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Story - Looking Out A Window     Rock, Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 20/09/2019
3 Songwriters. Traditional Songwriting. Original songs dating back to late 70's. Interesting lyrics and verses with singable choruses, wrapped in guitar based music
Written in 1989, traditional rock/pop song with catchy lyrics and instrumental hooks.

Story definition in lyrics: Trying to figure out meaning of life through eyes of someone in their 20's.

The Saxons - White Collar     Rock, Indie, Alternative 20/09/2019
The Saxons formed in Launceston, Tasmania in 2014, The Indie-Rock group have set about becoming one of Tasmania's most exciting and endearing live outfits.
The Saxons emerge with new music for the first time since February 2018. Their new single “White Collar” is their most polished piece of work to date. White Collar is a subtle change of direction for the band, a song that is full of catchy vocal melodies and driving guitars, but subject matter indicating socially conscious outlook.

Tyne-James Organ - Say No More     Rock 20/09/2019
Found success with a song inspired by his dad’s passing in ‘Watch You Go.’ Receiving national exposure, a full add on triple j radio, as well as widespread media acclaim.
The heart-wrenching ‘Say No More’ closes out the EP and is one of the most tender songs Organ has penned to paper, and sees him explore the very farthest reaches of his falsetto.

Other tracks by Tyne-James Organ:  I'll Get By
BATTS - Waste Of My Time     Rock, Folk, Alternative, Indie 19/09/2019
BATTS is the project of Melbourne based musician and space enthusiast Tanya Batt. Creating a blend of folk and rock and blending samples collected from space missions courtesy of NASA.
A fitting final song on the album 'Waste Of My Time' which ends with the sound captured and sent back from Voyager 1 as it crossed into Interstellar Space. To tie in with this, BATTS is currently collaborating with Scienceworks building a visual experience to be viewed at the Planetarium on November 16th as part of Party Beyond.

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Extra Time - Perfect Kiss     Rock, R&B 19/09/2019
A debut classic rock album from an old band
This song started out as a simple minor chord progression and only really came to life with the piano refrain. For whatever reason it reminded us of Once Upon A Time in America. So the tune became a kind of love letter to the movie.

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Furlong - Eloquently     Rock, Grunge, Pop 19/09/2019
Alternative rock with soft vox
A story of a one-sided relationship, with the storyteller willingly feeding the ego of the person they lust after. And the need to have the truth be told, to have it told straight to your face, to have it put eloquently. Catchy bass, forlorn vocals. Soft, loud, punchy, solid rocking out tune.

Gold Minds - Anxiety     Rock, Punk 19/09/2019
Raw energetic & teetering on the edge of chaos. Punchy riffs excite the ears while leaving space for an incredible vocal performance leaving listeners pressing play over and over again.
2.20 minutes of female fronted classic punk rock.

Recorded live at Hothouse with Jez Giddings and produced & mixed by Michael Badger (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Amyl & The Sniffers). The track is a tongue in cheek, punk rock number with driving drums and fast guitars. 

J.P. Shilo - Voodoo Talking     Rock, Blues 19/09/2019
J.P. Shilo is something of a Mystery Man, spending the last decade helping to create sounds luminaries like Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard, The Blackeyed Susans, Adalita and Hungry Ghosts.
'Voodoo Talking' was premiered across the Double J airwaves last night via captain Henry Wagons' Tower Of Song, calling J.P 'one of Australia's greatest enigmas'. 'Voodoo Talking' is what it sounds like when you put J.P. in a room with legends, Mick Harvey & Steve Shelley. Not what you'd expect - The cool groove and hypnotic sound of Voodoo Talking.

Lecia Louise - Woodstock     Rock 19/09/2019
Lecia Louise demands attention with her bluesin’ rockin’ guitar riffs and licks. From a lyrical tune to a rockin’ song to move and groove to, Lecia has been ‘wowing’ audiences.
Woodstock is a guitar driven groovy tune about wishing to be a the legendary festival that took place on the weekend of August 15-18 in 1969.

The song acknowledges the great acts that were performing at the event such as Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Canned Heat, Santana, Credence Clear Water Revival, Crosby Stills and Nash and Joan Baez.

