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The Psychotic Reactions - All In My Head     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 31/01/2019
Fremantle, WA based garage rockers The Psychotic Reactions have become a staple of their music scene. These scruffy-haired youngsters deliver a head bopping, toe tapping earworm.
This track was brought together in a commonly slept in lounge room on an 8 track tape machine that The Psychotic Reactions record and produce themselves. This punchy but laid back piece tells a relatable story of suburban introspection, self-doubt and escapism.

Fair Maiden - Willow     Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Easy Listening 30/01/2019
Fair Maiden are the Adelaide's doo-wop, chamber-pop, freak-folk, country-noir, surf-psych, harmony army, lead by Ellen Carey. Searing new single, "Willow", is taken from, Oleander, out March 22 on Hysterical Records.
"Willow" is the latest taste of Fair Maiden's new LP. Featuring Ellen Carey's breathtaking vocals, and the woozy harmonies and musical accompaniments of her bandmates.

Jimmy Barnes - My Criminal Record     Rock 30/01/2019
‘My Criminal Record’ looms large as an instant Barnes classic, taking everything he’s learned and everything he’s lived and pouring it out in one searing rock song.
‘My Criminal Record’ is the first new original Jimmy Barnes recording to be released in almost a decade. Co-written with legendary Cold Chisel keyboardist, Don Walker, this gritty song is the title track from Jimmy’s long awaited new studio album, which is finally due in May.

Money For Rope - Actually     Rock, Garage 30/01/2019
Money For Rope are excited to announce the release of their new album Picture Us through Cheersquad Records & Tapes on Friday March 8. And brand new single ‘Actually’.
Making its world premiere on Line Of Best Fit, this blistering new surf rock single ‘Actually’ came together whilst the band were on tour in the dog days of a Berlin heatwave, and is the perfect indicator of what fans can expect on this forthcoming new album.

Physical Release - Medicinal     Rock, Atmospheric, Atmospheric, Atmospheric 30/01/2019
A shoegaze/davewave band from Perth, Australia
Recorded in early 2018 in a living room in Perth city.
Its dark and moody but hopefully easy listening.

Other tracks by Physical Release:  Under Skin  -  Deep Sea
Story - Noise Of The Cutter     Rock, Pop, Retro, Industrial 30/01/2019
Interesting lyrics with catchy/singable choruses, wrapped in guitar based music
Bluesy intro, breaking out to large burst of energy. Industrial sound and theme. Adult Contemporary Rock. Written in 1988!

The Bungalows - Planet Earth     Rock, Pop 30/01/2019
The Bungalows are from Gerringong NSW Australia and play garage surf rock,
A timely number for the Australian summer, a hot surf rock bop.

The Dead Ends - Box Puppet     Rock, Punk 30/01/2019
The Dead Ends are an energetic 3-piece Punk Rock band from South Australia.
Box Puppet is an upbeat catchy Rock song about a Box Puppet who lives in the back of a van.

Other tracks by The Dead Ends:  West Virginia  -  Strangers (Until I Introduced Myself)
The Dead Ends - Freak Me Out     Rock 30/01/2019
The Dead Ends are an energetic 3-piece Punk Rock band from South Australia.
Freak Me Out is a slow song with a spine tingling vibe, it reminds you of something that would be used as a soundtrack for a dramatic crime thriller movie.

The Max Headroom - Working     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 28/01/2019
The Max Headroom are an alternative rock band from Adelaide. Their style has been described as driving, gritty & in-your-face. The dextrous dynamic makes for an unmissable live show.
A melodic mysterious intro which starts with a cannon of drums before lyrics introduce the listener to a ‘small place’. The music lifts as song goes into a light brit-rock bridge, where the lyrics ask why they have to leave this ‘small place’. The chorus delivers driving power chords as the lyrics desperately announce the need for this ‘Small Place’.

Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers - Roaches     Rock, Rockabilly 25/01/2019
Five dickheads from Melbourne's real Wild West. Best enjoyed with a hot dart in one hand whilst knocking the top off a cold one in the other.
Dillon Melita, the vocalist, was at Bells Beach one morning and the sand was crawling with cockroaches. His nightmare became a reality. Dillon got home and called his band up to jam, they were messing around and playing doom metal and the rest was history.

