay’s brand of melancholy pop is a blend of haunting spaces and melodic undertones. They specialise in sarcastic yet heartfelt lyricism mixed with retro synths and catchy guitar hooks.
‘Passivity is a track that was written about how easy it is to fall into passive mode and how it can make one feel trapped. He had developed a disdain for his humdrum pattern of day to day life. Passivity captures the inner workings of someone who has outgrown old patterns and seeks a new path.’

White Water - Big Fat Money     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Metal 09/08/2019
What is Aussie culture? ACDC? Mad Max? Just speaking your mind? Iseverything you've listened lately auto-corrected to death. Well White Water screams, “Oi! It’s dusty, it’s dirty but it’s ours.
Big Fat Money – The title track of the EP is glorious punk, strongly opposing the top end of town's trickle down theory. A clever, quirky tune is sure to see fat cats and bankers slinking to the darkest corner of a venue while considering abandoning their misguided socio-political aspirations.

Other tracks by White Water:  The Highway man  -  Road Kill
Y STREET - Get Lost     Rock, Punk 09/08/2019
5 piece indie/punk rock band out of Melbourne. All guys are aged from 18-21 and enjoy nothing more in life than making a fashionably unholy racket.
Y STREET let loose on a lot of built up energy that comes with being a teenager/young adult in such a crazy city such as Melbourne. Being the bands favourite song to perform live the guys went out to capture the same spark in the studio, the result is 2 minutes 22 seconds of madness.

Tori Forsyth - Be Here     Rock, Blues 08/08/2019
At Just 24 and numerous ARIA and APRA accolades under her belt, Tori Forsyth is back after releasing her debut album with her blistering new single and video, ‘Be Here’.
Based on her own experiences of dealing with a partner’s addiction, ‘Be Here’ is real, raw and honest in the vein of the best confessional rock, with Forsyth snarling over guitars as she lays down the law.

Guitar-lines spin through the mix, mimicking the all-consuming vortex of addiction, but Forsyth makes it clear: give it up, or you’ll lose me.

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Future Haunts - Fall in Line     Rock 08/08/2019
Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts exist on the blurry edges of rock music.
'Fall In Line' is a call to arms, against nanny state draconian laws. Featuring a driving rhythm, the song is a sonic punch back against authority.

Gavin Bowles - Slave     Rock, Rockabilly 08/08/2019
Blue Mountains based troubadour Gavin Bowles totes songs of personal triumphs, tribulations and his idiosyncratic view on modern life, always with a guitar lick and smirk in toe.
“Slave” is the new single from Blue Mountains based troubadour Gavin Bowles. Flaunting a rockabilly swagger, but rooted in indie-rock and pop sensibilities, “Slave” boasts a cool confidence and non-chalance, while lyrically pondering ones flaws and neuroses with wit, sarcasm and charm.

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Jack R. Reilly - Who Can Say?     Rock, Easy Listening, Pop 08/08/2019
Ever the expert at turning life's intricacies into captivating and relatable tunes, Sydney's Jack R. Reilly is not shy about embracing dialectics in music and life experience in his songwriting.
'Who Can Say?' is driving, introspective and overall defiant. Introduced with gentle vocals, which climb with insistence,, listeners will be taken on an odyssey of wonder, perseverance and clarity. "It's an exploration of mindfulness. I wanted to communicate the idea that self awareness is a long process and can sometimes be a frustrating one."

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Mylk - Not My Fault     Rock, Pop, Grunge 08/08/2019
Mylk is a 4 piece alternative rock band based in Melbourne producing an eclectic sound that has been compared to a mixture of The Pixies & Kings of Leon.
Not My Fault is an upbeat, memorable song that has a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head. The punchy drums and guitars are matched by a melodic yet gravelly vocal line and the track is sure to get you moving.

