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POND - Sixteen Days     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 09/10/2018
POND unveil their new single Sixteen Days via Spinning Top Records|Caroline. The psychedelic space romp will feature on the Fremantle five-piece’s eighth studio album scheduled for release in Autumn 2019.
“Sixteen Days is about, once upon a time, being jealous and paranoid, too ground down and mad to enjoy love and Genoa,” says frontman Nicholas Allbrook of the track.

Rackett - Tried To Quit     Rock, Pop, Garage, Grunge 09/10/2018
“You can hear a marked progression in each of the songs you’ve uploaded - sharper songwriting, tighter playing. Spice Girls meets Black Sabbath indeed!” Triple J, Gemma Pike
Opening with a fantastic distorted bass line which leads into a chugging guitar line that brings extra heaviness to the track, the instrumentation driving ‘Tried To Quit’ is full of chaos itself; a fitting representation of the back and forth of the song’s narrative.

Slow Fades - Leave The Canyon     Rock, Pop 09/10/2018
Slow Fades are a widescreen indie outfit led by songwriter Ben Birchall (Klinger) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Rogers (Ben Lee). They release their debut EP Canyon Songs on November 15.
One part E Street Band bombast, one part Laurel Canyon sweetness, ‘Leave The Canyon’ is a meditation on failure with a chorus that won’t quit, set poolside in the Hollywood Hills in the summer of 1973.

Syntax Error - The Unknown     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Experimental 09/10/2018
Psychedelic post-rock for the apocalypse.
The Unknown is a psychedelic stomper that could be making them dance in Berlin or even in Valhalla. Ghosts crowd the dance floor as electro spirits flying round the echoing walls. ‘Low’ Bowie shares a joke with Ian Curtis, though no-one laughs. The momentum of the track is delirious, the perpetual motion of the darkest rock’n’roll.

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East Denistone - All My Crooked Bones     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 08/10/2018
Marcus created the East Denistone as a coping mechanism, creative outlet, a search for validation to feed an overzealous ego, a learning tool, and even at times a reluctant obligation.
Recorded as part of the 'While You Still Draw Breath' debut EP from East Denistone, 'All My Crooked Bones' encapsulates the dogged determination and hard headed stubbornness that people wish for during times of great tribulation. There is an underlying theme of overcoming one's inner defeatism that gradually lifts the song throughout its progression.

The Phosphenes - No Through Road     Rock, Pop, Garage 08/10/2018
The Phosphenes create imperfect pop songs from eclectic ingredients that with catchy hooks, upbeat rhythms, quirky humour and lush vocal harmonies, stick in your head and rewire your brain.
A classic garage pop-rock song that kicks off The Phosphenes' new album 'Finally, A Friendly Shore'. It's an upbeat tale of searching for a new beginning. Written by Simon W Stockdale.

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Other tracks by The Phosphenes:  America  -  Mouse Room Girl
A. Swayze & the Ghosts - Suddenly     Rock, Garage, Punk 06/10/2018
Ivy League Records is incredibly excited to announce the signing of garage/punk act, A. Swayze & the Ghosts who have amassed a fierce live following over the past two years.
Ivy League Records are excited to announce the addition of A. Swayze & the Ghosts to the Australian label's stellar roster of artists. To mark the occasion, the band has released their blistering new single ‘Suddenly’ with an accompanying video, ‘Suddenly’ does justice to the urgent and addictive energy felt while watching them perform.

Chavez Cartel - Bipolar Express     Rock 06/10/2018
Chavez Cartel is a four piece alternative rock outfit who formed on the Gold Coast in late 2016; drawing influence from Nirvana, Oasis, The Doors and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
The single ‘Bipolar Express’ was inspired by the silent suffering faced when on the brink of a mental breakdown; however the track itself is a representation of the hope, strength and beauty that can be found within the darkness.

The single was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered on the Tweed Coast by ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle.

Cosmo Thundercat - My Friend     Rock 06/10/2018
Cosmo Thundercat make music with a raw and honest personality. Lead vocalist and guitarist Anthony, bassist Sammy, and drummer David͛s friendship lays the creative foundation for the Adelaide alt-rock outfit.
“My Friend” is a captivating track with an underlining depth. The essence of the song was inspired by the overwhelming emotions felt when someone in particular consumes your every thought. “My Friend” depicts a certain sense of desperation, felt through layers of evocative rock sounds and explosive rhythms.

CREO - Plasticine Messanine     Rock, Garage, Britpop 06/10/2018
Sydney-based indie-rock group CREO have just revealed their new track ‘Plasticine Mezzanine’ – produced by long-time collaborator Nathan Sheehy (Dune Rats, Birds of Tokyo, Kim Churchill).
We’ve toured a bunch over the years and travelled the country numerous times playing shows. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people on the way and unfortunately, we’ve also had the unfortunate experience of being acquainted with some sociopaths. This song is our take on the mind of the latter.

