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Dope Lemon - Hey You     Rock, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 10/05/2019
Dope Lemon aka Angus Stone become not just a melting curio of artistic experimentation, but into a fully-fledged cultural phenomenon.
Smokey as hell and steeped in swagger, new single Hey You, is a glowing invitation to enhance your moment.

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Down For Tomorrow - Thanks To You     Rock, Punk, Grunge 10/05/2019
Sydney-based pop-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow have just unveiled ‘Thanks To You’ – the gripping title track lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP (due Friday June 7)
‘Thanks To You’ opens with delicately strummed guitar and the earnest vocals of frontman Cody Stebbings, before launching into a full-scale assault of meticulously composed ferocious drums, searing guitars and angst driven melodies. The song itself is a kitchen sink drama that recalls a story of a broken friendship.

Emilee South - Shotgun     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 10/05/2019
With dynamite vocals and fierce guitar playing, Emilee South plays charging rock’n’roll. ‘Shotgun’ is South's fast-love new single, and revolves around a heavy riff, with fierce vocals and shredding guitars.
Due for release May 3, 'Shotgun' is the fast-love new single from Emilee South. A follow up to 2018's psycho-surf 'Heartbreaker', it revolves around a heavy riff, with fierce vocals and shredding, untamed guitars.

'Shotgun' was recorded at The Aviary Recording Studio, featuring Matt Dixon, William Lee, and Dan Berry. Mixed and engineered by Fraser Montgomery. Mastered by Adam Dempsey.

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FRITZ - Ghost Poke     Rock, Garage 10/05/2019
Newcastle based DIY-til-you-die noise pop for fans of Alvvays, Best Coast, and Fazerdaze. Bursting with charm, FRITZ captures with soaring guitars, twinkling synths and enduring lyrics.
Energetic, pulsing track that tackles a multitude of subjects, including people who only speak to you when they need/want something.

‘Ghost Poke’ is a term I coined that is basically when someone treats you like a ghost and only ever talks to you when they want something or when they’re desperate for someone to talk to." - Tilly Murphy (FRITZ)

Good Doogs - How I Feel     Rock, Garage, Punk 10/05/2019
A fast, fun rock band with feelings.
“How I Feel” is about losing an important person in your life, and it’s completely your fault, and you find yourself overwhelmed with feeling everything and nothing at the same time.

Goodside - I've Been Feeling Something Lately     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Sydney dream pop quartet Goodside introduce themselves with their infectious debut single ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’ from their debut EP out later in the year.
Sydney dream pop quartet Goodside introduce themselves with their infectious debut single ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’ from their debut EP out later in the year.

Immediately addictive, the single covers the challenges and importance of the creative process. Bright, shimmery guitars and buoyant rhythms anchor the track and provide a solid base for the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head melody.

Hope D - Swim     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 10/05/2019
Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D began writing and playing music at age 9, and since then has built a reputation for her free flowing lyrics layered on looped acoustic guitar.
With raw and relatable lyrics, ‘Swim’ is intended to be an anthem many will find comfort in. Hope D explains that 'Swim' "tells the brutally honest story of the internal battle of trying to find yourself and then hiding what you find out of fear of not being accepted".

Jordan Thomas - Coming Into Focus     Rock, Country 10/05/2019
Taking influence from the sights and sounds of the bars and juke joints of the mid-century, Jordan Thomas is an exciting alt country/roots rock and roll artist from Sydney, Australia.
Coming Into Focus is the new single for Jordan Thomas. It's a high energy rockin' track with contrasting lyrics exploring the personal growth that comes through confronting your demons.

Lonnie Lee - Hey Little Mama     Rock, Rockabilly, Easy Listening, Roots 10/05/2019
Lonnie Lee is one of the founding fathers of Australian Pop music. From the late 50's to the mid 60's he was one of Australia's most popular recording stars
This song is from the new 2019 album, 'Back to Base X'. It is a typical screamer rocker from the original Rock'n'Roll era of the late 50's and early 60's and he has recorded it using much of the same technique as he used in his early records. He also sings his own backups and uses his band The Leemen.

