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WAAX - I Am     Rock 15/05/2019
WAAX have reasserted themselves as one of premiere acts in Australian music today with the release of a brand-new single, ‘I Am,’ and with a sweeping, national tour.
The song still rocks and rocks hard – the guitar lines soar, the drums thump like a kick to the guts, and that quiet vocal delivery (although short) is only a fleeting moment of sweetness from DeVita before she’s back to her howling best.

Zolton - Falling To Pieces     Rock, Pop 15/05/2019
Zolton is a new music project that incorporates big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
Written by Zolton. Produced by David Kershenbaum and Taka Perry. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig.

MADOJA - Nothing To Lose     Rock 14/05/2019
Take a dash of Talking Heads, a chord or two from Fu Manchu and add a healthy dose of indie pop-rock and you have MADOJA.
Nothing To Lose has a killer guitar riff courtesy Max...drops you right in the swampy deep South of the USA. Smashing lyrics and a Charlie Watts back-beat from drummer James with a bass progression from Doug that gets you off your chair in no time.

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Other tracks by MADOJA:  Pedal To The Metal  -  Who Will Be Watching Me (The Supermarket Song)
Avalanche - Sold My Soul     Rock 14/05/2019
Avalanche; 3 piece hard rock band from Western Sydney playing heart-racing, gut busting, roof crashing, fast paced Rock 'N Roll sent directly from the devil himself... to brighten your day.
A raucous and raw rock n' roll recording about one of the oldest legend's there is. With revved up instrumentation, infectious riffs and massive backing vocals, Sold My Soul tells the story of young ambition and rock n' roll itself, offering imagery of the crossroads and signing deals with the devil. Growly vocals, killer solo and some surprises too.

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Other tracks by Avalanche:  On Your Back  -  Down in the Gutter - Live
Lost Goat Found - I Got Time     Rock 14/05/2019
An emerging local act brining powerful and exuberant live shows to growing crowds. Their infectious stage presence and eclectic sound has been turning heads and gaining lots of attention.
A heartwarming track about making time for the ones you love. This is becoming more and more important in a time when we all have excessively busy and fast paced lives.

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Mousewater - I'm Golden     Rock, Britpop 14/05/2019
MOUSEWATER makes music in Melbourne, Australia. Guitar Indie rock.
I'M GOLDEN is a song with a positive vibe. It's about getting back up, the best way out is through. Pick up your stride and keep going because something good will happen.

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Sarah EiDA - Cold in Collingwood     Rock, Ambience, Pop 14/05/2019
If thunderstorms at a desert highway had a singing would sound be Sarah EiDA.
A telecaster guitar tone that takes you down memory lane of Sarah’s world as a high school misfit finding her place in the music scene.

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The Cameramen - Carillon     Rock, Pop 14/05/2019
A 4-piece from Adelaide, The Cameramen play progressive-pop songs based around guitar, piano and sax, with the baritone vocals of Richard Sallis at the forefront. EP coming end of May
Carillon was recorded in a church in the Adelaide Hills, which had a really fantastic drum kit. It's usually the song we open our live sets with due to its high energy, and is the second single off our (it's nice to meet you) EP.

Production and mastering by Island Studios. Thanks to support from the SA Music Development Office.

Beau Lightning - Rock N' Roll Life     Rock, Roots, Pop 13/05/2019
Inspired by California daze, desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, the moon landing and the alter ego in which BEAU LIGHTNING resides. Rock'nRoll is the name of the game.
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Life” was written from the perspective of the Beau Lightning alter ego, a character created by the artist, Eli, to allow him the freedom to say and do things that are egotistical and full of bravado. The track plays with the classic old folk tales of successful people selling their soul to the rock’n’roll devil.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Catch Up     Rock, Punk 13/05/2019
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice (DSUP) make peculiar post-punk of & for the times, spouting potent political themes but always with tongue firmly in cheek.
Another driving post-punk track from the Melbourne artist. Catch Up is a parody of the divisive rhetoric used around election time, 'African gangs in Melbourne' becomes 'Cauca-sick gangs in the Parlaiment House'. It seemed fitting to add it to the canon as a discussion point in the lead up to the federal election.

