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WAAX - Wild & Weak     Rock, Punk 04/05/2017
WAAX has developed a reputation as “a live band to be reckoned with.” A punk-infused rock band with the “utterly terrifying” DeVita fronting.
'Wild & Weak' explores the inner workings of an individual and the effect of a post-traumatic deep-hole beginning to form. The song is a step by step documentation of what it feels like to go through this process.


2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (presented by the Queensland Music Festival - QLD Awards) - Marie DeVita

WAAX - This Everything     Metal/Punk, Rock 10/08/2016
WAAX are back with a refined intensity and an explosive but focused and dynamic maturity. You’ll see.
“It’s a song about being overwhelmed by everything at once but not being able to move – or at the most - move backwards. I felt myself slipping into the dark places I had been in the past. I was isolating myself socially and felt like I didn’t belong anywhere"


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS), Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

WAAX - Same Same     Metal/Punk 03/11/2016
A live band to be reckoned with, Brisbane five-piece WAAX one again prepare to bring their own brand of furious vibe-punk to the people.
Same Same is the follow up to WAAX's This Everything both musically and mentally. Insanity is usually looked at as repeating the same thing again and again. 'I pace, I backtrack, until I walk the Same path', plays on the notions of recognising the same behaviour, mistakes and thought patterns.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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WAAX - Nothing Is Always     Rock, Grunge 10/03/2017
Gaining an early reputation as ‘a live band to be reckoned with’ WAAX dictated their path as a punk-infused rock band with the “utterly terrifying” Marie DeVita fronting.
New music from almighty Brisbane force of nature WAAX, 'Nothing Is Always', is another furious rocker to add to the WAAX cannon with spit-fire shouts of "damage" and "panic" laced around suggestions of compromise and insecurity.

WAAX - No Apology     Rock 23/08/2019
After years of evolution and growth, the expected shape of their punk to come has finally taken the form of Big Grief, their stellar debut album, out August 23
From the anthemic title track that opens the album with a triumphant fist held high, through to the barn burner ‘No Apology,’ and the quietly tender ‘History,’ Big Grief is a record that is dynamic and wide in scope.

Waax - Labrador     Rock, Punk, Punk 01/05/2018
Australia’s most electrifying punk band, WAAX today release their walloping, brand-new single ‘Labrador’. The five-piece Brisbane outfit have also been announced to perform at the sold-out Splendour In The Grass
‘Labrador’ starts off gradually, easing its foot onto the accelerator as stabbing guitar notes and echoey drums next door subtly build the momentum. Above all else though, the focus continues to be drawn to Maz De Vita’s concentrated vocals, sounding smoother and yet more emotionally raw than ever.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

WAAX - I Am     Rock 15/05/2019
WAAX have reasserted themselves as one of premiere acts in Australian music today with the release of a brand-new single, ‘I Am,’ and with a sweeping, national tour.
The song still rocks and rocks hard – the guitar lines soar, the drums thump like a kick to the guts, and that quiet vocal delivery (although short) is only a fleeting moment of sweetness from DeVita before she’s back to her howling best.

WAAX - Holy Sick     Metal/Punk, Rock 11/01/2016
Rolling Stone described WAAX as "a short, sharp, sonic kick to the face that will leave you humming their melodies while picking your teeth off the floor."
A middle finger to disappointment.

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Other tracks by WAAX:  I For An Eye
WAAX - FU     Rock 28/02/2019
Sold out national tours, released EPs, supported Wolf Alice, Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro, and played sets at Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, Good Things and Unify Gathering.
Boasting signature searing guitar lines and an undeniably anthemic chorus, ‘FU’ makes its biggest stand as a showcase of frontwoman Maz De Vita at her powerhouse vocal best. Meanwhile, the song’s short, sharp, one-two punch title serves as the perfect descriptor for the weight with which the music and the words land.

Vultures of Venus - Whitehorse     Rock, Dance 30/05/2013
Vultures of Venus take inspiration from seedy and speedy urbanity combining fuzzy stop-start guitars, silky dance beats, glistening keyboards and psychedelic vocals to create their unique brand of Indie Rock.
Described as "Very Catchy" by Beat Magazine, Whitehorse combines the electric onslaught of the Stooges with tasty Keys and Psychedelic Synthesizers. It's the story of the search for pleasure in a Hunter S Thompson world and the danger and beauty of the sexy underground.

