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BLKLST - Phase     Rock, Hardcore 20/10/2018
BLKLST was founded by drummer Drue Herring and guitarist James Gracie in 2015 with later additions of vocalist Joshua Westwick and Bassist James McClurg, and finally live guitarist Evan Lee
Vocalist Joshua Westwick said that "Phase is about that one person who can influence you to do things you normally wouldn’t. Things that are ultimately bad for both of you. It’s about destroying yourself and drowning in someone’s toxic environment because of how much you care about them."

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Jacob Rohde - This Ain't love     Rock, Pop, Electronic, Chill 20/10/2018
Jacob Rohde is an Australian musician based out of Melbourne Victoria.
Original music written, performed, recorded and produced by Jacob Rohde

Just About Done - Peacemaker     Rock, Punk 20/10/2018
Melbourne based Alternative Punk outfit Just About Done create a truly infectious and unique brand of music.
Just About Done have forged a perfectly balanced Alternative Punk single in Peacemaker. Peacemaker opens with a beautiful guitar part accompanied by a flowing female lead vocal. The track then busts out in all of it's Punk Rock glory! The chorus is ridiculously hooky and will get stuck in your head all week!

Other tracks by Just About Done:  Strain  -  1029
Lese Majesty - Signs     Rock 20/10/2018
The outfit began as a creative outlet for vocalist Jodie Gibson and bassist Joel Henderson in the basement of a Sydney share house in 2015.
It is about trying to recognise cycles and repetitions occurring around us, both personally and in a wider context." Bassist and songwriter Joel Henderson explains. "In the last year or so, I've been down a rabbit hole of weird, old strange books, and documentaries, so the EP is about grappling with this ancient wisdom through the lens of current events.

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100 - Groove     Rock, Pop, Punk, Psychedelic 19/10/2018
Scuzzy, nimble, post punk quartet
'Groove' is the follow up single to 'If I Give Myself', from the group's upcoming debut EP, 'Cortisone'. The song offers a broader sound from band in respect to it's previous releases. 'Groove' reflects a second guessing of ones self while in the midst of being toyed around by another.

Avid Society - This Breaks Me     Rock, Grunge 19/10/2018
Avid Society are a 4 piece rock'n'roll band from Brisbane. Belting out straight up heavy hitting rock tunes with a strong 90s influence
Musically, This Breaks Me sits well and truly in the 90s catalogue of influence. A strum along guitar riff sits well inside a solid drum beat and bass groove. Intermittent lead guitar accents and a screaming guitar solo round out the song.
Lyrically, the song discovers a purpose for life and the fear of losing that purpose.

Bernard Fanning - Ashes And Dust     Rock 19/10/2018
Bernard Fanning is best known as the lead singer from rock band Powderfinger.
In a ghost town, 1500 kilometres from Perth, some of Australia’s finest songwriters come together to collaborate; writing and recording songs that emerged from a unique collective experience in an ancient and wondrous landscape.
'Ashes And Dust' is the second track off the VAST album, following on from Paul Dempsey's 'The Sky's Gone Missing'.

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Clinton Hoy - Building an Empire     Rock, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Easy Listening 19/10/2018
If I could just write songs all day I'd be happy. There's always so much to learn about songwriting and performing that each thing excites me to find more.
"Building an Empire" is a sequel to the One Proud Monkey song "Little Tree" both inspired by additions to Clinton's family. Peppered with slight exaggeration and colourful metaphors, "Building an Empire" is also the first single from the "Pieces of Different Puzzles" project

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Other tracks by Clinton Hoy:  Stare at the Clouds  -  Streets of Dubbo
Crane Games - Ominous     Rock, Garage 19/10/2018
Full-hearted DIY pop.
"It's something you discover on the recommends shelf at your fave record store" - Declan Byrne, triple j.

"DIY Aussie pop doesn't get more charming than this" - Happy Mag.

"The hook-laden bop packs a road trip-ready chorus which sounds like the true blue 'Strayan lovechild of Hoodoo Gurus and Dick Diver" - Music Feeds.

Fair Maiden - Fire and Blood     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening 19/10/2018
Fair Maiden return with "Fire and Blood", following on from their split 7inch with MOD CON earlier this year
With frontwoman Ellen Carey's dramatic songwriting at its core, "Fire and Blood" features the unearthly majesty of her vocals, with lush harmonies and accompaniment from guitar master Steph Crase, Harriet Barbour-Fraser and Hamish Baird.

