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Hollow December - Out of the Woods     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 12/12/2018
Hollow December are five mates from Hobson’s Bay. With long friendships throughout kindergarten, primary school and high school, Hollow December started writing music and performing two years ago.
On their new single ‘Out of the Woods’, Hollow December touch on the conflict that arises when caring for a loved one becomes too detrimental for yourself to continue. Written and performed by Hollow December, recorded at Hothouse Studios by Jeremy Giddings and Craig Harnatd, recorded, mixed and produced by Mike Miller and mastered by Mikey Young.

Mogerlaine - Tourist     Rock, Pop 12/12/2018
Hailing from the inner suburbs of Adelaide, Mogerlaine revive the guitar-laced sound of new wave music with a dark twist.
Indie guitar-loving quartet Mogerlaine serve up Tourist, a fresh cut from their EP due in 2019. Tourist is the story of living your way – even when the scenery changes around you. Recorded at SA favourite Island Studios and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Blur), the track fuses new wave riffs with snappy, pop-influenced songwriting.

Porcine Assembly Line - Mellified     Rock, Punk, Grunge 12/12/2018
P.A.L is an intense solo act from Bendigo, Victoria. Combining relentless guitar riffs with electronic elements and unhinged vocals; It’s a great new source for simple, angry music.
Mellified is a high-energy track with a driving guitar riff, eerie synths and a funky, electronic beat. A good art-punk vibe. Lyrically it centres around the ancient practice of consuming human remains steeped in honey.

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Other tracks by Porcine Assembly Line:  Piggy in the Middle
Simon Kinny-Lewis Band - Angel Like You     Rock, Blues 12/12/2018
Simon Kinny-Lewis takes the audience with him on a seismic journey of compelling blues guitar – with a voice that Steve Lukather (Toto) describes as being similar to Joe Bonamassa.
An upbeat rock/pop tune about a sweet girl looking for love - and doing it all wrong!

'This ain't no life... for an angel like you!"

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Other tracks by Simon Kinny-Lewis Band:  Straight Talker  -  Prison of Love
The Prickly Grapes - Bosnia     Rock, Punk 12/12/2018
4 mates from North East Tassie. Music conceived in the depths of new ham. If its got a groove and some flow we'll like it.
Constant rocker. Observations, feeling and experiences of travelling in Bosnia.

Other tracks by The Prickly Grapes:  Blizzard  -  Oh My Dear
The Vitriots - Late Night Loser (Window Cruiser)     Rock, Garage 11/12/2018
The Vitriots’ sound is reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Nirvana and Courtney Barnett. Spitfire tracks backed by sweet melodies and punchy drum beats and thumping bass lines.
'Lobster Brain' reflects bands collective inspirations taken from Britpop and 90s Grunge with a modern Alternative Indie bent. Punchy bass riffs, high octane drums beats and summer soaked guitar sounds. "Reminiscent of all the best 90’s grunge but with a discordant UK 70’s punk lyrical edge" -Charlotte Graham (Indie Music Review)

Other tracks by The Vitriots:  Space Monkey  -  Rehab
Anonymii - The Winter     Rock, Goth 10/12/2018
Sydney-based 3 piece Anonymii are best described as 'intense', with emotionally charged vocals reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Siouxsie Sioux, layered over post-punk and grunge-inspired guitar and driving rhythm section.
Anonymii's second single "The Winter", features guest vocals from Sydney goth/dark rock artist Justin Finch, aka Burden Man. With an obvious nod to artists like The Cure, "The Winter" marries lyrical themes of grief and loss with rich layered vocals and carefully crafted sonic textures, creating a beautifully sad and moving piece.

Suburban Prophets - STABBY the UNICORN     Rock, Rock 10/12/2018
Stomping rock beats, melodic bass grooves and driving guitar riffs harmoniously come together in catchy original songs with punchy choruses.
A modern day love story. Mexican flavored verses combined with Beatles/Queen style choruses best served loud!

Moxie And The Nobodies - Honey On The Rug     Rock, Britpop, Garage 08/12/2018
Moxie And The Nobodies draws influence from artists as Beck, Ween and FaithNoMore. They bring a blend of friendly nihilism and absurdity wrapped up in a tasty alt-rock package.
This track has a Kinks flavoured rock feel, with a modern vibe.

With an upbeat feel, this is the catchy first single from the "Vulture Visions" album.

Other tracks by Moxie And The Nobodies:  Help Me  -  Blood Stained
Dear Seattle - Daytime TV     Rock, Punk 07/12/2018
Dear Seattle are the melodic, sing along, beer-in-the-air, headbanging-with-heart punk rock band you’ve been waiting for, who have created a truly unique and powerful style of song writing.
Daytime TV is all about the struggle when you find the person you love but you’ve got absolutely no idea how to go about letting them know. Everything is amazing every time you’re together, but is it best friends? Is it lovers? You’ve got no idea until you take the plunge and let them in on it.

