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Plastic Birds - California Candy Skies     Rock, Psychedelic, Trance 26/10/2018
Brother duo creating high energy psychedelic rock together since 2011.
California Candy Skies is a dreamy ode of lust for West Coast sunsets. With drums hitting as hard as a Dr. Dre track and vocals and guitars reminiscent of The Doors and Eagles, the sound is nostalgic yet original and unique in it’s delivery, mixing the old and new in a perfect balance and blend of psychedelic bliss.

RedHook - Turn Up the Stereotype     Rock, Metal, Pop 26/10/2018
Screaming rap rock electro pop mutants from Sydney fighting against the forces of darkness inside our own heads & doing to genre barriers what Godzilla did to Tokyo
An angry, defiant, heavy-grooving, alt-rock, air-punch anthem designed to get listeners walking like a badass, feeling pumped-up & mosh-ready.

‘Turn Up The Stereotype’ was produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic) and Dave Petrovic (Northlane, Tonight Alive), mixed by James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Hands Like Houses) and mastered by Steve Smart (Parkway Drive).

SACRED SHRINES - Front Row Future     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 26/10/2018
Brisbane Australia’s Psych/Garage cult Sacred Shrines played their first show in 2014. They have shared stages with The Dandy Warhols, Flyying Colours, Tumbleweed, The Murlocs, ORB, Stonefield and many more.
Front Row Future is the first single taken from Sacred Shrines' second album due in 2019. The song was recorded and mixed by Donovan Miller (FOREVR) and mastered in Nashville by Jim DeMain. It’s an atonal, swamp-rock boogie that sounds like it would be at home in some dive bar at the end of the world.

Scarlet Drive - If I     Rock 26/10/2018
Scarlet Drive blend elements of Punk, Funk and Reggae to carve their unique Alternative Rock sound.
If I opens with dreamy guitars followed by a beautifully sobering lead vocal. The vibe of the track is light and airy, and If I is the ballad highlight from the band's debut EP. This track demonstrates Scarlet Drive's diverse musical abilities. Press play and get lost in the gorgeous soundscape that is 'If I'.

Other tracks by Scarlet Drive:  Echoes Of Apprehension
The Ians - Gold Teeth     Rock, Grunge, Pop 26/10/2018
The Ians are a 3-piece modern grunge/rock band from Melbourne. In 2017/18 they released EP ‘Elephant Fresh’, toured across Eastern Australia and played St Kilda Fest 2018.
Sounds like The Strokes and Bob Dylan got thrown through Nirvana’s blender. This eclectic and experimental mix of rock genres is The Ians sound, captured in ‘Gold Teeth’

"This one kinda came out like Dylan/Strokes/Cobain. Sometimes like Gizz/Pixies, Soho/Stones etc. It is what it is." - Ian

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The Spring Peaks - Sports     Rock, Garage 26/10/2018
Forming after a late-night conversation in a carport in 2016, The Spring Peaks have consistently been dropping jangly garage indie pop tunes from their hometown of Perth WA.
One part Australiana, one part nostalgia, and one part “grab me a fresh tinnie out of the eski”, The Spring Peaks new single “Sports” is an ode to figuring out your place in the world while throwing a ball around the backyard on a hot day.

Winterbourne - Better     Rock, Folk 26/10/2018
Originally discovered on the busking scene, Winterbourne are the Central Coast duo who have amassed a loyal following touring consistently around the country!
‘Better’ is a new direction for long-time friends and collaborators James Draper and Jordan Brady. The song weaves rollicking guitars with pop sensibilities, as the lyrics rip apart cultural pressures around bettering yourself, something worsened by social media.

Nicholas Connors - Sick Love Song     Rock, Rockabilly, Blues 25/10/2018
Newcastle baby boy, Nicholas Connors sings a sick and strange love song. Equal parts manic, moody, cheeky and charming encompassed in a red hot rock and roll odyssey.
Sick Love Song describes several encounters in a young person's explorative love life and the cry for deeper connection, while riding on the back of a ragged rock and roll road hymn.

Sweater Curse - Mon's Song     Rock 25/10/2018
Unabashed dorks Sweater Curse came together quickly when members Chris, Rei and Monica started captivating Brisbane’s local scene with their charm and evocative, jangly melodies.
“I had a dream that Rei and I were both feeling really sad and confused, so we cut open Rei’s head to see what was going on. I was desperately trying to understand other people in my dream because my close relationships at the time seemed so weird and unreal.” – Monica Sottile, vocals/bass

DROVES - Time     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Experimental 24/10/2018
DROVES’ futuristic look at New Wave Punk has drawn comparisons to early New Order, The Eurythmics and The Cure.
'Time' is DROVES' most stark remark to their stylistic and impressionist darkwave. The group's synthetic incarnation of pop, rock and synth precursors all ceremonially melt into one another in an undeniably visceral manner. They hold the tenacious excitement of punk that's sequenced through a greyscale disco ball.

