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Field Maps - Somewhere Underground     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 17/11/2018
Field Maps is the recent solo endeavour from Melbourne musician Daniel Moss, known for lending his guitar wielding skills to psych outfit Sunbeam Sound Machine and previously I, A Man
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Caswell (Bad//Dreems, Flyying Colours) at The Alamo, 'Somewhere Underground' is classic Field Maps dream pop, with a subtle dose of waking lucidity. The result is an intelligent, poetic serenade that is at once captivating and hypnotising.

Foxblood - Carry Me     Rock, Hardcore, Punk, Metal 17/11/2018
FOXBLOOD are an explosive act in the Australia music scene taking no time in making a name for themselves worldwide.
Taken from their looming album in 2019 titled Grief & Mercy Sleep; ‘Carry Me’ is the deeply personal account of a family dissolving amidst crisis, recounted by the author as they contemplate their position in the chaos breaking a family apart. “It’s always unconditional, only as strong as the hell I put you through” is a desperate plea.

Girl York - Lost At Sea     Rock, Pop, Punk 17/11/2018
Girl York combine elements of dreamy shoegaze with harsh punk rock grit taking you back to the 90s. With their upcoming EP they're ready to release a new sound.
To celebrate the upcoming release of 'Dreaming In 505' and give one last tease of the full project, Girl York are releasing the lead single Lost At Sea; a cry for help in the vast sea of life that provides a comforting sense of direction and hopeful relief.

Hawkmoon - State of Mind     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Live Performance 17/11/2018
Brisbane alt rock outfit Hawkmoon's debut album The Saturn Return fills a void in the current musical landscape, where eclectic songwriting with focus on melody has gone underground
State of Mind highlights Hawkmoon’s variety of strengths over the span of six minutes. A song of two halves, it opens with a bluesy riff over a grinding rhythm that subtly builds before transforming into a surging anthem led by soaring guitars, keys and vocal harmonies that is one of the highlights of The Saturn Return

Inovo - The Day is Coming     Rock 17/11/2018
The three-piece Alt-Prog band based in Brisbane, Australia, who formed in 2015, are today releasing something that has been in production/the creation phase for over a year.
The band drew inspiration from The Elephant Man, in the greyscale and desaturation which matched Joseph Merrick’s disposition. Alongside that, they drew influence from the colourful scenes of Japanese film, Kwaidan, reflected emotion and story through colour - and aimed to combine these aesthetics to create a sense of surrealism in the outer-worldly, yet somehow remains oddly familiar.

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murmurmur - I Can't Stop Thinking About All The Time I've Taken From You     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 17/11/2018
Melbourne based 5 piece murmurmur make infectious psych rock and their debut self-titled four track EP is filled with esoteric hooks, harmonies and riffs that sink into your mind.
Joyous, full of riffs and with a Radiohead-esque type mathematical precision "I Can't Stop Thinking About All The Time I've Taken From You" is a complex yet catchy track from murmurmur's debut self-titled EP.

Other tracks by murmurmur:  Little Boy
Nat Vazer - Privilege     Rock, Pop 17/11/2018
Melbourne-based artist Nat Vazer is a warm, charismatic, and contemplative songwriter with a knack for writing charmingly rebellious tunes about the ironies of everyday life.
The track looks at recognising white privilege. Vazer was watching the show "Dear White People", which discusses racial bias and discrimination. The term "woke" is used a lot. "I wanted to write a song that kind of captures that state of being oblivious or half-asleep to those issues, and then waking up to them and seeing them everywhere".

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Neighbourhood Youth - Aim For The Head     Rock, Garage 17/11/2018
Neighbourhood Youth combine pounding rhythms, cascading guitar lines and bellowing, emotion-packed lyrics to deliver a unique slice of indie Australiana.
'Aim For The Head' is the first release to feature vocals from guitarist Liam Jenkins, whose Australiana-infused voice creates a fresh take on the band's signature sound. Lyrically, the song explores the fear of recognising negative actions in the people you love, Jenkins explains: "sometimes the only way to absorb the past is to catapult yourself far into the present".

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Particles - Abbottzilla     Rock, Garage, Gay Alligned, Grunge 17/11/2018
Particles are a two-piece rock outfit, formed in Sydney, Australia in 2016. Comprising of Dan D’Arcy (Little Bastard, Nightowl) and Skarlett Saramore (Fait Accompli, She Rex and many others).
Abbottzilla is written about the current political climate we are facing today, and one of the worst political leaders Australia has ever had to put up with.

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Other tracks by Particles:  I Don't Get You
Reside - In This Moment     Rock, Punk, Grunge 17/11/2018
The contrast between light and darkness often seems sporadic and bi-polar but Melbourne based Reside manage to interweave the two so naturally; traversing spacey atmospheres and aggressive environments with ease.
Resident sad boys Reside have returned on a wave of crushing emotion with their new single In This Moment; a raw reflection on the feeling of being left behind and finding your own way to happiness.

