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Resurgence - Total Control     Rock, Metal 08/02/2019
Resurgence is an Australian band based in Grafton and Coffs Harbour New South Wales (NSW)
This track is about is basically about recognizing those voices and thoughts in your head that put you down and being able to have louder and stronger positive thoughts. Taking control back.

Other tracks by Resurgence:  Game Over  -  Astrotraveller
Syntax Error - From Sea To Sky     Rock, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Pop 08/02/2019
Psychedelic post-rock for the apocalypse.
Floating. Silver web. Water. A globe hangs in space immersed in waves of slivered guitars. A voice chimes in the heavens, a bell chimes in answer. This is a love song, a song that rings across the silver seas, alone. The sky sings to the globe as the singer sings to his love. Alone.

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Tahi - Heebie Jeebies     Rock, Pop 08/02/2019
I'm a musician and songwriter, my songs are sad sexy. They sound like dream pop or indie rock. I wrote them flying solo, I hope the broken hearted like it.
Slick, infectious and soulful slice of gently grooving and mellow indie-pop.

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Other tracks by Tahi:  Paranoid
Totally Unicorn - I'll Be Fine Now     Rock, Punk, Metal 08/02/2019
TOTALLY UNICORN was born out of the death of surly tech metal dudes 'Hospital the Musical' in early 2010.
"I wanted to be truthful and say what was on my mind and how I felt at that exact moment that the song was about in my life. I wanted to be honest, not trying to hide, taking the whole process as therapy - getting sadness, regrets and some relief off my chest." - Drew, Totally Unicorn

Valentina Brave - Wildflower     Rock, Soul 08/02/2019
Valentina Brave’s vintage rock, murder ballads and soul anthems come directly from the underworld. Brave has delivered a huge debut showcasing herself as a profoundly deep and multi-dimensional artist.
Wildflower is reminiscent of the tortured country tales of old. A soulful, cinematic portrayal of love gone wrong, this song is a masterpiece in the art of storytelling and introduces us to the depth of stunning new artist Valentina Brave. Beautifully produced by Aria nominated artist Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) Wildflower is the title track from Valentina Brave's Debut EP.

Charlie Collins - Beautifully Blind     Rock 06/02/2019
Sydney-via-Tamworth singer songwriter Charlie Collins is now returning to her roots of authentic songwriting after playing in various bands both in Australia and overseas.
Charlie explains ’Beautifully Blind’ is a look at toxic relationships. The song was written with friends who came to the session with this idea of two people tearing each other apart, not knowing that pain was already in my orbit. Our words connected on this tune that shows the contradictory pathetic and poetic faces we use to mask our hurt.”

Colibrium - Capture     Rock, Rock 06/02/2019
Ascending from the sleepy suburbs of Adelaide Australia, Colibrium are bringing the world their own brand of modern rock music, with a truly individual sound.
This song talks about how often the music itself is forgotten in the pursuit of progress. Our real reason for doing what we do is because we love the music, and it often pains us to see that it comes second to a pursuit of "glory" in some cases. Real joy comes from the notes and chords we play.

EWAH & The Vision of Paradise - Cannibals     Rock, Punk, Punk, Pop 06/02/2019
EWAH & The Vision of Paradise are based in Hobart Tasmania. Their sound is often cited as cinematic, merging post-punk and new wave with a lick of gothic.
Cannibals is a song about consumerism. Devouring the world we live in. Using up our resources and augmenting them into polluted landscapes. We seek a higher existence, but feel hollow no matter how much we consume. We are cannibals and we are eating ourselves.

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Mantashade - Ration On     Rock, Pop 06/02/2019
Mantashade is a collaboration between four night-time friends. Their style draws influence from a diverse range of sources, combining elements of progressive rock, post rock, psychadelic funk and avant-pop.
Ration On is the second single released by Mantashade. It is a sombre tune that explores the themes of power and abuse.

The Smallgoods - Satellite     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 06/02/2019
Almost 7 years since their final show, The Smallgoods are now back from the wilderness with a fresh set of legs, a batch of new songs, and melodies to burn.
Satellite is a shimmering tune with delicate melodies and soaring guitars that form a soundscape reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub had they been produced by Jeff Lynne.
These glowing pop sounds are draped on a lyrical backdrop with a dark underbelly that paints a familiar modern landscape where everything is possible but nothing is real...

