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Laura Imbruglia - Diptych     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 13/11/2018
Laura Imbruglia's music covers a range of genres from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between. An honest and direct lyricist.
"Diptych" follows previous single "Tricks" with a decidedly more moody vibe, showcasing thick 90s chorus and reverb with Laura's signature lovelorn lyrics front and centre.

"Diptych is about that feeling of dread that sometimes accompanies new love...the fear that your partner will leave you and ruin the beautiful thing you created together." - Laura Imbruglia

Canary - Two Step     Rock, Pop 10/11/2018
Continuing to craft sounds that push personal creative boundaries, and familiar sounds their fan base has come to expect, Canary enter a new chapter of their career emboldened and focused.
With driving drums and crunching guitars, ‘Two Step’ takes the formerly introverted and mystic sounds of Canary to an energetic realm. The track moves quickly with charming vocals and pop-inspired licks abed an exciting background. Boasting layered instrumental and harmonic sound we’ve come to know and love from Canary, but with the freshness of pop licks and bright melodies.

Localles - Keith     Rock, Pop 10/11/2018
Localles' grunge-pop sound has been honed through the collective experience of it’s members. No strangers to the scene, Localles are excited to be bringing new sounds for you to hear.
Opening with lazy vocals and feedback guitars, ‘Keith’ presents a grungier, rawer and rockier approach to their formerly established grunge-pop Localles sound. Throughout the track, the guitars wails and the drums drive the bass heavy track. All tied together with the familiar sound of lead singer Ted O’Neils vocals and comprehensive lyrical content.

A Bridge In September - It's What I Am     Rock 09/11/2018
Liam, Hunter, Reuben and Tex bring you their own blend of Rock, Classic Pop and Jazz. Their sounds may remind you of artists such as The Beatles and Jeff Buckley.
'It's What I Am' is one of A Bridge In September's grittier songs with influences drawn from artists such as 'Smashing Pumpkins' and 'Jeff Buckley'. The song is both gritty and melodic, with Beatles inspired harmonies ever present throughout.

As A Rival - Coup De Main     Rock, Punk 09/11/2018
Beginning from an accumulation of bedroom demos, the plan for As A Rival was to be challenged musically and become a rival to what was on offer.
Coup De Main was written while Pete was travelling through Europe. He found himself in London at the time of the 2011 riots. Seeing how the media was depicting rioters as the enemy, when their rage was a direct response to the treatment after the shootings. It was tense in the city and things were escalating. London was aflame.

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Hucker Brown - Falling     Rock, Soul, Roots, Pop 09/11/2018
Hucker Brown delivers emotive, beautifully-layered original roots music as a five-piece ensemble. The band’s lush 70’s-inspired sound features intense vocals, rich Hammond beds, cutting blues-influenced guitar, and melodic bass lines.
“Falling” is an emotive song about a man struggling to deal with his life as it disintegrates. The song starts atmospherically and builds to a driving intensity, where guitar and powerful vocals take over.

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Other tracks by Hucker Brown:  I Don't Think So  -  City Streets
Scizzorman - Giants     Rock, Funk, Experimental, Psychedelic 09/11/2018
Perth based Drummer Songwriter Terry J Vinci, fuses together elements of Alt Funk, Prog Rock, Art Pop and Psychedelia to produce SCIZZORMAN music that resonates intrigue alongside renegade lyrics.
Rounding off Introvert (Side One) on SCHiZOPHONiC, you're plugged into the Guitar Rock Pop and Quirky Keyboards that drives the harmony behind this sleeping giant. Celebrating the evolution and diversity we all breathe, this upbeat catchy swag, looks how we were once so small, to now find ourselves ten feet tall, expanding like the latest scientific theorem.

Other tracks by Scizzorman:  Souls of the Past  -  21st Century Clan
Spectral Fires - Just A Mirage     Rock, Punk 09/11/2018
A breath of fresh air to Australia’s punk and hardcore scene, They have mastered their hardcore roots and punk rock sensibilities to shape a sound that is distinctively their own.
an upbeat, nostalgia-fuelled track with driving riffs and an unforgettable chorus hook. Vocal performances are a stand-out on the release with guitarist Harry Pratt not afraid to showcase his expansive range and vocalist Jack Jeffree seamlessly shifting between soft, delicate cleans and a passionate, melodic yell that has become a trademark of Spectral Fires’ sound.

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Stalking Like Candy - Cause Yr Like Me     Rock, Experimental, Electronic 09/11/2018
Stalking Like Candy is post-punk new-new wave. Maybe. Think: What would Iggy do? + synths + 100s of hours in the studio getting it just right. It’s love.
What you really want to say is ‘Cause yr like me and I’m like you’. But you don’t say it do you? And around and around it goes. Check the twisted wah guitar and synth solo that fades into a subliminal message about Donald Trump in Urdu.

