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Street Pieces - Cthulhu     Rock, Grunge, Hardcore 12/07/2019
Heavy riffs, soaring vocals and relentless grooves - Street Pieces deliver a hard-hitting rock overload infused with blues and swagger.
With a sound as massive as the godlike sea creature it’s written about, Street Pieces unleash a relentless rock anthem that swells and breaks over you, swallowing you like ferocious ocean waves.

Team Utopia - Addiction     Rock 12/07/2019
Building on the success of the singles and videos of Strips Off My Soul and Calling Out To The Masses, Brisbane's Team Utopia release their new double A Side.
Classic hard paced up-tempo rock from this dynamic Brissy outfit. Taking a leaf from their popular live set you can almost hear the punters singing along and moving on the dance floor to this tune.

Other tracks by Team Utopia:  Waiting For You
The Delta Riggs - Reality     Rock 12/07/2019
‘Reality’ follows recent track ‘Don’t You Frown’; a stomping, groove-fuelled number which confronts finality and the beginnings of a new chapter with humility and dignified poise.
’Reality’ is a song for the dreamers about looking inward to create your own change and not getting caught up in the details,” explains guitarist Jesse Pattinson.

The Lazy Susans - Care About Yourself     Rock, Pop 12/07/2019
Blue Mountain formed, now Melbourne based The Lazy Susans write heart-on-sleeve alt-rock rammed full of infectious melodies.
‘Care About Yourself’ though lyrically is a call for a dear mate to start prioritising themselves, is a lesson in vocal harmony. The way that the multiple vocal parts resonate with one another is an enriching experience. The song reaches its climax with an anthemic and memorable gang vocal drilling home the song’s message. “Care about yourself”.

The Velvet Club - Holy Roller     Rock, Pop 12/07/2019
Forming in early 2018 in the South East suburbs of Melbourne the band turned weekly jam sessions into their first 3 releases heading into an EP dropping 2019.
From the start ‘Holy Roller’ intrigues the listener with an infectious groove with each instrument coming in one at a time and building throughout each section reaching a big chorus of strong guitars, a thumping rhythm section and catchy drawn out vocals. Reminiscent of DMA’s, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Gang of Youths.

Tobias Wonderdog - The Sun     Rock, Alternative Country 12/07/2019
Let classic-rock nostalgia shine with Tobias Wonderdog's first follow up single, 'The Sun' (out July 12), since debuting late last year.
Meandering through the likes of 90's classic-rock with a touch of country inspiration, 'The Sun', is a steady, laid-back track all the while maintaining a gritty and gutsy tone with classic-rock riffs and a wailing wah-pedal guitar solo.

XIII - Mechanical Bull     Rock, Cover Version, Grunge, Garage 12/07/2019
XIII are a 3 piece Perth band. (pron. 'thirteen') We are: Dan Sanders (also in band Gyroscope), Drew Goddard (also in band Karnivool) and Mykal Deville (also a Concrete Legend).
Inspired by fellow WA musician Stella Donnelly, XIII have recorded our own version of her song, 'Mechanical Bull'.

Feeling the West Australian vibe, and respecting the songs lyrical values, we are really proud of how its turned out!

We have included playing this cover in our live set as we dig it so much.

Maisie - Marmalade Eyes     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 11/07/2019
Maisie are a five piece Psychedelic Rock n Roll band. Their sound consists of fat riffs, sexy grooves and dreamy melodies, resulting in some sweet, groovy, psychedelic goodness.
Marmalade Eyes is the second single from Maisie's debut EP scheduled for release towards the end of 2019.

It represents opening up your mind, looking through the lies you've been lead to believe seeing the world how it really is.

Marmalade Eyes was recorded and mixed by Matt Schultz and Mastered by Joe Carra from Crystal Mastering.

Spike Fuck - Body By Crystal     Rock 11/07/2019
Drawing from a difficult period of heroin addiction, Spike Fuck creates beautifully infectious, Triffids-tinged rock and roll songs
Body By Crystal features a melody redolent of early Velvets belying rangy, plain spoken lyricism which talks, unstintingly, of a life in freefall spurred on by drug abuse: “I lost myself and I lost my self-esteem...just mood swings and a penchant for methamphetamines”

BATZ - WIZARD     Rock, Garage, Pop, Punk 10/07/2019
BATZ are a Melbourne indie five-piece, who have fast been earning a reputation as one of the inner-north’s finest and rowdiest.
‘Wizard’ is the perfect snapshot of the type of fun BATZ have brought to each release and each live show. There are hints of Karen O in Aubry’s vocals, as she sings with attitude over dance-able indie melodies with attitude punching each note.