ROO - Malicious Delicious     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Rock 17/11/2018
Rock and Roll with sass and soul. From a swamp near Brisbane comes alternative-rock ratbags ROO.
Malicious Delicious from the 2018 DIY EP Tales Of Rebellion by alternative-rock ratbags ROO.

Other tracks by ROO:  The Brave And The Free  -  Ding Dong Ding Diddy Dank
Samsaruh - The Beginning     Rock, Pop 17/11/2018
Melbourne based 20-year-old singer-songwriter Samsaruh has stormed into the Australian music scene with her stellar debut releases gaining huge radio support including having the #1 played track on triple j.
A musical force to be reckoned with, Samsaruh today has shared her unforgettable new single 'The Beginning' - showcasing her incredible vocal prowess, complimented by killer guitar leads - 'The Beginning' is a powerful statement, Samsaruh means business.

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Sinclaire - Headspace     Rock 17/11/2018
Sinclaire are a brand new indie-outfit based in Sydney.
Crafting a new and unique sound, Sinclaire have made an impressive debut with their indie-rock anthem. "Headspace" discusses the impact that excessive self-critique can have on your personality, creativity, and mental health.

Slow Talk - Limbo     Rock, Experimental, Punk, Soundscapes 17/11/2018
Slow Talk is an Alternative Rock duo composed of vocalist James Butler and guitarist Ash Fuller.
Limbo sees the band reach for new heights, as the lush vocals of Butler matched with the intricacies of Fuller’s guitar work see Slow Talk cement their place within the alternate music community and place them among the most sonically polished of acts.

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The Dead Ends - Party Party Discotheque     Rock, Punk 17/11/2018
The Dead Ends are an energetic 3-piece Punk Rock band from South Australia.
Party Party Discotheque is a catchy party anthem that will get the whole room singing along!

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The Dead Riders - There Ain't Nothing But Rock N Roll     Rock, Pop 17/11/2018
The Dead Riders is a guitar driven rock trio from Sydney. Epic drums, solid bass, lots of riffs and vocal harmonies. Explosive live shows and pure rock n roll
"There Ain't Nothing But Rock N Roll" is a classic The Dead Riders song. Fast, lots of riffs, thumping drums and bass and a catchy chorus. This is their anthem, It is a tribute to what the band loves most, playing, living and breathing rock n roll. An explosive track that just rocks!

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The Moving Stills - Almost There     Rock 17/11/2018
The Moving Stills are a Pop/Alt Rock band from Macmasters Beach, NSW. Wading through Surf flavours and Sweet Garage/80's New York sounds, with acoustic driven numbers and pop melodies.
The fuzzed up guitars and sun soaked vibes of The Moving Stills inspire visions of epic coastal road trips and summer VBs by a beach bonfire. ‘Almost There’ brings forward an alternative style of surf-rock, with a punchy drum line setting the tone, Tommy's sweet raspy vocals, solid bass riffs and grunge guitars leaves you wanting to press replay.

The Paddy Cakes - Hollywood     Rock, Garage, Pop 17/11/2018
From south-east Victoria, in the serene area of Gippsland, 'The Paddy Cakes' are far from tranquil. Formed in 2016 the band threw themselves into the thick of the music industry.
Hollywood explores the modern day party scene, where like-minded youth explore having fun, causing trouble and then dealing with the consequences as a secondary thought. With contagious guitar riffs from lead guitarist Oakley to the frenetic fast paced drums by Jonah, and the fuzz bass of Michael gluing this beautifully hectic arrangement together "Hollywood" lodge's itself into your memory instantaneously.

The Pinheads - Not Like You     Rock, Garage 17/11/2018
The sound of The Pinheads is a mosaic of their collective tastes – built on the foundations of their heroes, a work of art in its own right.
A tune about our divergent world of round the clock connection, resulting in chronic isolation, the mingling pot of personalities, untameable ego, opposing ideologies, conflicting cultural ideals and a societal anxiety timebomb threatening to blow at any second! Neatly wrapped up in a sharp, steadfast, shady, beguiling slice of pop perfection!

The Woodland Hunters - Dead Cities     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative Country 17/11/2018
The Woodland Hunters are a guitar band from Melbourne. Two members also play in flower punk outfit The Sand Pebbles.
A song inspired by a road trip, this is a journey lacking a road, but loaded with heavy perspective. Pyramids, skyscrapers, Alice Coltrane, feral animals stalking suburban malls. It features a thumping bassline and Dick Dale-like guitar solo. Post-punky space/surf rock? You be the judge…

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