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Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers - I Like That You Like That     Rock, Grunge, Garage 10/05/2019
Gaining inspiration from Blondie, Cherry Glazerr and Dream Wife, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are a four piece girl band from the Nation's capital.
Gaining inspiration from the 90's alt-rock-era, 'I Like That You Like That' is punchy and upbeat, and is the girls' debut of their new sound.

TEJAVU - Desire     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 10/05/2019
TEJAVU is the solo-recording project of Brisbane based musician and producer James Halstead.
TEJAVU’s single “Desire” is the opening track of the forthcoming, self titled EP set for release May 6th. “Desire” is filled with space-like synths, a tight and solid groove and western twangy guitars. It’s an optimistic, and dreamy opener to a very personal EP with concepts touching on the human experience.

The Brels - House on the Hill     Rock 10/05/2019
The Brels write soulful rock pop songs - always catchy and for the listener.
Catchy pop-rock song

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Other tracks by The Brels:  Horse  -  Now and Then
The Buoys - Inside Outside     Rock, Punk, Garage 10/05/2019
Sydney's The Buoys are making noise around Australia, from fiery anthems to cruisy heart string pullers and backing up shows with DMA's, JUNGLE, The Garden and Shannon & the Clams.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with Antonia Gauci, Inside Outside is a punchy straight to the point number. The Buoys recognisable sound has developed in the last 12 months allowing them to truly settle into their distorted garage sound making way for fiery anthems. Inside Outside is the Buoys response to unsolicited advice and institutionalised sexism.

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The Butterknives - Hypocrite     Rock 10/05/2019
4 piece rock and roll outfit out of sydney
An angry track about someone that really grinds your gears.

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The Clouds - Check Us Out     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Elemental dream rockers The Clouds hit the alternative scene in the early 90s, and continue their musical odyssey in the 2010s, delivering assured and magical songs to delight and inspire.
The Clouds strike again with their latest release, Check Us Out. Underpinned by Raph Whittingham’s rock-solid beat, and layered with driving power chords, it’s an emphatic attention-grabber. Jodi Phillis and Trish Young weave their symbiotic voices around lyrics celebrating self-belief, determination and perseverance. Dave Easton’s outro shredding puts the final seal on what will surely be an instant classic.

The Woodland Hunters - When you gonna slow down?     Rock, Psychedelic, Roots, Pop 10/05/2019
The Woodland Hunters are a guitar band from Melbourne, Australia. Two members also play in The Sand Pebbles. The Thoughts of Chairman Jim was recorded and produced by Shane O’Mara.
A tip of the hat to an ex-girlfriend who was always the last to leave the party. If songs were people, this one would be bleary eyed and blinking as the sun rises over a dodgy Melbourne laneway crammed with rubbish bins. The middle section answers the question ‘can there ever be too much cowbell?’ In the negative, obvs…

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Other tracks by The Woodland Hunters:  Boom Times  -  Mistreated
Turtle Bay Television - People Like You     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 10/05/2019
What started out as a pretty straightforward Foals-inflected guitar music project has turned into an emotional outlet for discussing themes relating to mental illness and celebrating victories against it.
‘People Like You’ uses an Angel-Olsen-indebted groove as the vessel for a rebuke to boastful, arrogant bigots. The song moves through three sections, starting with swampy guitar drones and big-band brass sounds, before giving way to staccato stabs and punkish vocals then finally breaking into a fuzzy garage jam.

Other tracks by Turtle Bay Television:  Sliding Doors
Wahoo Ghost - She Wolf     Rock, Psychedelic 10/05/2019
Wahoo Ghost are a Sydney based infusion of atmospheric psychedelic, indie-rock and blues.
She Wolf is a raunchy retro psychedelic rocker. The lyrics are a play on metaphors of female sexuality. The howl was an ad-lib in the studio, but people do it at gigs now, at that exact right point in the song! She Wolf - the music video, is released on May 1, on the AU review

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Other tracks by Wahoo Ghost:  Carnivore  -  Painted Stars
Waxflower - Cut Your Teeth     Rock, Punk, Pop 10/05/2019
Coming together through personal struggles with mental health and self-acceptance, Waxflower wrote songs that resonate with all of us. Genuine lyrics and catchy choruses, these songs are authentically us.
Introducing Waxflower, a Brisbane four-piece finding relief from struggles with mental health in music. They're leading with debut single Cut Your Teeth; a song about issues of self-image and discovering acceptance for the person you are.

