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Donnarumma - Rollercoaster     Rock, Garage 31/10/2018
Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, exhilarating three piece Donnarumma maintain a lofty rock attitude with angelic vocals, roaring bass and rumbling drums.
'Rollercoaster' is the most adrenalised track Donnarumma have done yet. It's proud, punchy and spares no backlash. It's a potent echo boom with the group dumping mulch and gravel of their florid rock. After the opening, the song unravels into a salvo of hook-filled, reverberating guitars and wailing rock operatics. This hard-hitting track turns the listener into a gelatinous ooze.

Lisa Caruso - Shake Baby Shake     Rock, Pop 31/10/2018
Sydney Artist Lisa Caruso has returned with her utterly unique vocal, bringing along brash guitars, and a tight and sometimes rip-roaring rhythm section reminiscent of a 90's childhood.
'Shake Baby Shake' acknowledges the challenges of living with an invisible illness, and through it, finding strength and resilience. Layered with brooding guitars, stark piano and a tight and sometimes rip-roaring 90’s kit, Lisa Caruso's utterly unique vocal swims between an honest cry and a chilled shaken falsetto.

LOCAL HERO - The Big Think (Single Version)     Rock, Pop, Chill, Electronic 31/10/2018
New project of Andy Clockwise & Mathew Gardner (Ernest Ellis) A mixture of Heartland- Warrior-Pop, 80's Post-Punk and New Wave, comparable to a dreamy pairing of Brian Ferry and Springsteen.
"Practicing the art of reinvention Clockwise, along with bandmate Mathew Gardner, formally presented themselves under their new musical persona of Local Hero with the single, “The Big Think.” sweet shades of 80s New Wave tones and Clockwise’s penchant for expressing, exploring and exorcising the human darkness - High Voltage Mag

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Other tracks by LOCAL HERO:  The Big Think (Long Version)
Peabody - Julie     Rock, Pop, Garage 31/10/2018
Sydney’s brave soldiers of indie-noise-guitar pop, post-punk and rocknroll PEABODY return with their first new music in eight years.
"'Julie' is a song about our friend from years gone by. She was ("is", I assume) smart as chips and taught us a thing or two about life."

The Florets - Just Coast     Rock, Garage, Pop 31/10/2018
The Florets blend jangly indie rock with garage goodness, all the while highlighting a knack for melodic songwriting at its best.
Led by songwriter and vocalist Nick Dawes, the stamp The Florets put down on record here is a strong one. ‘Just Coast’ may indicate a kicked-back, chilled discourse but make no mistake, the way this band delivers their music is dynamic and immersive.

The Jimmy C - Baby Blue Sky     Rock 31/10/2018
Humorous, up-beat, catchy, power/pop/psychedelic/rock. Melbourne based ‘The Jimmy C’ opens a can of earworms that burrow deep and leave you smiling.
Listen to Do You Remember Walter by The Kinks, then Mr Blue Sky by ELO. I think the former is a blueprint for the later and it’s also a blueprint for this. Jangly guitars, tight drums and a catchy chorus.

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Other tracks by The Jimmy C:  Born Without A Brain  -  Driving Cross Town
Bear the Mammoth - Decembering     Rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic 30/10/2018
Bear The Mammoth is an Instrumental Progressive Post Rock band from Melbourne, Australia that formed in 2011.
Decembering is a single off Bear the Mammoth's second album, 'Years Under Glass.' It was recorded live to tape and produced by Naomune Anzai.

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Other tracks by Bear the Mammoth:  Sank  -  Eyes Still
Black Heart Breakers - Save Me     Rock, Punk 30/10/2018
Australian punk/rock n' roll band drawing influence from Ramones, Beach Boys, Cold Chisel & The Living End. Their new EP 'Rotting Out' is available October 30
Save Me is the love/hate relationship with rock n' roll, touring and all your inside demons. Can't live with it, can't live without it

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Other tracks by Black Heart Breakers:  Why Not Me  -  Angels Take Me Away
Majestic Horses - Destroy Everything     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Rock 30/10/2018
The Nation's Least Convenient Supergroup": Majestic Horses consists of Kellie "Screamfeeder" Lloyd, Kate "The Holy Soul" Wilson, and Andrew P "doesn't he write or something?" Street
Destroy Everything was recorded in written in Brisbane, practiced in Sydney and recorded in Hobart, it's a short and sweet screw you to baby boomers from the rest of the world.