Bad Vicky - Forever     Rock, Instrumental 18/09/2019
Bad Vicky is an electronic music production by Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington featuring interesting high quality rock instrumentals.
Forever is a rock instrumental that features a catchy and singable guitar melody in the verses and bridge that leads to the more excitable guitar melody in the choruses. The interesting drum patterns feature exciting end of passage fills.

Bad Vicky - Strawberry Jam     Rock, Instrumental 18/09/2019
Bad Vicky is an electronic music production by Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington featuring interesting high quality rock instrumentals.
Strawberry Jam is a rock instrumental featuring melodies on electric guitar accompanied by the classic rock band format of bass, keyboard and drums. The song format is the tried and tested intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus, outro. Uptempo, short, sharp and punchy!!

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Bad Vicky - Thorn In My Thumb     Rock, Instrumental 18/09/2019
Bad Vicky is an electronic music production by Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington featuring interesting high quality rock instrumentals.
Thorn In My Thumb is an uptempo rock instrumental featuring electric guitar driven melodies, catchy rhythm guitar, steady bass groove and drum beat with exciting end of passage fills.

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Electric State - Light It Up     Rock, Metal, Alternative, Garage 18/09/2019
Electric State, a recipe mix of STP, a dash of Black Sabbath, chopped with Rival Sons. Throw a bit of Killswitch simmer until done. Rock served hot, hard and heavy!
'Light It Up' Synopsis: Frustrated with politicians doing hardly anything for the creative media and never anything on the environment. Electric State deliver this Angst filled track asking maybe its time to bring the politicians city down!

GOSH - Take Me Home     Rock 18/09/2019
Wollongong are a four piece rock band who are known for a rollicking live presence and impactful songwriting across a string of indie releases.
Equal parts lamentation and nostalgic reflection, ‘Take Me Home’ revels in rich guitar and keys arrangements as the chorus explodes with chest-punching fervour. GOSH have jammed emotion in spades into their new single, a bright indicator of what is to come from Frankenstein, come its release later in September.

Mercury Sun - Hill street     Rock, Alternative, Indie 18/09/2019
‘A Long Way From Hill Street’ is an album that reflects on the past seven years that Mercury Sun has been together.
The album title “A Long Way From Hill Street” is kind of a mantra to let ourselves know where we have come from and to know that we are moving forward. If we weren’t moving forward, we would have just called it “Hill St”.

Other tracks by Mercury Sun:  Just Like Hollywood  -  Closer
The Good Minus - Blood Brothers     Rock 18/09/2019
The Good Minus are a Melbourne based all-singing power-trio. With songs featuring intricate three-part harmonies, the band’s style can be described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
Blood Brothers is the third single from The Good Minus’ debut album. It is a song about growing up in the Northern Territory and childhood friendships that don’t last. The song was recorded and engineered by David Kean and mixed by Rohan Sforcina (Head Gap Studios). It was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Studios (NY).

Other tracks by The Good Minus:  Catch Us Up
Timothy Learjet - Chocolate     Rock, Psych, Alternative 18/09/2019
Timothy Learjet is a psychedelic four piece from Brisbane Australia that formed in 2017 as a new project between friends from various bands around city.
Chocolate is a psychedelic adventure of the sweets and spices of the world

Yokine - Sea of Lies     Rock, Pop 18/09/2019
Yokine are a five piece indie/surf rock band home grown in Perth, WA.
Sometimes we loose track of the present, we shouldn't.

Other tracks by Yokine:  Harsh City  -  Wacko
Joe Matera - Overload     Rock, Indie, Folk, Roots 17/09/2019
Australian acoustic rock singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Matera
Overload was recorded at the famed Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

The catchy, driving acoustic rock track will speak directly to the heart of anybody who is struggling in their lives feeling different and feeling judged, while coping with what life is like today, when it at times, it just gets too much.

Bad Vicky - Caffeine And Nicotine     Rock, Instrumental 17/09/2019
Bad Vicky is an electronic music production by Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington featuring interesting high quality rock instrumentals.
Caffeine And Nicotine is an uptempo rock instrumental featuring guitar, bass, synth and drums. The song format is intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, chorus, outro. The song includes a key change in the final chorus which continues into and through the outro.

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