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dd Toc & the Children of the Revolution - You're Never There     Rock, Pop 01/08/2019
ddToc was formed in 2013, Their debut album “In Your Eyes”. This was mastered by Pete Maher (U2, The Rolling Stones). This was followed by their 2nd album 'How Long"
Foot tapping upbeat pop rock song about a strange relationship between a man and his girlfriend

Other tracks by dd Toc & the Children of the Revolution:  Still Beautiful  -  How Long
Gabriel Lynch - Oshi Mama     Rock, Pop 01/08/2019
Gabriel Lynch is an Aussie singer songwriter. His music has been featured in films, commercials and performed by pop artists, but at heart, Lynch is a born performer and storyteller.
Bombastic, angular and a lot of fun. Oshi Mama is raw, hypnotic indie rock done right.

Other tracks by Gabriel Lynch:  Illuminate the Dark feat. Talitha.  -  Famous
Morrigan Raine - Saviour (Extended Mix)     Rock, Electronic, Pop 01/08/2019
A new, up and coming, "genre-fluid" artist. Following dreams and discovering endless depths of inner music.
"Saviour" is an haunting song, describing an independent female who, after being hurt, decides to take charge and not open up to anyone else, apart from casual physical connections. It is both empowering mentally and sexually and yet sad, as the choice to close off will leave her lonely and regretful in the long run.

Neighbourhood Youth - Brother Walks     Rock 01/08/2019
Since their inception in 2013, Melbourne's Neighbourhood Youth have become a staple in the live scene with cascading guitars & cathartic rhythms lead by John Philip's baritone vocals.
'Brother Walks' is the final release from Neighbourhood Youth's upcoming, debut album, Long Year, which is set for release October 4th.

A crowd favourite and a staple of the band's live set, 'Brother Walks' is powerful in its execution, with the ship steadily controlled by the band's intuitive nature.

Paul J Rogers - Don't Place Me in the Past     Rock, Folk, Acoustic 01/08/2019
Music Maker I Environmentalist I Pagan. Paul J Rogers delivers music that is heartfelt & unfettered honesty. He delves into folk, rock and alt-rock, writing about love, mythology and environmentalism.
Inspired by the ultimate 90’s ‘break-up’ song ‘You Oughta Know’ by from Alanis Morisette - Paul has delivered a modern version with a twist of ‘magick’. He combines this effortlessly with a thumping pulse of rock- riff that you would expect from a Midnight Oil song.

This could be one of the top 5 rock songs you hear this year

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Sputnik Sweetheart - Us Girls     Rock, Punk 01/08/2019
Sputnik Sweetheart are a new indie-punk-rock hybrid out of Canberra.
‘Us Girls’ is the third single from Sputnik Sweetheart, a new indie-punk-rock hybrid out of Canberra. The four-piece show their teeth for the first time, coming out snarling and growling with this chaotic and emotionally-charged single.

Described as both melodically and lyrically anthemic, ‘Us Girls’ throws gender inequality into the spotlight in a passionate and frustrated voice.

Useless Spaceman - Brunswick West     Rock 01/08/2019
Useless Spaceman is an alliance of four derelict travellers who play heartfelt, nihilistic rock music about love, loss, dysfunction, paranoia, and the pending colonisation of our solar system.
Brunswick West, is an ode to a neighbourhood where many an aging Melbourne hipster has taken a crack at settling down and finally growing up. The song describes a near-encounter with love in the form of a drunken one night stand. The event triggers the age-old, heart-wrenching question: Was it a passing thing, or is something really happening?

We All Drive - Kingscliff     Rock 01/08/2019
Two piece rock band based on the Gold Coast.
We All Drive's new single 'Kingscliff', which is named after the town where the duo grew up, is a simple, yet rocking piece of music containing lyrics which pay tribute to the people who gave them the best memories in life. It's touching, but it also gives you neck pain after you've head-banged to it so much.

Wivenhoe - Pedro     Rock, Grunge, Metal 01/08/2019
A heavy rock band based in Brisbane, Wivenhoe play energetic music that draws on grunge and progressive rock influences.
A heavy grunge track with solid groove, a growling bass line, big, warm guitar riffs and the vocals laden with experience. A song about coming undone, taking your vitamins, and fighting your enemies.

Sounds like: plunging your hands into warm, fertile soil and grasping the roots of a mighty tree as it shakes with the earth

Other tracks by Wivenhoe:  Paralysed  -  Better Life
barefoot bowls club - loxalate     Rock, Garage, Pop 31/07/2019
Barefoot Bowls Club are a home grown three piece from the south east suburbs of Melbourne singing relatable indie bops at every pub across town.
It’s a love song, dedicated to anti-depressants. It’s about being anxious and scared of the future. If there’s one thing to take from ‘Loxalate’, it’s that mental health meds are nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes you've gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get better.