CVL - Amalgamate     Rock 12/05/2019
Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Lowe, aka CVL is a DIY musician from Melbourne who loves to use classic harmonies, sweeping melodies and chilled beats in his multi-layered songs.
Amalgamate is a song of two parts. The first questions the singer’s commitment to their partner however proposes an amalgamation of their two lives. In the second down beat section the singer is more positive and upfront about the future of the amalgamation.

Arubio - Sway     Rock, Punk 10/05/2019
Arubio is an Alien entity from outer space who has punk rock tendencies but does not identify with a particular genre..... Have fun, Love and Dance!
Sway will get stuck in your head and if you feel it, you will be up dancing in no time.....I wanna see you Sway!

Babe Rainbow - Something New     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 10/05/2019
Based in Byron Bay, Babe Rainbow are cosmic conduits spreading their message across our planet.
Cosmic conduits Babe Rainbow are overjoyed to present their latest peace offering, 'Something New'.

The song uncurls with a star shiner swagger, curiously exploring the bands place in sonic space while permaculturally rooted here on planet Earth, lifted from the forthcoming third long player.

Beating Hearts Club - Heroin     Rock 10/05/2019
Beating Hearts Club formed in early 2015 over countless hazy jam sessions in darkened share houses around Sydney’s North Shore.
Heroin opens with fuzzy guitars and instrumental harmonics. Singer Duncan Welsh enters with a melancholic verse that transitions effortlessly into a beautiful and stripped back chorus. A powerful rhythmic section busts into the second verse. If you've had a bad day, press play and let 'Heroin' take you away to a soulful place. An absolutely killer debut!

Blue Green - Again & Again     Rock, Garage 10/05/2019
Sweet & sweaty alternative rock.
Two people with a clear attraction between them are kept apart by indecision. One’s ready, the other isn’t. Or maybe they are and just can’t bring themselves to say so. Blue Green’s indie-poppier side is on display here.

Other tracks by Blue Green:  Quarter Life Crisis  -  6am
BROKEN ENGLISH - Take Back Control     Rock, Punk 10/05/2019
BROKEN ENGLISH are from the foothills of the VIC Alps, they have just released there debut album 'Leave' available on all major streaming services.
Hope you enjoy!!

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Other tracks by BROKEN ENGLISH:  Anxiety  -  Siren
Christopher Coleman and The Great Escape - Jesse     Rock, Folk 10/05/2019
"A legit Tassie treasure" - Mona
I wish to acknowledge the family and friends of Jesse who today enter the courts for day two of the coronial inquest into their beloved’s suicide after returning home a broken man from serving for Australia in Afghanistan.

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Creature Fear - Baby Loves Me     Rock, Blues 10/05/2019
Creature Fear are a band becoming synonymous with intrigue and gritty mystique, crafting music that meticulously blends alt-blues richness with a compelling melodies and riffwork drawn straight from the 1960s.
‘Baby Loves Me’ comes to life with voracity, buoyed on by vocalists Jacqui Lumsden and Cameron Graham - a duo whose tonal dynamic is irresistible to take in. Musically, ‘Baby Loves Me’ shares heavy blues vibes with the likes of The Black Keys and The Cruel Sea, while the edge in the music’s production evokes the cool ambience of Alt-J.

Dane Black - She's Not Ready For My Love     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Enchanting melodies with deep, emotional lyrics.
A lover's pain

David Aurora - Crawl     Rock 10/05/2019
Melbourne based singer/songwriter. Shaped by everything from Springsteen to Slayer.
First (and only) single from the album Tar, originally released as a single in 2015.

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Other tracks by David Aurora:  Fade  -  Things Can't Only Get Better