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Baltimore Gun Club - My Days     Rock, Grunge, Pop 05/11/2018
Award Winning Gold Coast Rock Band
Catchy up beat grunge rocker.

Broke House - The Sound of the Streets     Rock, Alternative Country, Psychedelic, Pop 05/11/2018
Broke House transmit stories through the ether on whammy bar and spring reverb. Metronomic bass, kick and snare hold steady while resonant keyboards tune in as mediums, vibrating with melancholy.
Warm, sensory rock music that bares the tint of a pained heart before you’ve heard its tale of romantic decay. The melancholic atmosphere gains depth thanks to some well-chosen imagery. Initially it’s animating – enchanted jewels, flowers in bloom – but soon starts to deteriorate – abandoned trailer, dust-covered dreamcatcher. Resembling the Go-Betweens in its sober enunciation of emotional unrest.

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Other tracks by Broke House:  Extra Indigo  -  Marvellous Things
Indtiko - Plastic     Rock, Punk, Electronic 05/11/2018
A firm nod to post punk PIL. Pixies and At the Drive In, ‘INDTIKO’ claws the music industry cliff face by the skin of his lyrical prowess and punk/electronic vibe.
A grunt signals the arrival of Jake Moose’s combative vocals and offbeat lyrics, whilst the beat and bassline (reminiscent of T-REX) instantly gets the body moving. Apace with the groove are distinctive guitar licks, providing posture. From start to finish, the vibe is in full support of Moose’s vocal delivery which has been likened to Johnny Lydon of PIL.

Mike Wilde - Turn This Thing Around     Rock, Easy Listening, Retro, Pop 05/11/2018
Mike Wilde is an Australian Singer Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Music Producer. Along the way he fell into Acting and spent time on the road in Europe as a touring musician.
‘Turn This Thing Around’ is an easy listening Rock song with a catchy intro and verse Riff that entices the listener along to a feel good chorus with a simple message: ‘Hold your head up!’
It’s a light-hearted take on the difficult situations many of us are facing in our communities at the moment with a Great Summer vibe!

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Red Morning Light - Over and Confused     Rock 05/11/2018
With raw power and young ferocity, Adelaide trio Red Morning Light have been inspired by the likes of Foo Fighters and The Maine to develop their new alternative rock hooks.
Utilising harmonizing vocals and gritty guitar riffs, “Over and Confused” lends on the theme of betrayal and regret, being the victim and coping the realities of lost respect, while presenting itself as a vessel in which to assist in that coping.

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zerozerozero - Nothin' Punk     Rock, Punk, Garage 05/11/2018
Loud guitar rock for overweight, middle aged, suburban, white guys, by overweight, middle aged, suburban, white guys.
A coward's king hit could never make you a man. The blood you spill, it will never wash from your hands. Don't you understand?

There ain't nothin' punk about a violent drunk.

Glitoris - Slut Power     Rock, Punk, Metal 02/11/2018
Fearless females roaring through unforgettable punk shows. Fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude, Glitoris’ debut THE POLICY (November 2nd) takes their theatrical punk mayhem to the next level \*/
Glitoris’ brutal, uncompromising live anthem stands proud with a raised fist; a powerful rallying cry for the #metoo generation, annoyance turns to frustration turns to rage in this unforgettable rock/metal powerhouse track calling out the gender double-standards in society.

Other tracks by Glitoris:  Cock Rock
House Deposit - Calder     Rock, Garage 02/11/2018
House Deposit is the writing project of Sam Lyons and Meaghan Weiley. They focus on writing personal songs with earnest lyrics combined with a Melbourne jangle guitar pop sound.
A song about growing distant to places or people.

written by sam lyons & meaghan weiley
recorded, mixed & mastered by calum newton

lead vocals, guitar & lap steel - sam lyons
backing vocals, guitar & keys - meaghan weiley
bass - dylan bartlett
drums - scout tester
tambourine - calum newton

Kobrakai - Big Evil     Rock, Metal, Grunge, Hardcore 02/11/2018
What started as a recording project for a couple of like-minded musical mates quickly turned into a fully blown live act within months of Kobrakai's formation. The intensity is real.....
This song tells the story of man who has had his soul crushed by the system....the daily grind of repetitive life. Most of us will experience it at some point in our lives. The musical version of Falling Down.

