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Paul Dempsey - The Sky's Gone Missing     Rock, Chill, Australian Indigenous 06/10/2018
Paul Anthony Dempsey is the lead singer, guitarist and principal lyricist of legendary rock group Something For Kate as well as an accomplished solo artist.
In a ghost town, 1500 kilometres from Perth, some of Australia’s finest songwriters come together to collaborate; writing and recording songs that emerged from a unique collective experience in an ancient and wondrous landscape.

The first song off the upcoming VAST project is ‘The Sky’s Gone Missing’, by Australian songwriting legend Paul Dempsey. VAST is set for release November 16.

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Royston Vasie - Leaver     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 06/10/2018
Melbourne psych-pop band Royston Vasie release their latest single “Leaver”. The melodic track is the second single taken from their forthcoming LP COLOUR SPRINGS FROM ALL THE GLOOMY THINGS.
The four-piece have released, “Leaver” a rousingly uplifting and eloquently relaxed track which is a perfect backdrop for our approaching summer. The song implores the listener’s attention via its breathtaking harmonies, daring rhythms and altered state instrumentals. “Leaver” is Chris Isaak’s surf-psych Wicked Games of 2018 - sans the romance and world class voice.

The Sea Gypsies - Be Bold     Rock 06/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
A testament to its name, "Be Bold" demands the attention of the listener right from its introduction. Acting as the feature of the song, the riff is like a rush of fresh air, juxtaposed by the warm grooves of the verses and choruses.

Turtle Wave - Siamese     Rock, Psychedelic 06/10/2018
Turtle Wave are a seven-piece psych rock maximalist band, influenced by the sounds of psych, jazz, surf, hip hop and prog
Turtle Wave's debut single. A maximalist jazzy psych surf rock experience.

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Lake Myer - War     Rock, Punk 05/10/2018
Lake Myer are the subterranean lurkers coursing through the city; seeking to reclaim rock'n'roll from the clean and lucrative department store shelves and return it to the swamp.
"War is fighting for the person you love without sacrificing your dignity. It’s not picking up the shit that other people put down in front of you. It’s about playing a straight bat in a twisted game, because whatever happens, you’ve got your own back, and if you’re lucky, maybe the one who’s on your team will have it too."

My Volcanic Mind - Fortress     Rock, Atmospheric 05/10/2018
My Volcanic Mind is 2 guys that love to create and record original music.
Fortress is about escaping from a dystopian prison.

Other tracks by My Volcanic Mind:  Reverse  -  Spectrum
Steve Balbi - Modern Love     Rock, Pop 02/10/2018
The music of singer, composer, performer and producer Steve Balbi mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins, transcending rock and pop as he coalesces sentimentality and soul.
Composer and producer, Steve Balbi mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins. In Modern Love, Balbi casts an eye over modernity, reflecting upon love in a world dictated by technology and technocracy. Transcending rock and pop as it coalesces sentimentality and soul, Modern Love fuels an irreverent riff that carves a dirty rotten groove through verse, melody, madness.

2 Inch Tape - Apollo     Rock, Roots 01/10/2018
Melbourne band 2 Inch Tape adheres to an aesthetic of yesteryear; real instruments played with an authenticity that is often abandoned in our technology-enabled times.
Apollo, written by Simon Rigoni is a multi layered story of a Greek God, a coastal Victorian town and personal lament executed with a a riff that will worm your brain.

Other tracks by 2 Inch Tape:  Stranger  -  Greatest Performance
Electric Badger - Apathy Anxiety Hostility     Rock, Punk 01/10/2018
Electric Badger play hard rock originals; a power trio with potent lyrics and forceful delivery. Electric Badger: Phil McTaggart (Vocals and Guitar), Charles Mackle (Bass and Bvox), Bang Flerfalt (Drums)
Punk influenced protest anthem with driving rhythms and power chords. Lyrically, the song is about mainstream media portrayals of global events such as the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. It's a wake up call for the listener.

Other tracks by Electric Badger:  Deceit and Lies
Slumlawwd - Set Timez??     Rock, Punk, Grunge 01/10/2018
slumlawwd music is sloppy and also just slop. songs put down before they reach two minutes and achieve sentience. yelped not sung. hit not played. laughing at not laughing with.
Inspired by the question repeated on gig event pages across the nation, SET TIMEZ?? is a minute and forty-seven seconds of scruffy mess masquerading as a song. The scratchy guitar, blown-out vocals and pestering sentiment will be familiar to anyone who's ever been to a local gig on an underattended Thursday night.

