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Autosuggest - Graphic     Rock, Electronic, Industrial 01/02/2019
Autosuggest is the relentless alternative electronic music project from Sydney’s Alec Mallia combining blistering electronic rhythms with post-punk instrumentation and his crooning vocals.
Experimental electro-pop artist Autosuggest has entered the year flexing with his sophomore single Graphic; an aggressive charge foreshadowing the confidence to come in his debut album 'Tame Harm' release later in 2019.

Beach Leech - Same Vein     Rock, Grunge 01/02/2019
Dusty surf Australiana grunge mixed with a familiar sound of U.K indie rock.
First single from the debut release

Other tracks by Beach Leech:  Fading Blue  -  Find Another
Great Gable - Cool Mind Blue     Rock, Chill 01/02/2019
“One of WA’s premier upcoming bands; their music is simple yet layered so cleverly that it punches you in the throat whilst still holding your hand.” - Xpress Magazine
A cruisy melodic jam that captures the feeling of a summers afternoon.

Hobson's Bay Coast Guard - Junkie     Rock, Garage 01/02/2019
Following the success of hyped previous singles, the rulers of Melbourne's surf-psyche stack - Hobson's Bay Coast Guard - have unveiled new single 'Junkie', another swag-laden gem from their forthcoming debut album.
A classic take on the slacker-surf-psyche vibes sitting somewhere between Tame Impala, Parquet Courts and King Gizzard, but with skittish Beach Boys harmonies and with a sound that is entirely their own.

Porcine Assembly Line - Biofilm     Rock, Grunge 01/02/2019
P.A.L is an intense solo act from Bendigo, Victoria. Combining relentless guitar riffs with electronic elements and unhinged vocals; It’s a great new source for simple, angry music.
A medium tempo groove on sequenced drums and bass accompanied by jarring guitar, eerie synths and layers of Brodie's demented vocal growl.

Lyrically it is a comparison of the human species to the slimy bacterial build-up found in pipes, otherwise known as Biofilm.

Port Royal - Don't You Forget About Me     Rock, Pop 01/02/2019
Brisbane’s Port Royal are heading into 2019, with their latest summer rock-pop jam 'Don’t You Forget About Me' and are set to embark on their biggest national tour to date.
Stepping out of their comfort zone Port Royal are splashing onto the scene with their latest summery rock-pop fusion tune 'Don't You Forget About Me' and are embarking on their biggest national tour to date!

sons x saints - In Your Arms     Rock, Blues 01/02/2019
Starting as a band whose original name was stolen by an English rapper, sons and saints fuse gigantic guitar riffs and infectious melodies to create something of their own.
In Your Arms is a love story of biblical proportions with monstrous guitar riffs and vocals to boot.

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Sweater Curse - (Hear You)     Rock 01/02/2019
Unabashedly dorks Sweater Curse came together quickly when members Chris, Rei and Monica started captivating Brisbane’s local scene with their charm and evocative, jangly melodies.
‘(Hear You)’ follows the narrative of the band’s 2018 singles, ‘Mon’s Song’ and ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, delving into the world of tumultuous relationships and in-depth emotional exploration.

The Money War - Home     Rock 01/02/2019
The Money War deal in dreamy atmospheric indie pop.
“Home was inspired by a series of vivid dreams I had last year. In the dreams I was talking to a family member who had passed. I’d wake from the dreams totally shaken and confused, it would take a while to realise that it was just a dream,” Dylan Ollivierre explains.

The Southern River Band - Vice City     Rock, Dance 01/02/2019
The Southern River Band are a four piece rock and roll band from Perth, Western Australia.
Vice City is an upbeat dancer from The Southern River Band containing some insane guitarmonies!

