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Liquid Friends - Valley     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 18/01/2019
3 directionless mates who write songs about heartbreak, drinking and existentialism.
It was a late night in the fortitude valley, with no money, no charge on my phone and no means of getting a lift home.

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Other tracks by Liquid Friends:  Some Say
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Keen For Kick On's?     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Grunge 18/01/2019
“Frontman Jack McEwan’s vocals are polished and harmonious, while the band’s evocative guitars and high-concept lyrics bring their sound into another dimension, depicting an engrossing, intergalactic psych-rock saga.” Paste Magazine
‘Keen For Kick Ons?’ encapsulates the heady, swirling heat Psychedelic Porn Crumpets energy that the band have been consistently refining over the last few years. The dynamic the band has been thriving on since the release of single ‘Social Candy’ is a strong one, with guitars and melody warping in and around each other seamlessly.

Spaceman Africa the Musical - Bondage Bob     Rock, Comedy 18/01/2019
Spaceman Africa is an Australian singer-songwriter of autobiographical folk-rock songs with a humorous twist.
This song is about a cuddly toy bear I bought for my nephew for his first Christmas that was dressed in bondage wear called Bondage Bob. The bear came with a little poem which you can hear in the bridge of the song. I was worried what the family would think of such a present for a baby.

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Other tracks by Spaceman Africa the Musical:  It's on Fire!  -  Horny German Truck Driver
The Shang - Feel Your Lies     Rock 18/01/2019
The Shang are a four-piece alt-rock band from Camden in the outskirts of Western Sydney, birthed at an open mic night in their local bowling club.
Feel Your Lies is an upbeat collaboration of rock and the surf beach vibes, an overall track of love and false hope.

Tom Christie - Everyone Wants the Same Thing     Rock, Pop, Retro 18/01/2019
Tom Christie is a songwriter and performer currently located in Sydney. His style harkens to the pop-rock music of the mid-late 1960's, with simple instrumentation and lots of vocal harmony.
Jaunty 1960's style pop-rock song about letting go of inhibition. Recorded entirely in the front room of my sharehouse on a very low budget, working strategically whenever my housemates were out.

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Other tracks by Tom Christie:  I Have to Make You See  -  Thinking of You
Blood, Guts & Firetrucks - Fire In The Snow     Rock, Pop 17/01/2019
Blood, Guts & Firetrucks is a Power-Pop band based in Wollongong, NSW.
Fire In The Snow is a catchy tune about standing out and fitting in.

Pleasure Coma - Wating     Rock, Punk 17/01/2019
DIY Punks
Energy and guitars anchored to carefully crafted songwriting.

Salty Lips - Stop Talking     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening 17/01/2019
Salty Lips are four sand-crumbed surfer friends from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who pump out a mix of indie-folk surf-rock.
This track is about people who tend to talk too much .. could be all of us at times. It's a fun track!

Other tracks by Salty Lips:  Ha Ha  -  Rancho
The Feast of Snakes - Car Crash     Rock, Live Performance, Garage, Grunge 17/01/2019
The Feast of Snakes is a band from Perth, Western Australia. Made up of Lewis & Olivia Rice O'Donnell, and Peter Leveson-Gower. A country city punk band.
Car Crash opens the Snake's set with a rumble of thunder. Lewis sings an indictment of night life, pleads and wails after a troubled friend, a manipulative doppleganger, who seems bound to end up in a bad place if they keep at it. The band build crescendos around the eponymous chorus, attempting a sonic rendition of a road tragedy.

Other tracks by The Feast of Snakes:  Where Do All The Punks Hang Out
The Nicoteenagers - Big Thing     Rock, Garage, Grunge 17/01/2019
Opening with frenetic guitar and a pummeling fusion of percussion and bass, ‘Big Thing’ lays its groundwork for a three and a half minute rock and roll epic early.
Perfect for music fans who like their rock music delivered undiluted with a side of scrambled, electrified chaos, The Nirvana influences can be heard throughout, but in the vocals and warped nuances of the electric guitar, The Nicoteenagers’ latest comes reminiscent of early Muse, Radiohead and Tool - doused in equal parts drama and rhythmic prowess.

