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Smoke & Rain - Weightless     Rock, Funk, RnB 22/06/2019
Playing grooves to get you moving and singing melodies to shed a tear too, Smoke & Rain plays music for the body and the soul.
It's all about the sensitivity and intimacy of the groove. Weightless is a slow funk jam that details the protagonists confusion when confronted with a romantic encounter.

Decapitators - Crystal Math     Rock, Grunge, Garage 21/06/2019
Decapitators have spent the last year forging a cult like following in the dingier parts of Sydney's inner west for their dark and harmonically intense brand of rock.
Drenched in delay and floating anguish, Crystal Math is a dynamic dancey guitar onslaught animating the contradictions and inner workings of a mind in trauma. The song sees layers leave and return to create space for vocalist Ivan Wowk to describe a tortured mental state, and then enhance his vocal depiction with jumps in his volume and manic guitar dissonance.

Garage Sale - Home     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 21/06/2019
Garage Sale are a 3 piece indie rock band from Lennox Head.
'Home' is a high tempo indie rock banger! Fuzzy distorted guitar hooks and an addictive melody. Lyrics by frontman Dan Sullivan who only just turned 21 are about his time after leaving home in the city, hating its smell and noise and longing for home, its coast and swell. FFO Dinosaur Jnr, Teenage Fanclub, You am I

GOSH - Say Another Thing     Rock, Garage, Pop, Rock 21/06/2019
Wollongong based indie-rockers, GOSH have been on the rise since they emerged onto the Australian music scene in 2018.
Recorded at The Grove Studios with Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Skegss) and mastered by Steve Smart (DZ Deathrays, City Calm Down), ‘Say Another Thing ‘ proves a fitting sequel to their previous release, ‘Never Lose You’, unveiling a building narrative of an uprising youth. Choruses explode, full of angst and hope from subdued verses, showcasing the band’s flair for dynamics.

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jade imagine - Remote Control     Rock, Pop, Garage, Easy Listening 21/06/2019
jade imagine release new single 'Remote Control' premiered via Gold Flake Paint. It's the second track from their debut album Basic Love, out Friday 2nd August via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
Jade McInally says, "'Remote Control' is a song about the conflict between reality & escape and the two worlds we live in; dreaming and denial in a world of practicalities and productivity. It's an exploration into synth territory. We wanted this track to be equal parts spooky and catchy, like taking a night-drive in a 1980's sci-fi film."

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Kaloptic - Rusted     Rock, Grunge, Acoustic, Garage 21/06/2019
Kaloptic’s sound is very much based on a big rhythm section with drums, bass and rhythm guitar working together towards a massive dirty, grunge rock sound.
With their first two hard hitting singles out, “Drown” and “Hollow”, Brisbane grunge rock 4 piece Kaloptic are changing down the pace with their third single ‘Rusted’. The sparse & haunting acoustic track uses a minimalist approach to draw the listener into the song and connect with the desperation and emptiness.

Noah Dillon - DON'T ACT LIKE YOU KNOW ME     Rock, Folk, Pop 21/06/2019
A genre bending mix of singer/songwriter inspirations like Bob Dylan, Courtney Barnett, Modest Mouse and Alex G creating a unique kaleidoscope of songs that'll make you question who you are.
For this track, the band consisting of Noah Dillon (vocals, guitar), Jack Hill (drums), Sam Rocchi (lead guitar), Claudia Genovese (bass) and friend Fraeya Evans helping with backing Vocals, stuck with a winning formula. The song was recorded at Tuna-fish studios in Fremantle with the amazing Broderick Madden-Scott and Ryan Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture) jumping on board for mixing duties.

Stevie Riff - Cars, Guns and Money     Rock, Rockabilly, Blues 21/06/2019
Brisbane singer songwriter Stevie Riff creates his brand of rock n roll music featuring songs that mix genres of rockabilly, rock n roll, blues, soul and country rock.
Stevie Riff wrote this song when hearing the headline on the news ‘Australian tax chief faces charges after son's cars, guns and money fraud romp’. The lyrics for the song came immediately to fruition after creating the character with (O.C.D.) Obsessive compulsive disorder”.