Other tracks by barefoot bowls club:  fenghis Spahn  -  6 Marcus road
Charlotte & The Harlots - SUNSHINE     Rock, Grunge, Pop 31/07/2019
Charlotte & The Harlots are the Punk Rock/Grunge Renaissance breath of fresh air you needed.
Charlotte & The Harlots debut single combines elements of surf rock and grunge with a captivating vocal delivery by front women Charlotte.

Crocodylus - Adrenaline     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk 31/07/2019
Recently completing a national headline tour with viral punks The Chats, Crocodylus continue their fast-paced, jam-packed 2019 with their second release of the year in the short and loud 'Adrenaline'.
Recently completing a national headline tour with viral punks The Chats, Crocodylus continue their fast-paced, jam-packed 2019 with their second release of the year in the short and loud 'Adrenaline'.

Coming in at under two and a half minutes, the frenetic intensity of 'Adrenaline' matches the subject matter. Comprised of signature, grunge-tinged riffs and crowd sourced choruses, it’s impossible not move to.

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Flowers For Jayne - I Want You     Rock, Punk, Pop 31/07/2019
Flowers For Jayne is a 3 member Pop Punk band from Sydney Australia delivering killer Pop Rock tunes with a Punk twist.
I Want You has been compared to the flavour of the Ramones.

Other tracks by Flowers For Jayne:  Personality
Mt. Cleverest - Linger     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Hip Hop 31/07/2019
A 5-piece hailing from Perth, Mt. Cleverest have gone from strength to strength. A unique fusion of Indie Rock and Hip-Hop provides listeners with a musical experience of colossal energy.
With its infectious riff, menacing progressions, and blistering guitar work, the track is a grungy and gritty return for the band. The stirring vocals sit amongst instrumentation that oozes influence from Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Strokes. Mastered by multi WAMI-winning producer Rob Grant, Linger serves as the follow up single to the incredibly well received debut EP, Money.

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Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - See You In A Bit (I Still Care)     Rock 31/07/2019
4 piece alt-rock grunge band. Breaking away from the power-pop style from their latest EP, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are growing up; and so is their sound.
“See You In A Bit (I Still Care)”, a song that reflects on love-hate relationships with the same gritty grunge style.

AM Reruns - Vicious     Rock, Pop, Rock, Pop 30/07/2019
Three-piece guitar band from Melbourne, playing reduced, stylish and modern rock'n'roll music. An idiosyncratic take on '70s LA punk rock with a sliver of Northern England drama.
"Vicious" is a three-minute proto-punk tyre fire, fuelled by the clear-headedness that follows saying goodbye to a narcissistic companion. The track takes inspiration from the escapist teenage dramas Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The O.C., and the masterful midnight riffage of Patti Smith Group's Ivan Kral and The Stooges' James Williamson.

Other tracks by AM Reruns:  Slow Learner  -  Campaign Against Moral Persecution
Dyson Stringer Cloher - Falling Clouds     Rock, Folk, Pop 30/07/2019
Dyson Stringer Cloher, the iconic project of three of Australia’s most accomplished and dynamic songwriters, Jen Cloher, Mia Dyson and Liz Stringer, release 'Falling Clouds' out via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
As premiered by Double J, the new single 'Falling Clouds' by Dyson Stringer Cloher reminisces a time when Jen Cloher saw The Clouds and Falling Joys at an underage gig in her hometown of Adelaide in the early 90s. Paying tribute to the axe wielding women in Australian music who showed those coming up that it could be done.

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Forest Falls - Or Maybe I Do     Rock, Retro, Chill, Atmospheric 30/07/2019
Forest Falls is an Australian alt-pop powerhouse combining 80s-influenced synth hooks with multi-part vocals, searing instrumentation and a refreshingly futuristic mindset.
Beautifully rhythmic and synth driven single. Highlights include the use of vocoder tracks, deep and driving snare sound, and a lead guitar glissando at 3:28 inspired by Celine Dion’s The Power of Love.

Vocal delivery reminiscent of Phil Collins circa 1980.

Hype Duo - Down With Me     Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Rock 30/07/2019
We have a massive social media presence with over 43,000 facebook fans, 47,000 followers, 6,800 Monthly Spotify listeners and growing! “When the Sun Comes Up” was played on Triple M.
Down with me hit our facebook page and has 75,000 views on facebook! It was aired on Bay FM (Byron Bay) on a number of occasions and has become a big hit due to its film clip of the boys having a great rime performing all over Australia and on Rock the Boat (international Rock cruise which Foreigner headlined).

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Other tracks by Hype Duo:  The River  -  Younger
Jimmy Davis - Hold You Down     Rock, Soul 30/07/2019
Jimmy Davis is an electric, emotive and free-spirited singer-songwriter who has already hit some amazing benchmarks in his career and is now releasing a passionate and explosive new alt-rock single.
'Hold You Down' emanate's Jimmy's transition from his indie-folk debut to this powerful, eclectic alt-rock style peppered with pop, blues and even heavy-rock styles.

The track evolves from a solemn and intimate intro verse and chorus that crescendos to an enrapturing vocal performance. Backed by the band, the track opens up and unleashes with over-driven guitar and belting drums.