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Regular Spread - Endless Holiday     Rock, Atmospheric, Chill, Jazz 16/05/2019
Brought together through a shared love of faking jazz, Regular Spread is a musical project in amateur jazz, slacker rock and pop sensibilities.
Endless Holiday is a song which is sloppy and tight at the same time, taking the listener on an aural journey through different time signatures and genres.

"A little tasty treat. Dig the time changes. It's super woozy oozy. I like this a lot."
Claire Mooney, Triple J
4/5 stars

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Other tracks by Regular Spread:  Chinatown
Swim Team - Are You Into Me?     Rock, Pop 16/05/2019
Swim Team produce warm slices of reverbed-up jangle and crunchy pop. They take inspiration from 60s girls groups, lo-fi indie pop to ramshackle garage and anything soaked in reverb.
Sometimes you just have to ask the question. Are You Into Me? does just that. We all want to know where we stand with our lovers, now just tell it to us straight.

Teenage Dads - Taylor     Rock, Pop 16/05/2019
With a unique collection of music, Melbourne’s happy-go-lucky outfit Teenage Dads take a genre-bending approach to their writing and showcase a uniquely enthusiastic live performance.
Taylor is about realising that you’re not happy in a relationship and that there’s no point staying with someone just for the sake of it. It's when you're thinking about all the things that weren’t good in the relationship and trying so hard to convince yourself that it's better without them.

Other tracks by Teenage Dads:  Divine
TEJAVU - Direction     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 16/05/2019
TEJAVU is the solo-recording project of Brisbane based musician and producer James Halstead.
Direction touches on the concept of moving forward in life, with a funky groovey beat and guitar work, it's an epic closing track of the self-titled EP

Other tracks by TEJAVU:  Doubt  -  Idleness
The Choirboys - Fortunate Son     Rock 16/05/2019
Australian pub rock icons
This is the band’s salute to six of the best songs from CCR – a band that heavily influenced four boys from Sydney’s Northern Suburbs forty years ago. A band that helped influence the humble 4-track EP that would lead Choirboys to their first recording deal with Alberts and inevitably begin the Choirboys journey.

The Oh Balters - Old Joke of Mine     Rock, Rockabilly, Folk, Swing 16/05/2019
The Oh Balters are a bunch of no good 3 white guys and a half Indonesian bloke who loved B.Dylan, Beatles, Pixies and L.Reed and decided to start a band.
Old Joke Of Mine is a ditty to the contradictions of love. The toned-up and twangy lead and trash-can drums sit on a smooth bass groove. With a pinch of 60s and a helping of heavy-ish rock in the bridge, ba-da-bing ba-da-boom, you’ve got yourselves a tasty little morsel of The Oh Balters.

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The Southern River Band - Chimney     Rock, Blues 15/05/2019
A Rock n Roll Dance Party from from the wrong side of the tracks, that's where the cool guys live.
Feel good, make you smile, relentless high octane, guitar driven rock and roll to get you in the mood to party

Angie - Movement     Rock 15/05/2019
Angie is the solo project of artist and multi-instrumentalist Angelia Bermuda aka Angela Garrick.
'Movement' was born in Athens, Greece.

Angie explains "Movement is about being constantly in flux, living in between the shadow of the past and the sublime fear and excitement of an unknown future".

Angie's inspiration musically for 'Movement' is the combination of cheesy 80's power rock choruses of ELO and 90's surf / skate compilations VHS tapes.

Jovi Skyler - Love Bite     Rock, Punk, Pop 15/05/2019
Jovi Skyler, a young singer/songwriter and producer from Sydney, who has spent time abroad in recording studios (collecting a stash of unreleased originals), whilst gigging in cafes and bars.
Debut single "Love Bite” is an alternative rock infused pop song, about falling in love, sappy romantic teenage years and love bites.

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Mere Women - Spell     Rock, Experimental, Punk, Pop 15/05/2019
Hypnotic, unsettling, angular and dark. Mere Women’s brand of unique post punk makes them one of the most engaging acts to emerge from the Australian underground in recent years.
“Spell” explores themes around coercion, control and breaking free. It is a powerful declaration of sovereignty over one’s own body and mind. Sticking with the same team that recorded and mastered their critically acclaimed album “Big Skies” (2017), the song was recorded by Tim G Carr and mastered by Mell Dettmer.

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PINCH POINTS - SPELT OUT     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/05/2019
Since May 2018, PINCH POINTS have played clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed.
A 5-chord riff over 4 bars allows the song to keep rolling along into infinity as Acacia and Adam sing in unison. Isabella and Jordan join in for the group-vocal chorus, singing 'S-P-E-L-T-O-U-T!'

