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Keshet - Mistaken     Rock 30/11/2018
A middle eastern fusion artist that cross genres from rock to world music and everything in between!
From the creator of The Diments Rock Opera, Keshet, comes a new original song written with and features Sal Abate (of Gunners) on vocals.
'Mistaken' is a freight train that does not slow down for its 3 minutes running.
Filled with Guns N’ Roses-esque exploding guitar riffs, impressive belted high notes and interesting twists with odd-time signatures.

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Little Desert - Happy     Rock, Psychedelic, Punk, Grunge 30/11/2018
Little Desert are hard to define. An amalgamation of dark rock, menacing bass, noise guitar, emotive vocals amongst ‘Dario Argento’ keys. Part rock ‘n’ roll, part exorcism, part punk show.
‘Happy’ is a raucous ode to sisterly love and embracing life. A stomping psych-punk killer their loyal fan-base will undoubtedly recognise from their incendiary live show. We’re sure it’s going lure many a new convert to the cult of Little Desert. A strange, magnetic and wild band, with a unique sound all their own.

Matt Stillert - Bad Ass Rocker     Rock, Experimental, Blues, Funk 30/11/2018
Matt Stillert, coming from a Rock-Blues-Roots-Singer Songwriter background. Now taking an experimental road defying classification, "Bad Ass Rocker" is just the beginning of this left-of-field venture into the unknown.
On the road touring full time, I noticed the same words coming from musos everywhere, to quote the track itself; "I've got a bad ass manager now man, you should meet my publicist, my producers a f**king bad ass...." then I noticed I was doing it myself. So the lyrical content is making fun of us wannabe rockstars.

Moana - Sister Winter     Rock, Psychedelic, Goth, Experimental 30/11/2018
Dark Psychedelic Art-Rock.
The second single from MOANA's debut album. 'Sister Winter' is an atmospheric journey through the landscapes of dark-art-rock.

Pipsy - Strung Out     Rock, Pop, Punk 30/11/2018
PIPSY is a rising DIY artist originally from Dunedin, NZ. Former member of indie-pop band 'Males', This Jangly beach rock with a gooey bubblegum-pop centre sounds something like Foo Fighters-meets-the-Beach-Boys.
‘Strung Out’ is the flipside to ‘I Miss My Friends’. It’s about being abandoned or let down, then dusting yourself off, and thinking ‘that’s ok, I can do this on my own’ - even if you don’t believe it at first. Then you get on a plane, fly to Melbourne, drink many a tasty coffee, and record the song!

Regular Band - Centrelink Radio     Rock, Grunge, Punk 30/11/2018
Regular Band are a pretty punk, pretty grunge and pretty loud Nirvana-esque alt-rock four piece forged from the safest, most boring suburbs in Brisbane city, Australia.
Centrelink Radio is a song written about the challenges facing we face as an up and coming band as well as the challenges facing indigenous people around the world in an ever growing plastic society.

Royston Vasie - Wild Life     Rock, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Royston Vasie are a psych-rock quartet based in Melbourne.
“Wild Life” was penned as the band navigated the harsh realities of heading over to the U.S of A. and coming back to the routine of home. Lots of things were happening around them at the time and it felt like the band's luck was going through a dry spell.

Shadows Without Substance - Going Down     Rock 30/11/2018
Shadows Without Substance is a 5-piece rock band from Brisbane. We're a group of socially awkward people that love nothing more than making a hell of a lot of noise,
Going Down is a hard rock song reminiscent of the quiet verse, heavy chorus songs of the 80s. It's a song that is open for interpretation in terms of meaning, just because it's more fun that way really. It's one of the first songs we put together and the first song we all really fell in love with.

Tape/Off - Vigorous Lover     Rock, Garage 30/11/2018
Fiercely intense and infectiously melodic, the depth and craftsmanship of Brisbane indie rockers Tape/Off has found both their albums Chipper (2014) and Broadcast Park (2018) nominated for the prestigious AMP.
Vigorous Lover shows a more vulnerable side to Tape/Off, tackling the complexity of the Australian male psyche head on. Initially seeming flippant in tone, our country’s gender expectations are soon analysed and subverted, a remarkable depth and nuance on display behind the track’s meandering melody and generous abundance of hooks.

Teen Angst - 90's TV     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic, Garage 30/11/2018
Teen Angst are a Perth four-piece who like to write lo-fi songs about unrequited love and staying at home on weekends to watch 90's TV shows.
"90's TV" is written about the struggles of finding something constructive to do and watching 90's TV shows instead.

