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Blaire - Mimer     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 03/05/2019
Building a kingdom of textured and multifaceted guitar music Blaire creates sonics that is both visceral and maligned, maximalist and minimal.
Blaire has never sounded so polished and forward. Their pretence of sweltering punk swashed underneath a shoegaze current remains omnipresent, though embeds itself in a dichotomy of deepened pop movements. Using a synth for the first time in a Blaire track, there was a conscious effort to make a dreamy and otherworldly vibe on 'Mimer'.

Colibrium - Carried By The Word     Rock 03/05/2019
Ascending from the sleepy suburbs of Adelaide, Colibrium are again bringing the world their own brand of modern rock music, with a truly individual product.
Carried By The Word is a truly epic rock song from Adelaide outfit Colibrium. The track opens with an acoustic guitar progression that is accompanied by an outstanding vocal melody. Prepare to be blown away by the powerful full band entry! Carried By The Word is another outstanding track by Colibrium.

Other tracks by Colibrium:  Rain  -  I Don't Need You
Customer Support - The Shark Song     Rock 03/05/2019
Young 4-Piece from Brisbane. Inspired by mid-00s Indie, sound like early Wombats and Jungle Giants. Adore Ball Park Music and Arctic Monkeys
Some reviews for Customer Support's debut single:

“Their debut track exposes their jangly leadlines and melodies, reminiscent of The Smiths with an extra dollop of Powderfinger. It’s the exact amount of vibrancy fans love and admire from the up-and-coming band.”

“A surf-soaked debut with teeth. Something that’ll leave fans of Franz Ferdinand and The Wombats as happy customers.”

Eaglemont - Hound     Rock, Pop 03/05/2019
Eaglemont not only invites listeners into her corner of the world but creates a sounding board relating to audiences through stories of heartbreak, love, friendship.
‘Hound’ reflects on mental health and the desire to protect your loved ones from your shortcomings. Brandishing a velvety tone with crashing drum beats, JEaglemont's distinct vocals are reminiscent of an androgynous tone. With music and lyrics written by Eaglemont herself, the compelling lyrics remind us all to respect that everyone has their own race to run.

Jimmy Barnes - Shutting Down Our Town     Rock 03/05/2019
Jimmy Barnes is the heart and the soul of Australian rock & roll. His nickname, “Barnesy”, conjures up thoughts of rock music at an ear-splitting volume.
You won’t find a better example of the newfound subtlety and strength in Jimmy’s voice on My Criminal Record than ‘Shutting Down Our Town’, written by Troy Cassar-Daley especially for Barnes, after Troy finished reading Working Class Boy. Jimmy inhabits the song as fully as he inhabited the place he grew up in.

Lost Tropics - La La Land     Rock, Psychedelic 03/05/2019
Assembled with a teaspoon of drunken debauchery and two cups of brotherly love, Lost Tropics are known for one thing and one thing only: playing high-energy rock n roll!
Take a trip with the boys down to La La Land and get ready to rock! Summed in one simple line: "I'm just having a good time." Lost Tropics take their energetic live performances and put it onto tape with buzzing guitars, adrenaline pumping drums and high voltage vocals.

Minor Figures - In Front Of Me     Rock, Chill, Britpop, Garage 03/05/2019
Combine the harsh vocals from Bush with the fuzzed out riffs of Nirvana, and you’ll create what is the alternative rock, grunge rooted sound that is Minor Figures.
If I had known...

Other tracks by Minor Figures:  Alien In Hollywood
Paul Kelly & Dan Sultan - Every Day My Mother's Voice     Rock, Chill 03/05/2019
If you want to know something about Australia, how it feels to be Australian, you can find it in his songs by Paul Kelly.
Paul Kelly and Dan Sultan have today unveiled their new single, ‘Every Day My Mother’s Voice’, penned by revered songwriter Paul Kelly specifically for the feature documentary film, The Final Quarter. The film documents the final three years of the playing career of champion AFL footballer and Indigenous leader Adam Goodes.

PINCH POINTS - STRANGER DANGER     Rock, Punk 03/05/2019
Melbourne post-punk outfit PINCH POINTS play clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed.
Stranger danger describes the troubles of trying to be safe on the internet, as well as being safe in the world as a non-male. Sung by drummer Isabella: 'I wish that I felt safer, stranger danger stranger danger'.

