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Ben Catley - Guts     Rock 16/11/2018
Infectiously high energy, feel-good roots from Scarborough Beach, WA.
A raucous, one-take jam of hectic acoustic guitar and drums that closes the new EP, Hectic Heart, in a way that perfectly showcases Ben's live energy and sound.

Ben Catley - Once A Jungle     Rock 16/11/2018
Infectiously high energy, feel-good roots from Scarborough Beach, WA.
A hard hitting roots/rock song with a melodic chorus drawing comparisons between a struggling relationship and the earth's struggling environment.

Dosed - Reason to Smile     Rock, Reggae, Roots, Easy Listening 16/11/2018
These three friends go way back, and are known for their comfortable, high-energy, and contagious stage presence. Creating distinct, clean and vibrant alt-rock music, it’s a sound to get around.
Reason To Smile is a track taken from Dosed's upcoming EP, and is the kind of tune that makes the day feel easy. Influencing any occasion with subtly, it’s catchy melody and genuine lyrics walk along a relaxed vibe while still aligning with their dancing ethos.

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Echo Del Tusker - Fix Your Face     Rock, Pop, Garage 16/11/2018
Echo Del Tusker is Estelle Artois (vocals/guitar), Brendan Forward (guitar), Mick Quee (bass) and Josh Potter (drums); their music contains elements of rock, blues and R&B – “guitar-driven soul rock.”
After receiving glowing reviews in Australia and beyond for their debut single 'Can’t Keep Your Man,' Echo Del Tusker return with 'Fix Your Face' – a track The Rockpit called “another fine card from (Echo Del Tusker’s) winning hand… a huge song!”

Fix Your Face will be released on November 2nd and is available at all major digital music outlets.

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Final Gambit - You Sold Our City     Rock, Punk 16/11/2018
A Rock n Roll band
A hard hitting anti-establishment song railing against the NSW lock out laws

Forever Son - Kevin's Street     Rock, Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 16/11/2018
The project of singer-songwriter and guitarist Jack Robbins, Forever Son’s sound is raw and free-flowing with a splash of reverb.
Kevin's Street is about trying to catch your breath when the world you live in makes you feel anxious and claustrophobic. It's about fight or flight and striving for something even if you don't know what it is or if it's right. Sometimes grasping at straws in the dark feels like it's better that not trying at all.

Foxton Kings - Burn     Rock 16/11/2018
"Foxton Kings pull no punches when it comes to their penchant for dirty riffs and classic sounding hard edged blues." - The Rock Pit
Full of rhythmic swagger, Burn oozes confidence and charm as it delivers a banquet of meaty riffs and catchy melodies. Honing the turbulent, all-consuming emotion of falling in love with a complete stranger, Burn sounds as enchantingly lustful as it should.

Garage Sale - People I Don't Know     Rock, Punk, Pop 16/11/2018
Garage Sale are an indie rock surfy fuzzy band from Lennox Head.
People I Don't Know is a fun surf punk song about growing up.

Grey Horizon - Change     Rock, Acoustic, Blues 16/11/2018
Grey Horizon, Indie/blues rock band combining tidy grooves and sweet vocals,.
Change: We are happy with who we are and there is no need to change to please others.

Other tracks by Grey Horizon:  Beg No More  -  Blackdog
Hobo Magic - Cosmic Cream     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 16/11/2018
Australian underground riff kings Hobo Magic are back for the fourth time this year with the second single drop off their soon-to-be-released second album 'Mt Mind'.
Cosmic Cream is based on the connection that all living beings share by being alive in the universe. May it be humans, animals or plants we all live together and all have a part to play in each other’s existence. This prevalent message that runs throughout the lyrics of the song and compliments the dreamy and rising grooves that unfold.

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Illicit Symphony - Hot Body     Rock 16/11/2018
Illicit Symphony is an Australian Rock band, hailing from Queensland Australia. Illicit Symphony have their own unique style of uplifting high energy Rock and Roll packing some serious musical punch!
Hot Body is an up tempo Rock song.

