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Hell Average - A Quiet Place     Rock, Punk 17/05/2019
Hell Average play off pop punk tropes - adding colour and harmonic technicality whilst keeping the themes hard hitting and the melodies catchy.
A Quiet Place leans more to their rock roots, with desperate frustrated vocals, singer Izzy backed up by clever drums and heavy guitars is the most honest she’s ever been lyrically exploring her feelings of failure.

Horace Bones - Not From Around Here     Rock, Punk 17/05/2019
Horace Bones release ‘Not From Around Here’, a perfectly bold and merciless statement of their musical and ideological intent.
Horace Bones release ‘Not From Around Here’, a perfectly bold and merciless statement of their musical and ideological intent and the first single from their debut LP ‘Terra’ to be released in May followed by an extensive east coast tour in June.

Meteor Infant - Divide an Island     Rock, Folk, Indigenous 17/05/2019
Meteor Infant's new release melds diverse influences from alternative folk to ambient metal and is already being compared to artists like Mount Eerie, Elliott Smith and Death Cab for Cutie
This track comes from the dream world. It is about men, family, land, and the mythologies we tell ourselves.

MOSS - Afghan Express     Rock, Pop 17/05/2019
MOSS is a five (5) piece original Rock Band, writing social / political songs aimed to get messages important to us out there while you rock.
Thousands of Afghani and Pakistani cameleers played an important role in shaping the Australian outback and were referred to as Afghan Cameleers. Principally from Kandahar, they arrived in Port Augusta and settled in “Ghan towns” during Australia’s foundation years. One of the most important was Farina Town in South Australia’s far north.

This song pays respect to those early pioneers

Nelipot - Garden Hose Rainbows     Rock 17/05/2019
NSW Central Coast-based indie-rock trio Nelipot have just unveiled tour dates and their striking new single ‘Garden Hose Rainbows’ – engineered and mixed by Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Skegss).
‘Garden Hose Rainbows’ is a modern nod to the golden era of brit-pop and dance-punk, drawing inspiration from the likes of mainstay acts The Vaccines, LCD Soundsystem and Pulp. Opening with steadfast drums and ethereal synths, the track builds with throbbing bass, buzzing guitars and the endearing vocals of frontman Jordan Olyslagers, before bursting into its power-pop soaked anthemic chorus.

Physical Release - Salt Water     Rock, Atmospheric, Atmospheric, Atmospheric 17/05/2019
A shoegaze/darkwave band from Perth, Australia
Washy shoegaze

Other tracks by Physical Release:  Dreams  -  Next Day
Richard Grewar - Holland     Rock, Acoustic, Folk 17/05/2019
Australia singer/songwriter now living in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. Richard Grewar's blend of rock, pop and acoustic elements ignite the creation of a soundscape bursting with color, rhythm and intensity.
Holland tells the story of a father having a conversation with his daughter at various stages of her life, only to realize that the conversations can never actually happen. Based on Grewar, and his wife's, real life experience with a miscarriage.

RVG - Alexandra     Rock 17/05/2019
RVG return with the first taste of new music since their debut album. Have Supported Kurt Vile,Pond,Shame,Future Islands,Pete Doherty,US Girls. Upcoming tour of the US&Canada supporting Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.
“Alexandra” was recorded at Head Gap studios with Victor Van Vugt (PJHarvey, Nick Cave & TheBadSeeds).Alexandra’s instrumental was recorded live to track, all instruments at once.

RomyVager describes “Alexandra” as a song which came together quickly, but which felt like it uncompromisingly needed to be recorded. The song is an allegory for the broader oppression marginalised people are subjected to.

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Shadows Without Substance - Vortex     Rock, Punk, Metal, Grunge 17/05/2019
Shadows Without Substance are a female fronted hard rock band from Brisbane. We like loud and meaningful music, so we play loud and (hopefully) meaningful music
Vortex is a song about ego. It's about that guy who plays guitar just to "get chicks" and carries himself that way. It's about that guy who thinks everyone loves him and can do no wrong. We hate that guy, so we wrote a rock song about him. Really helps get that anger out.

