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Filthy Lucre - Prescription     Rock, Grunge, Metal 08/07/2019
Filthy Lucre are a duo set to challenge the limits of how big a band can sound with only two members.
“Prescription” is everything Filthy Lucre but distilled and condensed into a faster paced, harder hitting, and more aggressive piece than the band has put out previously. Big riffs, barbaric drums, and captivating vocals make this single a standout call-to-attention in the world of stoner/desert rock.

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Life Strike - Pages     Rock 08/07/2019
Post punk from Melbourne Australia, featuring members of Deaf Wish and Dollar Bar.
Inspired by the Flying Nun sound of his homeland, Life Strike's Nick Pratt delivers a vocal which evokes a writer on the edge of town, recording his own mundane thoughts... before setting it all on fire. It represents a new direction for Pratt, best known for his snarling punk anthems penned during his four albums with Deaf Wish.

Matt Taylor & Phil Manning - I Remember When I Was Young (live)     Rock, Blues 08/07/2019
Matt Taylor & Phil Manning were two of the founding members of Australian Blues Rock band Chain.
This live album, recorded in 1973 in Melbourne, has only just been discovered in the archives of Matt's basement on quarter inch reel to reel. It features 12 tracks, including a killer version of the smash hit 'I Remember When I Was Young'.

Mode Atlanta - Song For The Workers     Rock 08/07/2019
Mode Atlanta are a three-piece indie pop and rock act that blend concise, 60's-style melodies with a 90's-style instrumental approach.
a rumbling riff and a thunderous drum beat score the story of a person trying to find the meaning in their life's work. A bright coda ends the song on an optimistic note.

Tetsuians - Chump Change     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Retro 08/07/2019
Tetsuians are extra-terrestrials masquerading as humans. Not duplicates, but distant kin making slightly left of centre music existing somewhere between Superchunk and 13th Floor Elevators… When the lift is stuck!
A brief commentary on the waning leverage of Australian mainstream media, with a really nice hook!

TEXAS TEA - Old At Heart     Rock, Country, Alternative Country 08/07/2019
Indie country goodness from Brisbane, since 2005.
2nd single from Texas Tea’s fourth album - Röda Tråden. Röda Tråden was written with the two principal members of the band living on opposite sides of the globe with Kate Jacobson residing in Stockholm, Sweden and Benjamin Dougherty in Queensland Australia.

The Witching Hour - Under My Skin     Rock, Metal 08/07/2019
The Witching Hour is a band from NSW who write poetic songs that can stem from melodic haunting music to hard Blues based rock.
The track opens with a grinding riff that grabs hold of you from the start and refuses to let go. Vocal lines in the versus stab the listener with a view of the world which state a view of uncompromising teenage angst, stating emphatically that you can say or do whatever, but you won't get underneath my skin.

DC Cardwell - I Am Still The Same     Rock, Folk, Pop 07/07/2019
DC Cardwell is a Tasmanian artist, originally from Northern Ireland, whose distinctive and affecting voice is perfect for his songs which take an honest and often wry look at life.
I Am Still The Same won the two top prizes in the national Australian Catapult Song Contest, taking home both the overall audience award and the Judges’ Favourite award.

Unusually, the song is written from the point of view of a person with locked-in syndrome. However, the chorus lifts the mood to one of positivity.

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Other tracks by DC Cardwell:  Birthday Present
Fingerless - Tambourine Addict Who Plays The Drugs     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Folk 06/07/2019
Fingerless is a psychedelic rock and heavy folk quartet. Initially a vehicle for Marc Cheeseman's woozy meanderings, the solo project expanded to bring the evolving songwriting its due justice.
A far-out melding of 70s heavy psych and contemporary folk-rock, ‘Tambourine Addict Who Plays The Drugs’ explores the themes of loneliness and giving emotions room to breathe. The song is a homage to the tambourine player for TBJM, Joel Gion.

Black Aces - Feverdreams     Rock, Rock 05/07/2019
"Black Aces is like getting a new vintage AC/DC in 2017! ...there ain't nothing wrong with that!... My new turn to album. Anywhere But Here" - Dee Snider, Twisted Sister
Fast paced rocker in the vein of the Australian rock greats that have come before them, married with Black Aces signature sound and Tyler Kinder’s distinctive and unique vocals, ‘Feverdreams’ is a self-deprecating soundtrack to the hangover from hell and catches Black Aces in all too familiar territory; waking with a pounding headache, very possibly on the verge of death.

