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Martin James - Deadwood     Rock 27/09/2019
Martin James is a singer songwriter from Hobart, Tasmania and his brand of acoustic songs carry a deep and intense mood. Martin’s music is best described as acoustic rock.
Deadwood is a gentle song confronting the destructive force of anxiety, which is a lifelong battle for many. The song reflects on the isolation that anxiety and mental health issues can deliver. Martin opens and finishes the song singing "I got lost off the track, no idea where I'm coming from, everybody looks like they know something I don't".

Program - MOTORBIKE     Rock, Punk, Garage, Indie 27/09/2019
Program showcases channel a deeply personal and often unfathomable nature of modern times, be through snarling, tangled riffs and power chords into a fresh brand of unhinged, modern Australiana.
"Motorbike" showcases tight guitar harmonies, effortless noodling and endless charm. A twang of Neil Young with the cool swagger of Pavement. The Go-Betweens burning the Midnight Oil. "The protagonist sits static in traffic while a woman on a motorcycle whizzes past. It's a metaphor for your position in society: feeling stuck and watching haplessly as someone else zooms ahead".

LamBros. - Something Else     Rock, Indie, Pop, Blues 26/09/2019
Sydney brothers, Connor and Harry Lambrou have rocketed onto the national scene with their highly distinct blend of rock, blues, soul and indie sounds.
This song started from hope, and loss.

As brothers, we had our own visions of what hope looked like, but we only really found it when we had nothing else.

We wanted to write a song that captures the blind stumble through darkness. The search for 'something else' to grab onto when all seems hopeless.

This is it.

Lincoln Mackinnon - Once You're Wrapped Around Me     Rock, Country 26/09/2019
Sometime assassin, sometime saint, Lincoln MacKinnon combines uplifting choruses, heart-break harmonies and a barely contained menace to produce music that is as powerful as it is memorable.
A precious ode to that special someone, “Once You’re Wrapped Around Me” is the sincerest of love songs; sweet and to the point. With gorgeous harmonies from fellow WA artist Billie Rogers, Lincoln, with his familiar twang, sings of all the loving emotions in this timeless romance. Put simply, “I’d give the skies above to be the one you love.”

All The Colours - Why So Sorry     Rock, Alternative, Indie 25/09/2019
A band inspired by the timeless.
A song to turn to when things become too much, when anxiety manages to bash you down or love hurts too much. It's a cry we hear everyday, it’s not a genuine question, more of a threat. Most of the time, people could deal if they felt it was ok to be miserable. Maybe we all need a little forgiveness.

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Gus Johnson - In This City     Rock, Alternative, Indie 25/09/2019
"Prog" is my 4th album and is dedicated to my partner of ten years, who died from a rare brain Cancer last November 2018.
Sometimes things get a bit hectic in the city..

Other tracks by Gus Johnson:  When I Was a Child  -  (Oh) Yeah
Inklines - Too Much     Rock 25/09/2019
Inklines are a three-piece rock band from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, forming in 2017. Drawing influence from a variety of bands including Silverchair, Radiohead and The Strokes.
The song explores themes of loss and separation, conveyed through melancholic lyricism and impactful dynamic movements. Introduced by an instantly familiar and memorable verse, ‘Too Much’ moves into the first of its explosive choruses, each one climbing in intensity. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Lachlan West, and recorded at their local Housefox Studios in Sydney.

The Disappointed - We Don't Dream     Rock, Pop, Alternative 25/09/2019
The Disappointed are perhaps best defined by their mish mash of influences, you can hear the 90s, but also 80s New Wave vibes and a mid 70s prog influence too.
‘We Don’t Dream’ is heavy pop, catchy as hell, expertly crafted and explores the pervasive sense of hopelessness that has infused millennial culture as it slowly inherits the world from the baby boomers. What’s the price we’re paying for the widespread adoption of this worldview and where is this nihilism taking us?

Lime Cordiale - Robbery     Rock, Pop 24/09/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, they command legions of dedicated fans with their very own distinct brand of cruisey surf-rock and incredible live capabilities.
Of the wildly infectious soul-pop jam Robbery Louis Leimbach says “I love the 60’s feel to the song. The whole song could just be a baritone sax and a snare and all the main elements would be there."

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Mike Wilde - Vision     Rock, Roots, Dance, R&B 24/09/2019
Mike Wilde is a unique Australian Singer Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer whose diverse catalog ranges from early energetic Funk through to recent Roots Rock with Blues and Country stylings.
‘Vision’ is about just that. Leading with your heart into the unknown ... following the Muse into the Darkness with no guarantees of Success or even the certainty that you’ll make it through to the Light on the other side.

