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The Limbs - Here     Rock, Grunge 27/06/2019
Forming in 2013, The Limbs became a popular fixture on the WA live scene, honing their sound; a love of shoegaze, flourishing into a central sound encompassing punk and grunge.
‘Here’ is driven by free and driving guitar and vocal melodies, while the rhythm section of the track harks back to the glory days of The Smiths, and the dominating essence of Blur. It is rock music served up with grit, but there’s also a loftiness to James Redman’s melodies that brings the music further into the light.

Empirical Prey - The Tyrant     Rock 26/06/2019
Empirical Prey are a new alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
'The Tyrant' takes you on an experimental journey from the beginning to the end. Atmospheric desert rock with trippy guitars, a haunting melody and poetry. It’s totally unique and deserves to be the next Breaking Bad theme song.

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Fight Ibis - 6 Nickel Rocket     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 26/06/2019
Triple J Unearthed winners Fight Ibis are back with a jangly Surf Rock tune to ease you into warmer weather. ***ON TOUR THROUGH JULY***
Lead singer Kyuss Calamari, says of the upcoming single release and launch "This new song is a simple pop song about being blissfully ignorant towards people that are trying to make you compromise what you want to do with your life. We’re playing some local shows with some of our favourite local bands for a bit of fun!"

Figurehead - Ear to Lend     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Punk 26/06/2019
Built on a sound that draws from the fertile springs of WA’s indie rock tradition: with clamorous guitars, soaring melodies and chest-pounding vocals.
Ear to Lend is about a one sided relationship.

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Picket Palace - Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti     Rock, Punk, Sports, Garage 26/06/2019
Birthed and nurtured in a sweaty loft apartment above a picket fence workshop in Brunswick, Picket Palace crank out razor-sharp punk belters with a reckless enthusiasm that is completely infectious.
Their blistering new single ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’ is a barnstorming, heart-pounding, head-banging tribute to the exhilarating football of the man they call ‘Walla’. Pulsing with joyous adrenaline, the track channels the ferocity and tenacity of its aussie-rules hero into an irresistibly thrilling punk anthem.

This will be the first look at Picket Palace’s upcoming second release, The Footy Record.

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The Belladonnas - Heights     Rock, Pop 26/06/2019
This fusion five-piece is a hard hitting alternative roots-rock outfit with a wide array of influences ranging from Fat Freddys Drop to BadBadNotGood to No Doubt.
In homage to inspirational acts Massive Attack and Portishead, the floating and hypnotic subtleties of Heights are juxtaposed against powerful pop song-writing sensibilities akin to Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. With a lyrical theme regarding rebelling against the status quo and challenging oppressors, ‘Heights’ is an alternative anthem for those who don’t fit inside the box.

The Bone Shack - Hot Knife     Rock 26/06/2019
The Bone Shack are a five piece Rock ‘N Roll band based in Melbourne, Australia. Think dirty dive bars, cigarette smoke and rollin’ home when the sun comes up.
A dark, riff-heavy, Rock 'N Roll track with soaring female vocals and a heaving rhythm section.

Ash Grunwald - Whispering Voice (Feat. Kasey Chambers)     Rock, Blues 25/06/2019
One of Australia’s finest storytellers and live performers, Ash Grunwald has released ‘Whispering Voice’, which features the unmistakable vocals of Kasey Chambers.
Written in gospel style, but by no means a gospel song, ‘Whispering Voice’ is written about that little voice inside your head. “The song is about your internal voice, maybe your ego, which is your constant friend. If that guy is being an arsehole, or being good to you, it dictates your reality,” Ash says.

Bench Press - Dreaming Again     Rock, Punk, Garage 25/06/2019
Snarling, angular and loud, Bench Press invoke the old while pushing something that feels very new.
"The track is a collision of the band’s devil may care attitude, with unmistakable song writing acumen. Coming in at under 3 minutes, the band waste no time getting to the point. Prepare to be hitting the ‘replay’ button in this one…several times over." - Tone Deaf

Cassel - Car Crash Scene     Rock, Grunge 25/06/2019
Cassel started as a solo project in Adelaide, and soon became a sad band from Melbourne.
Following the release of their debut EP last year, Melbourne alt-rock outfit Cassel return with 'Car Crash Scene'. The song explores the fallout following a serious road accident and the grief accompanying the event. It delves into the relationship between one's investment in the vicarious grief of others, watching the metaphorical car crash scene, and the exhaustion that follows.