The Beasts - On My Back     Rock, Grunge 30/11/2018
Boris Sujdovic, Tex Perkins, Charlie Owen, Tony Pola, Kim Salmon celebrate their membership in the Beasts of Bourbon with a wittily observed statement of Beastlinesss entitled The Beasts Still Here.
‘On My Back’ on the one hand a bittersweet reflection about Tex Perkin’s terminally ill Beasts Of Bourbon bandmates Brian and Spencer - on the other a brutal, blistering ball-tearing bastard of a song from former Beasts of Bourbon Kim Salmon, Charlie Owen, Boris Sujdovic, Tony Pola and Tex reinventing themselves in a recorded project entitled The Beasts Still Here.

The Delta Riggs - Out of Place     Rock 30/11/2018
The Delta Riggs have stayed true to themselves. They’ve remained busy on the road, meeting & performing for real people, listening to their stories and creating genuine connections.
‘Out Of Place’ is geared around The Delta Riggs’ unwavering authenticity, focusing on the importance of real, candid human connection in a digital age, and the unhealthy disconnect that is implicit in purely online relationships.

The Gooch Palms - Summertime     Rock, Garage, Punk 30/11/2018
It’s been a wild ride starting out as a DIY garage punk band in their front bedroom in Newcastle to honing their skills on stages across the globe.
You’re stretched out on a beach towel spread upon the white sands of Palombaggia Beach, in the South of France. You sip a Mauresque cocktail while watching the azure waves gently lap the shore. A bead of sweat drips from your temple down your cheek as the warm sun shines down. It’s the perfect temperature for a hot summers day.

The Vitriots - I Don't Wanna Watch The News     Rock, Grunge, Britpop 30/11/2018
Your answer for a spitfire mix of Arctic Monkeys, reminiscent Nirvana and a twist of modern Courtney Barnett can be found in the heart of Sydney with The Vitriots.
I Don't Wanna Watch The News mixes collective inspirations from Britpop, 90s Grunge and modern Alternative Indie sounds, presenting a crowd favourite. The punchy bass riffs, high octane drums and summer soaked guitars match band vocalist, Brandon Jack's, description of the track as "young people searching for answers but not knowing where to look."

Ruby Tuesdays - Why You Always Gotta Fight me     Rock, Blues, Easy Listening, Reggae 29/11/2018
With an approach to bluesy rock music, buoyed by powerfully catchy vocals, puts them in the same league as the likes of Lime Cordiale, Ocean Alley, Bonjah and Ziggy Alberts
Percussion builds and crashes over evocative vocals and harmonies. ‘Why you always gotta fight me?’ - rings out strong and as the pacing of the track becomes more fervent, the way Mate Jones’ vocals build becomes more urgent. There’s a yearning the band brings to the arrangement and delivery of lyricism with the single, one that can’t be ignored.

Brian Campeau - Pie In the Sky     Rock, Folk 29/11/2018
A prominent presence in the Sydney music scene, Brian Campeau is widely regarded as one of the most confounding and creative artists working in Australia today.
“Pie In The Sky” – one of the album’s most bombastic and attention-grabbing songs, thanks to eclectic influences which range from George Harrison to metallers The Rollins Band

Good Boy - CRF     Rock, Punk 29/11/2018
Good Boy are endearingly unstoppable crafters of political and quintessentially Australian punk-fueled tunes.
"CRF stands for nothing, not unlike all round dislikeable bloke and pig in a wig, the dishonourable Joe Hockey. This absolute scumbag spends tax payer money on fancy food and plonk. He is a bit of a shit political figure and has little backbone. Enjoy the song"
- Good Boy

Jess DeLuca - Lucifer     Rock, Folk, Roots, Pop 29/11/2018
One of Melbourne's best folk rock artists, Jess DeLuca released her singles 'Lucifer' and 'Woods' in mid 2018. Jess will release her debut EP 'Nightingale' in January 2019.
Lucifer is the debut single from Jess DeLuca, a steady folk-rock track with a touch of the blues. Lucifer poses the questions we ask ourselves when things in life go haywire and is also the antidote to the moments when we forget to breath. Held delicately by rock solid rhythm section the song carries its own weight with great musicality.

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BOAT SHOW - I Don't Get It     Rock, Punk 29/11/2018
Witty indie punk rock from WA.
Another blast of energy from Perth's garage indie rock band BOAT SHOW. Fuzzed out bass with post punk guitars.

New Age Notion - WIPEOUT     Rock, Pop, Punk 29/11/2018
Brisbane based Indie-pop rockers New Age Notion are Ryan McErlean (Vocals, Guitar), Riley Smith (Lead Guitar) and Cameron Smith (Drums).
Pulsating, high-energy and sensual – with a guitar lick that will have you craving more WIPEOUT is the newest single from New Age Notion.

Recorded at Airlock Studios (Powderfinger, The Jungle Giants and The Belligerents) with Yanto Browning and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer William Bowden (Goyte).

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