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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Hot Pink     Rock, Psychedelic, Dance, Pop 16/04/2019
This is the second taste of the forthcoming sophomore album from Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - one of Melbourne's most popular, diverse and acclaimed live bands.
Produced/mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Courtney Barnett, Matt Corby), this is a joyful and danceable explosion of a track that might be the band's most immediate single yet.

“Imaginative, handcrafted indie masterpieces” – Subba Cultcha

“An act set to blow up.” – The Music

“One of the hottest exports out of Melbourne in recent years" – The Fountain

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DMA'S - The End (MTV Unplugged Live in Melbourne)     Rock 16/04/2019
MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) has today been launched with DMA’S emotionally-charged acoustic version of ‘The End’. This represents DMA’S’ first live performance of the song.
MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) has been launched with DMA’S acoustic version of ‘The End’. MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) finds DMA’S stripping their songbook back to basics. Focusing on acoustic guitar, piano, violin and cello, these new arrangements unveil fresh new perspectives on the songs - honing in on the poignancy of the band’s lyrics, and their classic songwriting.

Giant Dwarf - Black Thumb     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 16/04/2019
Heavy psych, fuzz, stoner rock weirdos from the isolated depths of Perth, Western Australia.
Black Thumb

You've got the black thumb
You've been burning
Your life for too long

Other tracks by Giant Dwarf:  Kepler  -  High Tide Blues
Local Authority - No Joy     Rock, Atmospheric, Goth, Psychedelic 16/04/2019
From Brisbane’s scorched underground, tropical goth visionaries Local Authority deliver luscious new ways to be sad.
No Joy is a yearning for more, being stuck between two places without a way out, about letting go. The softly spoken vocals set an intimate tone whilst the cavernous guitar sounds flood the track with emotion. A shoegaze formula with an aura of darkness and despair.

Marvell - Come a Little Closer     Rock 16/04/2019
Marvell were born out of a love of classic songwriting both young and old, with this Sydney five-piece marrying the melodies of rock and pop's greatest with contemporary indie-rock.
First single off forthcoming EP 'Living at 52'.

Pacific Avenue - You     Rock 16/04/2019
Pacific Avenue plays Rock n Roll
Channeling some Brit Pop madness and South Coast energy

Press Club - Get Better     Rock, Punk, Garage 16/04/2019
Melbourne band Press Club are four piece, female fronted garage band.
GET BETTER’ is a helter-skelter, 2:45 song of two halves. A Dr. Jekyll + Mr. Hyde piece about people not practicing what they preach and an urging to ‘GET BETTER’.

Sally Chicane - Buy Me a Trophy     Rock, Punk, Pop 16/04/2019
We're a four piece punk/rock band hailing from Australia's capital. With a now 50/50 split of male/female after welcoming our American ex-pat drummer Alicia, we make some great music together.
With a pinch of reggae for an intro, "Trophy" (as we affectionately call it) soon launches into it's pop/punk vibe. It's a tongue in cheek song about taking leisure pursuits too seriously.

Sisters Doll - Black Mirror     Rock 16/04/2019
Melbourne glam-rockers, Sisters Doll, are a trio of Brothers of blood and of rock ‘n’ roll with a trademark melodic rock sound, and an on stage persona to boot.
Black Mirror's title is a synonym for the reliance we have on technology, our phones, our computers, social media or the like, and its manipulation and the trepidation that comes from a generation constantly glued to “black mirrors” [mobile phones].

Sleep Talk - Slowfade     Rock, Hardcore, Metal 16/04/2019
Sleep Talk are an Adelaide-based alternative/post-hardcore act on the brink of thoroughly breaking out. Their debut full-length album 'Everything In Colour' is due on May 3.
Taken from their forthcoming debut full-length 'Everything In Colour', 'Slowfade' kicks things up a notch following the reveal of the album's title track last month. While 'Everything In Colour' marked a punchy and energetic introduction to the record, 'Slowfade' darkens the mood and ups the angst in three-and-a-half minutes of pure bite.

Other tracks by Sleep Talk:  Everything In Colour
Sweet Whirl - Ray C     Rock, Country, Folk 16/04/2019
Sweet Whirl is Melbourne downbeat doyenne Esther Edquist, who uses her bass guitar as a singularly expressive lead instrument, imbuing bleak moments with space, mystery and romance.
Ray C is an exquisitely bleary-eyed gem from Sweet Whirl's new EP Love Songs & Poetry. The dreamy, unhurried track has a gloriously languid twang that feels warm and comforting, softening the blow of Sweet Whirl’s bittersweet lyrical sentiment, tinged with regret and unrequited longing.