Other tracks by Slumlawwd:  Hamish & Andy Suicide Pact  -  Eat People
Big League - Olympic Mystery     Rock, Britpop, Grunge, Electronic 30/09/2018
“With their layers of fuzzed out guitar and blissful summertime vocals, Big League feel like 90s grunge on muscle relaxants" - Happy Mag
In this popular tune we take a look at the irony in cheating to win a competition.

I mean, apart from fame, money, and power, what's the point!?

Regular Band - Universal Dreams     Rock, Grunge, Pop, Garage 30/09/2018
Regular Band are a pretty punk, pretty grunge and pretty loud Nirvana-esque alt-rock three piece forged from Brissy..
A song about trading in our metaphorical "fences" for peace... a universal dream we all share, however, seems as though it will only ever exist in a fairy tale.

Bootleg Rascal - To The Moon Ft. Ivan Ooze     Rock, Hip Hop, Dub, Electronic 28/09/2018
Sydney-based ghetto-dubsters Bootleg Rascal have just unveiled ‘To The Moon’ featuring Ivan Ooze - another taste from their forthcoming second record ‘Anònimo’ (due 5 October).
Taking cues from the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Gorillaz and Kid Cudi, ‘To The Moon’ combines themes of hip hop, indie-rock, dub and electronica. Whilst melding an array of eclectic influences, the brooding new cut simultaneously shines a light on the group’s ability to deliver on a cohesive sound.

Minor Premiers - Go Lightly     Rock, Pop 27/09/2018
Indie/rock/pop band from Brisbane QLD Australia
Minor Premiers continue to refine their distinctive-yet-familiar indie rock style, bringing shades of classic 80’s era Australian bands like The Go-Betweens and The Coloured Girls.

“It’s about a love you know won’t last” says frontman, Luke Peacock, “and somehow expecting it to be easy when it ends. It’s also based around that heartache returning when the seasons come back around”

Bligh - Mrs Jones     Rock, Pop 27/09/2018
BLIGH is an alternative rock/gloss rock group heralding from the Gold Coast. The band are known for their energetic performances and catchy songs.
Piano vocal intro to swing to pink panther basslines. The band is constantly adding new elements and subtle variations that make each section of the song as enthralling as the last. And concludes with a rip roaring solo section that showcases the jazz and classical musicality of the bands keyboardist and guitarist, Zahra Whyte and Luc Saint Clair, respectively.

Holy Holy - Faces     Rock, Pop 27/09/2018
‘FACES’, THE FIRST TASTE OF THE DUO’S THIRD ALBUM, IS UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’VE HEARD FROM HOLY HOLY. Holy Holy is a 5-piece live band from all around Australia
Lyrically Faces also heads into new terrain. “It’s a snapshot of what it is to be alive at the moment, all these different lives interacting,” says frontman Tim of the track. Dig a little deeper and there’s a nod to the ‘fake news’ era and internet abuse.

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Kim Smith Rock Music - Ash & Thunder     Rock 27/09/2018
Kim Smith is an unsigned, singer, musician, & songwriter. Her husky rock sound, compared to AC/DC, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett and Chrissy Amphlett, is sure to get you rocking.
Ash & Thunder tells a story of love gone wrong, making the big decision to leave and contemplating "will I ever learn?" Many people can relate to this story.

Lachlan X. Morris - Stray Dog     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 27/09/2018
Like a digital watch in a spaghetti western, hovering in purgatory somewhere between future-psych and old-school pop traditions, Lachlan X. Morris draws on songwriting vintage that's long lost and buried.
Opening with energetic drums, ‘Stray Dog’ fuses a classic rock instrumentation with psychedelic synth lines to create an immersive rock banger. His understated vocals float across the arrangement of the track, before ending with an encompassing and intriguing instrumental outro.

Layer Cake - Keep Me Awake     Rock, Britpop, Pop, Folk 27/09/2018
Hi we are Layer Cake – another band you didn’t see coming like that dollop of tomato sauce in Paul Kelly’s gravy recipe.
Keep Me Awake is about reflecting on mistakes in a flippant manner.

Lifeblood - Oscillate     Rock, Hardcore 27/09/2018
Formed in 2015, the band quickly recorded and released their demo 'Send Me Far Away' and began subjecting audiences across the east coast to their particular brand of abrasive music.
" about remaining calm and collected while the world becomes more and more insane as the years go by. In 2018 it can be quite hard to switch off from world events and clickbait articles but life will always be better when you focus on you and your passions over the lowest common denominator gossip and trash."

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