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Bobby Danger - Strangers     Rock, Retro, Pop, Britpop 05/07/2019
Catchy riffs and high energy blistering guitars sounds of the 70s to early 80s Power Pop done at it's very best. Turn it up, rock out.
I was in the city and went to a cafe
The only seat left was next to a woman sitting by herself
We had a 5 minute conservation about life in general
then she got a phone call and left.
I was left wondering who this stranger was and where life was taking her.

Harry Heart - Montaigne     Rock, Pop 05/07/2019
Born in London, Harry Heart found his calling in Bundaberg, receiving airplay and touring two acts by age 16, his sound largely influenced by the two countries he calls home.
The new single Montaigne is a lyrically driven, enthusiastic alternative rock sound, with a gentle desperation in Heart’s voice. It doesn’t take long to identify a common thread between his work: brutal honesty.

“I learned a lot from [Michel de Montaigne]’s essays” Heart explains. “The concept that really resonated with me was showing all sides of yourself, good and bad."

Offshore Projects - Sham     Rock, Psychedelic, Easy Listening 05/07/2019
"Offshore Projects" is the new musical project for Jonas Nicholls from SURES. All tracks produced and mixed by Simon Berkelman at Golden Retriever studios. Mastered by Steve Smart 301 studios.
"Sham" is the new single from "Offshore Projects," the new musical project for Jonas Nicholls from SURES.

Olympia - Come Back     Rock, Pop 05/07/2019
Olympia is Melbourne based artist Olivia Bartley. Fresh from stunning audiences at sold out shows across Australia, the UK, and Europe, Olympia has just released her sophomore album 'Flamingo'.
What could at first be misconstrued as a perfect summer jam, ‘Come Back’ has some of Olympia’s most evocative lyrics detailing of a desperately personal search around an impersonal city.

Piss Factory - Simplify     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 05/07/2019
Piss Factory are a 3 piece DIY art-punk powerhaus from Melbourne.
The title track of Piss Factory's latest release, Simplify encapsulates the band's frenetic energy, blending their garage leanings with an angular art-punk chorus.

Other tracks by Piss Factory:  Burning Blue  -  Convict
RedHook - Only Bones     Rock, Pop, Metal, Electronic 05/07/2019
RedHook have returned with their new single ‘Only Bones’ and announced their debut national headline tour.
“‘Only Bones’ is me venting my frustration at the emotional vultures who didn’t care if I was OK or not as long as they got what they wanted, and also at myself for not being able to stand firm and tell them no, fuck off. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt taken advantage of".

Rosalind - Stronger     Rock, Folk, Roots 05/07/2019
Rosalind is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter who creates rock music with folk roots. Releasing her debut EP mid-2019, Rosalind writes deeply personal, compelling and atmospheric music.
Stronger, the first single from the debut EP Rosalind, is a rock song with a cinematic sound. Folk style vocals weave a tale of finding inner strength in dark times.

SWAN - Sweat Baby Sweat     Rock 05/07/2019
Swan is the brainchild of Matt Swan, a founding member of genuine worldwide rock phenomenon Royal Blood.
Swanny wrote and recorded 'Sweat Baby Sweat' just north of Byron Bay in his home studio. 'Sweat Baby Sweat' was mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell (Cog, Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus), produced by Matt Swan & Clint Gough (Like Thieves) and engineered by Nathan Stanborough & Bernie Wedrat.

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Timi Temple - Tomorrow Is Yesterday     Rock, Industrial, Pop 05/07/2019
Following on from releasing his double A-Side ‘TwoYear – TwoSide’ in April, Sydney-based indie-rock DIY artist Timi Temple returns with tour dates and his vivacious new single ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’
"I was bombarded with questions regarding my future plans, house, etc and you can imagine the crushing anxiety that came with it. A line resonated with me after I had left frustrated from dinner... It was “you’re not just a kid anymore”. This ended up being the first line of the chorus."

We Lost The Sea - Towers     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Experimental 05/07/2019
We Lost The Sea are a cinematic instrumental post-rock band from Sydney that creates a new collection of noise that gathers relentless crushing guitars together with post-rock atmospherics and melody
Representing the beginning and the end of everything, Towers is about giant oppressive forces and feelings, the towering juggernaut of power, failure, history and death, as told through a lens of intricate guitars, striking colour and otherworldly atmospherics.