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The Factory - Divide     Rock, Rock, Garage, Grunge 16/08/2019
Straight outta Sydney ready to go are The Factory. 4 boofheads ready to blast their latest rock tunes and are they're here for a good time not a long time!
Divide, The Factory's second single, is about the internal struggle of someone who lives your average 9-5 life. They want to do more than just exist in this society but at the same time they are terrified to break away from the norm. Who wants to be normal anyway?

The Kava Kings - Stars     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
"The Kava Kings embody the sound and lifestyle of the beaches and will make you delirious with their crunchy coastal tunes." The Sunshine Coast Daily
A single that has arrived at the perfect time where we’relooking ahead to warmer hazy days ahead, ‘Stars’ from Sydney four-piece is the perfect remedy for any winter-time frump. Taken from the band’s new EP Two Strangers, ‘Stars’ is a piece of a larger puzzle that focuses on relationships and its different stages. Melodic, hearty and delivered with rich charm.

The Sunken Sea - Bones and String     Rock, Jazz, Atmospheric 16/08/2019
The Sunken Sea create soaring, soulful art rock. Anchored by powerful baritone vocals and turbulent lyrics, they forge syrupy harmonies and driving rhythms that undulate and evolve in unexpected ways.
Bones and String is a dive into the depths of fragility and anxiety. Zeroing in on moments of personal strife and specific markers of change, the song faces down the fear of crumbling under the continually evolving challenges of life and relationships.

Waxflower - Back To Back     Rock, Pop 16/08/2019
After releasing their standout debut single ‘Cut Your Teeth’, Brisbane-based pop-punk band Waxflower have just unveiled their melodious new single ‘Back To Back’ – produced by Stevie Knight.
“Back To Back is a voyage into my own neurosis. I was running on autopilot, when I was really inside my own head trying to fight off my own thoughts. This song focuses on some of the negative repercussions that line of thinking brings, and looks in to how I was dealing with them at the time.”

We Lost The Sea - A Beautiful Collapse     Rock, Atmospheric 16/08/2019
We Lost The Sea are a progressive post-rock band from Sydney Australia. Crushing guitar noise with post-rock atmospherics and melody from a large, dimly lit space.
When we’ve failed for too long, and chosen to ignore science & the planet’s own desperate cries, we’ve hit the tipping point. It starts as a reflection on what was great, like a nostalgic view of our past, then moves to an unstoppable and devastating change. Destruction as a form of creation. A Beautiful Collapse.

where the table was - orange flame     Rock 16/08/2019
'where the table was' are creating their own unique sound born out of a collective approach; unleashing a wide stream of manic narratives and melodies over spirited bass and drums.
A snippet from Hobart on a smoky summers day

Willis Peak - Sweet Thing     Rock, Pop, Folk 16/08/2019
Willis Peak was started by 22-year-old songwriter Timothy Chivers. Having played every instrument, and mixed and engineered every track passionately and intricately, Willis Peak is a deeply personal project.
The track "Sweet Thing" is about a young budding couple that seem to repeat the same cycles that have damaged each relationship they’ve been in.

The track begins with a soft, bright guitar melody and climaxes with a chorus of voices, guitars, percussion and synthesisers. Sweet Thing is a sonic adventure from beginning to end.

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Daily Notion - In This Life     Rock, Punk, Pop 15/08/2019
Dail Notion was created to play music that I like. If you like it l, like it, if you don't like it, don't
A certain ground hog day approach to life, if at first you don't suceed, try try again

Easy Browns - Dam Eels     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Punk 15/08/2019
Easy Browns, the formidable Melbourne 4-piece garage-psych crew that has built a reputation for playing exhilarating and tight live shows
Produced by Paul Maybury, “Dam Eels” weaves a tale about a prepper from Nipaluna/Hobart in the throes of post-societal breakdown, relying on a dam full of nutritious and vicious eels for survival, it is a light-hearted laugh at the things we may have to face with the impending climate crisis.

Even - Mark The Days     Rock, Pop 15/08/2019
Australia's seminal indie-pop-rock outfit Even are one of the country's most adored indie bands to have emerged from the '90s. In 2019, Even are celebrating their 25th anniversary.
Recorded in Brisbane with prolific producer/engineer Jeff Lovejoy, 'Mark The Days' is yet another instalment in Even's illustrious and enduring career to date. According to singer-songwriter/guitarist Ashley Naylor, the single symbolises the need to cherish life events as they unfold, while appreciating the special people we meet and moments we experience along the way.