Four Lions - Cash Grab     Rock, Blues 19/10/2018
Bendigo classic rock band think Tom Petty or The Replacements, Four Lions have released a new stand alone single ‘Cash Grab’. Have a listen?
‘Cash Grab’ is a stand alone song that didn’t work in with the vibe of our album. A song about a punter whom is part of the underbelly that exists within the Greyhound Industry it channels The Rolling Stones, The Who & The Replacements. Recorded & Mixed By Finn Keane at Heap Gap, Mastered by Ludwing Diaz in San Francisco.

Jess Locke - My Body Is An Ecosystem     Rock, Pop 19/10/2018
Melbourne singer-songwriter Jess Locke has released a new 7” vinyl featuring two new singles ‘My Body Is An Ecosystem’/‘Nothing At All’, out now via Pool House Records/Remote Control Records.
As premiered on triple j’s Good Nights, ‘My Body Is An Ecosystem’ is a perfect slice of Jess Locke’s trademark dreamy guitar-pop. It's about falling short of our own expectations of ourselves inside and out and how terrifying that can be.

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Other tracks by Jess Locke:  Nothing At All
Limbs Akimbo - Brocaine     Rock 19/10/2018
Adelaide based indie-rock four piece. Lush harmonies and layered percussion.
Brocaine is a raw and dreamy guitar-driven journey to roaring indie-rock heights, sprinkled with a flavour of King Krule. The song's hearty duration is made up of two distinct sections, the first an adrenaline- pumping display of attitude that releases into a subdued, lush and stirring finale.

Moaning Lisa - Lily     Rock, Grunge, Pop 19/10/2018
Moaning Lisa wrap up 2018 with the release of their new EP, Do You Know Enough?
“Lily” is a heart-wrenching rock ballad

Other tracks by Moaning Lisa:  Sun
Plovers - Dead Friends     Rock, Punk 19/10/2018
This is what happens when you don't have an inside voice. Plovers are a space, between post-punk, post-hardcore, and the future of alternative music.
You snapped. You'd been holding onto it for a long time, and when they told you what you didn't want to hear, something splintered.

'Dead Friends' is the lead single from Plovers' debut EP "Positive Reinforcement", due for release October 26th. It's a terse, 80s post-punk throw back that leaves you teetering... and wanting more.

Red Zora - Chaser     Rock, Pop 19/10/2018
Red Zora are an Indie rock band from Sydney, Australia that blends guitar-driven soundscapes with a sense of joy for the catchy hooks and melodies of alternative 80s New Wave.
The title track of Red Zora's latest release is catchy, brooding and a prime road-tripping song for wide Australian horizons.

Other tracks by Red Zora:  Everest  -  Fearless
Regionals - Gatorade Saxophone     Rock, Rock 19/10/2018
Regionals are a 5-piece punk/emo band from Sydney’s inner west, delivering serious songs with silly song names. Their debut 6-track EP ‘Sentimental Health’ is due in November 2018.
'Gatorade Saxophone' is a song about the daily struggle overcoming addictions and mental demons. A serious song, with a ridiculous song name.

This was the first song Regionals played live in 2017 and has been a staple in their live set ever since.

Shearin' - Clean Up Your Mess     Rock, Garage, Pop 19/10/2018
Shearin' blend the assertiveness of garage-punk with the forlorn themes of classic Australian Pub-Rock. They are known for their raw honesty, and stinging lyrical barbs directed at those in power.
A reflection on simpler times when scrounging the cash together for a bag of hot chips was your priority and the mad dash to put the house in order before the folks came home was your biggest concern.

The song is an allegory for the struggle we face trying to live up to other people’s expectations and sort ourselves out.

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Sleepy West - Don't Like Your Love     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 19/10/2018
Sleepy West are a folk-inspired five piece from the regional Victorian town of Bendigo. Their style isn’t defined by a single genre, but Americana, country and rock crop up often.
Don’t Like Your Love is a song about how people (sometimes with the best intentions) try to help you “out of Love” but cause more harm than good. The advice, perspective, and protection they offer is actually counterproductive and pushes you further away rather than pulling you closer.definitely something for everyone.

Sweet Gold - We Could Feel The Same     Rock, Garage, Soul, Punk 19/10/2018
The quintet's sound draws upon garage, soul and rock n roll, with a palette that ranges from The Ronettes to The Ramones.
The band’s latest offering, ‘We Could Feel The Same’ is direct and to the point, drawing on the template left by Lennon “don’t bore us - get to the chorus” this song has no verses and glorious harmonies. Alternating between weighty stabs and a driving chorus, there’s no let up until the delicate middle eight asks the real questions.

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