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The Dunhill Blues - Done for Good     Rock, Garage, Punk, Live Performance 20/07/2019
"The Dunhill Blues play a pummelling, primitive and pulsing style of rock 'n' roll that's best viewed beer in hand" - JEREMY SHEAFFE Beat Magazine - Melbourne (16/6/2010)
Album opener Done for Good is Dan's giant, cathartic Rock n Roll vomit. Sh*t was grim for me back then and the songs reflected the headspace I was in. The songs oozed heartbreak like blood from a gunshot wound. One that’s hit somewhere nasty like your face or balls too, not some pissy flesh wound, it was nasty.

Other tracks by The Dunhill Blues:  Deadbeat
BiPolly - 16 and Crazy     Rock, Punk, Pop 19/07/2019
BiPolly is a new project from Adelaide based solo artist Jade Daniels. The music has a pop/punk chilled out vibe featuring songs based around millennial culture.
16 and Crazy is a very "I don't care" song. The undertone is about struggling with mental health, and the peer pressure from friends to go out 'act' normal, while just wanting to stay at home and be in a comfort zone.

Dead Preachers - Train     Rock, Blues 19/07/2019
Melbourne based Southern-Gothic Blues Rock band, Dead Preachers bring a fresh take on guitar and organ driven rock.
Train takes the hook of a guitar riff and drives it home with pulsing rhythms and booming lead vocals

Diamonds of Neptune - Open The Door     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 19/07/2019
Diamonds of Neptune are a five-piece band with a unique take on the indie-rock genre. Taking you on a journey from a dream-like state to heavy synth with psych-pop sounds.
“Out the Door” is about heading out on the weekend to let go and forget about any troubles you had during the week.

Electric Zebra - I'm A Natural     Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk 19/07/2019
Electric Zebra have been generating underground buzz in the Brisbane scene for half a decade, and now, their debut record shows what they're all about.
A song about screwing up a first date.

Other tracks by Electric Zebra:  Valley of Leeches  -  Saturated Blue
Jessamine - I Don't Look Good On Paper     Rock 19/07/2019
Jessamine is a solo artist writing and performing punk rock, raw music. Affiliated bands, Nitocris, Fyreflyes and The Mis-Made
'I Don't Look Good On Paper', was written about being judged by material possessions or the lack thereof. This song is dedicated to those who do not fit the mould and have higher principals that money and power.

Other tracks by Jessamine:  Imaginary Friend
Josh Kroehn - Processed Life     Rock 19/07/2019
Josh’s music delves into a world where his guitar playing creates textures that carry, conflict and challenge his vocal tones and colors in biographical confessionals.
A song about escaping the process that I felt I was going through and pursing my passion instead

Lisa Caruso - Borrow My Body     Rock, Pop 19/07/2019
Lisa’s songs scream empathetic feelings. Fronting a band full of guts, with heart on sleeve lyrics, a unique vocal, and arrangements nostalgic of 60’s and 90’s indie eras.
Disrobed and romantic, ‘Borrow my Body’ is layered with warm synthesised piano and shimmering guitars under an honest raw vocal. Kept in time with a lone ride cymbal, peaks and troughs are led by fearless baritone guitar and measured amplifier feedback, finishing large with help from a tom drum rhythm.

Summer Flake - Hand In The Fire     Rock 19/07/2019
Summer Flake is the moniker of singer songwriter Steph Crase.
Summer Flake has dropped another spell binding track, 'Hand In The Fire', the second single to be lifted from ‘Seasons Change’, the much-anticipated third album from Steph Crase aka Summer Flake.

TORK - Wasting My Time     Rock, Grunge 19/07/2019
TORK. Adelaide 3 piece. Grunge and various by-products.
If you've ever been stuck doing something you thought was right. But it doesn't mean a thing.
If you've ever been so blindly committed that you forget what really matters.
If you've ever lost independence to a cause, a process, an institution, a social norm, a respected figure.
Have you been wasting your time?

