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Big White - Falling In     Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk 19/06/2019
Energetic Sydney five-piece touching on British New Wave sounds with Australian jangle pop. Featuring Nick Griffith (vocals/guitar), Cody Munro Moore (vocals/guitar), Jack Wotton (vocals/guitar), Elmo Aoyama (vocals/bass/synth), Bowen Shakallis (drums).
An energetic and sharp display of indie pop rock evoking the best of post-punk, new wave and Australian rock with a distinctly modern voice.

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Carlyle Christopherson - Follow Me     Rock, Pop 19/06/2019
Australian born and passionate lover of Acoustic Rock.
A story of hope and aspiration as we navigate through lifes great big journey

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Other tracks by Carlyle Christopherson:  Coming Round
DZ Deathrays - IN-TO-IT     Rock, Dance, Punk 19/06/2019
Australia’s favourite thrash-party hoons DZ Deathrays are getting back into what they do best since wrapping their 10-year-anniversary tour: serving up head banging, party anthems with new release ‘IN-TO-IT’.
Kicking off with old school punk attitude ‘IN-TO-IT’ started as a bit of banter between the now three-piece, with DZ officially initiating long-term live guitarist Lachlan Ewbank into the group. Intending to write a tune to break the UK, ‘IN-TO-IT’ was born from a guitar riff and the bands quip singing about pubs.

Emma Russack - Be Real     Rock, Punk, Pop, Grunge 19/06/2019
Emma Russack is a Melbourne-via-Narooma artist performing plainspoken indie rock and pop, complete with hooky melodies, slacker guitar, tongue-in-cheek humour and stream of consciousness narratives.
"'Be Real' is about my frustration with phone obsession, social media, hype and trend - the phoniness that I see all over the place (and actually buy into). I’m really trying to emphasise the importance of being true to yourself and being ‘real' - whatever the hell that means."

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Faux Bandit - The Pros and Cons of Object Permanence     Rock 19/06/2019
Renowned for their adrenaline pumping, heart-racing hard-rock, Faux Bandit have fused together a new single that meets somewhere in between the world of heavy and indie rock.
The track exudes and perpetuates anxiety, skyrocketing the heart-rate right off the bat and in time with the brash, snare-pelting beat. It's quickly accompanied by heavily distorted tones from the electric guitar and the raging vocal outbreaks throughout the verses. Then, in a seamless fashion they transition from their aggressive blasts into an immersive and unforgettable indie-rock chorus.

Faxman - Horrocks Pass     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 19/06/2019
Spacey, bluesy psych from Melbourne's west side.
The closing track of the EP; a slow-burner that chugs through a dreamscape of syncopated guitar lines and echoey vocals.

Other tracks by Faxman:  Gullyman  -  Nectar
Gena Rose Bruce - I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You     Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues 19/06/2019
Gena Rose Bruce shares new single 'I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You' from forthcoming debut album Can't Make You Love Me, out June 28th via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
The third single to be taken from her forthcoming debut album Can’t Make You Love Me which showcases Bruce’s unmistakable brand of smokey rock; pulsing rhythms, echoes of Mazzy Star and Lynchian undertones. 
Gena on the accompanying video, "It’s quite a personal song, so we felt it was important to include the lyrics-kind of like a scrawled letter where all vulnerability is revealed."

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Harley Mavis - Thief     Rock, Folk 19/06/2019
Harley intertwines her rich and distinct voice with a show of stellar songwriting - with heartbreaking lyrics, driving choruses and a unique understanding of her surroundings.
It's about being in a really emotionally manipulative relationship and constantly feeling like that person has a hold on you regardless of having broken up.

It’s a song that encapsulates my mental health at that time in my life.

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic - The Time We Had     Rock, Pop 19/06/2019
New project from Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party), featuring Ambrin Hasnain (Cool Sounds, Pregnancy, Skydeck), Dainis Lacey (Cool Sounds), Liam Halliwell (The Ocean Party, No Local), Rose Kean, Anila Hasnain.
A reflection on the time spent with a loved one, be it seemingly mundane or insignificant and the power of those memories to hold us together in darker times.