Other tracks by Stalking Like Candy:  Blues Man II  -  Vampire Six Shot
The Hots - Before You     Rock, Rock 09/11/2018
The Hots are a Los Angeles-based Aussie hard-rock duo. Formed in Sydney, Foxie Kelly’s powerhouse vocals in combination with Ronnie Simmons' electrifying guitar playing creates sparks igniting the fire of female-fronted rock in 2018.
Before You was born from a deep love of Classic Hard Rock. With electrifying guitar and powerful vocals, Before you gives AC/DC a run for their money.

The Tommyhawks - Critical     Rock, Pop 09/11/2018
Combine four musically-inclined folk with a love of pizza, hommus, sunshine and the Ocean and what do you get? Well, probably half of Freo… but in this case, The Tommyhawks.
A stomping anthem about internet bullies and trolls. It’s about how quick and cowardly we are to criticise and put each other down using the anonymity of social media. Produced by Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studio, this is the first taster of The Tommyhawks’ debut album due for release in March 2019. Nominated for WAM Song of the Year.

This Time Only - Marco Avenue     Rock, Punk, Garage, Grunge 09/11/2018
“Suburban punk played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart.” Triple J, Dom Alessio
Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Marco Avenue’ is buoyed by percussion and bass progressions fans of The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi are going to love, while in Collins’ yearning vocals, there’s almost a lamenting, bittersweet nature that will have the listener both bopping their heads and having their inner-emo brought out. In the best way possible.

Victory Lap - I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway     Rock, Pop 09/11/2018
Victory Lap is the solo project from Melbourne musician and music video director Alex Badham (Aleks and The Ramps, Magic Hands).
Victory Lap, takes his aloof indie style to new lengths, in endearing and often danceable pop arrangements. ‘I Knew That I’d Regret It But I Did It Anyway’ is the complete epitome of this. Pitting groovy basslines and tropical guitar hooks against deep monotone vocals, this impulsive happy-go-lucky number is the perfect soundtrack to a sunny weekend spent disregarding responsibilities.

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Woy - AMOTION     Rock, Alternative Country, Rock 09/11/2018
A country woy at heart, Kieran Dickson is a lyricist that makes obscurest post rock utilizing music as a vehicle for their comic social critique. A self-proclaimed pioneer of Bogan-rock.
Oh what a fright, flat faced on the pavement.
I never understood it; now I'm a slave to that image.
These are the stories that come after your departure...
Utilitarianism, Absurdism, Liberalism, Stoicism, Confucianism, Hedonism ,Absenteeism, Activism, Idealism

Wake in fright, night after night.

Other tracks by Woy:  I'm coming for you big (G)eye  -  Sea Joy See
YoWo Music - Built For Boys     Rock, Pop 09/11/2018
YoWo Music is a contemporary music ensemble program for young women and gender non-conforming youth in high school, based in Melbourne.
Built For Boys is evocative of the DIY styling and pop songwriting of Alvvays and Japanese Breakfast, boasting driving guitar, and sweet, clever lyricism. Songwriter Lily says, “Built for Boys is about one of my friends trying to find her identity, but I also think it relates to most people’s search for where and how they belong in the world.”

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Zolton - When The Lights Come Up On New York City     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric 09/11/2018
Formerly the guitarist in Sydney bands Lucid and Jetstream, Zolton is a singer-songwriter now recording as a solo act. He fuses 80s production touches with searing guitars and hooky riffs.
Zolton’s debut single, the anthemic When The Lights Come Up On New York City, looks back with reverence on his 10 years living in America. The song produced by Taka Perry, executive produced by Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson, Korn), mixed by Tony Hoffer (M83), and mastered by Ted Jensen.

DRELLER - Dimensions     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 08/11/2018
Thomas Rawle, who operates under the nom de plume Dreller, is a Sydney-born artist producer/multi-instrumentalist, animator, and filmmaker crafting dark blasts of pulsating and hook-laden neo-funk electro-pop!
It's a sprawling alt-rock track. Across 6-minutes it'll evoke thoughts of early Radiohead, Queen and Pink Floyd.

Sometimes Sonny - Surgeons     Rock, Pop, Folk 08/11/2018
“Undeniably we can all relate to Campbell’s lyrics. But, the one characteristic about Sometime Sonny that captivates us enough to keep listening is the overwhelmingly beautiful composition.” Happy Magazine
A natural storyteller, Sometime Sonny (moniker of artist Dave Campbell) has again worked his magic in weaving personal experience through a dreamy blend of indie-rock and added electronic elements.

The Jensens - Coma     Rock, Atmospheric 08/11/2018
The Jensens were formed out of a deep friendship and a desire to make great music that pleases the ear and touches the soul. Continuously searching for the new sound.
Coma was written when we knew what we had to do as a band but things kept getting in the way. Recording this song was actually the first step in the right direction.

We’ve used a lot of things we didn’t have last time we were in the studio and we’ve engineered it entirely ourselves, which we haven't done before.

underpass - Frankie My Darlin' ft Mark Cipriano     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 07/11/2018
anonymous. collaborative. random. "Patriot is sultry as hell" Alex Kortt, Mushroom Music Publishing "Very nice sound. Love the way the song starts." Quella Music
"Very nice sound. Love the way the song starts."
Quella Music