Fan Girl - Fox Song     Rock, Pop 15/08/2019
Melbourne's Fan Girl are a five piece band bringing exhilarating indie rock to Australia's ears.
Fan Girl's latest release, Fox Song, is a song is about power, vulnerability and consequence. Also, have you ever got stuck climbing up a tree?

Flowers For Jayne - So Much Better     Rock, Punk 15/08/2019
Flowers For Jayne is a 3 member Pop Punk band from Sydney Australia featuring Jayne Murphy, Phil Hall and Jess Ciampa
So Much Better was composed by Jayne Lily Murphy in 2019.

Fraudband - Better Loosed Up     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Instrumental 15/08/2019
Two-piece, guitar and drums, instrumental, together a few short years, toured Europe, Australia and Japan, doing everything ourselves, finding friends where ever we go with a sound that is unique
A dirty track that reveals the album's intentions. It's distorted and a little sinister. While there is a whole lot of space and light in the second half, you can tell where the album is headed from this track

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Other tracks by Fraudband:  Making things better by making them worse
Rocket Science - Cheers Pinger     Rock, Garage, Punk, Psychedelic 15/08/2019
Rocket Science play trashy-psychedelic-garage-punk with new wave, no-wave art-punk enthusiasm. Roman Tucker (vocals, organ, Theremin), Dave Gray (bass guitar, fuzz bass) Kit Warhurst (drums, vocals) and Paul Maybury (guitar)
Told through the eyes of a fictitious medical practitioner, the audience is encouraged to take care. The obsession with euphoria is embedded deep within, our expectations are not real.

The world of ‘Cheers Pinger’ is sensory and rich, built around a trippy and jagged, misaligned riff that lurches and cascades into a chaotic psych-out. Of course, it’s a banger.

Other tracks by Rocket Science:  Snake  -  Back For More
Scratch Match - Done Here     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/08/2019
Brit, Jess, Sheena and Stacy make music which is a bit punk, a bit pop, and a bit poetic.
Done Here is a driving punk anthem about two people trying to get along.

Spacey Jane - Good For You     Rock, Pop, Garage, Psychedelic 15/08/2019
Fremantle four piece Spacey Jane have a knack for two things; writing catchy, yet thoughtful indie-pop, and selling out shows as they tour around the country.
Lovers of all things good, Spacey Jane are following up their track “Good Grief” with a brand new single, “Good For You”, with accompanying music video created by Matt Sav (Tame Impala, POND, San Cisco). It’s fast, catchy as hell and at just under 3 minutes, you’re left wanting more.

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The Butterfly Effect - Unbroken     Rock, Metal 15/08/2019
One of Australia's most iconic rock outfits from the early 2000s.
UnBroken is a snap shot taken from a very dark, difficult and personally tumultuous time in my life. I realised my whole world was falling apart, relationships were breaking down and every thing I'd known was crumbling around me.

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Thigh Master - Mould Lines     Rock 15/08/2019
Australia-based quartet Thigh Master are back with the long awaited second LP 'Now for Example' -- the follow up to their 2016 debut 'Early Times'.
'Mould Lines' is the first single to be lifted from forthcoming LP, 'Now For Example'. With intervals of ragged, jangly guitar riffs interspersed with waves of distorted sonic mischief, this track recalls the late 80s/early 90s Flying Nun sound of the Clean, Bats and 3Ds (with an Australian edge).

Fungas - Mental Ray     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 14/08/2019
Fungas are making heavy psych rock that tries to wrench its way deep inside your eardrums and camp out in your brain matter, burrowing deep into your musical consciousness.
Written on a typical hot aussie day, the band worked to carve a structure that was changed while still remaining melodic and easy to follow. The song is basically a love letter to losing your train of thought as a result of zoning out of situations and was written about a particular experience in which something was forever forgotten.

Julia Why? - Holden On     Rock, Grunge, Britpop 14/08/2019
Ethereal, emotional, shoegaze punk, Julia Why? releases the third single from Hysteria, out in September.
Sparkling and raw, Holden On builds into a shoegaze supernovae. Julia explains, "I wrote Holden On when I was living in a paper-thin walled apartment above a guitar shop, the owner of which was my neighbour who had extremely loud sex in his lunchbreaks. I was recently heartbroken & reconciling how sex is shaped by our past and our politics."