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Other tracks by Illicit Symphony:  Turn The Music Up  -  When You Love
Levi Kane - Cut     Rock 16/11/2018
Levi Kane was drawn to music from as far back as he can remember, stating that a well written song powerhouse of feelings can always bring colourful imagery to mind.
‘Cut’ is about pain which you cannot bear, that shakes you to the core and your chest aches at the thought of what you’ve lost of yourself; what you can never become. This reality you cannot escape, it becomes ingrained and shapes your being. The track was recorded at James North Productions in Brisbane.

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Matt Xander - Dance, Monkey, Dance!     Rock, Rap, Hip Hop 16/11/2018
Hip hop oddity Matt Xander bounces between rock and hip hop with his eccentric new style dubbed glam hop.
Whether your go-to move is the robot, foxtrot or walking like an Egyptian, get on your dancing shoes on and go bananas. Dance, Monkey, Dance!

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MTT - The Fog     Rock, Instrumental, Industrial, Dance 16/11/2018
3-peice instrumental rock band from Perth formed in 2012, drawing on diverse acts ranging fro Russian Circles, Cop Shoot Cop, Black Sabbath & Jesus & Mary Chain.
A song with a split personality - starts with guitar-heavy rock straight out of a Marvel movie soundtrack, then gets into a rock-dance theme.

Other tracks by MTT:  Joan  -  Shattered (SP)
The Phazes - Jenny     Rock, Pop 16/11/2018
Sydney up n' comers The Phazes have emerged from the studio with their stunning single Jenny – an explosive, fun romp that further establishes the band as gun indie songwriters.
The first of four EP tracks to get its own spotlight is Jenny, a song deliberately intended to break the mould of modern rock. Groove-laden and fluid, Jenny dances the line between melancholic lament and joyous dance floor burner. Juxtaposing personal, revealing lyrics with proper pop hooks, Jenny is both an ode and a signature tune.

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The Reductors - Practical Girl     Rock 16/11/2018
The Reductors are a four-piece from Perth whose melodic hooks and well-balanced harmonies are set against an arresting dose of post-punk energy and biting social commentary.
Practical Girl examines how the pressure to conform causes people to wrestle with their own identities. It's a reflection of the impossible contradictory state most of us are in as we try our best to lead fulfilling lives while being governed by expectation and obligation. The song is grounded by a pounding, methodical drumbeat, accompanied by bold and brutal guitars.

Other tracks by The Reductors:  Tremors
Urban Youth - Origami     Rock, Grunge 16/11/2018
Urban Youth are a dream-pop/shoegaze band from Adelaide, South Australia. They combine sweet male and female vocal harmonies over layers of fuzz and reverb driven guitars.
‘Origami’ is the debut single by the Adelaide indie-rock band Urban Youth. Taking influence from bands such as Dinosaur Jr., Tiger’s Jaw and Swirlies, ‘Origami’ sees Urban Youth continue to explore and develop their distinct co-lead vocal dynamic, while simultaneously creating a lush and sophisticated sonic landscape.

Molecules To Minds - I am a Strange Loop     Rock, Instrumental 15/11/2018
Molecules To Minds is an instrumental post-rock band exploring the expansive soundscapes that exist between delicately interwoven melodies and restrained sonic chaos.
Instrumental post-rock song ranging from walls of noise to quiet single guitar lines. Song title from a book detailing the emergence of self and consciousness from a looping process - likewise, the song emerges from looping guitar lines of differing lengths that feed back on one another.

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Jackson Reid Briggs & The Hetaers - Waiting and Ugly     Rock, Punk 15/11/2018
6 Piece hailing from Melbourne! Punk Rock and Roll!
First single taken from the 3rd LP from JRB and The Heaters titled It All Comes Down!

Other tracks by Jackson Reid Briggs & The Hetaers:  Guémené-Penfao  -  Your World
Mantis and the Prayer - Come Around     Rock, Pop, Retro, Psychedelic 15/11/2018
The world must ponder where are the future icons that symbolize boldness and eccentricity? Mantis and the Prayer will ignite the world on fire with electrifying presence and supernatural quirkiness.
Come Around is an electrifying psychotic breakdown set to a dreamlike landscape; making different turns into the mad labyrinth of the mind

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Other tracks by Mantis and the Prayer:  Lantern  -  Comfort Me