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The Sea Gypsies - Be A Man     Rock, Reggae 15/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Be A Man” evokes strong emotion and passion as the indie band sing about his journey from adolescence to manhood.

The single starts with a soft bass accompanied by vocals,then interrupted by an intense drum solo full of emotion. “Be A Man” features energetic bass and guitar solos as well as heartfelt vocalist Luke Marlin guiding listeners through his life.

Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren - All For Rum     Rock, Folk 15/10/2018
A band of filthy pirates who perform rockin' sea shanties about high seas adventure, rum and tales of the sea!
The soon-to-be pirates national anthem: All For Rum! A song in the style of traditional sea shanties, with a big rocking sing-along chorus.

Grab your tankard, raise it to the sky and join in the chorus of "it's all for rum and rum for all!"

Other tracks by Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren:  Drink ('Til We Die)  -  Sea Of Fire
The Lawnton Bowls Club - Direction     Rock, Chill 15/10/2018
The Lawnton Bowls Club are from the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne and play an eclectic mix dreamy pop and alt country
The first track and single is called Direction, and its about being in you're 30's and not always knowing where you're heading. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's not. It's sort of chilled dreamy pop, part of my War on Drugs phase.

Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Don't Let Go of Me Tonight  -  Plenty of Time
Cyanide Thornton - Hot Air     Rock, Folk, Pop 13/10/2018
Cyanide Thornton share their stunning new single 'Hot Air.' The track comes from their self-titled debut album, out November 9 via Bedroom Suck/Remote Control Records.
The band describe the single - "'Hot Air' in a fast moving car on flat ground. Smash into yourself, burst out of yourself. This is a song about difference and distance in close relationships, about trying not to be too self-destructive, and finding different ways to love."

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Cyanide Thornton - Weight     Rock, Folk, Pop 13/10/2018
'Weight' is the first single from the eagerly anticipated self-titled debut album from Naarm (Melbourne) band Cyanide Thornton, out November 9 on Bedroom Suck/Remote Control Records.
While incorporating elements of folk and rock, Cyanide Thornton transcends its composite parts, moving into a space of raw emotion and fierce determination. Thornton’s voice is at once wistful and melancholic, painting narratives with a tender immediacy.

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The Terrifying Lows - Comet     Rock, Pop 13/10/2018
Emerging from several enterprising years playing with a string of Australia’s best new musicians, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott presents his intriguing and bittersweet pop-grunge project, THE TERRIFYING LOWS.
Power-pop banger reminiscent of 90s and early 2000s bands such as Weezer and The Posies

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Edward R. - Way You Do     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 12/10/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His new EP Body Corporate showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop that recalls Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
A 70s-inflected slow jam on heartbreak and loneliness, it's delicate vocal opening filters into a staccato pulsing drum beat and swirling synths with Edward R.'s building lament "nobody can love me, the way that you do".

Max Quinn - Serotonin     Rock, Punk 12/10/2018
Sydney based artist Max Quinn returns with his powerful and honest new single 'Serotonin'. "One of Australia's most exciting young voices" PILERATS
“’Serotonin’ is a song about depression. It’s about turning over every rock that you can find in search of a reason to continue, and over time, finding heaps of them. It’s about trying really hard to navigate out of that maze, and learning to take care of yourself in the process”

Middle Kids - Salt Eyes     Rock 12/10/2018
Following up from their debut album 'Lost Friends', Middle Kids are back with their new single 'Salt Eyes'
Hannah explains: “Salt Eyes is when you get those red-dry-eyes after a big cry. Sometimes we try to live large but actually it makes us feel small. Salt Eyes is what we get when we’re searching for freedom but haven’t found it yet.”

Nautical Mile - A Life Worth Dying For     Rock, Punk, Pop 12/10/2018
Nautical Mile are a Pop Punk/Post-Hardcore band from Perth, Western Australia.
A Life Worth Dying For bursts straight out the gate in anthemic Pop/Punk fashion and paves way for a powerful verse. Nautical Mile have the ability to pen extremely catchy choruses that will get stuck in your head for days, and A Life Worth Dying For is no exception. Press play and get pumped!

