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White Water - Big Fat Money     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Hardcore 21/08/2019
White Water’s 3rd EP is carving out territory in the heavy high energy Oz rock genre. It features strong vocal harmonies, ripping guitar riffs, tasty bass lines, and dynamic drumming.
The title track of the EP is glorious punk, strongly opposing the top end of town's trickle down theory. A clever, quirky tune sure to see fat cats and bankers slinking to the darkest corner of the venue and considering abandoning their misguided political aspirations. The songs feature at times almost spooky female vocals that add a mysterious element.

Other tracks by White Water:  Highway man  -  Road KIll
YEEVS - Dancing String     Rock, Folk 21/08/2019
Since the band’s inception in 2015, YEEVS have become a captivating force on Sydney’s indie scene; emotive live shows positioning the band as ones to watch on the East Coast
The urgency of the single springs forth instantly in Bradley Cork’s distinguishable vocals, while the percussion and rhythmic progressions mirror the punch packing music by the likes of Boy & Bear, Modest Mouse and The Teskey Brothers.

Other tracks by YEEVS:  That Side  -  Common Ground
Youth Group - Cusp     Rock 21/08/2019
Forming in the late 1990s, the band released four critically acclaimed albums – Urban & Eastern (2001), Skeleton Jar (2004), Casino Twilight Dogs (2006) and The Night Is Ours (2008).
Having relocated to the UK with his young family, chief songwriter and singer/guitarist Toby Martin rented the space expecting to write a very English solo record. Instead what came out was a body of work that not only felt distinctly like a Youth Group album, but was largely concerned with Australia and missing home.

Fractured Minds - Crave     Rock, Pop 20/08/2019
old school rock band from the rural town of Bermagui located on the far south coast of NSW
Old school Rock

Hours - Desert Paths     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 20/08/2019
HOURS are a 4 piece experimental rock outfit hailing from the Bellarine peninsula.
Desert Paths is a section of a longer narrative, telling the story of a man who escapes to the desert seeking higher power and realisation, and his inevitable fate. Key features of the track include atmospheric guitars and a spoken word section on the back end of the track. This is HOURS first professional recording.

Old Cities - Postcards     Rock, Pop 20/08/2019
“It’s deep, passionate and moving. A piece of gorgeous art.” Triple J Unearthed, Claire Mooney (‘Again’, 2018)
The pacing of the track builds carefully, buoyed by White’s deep vocal and self-handled production. With the marriage of synths and percussion, ‘Postcards’ has a slightly 80’s throwback hint to it. Like artists including Bleachers, Yeasayer and City Calm Down, Old Cities creates music in a dreamy soundscape that draws the listener in from the jump.

The Good Minus - I'll Decide For You     Rock 20/08/2019
The Good Minus are a Melbourne based all-singing power-trio. With songs featuring intricate three-part harmonies, the band’s style can be described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
I’ll Decide For You is the second single from the Good Minus’ debut album. It is about people being insincere and making decisions about what they think is best for others. The song was recorded and engineered by David Kean and mixed by Greg J Walker (Machine Translations). It was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Studios (NY).

Hemingway - The Getaway     Rock, Funk 19/08/2019
Brisbane based Hemingway combine a multitude of sounds to bewith the mind and ensnare the senses.
Upbeat rock n roll number about Bonnie and Clyde

Me in a dream - Me in a dream     Rock, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Experimental 19/08/2019
We're a Mornington Peninsula based band, creating soundscapy, stargazy moments. Our sound has its roots in electronic, folk, ambient and experimental rock, combined to make a magical experience
Me in a dream is an evolving dreamscape that begins with ethereal textures and distant voices. As rhythmic patterns start to grow within the soundscape, a repeating mantra appears until the song bursts into life in a glorious anthem of beautiful confusion. The words are disjointed and meaningless but heartfelt and urgent, describing an unattainable sense of belonging.

Pixel - Upside Down     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric 19/08/2019
Pixel aka Pixel Music Production is an informative, collaborative, contribution audio and media project orchestrated by local Toowoomba musician and producer Sam McConochie.
Upside Down is dedicated to those suffering mental or physical distress. The song’s aesthetic is purposed to reflect the murky undertones of those painful emotions and the longing for joy.

Composed: Sam McConochie
Lyrics: Sing Say(donated)
Recorded/mixed: Sam McConochie
Mastered: Steve Smart.