The Spindrift Saga - In and Out of Love     Rock, Funk, Pop, Grunge 17/01/2019
The Spindrift Saga are an independent Australian act renowned for their tight live shows, “catchy rhythms, bright licks” and big alt funk rock sound.
As the title suggests ‘in and out of love’ explores the basic human instincts of questioning one’s certainty about new relationships. Whether what you have is about just being physically attracted to someone or being attracted for a deeper emotional connection, the ever burning questions of lust or love and the grey areas in between.

208L Containers - One Eyed Town     Rock, Punk, Garage 16/01/2019
Tasmanian punk rock
Driving hooky punk rock

Other tracks by 208L Containers:  Christian Hanky  -  My Lifestyle (Determines My Megadeathstyle)
All The Weathers - Echinacea     Rock, Punk, Psychedelic 16/01/2019
Fun, quirky post punk
Catchy swinging post punk

Other tracks by All The Weathers:  Cool  -  Air Shampoo
Evol Walks - The Fire     Rock 16/01/2019
With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer, and a predilection for time-honoured rock ‘n’ roll, Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender.
"The Fire" is a collaboration between Leah Martin-Brown and Tim Henwood (The Superjesus, The Rogue Traders, Palace of the King). Written in Brisbane and produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless in White, Hands Like Houses, Sylar) in Hollywood, California this track is a dirty, bluesy throwback to the raw rock and roll sound that helped launch Evol Walks in 2014.

POND - Daisy     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 16/01/2019
POND has unveiled new single Daisy. The track will feature on the West Coast vagabonds new album Tasmania, available Friday 1 March.
Daisy opens with a mournful string section as if forewarning some bitter end, before the curtains come back on an alt-pop anthem that sees Allbrook imagining his childhood friends and family in the Kimberley region.

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Salary - Polite Rebellion     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 16/01/2019
Salary are a big band playing indie rock.
This song is about trying to be yourself and not aspects of the world control your thoughts and actions too much.....but at the same time recognising that everyone has to compromise themselves to a degree to exist and make a living.

Sunrose - Too High To Say Hello     Rock, Psychedelic 16/01/2019
“Sunrose make appropriately hypnotic music, their absorbing vibe completely drawing you into their world of relaxing guitars, emotive lyrics and chilled vibes.” ToneDeaf
Opening with glistening guitars and vocals that simply shimmer, Sunrose have returned with another piece of music set to soundtrack these heady summer days with ‘Too High To Say Hello’. Starting their 2019 off on a buoyant, colourful note, the Byron Bay four piece navigate textured sounds and melodic weaves and turns on this new single.

The Beasts - Pearls Before Swine     Rock, Grunge 16/01/2019
Boris Sujdovic, Tex Perkins, Charlie Owen, Tony Pola, Kim Salmon reinvent themselves from former Beasts Of Bourbon to The Beasts Still Here with a brand new recording of that name.
The Beasts latest offering from their soon to be released ‘Still Here’ album is a song about actually having been a Beast Of Bourbon. ‘Pearls Before Swine’ is a boozy slab worth of badass bravado diluted with a jug of irony and self effacement to make it easier to swallow, not that Beasts fans would have any trouble guzzling this!

The Soul Movers - You Better Believe It     Rock, Soul 16/01/2019
The Soul Movers are a Sydney based five-piece rockin’ soul outfit
With horns in the right places, the cool groove of legendary drummer Milton Sledge and the instantly recognisable Hammond organ of Muscle Shoals Studios mixed with the super chops of the Swampers you BETTER Believe It

Indigo Point - Distance     Rock, Pop 15/01/2019
Indigo Point, a fresh Sydney based alt-rock band is working diligently on producing new music, while also performing songs from their debut EP, Distance.
Distance is the story of the struggle to move on from a toxic relationship. Some might think that 'going the distance' means struggling to overcome the hurdles in order to keep the relationship alive, but what if we need to overcome the same hurdles in order to move on with our lives?

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