Lookalikes - Wild Things     Rock, Pop, Folk 10/05/2019
Joel Skurrie and Al Currie are a singing/songwriting duo whose music spans from indie rock to folky pop. 2019 sees them release their first song 'Wild Things'.
Taking pointers from Maurice Sendak’s famous novel, ‘Wild Things’ encourages the listener to stand up for what they believe in. “It's about strengthening your character and letting your walls come down in doing so. It’s throwing away the feeling of everyone being against you and throwing down your barricades to express yourself free of judgement,” singer Al Currie explains.

Mazz-XT - Long hard look at yourself     Rock, Metal 10/05/2019
Hard-edged, classic rock with songs that just won't get out of your head.
Classic 80s style Aussie Rock reminiscent of AC/DC and the Angels in their commercial prime. A song about people taking themselves too seriously.

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Other tracks by Mazz-XT:  Twisted  -  Save my life
Milky Thred - Get Out Of My Head     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Teenage Indie Surf Rock band from Newcastle, NSW. Two members are still in high school.
Upbeat yet melancholy love song about finding it hard to move on from a relationship.

Oly Sherman - Bones     Rock, Folk, Pop 10/05/2019
“Oly Sherman has a beautiful voice, it has to be said. Long, soaring notes and precise guitar strums...Sherman entranced the crowd.” The Music
Bones is driven by well-laid percussion and melodies, as Sherman’s folk vocals careens throughout. Similarities to Matt Corby and Ziggy Alberts aside, Sherman has grown into an artist all his own, harnessing powerful and yearning vocals, while expressing versatility as a musician and songwriter. ‘Bones’ is an example of Sherman’s dynamism and ability to wholly captivate.

Olympia - Hounds     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Fresh from stunning audiences at sold out shows across Australia, the UK, and Europe, Olympia has announced sophomore album 'Flamingo' expected on July 5, alongside new track 'Hounds' out now.
‘Hounds’ is a shimmering, kaleidoscopic requiem about calling someone out on their bullshit, or rather, what it means to be human; to feel and to evolve.

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Perfect Whip - Always Late     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic 10/05/2019
Crunchy surf-psych from Collingwood, Melbourne.
'Always Late' is a 1970's punk inspired garage rock song about being late.

Restless Minds - Flight     Rock, Chill 10/05/2019
Restless Minds is hell bent on being as anonymous as possible, they don't want attention or to flash ARIA awards around, they ... just let the music speak for itself.
Flight is a track from a twilight world in which to lose yourself. the music itself is so expansive and enveloping that it feels like it should be everywhere...and it is!

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Read My Mind     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Following on from recent single ‘In The Capital’, Rolling Blackouts C.F. are back with the new track & video for ‘Read My Mind’
The track (which is now live on all digital platforms) will also feature on a limited edition 7inch alongside a second A-side single, titled ‘Read My Mind’. ‘Read My Mind’ is a simple song of devotion told from two sides.

Salibu Macey - Dog Days     Rock, Garage 10/05/2019
Salibu Macey is a three-piece mobile booty shaking service that concerns itself with the welfare of ankles, knees and hips of those inspired by indie-rock across the Adelaide metro area.
'Dog Days' skitters around a range of indie-rock tropes before landing on Salibu Macey's trademark hook-filled, lackadaisical approach to the guitar-rock genre. The three-piece is tight, which is evident in the carefully constructed verses before launching into the nostalgic-tinged choruses. The group's reconciliation of interwinding guitars and parallel rock elements pays homage to their musical alchemy at work.

Shady Nasty - Get Buff     Rock, Experimental 10/05/2019
Shady Nasty are a Sydney-based trio which formed in 2015. Their art is a dynamic experiment drawing from alternative forms of punk and hip-hop.
Get Buff offers a window into the life of a young Chinese-Australian growing up in Sydney. For his immigrant parents, the path to secure a good life for their family is very clear. For him, however, the ideals and pressures often feel at odds with the diverse environment in which he has matured.

Syntax Error - Depth Charged     Rock, Garage, Instrumental, Experimental 10/05/2019
Psychedelic post-rock for the apocalypse.
Syntax Error come out of the gate with all wheels on the burning road. Four-four four-on-the-floor streamlined rock-and-roll stroll. The guitars nip and snap at each other - one driving straight ahead, the other roaring and breathing smokestack lightning all around. Fuck ambience, let’s dance.