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Lime Cordiale - Dirt Cheap     Rock, Chill 02/11/2018
Lime Cordiale are an alternative/indie band comprised of brothers Louis and Oli Lembach who grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
This song, which was written in between shows in Byron Bay and is a track that many can relate to. "Dirt Cheap" explores the situation of being with someone who is completely out of your league and what you can do to sell yourself to them.

Little May - Lover     Rock 02/11/2018
Adored Australian outfit Little May make their long-awaited return with their stunning new single, ‘Lover.’
Adored Australian outfit Little May today make their long-awaited return with their stunning new single, ‘Lover.’ The song is the first from the band since the release of their acclaimed, debut album, For The Company. ‘Lover’ also marks a new era of the band, now comprised of focal members Hannah Field and Liz Drummond.

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San Mei - Shadows     Rock, Pop 02/11/2018
San Mei is a multi instrumentalist and producer from the Gold Coast. Her new 4-track EP Heaven is her sophomore release.
Shadows is a guitar driven indie pop song in which San Mei showcases her impressive vocal range

Other tracks by San Mei:  Two Planets
Spiral Perm - Stuffed Mushroom     Rock, Garage, Pop, Psychedelic 02/11/2018
3-piece Melbourne band, Ali E (Damn Terran, Heavy Beach, Little Athletics, Mod Vigil) Kate Koomen (Bunny Monroe), and Rita Khayat come together and make tunes. Not a hair band.
Stuffed mushrooms. Kinda like filling up an empty space. Kinda like making a token gesture. Kinda like making amends.

TESS MCKENNA - Slow Rinse     Rock, Blues, Garage, Experimental 02/11/2018
Singer-songwriter Tess McKenna takes a finely-honed roots sensibility and fuses it with a valve-driven, shimmering indie-rock overlay.
Tess McKenna has produced an epic song of grand proportions.
Set midway through a precarious washing scene - Slow Rinse is a poignant tale about the vagaries of dealing down at the local laundrette in clear view.
While this track gives the relaxed illusion of going by quickly; it's McKenna's guitars and vocals that standout to give us something astonishing.

The Money War - Hey Now     Rock 02/11/2018
The Money War write guitar based atmospheric indie pop. Dylan Olliverre writes and produces and shares lead vocals with Carmen Pepper
"‘Hey Now' is about making a commitment to someone and being ecstatic about it but also realising that you’re in a very different position to where you thought you’d be when you reached that milestone. It’s kind of a romantic yet bittersweet sentiment” explains Dylan Ollivierre.

The Naddiks - Let Go     Rock, Christian, Garage, Psychedelic 02/11/2018
The Naddiks are a Canberra based alternative rock band, supporting youth issues and recreating their own sound whilst moving away from the mainstream.
Let Go is about letting the pressures of life go whilst trusting in a higher power, depending on your own belief system

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Blue Wail - The Ripple Effect     Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Instrumental 01/11/2018
Blue Wail delivers musical ballads with strong themes on current and future world issues, love and friendship, the power of the individual, and peaceful coexistence.
The Ripple Effect involves small actions that lead to large consequences. Every individual is empowered with the ability to change the world. This song has a mix of rock and folk influences, with acoustic guitar, supported by strong bass runs, solid drum beat, and accentuated by staccato strings, pan flute, and electric guitar. Vocal performances deliver the mood and spirit.

IV League - Lose Me     Rock 01/11/2018
Melbourne rockers IV League kneel at the feet of the 90's heroes while keeping their unique sound strong and vibrant.
"A self-reflection of sorts, assessing my feelings at a pretty dark and confusing time in my life in which I was feeling really scared and anxious about the transition from adolescence into early adulthood", IV League's Bella Venutti

Simon Marks - SHINE     Rock, Country, Folk 01/11/2018
Simon Marks continues to tour & perform but has also recently tapped a rich writing vein with his move to a quieter life on the banks of the Murray River.
SHINE: Is a track about not growing any older, or at least embracing this as you do! The wonderful 'life experienced' cast from the music video exemplifies this.

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Slow Fades - Knocking     Rock 01/11/2018
Slow Fades are a widescreen indie outfit led by songwriter Ben Birchall (Klinger) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Rogers (Ben Lee). They release their debut EP Canyon Songs on November 15.
‘It’s not how far I fell/ It’s the climb up from the well’ sings Ben Birchall on ‘Knocking’. A spiky three minute pop song building toward a towering instrumental break, unlike the song’s protagonist, it never wears out its welcome.

Other tracks by Slow Fades:  Vikings  -  My Damn Life