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Noah Dillon - Holding On     Rock, Folk, Roots 24/01/2019
Singer-song writer Noah Dillon has recently exploded onto the vibrant WA music scene with his 5 piece alt-rock band.
"After the initial impact of losing a friend that had passed I found a fear in returning to my normal routine and life moving along without them. The title of the song (Holding On) is in reference to holding onto things that make my life keep spinning for the person that's no longer here because that's what they would want."

Subatomic Cookie Bandits - Be My Shirley Valentine     Rock, Punk, Garage 24/01/2019
Brisbane-based originals band with rock/pop/blues/jazz influences. A collaboration between songwriters Chris Sims (vocals) and Russell Reid (bass guitarist), who have joined forces with Luke Pegg (guitarist) and Lennon Sims-Brown (drummer).
Punchy, punky tale of modern day romance.

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Other tracks by Subatomic Cookie Bandits:  A Life on Mars  -  Caught in the Rain
The Pinheads - Innocent Crime     Rock, Garage 24/01/2019
The sound of The Pinheads is a mosaic of their collective tastes – built on the foundations of their heroes, a work of art in its own right.
‘Innocent Crime’ emits a new born confidence from The Pinheads, both as songwriters and performers. Born from a landscape where they find themselves looking down a dead-end street, gathering an army of the disenfranchised to stand as one.

YT DiNGO - Thrill of the Chase     Rock, Roots, Hip Hop, World 24/01/2019
YT DiNGO is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance project, spawned from the mind of Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds and movement in its rawest form.
'Thrill of the Chase' is directed and edited by ARIA Award-winning videographer Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore (Her Sound, Her Story). Both musically and visually, the piece shows a deep love for Aboriginal cultural with three stunning Indigenous actors / dancers set in the Gumbaynggirr outback.

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Blonde Doctor - Peanuts     Rock, Punk, Pop 23/01/2019
Adelaide based Pop Punk outfit Blonde Doctor create an infectious brand of music that draws inspiration from legends such as Fall Out Boy, Rise Against and A Day To Remember.
Peanuts bursts out the gate in all it's Pop Punk glory! Catchy riffs, a rhythmic section that makes your feet want to move and soaring Pop Punk vocals make up this stellar new track from Blonde Doctor. Press play and enjoy!

Other tracks by Blonde Doctor:  Blowback
Days Like These - The Absolute     Rock, Punk, Metal 23/01/2019
4-piece Post-Hardcore band from Brisbane, QLD.
The Absolute is about realising who you are is not who you want to be and that you are extremely unhappy with that. The more you dig into yourself, the more you realise that most of what you are unhappy with is your own fault. It is very pessimistic and does not have a resolution.

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Evol Walks - Our Time is Now     Rock, Metal 23/01/2019
Hard, heavy, female fronted rock and roll.
Our Time is Now is a frenetic, angry call to action. An anthem for those disenfranchised with the current state of political affairs.

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Other tracks by Evol Walks:  The Fire  -  Up All Night
Surroundings - River's Edge     Rock, Atmospheric, Hardcore, Metal 23/01/2019
Perth’s Surroundings refuse to add to the noise. Since 2017 they have solidified themselves as an act that is both visceral and carefully curated.
Dropped via their long championing Youtube partner Dreambound, River’s Edge offers a fresh sonic dimension to the band, opting for huge chorus hooks to connect an exceptionally personal message, it takes the band you know into a brand-new realm of songwriting

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The Glycereens - Hangin' On!     Rock, Garage, Pop, Punk 23/01/2019
The Glycereens blend their dirty bumblegum aesthetics with garage rock to create fuzzed-out sounds. Rising from the ashes of garage heaven, the band spreads their fuzzy love to the cosmo.
The first song of the debut album for The Glycereens is “Hangin On! The song really sets the stage for the rest of the album. With its' loud fuzzed-out chord progressions, each verse and chorus is like a little ball of energy that’ll have you tapping your toes in no time.

Other tracks by The Glycereens:  What Ever Happened  -  Stars Align
Zolton - Noise Electric     Rock, Pop 23/01/2019
Zolton is the performance name for Sydney-based musician and producer, Zolton Zavos. Working with talented young producer, Taka Perry, Zolton's new musical project incorporates 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
Noise Electric is a neon-imbued track by Zolton that conjures up sonic images of late 80s dark retro wave and upbeat synth pop. The song was written by Zolton, produced by Taka Perry, and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons etc).