Warships - Just Cos I Like You     Rock, Garage, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 06/02/2019
Warships are a 4 piece hailing from Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges, led by drummer/singer/archeologist Phil Moyes and releasing their debut EP in February 2019.
Just Cos I Like You, the lead single from Warships debut EP of the same name. Released as a limited run vinyl 7", the third single from the band features a horn section led by long term John Farnham sax player Steve Williams, cutting lyrics from frontman/drummer Phil Moyes and some tasty guitar work over the outro by Jerry Higgins

Other tracks by Warships:  Revolution  -  Staring at the Waves
Slush - Middle Name     Rock, Gay Alligned, Punk, Garage 05/02/2019
The debut single from Melbourne's latest femme, garage punk outfit, Slush.
"Middle Name" is a power-pop anthem about crushing out during the ‘honeymoon period’

Soul Cleaners - We Made It Rain     Rock, Acoustic, Soundscapes 05/02/2019
St Maussades Soul Cleaners, a blend of musicians and singers, from blues to pop, soul to jazz. Like all good music we are Soul Cleaners. Take care of your soul.
We all get a little rain in our lives. Sometimes we make it rain!

The Duke of Randwick - I Know     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Rock 05/02/2019
on the brightside, it's not like I didn't already know
just another thing to let go
leave it lost to memory
my montage of misery

it's the one thing that you want and then you got and now you know
that's what you get for holding on then giving up and letting go
and yeah I know I should've known

Other tracks by The Duke of Randwick:  EZ  -  ComeDown
Assassins - Shout About It     Rock, Punk 04/02/2019
Assassins’ music has been described as an honest, exuberant, ‘wall of guitar sound’ with a tight driving rhythm section.
A driving earthy riff that is not afraid to be heard. The lyrics were derived from a visit to the Berlin Wall that truly left Eddie feeling angered and dismayed out that time in history. The lyrics call out the need to expose the fraudulence of dictatorships and oppression that are still in our world today.

Kevin Tiah - Set This Place On Fire     Rock, Pop 04/02/2019
Kevin is a solo multi-genre artist who has demonstrated his ability to branch out into many different genres spanning Pop Ballads, R&B, Nu Metal, Post-hardcore, Pop Punk, Rock, Country, Metalcore
New single Set This Place On Fire is a step away from his previous Metalcore release, which offers an insight on his ability to adapt his song-writing and performances to different genres. This unflinching single, along with its music video, serve up a fun and highly energetic vibe.

Short Shadows - Nothing Good Comes Out Of Preston     Rock, Pop, Swing 04/02/2019
Short Shadows is a bit of an odd mix taking influence from piano-based artists such as Ben Folds and The Whitlams, mixing it with garage beats, samples and original horns.
Nothing Good Comes Out of Preston is the debut single from Short Shadows. It tells the story of a falling out and this phrase being used as a low blow to kick a Prestonite while he is down. The song is illustrative of Short Shadow’s love of Preston, making references to the Preston Market, the 86 tram and even Cramers.

Signs & Symbols - Coffee For Friends     Rock, Hardcore, Grunge 04/02/2019
Signs & Symbols are a hard rock quartet from the national capital of Australia. Their rough and ready sound is born from a mutual love of riffs and noise.
Signs & Symbols indicate how potent their passion and how deep their commitment to reverberating refrains as Coffee For Friends is a single that grinds on the darkest of motivations and stimulates the cathartic release of neuroses. To be consumed by only those who can handle the rush.

The Marvellous Hearts - Give Love     Rock, Roots, Folk, Retro 04/02/2019
The sound of solid and intricate drum patterns, melodic bass lines, tasty lead guitar, washed in a sea of funky keys and earworm type melodies
Give Love is a catchy melodic song that oozes positivity. It has been compared to The Beatles, Bob Dylan & Tom Petty. Give Love is a shout out for our societies need for peace and harmony & is a request for us as individuals to turn our back on conflict & embrace love, understanding & compassion

TORK - Can't Stop Thinking     Rock, Grunge 04/02/2019
TORK... Adelaide trio supplying grunge and various by-products.
In a world full of consumerism, information and over-stimulation, life can sometimes be daunting and draining. Yet, at least in Australia, most of us are living wealthier lives than any previous generation. This poses some interesting thoughts and questions.