Rebecca Moore - Pretty Big Mess     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 15/05/2019
Award winning musician described as “the artistic love child of folk singer Joni Mitchell and stadium rocker Robert Plant”. Her new album 'Return' spans a decade of touring and songwriting.
'Pretty Big Mess' was recorded at Pirate Studios, Tathra NSW and in London with Afro Celt Sound System producer Martin Russell.

Rebecca Moore-Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/12-String Guitar/Mandolin
Martin Russell-Programming
David Sparks-Electric Guitar
Francis Hylton-Bass
Richard Marcangelo-Drums
Danny Hart-Fiddle

Other tracks by Rebecca Moore:  Neverland  -  Not My Island
Ride The Tiger - Nada Surf     Rock, Punk 15/05/2019
From the secluded depths of the Tasmanian wilderness, rock-beast Ride the Tiger has emerged from hibernation to feast on the Australian punk scene once again.
Produced & Engineered by Nic White & Lincoln Le Fevre
Mixed by Nic White, at his home studio
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering

Other tracks by Ride The Tiger:  Blue Water  -  The North
SUDS - The Pub With No Fear     Rock, Punk, Grunge 15/05/2019
SUDS are a socially-aware political punk rock band to party to in the age of outrage.
'The Pub With No Fear' is an ode to the Australia we could be and should be. SUDS have bypassed their usual cynical approach to song-writing with this track, calling for everyone to come together. At a time when some serious soul searching is going on, 'The Pub With No Fear' calls for love, unity, respect, and it says welcome!

The Aints! - Laughing Clowns     Rock, Punk, Pop, Garage 15/05/2019
Formed in 2017 by Ed Kuepper The Aints! original brief was to recreate the sound and energy of The Saints as heard across their first three groundbreaking albums.
When The Saints finished Prehistoric Sounds I thought ''The Laughing Clowns'' could make a strong new single. The band split before this eventuated but I did end up using the song as the starting point for my next band Laughing Clowns. The Aints! version is a bit closer to the original idea though unique as well.

Other tracks by The Aints!:  Country Song In G (Acoustic)
The Beautiful Monument - Stay     Rock, Punk, Pop 15/05/2019
Melbourne’s alt-rock queens The Beautiful Monument write songs with powerful melodies, moody grooves and a deceptively vibrant energy that makes each track a genuinely memorable experience.
On “Stay", frontwoman Lizi Blanco’s life is on full display as she explores the intergenerational issues that plagued her family, then finding the strength to move away from in order rectify relationships and gain perspective.

The Gooch Palms - Coast To Coast     Rock, Garage, Punk 15/05/2019
Professional party starters The Gooch Palms return to their unique and infectious brand of good-time garage rock on their long-teased third full length album 'III’ out today via Ratbag Records/BMG.
There are some new sounds and some classic Gooch Palms moments but all in all it makes for one hell of an album and the pair have never been so stoked! Aptly named 'Coast To Coast' documents the bands constant touring, never staying in the same place.

Other tracks by The Gooch Palms:  Today's The Day  -  Yeh Nah
The Oh Balters - She's On My Mind     Rock, Blues, Garage, Rockabilly 15/05/2019
The Oh Balters are a 4 piece alternative-folk rock band, originally from Alice Springs, who came together through the band member's love for Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pixies, L.Reed and P.Kelly.
The song has a purposely ambiguous color theme. The instruments have this sinister blues stomp, backed by swampy bass and steady drums which creates this uneasy vibe during the verses. It is then picked up with a classic rock n roll groove and jangly rhythm in the chorus to give the song itself a bit of color.

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The Stickmen - No     Rock, Live Performance 15/05/2019
post-punk rhythms, mutated surf-rock guitar lines and tightly wound nervous energy.
post-punk rhythms, mutated surf-rock guitar lines and tightly wound nervous energy.

Other tracks by The Stickmen:  Without A Clue  -  Shoot To Kill
Tropical F*ck Storm - Can't Stop     Rock 15/05/2019
Tropical Fuck Storm is formed by Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones), with Lauren Hammel (High Tension) , and Erica Dunn (Harmony / Palm Springs).
Tropical Fu*k Storm exquisitely reconstruct Missy Elliott's 2005 fu*k banger ‘Can't Stop’ in what is set to become the most streamed track in swingers bowling alleys throughout the Russian Federation…..