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Dalli - Taken By The Sky     Rock, Electronic, Pop 29/04/2019
Alt rock. Dark electronic elements and emotionally textured vocals will hit you right in the feels. Colours of Radiohead and alt-J.
I sometimes look back on all the bad decisions I’ve made and all the moments I want to forget and feel like the only person in the world. There’s a strange sense of belonging in embracing these very human moments, knowing most of us share them at one point.

Local Authority - Oil Rigs     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Goth 29/04/2019
From Brisbane’s scorched underground, tropical goth visionaries Local Authority deliver luscious new ways to be sad with their new single, 'Oil Rigs'.
'Oil Rigs' casts visions of hazy sunsets on rugged coastlines with its cacophonous layers of guitar, all while the enormous choir like vocals hover barely above the track like an ancient chant, implying something more menacing. A brooding pop song structure underpinned with a driving forward momentum and dream-like chorus, 'Oil Rigs' only gets more rewarding the deeper you dive.

Damien Johnson - Hot Days     Rock, Britpop, Pop 27/04/2019
Damien Johnson is a singer/songwriter from Ipswich Queensland. He also moonlights as an artist, a philosopher and an Aged Care worker...
It's an upbeat love song.

Other tracks by Damien Johnson:  Body
glasshouse - hello     Rock, Pop, Punk, Grunge 27/04/2019
Birthed out of there EP release "plastic" in June 2018. Sunshine Coast four piece, glasshouse offer a new refreshing taste to late 80's/90's alt-rock nostalgia.
hello is a soliloquy about conformity, alienation, love and hope

Ah Trees - Shark Bait     Rock, Psychedelic 26/04/2019
Following on from their critically praised track ‘How Long Must We Wait’, Perth-based quintet Ah Trees have just revealed their latest infectious cut ‘Shark Bait’
‘Shark Bait’ sees the band expand their eclectic take on indie-rock, by combining moments of psych-pop, new-wave and post-punk, of which takes cues from the likes of FOALS, The Horrors and Talking Heads. The enigmatic track is a sprawling ethereal rollercoaster ride with a driving rhythmic section, ferocious guitars and brooding hypnotic vocals.

Psychic Social Club - Worthless     Rock 26/04/2019
Four friends capable of telepathy and manufacturing a fresh blend of indie-pop rock
With the launch of their debut single 'Worthless', Psychic Social Club (PSC) delivers listeners a vibrant, emotional anthem to counter the post summer blues. Working with seasoned songwriter and producer Hayden Jeffery (Essie Holt & Wolfjay), the band refined 'Worthless' into an emotionally driven ballad that contrasts sombre lyricism with upbeat staccato guitar lines and catchy pop melodies.

Sweet Gold - Heart of Mine     Rock, Garage 26/04/2019
Sweet Gold conceived on Valentine's Day, in the deluxe spa suite of the Olsen Hotel, under a full moon, with a glass of champagne in one-hand and rose inthe other.
With a jangle of six strings and a nod to the Gallagher brothers, ‘Heart of Mine’ sees Sweet Gold hit the ground running, over a wash of chords and a driving rhythm. The vocal melody and the refrain swagger and sway, with a tonne of the chord changes, building tension and release as the story unfolds.

Bench Press - Old. Self. Doubt.     Rock, Garage, Punk, Rock 25/04/2019
Snarling, angular and loud, Bench Press invoke the old while pushing something that feels very new.
Jack Stavrakis explores negative attitudes within himself and the wider community in order to grow and learn from mistakes. He pokes fun at bad attitudes - like overgrown boys at shows - but also attempts to highlight positives; such as feeling at home and a sense of awe at the determined.

Bill Tolson & The Learners - Everything I Do Is Better With You     Rock, Pop 25/04/2019
Bill Tolson is a Melbourne based singer song writer that performs sol and with his band the Learners.
Everything I Do Is Better With You.