Kyle Jenkins - Vultures     Rock, Alternative Country, Experimental 24/10/2018
Kyle Jenkins, front man of Suicide Swans, Australian visual artist, musician, singer and songwriter
A song about many different ideas and aspects layered onto one another e.g. how unappreciated culture is, conservative fundamentalism, authoritarian control, democracy and how undemocratic it really is as people are squirrelled away doing deals behind close doors yet giving off a completely different persona to get people to believe in them.

Middle Management - Voices     Rock, Punk, Experimental, Pop 24/10/2018
Middle Management are an up and coming Indie/Post Punk/Dream pop band from Melbourne.
Voices” immediately hurls you into a hypnotic groove as the guitars strap you in for the ride. Neatly woven between an upbeat trance-like rhythm the vocals explore that voice in your head that pushes, pulls, twists and turns you. A reflective look into vulnerability and accepting change.

MNMM - Alone And Shaking     Rock, Experimental 24/10/2018
Elements of Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and even tiny hints of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving are riddled throughout the music all tastefully blended with Middle Eastern lyricism and instrumentation.
All tastefully blended with Middle Eastern lyricism and instrumentation.

Punxie and The Poison Pens - Facespace Friend     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic 24/10/2018
Punxie & The Poison Pens are a powerhouse of punk pub rock with a psychedelic twist.
The best 2 minute filler song ever from your new favourite band. Upbeat, cheerful, modern. Hard drums, wailing guitars, and a Courtney Barnett style female vocal.

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Team Utopia - Calling Out To The Masses     Rock 23/10/2018
Having gone through the necessary evolution and experimentation all the best bands go through, singer, songwriter and guitarist Dan Nebe can now proudly say, will you please welcome Team Utopia
A second rocking tune from this Brisbane band, featuring Bob Spencers iconic guitar and a great message in the lyrics. This song rocks along right from the start, big drums, bass and electric guitar but with a contemporary modern rock flavour.

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Dives - Sea Spray     Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic, Pop 22/10/2018
Dives is a Sydney dream-pop artist who creates contemplative, shoeg-gazy psych, crafting dreamy, underwater tunes that seem to slip away from the constant murmur of Sydney life and find zen.
‘Sea Spray’ is an allegorical tussle between fear and destiny that fuses dream-pop with liquid sound design and elements of ambient electronica. It's Dives third single under Yeah Nah Yeah Records.

HANDLES - Selfish Lover     Rock 22/10/2018
5 mates from Cairns, QLD having a crack at playing some love songs with a bit of rhythm.
Across their new track, HANDLES saunter through a captivating blend of soulful indie-rock to deliver a sound that’s uniquely their own. The new single is a slow-burning rock number that simmers away before bursting into a dynamic groove. With textured instrumentation and introspective lyrical content, the band have crafted a truly endearing piece of music.

Nightwoods - Wait For The Night     Rock, Folk, Psychedelic, Chill 22/10/2018
Brisbane’s brand new neo-psyche rock outfit led by singer songwriters Joel and Arielle Ralph, Nightwoods deftly mixes folk, grunge, and psyche / shoe gaze elements with classic '90s indie rock.
A sweet blend of warm vocal harmonies with grungy, psych rock elements the debut single is a fun, summery, head bopping, guitar driven rock track that explores themes of escape, friendship and feeling alive.
Whether you're on a coastal road trip or heading out on a friday night, the track captures the carefree vibes of simply having a good time.

Segue - Primary Ties     Rock, Pop 22/10/2018
Segue is an alternative pop project from Perth, Western Australia.
Primary Ties is the title track of Segue's debut album, drawing influence from Berlin era Bowie and LCD Soundsystem.

Other tracks by Segue:  Growing Pains  -  I Thought as Much
Super Nudist - Lord Take Me Home     Rock 22/10/2018
A sunny yet broody indie band from the Gold Coast.
A mellow and consistent song with melodic guitars and vocal harmonies to match. The lyrics tell of being in a foreign land, where sinners & saints mingle in chaos, while the heart yearns for normality, simplicity a.k.a. home.