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Other tracks by Vultures of Venus:  The Looks  -  Tin Moon
Vulpes Vulpes - Mirrorvine     Rock, Punk, Britpop 12/06/2012
A solid fix of punchy British post-punk/indie, with an arid American dirty rock and roll.
Vulpes Vulpes have wrapped up their live show energy, punchy rhythms and gritty guitar riffs into one explosive package. The vocals haul the listener into a new psychological landscape for a shaky emotional trip and a good kick in the head. 'Mirrorvine' marks the stamping down of Vulpes Vulpes'.

Voyager - Ghost Mile     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 11/05/2017
Australian pop sensibility with modern progressive heaviness - the cult force that is Voyager.
Ghost Mile is the eponymous second single from Voyager's new album out Friday May 12.


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Other tracks by Voyager:  Ascension
Vox Eagle - No Sleep     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 21/11/2016
Vox Eagle is an Australian-American duo that blends ambient pop grooves with elements of tropical psychedelia.
Vox Eagle’s addictive and atmospheric debut single, “No Sleep,” was created in an 48-hour recording frenzy in midtown Manhattan. The song evokes the rhythmic insomnia of New York City. Like an electric ocean current, the sweeping synths and hypnotic beat drives the song’s Beach Boys inspired vocal melodicism.

Vorsen - Take Your Mark     Rock, Blues, Pop 18/07/2016
From elegantly smooth acoustic tones to powerful blues-soaked choruses, its no surprise Vorsen is turning heads across the country with their diverse yet distinguished sound.
“’Take Your Mark’ is an important song for us to release. Previously our recordings have been quite raw/stripped back whereas this track had a lot of emphasis on production while still maintaining an organic feel," says the band on the track.

Vorsen - Hurricane     Rock, Roots 19/03/2016
A captivating roots/rock 4-piece that have hit the ground running with their diverse range of organic and powerful songs.
A blues'n'roots track that is captivating from the get-go. From the raw edgy verses to soaring choruses and a killer guitar solo.

Other tracks by Vorsen:  Live A Little Lie  -  Running With The Wolves
Voodoo In Blue - Dysthymia     Rock, Psychedelic, Britpop 15/07/2019
Voodoo in Blue are a five-piece outfit mastering the balance of old and new - an Australian-US collaboration with their own studio and close to 100 penned songs
This first single release, Dysthymia, was written by Kyle McMenemy in 2016 and recorded by the band in their studio in 2018. This song is about overcoming long term depression. In this way, the song has a paradoxical music theme; in being somewhat dark musically in one sense but with a bright beat and positive lyrics in the other.

Voodoo In Blue - Around Around     Rock, Pop, Dance 24/06/2016
Voodoo In Blue are a five piece all male rock outfit that often strays to any genre you care to think of. Check us out. We're worth your time.
"Around Around" will put you in a good mood if you're in a bad one and a better mood if you're in a good one.
It'll find for you the bounce in your step and the smile on your face.
Give yourself three and a half minutes of fun!

Von Villains - Losing My Mind     Rock, Pop, Garage 22/03/2016
Von Villains, formed on the Gold Coast, allude to an indie-rock musical love-child of a '70s funky strut crime film and a low budget horror.
Perceived from a very insular and euphoric state of mind, frontman Jack Field collaged the track from the graveyard of ideas he'd yet to embellish. Working through an exhibition of writer's block, it deals with how the songwriter is coping with his current lack of creative flare to the songs.

Von Stache - Walk On Me     Rock, Punk, Pop 30/07/2015
Von Stache is a solo guitar slingin' party girl from Geelong, Victoria.
An upbeat, energetic track about reliving a particular conversation between two people many years ago.


August 22nd - Geelong - Barwon Club
August 26th - Melbourne - The Grace Darling Hotel
August 29th - Ballarat - Babushka Lounge
September 22nd - Bendigo - Musicman Mega Store

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Von Stache - If I Stop Too Long     Rock, Pop, Punk 24/06/2015
Von Stache is a solo guitar slingin' party girl from Geelong, Victoria.
An high energy, upbeat punk/pop/rock track. Cathartic, and very catchy.