Dayzed - Samurai     Rock, Psychedelic 06/10/2018
Dayzed are a psychedelic, dream pop band hailing from coastal towns on the outskirts of Melbourne. They share a mutual appreciation for hazy guitars and dreamy synth sounds
The anomaly track off their latest EP. A post-punk beat mixed with warped guitars and a driving bass line

Other tracks by Dayzed:  How Far From Home?  -  Dreamroll
Eliza and the Delusionals - Jackie     Rock 06/10/2018
Acclaimed indie rock band Eliza & The Delusionals are one of the most exciting groups breaking out of the Australian music scene.
“I wrote this song about coping with loss after my dog passed away,” says vocalist Eliza Klatt. “It was probably the saddest I had ever felt. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to write a song that would do justice to how I was feeling, but it felt really right when I finished writing it".

Fragile Animals - Landing     Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Sunshine Coast three-piece Fragile Animals make sweetly melancholic indie rock with catchy-but-sombre melodies that move with an effortless glide.
An upliftingly, airy offering from their forthcoming sophomore EP, 'Landing' is part indie-pop, part shoegaze paragon. Luscious layering of slow burning choruses and intricate guitar melodies, 'Landing' draws inspiration from the difficulty of letting go.

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Frankie Crea - Dream     Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music, specialising in genre of alternative rock.
Dream explores the ups and downs of past relationships. The track serves up a unique post psychedelic/energetic vibe with a soulful piano section, funky bass lines, melancholic guitar, vocals and hard hitting drums. The track finishes with a harmonized guitar solo, giving a silky lucid dream feel and sound.

Other tracks by Frankie Crea:  So Long...  -  Mary
Gang of Youths - Fear and Trembling (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)     Rock 06/10/2018
Gang of Youth's are a four piece from Sydney’s inner city and motivated primarily by a set of ongoing tragic circumstances in the life of one of the members.
Earlier this year it was announced that MTV Australia will produce all-new episodes of the Grammy and Emmy award-winning series MTV Unplugged, featuring Gang Of Youths as it’s first feature artist. Filmed in front of a live audience at Melbourne’s Cobblestone Pavilion at Meat Market, the band performed a stripped-back version of their track "Fear And Trembling".

Gang of Youths - Still Unbeaten Life (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)     Rock 06/10/2018
Gang of Youths are a four piece from Sydney’s inner city and motivated primarily by a set of ongoing tragic circumstances in the life of one of the members.
Earlier this year it was announced that MTV Australia will produce all-new episodes of the Grammy and Emmy award-winning series MTV Unplugged, featuring Gang Of Youths as it’s first feature artist. Filmed in front of a live audience at Melbourne’s Cobblestone Pavilion at Meat Market, the band performed a stripped-back version of their track "Still Unbeaten Life"

Horror My Friend - Ultraviolet     Rock, Garage, Punk, Ska 06/10/2018
Adelaide’s trio Horror My Friend's barely controlled noise and fuzz, summons the spirit of alternative rock and shoe gaze, breaking new ground and embedding themselves firmly in the present.
'Ultraviolet' is the second track on Horror My friend's second LP, Home Life.
Drawing inspiration from their hectic IRLives as touring musicians, the new LP sees Horror My Friend examine the push and pull of maintaining relationships, jobs and ultimately normality.

Other tracks by Horror My Friend:  Admit None  -  Heavy Eyelids
Kaloptic - Drown     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 06/10/2018
Kaloptic’s sound is based on a big guitar/ rhythm section working together towards a massive dirty sound. There is a clear 90’s grunge influence and use of the loud/soft ethos.
Kaloptic's debut single "Drown" uses the big, dirty guitar and rhythm section to produce a sledgehammer chorus. This combined with the moody, soft verses gives the song dynamic and punches home the message of drowning in desperation and rejection....

Key Out - Nameless Town     Rock, Pop 06/10/2018
Indie rock from Sydney. Nameless Town is first single from forthcoming album 'What (do) you see' on Half a Cow records. Recorded by j walker from Machine Translations.
An off kilter indie pop song, featuring j walker from Machine Translations on guitar.

It begins with a locomotive beat and unexpected bassline. Layered melodies and counter-melodies hover long enough to catch the listener’s ear before retreating into silence or dissonance. Ethereal vocals float over occasionally jagged guitars, singing about distance and space.

Other tracks by Key Out:  Colours (b-side)
Moana - Dracula     Rock, Goth, Grunge 06/10/2018
Avant-garde art rock outfit edging around something otherworldly. Shamanic poetry with psychedelic melodies, grungy guitar and propulsive rhythms, Moana crafts pagan prayers set to the heartbeat of the world.
The song was inspired by Bram Stoker's novel but it's also about the idea of things that seduce you in life that you maybe get lost in. The idea of something draining you in life and you don't realise until later that it was – kind of like being a victim of a vampire.