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Myoora - Skyward     Rock, Pop, Instrumental, Metal 26/07/2019
Myoora is Daniel Nesci & Daniel Pinto, players of guitar and writers of music.
Skyward serves as the next big step for guitarist/composers Daniel Nesci and Daniel Pinto. Drawing inspiration from Plini, Aaron Marshal and Misha Mansoor, Myoora uses this single to show a side of themselves with a firm grasp on balancing elements – creating a sublime mix of technically proficient instrumentals and graceful, thought-provoking composition.

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Nelipot - Lucy's Better     Rock 26/07/2019
Following on from releasing their critically praised single ‘Garden Hose Rainbows’, Central Coast-based indie-rock trio Nelipot have just revealed their new single ‘LUCY (better)’
Nelipot’s punk leanings roar into the sunset on muted searing guitars, before dropping to a half-time rolling chorus. “It’s just a song about the joy in finding new addiction” says Olyslagers.

Richard Grewar - Share The Road     Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Easy Listening 26/07/2019
Born in England, raised in Australia, now living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Championing Aussie music in the US.
Share The Road is about sharing each others wins, losses, struggles and a universal call to action to have each others backs in such divisive times that we live in. Somewhere along the way we forgot how to listen to each other. My hope is that this will change.

The Chats - Identity Theft     Rock, Punk, Garage 26/07/2019
From the Sunshine Coast to selling out in LA, smoko to Iggy Pop - The Chats are only just beginning their world domination.
Australian national treasures, The Chats, have given us their cracking new single 'Identity Theft' (out via their own label Bargain Bin Records).

Continuing their hedonistic pursuit of A Bloody Good Time, on 'Identity Theft', they hit a snag in the road when an online pingaz transaction goes awry. A cautionary tale about hackers stealing your identity and peril that follows.

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Tropical Fu*k Storm - Who's My Eugene     Rock 26/07/2019
Tropical Fu*k Storm (aka TFS) are Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) and Erica Dunn (Harmony, Palm Springs).
“Who’s My Eugene?” contemplates a more personal example of predatory mind control. “It's about Eugene Landy, the doctor that drugged the sh*t out of Brian Wilson and emptied his bank account"

Turtle Wave - Deprived     Rock, Psychedelic 26/07/2019
Five piece band of jazzy psych surf rock oddballs crawling straight outta Melbourne
Off the back of their debut single, maximalist jazzy psych surf rockers Turtle Wave return with their newest single, ‘Deprived’; a moody slow build that expands and explodes into shivery psychedelic melodies. Rising to become a crowd favourite, ‘Deprived’ allows an introspective look into the band’s evolving journey.

Other tracks by Turtle Wave:  Visitation
Brian Raynor - Those Lies     Rock, Pop 25/07/2019
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter entertainer.
This is a song about betrayal and separation, but one that hopes for reconciliation.

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Duck Teeth - Boring     Rock, Garage 25/07/2019
Duck Teeth are Perth’s newest ~Pizza Rock~ four piece, so far spending their time writing a heap of music, eating pizza and sharing memes.
Boring is an inward look at not being here or there and struggling with dumb coping mechanisms to escape your own thoughts.

The Buzzing Towers - Chasing The Sun     Rock 25/07/2019
From a sprawling range of backgrounds, cultures and musical stylings, Brisbane has spat out an offering of sonic proportions, “The Buzzing Towers”.
It's as if the clouds have parted to deliver ‘Chasing The Sun’,

Their no-nonsense sound wastes little time before breaking the mundane, with lead guitarist Nelly Kumta's searing riffs rivaling the best of ’90’s rock. Fierce drums and an anthemic chorus sustain the vigorous sonic rock punch, with each beat and chant carrying the gloom of the 9-5 grind away.

The Empty Threats - Sanity Russel     Rock, Psychedelic 25/07/2019
The Empty Threats are an Adelaide-based 5-piece, with elements of modern and psych rock combining soaked guitar tones, driving drum and bass parts, and male and female vocals
The Empty Threats' latest offering ‘Sanity Russel’ is an abrupt concoction of unadulterated, high voltage, Rock experimentation. Observing the internal psychosis of everyday artists who drive themselves to the edge of insanity, attempting to break through with their craft.

Toxic Bears - Stolen Shoe Sprawl     Rock, Experimental, Garage 24/07/2019
Toxic Bears are an avant garage, experimental punk band out of Brisbane. Their music ranges from melodic hardcore to funk, jazz and Latin-infused garage rock.
Unconscious... check. Clothes... check. Both shoes... negative.

