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Neon Tetra - Used To Be     Rock, Pop, Soul 18/02/2019
From supporting superstars like Robbie Williams, Foreigner and Cheap Trick to celebrating the release of their infectious short-play album, Pollen, the music continues to deliver with finesse and new motifs.
'Used To Be' is the first single from Adelaide's Neon Tetra following on from their 2018 EP, "Pollen". It's a frivolous and exuberant piece of rock, pop and soul that broadens the group's horizons.

Short Shadows - That's No Moon     Rock, Comedy 18/02/2019
Short Shadows is the latest project from Melbournian Andy Coates. After heading party-swing band Frankie Wants Out for over 10 years, Short Shadows is a refreshing take on Suburban life.
That’s No Moon tells the story of a big night out, fuelled by punk music, alcohol, burgers and ending in less than ideal circumstances. With catchy riffs both on the piano and the horn section it's a snap shot of a drunk night talking about cabs that won’t stop and even featuring the line “Should we stop by Danny’s Burgers?”.

Other tracks by Short Shadows:  Customer Service
Bench Press - Respite     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/02/2019
Bench Press project the wirey minimalism of early Talking Heads and Devo through a lens of heavier late 80's and contemporary post punk.
'Respite' is the brand new single from Melbourne's Bench Press. Recorded & mixed by Paul Maybury (Cable Ties, Rocket Science, Loose Tooth).

Clowns - Prick     Rock, Punk 15/02/2019
Clowns are a five piece punk band from Melbourne
latest track ‘Prick’, a 2-minute punk jam in classic Clowns style, with a guest performance from Nikki Brumen of Pagan. If you’ve ever loved a band until you met them and realised they are a bunch of wankers, then this song is for you.

Flamingo Parade - LOVELESS     Rock, Electronic, Pop 15/02/2019
If Bloc Party was doused in pink and came from Brisbane this is what they would sound like.
LOVELESS is a song about keeping positive through a break up. The upbeat electronic jam is oozing with melodies and uplifting vocals.

High Tropics - Feel the Same     Rock, Garage 15/02/2019
Dubbed as “infectious garage pop” by Rolling Stone magazine, High Tropics is the moniker of Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his live band.
‘Feel the Same’ is in essence about when one finally gets what they’ve been chasing for a long period of time; referencing the idea that sometimes we chase goals or reach certain milestones expecting a self-transformation to take place only to find that nothing has actually changed – or maybe it’s not what we wanted at all.

Little May - Apples     Rock 15/02/2019
It’s been three years in the making, but Australian indie-rock luminaries Little May have announced their highly-anticipated second album, Blame My Body (out May 3rd)
'Apples’ sees the duo continue the embrace of their new sound – fizzy production, shimmery guitars and thumping drums. With Liz Drummond’s languid voice taking the lead mic, it’s a song bubbling with an undeniable effervescence and energy, that wields a deeply addictive chorus that grows on you more and more with each listen.

Mantell - Can I Set It Right     Rock, Pop 15/02/2019
An alluring mash up of diverging guitars, harmonious bass lines, and a modern take on the sound of classic seventies drumming make up the self-described ‘racket’ that is Mantell.
Can I Set It Right was born as a simple, catchy riff featuring a bouncing bass line and chord sequence. The song captures inspiration from classic garage-rock bands like The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand, while also drawing influence from Andy Shauf’s The Party LP, in capturing a modern romantic narrative.

On Diamond - Poison Blood     Rock, Experimental, Pop 15/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
‘Poison Blood’ follows the raw and honest path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain. Salvo’s refined, yet powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. The much slower underlying tempo allows the song to wash over, leaving an empowering sentiment of ending a victim mentality.

Robert Forster - Inferno (Brisbane In Summer)     Rock 15/02/2019
Robert Forster is an Australian singer-songwriter, best known for his work with songwriting partner Grant McLennan, with whom he co-founded The Go-Betweens. Robert has released 6 solo albums.
Driving music at it's very best, Inferno (Brisbane In Summer) showcases all we know and love about Robert Forster. Relentless, playful piano stabs, deliciously gritty guitar tones and an unmistakable vocal. Roberts song writing chops and effortless cool ooze through his 2019 material in the same way it did in the 1970’s. Get onboard!