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Other tracks by Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic:  This Christmas
Moody Beach - Slave     Rock, Electronic 19/06/2019
Moody Beach is the brainchild of Sydney songwriter Melissah Marie. For Marie, music is a way of documenting what’s happening in her life.
“Slave is about objectification, ownership and agency. It’s a tango of power and control shrouded in dark synth vibes” – Melissah Marie / Moody Beach

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Muules - Deeper     Rock, Grunge, Metal 19/06/2019
In a heavily guitar-driven genre, the alt-rock trio have pushed the sonic boundaries to the point of sounding bigger than most five-piece bands around. No guitar. Just Bass, Drums, Vocals.
‘Deeper’ is a call to arms to the creatives to not settle for the mundanity of the 9-5 slog, but instead put it on the line & do what you were born to do. With the massive beat, driving bass line, and huge choruses, ‘Deeper’ hits hard, and asks the listener, ‘it’s your turn, so whatcha gonna do?’"

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Porpoise Spit - Middle Of The Night     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Punk 19/06/2019
Porpoise Spit are a queer/femme fronted indie rock band from Melbourne. They're becoming known for their blistering live shows and their heartbreaking and uplifting anthems.
‘Middle Of The Night’ is an epic indie rock/folk ballad about "fighting that feeling of wanting someone who is bad for you." Inspired by '70s and '80s Americana, it's got soaring three-part harmonies, 12 string guitars, rollicking solos and a driving rhythm section.

Rival Fire - Lost     Rock, Rock 19/06/2019
Melbourne Alternative rock band.
The new single Lost marks an exciting new beginning for the band that has toured with the likes of Dead Letter Circus, Birds Of Tokyo and The Butterfly Effect.

“Lost is about finding your way through loss and regret,” says Rob Farnham.

Rude Rum - Just Can't Leave     Rock, Britpop 19/06/2019
A Brisbane Rock/Groove power-trio, who's catchy tunes bring good times to the dance floor, laced with energy and a hint of mischief.
"Just Can't Leave" is the shout out we all feel for love, lust or life. Filled with rhythm and groove, it's designed to be sung at the top of your lungs to let it all go so you can let it all out.

Other tracks by Rude Rum:  Back To You  -  Stay No Longer
Scientists - Braindead     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 19/06/2019
They pioneered Grunge in the early 80s before disbanding in 87. With a successful European and 2 sold out US tours within the last year. The Scientists are back.
‘Braindead’ had its genesis on the Scientists 1985 UK support tour with Souxsie and the Banshees. It first appeared on record in deconstructed form on 1987s Scientists album ‘Human Jukebox’. With its 2 chord riff and pop hook vocals it is classic Scientists formula.

Scientists - Hey Sydney     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 19/06/2019
They pioneered Grunge in the early 80s before disbanding in 87. With a successful European and 2 sold out US tours within the last year. The Scientists are back.
With its Syd Barrett like lyrics, its John Lydon like vocal delivery and the repetition of its title as the main motif, ‘Hey Sidney’ could be equally about Syd Barrett, Sid Vicious or the beloved City from whence the Scientists began their ascent to title holders ‘the Godfathers of Grunge’. Constantly changing key it breaks yet retains the Scientific formula.

Other tracks by Scientists:  Wot's This Game
Shadows Without Substance - Dirty Money     Rock, Punk, Metal, Grunge 19/06/2019
Shadows Without Substance is a 5-piece rock band from Brisbane. Filling earholes with a combination of alternative, hard rock and post-punk stylings.
This song is an 80s glam influenced hard rock song that takes a look at our modern capitalist ideologies. The song itself came together fairly easily and just became faster and faster when we played it live. It quickly became one of our favourite songs and so we recorded it and wanted to put it on our EP.

Other tracks by Shadows Without Substance:  Ballad of the Binge  -  I'm Fine.
The Spring Peaks - Are You Strong Enough?     Rock, Pop, Garage 19/06/2019
The Spring Peaks sound is fun, feel-good, sunshine-pop which channels nostalgic Australiana vibes. With songwriting that shadows greats like Springsteen and Dylan it has developed into their own signature sound.
Produced once again with Sam Ford (Pond, Abbe May), the track packs a punch from the get-go, wearing everything that is great and quickly becoming signature for the Western Australian outfit loudly on their sleeve - hooky, honest and clever songwriting, solid lead guitar, a warm rhythm section and a bold Australian twang in the vocals.

Tropical F*ck Storm - Paradise     Rock 19/06/2019
Tropical F**k Storm (aka TFS) are Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), Lauren Hammel (High Tension) and Erica Dunn (Harmony, Palm Springs).
‘Paradise’ is a pissy little jingle about transcendental nihilism and the cosmic metempsychosis of the indentured serfs of the hospitality industry.

Ursula - Ambulance     Rock, Garage 19/06/2019
Ursula are a band incorporating shoegaze and garage with pop elements. Fuzzy guitars and reverb soaked vocals.
‘Ambulance’ is a slow burning pop-gaze number that is an ode to asking for help when you need it.