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Colin Jones - Ain't No Devil     Rock, Blues, Folk, Roots 05/04/2019
Colin Jones’ neo-blues sound intertwines Blues and R&B with vocals that deftly push and pull from raspy whisper to full throttle growl.
Ain’t No Devil is a defiant cry to a world gone mad.
The song begins with a repeated refrain sung like a gospel prayer until all hell breaks loose.
The chorus a conversation with the devil that leads to a finale that makes the music feel like a score to a vision much more threatening.\u2028

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Donna Amini - Suburban Surf     Rock 05/04/2019
Harnessing a musicality that fans of Cat Power and Liz Phair will find familiar, Amini brings heartfelt songwriting together with a sense of utter authenticity in delivery to the table.
‘Suburban Surf’ marks an exciting point in her creative journey, not simply another example of Amini’s clear songwriting talent, but another step into a pool of intrigue that will leave fans wanting to find out, and hear, more. Vocally, Amini shines, with gnarl simmering beneath a soaring rock tone that evokes the likes of Adalita, Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle.

Eastbound Buzz - Looking for Trouble     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots, Folk 05/04/2019
Started as a collaboration between childhood friends from Wagga Wagga, Eastbound Buzz’s brand of Americana-tinged alt-rock simultaneously evokes their country roots and their urban present.
Looking for Trouble is a slow-burner, building from a single guitar and vocal to a full band and a choir of voices. It's about a lot of things, but mostly it’s about the time Jarryn left his bag on the train.

Eastbound Buzz - Secondhand     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Roots 05/04/2019
Started as a collaboration between childhood friends from Wagga Wagga, Eastbound Buzz’s brand of Americana-tinged alt-rock simultaneously evokes their country roots and their urban present.
A driving rocker with a soaring chorus, Secondhand has become a fan favourite at Eastbound Buzz's live shows.

Other tracks by Eastbound Buzz:  Big Smoke  -  Backbone
Emily Rigz - Big Scary Mountain     Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues 05/04/2019
Emily Rigz is a prolific songwriter, guitar shredder, max energy performer from The Blue Mountains. Emily has supported Richard Clapton and Tex Perkins to name a few.
Live studio recording, sounds like it's going to bust out of your speakers and open up a portal to a fiery hell in your lounge room where little musical devil pros will begin their reign of musical supremacy on the earth planet.

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Glitoris - Licks & Politics     Rock, Punk, Pop, Gay Alligned 05/04/2019
Fearless females roaring through unforgettable punk shows. Fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude, Glitoris’ debut THE POLICY has taken the band's theatrical punk mayhem to the next level \*/
A bombastic and epic classic rock soundtrack to the forthcoming federal election! LICKS & POLITICS is the sound of Glitoris pulling all their classic stadium rock influences kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Huge, stomping percussion, rowdy gang vocals and Glitoris’ trademark self-empowering lyrics all feature in this anthemic track, rounded off with beaming Canberra pride.

Lisathe - Pagan Poetry     Rock 05/04/2019
At the hands of Bassist Brendan Clark, Guitarist Oliver Thorpe and Drummer Miles Thomas, Lisathe deliver warm tones and immersive progressions, touched with math-influenced crescendos at rare intervals.
Pagan Poetry, originally written by Björk, is the first single off the album. Paying respects to the Icelandic singer’s visceral, erratic voice through a tactful instrumental translation, Lisathe’s rework captures the urgency and intricacies of the original song – swapping delicateness for raw guitar power as they pay homage to a rich, emotive melody.

LSD - Caught in the Middle     Rock, Blues 05/04/2019
3 Piece rock band from Newcastle. Our style of music is Funky, Heavy Bluesy. Adam has a Funky feel, Leith a Bluesy swagger and Scott's just heavy weighing 100kg!
This song is about those people that are never happy with what they have. Driven to misery chasing material things, never taking time to appreciate what they have! After listening to the whining and complaining of one of these people - I hit the rehearsal room with the boys and this song seemed to write itself in about 30 minutes.

Other tracks by LSD:  Parachute
Romeo Moon - Let Love In     Rock, Folk, Ambience, Experimental 05/04/2019
Textures, patterns, minimalist lyrics, and the stretching of loops are signature elements of Romeo Moon's music, taking the listener to timeless meditation, visceral psychedelia, or brittle intimacy.
The bubbling electronic drums guide us through a hypnotic guitar line, circling in its own world. A blurry-edged orchestra presses in. The vocals come in vignettes - evocative, intangible. Written in the happy-tired afterglow of a day having fun with one's partner on holiday.
It's the focus single for upcoming sophomore EP.