The Pinheads - Feel It Now     Rock 16/04/2019
Illawarra oddballs The Pinheads are one of the area's must-see live bands; no mic stand was left unturned, no face left unmelted, no speaker stack was left unclimbed.
Illawarra cranks The Pinheads have dropped another hint of what to expect from their forthcoming second LP, ‘Is This Real’ with the third single, ‘Feel It Now’. A thumping hyper energetic banga that gets you dancing in your chair. Rich and repetitive, carrying themes of losing control over time and self.

Turtle Bay Television - Martyrs     Rock, Punk, Goth, Garage 16/04/2019
What started out as a pretty straightforward Foals-inflected guitar music project has turned into an emotional outlet for discussing themes relating to mental illness and celebrating victories against it.
The track was inspired by Pascal Laugier’s ‘New French Extremity’ movie of the same name- a well regarded example of profoundly disturbing contemporary horror - and Scott Walker’s equally confronting album, The Drift. The track was written and recorded by Thomas Cockram in his bedroom and aims to capture the life-affirming, terrifying catharsis offered by both works.

Other tracks by Turtle Bay Television:  Experience  -  I Don't Need the Devil to Hate Myself
Dirty Rascal - What Would Love Do     Rock, Reggae, Blues, Folk 15/04/2019
“Songwriting to stir the soul” (The Music) DIRTY RASCAL play uplifting, melodic rock, rich with vocal harmony and infectious grooves. From sweet longing to classic 4-piece rock.
What Would Love Do, the 2nd single from You be the King, is a reggae inspired track rich with tasty guitar and vintage keys. Andrew McSweeney’s vocal is simple and effective, Jerry Speiser’s drums push into the chorus the whole track lifts with a transforming energy. It suggests that in challenging times, simply asking can allow answers to present themselves.

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The Great Emu War Casualties - Croissants For Now     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Easy Listening 15/04/2019
We have come from all different corners of the universe to create some slightly off-kilter pop music honouring our fallen comrades in the Great Emu War of 1932.
This is a fairly generic easy on the ears 90s alternative pop rock tune, but it has the best music video ever made in the history of music so it's worth it for that.

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Other tracks by The Great Emu War Casualties:  SPACEBATANGELDRAGON
Batpiss - Nothing     Rock, Punk, Garage 12/04/2019
Dirge-rock legends BATPISS return from a brief sabbatical with a new lineup & hefty new single 'Nothing'.
Nothing is about letting go of anger and frustration, growing up and moving on. "This band has been based on negative energy for years. I just don't feel like that anymore," explains frontman Thomy Sloane. " When I think about all the silly things that made me irate in the past, I feel nothing. That's what this song is about."

IV League - Cola Tooth World     Rock, Punk 12/04/2019
Kneeling at the feet of 90’s-era heroes like Pixies and The Breeders, Melbourne's V League manage to make music that draws from their influences, and creates something that's refreshingly unique.
'Cola Tooth World' signifies yet another interesting dimension to the musical cannon of IV League. This time around, there's a distinct punk ferocity with lead singer Bella Venutti's lyrical attitude.

Other tracks by IV League:  Echo  -  Comedown Sensation
Matt Ellis - Isolationist Blues     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Soul 12/04/2019
Matt Ellis is a Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He's just released his new, 6th album, “Rambler Pacifico”, on March 29th, 2019.
"Isolationist Blues" is the lead track from Matt Ellis' new album, "Rambler Pacifico". It's a soul stomping rock song sweetened by pedal steel and Calexico's horn section, with a lyric that responds to the rhetoric spilling from the White House.

Other tracks by Matt Ellis:  The Lucky Ones  -  The Kids of America
Milo Viti - Be Cool     Rock, Punk, Pop 12/04/2019
Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop music, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly from the jump.
Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop music, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly from the jump. New single ‘Be Cool’ is the latest example of the band’s versatility, as they stride forward into a brand new year of music - fired up and ready to take charge.

A.D.K.OB - Burning Plastic     Rock 11/04/2019
Sydney based multi-instrumentalist Mark Piccles’ distinct approach to song writing and production is now transcending the bedroom aesthetic on his creative project A.D.K.O.B.
"It’s is about functioning with addiction. You think you can hide it, and what’s scary is that for a time, you can. It can feel like there’s no good reason to stop but you’re caught in a loop." The urgency and precision of the song makes the stadium-ready vocals pack.