Prudence - Smile & Nod     Rock, Psychedelic, Easy Listening 03/05/2019
Prudence is the recording project of session bass player and composer, Tom Crandles (Au.Ra), whom thinks too much.
“‘Smile & Nod’ is a song that was planted with a bassline that quickly grew into a pulsating pop song about the overwhelming lure of some of life’s vices.”

Red Gazelle - Natural Rejection     Rock 03/05/2019
Red Gazelle is bringing sing a long, fist Pumping, Australian rock back to the centre stage.
"Natural Rejection" delves into the frustration, apprehension, and maligned experiences of jumping into the new world of app-based dating at the end of a long term relationship.

Regurgitator - No Point     Rock, Punk, News 03/05/2019
Brisbane band - 25 years down the track, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. Still trippin' the light fantastic!
No point in going on. Just listen and take it all in. Hit play!

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Tamara & the Dreams - LOFI     Rock, Pop 03/05/2019
Tamara and the Dreams is the dazzling Melbourne four piece indie project of 21-year-old Tamara Reichman. Her whimsical, bittersweet guitar songs explore what it means to be young and alive.
Armed with the superpower of cutting to the core of youthful idealism and angst, and conjuring instantly relatable, catchy pop, LOFI is a manifesto of the shimmering loneliness of the internet generation - the realisation that no matter how hard we try to fill the void, we are all alone in our own brains, and that’s ok.

Terrible Signal - Retire     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 03/05/2019
Terrible Signal is the project of Vincent Buchanan-Simpson. Their debut album was recorded in various bedrooms across Fremantle. It takes strong influence from the Dunedin Sound and 80's Australian pop.
Retire is a about a couple of things; how overwhelming reality can be, where my mind was at when a series of stupid events left me homeless in London for a night. I wanted the song to have a constant tension / explosive release thing going on. It’s somewhat modelled off The Chills’ Submarine Bells era.

The Wolfbats - Set Fire     Rock, Punk, Pop 03/05/2019
Energetic, fun, yet heartfelt and raw
Set Fire is the anticipated 2nd single from rockers The Wolfbats, out just in time for shows with Trophy Eyes, Bodyjar and 28Days

Brett Voss - Never Know     Rock 01/05/2019
Brett Voss's style could be summed up as contemporary indie guitar rock. With wide ranging influences his material echos artist from the 80's through to today.
A catchy upbeat track "Never Know" embraces the indie pop/rock aesthetic with a solid drums, bass and guitar sound. Following a lyrical theme that suggests that life is to be lived, the track uses production elements to enhance the songs parts to build the intensity of the song's energy.

Friday Marmalade - Paramour     Rock, Pop 01/05/2019
Dani, Fin, Maddie and Jess form Friday Marmalade, a high-school band and LGBTQ icons from Brisbane. Their authentic tunes span from rock anthems to chilled out pop tunes.
Paramour is a grungy, head-banging pop-rock anthem about young love, which skyrocketed to thousands of streams within the first week of release on Spotify.

Other tracks by Friday Marmalade:  All My Friends  -  Too Much Time
Surfer Rosa - A LONG WAY AWAY     Rock, Garage, Rock, Dance 01/05/2019
Surfer Rosa crosses lines that were possibly never meant to be crossed, leaping between genres such as R&B to Punk. Twangy guitars, grooving bass lines and infectious beats.
Each song on this debut album draws inspiration from a different genre of music. This little track is a calypso ballad about grief and letting go of loved ones. Hope you enjoy!

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Other tracks by Surfer Rosa:  STILL WANNA BE YOUR MAN  -  PONY
The Gems - The Other Side     Rock, Pop 30/04/2019
The Gems are a 4 piece guitar driven catchy indie pop/rock Melbourne band with strong boy/girl harmonies and much local circuit gig experience returning with a double single.
A dreamy pop song about an insomniac who loves their day job but prefers a higher self dreamy existence who visits at night.

Other tracks by The Gems:  Make It Happen
Catalyst Ct. - Set You Free     Rock, Pop, Punk 29/04/2019
Catalyst Ct. is a punk band that gets inspiration from punk/pop bands without intention to duplicate, creating an Australian twist on American punk
Set You Free is the first sound of the EP that really kicks it off with a story of a young boy who has fallen for a girl of much higher standards. The song describes how out of his league she is and how memories in his head keep replaying moments they have shared proving too good to be true.

Other tracks by Catalyst Ct.:  Devil's Inside