Avalanche - Balls Deep     Rock 21/01/2019
Heart-racing, gut busting, roof crashing, fast paced Rock 'N Roll sent directly from the devil himself ... to brighten your day.
it's about sex

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Clinton Hutton - No Silver Bullet     Rock, Blues, Pop 21/01/2019
Clinton Hutton is a singer-guitarist-songwriter-producer from Tasmania, Australia.
No Silver Bullet is a song that was fully composed and produced by Clinton Hutton from his home studio. The song is about having high expectations and wanting success without putting in the effort.

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Neon Queen - Free My Mind     Rock, RnB, Funk, Soul 21/01/2019
An R&B influenced rock group from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne with soulful vocals, lush guitars an tight grooves.
"Free My Mind" is a tail end period of summer where we find ourselves clutching on to the embers of hot afternoons drizzling into warmed up nights. Showing a more chilled out introspective side to the band’s songwriting, the rawness is still there, but the emphasis on some great R&B grooves and melody take the lead with this single.

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Odin Malchik - Treat Everybody With Respect     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Retro 21/01/2019
Home recorded, psychedelic pop from Perth, W.A.
Treat Everybody With Respect is the fast, punchy single from Odin Malchik's forthcoming album 'Forgiveness and War' which is to be released on the first of March.

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The Toothpicks - Middle Class Hero     Rock, Pop, Garage, Funk 20/01/2019
The Toothpicks are a three-piece alt-rock powerhouse determined to rob you of your hearts and minds, specialising in irresistible rock stompers with fierce attention to melodic detail and lyrical depth.
"Middle Class Hero" serves up a filthy funk groove that doesn't let up, with an unpredictable and dynamic structure, undercut by sardonic, scabrous and occasionally absurd lyrics. It's a story about a party, a tale of star-crossed lovers that never begins, and (if you like) a treatise accounting for millennial disaffection. More importantly it's a rock tune, and it rocks.

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Bec Stevens - 10 Minute Drive     Rock, Chill 18/01/2019
Bec Stevens is a Tasmanian born alternative-rock singer-songwriter based in Adelaide.
“10 Minute Drive” discusses the aftermath of a relationship ending. It's this same directness that you feel when the writing's on the wall and suddenly everything hits you... this is how it has to be. As the music slowly builds up, there's no sudden moment of resolution. Rather sadness and acceptance, things can feel worse before they get better.

Beyond the Picture - Fox and the Hound     Rock, Folk, Pop 18/01/2019
Beyond the Picture, are an alternative rock quartet encompassing a wide range of influences into one original sound, most notably on their newly released single ’Fox and the Hound’.
Best characterised by its danceable beat and bass lines, Fox and the Hound is neatly juxtaposed by an array of catchy melodies that carry the longing found in the lyrics. Like the title, it profiles two opposing characters and their differing thoughts on their relationship as they realise their identities.

Chavez Cartel - Feelin     Rock, Grunge 18/01/2019
Chavez Cartel is a four piece alternative rock outfit from the Gold Coast consisting of Ben Simpson (Vocals), Jack Kelly (Lead Guitar), Calvin Brillus (Bass Guitar) and Tom Isaacs (Drums).
‘Feelin’ reflects the attitude of the band, incorporating each band members individual upbringing. Ultimately the track is about making the most of what you’ve got in life; acknowledging that not everything is always positive, yet still embracing all aspects and making the most out of every situation life throws in your direction.

Other tracks by Chavez Cartel:  Scene Before The Crime  -  High Up In Your Room
Electric State - Get In You     Rock, Grunge 18/01/2019
Electric State is a grunge rock fuelled riff laden groove based juggernaut from Perth, WA If you haven't heard of them yet you soon will!
Seductive grunge tease, tantalising inner thoughts of everyone/anyone who has ever wanted someone straight away in a moment and thought of everything they wanted to do with that person.

The viewer can never actually get what they want, the clip is a tease.

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Greywood - Head Tension     Rock, Punk, Garage, Hardcore 18/01/2019
Post-Hardcore newcomers Greywood create an extremely catchy brand of Rock music.
Head Tension is your much needed daily dose of Post-Hardcore! The band blend multiple genres effortlessly to achieve their extremely catchy sound. Press play and enjoy!

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