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Shïppa-63 - The Girl With No One To Love     Rock, Britpop, Pop 17/05/2019
A solo band inspired by Britpop/rock of the 80s & 90s, Shïppa-63 aims to impress with tight riffs and heartfelt lyrics. You will not believe it is only one man.
The Girl With No One To Love is a throwback to the Britpop era of the Las, Blur, etc of the 90s...with a touch of late 60s psychedelia thrown in for good measure. At the time of writing, the band is still trying to work out who she is!

Other tracks by Shïppa-63:  Around  -  Hypochondria
Sunset Junkies - Ozymandias     Rock 17/05/2019
Progressive groove rock band Sunset Junkies are proud to present their latest single 'Ózymandias'
'Ozymandias', an epic, 6 minute, genre-defying progressive piece was written and produced by frontman Byron Short and mixed by Grammy award winner David Bottrill (Tool, Muse, Peter Gabriel). Also featuring a blistering guitar solo from special guest, Simon Gardner.

Turtle Wave - Siamese     Rock, Psychedelic 17/05/2019
Five piece band of jazzy psych surf rock oddballs crawling straight outta Melbourne
Turtle Wave's debut single. A maximalist jazzy psych surf rock experience.

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Amy Elise - Out into Nothing     Rock, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Pop 16/05/2019
Amy Elise is a 14 year old Gold Coast singer songwriter with a powerful voice and musicianship beyond her years. Amy writes with a fresh voice in alt-pop style.
Out into Nothing is an alt/rock style with acoustic feel, and tells the story of facing fears, and jumping into the unknown.

Art of Fighting - Luna Low     Rock, Folk 16/05/2019
Art of Fighting share the title track to their first album in twelve years, entitled Luna Low, released on Friday 7th June via Remote Control Records.
As premiered by Double J 'Luna Low' shares the honour of being written to close out the record. It is a quiet moonlit drink very late at night, and a looking back on days that didn’t go as planned. It pushes and pulls, ebbs and flows, as its gently strummed guitars and brushed drums patiently reach for a lonely ending.

Born Lion - Sunshine     Rock, Punk 16/05/2019
Frenetic Punk rockers
High energy Rock and Roll

Carla Geneve - Yesterday's Clothes     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 16/05/2019
Perth artist Carla Geneve shares new single 'Yesterday's Clothes' from her newly announced debut self-titled EP, released Friday 7 June via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
Premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed, Carla explains her new single "Yesterday’s Clothes is about falling out of love with someone and feeling guilty about it. I wrote it at a time when I was burning the candle at both ends and had no energy left to try to deal with the end of a relationship."

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Cloud Tangle - Carousel Composition     Rock, Atmospheric, Ambience, Goth 16/05/2019
Cloud Tangle is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay, which combines video art and composition to evoke a mood equally devastating and beautiful.
The idea of going around in circles on a theme park ride is a timeless experience of both adrenaline and regret, much like many things in life. I wanted to create that but in a more lost, dark way. Like when young people of yore would attend theme parks for fun, but also lived in a more naive reality. 

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Other tracks by Cloud Tangle:  Falling Asleep  -  Still
DMA'S - Beautiful Stranger     Rock, Pop 16/05/2019
DMA'S are set to release the MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) album on June 14th. The album features their previously unreleased, violin-driven take on the Madonna classic ‘Beautiful Stranger’.
The set makes an immediate statement with ‘Feels Like 37’, which substitutes its rush of spiky melody with a more reflective atmosphere. Numerous fan favourites such as ‘Step Up The Morphine’, ‘In The Air’ and ‘Lay Down’ resonate in their new form, while the album also features their previously unreleased, violin-driven take on the Madonna classic ‘Beautiful Stranger’.

Dorah Jacson - Away     Rock, Pop 16/05/2019
Raw/dark/dreamy Indie-rock.
'Away' comes from a time where I was very lost - it was the start of a new year where I didn't know to do next in my life. I was going out every weekend but it wasn't really my thing. One night I met someone like me and this song is about that.

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Patrick Ryan - Night Market     Rock, Psychedelic 16/05/2019
Patrick Ryan’s music sounds like the soundtrack to a western film set at a seaside carnival.
Night Market is a psychedelic pop rock track that takes sonic cues from the city where Patrick Ryan spent most of his youth, Hong Kong. The track explores a descent into complacency facilitated through personal vices, all the while dreaming illusions of grandeur.