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King Cornelius and The Silverbacks - Chimps in Space     Rock, Garage 28/10/2018
King Cornelius leads The Silverbacks, a band of jungle explorers and together they combine surf, garage and power pop to jet into the space age!
Chimps in Space is our tribute to the brave simians that led the space race.

Other tracks by King Cornelius and The Silverbacks:  Manila Gorilla
Meadow Argus - Chandra Barks     Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental, Soundscapes 28/10/2018
Meadow Argus' handcrafted psychedelia launches into deep space on a seething bed of tape delays, fuzz, ebows, synths and found sounds.
"Chandra Barks" is a go go drenched slab of jangly fuzz pop pseudo-myth inspired by a neighbour's incessantly barking god-dog.

Other tracks by Meadow Argus:  No Cure for Normal
Have/Hold - Keepsake     Rock 27/10/2018
As the band explores the boundaries surrounding alternative, nearly ‘art’ rock, they’re breaking away from crashing, heavier sections, instead building tension through lamentation and sheer dramatic finesse. -The AU Review
Powered by impassioned vocals, soaring guitars and a rhythmic pulse that remains strong at its core, the new album from Melbourne’s HAVE/HOLD presents itself as a fitting snapshot of the band today: reinvigorated, wide-eyed and raring to thrive

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Bad Bangs - Time     Rock, Garage, Blues 26/10/2018
Gritty garage rock trio 'Bad Bangs' release their fiery debut EP ‘Grow It Out’ following a string of praised single releases and impressive live performances this year.
'Time' is the final single to be released off Bad Bangs debut EP 'Grow It Out'. Raw, emotive vocals are complimented by a gritty, stripped back outfit of - guitar, bass and drums making for a characteristic lo-fi garage sound. While the opening single of the EP, 'Time' stands tall as the bands' powerful set closer of their live performance.

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Other tracks by Bad Bangs:  Hearts
202 - Soon     Rock, Pop, Acoustic 26/10/2018
Reverend Cage and Professor Anderson, crafty quirky pop-rock tunes and imbuing them with meaning after the fact. Located across Victoria, the 202 musicians have been collaborating for almost 15 years
A song about rebirth and a young man about to enter the world.

Other tracks by 202:  TV Love  -  Seasons
Ah Trees - How Long Must We Wait     Rock 26/10/2018
Five friends inspired by the new-wave, alt-rock and post-punk sounds of the late 80’s, with music that will have you dancing down hallways or drifting away on clouds...
A fuzzed out, low-fi track which sees the band delving deeper than ever into their new-wave roots. With dirty bass lines, ethereal guitar-work and hooks that will cling to your brain for days the band have described this work as their most cohesive yet!

Andy White - This Is Not A Television Show     Rock, Folk, Britpop, Punk 26/10/2018
Poetry! Politics!! Pop!!! Belfast-born Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Andy White combines poetic lyricism with political outspokenness and a pop sensibility with folk authenticity. New album The Guilty & The Innocent.
As the title suggests, this is your ideal radio pick! It's about Trump, Grenfell Tower, Brexit, refugees, and learning from all this. Sounds like it was written by Blondie, Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg at an all-night party thrown by Bruce Springsteen.

* includes one slightly rude line but it's a direct quotation from Anthony Scaramucci! *

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Other tracks by Andy White:  Age-Old Story  -  Very Fine People
Bad Friends - The Trip Is Over     Rock, Grunge, Garage 26/10/2018
Dark & gritty alternative rock three-piece band from Perth, drawing from grunge, garage and progressive influences.
'The Trip Is Over' reflects upon periods in your life where you might not be in the best place mentally - feeling down or stuck in a bit of a rut or something - and you yourself end up becoming the biggest obstacle in the path towards getting out of that situation because of your lack of motivation or optimism.

FAIT ACCOMPLI - HIGHWAYS     Rock, Punk, Grunge 26/10/2018
HIGHWAYS is the latest single by FAIT ACCOMPLI a soul punk band from Sydney, Australia. HIGHWAYS is a song about the journey through life, love and the great escape.
It's an uplifting song especially in a time where people might want to feel inspired by music. IT's also a song about searching which could be useful and positive to the youth or people who are suffering from depression. All round it's a song which puts a spring in your step and offers a musical escape.

FERLA - Voodoo     Rock, Pop 26/10/2018
FERLA deliver distinctive after-dark pop. Turning the personal into the confessional, FERLA combine the moments of late-night flirtation and morning-after revelation and distill it into their own sultry mess.
“It’s a really upbeat, celebratory song written at a time when I was going out heaps,because I couldn’t stand being alone. It was self-abuse but it was also a really great time.” - Giuliano Ferla
Courting post-breakup mania and the chase for libidinal good times, ‘Voodoo’ pulses with overblown drums and sex-positivity in a song dedicated to escapism as therapy.