Mercury Sun - Stumbling     Rock, Pop, Chill 07/12/2018
Mercury Sun are a five piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Brisbane, QLD.
main theme is the unknown. In your mid-twenties, it’s a scary thing everyone’s world around you begins to settle yet in your mind the picture is more unclear than ever. You only have to turn on your TV to see it’s a hard slog for Australian youth at the moment.

Immigrant Union - New Win     Rock, Alternative Country 07/12/2018
Immigrant Union are an Australian alt/country/psych collective
‘New Win’ is the first taste from the forthcoming Immigrant Union ‘Judas’ album due for release in early 2019, and ‘is a song about the best times in life being squandered by not realising at the time how great they were and regrettably letting them slip away.

Mal Smith - Saltwater Lift     Rock, Alternative Country, Britpop 07/12/2018
Mal Smith blends indie-rock beats with layers of swirling guitars, soundscapes, timeless lyrics and catchy melodies. For lovers of The National, Gang of Youths, DMA's and The Middle Kids.
Saltwater Lift celebrates freedom by exploring the themes of summer, childhood, music, memories and journeys.

Pearl The Girl - Mr Informative     Rock, Pop 07/12/2018
Her mellifluous vocals can can feel both vulnerable and raw yet contain a dash of flirtatious moxy when she invites you into her personal space to experience her dalliances.
'Mr Informative' is the follow up single to Pearl The Girls last love/loath song 'I Hate You'. It is the punchy pop/rock tune full of attitude. The kind of song you fantasise screaming in your ex-lover's face, who appears to revel in your mistakes. This is a song for all the lonely people who love to be right and forever push away their loved ones, without ever realising.

RACKETT - I Please Myself     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Dance 07/12/2018
RACKETT are a loud experimental punk-pop band based in Sydney, Australia. Front by Rebecca Callander, this squad of bad ass chicks are renowned for a thrilling live show.
I Please Myself is the title track taken RACKETT's self released EP - I Please Myself.
Written and recorded by RACKETT. Produced by Dave Hammer.
RACKETT is a self described 'grunge pop' artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Other tracks by RACKETT:  Kiss It Better  -  FU
SCABZ - Brett Lee's Got No I.D (And He Can't Get Into World Bar)     Rock, Punk, Comedy 07/12/2018
The shittest band in Newtown.
One starry night, at World Bar, Australian cricketer Brett Lee stumbled upon the guitarist and vocalist of the shittest band in Newtown guarding the nightclub’s entrance.Lee wished to know what lay behind those doors, but alas, he had no identification on his person – Poynton refused the fast-bowler entry herself. And here it is now, the tale turned into song.

TH/EF - 3AM     Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Country 07/12/2018
TH/EF is rock n roll front woman and guitarist Ariane Campbell. Produced by Sarah McLeod. Influenced by Joan Jett and Divinyls. Born in Sydney. Bred in New York City.
3AM is an acoustic/ electric rock ballad written by Ariane Campbell, Produced by Sarah McLeod. Mick Skelton on drums. Mixed by Tony Wall at ASharp Studio and Mastered by Matthew Grey. It's a love song with a warning, you know, I love you, but don't mess with me or I'm out.

"Sounds great! It's really hooky!" John Watson (Eleven Music)

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Other tracks by TH/EF:  If Love Was A Four Letter Word  -  Someone Like Me
The Naddiks - Dolly Rocker     Rock, Pop 07/12/2018
The Naddiks have reformed, supported by music studio and record lable Band Express, 'Dolly Rocker' is the first of the new releases for 2018-2019
Dolly Rocker is about that caustic girlfriend living a totally different life outside your relationship whilst using everything you have.

Zoe Zac - Mathematician     Rock, Grunge, Folk 07/12/2018
Tasmanian songstress, author, and multi-media artist Zoe Zac's latest single Mathematician sees her depart from her electro pop roots and re-emerge with a courageous solo Non-tradition Folk Rock Ballad.
Tasmanian songstress Zoe Zac's latest single Mathematician sees her depart from her electro pop roots and re-emerge with a courageous solo Non-tradition Folk Rock Ballad.
Recorded in Phnom Penh by Sebastion Adnot ( Dub Addiction), Post produced in Hobart By Ivan Moose Johnston and Mastered in Melbourne at Crystal Mastering by Joe Carra. 2018.

The Wolfbats - Away     Rock, Punk 06/12/2018
Female-driven punk'n'roll band from Perth

Other tracks by The Wolfbats:  D.D.S  -  Wake Up