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Winterbourne - Too Many     Rock, Pop 19/06/2019
Winterbourne are known for their energetic and charismatic stage presence, their melodic and elegant harmonies and their ability to cultivate strong connections with their fans.
“'s a slow build from one point to another with ramblings. Much like when you’re staring out into the distance and all the things that are making you feel overwhelmed are adding up in your head but then some thought or chemical brings you comfort, and you revel in that while you walk home listening to music...”

Wulf Black - Wildfire     Rock 19/06/2019
Melbourne-based Wulf Black is the rock enigma behind tracks 'Stop Me!','Wildfire' and the latest ‘Breaking Walls’, taking the world by storm.
With a sound comparable to Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood, Wildfire is an edgy take on today’s indie rock, already taking the audience of UK show ‘Grand Tour’ by storm! With only a 20 second snippet of the track placed into the 3rd seasons sixth episode, fans flooded the Wulf Black socials to express their admiration.

Major Electric - Easy to Kill     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 18/06/2019
Major Electric is a dynamic four piece Desert Rock band combining the best of vintage styles with modern production for a sonic experience greater than the sum of its parts.
Out of gunfire, smoke, metal and bloodshed emerges Easy To Kill – The first single of Aussie Desert Rock Band Major Electric. Torn open by buzz saw electric guitars, enter the battlefield to witness a story of courage and sacrifice; exploitation and futility, told by a soldier fighting for a cause he has forgotten...

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Major Electric - Eyes on the Prize     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 18/06/2019
Major Electric is a dynamic four piece Desert Rock band combining the best of vintage styles with modern production for a sonic experience greater than the sum of its parts.
Eyes On The Prize is a heavy hitting dynamic track that invokes emotions of hardship, self doubt, passion and perfection on the dramatic rise to the top of your game.

Other tracks by Major Electric:  Sin  -  Pink Flamingo
The Dardi Shades - Yeah You're Young     Rock 17/06/2019
Following on from releasing a slew of standout singles, NSW Camden-based indie-rock band The Dardi Shades have just unveiled their infectious new single ‘Yeah You’re Young’.
‘Yeah You’re Young’ is an explosion of jangly, summer-soaked indie-pop, that takes cues from luminaries The Vampire Weekend, The Kooks and The Libertines. From the outset, bright-sparked guitars play against the fervent vocals of endearing front man Stewart Patterson, of which is all held intact by a commanding rhythmic section.

Cool Sounds - Around And Down     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 17/06/2019
A Melbourne alt-country/indie-pop group, making guitar music with clean instrumental interplay
The opening chintzy keyboard is washed over by sparkling guitars. There's a nice motor underneath the track as it jostles and shimmers. This brightness belies the sadness of Dainis Lacey's lyrics - being haunted by a memory, and a determination to ignore reality, "I don't ever wanna come down" repeated stubbornly in the outro.

ENTROPY DISRUPTED - Home     Rock 17/06/2019
Entropy Disrupted are an eclectic mix of Rock/Metal/Hip Hop genres into one band. The four individuals originally from Adelaide, Sydney and as far as Quebec
Probably the chachier, more radio friendly of our songs, it only gets heavier from here!

Other tracks by ENTROPY DISRUPTED:  Agnes & Pauline  -  Three
Johnny - Shake It     Rock 17/06/2019
Born and bred in the steel city, Johnny has played every role he can in the Legendary Newcastle Pub Music scene; now he returns as a singer/guitarist/songwriter
Both clever in its use of telltale rock songwriting formulas and the presence of witty yet flippant lyrics - Shake It has stood the test of time and has finally been given the platform it deserves.

GUS - Mysterious Stone Cat     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Psychedelic 16/06/2019
Four Brisbane grommets with a bag of well-crafted tunes and a steely live performance experiment with a range of punk, surf, psych and shoegaze influences
GUS teams up with accomplished Brisbane producer, Brock Weston, to deliver their second single. Showcasing a range of influences, Mysterious Stone Cat tells a tale of intrigue featuring interlocking guitars, a relentlessly chugging engine room and drippy spoken word dialogue.

NTH RD - Brighter     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Easy Listening 15/06/2019
Brighter is a rework of an older song by Jordan Kellaway, it has been reformatted from its folky origins to a alt-grunge banger. Recorded in the box hill studios, it came about during a last minute one take, which is the version you hear in this song.