Ragdoll - Rust     Rock 10/07/2019
Led by the powerhouse vocals of Ryan Rafferty and backed by the shredding guitars of Leon Todd and drum grooves of Cam Barrett, Ragdoll are the definitive hard rock band.
Guitarist Leon Todd: “Rust is simultaneously heavier and more melodic than anything we’ve written before. Working out of Hammerspace has resulted in the most complete performances we’ve ever recorded.”

“Merges the swagger of the Seventies, the anthemic melodies of the mid-Eighties and the sonic intensity of modern times.” Classic Rock Magazine

Slowcoaching - Between The Walls     Rock, Pop 10/07/2019
From computer chair to stage, Slowcoaching has expanded his dream-pop vision to something far more audacious and vivid. Slowcoaching creates a focussed aura of hazy nostalgia through his musical stylings.
'Between The Walls' is Slowcoaching's first release since his debut EP in 2017. Lyrically the song focuses on the gender polarization, bottled feelings and the stigma of masculinity - which is brought to the surface by a driving chorus and swathes of dreamy instrumentation.

tilde - Slowly     Rock, Grunge, Rock 10/07/2019
Tilde is a pop Grunge band (from Sydney) soaked in fuzzy nostalgic 90's tones.
Pop Grunge band soaked in fuzzy nostalgic 90's tones. Vocally melodic, with a melancholy feel.

Zeitgeber - 1010110 - {Self}     Rock, Atmospheric, Electronic 10/07/2019
A blend of world, dance, progressive, psychedelic and electronic music, incorporating Balkan and African rhythms.
‘Transforming The Random Crushing Forces Of The Universe Into Manageable Patterns’, Zeitgeber have expanded their sonic palette while further refining their compositional style. As the oscillating polyrhythms work to slowly draw the listener into a trance-like state, the music begins to slowly unfold with an unhurried, lush and organic feel.

Low Key Crush - Shelter     Rock, Pop 09/07/2019
Low Key Crush are are an indie pop band from Melbourne.
‘Shelter’ is about trying to find a way to help someone you love in the enormity of a terrible situation.

Rosa Maria - Tell The Devil     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Blues 09/07/2019
Inspired by the primitive garage rock and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock n roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener.
'Tell The Devil' is a dark groovy number that boasts Rosa Maria's classic taste for surfy hooks and up-tempo vibes. The song is best described by the band's frontman, Broc: "it's about how Rock n Roll won't leave me alone – it continues to show it's face time and time again".

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Shock Friendly - Take what you want     Rock, Goth, Dance 09/07/2019
From western Victoria, playing what they describe as rust-rock but could easily be attributed to goth or new wave as much as it is well produced, catchy pop music.
Shock Friendly's first attempt at Self producing their own music. Recorded at Phaedra studios Melbourne, SF HQ, Mixed by Rob Long & mastered by King Willy Bowden.

The Butterknives - Cut Me Off     Rock, Garage 09/07/2019
The Butterknives are a 4 piece rock band out of cronulla.
A song about bad drivers on the Sydney roads.

The Southern River Band - Second Best     Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock 09/07/2019
The Southern River Band are fast becoming Australia's premiere 70's rock influenced attraction, riffs, hooks, power and humour all underpinned by the talents of frontman, chief guitar slinger Kal Kramer
Tight riffs, breakneck licks and 70's FM harmonies, Second Best is The Southern River Band at their most melodic and aurally infectious. Another slice of classic Australian rock from the new contenders for the crown of Australia's best live band, captured in full flight.

We Lost The Sea - Towers     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Experimental 09/07/2019
We Lost The Sea are friends who came together in 2007 to create a new collection of noise that gathers relentless crushing guitars together with otherworldly atmospherics and melody.
At an expansive 15 minutes long, with its ringing guitars “Towers” heralds in a new era for the band. Representing the beginning and the end of everything, it is about giant oppressive forces and feelings, the towering juggernaut of power, failure, history and death.

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