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Perry Keyes - Let's Have A Smoke Outside     Rock 12/10/2018
Singer, songwriter, storyteller.Like they say in the old country song, three chords and the truth
From the courtship by the car factory gates. The honeymoon in a caravan park. Raising of kids in the high rise Department of Housing towers. The story starts on a summer night in the mid 70s and under the pine trees of Sydney's Little Bay. The father counting out his ill-gotten gains on the bonnet of a Datsun 180B

Urban Guerillas - What I Wish For     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Punk 12/10/2018
"Best known for songs of political activism and social issues, ‘though they also have songs about relationships. Their political songs never sound preachy or dated." Big Daddy K
What to wish for? Love, Peace and Harmony of course! I wish for love and happiness and free beers on a Wednesday night! No greed, no distress. Anything is possible, so why this bloody mess?

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Green Blanket - Oma Juul     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Punk 11/10/2018
Green Blanket are a blank canvas with nothing but paint. They make noise and spit jargon.
One one summers day on the 30th of June. We travel to the Netherlands and gain knowledge of strong powerful and determined woman.

Other tracks by Green Blanket:  Revolt!
99 and one half day - Y The Crooked Letter     Rock, Blues, Grunge 11/10/2018
Car crashes, bushfires, multiple births, bad habits and broken hearts. 99 and one half day. Debut single Gypsy Magic out now. EP out October 11.
The angsty follow up to single "Gypsy Magic". Revealing a darker side of 99 and one half day.

Other tracks by 99 and one half day:  The Wolf And The Raven  -  King Of The Mountain
Loose End - Jordan Street     Rock, Punk 11/10/2018
Loose End are a 5 Piece Pop-Punk/Rock Band from Melbourne. Loose End are for fans of The Story So Far, Trophy Eyes, Four Years Strong, Knuckle Puck and State Champs.
Ben Smalley, vocalist for the band, says the new track 'Jordan Street' is " ..about chasing my dreams. Like everyone I have my days where I hang over my head. I have the sleepless nights where I feel alone and ridiculous. The mornings in the car and worry about my dignity and if I'll have any left if I fail."

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Strangers for Sale - Set in Stone     Rock, Funk 11/10/2018
Strangers for Sale are funk-induced Indie Rockers from Melbourne. Featuring dual lead singers, slap bass and punchy riffs.
Set in Stone features Strangers for Sale's trademark slap bass, and compelling lyrics. It was the result of a magical rehearsal moment where everything came together in 5 minutes of jamming. The song is layered, as the overall mood and feel of the song is up beat and chirpy, whereas the lyrics describe difficulties in a relationship, particularly with complacency.

Other tracks by Strangers for Sale:  Tropical Storms  -  Lying to Yourself
The Knowgoods - Styrofoam Bones     Rock, Pop 11/10/2018
Sydney's The Knowgoods are a family in the same sense the Ramones were: in spirit, absent blood. They don't take themselves too seriously, but they give everything to their music.
Styrofoam Bones is about deciding not to be with someone because they've hurt you too much and you can’t do it anymore. It’s about the times where you feel vulnerable like you can’t hold the weight - that’s where the styrofoam concept comes from - you look right but you can’t hold the weight and you’re worried you’ll crumble.

The Midnight Revolver - Set Fire     Rock, Pop, Blues 11/10/2018
The Midnight Revolver deliver guitar driven, hook-laden rock anthems. The Perth four piece burst onto the scene in 2017, quickly establishing itself as a must see live act.
Set Fire is the second single from The Midnight Revolver. Recorded and mastered by legendary producer/engineer Rob Grant (Tame Impala, Lenny Kravitz, Miley Cyrus).

The Sea Gypsies - Dreams     Rock, Reggae 11/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Dreams” is a laid-back single full of chilled vibes. The Central Coast boys describe putting thoughts into action and working together to achieve their goals. “Dreams” communicates working hard and striving towards goals. This single is upbeat and catchy, channelling frustration and energy into words, through their riveting instruments.

99 and one half day - Gypsy Magic     Rock, Grunge 10/10/2018
Car crashes, bushfires, multiple births, bad habits and broken hearts. 99 and one half day. Debut single Gypsy Magic out now. EP out October 11.
Debut single from the self titled EP 99 and one half day.