DMA'S - In The Air (MTV Unplugged In Melbourne)     Rock, Pop 25/06/2019
‘In The Air’ is the third track to be shared from the forthcoming live album 'MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne'.
The set makes an immediate statement with ‘Feels Like 37’, which substitutes its rush of spiky melody with a more reflective atmosphere. Numerous fan favourites such as ‘Step Up The Morphine’, ‘In The Air’ and ‘Lay Down’ resonate in their new form, while the album also features their previously unreleased, violin-driven take on the Madonna classic ‘Beautiful Stranger’.

Electric Badger - Hurt Time     Rock, Punk 25/06/2019
Electric Badger play hard rock originals; a power trio with potent lyrics and forceful delivery. Phil McTaggart (Vocals and Guitar), Charles Mackle (Bass and Bvox), Bang Flerfalt (Drums)
Punk influenced midlife crisis with driving rhythms and power chords. About unfulfilled ambition, anguish and monkeys.

Other tracks by Electric Badger:  Zebedee Rhino
Grim Richard - It Goes On     Rock, Punk, Pop 25/06/2019
Grim Richard, is a Brisbane based punk band, created by Adam Richardson. Richardson writes huge catchy punk songs, which will crawl inside your ear and force you to sing along.
Released under the name Grim Richard, Brisbane-based solo artist Adam Richardson is making a chaotic debut with his single ‘It Goes On’ – a song about your mental health impacting your closest relationships. The song explores the feeling of hopelessness that comes when you’re unable to attend to the needs of the people you love.

Lucy Jay - Oh Mandy     Rock, Grunge 25/06/2019
Hot off the Lucy Jay mixing desk is this cracker tune - Oh Mandy. Take a solid-serve of Alanis Morrisette, Dolores O'Riordan and Amy Shark and you have...Lucy Jay!
Oh Mandy is simply a great rock tune. And Lucy Jay delivers it just right! Turn this track up. Waaaaaaaay up!

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RAAVE TAPES - dancing because I'm sad     Rock, Punk, Dance 25/06/2019
RAAVE TAPES are a dance-punk trio from Newcastle famed for their undeniably jubilant live show.
dancing because I'm sad explodes with foreboding beats and vicious hook to provide the ultimate in sonic warfare.

An ode to shirking responsibility and indulgent self-sabotage, the track explores one of society's destructive ways of dealing with personal issues, by completely ignoring them and going off the rails for the evening.

The Cooks - 180 Emotional Ollie     Rock, Folk, Pop, Acoustic 25/06/2019
The Cooks are a Lo-Fi Folk Rock band singing songs about how much they love their pals
180 Emotional Ollie is a short, upbeat rock track with a catch sing along hook interspersed with talks of good times with great friends

Other tracks by The Cooks:  NBA 2K16
The Doe and the Scapegoat - Gold     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Garage 25/06/2019
The Doe and the Scapegoat are a 5 piece rock band from the heart of Western Sydney who endeavor to reach into the depths of the human psyche.
Gold is a tongue in cheek love song to every malformed or malfunctioning relationship the singer has ever had. Entering slowly, the song creeps forward before detonating into a tight explosion of distorted guitar riffs, wailing trumpet and howling vocals.

The Gurdies - Pain     Rock 25/06/2019
Victorian punk rockers The Gurdies play a unique brand of Alt-Rock influenced by punk, noise and grunge.
The single is a slice of DIY garage punk, full of echoing guitar melodies, showing the band's progression over a short period of time.

Clove - Resilience     Rock, Grunge, Punk, Rock 24/06/2019
Clove are a five-piece alt-rock/punk outfit from Melbourne, Australia. Writing music which pairs emotive story telling with big guitar sounds and driving rhythm sections.
Resilience was written about the time after lead singer Mark Jamieson was informed his mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The EP Hollow and Whole explores this time in a wider sense, Resilience is more so about the time for his family, his feelings about the diagnosis and his mother's strength.

Other tracks by Clove:  Lighthouse  -  Twenty Six
Rufflefeather - Amnesia     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge 24/06/2019
Rufflefeather create thoughtful and surprising music comprising light, shade and dynamic scene changes to take their listeners on a journey. With heavy riffs and ambient psychedelia interwoven with soulful melodies.
Amnesia is a deliciously concise prog rock odyssey. With hard hitting intensity melting away into spacious and beautiful melodies. Despite the many scene changes crammed into this three and a half minute track. It somehow retains some congruence without becoming 'too prog'. Amnesia is a satisfying journey boasting considerable poetics, and it basically explodes at the very end!