Sienna Wild - Falling Apart     Rock, Pop 05/04/2019
A swirl of soaring guitars and searing vocals, supported by the tightest of rhythm sections, the boys from Sienna Wild play it their way and they play it loud.
Falling Apart tells of a couple on their last legs, with one party having an almost transcendental moment, looking in at the relationship from the outside and realising it isn’t working. Musically, the song is simple in many ways, letting the beat and the guitars guide the vibe and the feel. Think Fleetwood Mac meets DMA’s.

Signal Chain - Game Set Match     Rock, Pop, Punk 05/04/2019
Holly Alexander was lent her friend’s guitar..her song writing began. Holly’s demos became songs with the addition of Sam Black’s distinct guitar licks creating the foundations for Signal Chain.
Game Set Match is a fun love song about finally meeting your match, just when you thought you had won/lost in love, the right partner comes along who wins your love.

Other tracks by Signal Chain:  Eleven  -  Apartment
Subway Monk - Nothing But Trouble     Rock 05/04/2019
Subway Monk is a 4 piece band of very experienced musicians from Perth, Brisbane, Northern NSW and Sydney.
Nothing But Trouble is a laid back but deep groove Bayou Boogie which features slide guitar and moody Blues Harmonica over a solid groove.

Sunbeam Sound Machine - Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 05/04/2019
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' is the second single to be lifted from Sunbeam Sound Machine’s second LP Goodness Gracious, out May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' was premiered by NYC's Document Journal, describing the track as "a sonic snapshot of those bright yet melancholic summer evenings that begin with high intentions yet end in a slow-moving haze—and sometimes the unexpected."

Sunbeam Sound Machine perform a free headline show at Sydney's Golden Age Cinema & Bar this Saturday 23rd March.

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The Lenores - Loathe     Rock, Grunge, Punk 05/04/2019
The Lenores are an Indie / grunge band from Wollongong
“It’s only Saturday, find somewhere new to stay.”

A song about self-doubt & self-loathing belted out in a style very reminiscent to the 90s alt rock fashion complete with angsty distortion all the way down to twangy clean verses!

Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife - Not Like a Brother     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 05/04/2019
Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife deliver a shimmering style of Indie Americana, coasting a musical landscape between her Canadian roots and the heart and grit of Australia’s alt-country scene.
This is the second single from the upcoming new album by Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife. Serving as the emotional centre-piece to the album, the track sinks into a deeper daydream. There is a yearning in McNeil’s vocal, spilling secrets, like a page fallen from a diary. They are the words of someone who longs to feel alive.

Vesper Green - Sub Solar     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Rock 05/04/2019
Vesper Green have materialised with loud alt-rock. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve brought back Seattle grunge in a big way with this particular track.“ (Jane Gazzo, Triple M)
’Sub Solar’ is an eclectic catharsis of purging rock that lyrically and instrumentally alludes to the fact that time slips through the hands. Upon the realisation that life is passing by quickly, there’s an anxious panic and rush to pick up the pieces to make up for all of the wasted time.

Damien Johnson - Hurts Like A Fucker     Rock, Roots, Alternative Country, Acoustic 04/04/2019
Damien Johnson once trained to become a Baptist Minister, and has also worked as a school teacher, a shoe salesman and a radio producer.
A acoustic rock song about a break up.

Skydeck - Solid State     Rock 04/04/2019
"Skydeck make surreal, tinny pop informed by paranoid post-punk and inspired, generally, by the state of Australia today."
Musically, the track reflects two different states of mind. The verses are daydreams, as heard in the panning soft synths, while the chorus is the more rigid reality of life. The lyrics follow suite, discussing the fantasies and realities of changing situations; like taking a long holiday only to return to realise everything's still the same – including yourself.

Other tracks by Skydeck:  Eureka Moment
Kent Steedman - Can't Find Anything     Rock 01/04/2019
Kent Steedman is one of Australia's rock icons, as lead guitarist of The Celibate Rifles his alternative rock heritage is well established.
Can't Find Anything is a solo track from Kent Steedman, lead guitarist with Sydney alternative rock band Celibate Rifles.

Oxford's Collar - Black Knuckles     Rock, Pop 01/04/2019
Raw honest vocals, head bobbing grooves and melody heavy guitars - Oxford's Collar deliver all the favourite pop-rock and punk sensibilities wrapped in a neat little indie 3-piece package.
Black Knuckles is about the ongoing internal fight when things get difficult between two people. Its about resilience and not giving up when the odds are stacked against you. Musically it is dynamic, with spacious synths and a comforting flow that builds to an eruption of emotional release with a wall of drums and guitars.