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The Good Minus - Blood Brothers     Rock 18/09/2019
The Good Minus are a Melbourne based all-singing power-trio. With songs featuring intricate three-part harmonies, the band’s style can be described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
Blood Brothers is the third single from The Good Minus’ debut album. It is a song about growing up in the Northern Territory and childhood friendships that don’t last. The song was recorded and engineered by David Kean and mixed by Rohan Sforcina (Head Gap Studios). It was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Studios (NY).

Other tracks by The Good Minus:  Catch Us Up
Timothy Learjet - Chocolate     Rock, Psych, Alternative 18/09/2019
Timothy Learjet is a psychedelic four piece from Brisbane Australia that formed in 2017 as a new project between friends from various bands around city.
Chocolate is a psychedelic adventure of the sweets and spices of the world

Yokine - Sea of Lies     Rock, Pop 18/09/2019
Yokine are a five piece indie/surf rock band home grown in Perth, WA.
Sometimes we loose track of the present, we shouldn't.

Other tracks by Yokine:  Harsh City  -  Wacko
Joe Matera - Overload     Rock, Indie, Folk, Roots 17/09/2019
Australian acoustic rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Matera
Overload was recorded at the famed Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

The catchy, driving acoustic rock track will speak directly to the heart of anybody who is struggling in their lives feeling different and feeling judged, while coping with what life is like today, when it at times, it just gets too much.

Bad Vicky - Caffeine And Nicotine     Rock, Instrumental 17/09/2019
Bad Vicky is an electronic music production by Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington featuring interesting high quality rock instrumentals.
Caffeine And Nicotine is an uptempo rock instrumental featuring guitar, bass, synth and drums. The song format is intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus, outro. The song includes a key change in the final chorus which continues into and through the outro.

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Charlotte & The Harlots - Blush     Rock 17/09/2019
Founded in Canberra, Charlotte & The Harlots have brought a Power Pop/Punk Rock/Grunge Renaissance to their local scene.
Second track off Charlotte & The Harlots self titled debut EP

Other tracks by Charlotte & The Harlots:  2602  -  Jack
DZ Deathrays - Still No Change     Rock, Punk 17/09/2019
Australia’s favourite thrash-party hoons DZ Deathrays are getting back into what they do best since wrapping their 10-year-anniversary tour: serving up head banging, party anthems.
‘Still No Change’ packs a punch of raw punk insouciance. Alongside singer Shane Parsons’ documentation of feeling directionless, “it always feels like the time is wrong, all in all I guess it’s just a little unresolved,” the track is sprinkled with hopeful moments in the form of an underlying pop melody that leaves you humming and tapping along.

GOSH - Frankenstein     Rock, Indie 17/09/2019
GOSH are a four piece indie rock band out of Wollongong, making music powered by impassioned songwriting in the same vein as Gang of Youths and Boy & Bear.
The lead track of the EP, 'Frankenstein' is paced excellently by thudding guitars, melodies and a great sense of indie pop songwriting.

Other tracks by GOSH:  Miles Away
Gyroscope - 4YRLV     Rock 17/09/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing and celebrated rock bands, Gyroscope, have just announced national tour dates and a self-produced new EP ‘4YRLV’ (pronounced ‘For Your Love’)
The grunge-soaked title track ‘4YRLV’ opens with a frenetic urgency, bursting out of the gate with monstrous drums, searing guitars and the angst-driven melodies of charismatic frontman, Dan Sanders. The song maintains its relentless progression consistently throughout; never swaying from its driving and compelling intensity.

Other tracks by Gyroscope:  I Am The Night  -  Bloodstreams
Jimmy Barnes - I Won't Let You Down (Radio Edit)     Rock 17/09/2019
Jimmy Barnes is the heart and the soul of Australian rock & roll. His nickname, “Barnesy”, conjures up thoughts of rock music at an ear-splitting volume.
Written by The Living End’s Chris Cheney, this song provides an important counterpoint to the rest of the album. “It’s a great lyric – the fact that ‘I won’t let you down again’ means I’ve let you down in the past. That song’s about breaking that cycle.”