Andrew Ewing and Julian Bolleter - Conquer and Divide     Rock, Pop 31/01/2019
Andrew Ewing and Julian Bolleter is a collaboration between seasoned Perth musos Andrew Ewing (vocals) and Julian Bolleter (piano).
A track about desire and power...
I can't see any faces now
I can't seem to remember how
We came to be
A passive lover
Shiva comes to devour and discover
I want the passion
You want the power
And here we are caught in the babel tower
Oh no
Actors rehearse their lines
Will you hear me know?

Other tracks by Andrew Ewing and Julian Bolleter:  No One Else  -  As long as you're in my arms
Big Bad Echo - Bessie     Rock, Psychedelic 31/01/2019
Brisbane five piece that have been playing alternative rock in and around Brisbane for the last 5 years.
A bright number off the EP with nice guitar hooks and some trumpet.

Other tracks by Big Bad Echo:  Come Be At My Side  -  Beef City Blues
Formidable Vegetable - Not The End     Rock, Electronic, Pop, Folk 31/01/2019
With a wheelbarrow full of dirty electro radish-beets, Formidable Vegetable are here to sow the garden of your mind with seeds of future-resilience in the funkiest way possible.
An ode to hope in a drastic time to remind everyone that it's not the end of the world. Produced by Spoonbill and featuring Mal Webb and Alex Burkoy (Tinpan Orange/ The Cat Empire), this is Formidable Vegetable's second single from their forthcoming album, Earth People Fair (out March 15)

Levi Kane - CUT     Rock, Blues, Downbeat, Garage 31/01/2019
Levi Kane personifies pain via a downer rock Odyssey - post grunge inspired rock.
Cut personifies pain, delving into an extended period of suffering can really rock your sense of self. It’s this notion of self that Cut seeks to embody.

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Little Billie - Make You Bleed     Rock, Blues, Rockabilly 31/01/2019
Little Billie has a distinctive blues/rock and gritty rockabilly sound! Featuring killer blues lead guitar, strong female vocals, punchy double bass, and hard-hitting drums, their live performances are undeniably powerful!!
Make You Bleed is a song with no hidden agendas… There’s no doubt within these lyrics that if you do wrong, you will be made to pay for your actions…

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Other tracks by Little Billie:  Last Dollar
Space Boys - Swim     Rock 31/01/2019
Hard and heavy alternative noise punk hailing out of the Wollongong community.
This song is an honest take on the brain and it's terrifying capacity to crush.

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Sticky Fingers - Not Done Yet     Rock, Pop 31/01/2019
The love child of a fling between Manchester Rock and Kingston Dub and raised on Rock and Roll, luring listeners with a salivating caress of the soul.
Sticky's latest single reflects on their last few months and is dedicated to friend and colleague, Emanuel "Manu" Tiberi, who tragically passed away mid last year. 'Not Done Yet' is the fourth single from Sticky Fingers upcoming record, "Yours To Keep", available Feb 08, 2019. Recorded at Rocking Horse Studios, the record is their most personal and emotional one yet.

Sullie - Twisted Ideology     Rock 31/01/2019
Sullie is an Irish singer songwriter based in Sydney. The inspiration for his songs comes from many places. His songs are about leaving, love, loss and broken hearts.
A modern protest song, against the increasingly right-wing racist agenda in the world

The Electric Mistress - I Found You Out     Rock 31/01/2019
'90’s Retro Rock n Roll Swagger'. Fat heavy grooves, synths and guitars swirling around catchy choruses and heartfelt vocals.
Sorta sounds like Lenny Kravitz, Beck, Jamiroquai and the Red Hot Chilli peppers all mashed together...

I Found You Out Reviews:

‘…this has the funk and strut of a modern day Terence Trent D'arby.’ (mp3hugger)

‘The song has an amazing energy and vibe.’ (Metalhead Community Blog)

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The Kava Kings - Where Does It Hurt?     Rock, Psychedelic 31/01/2019
The Kava Kings are a collection of salty haired boys from the southern beaches of Sydney.
Where Does It Hurt is about anyone who has experienced/battled with their mental health. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.