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The Kite Machine - Walls     Rock 14/02/2019
The Kite Machine plays groove infused Rock & Roll
Swirly and dreamlike grooves

Zolton - When I Was Young     Rock, Pop 14/02/2019
Zolton moved back to Sydney from NYC and sought out talented producer, Taka Perry. They began work on a new musical project that incorporates 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
80s-styled power synth and guitar rock, this is a lyrical tribute to the (supposed) freedom of youth. Written by Zolton, produced by Taka Perry, and mixed by Mark Needham.

Stephen Bailey - Fairytale     Rock, Soul, Atmospheric, Chill 13/02/2019
Stephen Bailey is the single from Perth based psych lords Mt. Mountain. His solo work is a sprawling mix of psych pop, indie and slowcore.
In the sparpse, atmospheric style of down-tempo rock that Stephen has become known for - a mood that is intrinsic to the subject - Fairytale touches on the delicate issues of mental health and drug addiction. As life's cornerstones shift, comfort in home is unachievable and fairytale visions become distant.

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Turtle Bay Television - Everyone's High     Rock, Britpop, Garage 13/02/2019
The band started out in 2012 as a four piece fronted by Thomas Cockram and has steadily grown to include a brass section and a rotating cast of backup singers.
This track reflects on singer, Thomas Cockram’s use of antidepressants and the resultant limitation on certain party related activities. It specifically refers to one particular gathering where he was the only one unaffected by such ‘activities’, so decided to engage in some ‘people-watching’ instead. Sonically, the song is inspired by the chaotic beauty of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Yeti Ghetto - Real Feels     Rock, Pop, Punk, Britpop 13/02/2019
Yeti Ghetto’s debut album ‘JINX’ started as a series of late-night laptop recording sessions which took place in an overcrowded and chaotic share house in North-West London.
The debut single ‘Real Feels’ is weightless as it wrestles with self-acceptance and belonging, and is described by songwriter Scott Luderman as ‘An attempt to capture that surreal moment when you find yourself feeling perfectly at home, in the complete right time and place, amongst a group of equally weird, and like-minded strangers’.

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Art of Fighting - Genie     Rock, Folk 12/02/2019
Art of Fighting, one of the most revered and acclaimed Australian bands of the 00s, have returned with their new single ‘Genie’, out now via Remote Control.
Premiered on Double J's Mornings with Zan Rowe, ‘Genie’ is their first new music in twelve years, and is accompanied by a video directed by acclaimed Sydney photographer Mclean Stephenson (Sarah Blasko, Jen Cloher, Jack Ladder, DMA’s) as premiered via RUSSH.

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Bugs - Safe Place     Rock 12/02/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, Bugs are a lighthearted group of mates who find joy in crafting infectiously happy pop music.
The gritty new track showcases Bugs’ knack for catchy, yet purposeful songwriting, and punchy, high-energy instrumentals.

Down For Tomorrow - What Could Have Been     Rock, Punk 12/02/2019
Young and energetic Northern Beaches quartet Down For Tomorrow have just unveiled their latest pop-punk anthem, ‘What Could Have Been’.
The track serves up a heartfelt, rough-around-the-edges statement, bursting with the kind of angst and raw emotion that wouldn’t be out of place on a Vans Warped Tour stage. Opening with melancholic, even despondent vocals from lead singer Cody Stebbings, ‘What Could Have Been’ builds into a head-banging bridge that captures the frustration and heavier elements of their music.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - It's Alive     Rock, Punk, Pop 12/02/2019
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice are making peculiar post-punk to subvert the structures of modern society. Taking the foundations of punk, raw and political, and giving it a distinct 2019 thread.
It’s Alive is a tongue-in-cheek dig at smartphone culture: the smartphone becomes self-aware, the line between human and phone is blurred. Who is controlling who? Musically taking cues from the 80's (Wire, Television, The Birthday Party) and bringing it into the future - the now (Tropical Fuck Storm, Preoccupations, Idles).

Good Doogs - Nobody/Alone     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 12/02/2019
Rollicking surf-pop-punk trio from WA
a jangly surf punk bop about anxiety and how it can overwhelm you. Sometimes you don’t even want to leave the house.

Hallie - What's Good?     Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk 12/02/2019
With twangy guitar solos, smooth bass lines, surprise tempo changes and ironically delightful lyrics, Hallie play to make you feel good and stand tall.
What’s Good?’ marks the beginning of a new era for Hallie, whose days of happy, head bopping, finger pointing music are (almost) over. The song is a heartfelt, mellow tune with jazzy undertones unlike Hallie's usual pop-folk music. ‘What’s Good?’ reflects on Hallie Tait’s scary realisation that she is growing up.