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Spruced Moose - One's Who Fly     Rock 15/02/2019
Five-piece Sydney based rock outfit: Spruced Moose have spent the last year writing head bopping, hip shaking tunes, fuelled by a diet of cheeseburgers, barista bros and stolen suburban mangoes.
A song about growing up, coming to realizations about yourself and life, moving forwards even if you’re scared to.

Tai Sui - Big Pharma     Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Rap 15/02/2019
Tai Sui are a hard hitting groove rock-pop based act with an ecclectic sound with a conscious message. You'll get everything from metal to Hip-hop and everything in between.
‘Big Pharma’ a sobering tale of the ugly truths of a global healthcare business, where profit & commercial interest takes precedence over public wellbeing.

Tesse & Georgia Mulligan - Over Now     Rock, Folk 15/02/2019
Tesse is the collaborative project of Sydney based singer-songwriter Tom Stephens. Following the release of LP 'How It All Unfolds' in 2018, Tesse have joined forces with powerhouse Georgia Mulligan.
After a long standing friendship and collaborative relationship, Sydney singer-songwriters Tom Stephens aka Tesse & Georgia Mulligan join forces to deliver their first single 'Over Now'.

A beautifully languid trip into the subconscious, 'Over Now' explores themes of loss and nostalgia, presented through a downbeat rhythm, upright bass and swirling guitars; all held together by the pairs soaring vocals.

The Avenue - Bourgeois Bitch     Rock, Pop 15/02/2019
The Avenue are a four piece indie rock band from Melbourne, who have gained a fast and strong reputation for crafting addictive music with a powerful live show to match.
'Bourgeois Bitch' is a snappy dose of indie-pop music that draws hints of The 1975, INXS and Catfish and The Bottlemen into the mix.

Other tracks by The Avenue:  Body
The Sleepyheads - Wired     Rock, Punk 15/02/2019
A punkish rock band from Launceston, Tasmania with catchy melodies. Emo without the fringe.
"Wired" recount experiences while touring. It's mostly about trying not to take anything for-granted even when it gets really stressful.

Concrete Surfers - My Life On Repeat     Rock, Garage, Punk 14/02/2019
The CONCRETE SURFERS are a four-piece garage-fuzz band from Brisbane.
Grappling with “being stuck in a routine – and becoming unsure of what direction to take moving forward in life," 'My Life on Repeat' is an explosion of fuzz and frenetic fretwork.

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Love is Heartbreak     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental 14/02/2019
Landing less than a year after their debut album ‘Electric Brown’, ‘Love is Heartbreak’ is the first track from the forthcoming sophomore LP ‘New Romancer’ by these magnificent Melbourne shapeshifters.
“The sooner you hop on this ride, the better.” - Beat

“An act set to blow up.” - The Music

“One of our favourite sets from BIGSOUND." - The Industry Observer

Fresco Kyoto - Imposter     Rock, Pop, Soundscapes 14/02/2019
“[4 stars] Mmm, yes please to that voice.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed “Soothing, picturesque indie” – AAA Backstage
Cinematic young Brisbane 5 piece for fans of Mansionair, Bon Iver and London Grammar.

Midnight Fuckboys - Out of Luck     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 14/02/2019
Midnight Fuckboys are a 5-piece alternative rock/punk band from Brisbane. Taking influence from The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Hives and Powderfinger, the band mix strong vocals with fuzzy/hooky guitar riffs.
An energetic and loud tune with a chorus that will undoubtedly get you singing along. Following the story of a man who isn't the best role model, begins to fall out of love with a woman.

The Dated - Since You Left Me     Rock, Pop 14/02/2019
The Dated formed in 2016 playing pub rock tunes with an indie slant. Their original music is timeless in that it is a sound that defies easy genre categorisation
There is something of the late 70’s, New Wave sound to 'Since You Left Me', a sort of less angsty, more rock and roll Elvis Costello or perhaps even the sort of thing Nick Lowe might have penned

Other tracks by The Dated:  The Sky I See  -  Kiss You in the Rain