Yeti Ghetto - Life's a Killer     Rock, Punk 10/05/2019
Yeti Ghetto started as a series of laptop recording sessions in a chaotic share house in North-West London. The circumstances and equipment were makeshift, but the songs are timeless.
Showcasing their knack for a sing-along chorus, and tongue in cheek perspective on the mundane nature of everyday life, “Life’s a Killer” is an addictive track reminding us not to take life too seriously.

Playful and eccentric, “Life’s a Killer” is filled with hook laden vocals which revel in relatable lyricism, insightful banter, and cheeky lo-fi guitar riffs.

YT DiNGO - Wicked Rest     Rock, Roots, World, Hip Hop 10/05/2019
YT DiNGO (pron. White Dingo) is the personification of blood, sweat and tears. This music and dance project, spawned from Travers Ross, encapsulates sounds and movement in its rawest form.
Directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Delimore the video was filmed in Yugembeh Country (Gold Coast) at the HOTA precinct amphitheatre. 'Wicked Rest' is a stunning piece that depicts a real life dance chess game played out with amazing visual choreography, arranged by YT DiNGO himself. It's an honest tribute to the artists' talent in music production and dance choreography.

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Other tracks by YT DiNGO:  Deep Blue  -  I've Been to the Sea feat. Djuki Mala
The Flowers - Truly Madly Sleepy     Rock, Pop 09/05/2019
The Flowers are a three piece alternative indie rock band based in Sydney, with Agnes O'Dwyer on vocals, Dylan Clark on guitar and Leighton Cauchi on drums.
Dylan wrote the guitar part when he was 12 strung out on proactive skin care. Our first jam as The Flowers Agnes sang a cool melody over the chords and the rest wrote itself.

Inspiration for the lyrics came from a years worth of travelling around, suffering from chronic jet lag and unrequited affections.

East Denistone - River     Rock, Garage 06/05/2019
“While his otherworldly tones mixed with catchy hooks grasp at retro hits, there’s a formidable modernity that seeps into East Denistone’s tracks…” The Soundcheck (‘Amongst Taller Trees’, 2019)
Marked by dramatic guitar and piano, ‘River’ finds itself twisting through rich lyricism and full-bodied instrumentation. In a similar vein to The National and Fleet Foxes, the evocative nature at the heart of ‘River’ comes direct from East Denistone’s vocal strength.

L.A. Mood - Stay Home Feat. Bob Harrow     Rock, Psychedelic, Britpop 06/05/2019
L.A. Mood is the solo project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Dave Mudie. Having played or cameo'd in 40+ bands, Mudie is best known as Courtney Barnett's full-time drummer.
Written in L.A. just before Mudie flew to Portland to record, and was suffering from severe jet lag. (He should have taken the title's advice, as he ended up smoking weed with a Jamaican cab-driver that night, which was stronger than what he was used to...) The track was finished with the help of Bob Harrow who features on vocals.

Other tracks by L.A. Mood:  She Said  -  Morphine
UON - Exit     Rock, Electronic 06/05/2019
Exit is the debut single written & performed by UON, a multi-collective project group lead by producer Simon Segal.
This track highlights the fragile & emotional vocals of Susan Hume to highly textured keys & rhythms.

Wizard Rose - Forbidden Thing     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 06/05/2019
Wizard Rose are an Australian Hard Rock Band formed in 2018 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Their style of music drew from Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk & Acoustic Music.
Opening with an aggressive riff conjured from the ether. Wizard Rose leave it all on this track that in tales high energy, up beat progressions & a dominant driving force unseen to the human eye all through out the song. Forbidden Thing has become a fan favourite & is their most popular song.

Lost Goat Found - Upstairs     Rock 05/05/2019
An emerging act that brings an uncontrollably exuberant live show wherever they go. The band have an ever growing sound that never fails to make the audience feel and dance.
A song about a friend going through a hard time and dealing with mental illness and wanting to help them but not knowing how.

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Watching Wolves - Heart In A Hurricane     Rock 05/05/2019
Watching Wolves are a high-energy live act that aims to highlight a musical story-telling effect that reminisces and laments over all of life's beauties & tragedies.
Heart In A Hurricane is about the consequences and after-effects of a continually fractured & deteriorating relationship between two individuals that were once very close. The song expresses the reasoning and emotions behind the relationship's breakdown, along with the feeling of abandonment this brings.

Admella - Heartburn     Rock, Pop, Punk 03/05/2019
Admella is an experimental rock/ pop blend, heralding from regional South Australia.
Heartburn: A melodic, fun, fast-paced pop/ punk track. Filled with guitar harmonies and catchy vocal hooks.

Other tracks by Admella:  We're Not Dead  -  These Days