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Repeat Script - Stay Awake     Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Punk 08/08/2019
Stu Watts' (The Playbook, The Spinset) emo-rock solo project.
An acoustic centric song that resembles a mash-up of Oasis, Death Cab For Cutie and Coldplay.

Samsaruh - Glory Days     Rock, Pop 08/08/2019
The enigmatic Melbourne artist Samsaruh is on everyones lips after hitting the number one played spot on triple j with her debut releases.
"I’m trying to reach eternal happiness, at the end of the day that’s the only thing that matters and so I have come to the conclusion that we only have one life and people are constantly worried about being extra cautious and wrap everything in bubble wrap to ensure we live our longest life and I think that’s wrong."

Other tracks by Samsaruh:  I Guess That Makes Two  -  Crash Boom Pow!
The Howling Fog - The Needle's Falling     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 08/08/2019
The Howling Fog are a psych-shoegaze band from Adelaide. The band bleeds together washed guitar noise with haunting vocal melodies and produces a blend of swirling reverb-drenched sounds.
'The Needle's Falling' is a swirling melange of overdriven guitars and oscillating delays, with themes of identity, circumstance, and post-modern living.

Tiny Castle - Composure     Rock 08/08/2019
Tiny Castle are an emerging four-piece band from Brisbane, with James Walker (Vocals and Guitar), Will Rowles (Bass and Vocals), Ben Goulter (Keys and Guitar) and Chris Trupp on Drums.
Sharp yet delicate, ‘Composure’ marks a new chapter for Tiny Castle, both in instrumentation and lyrically. Recognising the wrongs in their life and searching for a solution to make it out of the tough times, drummer Chris Trupp explains, “'Composure' isn’t a soundtrack for the down and out, but maybe a helping hand along the way.”

YEEVS - Can't Be Seen     Rock, Folk 08/08/2019
Since the band’s inception in 2015, YEEVS have become a captivating force on Sydney’s indie scene; emotive live shows positioning the band as ones to watch on the East Coast
The urgency of the single springs forth instantly in Bradley Cork’s distinguishable vocals, while the percussion and rhythmic progressions mirror the punch packing music by the likes of Boy & Bear, Modest Mouse and The Teskey Brothers; ‘Can’t Be Seen’, exemplary of the band’s spirited approach to producing music.

Flickertail - Right Behind The Eyes     Rock, Garage 06/08/2019
Inner West, Sydney's Flickertail play guitar fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it's supposed to be played. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Thin Lizzy, The Darkness and Oasis
With its pounding drums and twin guitars that evoke Thin Lizzy and the distinctive Aussie snarl of frontman of Liam Whelan, Right Behind The Eyes is a classic Aussie/Irish rock and roll song they way they used to sound like! Big chorus, big guitars and big attitude.

The Shambolics - Don't You Want A Bit More     Rock, Alternative Country, Garage 06/08/2019
THE SHAMBOLICS are a surf rock band from the Gold Coast Matt, Brad, Sam and Asho are 4 piece that rehearse in the bush.
The first single "A Life Thing" was released in May 2018 followed by headline shows on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay. THE SHAMBOLICS have played dozens of shows including sharing the stage with You Am I, Troy Cassar Daly & Screamfeeder and are launching the album in September/October.

Toxic Bears - Experimental     Rock, Garage, Experimental 05/08/2019
Toxic Bears are an avant garage, experimental punk band out of Brisbane. Their music ranges from melodic hardcore to funk, jazz and Latin-infused garage rock.
Pills, thrills, and kills. Experimental delves into a variety of altered states enabled by the wonders of science and technology. Warning: altered states may have side effects.

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All Sparks Burn Out - Seconds Like Days     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk 02/08/2019
Sydney based shoegaze noise-rock band with a love of noise, guitar layers and fuzz.
Guest vocals from Kelly Hanlon from Brisbane bands Terra Pines and Deafcult. Layers of guitar noise in short sharp song.

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Other tracks by All Sparks Burn Out:  Trip Over Traps  -  Sunspots