An undiscovered Gem from the 90’s Mike Wilde catalog .. featuring some awesome Australian and Kiwi musicians.

Other tracks by Mike Wilde:  Surrender  -  Lifeline
Okay Dane - God Complex     Rock, Alternative 24/09/2019
Okay Dane are a three piece rock band from Melbourne, whose tastes range from fast punked up riffs, to sludgy stoner rock. For fans of Violent Soho and The Killers.
Laden with attitude, the pacing of ‘God Complex’ makes the song instantly catchy, while the lyricism represents a more personal internal struggle. With an energy similar to the likes of The Killers, DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho, Okay Dane have formed a strong rock foundation for themselves to build on further with the Alienation EP.

Atticus Chimps - Social Anaesthetic     Rock, Alternative, Punk, Garage 23/09/2019
Atticus Chimps are a two-piece Alternative Rock band from the Gold Coast, Australia. They’re heavily influenced by Punk, Grunge and Funk bands from the ‘90s and early ‘00s.
The song is about substance abuse and the feeling of not being able to socialise without those substances. Believe it or not, the riff of this song was actually inspired by a Dr. Dre chord progression mixed with a strumming pattern from QOTSA. We're pretty sure it sounds nothing like any of those artists.

Majestic Horses - Call You Out     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Psych 23/09/2019
Majestic Horses are Kellie Lloyd – (Screamfeeder and Deafcult)– live in Brisbane. Kate Wilson, drummer (Holy Soul and Sachet), lives in Sydney. And bassist Andrew P Street lives in Adelaide.
Call You Out is part Shoegaze, part DreamPop, with heavy biting guitars, sweet female vocal and rumbling distorted bass that has a chorus you'll be singing for days.

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Repeat Script - Forget Yesterday     Rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie 23/09/2019
Stu Watts' solo project Repeat Script brings you powerful emotive rock music with introspective, thoughtful lyrics.
Forget Yesterday is a midtempo emo rock banger that combines simple, punchy music, with self-reflective anger-tinged lyrics.

Bad//Dreems - Morning Rain     Rock 20/09/2019
Morning Rain is the second single from Bad//Dreems' third studio album, Doomsday Ballet - out October 18 via Farmer & The Owl.
Morning Rain was one of the first songs written for the album. Recorded in the midst of an Adelaide heatwave at Twin Earth Studio and featuring Ladder on synth, opens the album with the brusque couplet: “People are stupid, people go round, fanning the flames while their houses burn down".

Big Dead - First/Last     Rock 20/09/2019
This Brisbane six piece bring a kind of world-weary abandon to their particular brand of jazz-infused rock.
Throughout this lush composition, Big Dead channel heaving undertones that flow beneath warm synths and airy guitar work. First/Last carries a wondrous mix between the intricate and the palatable: every instrument paces in an unexpectedly daring method, yet the sum of their parts is surprisingly smooth given the song's true complexity.

Black Aces - Never Change     Rock 20/09/2019
Formed in rural Australian town Bendigo by singer-guitarist Tyler Kinder, Black Aces set about forming a set of songs influenced by the greats of Aussie rock.
There’s no mistaking what this track is all about - straight ahead Aussie rock, think Jet, ACDC, Airborne. Totally rocking right from the get-go, this up-tempo catchy killer tune will have them headbanging in their bedrooms.


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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Joy     Rock, Contemporary Classical, Experimental, Alternative 20/09/2019
Melbourne Chameleons Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are indie rock experimentalists, who specialise in making music that is infectious, uplifting and original.
Perhaps the most moving song on the record is its centrepiece ‘Joy’, a stunning piano ballad reminiscent of some of the best songs by Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. Rose says he may be more proud of this song than any he has released to date.

Creature Fear - Makeup     Rock, Alternative, Pop 20/09/2019
The uplifting slice of 60s-imbued bright rock finds the five-piece band Creature Fear embracing their uninhibited selves.
An uplifting slice of 60s-imbued garage rock, 'Makeup' finds the five-piece embracing their uninhibited selves. The galvanizing latest offering is, in Cameron Graham's own words, "about feeling suppressed but experiencing an awakening that gives you an urge to want to portray yourself true to who you are.”, featuring Graham's distinct honeyed croon.

Malcura - Malcura     Rock, World, Folk, Instrumental 20/09/2019
MALCURA are a “Heavy Flamenco” trio from Melbourne. From their beginnings as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, Malcura have emerged as one of Australia’s most unique and exhilarating acts.
"Malcura" is the first single to be released from the forthcoming second album, "Malcura II". The track is described by the band as “a reflection of the Malcura sound, from where it started, to what it’s become”.

“Malcura” combines many of the musical ideas and tricks the trio have learned as street performers with their hallmark Heavy Flamenco style.

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