Love Child - You Broke Me     Rock, Blues 17/09/2019
Love Child hail from Sydney, Australia, combining old school rock influences with a touch of blues and a modern attitude.
You Broke Me is a great 3 minute blues/rock track featuring a hooky, melodic chorus, and brilliant musicianship from this accomplished Sydney outfit.

Rosalind - Heartbeat     Rock, Pop, Folk, Roots 17/09/2019
Rosalind writes deeply personal, compelling and atmospheric music. This rock and roots songstress released her debut EP on September 6th, and is preparing for a Melbourne Fringe Festival Cabaret.
‘Heartbeat’ is a rolling, ambient song which showcases the pure and resonant tone of Rosalind’s voice. A groove you can sink into, it's message is one of ‘keeping on’ in the face of adversity. Heartbeat inspired the EP’s cover art.

The VANNS - Deranged     Rock, Indie 17/09/2019
“It’s got elements that would make classic rock heads lose their mind and the indie kids swoon as well.” Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Mother’, 2019)
Thriving on melancholic and wistful sounds, ‘Deranged’ is an ode to experiences lived in all their colours, the dark and the light. The band shines as a unit on the track, demonstrating their strength in studio as a performing unit - a strength has proven to be a steadfast hallmark of their live shows and new recordings.

Sam Michael Trowse - This Modern World is Built on Trash     Rock, Indie, Pop 16/09/2019
Sam Michael Trowse (AKA Johnny) also known as Johnny Edison is a singer / songwriter, guitarist, drummer from Melbourne Australia.
There is so much trash around in our environment, we need to be more sustainable! Sounds a bit like if City Calm Down had a slumber party with Last Dinosaurs and The Wombats, enjoy!

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Aidan Maizels - Nuages Cœur     Rock, Psych, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 13/09/2019
Melburnian producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist whose music takes influence from psych, ambient, prog, electronic, classical and folk music. Diverse and rich sounds!

Nuages Cœur is a synthwave influenced psychedelic rock track, with a complex yet funky drum beat, catchy chorus melody and a beautiful instrumental section. Quite simply, the song is about falling in love with a cloud, and evokes feelings of nighttime drives and colourful sunsets.

Al Carr - Good Endings     Rock, Roots, Country, Alternative 13/09/2019
Melbourne based singer songwriter playing with long time band. This is the first single of Al's second album due early 2020.
First single of new record. This track is called Good Endings and features guest musician Shane Reilly on pedal steel.

Bigfoot Mafia - Let It Burn     Rock, Alternative, Garage 13/09/2019
Bigfoot Mafia is a 3 piece rock band from Far North Queensland. Blending elements of hard rock, classic rock and grunge with a heavy 80s influence to create their sound.
Let It Burn is a hard hitting track about reaching the point where everything you've ever held back comes bursting out, and you settle every score and burn every bridge as you walk away from it all.

Clinton Hutton - Back In Your Corner     Rock, Pop 13/09/2019
Clinton is a Singer, Guitarist, songwriter and Producer from Tasmania. He is well known throughout Tasmania for his Live Looping shows and for writing catchy music.
Back In Your Corner is a song about everyday people who speak up and act upon a person of power who is abusing their position, not accepting/tolerating the situation any longer.

Eastbound Buzz - Lost in the Shuffle     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Roots 13/09/2019
Melbourne four-piece with roots in Wagga Wagga, producing a distinctive brand of Americana-tinged alt-rock.
‘Lost in the Shuffle’ marries an earthy Americana feel with synthpop and disco elements drawn from 80’s new wave and mid-2000s indie rock. Recorded at Love Shack Studios and mixed by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), the track’s verses bring frontman Jarryn Phegan’s emotive lyricism to the forefront, before exploding into an urgent and pulsating chorus.

ELKO FIELDS - The Lever     Rock, Alternative 13/09/2019
Loud, proud, and unapologetically raw, Brisbane's ELKO FIELDS harnesses a huge blend of dark blues and garage rock.
Radiating both a fiery resilience alongside an honest fragility, the track offers her take on the fragility of life and the inevitability of death; an optimistic outlook as opposed to grim.

Other tracks by ELKO FIELDS:  No Thrills