Other tracks by Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers:  Down
Consumer Group - Market Fair     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 25/01/2019
Consumer Group are the brand new alternative indie psychedelic rockers fresh out of the Gold Coast, delivering their first single as a band.
“Market Fair” is a song inspired by both droney, open tuned psychedelia, and the lyrics of songwriters like Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan. “It is essentially a break up song, but the themes apply to any breakdown of trust in a relationship, among individuals, groups, or cultures.”

Jess Ribeiro - Stranger     Rock 25/01/2019
Jess Ribeiro releases brand new single ‘Stranger’ premiered via Double J, out now via Barely Dressed/Remote Control Records.
In ‘Stranger’, Ribeiro’s voice travels as a narcotic purr; as she explores infatuation and all the daydreaming that comes alongside it. Referencing the 19th-century French writer Stendhal and his recognition that “this is a love that lives only through the imagination”. The new track was produced by Ben Edwards and recorded as a 3-piece with Dave Mudie and Jade Imagine.

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SENTIA - Faceless     Rock, Metal, Experimental 25/01/2019
Hypnotic grooves and lush melodies - with a good dose of loud. This is the sound of Melbourne five-piece band SENTIA.
Faceless was recorded in St Kildas infamous Hothouse studios with Jez Giddings at the same time as Bruisin’.
While the two tracks were recorded together, they could not be more sonically different.
More open and airy than its predecessor, Faceless swaps dirty, neon synth vibes for clean uplifting and spacious tones with sweeping, desperate vocals and lush harmonies.

Stephen Bailey - Hyde     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Garage 25/01/2019
Stephen Bailey is the frontman from Perth based psych lords Mt. Mountain. His solo work is a sprawling mix of psych pop, indie and slowcore.
Hyde heralds a new stylistic direction for the Mt. Mountain frontman - it’s sonically expansive and lush with Stephen’s voice up close, personal and nicely saturated. Layered intertwining synths flutter along with chugging bass and drums just behind the beat. Bailey’s falsetto is wistful, barely there yet immediate.

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The Naddiks - Animal Queen     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Punk 25/01/2019
The Naddiks now moved from Canberra to Melbourne have reformed and exploring old and new music, integrating new concepts and triggering emotional reaction to raw, underlying tones of sound.
About an obsession with raw attraction, Animal Queen describes a relationship based on turbulence, lust and addictive desire.

The Small Press - Not Afraid to Love You     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 25/01/2019
The Small Press are a pop-punk band from Sydney. They write songs about loving videogames, hating your job, and falling in love!
Not Afraid to Love You is a song about waking up, realising you are wasting your life, and realising that there is still time to change!

Victoria - Pompeii     Rock, Pop 25/01/2019
Victoria, new band featuring members of Youth Group, The Vines and Songs, unveil debut single ‘Pompeii’.
"Pompeii" explores the ugliness of a band break-up, lyrically likening the suffocating feeling that comes from being trapped in a toxic relationship to being buried under the choking ashes of Pompeii. Musically though it’s a more laid-back affair. The playing is breezy and laconic, with Emerson-Elliott’s guitar shining over the top. It’s the perfect counter to Doyle’s hypnotic top line.

Beau Lightning - Last Night     Rock 24/01/2019
Beau Lightning is a rock'n roll artist whose sound has been likened to artists like Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and Wolfmother.
The track is using an experience I had when I was about eight, as a metaphor to talk about, or ponder the existence of a higher divinity. I thought I saw a ghost or demon or spirit outside my bedroom window. I’m asking myself, did that experience change me, or what I believe, or did I dream the whole thing.

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Dissolve - Fauna     Rock, Psychedelic 24/01/2019
Listen to the end because the ending is the best thing I've ever made thus far in my life. The ending is during the Phantom Canon.
If you want to hear the song I am most proud of, have a listen to this. Listen to the end because the ending is the best thing I've ever made thus far in my life. It also kicks off the Dissolve narrative during the final sunset at the end of the world. The ending is during the Phantom Canon.

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