Go Get Mum - Little Heart     Rock, Pop 26/10/2018
Go Get Mum are a Melbourne four-piece writing jangly pop-rock songs about the complexities of love, the pitfalls of partying, and other stuff.
Little Heart is a romantic look at a casual hookup. It's also about female sexual empowerment as soon through the eyes of a guy who isn't really used to it. Ultimately it's about going with a scenario that makes both parties feel good. Little Heart was brought to life thanks to NIDA through a Triple J Unearthed music video competition.

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Other tracks by Go Get Mum:  Caroline
Go Get Mum - Little Heart     Rock 26/10/2018
Go Get Mum are a Melbourne four-piece writing jangly pop-rock songs about the complexities of love, the pitfalls of partying, and other stuff.
Little Heart is a romantic look at a casual hookup. It's also about female sexual empowerment as seen through the eyes of a guy who isn't really used to it. Ultimately it's about going with a scenario that makes both parties feel good. Little Heart was brought to life thanks to NIDA through a Triple J Unearthed music video competition.

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Other tracks by Go Get Mum:  No Control  -  Don't Start a Riot
Great Gable - Golden Slums     Rock 26/10/2018
Great Gable are a Perth-based band originally from the South West of WA, combining a wide range of influences to bring a subtle twist on the alternative-indie sound.
Golden Slums is influenced by Perth, the feeling that living in a smaller town or city can give you. It’s not a bad thing, it just influences you in a certain way. The song portrays the two sides of the city - something bright and something dark.

Harley Mavis - Magnolia     Rock, Folk 26/10/2018
Harley Mavis takes on a unique cruisy alt-folk-rock sound, with rich distinct vocals and a show of stellar songwriting, the songs will drive and break your heart. all at once.
Recorded, mixed a mastered by Simon Berkleman at Golden Retriever Studios, the song follows the narrative of feeling stuck in where you are and the need to step back and recalibrate.

Hot Wax - Quit Your Job     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 26/10/2018
Kirra Beach locals, Hot Wax, continue to amass momentum in 2018 with the release of the no holds barred new single "Quit Your Job".
"Quit Your Job" is an off-kilter anthem for misfits, doused with heavy punk instrumentation and decorated with snide lyrics that stick two fingers up at authority.

Jacob - The Rain King     Rock, Punk 26/10/2018
Jacob are a band united by their passion for cheesy emo-rock and DIY practices hailing from Wollongong/Newcastle. The band are sure to turn some heads with their catchy hooks.
It's about trying to navigate personal boundaries with your ex. In this case, when you're out at the same party. Ruairi Burns likes to make a lot of references when writing lyrics; songs he's listening to, books he's reading, shows he's I'm watching. You might notice little references to The X Files, Stephen King and my favourite Smokey Robinson song.

Jon Stevens - Rain Down On Me     Rock, Pop 26/10/2018
Highly talented musician. He has had phenomenal success as a solo artist, and was also the lead singer of major rock acts Noiseworks, INXS and Dead Daisies.
The metaphorical Rain Down On Me is about relationships and adversity - hard times, mentally, physically and spiritually. Jon hopes lyrics like this land, this sacred life, will live and breathe again, there's a rainbow coming down, to wash away our sins, gives a positive outlook when listening to the song.

Lachlan X. Morris - Turpentine     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 26/10/2018
Like a digital watch in a spaghetti western… Hovering in the purgatory somewhere between future-psych and old-school pop traditions, Lachlan X. Morris draws from songwriting vintage, long lost and buried.
Inquisitive picking guitars, first single ‘Turpentine’ explores romance and relationships in a digital age and not knowing who you are sharing yourself with. Charging forth with a solid rock fundaments and solid guitar stabs create a thoughtful and purpose filled rock track.

Other tracks by Lachlan X. Morris:  Premeditations
Magnus - Saints, Sedated     Rock, Jazz, Goth, Metal 26/10/2018
Oddly Timed Stoner Jazz Rock with a Dash of Goth three-piece Magnus formed in 2012 to bring their urgency, fearlessness in experimentation and healthy disregard for genres to Australian music.
“The band clearly likes to tease and with terrific self-confidence in their undoubted abilities the approach does create a lively anxiousness within their music."

Milk Buttons - Some Impression     Rock, Psychedelic, Rock 26/10/2018
Spin out with the new single from Milk Buttons featuring gloomy, psychedelic tones and mind-bending layering of melodies and rhythms - running from time signatures of 4/4, 7/4 and 7/8.
In their alt/ psych-rock way, ‘Some Impression’ makes the simple seem technical and the technical seem simple with their head spinning riff on repeat. Milk Buttons meld together thrashing drums and big riffs with the dulcet yet pensive vocals of Cameron Bower in the sparse verses that follow the guitar lines harmoniously.