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Roger Gomez - Mondays Guide     Rock, Pop, Alternative 08/11/2019
singer/songwriter based in perth commercial rock/pop songs, debut album BEHIND CLOUD NINE available on itunes and spotify, currently recording my third album due for release around December 2019
rock pop song up tempo commercial very 80's sound positive lyrics

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Other tracks by Roger Gomez:  she's always landing on her feet  -  i will call heaven home
Rude Rum - Curious Affection     Rock, Alternative, Blues, Pop 08/11/2019
A high energy Rock Groove power-trio with feel good tunes that light up any venue.
An almost rolling surf groove behind a recording that is a sultry rock rebellion at  heart. "Curious Affection" was born for radios and road-trips... Fresh and very addictive.

"We feel this is our best work yet... It's funky, groovy, has that rock attitude and bound to put a cheeky grin on your face... It captures what we're all about"

Sunnyboys - Can't You Stop     Rock, Alternative, Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
Sunnyboys are enjoying a renaissance rarely seen for any band. In truth their popularity now eclipses what it did in 1980-1984. Why not then give the people new music?
Can’t You Stop is a reworking of a song Jeremy recorded as The Fisherman in 1986. The short-lived trio were Jeremy’s immediate post-Sunnyboys band and the original version was released on the Waterfront label the same year. In this guise Can’t You Stop features an all new arrangement plus those trademark Sunnyboys harmonies. It rocks.

The Meanies - Lyin'     Rock, Punk, Alternative 08/11/2019
30 years strong, The Meanies are renowned as one of Australia's most influential punk bands.
The Meanies Lyin' live at The Hifi Bar 2014

Other tracks by The Meanies:  You're Pathetic  -  Inside
The VANNS - Fake Friends     Rock, Indie 08/11/2019
“It’s got elements that would make classic rock heads lose their mind and the indie kids swoon as well.” Triple J, Declan Byrne (‘Mother’, 2019)
A catchy, indie-rock record, that brings it all home in the chorus.

Other tracks by The VANNS:  Thieves  -  Chaka Fan
Bad Pony - Villain     Rock, Indie, Pop 07/11/2019
Bad Pony are back and they’re loud. Brandishing a killer new single, ‘Villain’, they've re-emerged with a refined edge that is bound to have fans excited for what 2020 holds.
Punchy, guitar heavy and melodically strong, ‘Villain’ is a snapshot of Bad Pony’s undeniable passion for the grit and chaotic music that has won them fans in Australia and abroad over the last few years.

Bobby Burgess - Headlights     Rock, Blues, Alternative 07/11/2019
Blues Rock guitarist and singer from Perth W.A.
A slow burning moody track that recalls a pretty serious situation between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Mid tempo minor chords back up a melancholy vocal and epic guitar solo.

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Fraser Bell - Circle     Rock, Alternative, Pop, Folk 07/11/2019
Fraser Bell is a Brisbane indie-rock artist. Holding a distinct guitar-heavy sound, Fraser Bell writes intricate and intriguing songs.
A sound that is tougher and edgier than before. 'Circle' by Australian indie-rock artist Fraser Bell pairs soaring guitar riffs with matured lyrical content.

Kings Union - Lost Butterflies     Rock, Alternative, Metal 07/11/2019
Kings Union is an alternative rock band taking heavy influences from bands such as Foo Fighters, Thrice and Velvet Revolver.
The single "Lost Butterflies" is out now. It's an emotional outpouring from the death of the lead singers baby boy Charlie, who would have been 3 years old today.

KODY - Sage (Live at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW, 08/2019)     Rock, Alternative 07/11/2019
A band with something to say
A song about not being anything to anyone, to be alone and be ok with that

Kurilpa Reach - Best End     Rock, Reggae / Dub, Roots, Psych 07/11/2019
Kurilpa Reach cannot be tamed, Many have tried to classify this eclectic, ragamuffin 5-piece, but instead, have been lost to the groove.
Best End is all about our home, Kurilpa (West End) in Meanjin (Brisbane). It's about long nights hanging out along the river, running through town. It's an ode to our 20's, to the carefree youth we are presently afforded.

Paul Turner - More than the moon.     Rock, Indie, Folk, Roots 07/11/2019
Paul Turner's latest release More than the moon.
More than the moon is a song written about a holiday in Thailand.

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Swiss Coast - Cherry Bomb     Rock 07/11/2019
Geelong based rock and roll band. All originals played loud as hell.
Awesome song about empowered women.

Tai Sui - Devito     Rock, Alternative, Garage, Metal 07/11/2019
Tai Sui are a 4 piece group of hard-hitting experimentalists from Australia with a mad scientist approach to music composition, melody and vocals.
There is an African proverb that goes"If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent a night with a mosquito". 🦟

The track 'Devito' was conceptualised from that feeling many of us experience in our lives of not being good enough or being too small to effect change, to stand up, to have a voice.

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Fingermae - Wish Upon A Morning Star     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Punk 06/11/2019
Fingermae are three queer women from Sydney playing Jazz Punk and hard to get. If pop has eaten itself, Fingermae have come out the other end.
Wish Upon A Morning Star is our attempt to draw light to the ongoing genocide in West Papua, which has been under Indonesian Military rule since a farcical vote at gunpoint in 1969. An estimated half million West Papuans have been killed since.

The song is a fast rocker with dark verses, a chaotic bridge and euphoric chorus.

Here comes the Rooster - Sway     Rock, Garage 06/11/2019
A formidable rock 'n roll prospect, Here comes the Rooster have grown to become one of Perth's premier poultry bands.
The title of the track is a reference to seeking acceptance in uncertain and complex political times with the sway of politics from left to right taking us longer to move forward but it really being the only way we know how.

Other tracks by Here comes the Rooster:  Oh No  -  Height
Jess Coram - Coming Home     Rock, Punk, Alternative 06/11/2019
Jess is a singer/songwriter & rhythm guitarist. Jess formed Sydney-based band B*tchslap in 2002 and has been writing/performing ever since. Jess has played numerous tours and opened for L7 2015
Heavy, fuzzy guitar, dark guitar tones, heavy bass/drums. Punchy bridge.

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Other tracks by Jess Coram:  Back Door  -  All You Said
Pure Milk - Gotta Have It     Rock, Indie, Punk, Alternative 06/11/2019
Pure Milk have drawn influence from the DIY ethic of the Australian underground scene, writing songs selfdescribed as “wholesome indie punk with a tinge of slacker rock” .
Gotta Have It is a short, clever, guitar-driven track about procrastinating your way through all your great ideas and remembering to bring your keep cup.

Other tracks by Pure Milk:  Palm Beach  -  Don't Drive West
Sal & the Mandas - Stoic Soul     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Punk 06/11/2019
"Punchy, Pacey and Raucous" - The AU Review. Pop punk three-piece, Sal & the Mandas, have burst into the music scene with energetic tunes that will make you dance.
Meet the Royal Blood X Sex Bob-Omb lovechild, Stoic Soul. This is an energetic, badass banger about wearing your heart on your sleeve with pride.

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Templelord - Rise Above     Rock, Alternative, Metal 06/11/2019
Members of former WA bands Thumb, Wasted Youth, Monad, Fourstroke, The Devil Rides Out, The M16's, The Healys and Wizard Sleeve have joined forces to bring you TEMPLELORD.
A short and snappy rock / grunge tune featuring the vocals of drummer Adam Sciullo and harmonies from the rest of the band.

Other tracks by Templelord:  I Know  -  Wash Away