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Ezekiel Ox - Megalomania     Rock 25/04/2019
Ezekiel Ox, is an Australian singer-songwriter and has toured with rock acts such as Mammal, Superheist, The Nerve, Full Scale and many more.
'Megalomania' is the first single to be lifted from the new EP from Ezekiel Ox ‘Cheering Bombs From Deckchairs’ . The track itself sets the tone beautifully for the EP and wouldn’t sound out of place in a playlist alongside the likes of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Other tracks by Ezekiel Ox:  Bear Trap
Kilns - Pinky Finger     Rock 25/04/2019
Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fuelled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.
As a kid I had an intense fascination with numbers. I would pay forensic attention to them: counting steps, collecting statistics and assigning significance to seemingly arbitrary figures. When talking to people, I would habitually count the syllables on my fingers as I spoke, reshaping sentences on the fly so that they always landed on my pinky finger.

The Bungalows - Peace Pipe (reh#shed)     Rock, Garage, Pop, Grunge 25/04/2019
The Bungalows are a garage surf rock band from Gerringong on the NSW south coast. There latest installment 'Something's Going On' features 15 new tracks.
A summery beach bop, fun for all the family.

Other tracks by The Bungalows:  Davola's Funhouse  -  Ireland Knights
The Delta Riggs - Don't You Frown     Rock 25/04/2019
Despite modern pressures, The Delta Riggs stayed true to themselves. They’ve remained busy on the road, meeting and performing for real people, listening to their stories and creating genuine connections.
"The fright of touring and living too fast exposed an urge in me to express my love and appreciation for friends and family and to let them know that I would be sad to look down on them, see people frowning and not moving on with their lives. It’s a song of celebration over a macabre or melancholic context."

Neil Murray - The Footsteps of Blackfella Bob     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous 24/04/2019
Neil Murray penned the iconic My Island Home, Blackfella Whitefella and Good light In Broome. The former Warumpi Band co founding member is now a respected, award winning singer songwriter
The Footsteps of Blackfella Bob is lifted from Neil Murray's new album 'Blood & Longing'

Other tracks by Neil Murray:  Kind of Day  -  Hills of Burra
A Rioting Mind - New Year's Eve     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Country 24/04/2019
A Rioting Mind is the brainchild of songwriter Camilla Sullivan and guitarist Libby Ferris. Their 90’s inspired sound mixes between ambient folk and alternative rock.
This song is about wanting to run away from the incoming year and the memories from the one's past. Camilla wrote the lyrics after a long stint of working New Year's Eve at a restaurant. It's a lament to all the New Year's Eve's that she had spent rioting around Melbourne as a teenager.

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Buried Feather - Lightning Hands     Rock, Psychedelic 24/04/2019
Psychedelic rock band from Coburg, Melbourne.
Driving fuzz rock from Buried Feather's new album "Cloudberry Dreamshake".

City Calm Down - Television     Rock, Pop, Electronic 24/04/2019
City Calm Down are a 4 piece indie/electronic band from Melbourne, signed to I OH YOU. New single 'Television' out now.
‘Television’ is the exuberant new single from Melbourne four-piece City Calm Down. Recorded with producer Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones, Julia Jacklin), ‘Television’ is a prescient pop anthem for our times, and the band’s first new material since 2018’s masterful Echoes In Blue. ‘Television’ is inspired by 1976’s Sidney Lumet-directed satire Network – an Oscar-winning howl of protest.

Dumaresq - Wellness     Rock, Industrial, Grunge, Experimental 24/04/2019
genre-hopping 24 year old multi-instrumentalist from Queensland, now based in Brunswick, Melbourne.
Wellness is a brutal, unflinching take down of the complicity of society in the atrocities we've become desensitised to.

Other tracks by Dumaresq:  Cyclical Bliss  -  Reattach/Retreat
Ed Tucker - My Thoughts     Rock, Pop 24/04/2019
Solo artist, enjoyes writing any sort of music, mainly Pop and Rock. Can play the drums and has a good background in playing in bands. Happy to play at venues
Rock drum beat, with a voice to be heard. Quite a few atmospheric sounds, and some good changes. Nicely structered chorus and aimed at all ages

mutanteer premium - nothing out of the ordinary     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 24/04/2019
bittersweet stoned rock with a sickening cherry vanilla aftertaste
catchy rock tune that makes you wanna sing along and bop your head

Other tracks by mutanteer premium:  tussin monkey  -  modest recipes