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Atom - I Used to Win     Rock, Punk, Electronic, Experimental 14/06/2019
Harry Howard (Crime & The City Solution, These Immortal Souls, Harry Howard & The NDE), Edwina Preston (The Moll Flanders Band, Harry Howard & The NDE) Ben Hepworth (Repairs, Eastlink).
"An early one inspired by the dark relentlessness of that damned Ben Hepworth's satanic mills. Sometimes you almost feel as if you live in a state of grace. Then the gears jam, the whole machine starts burning and all you are left with are strange memories. Worlds falling apart, over & over, laid to waste. That kind of thing." HH

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Paradise     Rock, Punk 14/06/2019
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice make peculiar post-punk spouting potent political themes with tongue firmly in cheek. Their first 3 singles have drawn comparison to B-52’s, Shame & Tropical F**k Storm.
Wonky, motorik post-punk. An ode to greed and overdevelopment, Paradise was written when Dr Sure returned to his once idyllic hometown in Central Queensland to find a monstrous gated community, golf course, country club, shopping mall and pokie lounge on the outskirts of town - 10 years old and completely abandoned and overgrown - PARADISE.

Other tracks by Dr Sure's Unusual Practice:  Who Knew  -  No Moon
FAIT ACCOMPLI - PRESSURE     Rock, Punk 14/06/2019
Soul Punks Fait Accompli are renegades of the Sydney Underground independent music scene.
This song is a fuzzy, angsty mess that’s on the brink of collapse, though through sheer willpower ‘Pressure’ clings for dear life and just pulls through. Representative of our collective struggle to survive, 'Pressure' is our sound track for anyone feeling the pinch of this modern day Eutopia, where the sole objective is to survive!

Good Lekker - Prague     Rock, Britpop 14/06/2019
When a case of beer became a promise to jam between friends at Wollongong University, Good Lekker emerged from a sweaty uni storeroom.
Prague is an upbeat brit-pop-rock inspired song that encapsulates bittersweet emotions. It's broadly about trying to interpret your own emotions - trying to be alone and realistic/straight with yourself.

Huey Blue - Running In Circles (feat. Ellie Glaves)     Rock, Pop, Roots 14/06/2019
Huey Blue presents an exciting direction that showcases the young producer’s multi-instrumentation, with a voice & writing style reminiscent of soulful 70’s pop.
Produced by Huey Blue & Jake Walsh (Jordan Rakei, His Merry Men)
Mastered by Brian Lucey
Recorded between 2017-2019

Other tracks by Huey Blue:  Loaded Gun  -  Downtown (feat. Alexander Keys)
The Urban Sea - You and Me     Rock, RnB, Soul 14/06/2019
The Urban Sea are a genre fluid 6-piece known for musically diverse, lyrically driven songs about the ebb and flow of modern life.
‘You & Me’ is the electrifying first single from The Urban Sea's upcoming debut EP. The genre-fluid six piece have shaken up their soul/rock foundations with a dose of punk poetry to create a provocative anthem exploring love, confusion and consequences. 'You & Me’ delves beneath, exploring our inner-workings and inner-demons through the daily ebb and flow of modern life.

VOIID - DRUNK     Rock, Punk, Pop 14/06/2019
The song “Drunk” tells the story about when we were turning 18 and living in a share house with all our best friends. Particularly the time we got drunk in our friends parked car outside the house. The song is also about feeling the after-effects of drinking so much and hating it, regardless of how much fun was had.

Other tracks by VOIID:  Durry Mouth
All The Colours - Tear It Down     Rock 13/06/2019
Melbourne's All The Colours are a trio with over 20 years of musicianship between them. Alt-rock at its finest, the band has a ripping live reputation to match.
‘Tear It Down’, with its strong indie guitars and vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Interpol and Nirvana, highlights the strong dynamic All The Colours have fashioned for themselves over the course of two studio albums and years of touring between them. The end result is slick, finessed and goes down like the smoothest of whiskeys.

ARCANE SAINTS - The City     Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
Melbourne's Arcane Saints are releasing a new single "The City". The single feature a seductive verse melody before it all kicks into crazy, dance rock overdrive in the chorus.
Singer/Guitarist Michael John states "I had been fooling around with the verse riff for over a year before a song finally materialized. The song is about someone being in a toxic relationship but enjoying some aspects of it. They accept it is not going to be a long term thing, so decide to just enjoy the ride while it lasts".

Art Of Fighting - Conjuror     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening, Chill 13/06/2019
Art Of Fighting share their single 'Conjuror' ahead of their new album Luna Low, released on Friday 7th June via Remote Control Records.
'Conjuror' is written in tribute to frontman Ollie Browne and Miles Browne's father, renowned jazz drummer Allan Browne, who passed away in 2015. The meandering rumble of 'Conjuror' lets the band loosen up and push the music into unexpected spaces.