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Boy Young - Erin Brockovich     Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
Boy Young is a songwriter based in Adelaide. He enjoys Coopers session ales, KFC, supporting Port Adelaide and patting other peoples dogs.
Erin Brockovich originally had completely different title and lyrics, but after bombing a vocal session in the studio I went to my girlfriends parents place for dinner where her mum mentioned that she used to look like Julia Roberts. This planted the seed for the current title and I went home that night and wrote the new lyrics.

Claiming It Anyway - Addiction Motorway     Rock, Blues, Garage 13/06/2019
CIA is Brisbane's youngest Rock n Roll trio comprised of the 3 brothers Curt Scott and Mitch Luxton! With a 13yr old explosive drummer, every song will have you hooked!
Addiction Motorway is a story about taking a drive out of town while the peak hour traffic queues up for the day's work. The addiction motorway is the M1 pacific motorway from Brisbane to the Gold Coast... This song is a stand against the weekly 9-5 grind, a rock n roll getaway!

dave graney and the mistLY - Song Of Life     Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
Dave Graney and Clare Moore with their band the mistLY. 33rd album. Moodists Coral Snakes mistLY.
The chorus has the line “ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?”. Song Of Life was recorded and released in February 2018, an extended version of that original, clean and very pop version appears on Side Z of the album. We started playing it with the mistLY and it sounded great so we wanted to do it again.


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Other tracks by dave graney and the mistLY:  Your Masters  -  ULTRAKEEF
Dream Dali - Hurt Me     Rock, Psychedelic, Ambience 13/06/2019
Australian artist Dream Dali blend reverbed guitars with droning synths and hypnotic drums into a modern fusion of dark-wave psychedelia.
Both intimate and expansive, 'Hurt Me' is awash with droning synths, razored guitar and emotive lyricism, channelling the peculiar ache that follows lost love. Morphing the psychedelic tones of Neu! and Flaming Lips with the darkness of The Doors and The Cure, Dream Dali’s debut release ‘Hurt Me’ is set to hypnotize listeners into a profound trance.

Dress Thèque - Another Way To Heaven     Rock, Britpop 13/06/2019
Dress Thèque is a genre-blending band from Sydney Australia. Drawing on Manchester flavours of trip-hop & rock, Dress Thèque echo the 90’s but bring it together with a futuristic aesthetic.
“Another Way To Heaven” is their 4th single which follows "Gone Mad" and statement tracks “Landslide” & “Football Music.” 2019 will see a series of new singles building towards an album release in the near future.

Electric Zebra - You Can Choose (Who Your Friends Are)     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Garage 13/06/2019
Electric Zebra are a Brisbane based band with bittersweet anthems straight from their parents cassette players.
You can choose who your friends are, but you can't choose what your friends do.

Faxman - Pesos     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Folk 13/06/2019
Faxman's sound is a sonic soup of swirling organ, bluesy slide guitar, and soulful vocals, as likely to evoke blues legend Charley Patton as it is The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Thematically, it’s a scathing review of late-stage capitalism and a world driven by consumerism. Musically, it’s a gritty, slow-burning psychedelic blues track which devolves into a swirling mess of organ, delay trails, and chanting.

Good Korpse Bad Korpse - Time to Play     Rock, Punk 13/06/2019
Newest female fronted psychobilly/punkabilly band to hit the scene. Psychobilly husband and wife team, Rusty and Ginger, bring you their debut EP Windchimes and Chainsaws. Classic psychobilly with punk.
A song with attitude not for the faint hearted, this song exposes a topic not talked about quite enough. Military style drumming echoes through the song at times to combine with the unmistakable sound of the slap upright bass and punk rock guitar to accompany lyrics delivered with a raw driving ambition to get a message out.

Other tracks by Good Korpse Bad Korpse:  Werewolf Baby  -  Centerfold Girl
Good Pash - Baby Chav De-Prawns     Rock, Punk 13/06/2019
Good Pash is an indie-punk band from Sydney. The firebrand quartet has made a name for themselves in the local scene as one of the most exciting new bands.
"Baby Chav De-Prawns is a song about the morning after a big night out. Trying to piece it all together (hence 'de-prawning') the word vomit from the night so you can move on with your day." - Good Pash

2019 will see a series of new singles and an EP titled “GEN 1” to be released later in the year.

Hideous Sun Demon - Can't Live Like That     Rock, Punk 13/06/2019
Hideous Sun Demon ooze raw untamed energy. This three-piece band bring with them a unique blend of psych-punk garage rock that packs a punch.
Embodying the chaotic raw energy synonymous with Hideous Sun Demon’s signature blend of psych-punk rock, ‘Can’t Live Like That’ is a raw, catchy and explosive, full of twists and turns bound to hypnotize and make you bop to the uplifting chorus hooks.

