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Cigars of the Pharaoh - Sincere Karma     Rock, Blues, Metal 24/06/2018
With a power-packed sound that tips its hat to the blues rock genre of old, Cigars Of The Pharaoh are bringing a modern twist to retro-rock grooves.
Sincere Karma came about like so many of the band’s tunes do — a random riff at rehearsal. But this time it was different. With the band moving to a new two-guitar line-up, this time it was massive, a big, bold new sound that shakes the very foundations of the traditional rock sound.

Accidental President - The King is Dead     Rock 22/06/2018
Ever listen to a song that said everything you'd been thinking ... That's what Accidental President are doing with their fierce, harmonically driven hard rock! []
The King is Dead - Empires come and go, regimes change, but cannon fodder remains cannon fodder. "The King is Dead.........but we must pledge allegiance to the Empire".

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Other tracks by Accidental President:  Closer18  -  CloserDUB
Courtney Barnett - Charity     Rock 22/06/2018
Courtney Barnett shares ‘Charity’, a track taken from her highly acclaimed new album Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
Themes throughout Tell Me How You Really Feel and the tracks on it, such as 'Charity', are about communication and disconnect. Hope and fear. It’s about relationships and friendships and community.

Courtney Barnett - Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence     Rock 22/06/2018
Courtney Barnett shares ‘Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence’, taken from her new album Tell Me How You Really Feel, out now via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
On 'Crippling Self-Doubt And A General Lack Of Confidence' Barnett grapples with responsibility of being an unexpected spokesperson of her generation, whose every word is open to scrutiny and examination, somehow turning the chorus of “I don’t know/I don’t know/I don’t know anything” into something both humorous and peculiarly affecting.

Jacob Sydney - Delicate     Rock, Easy Listening, Ambience, Soul 22/06/2018
Alternative singer songwriter combining ambient soft rock with husky yet soulful vocals.
Delicate is a perfect representation of Jacob Sydney's amazing ability to create a soft soulful rock experience

Lost Worlds - What You Say     Rock, Garage, Electronic, Grunge 22/06/2018
Lost Worlds are an Australian Rock and Roll band from Queensland, formed in 2016. Their sound is a musical hybrid of early 2000s Garage Rock and Video Game Electronica.
Garage Rock with punk energy that got thrown into a video game. Driven by dynamic synthesisers and guitar effects. It's about the overload of information, propaganda, and trying to find yourself when so much is pressured on you.

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Other tracks by Lost Worlds:  I Wonder What  -  It Goes On
Muules - It Just Happens     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Bass covering the low AND the high ends. Drums covering the rest. And a vocal delivery harking back to some of our greatest musical heroes without coming across as nostalgic.
‘It Just Happens’ highlights those relationships where consistently the timing isn’t right for either person, and deep down each other knows they will wait until the stars align and everything will fall into place.

Other tracks by Muules:  All Heart No Brain
New War - Get In The Boot     Rock, Punk 22/06/2018
New War are quite simply a devastatingly brilliant rock band. 4 musicians at the top of their game producing intense and lucent post-punk. Ferocious, rhythmic and razor sharp.
Relentless, catchy & at moments completely unhinged, ‘Get in the Boot’ flits between Elizabethan throne rooms, Garbo, & magical realist nursery rhyme, foregrounded by a goose-stepping rhythm section & synths like an air raid being eaten by a swarm of bees.

PLTS - Maelstrom     Rock, Pop, Punk 22/06/2018
PLTS (pronounced Pilots) are an indie-rock band from Byron Bay, Australia.
“Writing this track proved the most challenging process we’ve navigated as a group to date. We chose to focus on a water theme, it’s such a significant theme in our personal lives and also is a great representation of the unpredictable nature and challenges in navigating the creation of music and in particular, this track." - PLTS

Pup Tentacle - Tree Sky     Rock, Psychedelic 22/06/2018
Pup Tentacle are a concept band of five mild mannered business people looking to the salvation of space rock to escape the ever closing void of their work life.
Tree Sky is the story of a tree that becomes a spaceship launching into the night sky, featuring lush, three-part harmonies, a smooth psychedelic jam, and too many synths to count on one hand. It doesn't get any more psychedelic than this.