Bushing - Vacillate     Rock, Garage, Folk, Atmospheric 18/07/2019
Music that is "sharpened to attack the unfruitful ideologies of the Atomic age." - Cameron Menegoni, 2SER 107.3FM SYDNEY
A grand-historical narrative connecting the destruction of the cave-meditating Pythagoreans to Plato, and the annihilation of heavenly otherness in Luther, to the economies of resentment conjured up by 2GB and its ilk.

Four Lions - Gone     Rock, Alternative Country, Roots, Britpop 18/07/2019
Four Lions single "Gone" from their Herald Sun Album Of The Week "Hard Days" recorded by Finn Keane (Wilco) at Head Gap,mixed by Sam Kassirer (Josh Ritter) in Boston, USA
Gone, penned by frontman and chief songwriter Shann Lions, was the first song written for the album - and one of the first recorded.

“It’s a song written about the anxieties of potentially failing in life and within a relationship, and never feeling good enough at both,” Lions says.

The Buoys - GOLD     Rock, Garage 18/07/2019
all female Sydney 4-piece The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones.
Recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with long-time collaborator Antonia Gauci, ‘GOLD’ is simply as its name implies; shiny, glimmering and immediately striking.

Batz - Wizard     Rock, Pop, Electronic 17/07/2019
Batz are back with their latest single Wizrd.
Batz are back with their latest single Wizard. The love child of the B52's and Yeah Yeah Yeahs this song is nothing but good vibes.

Full Flower Moon Band - Roadie     Rock, Garage, Pop 17/07/2019
If you ask the oracle about Full Flower Moon Band, it's the story of 28 year old rock prodigy/ outcast/ loner/ Babyshakes Dillon, the underground producer and multi-instrumentalist.
Babyshakes is driving down the highway and sees an apparition of a woman on a horse. She gets out of her car and prepares to do a seance (another day, another demon). She opens the back of her boot and pulls out her weaponry to release the spirit. She succeeds, but further down the highway, the apparition appears again.

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Jason Penna - Burn This Crossroad Down     Rock, Grunge 17/07/2019
Jason is taking Australia by storm bringing back classic rock to Australian Airways.
A rock song to get you on your feet and rocking out. Every artist needs a signature driving track for those long Australian Road Trips and this is one of those songs that will pump you up ready for the drive.

PLANET - Never New     Rock 17/07/2019
Over the last few years the Sydney four-piece has gone from playing local pubs in their hometown to playing bigger and bigger stages across the globe, including The Great Escape
The new single is a vibrant, effervescent song. Its head bopping, tambourine-shaking rhythm instantly casts it as a live set highlight, as lead singer Matty Took’s voice soars through zooming guitar riffs and angelic synth chords that sing out like a choir, to once again reinforce that cosmic quality that is quintessentially PLANET.

Primary Collective - Grass Is Greener     Rock, Pop, Roots 17/07/2019
Primary Collective are a four piece rock band from Merredin in regional WA. In March 2019 they were selected to be part of WA Music's Demos from The Wheatbelt record.
Recorded at Merredin's historic Cummins Theatre, Grass Is Greener is the first track released from WA Music's forthcoming "Demos from The Wheatbelt" compilation due for release August 16th. An upbeat indie rock tune, Grass Is Greener is a tongue in cheek criticism and written from the POV of someone who is always dissatisfied, thinking there's something better around the corner.

Rocket Science - I Hate Hate     Rock, Garage, Punk 17/07/2019
Australia's favourite garage-psych-punks are back from outer-space: tougher, wilder and sharper than ever. They have a new record in the can and this is single #2.
‘I Hate Hate’ is the blistering second single off Rocket Science’s upcoming album Snake. An “ode” to the Outrage Industrial Complex penned by bassist Dave Gray, who incidentally delivers a bassline that will scorch your ears. A sneering malediction with a beat you can dance to. It’s a high energy, garage-punk punch up. Dig it.

Running Riot - You Look Alright     Rock, Garage, Punk 17/07/2019
4 Piece rock/punk band. Raw raucous rock with a few refined edges. Dual guitar think The Clash meets Motorhead!
Rock tune written by Running Riot about waiting around for your friend to get ready to go out and Rock!

Other tracks by Running Riot:  Out of Position  -  N.S.U.