Jason Penna - Where are the Angels Tonight     Rock, Pop, Country 13/06/2019
I am currently releasing a new song every week on Saturday. My music and lyrics are meaningful and often relate to real world events that inspire me.
Released on the 1st June, “Where are the Angels Tonight” was written to help raise awareness for the need for us to live in a world of harmony and love.

Mark Moldre - Leave Me Where You Found Me     Rock, Blues, Folk, Rockabilly 13/06/2019
Mark Moldre returns with genre-hopping sonic bedlam, fractured Americana-hued ballads, jazz-tinged standards, old-school Jungle Book style reggae and ramshackle/rollicking noir blues.
Leave Me Where You Found Me is a ramshackle, rockabilly racket about a paranoid conspiracy theorist who has spent too much time alone in the basement. (And in his own head!)

Recorded live, the old fashioned way - straight to 1” tape.

Produced by Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss/Infinity Broke/The Tall Grass)

Other tracks by Mark Moldre:  How Long?  -  Keep On Moving
Matilda Duncan - Empty     Rock, Chill, Atmospheric 13/06/2019
At only 17, North Queensland Singer/Songwriter Matilda Duncan's music is lyrically focused indie/folk/rock. Each song is unique and demonstrates Matilda's diverse musical influence.
'Empty' is a reflective song about feeling a little lost. Its melancholic tone has a unique contrast of acoustic guitar and harmonies with spacey guitar/synths that work to compliment each other. The song beautifully combines the emotion-filled sounds of the artist and the track's producer 'Oh Forest Shore', whose harmonies also feature on the track.

Mercury Sun - All My Friends     Rock, Grunge, Garage 13/06/2019
Mercury Sun are a five piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Brisbane, QLD. band members Ash Benham (Vocals, Slide), Louis Reen (Guitar), Connor Reen (Guitar) Harry Schneider (Drums). Formed in 2013.
"All My Friends" showcases the not so glamorous side of life as a musician. It is a song written about the life of a working band. The long hours and sacrifice that goes into just that time small moment on stage when it all feels right. I guess as you get older the people around you tend to question twhy”.

Mount Trout - City Fire     Rock, Experimental, Folk, Alternative Country 13/06/2019
ex-Hobart free-noise folk three-piece
free-noise folk three-piece

Other tracks by Mount Trout:  Ants  -  Wash House
Ocean Alley - Infinity     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues, Easy Listening 13/06/2019
Northern Beaches six-piece Ocean Alley solidified their position as one of Australia’s most exciting bands in 2018, with their ARIA Top 10 and Hottest 100 #1 single 'Confidence' certified Double-Platinum.
Delving deeper into Ocean Alley’s sonic exploration, ‘Infinity’ layers swirling organs with shimmering guitar tones and synth sounds, intricately interwoven to transport the listener into an atmospheric, dream-like world. Through the pre-chorus, an alluring haziness seeps in, enhanced by Baden Donegal’s entrancing vocals and harmonies, slowly building up before closing the song with with crashing cymbals and wailing slide guitar.

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Oguz - Exit Bag (Acoustic)     Rock, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Folk 13/06/2019
Oguz is a singer-songwriter based in Western Sydney, who is writing, recording and self-producing his own songs with genres from alternative to electronic, r&b to rock.
Exit Bag is an acoustic track that is driven by nice harmonic guitar layers and cloudy unique lead vocals by Oguz. It has mid-tempo range with catchy vibe to pull audience into its own calmness

Polly and the Pockets - Milk Bottle     Rock, Psychedelic, Funk, Pop 13/06/2019
Polly and the Pockets make quirky disco/funk inspired alternative rock that will keep your toes tapping.
This song is about a delusional man who thinks that he is a Milk Bottle (among other things). The driving disco beat accompanied by funky keys and quirky vocals delivers a final product that is groovy, a little weird and will absolutely get you tapping your feet.

Other tracks by Polly and the Pockets:  Freedom
RAIN FACTORY - Rebooted     Rock 13/06/2019
Melbourne’s Rain Factory independently released 2 albums and 3 EP’s between 1990-1998. ‘Rebooted’ is the first single from the band’s new album Stimulus Response that took 6 years to complete.
‘Rebooted’ is the first single from Rain Factory’s new album Stimulus Response and the band’s first album release in 2 decades. The song is a testament to the band’s longevity driven by a passion for and dedication to its music. The album itself once again showcases the band's epic soundscapes and propensity towards experimenting with different styles and arrangements.

Rocket Science - Chasing Rainbows     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Punk 13/06/2019
It’s been 10 years since their last album and they’re back from outer-space: tougher, wilder and sharper than ever. Australia's favourite garage-psych-punks have a new single and it's a ripper.
‘Chasing Rainbows’ is the first cut off the upcoming album; Snake and it’s a killer. Kicking off dirty with an unmistakable Rocket Science swing. The first half is a tense playoff, guitar frantically stabs through an unrelenting, rolling rhythm section, overlaid with snarling vocals before exploding into a psychedelic, freak-out ending. Don’t be scared, it’s awesome.