Other tracks by Pup Tentacle:  Hunter and Her Hound  -  Jon Hamm is on My Mind
Semester - Attention     Rock, Punk, Pop 22/06/2018
Semester, the Brisbane band who have taken the melodic tones and self aware lyrics of 90’s/ 00’s emo music and pair it with sing-a-long hooks to make catchy punk tunes.
Attention is a song dedicated to unrequited love. The track details the hard journey it is searching for someone that you can immerse yourself into when you crave the attention and desire for them to be part of your growth and learning.

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The Dead Love - Wake Up     Rock, Grunge 22/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, self-professed "sh**ty grunge" larrikins The Dead Love are set to release their new single 'Wake Up,' ahead of a east coast national tour.
Wake Up is a heartfelt and thought-provoking rock song with a powerful message."It's a reminder that violence towards women is still very much present among us and happening closer than you think. It’s a story of an ugly breakup turning physical, and touches on how some friends stayed silent, even while others spoke up.”- Stevie Knight, Frontman

The Gooch Palms - Busy Bleeding     Rock 22/06/2018
Two piece from Newcastle.
Busy Bleeding is poppy upbeat ode to “that time of the month” With classic lines suck as “running red, dropping dead, I’m in pieces” and “second pair of underwear, what a burden” half the population can relate and after a few listens, the other half will at least get the picture of what we’re all dealing with here!

The Hot Springs - Shock And Happiness     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Atmospheric 22/06/2018
The Hot Springs are a 5 piece band from Melbourne. Influenced by Cash Savage, Mazzy Star and Robert Plant, the band infuse guitar-heavy folk with country music and lyrical storytelling.
Shock & Happiness was formed in the studio where Knight used the writing space to collage words from a book of Robert Burns’ poetry found in a Wonthaggi opshop. The song, which touches on feelings of freedom and desperation, constantly builds climaxing with a soaring Saxophone solo.

Other tracks by The Hot Springs:  Winterbell  -  Appaloosa
The Living End - Don't Lose It     Rock 22/06/2018
One of Australia's most loved bands The Living End are back with their new single 'Don't Lose It', a testament to their quintessential sound of killer riffs, hooks and choruses.
‘Don’t Lose It’ is a clarion call to the breadth of fire and intensity still stirring strongly within Chris, Scott and Andy. The track itself is quintessential Living End - packed with killer riffs, hooks and choruses. It is the first release to emerge from an inspired writing and recording session done in Berlin earlier this year.

Venice Queens - Bad Heart     Rock 22/06/2018
Adelaidian larrikins Venice Queens are about to unleash their laid back-yet-punchy debut EP, lead by new single “Bad Heart”, and embark on their first headline interstate shows.
Venice Queens'' latest single“Bad Heart” sees the quintet once again pivot their sound across the rock genre with snippets of surf and alt-rock with plenty of groove sandwiched between.

Zolton - Back Again     Rock, Pop 22/06/2018
Zolton has a fondness for meshing 80s production touches with searing guitars and hooky riffs.
Back Again is eighties meets stadium, a guitar onslaught of pop tunesmithery! The song was written and performed by Zolton, produced by 19-year-old Aussie music whiz, Taka Perry, and mixed by David Hemming.

Harry Heart - Twenty Five     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Blues 21/06/2018
London born writer Harry Heart’s unique brand of moody, insightful alternative rock mixes the introspective melancholy of his English influences with the energy and brazenness of the Aussie music scene.
The two-minute track is an explosion of indie rock riffs and inventive melodies, with bold lyrics and big guitars, in a frantic yet charming style akin to The Strokes, The Kooks and Tokyo Police Club. Heart penned the track in the UK after returning from the cold expanses of Iceland.

Zenith Moon - Inhibition     Rock, Blues, Funk 21/06/2018
Ever wondered what would happen if Zeppelin went home with the Baby Animals and Aretha Franklin after a wine mixer? That night would create a love child named Zenith Moon.
'Inhibition' is the debut single from Melbourne rockers Zenith Moon. It's a tune that packs a hefty punch and ducks and weaves through lead singer Kahli Roses' experiences throughout high school.

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Slippery Gypsees - Incida     Rock, Funk, Reggae 20/06/2018
Slippery Gypsees are three musketeers of razzle dazzle rock from Port Macquarie.
The debut single from Slippery Gypsees. Incida showcases their funky rock style and unique vocals.