Propped against the alcoves and vending machines of Japan's nocturnal streetscape, these men lay oblivious to the harsh daylight that awaits them for their limp home. Stolen Shoe Sprawl by Toxic Bears empathetically describes the plight of those who overindulge... it could be you or me.

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Arrowhead - Coven of the Snake     Rock 23/07/2019
Australian stoner rockers, Arrowhead offer a unique blend of fuzz rock, with 70’s infused groove and thick doses of down-tuned doom to take you on a psychedelic trip.
"Coven of the Snake" the title track from Arrowheads third Studio album, let the venom enters your blood stream and put you under her mystical spell. Masters of illusion and snake oil charmers offer salvation and immortality for the price of your soul, you can't escape the Coven of the Snake, so why don't you join?

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Other tracks by Arrowhead:  Ceremony of the Skull  -  Dopanaught
Foreign Architects - Money and Lies     Rock, Pop, Grunge 23/07/2019
An instant classic, Foreign Architects revive the "wall of sound" with their new single Money and Lies drawing inspiration from indie greats Oasis and providing a modern pop/twist.
Money and Lies has a singular feeling of guitar driven angsty lyrics, reminiscent of an Oasis style wall of sound combined with the anthemic pop choruses that have been associated with Foreign Architects over the years.

Indigo Walrus - Gin Logic     Rock, Soul, Funk 23/07/2019
Indigo Walrus are a Perth-based, alt-rock 5 piece striking a balance between lush, powerful vocals, and chuggier funk rock that showcases guitar work, rhythm sections, and a hint of brass.
Gin Logic explores drifting relationships and the overthinking and self-doubt that can follow. This was the first track we wrote with Aiden when he joined the band.

Other tracks by Indigo Walrus:  Group Therapy  -  Time
jade imagine - The News     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, News 23/07/2019
jade imagine release new single 'The News', premiered via Double J & Clash, and lifted from their debut album Basic Love, out Friday 2 August via Milk! Records/Remote Control Records.
The most direct and succinct track on Basic Love, 'The News' ruminates about the troubles of a 24-hour news-cycle. "I really can’t keep up with the news. No word of a lie. A story about accepting the fact that the wheels will always be turning...Sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes I can’t stay on top of it all" says Jade.

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Laura Imbruglia - Give Boys Pink Toys     Rock, Grunge 23/07/2019
Since taking a five-year break, Laura Imbruglia is back on the scene traversing realms of pub rock, brooding indie pop, classic country, shoegaze, grunge and even yacht rock
The final single to be released from Laura Imbruglia's fourth album "Scared Of You" is a feminist call to arms for the men of the world, and the people who raise them. Laura calmly implores the listener to do better, against the juxtaposition of a relentless bulldozer riff pummelling all in its wake.

Palace Revolution - Slide     Rock, Funk, Grunge 23/07/2019
Palace Revolution is a four piece rock band from Canberra, ACT. The band was formed in 2017 and released their debut album 'Kingdom' in May 2018.
Slide is the first recorded track from Palace Revolution's forthcoming EP ‘The Insurrection’, due for release in November 2019. This latest track blends a funk vibe with the bands alt rock sound and is a cheeky poke at modern society’s growing emphasis on social media as a measure of success.

Please Vote Now - Brainwashed Kids     Rock, Punk 23/07/2019
5 boys well men wahhhh, from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, that have come back to together from several bands of the past.
Brainwashed Kids which has come about by the obsession of our children with devices and the internet.

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Other tracks by Please Vote Now:  What do you want
Private Function - King of the Mountain     Rock, Punk, Pop, Cover Version 23/07/2019
Melbourne's premier punk rock misfits
A blistering punk rock cover of Midnight Oil's hit, King of the Mountain, which may just be better than the original. You decide.

Sebastian Field - Liberty Bell     Rock, Folk, Experimental 23/07/2019
Sebastian Field has been a mainstay of the Canberra circuit for over ten years, performing in bands such as Cracked Actor. For fans of Thom Yorke, Sigur Ros, James Blake
Haunting, understated, piano-driven track that showcases Sebastian's ethereal vocals and deft touch with melody. From the new album 'Picture Stone', out now.

The recording process saw Field and long time collaborator, Sam King, prepare the recording in studio, and then replay the recordings in iconic locations around Canberra - marrying those on-location field recordings into the final product.