Pure Milk - Expectations     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 19/08/2019
Influenced by the DIY ethic of the underground scene, writing songs self-described as “wholesome indie punk tinged with slacker rock” where strong, emotionally fuelled lyrical wordplay remain the forefront.
As previous single “Palm Beach,” continues to receive love on radio and Spotify, including 6-weeks on the editorial playlist Local Noise, new single “Expectations” dances and staggers its way into the homes of countless youths. Through sharp, concise vocals, Lewis Nitschinsk the bands songwriter, describes the addictive plight of binge-drinking your Friday night away around cheap patio tables.

Taleena Peck - Long Time Coming     Rock, Pop, Garage, Folk 19/08/2019
Taleena Peck has been dubbed as one to watch. Having teamed up with electric guitarist, Luke Martin, this indie-rock act is commanding our attention with their latest single.
Long Time Coming is Taleena Peck's latest single. The constant driving bass and drums, cushioned by a bed of ambient guitars, sets the foundation for this songstress' sincere, cutting lyrics and her signature sound.

Beast Machine - Time Slowed Down     Rock 16/08/2019
The debut single from this hard rock band
Hard hitting

Demos from the Wheatbelt - Hayden McGlinn - Black Dog Follows     Rock, Roots, Pop 16/08/2019
Demos from the Wheatbelt provides 10 Wheatbelt artists with the priceless opportunity to record an original song with two of WA's best producers.
Hayden McGlinn is an artist engraining folk, blues, rock, country into his acoustic music. In 2004 he was nominated for WAM country song of the year with his song “Utes n Dogs”. Black Dog Follows is a track addressing and opening up the conversation around depression and mental health.

Other tracks by Demos from the Wheatbelt:  Sue Munns - Speaks To Me  -  Refractory Road - Jericho
Fierce Mild - Song He Never Wrote     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Instrumental 16/08/2019
Comparisons aside, the music and artwork of Fierce Mild explore on the idea of waking the sleeping unconscious, and separating from the constructed world around us.
A suicidal contemplation, an attempt to escape the physicality of Dasein (Being) through a visit to an after life. All lessons in 'heaven' are ignored and the mind returns to the body convincing yourself that there is no god, or no one that can see any of your actions giving you impunity for the actions that you take on earth.

Phil Martins Drive - Ordinary     Rock, Ska, Pop 16/08/2019
Singer songwriter Phil Martin. Writing powerhouse Melodic rock Tunes
Layered Melodic rock track with backing vocals and lots of Dynamics

Press Club - Behave     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/08/2019
Melbourne band Press Club release their second album WASTED ENERGY on August 16th.
‘BEHAVE’ is a commentary on the band’s experiences in their day to day. People are told to live up to the expectations of others in every facet of their lives. ‘BEHAVE' is musically and lyrically a letting go of any desire to please anyone other than themselves.

Private Function - Shut Up     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/08/2019
Melbourne punk misfits Private Function have generated a fierce national following at a dizzying speed thanks in equal parts to their schoolboy charm and commercial contempt.
A snarling punk number taken from Melbourne punk misfits Private Function's debut LP, St Anger.

Other tracks by Private Function:  Process of Elimination  -  Thick of it All
Rya Park - Bitch     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
Rya Park's last two singles Tokyo and Act Your Age were spun on triple j, RRR and PBS radio. triple j Unearthed also featured Rya Park as a spotlight artist.
Bitch opens with slow, sparse and distorted electric guitar as Park sings about her vulnerabilities, anxieties and struggles with depression. Her reflections are emotion-heavy, delivered with sweetness and drawl reminiscent of early 90's PJ Harvey. But when the band kicks in Park sounds anything but vulnerable, rather, she is powerful in her self-reflection which creates a stunning, stirring dissonance.

Watch video

St Joan - Ride me to School     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 16/08/2019
Drawing influence from the story-telling of Jeff Buckley and sinister melodies of Radiohead, Sydney trio St Joan fuse psychedelia, blues, indie and folk to create vulnerable and dynamic music.
A softly strung, but emphatically performed ballad, "Ride me to School" shines a light on the challenges of parenting and the perspective of a son during separation. As cracks begin to appear, someone who was once your hero begins to look more like the villain. Memories become that much more important to remind you of the person they really are.