Sunbeam Sound Machine - Talking Distance     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 12/02/2019
Sunbeam Sound Machine, the recording project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Sowersby, reveals first single ‘Talking Distance’ from upcoming album Goodness Gracious, out May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control.
‘Talking Distance’, premiered on Triple R and Pilerats, builds on a repeating distorted guitar pattern, a hypnotic rhythm section doing the heavy lifting while Sowersby’s vocals float over the top. The song details the feeling of coasting on auto-pilot, attempting to remain immune and keep one’s head above water in a flood of information and opinion.

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The Beasts - At The Hospital     Rock 12/02/2019
Boris Sujdovic, Tex Perkins, Charlie Owen, Tony Pola, Kim Salmon celebrate their membership in the Beasts of Bourbon with a wittily observed statement of Beastlinesss entitled The Beasts Still Here.
At the hospital, so many class A drugs
At the hospital, they’re always killing bugs
At the hospital, they’re trying to save some lives
At the hospital, they’re sharpening their knives…
The black humour in these rhyming couplets would be at home on the Beasts of Bourbon’s debut The Axeman’s Jazz. This song perfectly closes Spencer P Jones’ incomparable career.

Other tracks by The Beasts:  Drunk On A Train  -  Your Honour
The Phazes - Control My Radar     Rock, Pop 12/02/2019
The Phazes bring a summery twist to what would be a more traditionally New York rock sound; delivering a quintessential banquet of searing riffs, stomping beats and huge, sing-along hooks.
New single Control My Radar is a perfect slice of upbeat indie rock that allows the full personality of the band to burst through. With its irresistible guitars and boisterous chorus, it is a pitch-perfect modern classic, tailor-made for today's demanding radio listener.

Zolton - Anthemic     Rock, Instrumental, Downbeat, Electronic 12/02/2019
Zolton is a Sydney-based producer/songwriter with a new music project that incorporates big 80s-styled synths, beats, and melodic hooks.
Multi-part 80s themed quasi-instrumental featuring custom beats by Es-K. Written by Zolton, produced by Taka Perry and mixed by Matt Sim.

Cog - Drawn Together     Rock, Experimental, Punk 11/02/2019
Prog-rock trio, Cog, rose in prominence after the success of album The New Normal in 2005. The trio are again redefining their practice of modern music
With ascendant harmonies and perception shattering changes, Drawn Together draws on the intrinsic value in social connection to break through modern misdirection and offer solidarity via determined riffs and compassionate declarations.

Muules - Unabated     Rock, Grunge, Rock 11/02/2019
Muules piece together three parts that sound like six. Bass covering the low & high ends, big drums, and belting vocals, all wrapped up in a tasty alt-rock package.
Unabated is a building, alternative ballad that is an ode to an against-all-odds relationships.

While still utilising the ‘no-guitar’ method (all ‘guitar’ sounds come from the one bass guitar), the three-piece adopt keys into this track, stripping back and allowing vocalist Nathan Vasey’s raw, blues-tinged melodies push through.

darvid thor - Anything     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 08/02/2019
darvid thor is a Melbourne based artist making woozy, daydreaming guitar pop
Darvid Thor unveils new single ​“Anything”​, the fourth cut and first accompanying video from his debut mini-album ​I’m Never Really Here​, out March 1. Driven by eerie synths, dark fuzzy bass and filtered drums that float with an uneasy intensity, Darvid’s lyrics muse on perspective and letting go.

Dis-connect - Cream and Berry     Rock, Punk 08/02/2019
Dis-Connect are a 3 piece band originating in Hornsby Sydney. The band members are Phillip Lambert (lead vocals, bass guitar) Steven Tonge (back vocals, guitar) and Grahame Giles (Drums).
This pop / punk up-tempo tune comes straight out of the box all guns blazing. A great guitar and drum sound punches through underneath a powerful vocal delivery from Phil Lambert: think Green Day Meets Living End.

Other tracks by Dis-connect:  Social Disease  -  My Left Hand
Oxford's Collar - Stranger Kiss     Rock, Pop, Punk 08/02/2019
With raw honest vocals, head bobbing grooves and melody heavy guitars, Oxford's Collar deliver all the favourite pop-rock and punk sensibilities wrapped in a neat little indie 3-piece package.
Stranger Kiss is a hazy retelling of temporary attraction and the emotional consequences that come with waking up and (not quite) remembering everything you got up to the night before.