The Barren Spinsters - Hey Ruth     Rock, Blues, Roots 21/06/2019
Look like a two-piece, sound like a five piece, move like a hair piece.
You know it’s time to move to the city when your only good cuisine options include day old chicken in a bain-marie. The song is about other things as well, but that stuff is boring so let’s talk about chicken instead

The Bennies - Green Mitsubishis     Rock, Punk 21/06/2019
Your favourite party starters The Bennies are back with a new single ‘Green Mitsubishis’, just days before kicking off their Punk Rockin’ The Suburbs Australian Tour.
'Green Mitsubishis' is a bit different to your typical Bennies track, but not any less of a party starter than you’d expect. It's the second single The Bennies have released in 2019, following ‘Waiting For Dave’. The two songs are the first released as a 5 piece band and their first new music since 2018 album Natural Born Chillers.

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The Laurels - Sound System     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Psychedelic 21/06/2019
Arriving in a haze of effects, The Laurels release new single ‘Sound System’, from their upcoming third full length album alongside launch shows in Sydney and Melbourne this July.
Driven by a groove-laden/syrupy funk bass line ‘Sound System’ is another slice of melodic grunge, communicating the extinction of nightlife and doomed future of city dwelling while yearning to reignite the street party. ‘Sound System’ is the first release since welcoming bassist and celestial vocalist Kat Harley (Mezko) into the band.

The Lazy Susans - Mutual Memory     Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk 21/06/2019
Blue Mountain formed, now Melbourne based The Lazy Susans write heart-on-sleeve alt-rock rammed full of infectious melodies. They have supported Press Club, AJJ, The hard Aches and Muncie Girls.
‘Mutual Memory’ is about acknowledging that someone's presence in your life is unhealthy. It's about pain, and the hope that one day that pain will fade. It's about choosing yourself first and believing that you are strong enough to overcome anything else that comes your way.

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The Vanns - Mother     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Pop 21/06/2019
“The Vanns come through intertwining heavier themes with huge, melodic hooks and chord progressions that underlines their ambitions to break into the more mainstream consciousness.” - Vents Magazine
Taken from their long-awaited debut album, The Vanns have served up another slice of commanding indie rock and roll, further solidifying their status as one of the east coast’s most exciting bands. A record that has seen writers Jimmy Vann and Cameron Little broker a new dynamic within their shared musicianship,born out of similar experiences and emotional journeys.

Bugs - Something's Bound To Go Bad     Rock 20/06/2019
Bugs are a lighthearted group of mates who find joy in crafting infectiously happy pop music, and packaging it up with a dose of honest and relatable songwriting.
The song is about how sometimes you are so focused on where you’re trying to get that you don’t realise the wheels are falling off on the way there.

LEFT SIDE FILTER - One Two     Rock, Garage 20/06/2019
LSF are a three piece DIY grunge rock band from the southern shores of Wollongong.
One Two is a fast and energetic punk rock song with an extremely catchy chorus paired with huge guitar sounds and singable riffs.

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PYNES - Deadbeat Danny     Rock, Garage, Experimental 20/06/2019
Brisbane’s beloved bitter sweethearts PYNES have returned with new single ‘Deadbeat Danny’. The song centres around a killer consumed by his own guilt, backed by a fuzzy, menacing guitar riff.
Brisbane’s beloved bitter sweethearts PYNES have returned with new single ‘Deadbeat Danny’, described by the trio as a woozy winter jam. The song centres around the musings of a killer consumed by his own guilt, backed by a fuzzy, menacing guitar riff. PYNES will be showcasing the new tune with ARSE at Greaser Bar – Brisbane on 28 June.

Wagons - Keep On Coming Back     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 20/06/2019
Wagons stay atop their own tidal wave of hard-hitting, outlaw inspired, swamp rock madness, still pulsing and stomping together as a joint force, with singer Henry Wagons at the helm.
“Keep on Coming Back” is a collection of recurring memories, ear-worms, strange habits, and scars; the way things can hover in space and time and how a single experience or place can prompt an old memory and inspire the future all at once.

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Death By Denim - Plane From Amsterdam     Rock, Psychedelic 19/06/2019
Denim Jackets and chilled vibes
Death By Denim's second single of the year, ‘Plane From Amsterdam’ is a free-falling anthem of self-reflection and discovery

Baby & The Kicks - It's You     Rock, Pop, Garage, Soul 19/06/2019
Garage, Pop, Psych and Soul with a subtle 60's flavour. Based in Melbourne.
Debut single from Melbourne band Baby & The Kicks.

Bad Bangs - Crush     Rock, Garage 19/06/2019
Described as “an up and coming Melbourne band, who are taking over the local scene” it's with great anticipation that Bad Bangs have released the first single of the year
‘Crush’ is full of punch and shimmer, recorded entirely to analogue tape the track oozes lo-fi garage grit, emulating the powerful live performance that Bad Bangs are known for around Melbourne.