Red Gazelle - Huntsville     Rock, Metal 30/10/2018
Hard rock band from Sydney.
Hard hitting new track that explores a prisoner's thoughts on death row.

Rich Webb - Stoner     Rock, Alternative Country, Atmospheric, Experimental 30/10/2018
Eclectic Americana and countrified garage rock from Melbourne Australia. Stoner is Rich Webb's new single. Just back from Germany/Switzerland with a run of local dates coming soon
Stoner is the second single from Rich Webb album 'Le Rayon Vert'. The song and video is centred on judgement and having strength in your own convictions, with love and empathy for other people and what they are going through… essentially not jumping to judgement of others. Don't judge a book by its cover.

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Shogun And The Sheets - Hold On Kid     Rock 30/10/2018
Riveting, downcast, charismatic, complex; the new band from the iconic ex-Royal Headache's frontman.
'How can you be a man, if you had no idea what a man is' - Shogun explores others projections of masculinity and chauvinism in this classic punk scorcher.

Other tracks by Shogun And The Sheets:  Pissing Blood
TASTE - Remedy     Rock, Easy Listening 30/10/2018
Legendary Aussie glam-rock quartet with a fiery reputation among such lofty peers as AC/DC, Queen, Suzi Quatro and the Sweet. TASTE are back to prove rock is not dead!
Remedy - rock ballad written and sung by TASTE's Joey Amenta. “I was at a fork in the road. I had just fallen in love so I thought I’d write a love song. I started playing the chords and the word ‘remedy’ came out. That’s how love should be ... a remedy for life,” says Joey Amenta

Other tracks by TASTE:  Is it Just a Dream (Live at the Corner)  -  Remedy (Acoustic)
Tristan Stevenson - She's Hollywood     Rock, RnB, Pop, Country 30/10/2018
Tristan Matthew Stevenson is a singer, songwriter and musician. He is a solo artist, a cofounding member of the band Rhythm and the Revolution and also records with other artists.
This is essentially a love song. Both the music and lyric to this track were written with an appreciation for women and a desire to complement one another.

Zolton - Ghosts     Rock, Acoustic, Atmospheric 30/10/2018
Zolton is a new musical project that incorporated big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
Ghosts is a meditation on the fragility of life and a quiet nod to those beautiful, gentle souls that hover silently around us - some visible, some not. The song was written and co-produced by Zolton, produced by Taka Perry and mixed by Tony Hoffer.

Other tracks by Zolton:  Purple Jacket, Yellow Shoes
Aspy Jones - Madhouse     Rock, Pop, Ska, Punk 29/10/2018
Aspy Jones is a 20 year old who is bursting onto the music scene with his unique songwriting style and his quirky outlook on life.
'Madhouse' is the first track from Aspy Jones debut EP. It's a fun rock song with a toe-tapping beat and infectious hooks. Aspy has dedicated the tune to his quirky family. “When I was growing up, I thought that my family was slightly mad”, Aspy explains, "but now I realise that most people think their families are not completely sane”

Daniel Wiggins - In Anonymity     Rock, Pop, Electronic 29/10/2018
Daniel Wiggins combines progressive rock, trip-hop and ambient music on his self-produced debut LP, 'In Anonymity'. Wiggins’ music has been described as being visually evocative, with a sense of narrative.
A song about the paradoxical nature of simultaneously wanting to project oneself while being petrified of losing one's sense of anonymity. The track fuses a rugged, half-swung rhythm section with dense rock orchestration and a sultry, at times paranoid vocal delivery.

Other tracks by Daniel Wiggins:  Rusted Mirror  -  Daddy Cool
Tristan Stevenson - Black Russian Incident     Rock, RnB, Pop, Country 29/10/2018
Tristan Matthew Stevenson is a singer, songwriter and musician. He is a solo artist, a cofounding member of the band Rhythm and the Revolution and also records with other artists.
This track was written with a vibe of angst reflecting the sacrificial world of the white collar workforce where values collide with need and purpose with hopelessness.

Jesse Pietersen - Downpour     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 28/10/2018
Solo Artist - Alternative Rock/Pop with Progressive influences
Downpour is a song about existential loneliness. The structure of the song resembles the build-up and climax of a storm.

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Other tracks by Jesse Pietersen:  Universal Truth  -  Jade's Song
Jesse Pietersen - Jesus     Rock, Grunge 28/10/2018
Solo Artist - Alternative Rock/Pop
A song questioning the sustainability of an immortal messiah incorporating my own personal feelings toward religion.

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Other tracks by Jesse Pietersen:  What would you tell em?