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Bec Stevens - The Don't Build Cars Like This Anymore     Rock, Folk 17/10/2018
Effortless storytelling abilities of Bec Stevens soar between raw guitar riffs, bass lines and upbeat rhythm. Reflective of her signature indie/rock sound, Stevens’ writes a catchy melody through emotive lyrics.
The effortless storytelling abilities of Bec Stevens soar between raw guitar riffs, deep bass lines and an upbeat rhythm. Reflective of her signature indie/rock sound, Stevens’ writes a catchy, well-defined melody through emotive, pensive lyrics.

The track’s anthemic qualities challenge the boundaries of indie/rock, and redefines Bec as a dynamic artist set to achieve greater heights in time to come.

Castilles - Habits     Rock, Garage, Blues, Punk 17/10/2018
The electric three-piece blast, fumble, and soar through an eclectic set of rock and roll; tipping hats to modern madness, the pulsing reminder of a dynamic blues backbone always present.
Recorded with Paul 'Woody' Annison. A story of habitual depression, it’s deep and often overbearing connection to the mind and body.
Blues based. Slick, guitar heavy, steamy, reminiscent of old, but brimming with the new tones of today. Differing itself from current trends with it’s dynamics and melodic prowess.

HYG - Colour Box     Rock, Psychedelic 17/10/2018
Psych rock 3-piece from Canberra, known locally for energetic, jam-based shows and driving,
A swirling, driving, bluesy jam-based song with spaced out, delay-heavy vocals and phased-out guitars backed by energetic, tribal drumming and solid bass groove.

Papaya Tree - Youth     Rock, Funk, Soul 17/10/2018
Sydney-based indie sextet Papaya Tree have just unveiled tour dates and their striking new cut ‘Youth’ - recorded and produced by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, The Jezabels).
Papaya Tree yet again produce a splattered canvas of colourful horns, crooning vocals and pure indie-rock sweetness; guaranteed to pull at those heart strings. ‘Youth’ builds to a frenetic crescendo, unmasking the hidden angst of lead singer, Lee McDermott, who explains the meaning behind the track “Youth addresses the age-old wives tale; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

colourblind - Entice Me     Rock, Punk, Grunge, Atmospheric 16/10/2018
colourblind are an alt-punk band from Adelaide, SA who merge their influences of punk, indie, hardcore and shoegaze to write their debut EP "Move Like You", available Nov 2nd.
Entice Me begins with a catchy and atmospheric intro, to charge into the chorus with heavy guitars and emotional fuelled vocals. It's about feeling detached while struggling with mental health, a relatable and important topic to many.

Dan Horne - Silence Between Songs     Rock, Folk, Blues, Roots 16/10/2018
Dan Horne an Australian folk/blues and roots singer songwriter with an art for writing catchy yet meaningful melodies and lyrics.
Silence between Songs was written whilst Dan was Touring north Queensland, driving thousands of kilometres entails lots of music listening, and, on this particular trip he heard the news of the famous producer Avicci had committed suicide. At that point he didn't listen to another song for some time. It was written to help people suffering with mental health problems.

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Erin Will Be Mad - Emergency     Rock, Garage, Punk, Gay Alligned 16/10/2018
Melbourne's Erin Will Be Mad offer a dark palette of punk-derived rock. Their instrumental prowess, sombre lyricism and playful stage presence creates music carefully curated in its detail and theatricality.
Emergency is about only being able to see and hear what you have been taught/raised to believe.
If you can escape from that mentality, often what you have been taught occasionally still rings in your ears and appears in your sight provoking a certain distress.

Other tracks by Erin Will Be Mad:  Save The Date  -  Melt
Galba - Forgotten     Rock, Folk, Pop, Industrial 16/10/2018
Galba has played over 100 gigs around Melbourne and Sydney. They completely understand it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.
A song about a forgotten rockstar. It's heavily influenced by George Harrison and Liam Gallagher. It's a classic sound with a modern twist. It has a very commercial sound with a memorable melody and slide guitar.

Johnny Hunter - Cult Classic     Rock, Garage, Punk 16/10/2018
Johnny Hunter are a 5 piece outfit from Sydney - delivering glam-pop theatrics with a metallic, post-punk sheen, alongside clever lyricism and sardonic wit.
Cult Classic is Johnny Hunter's personal signoff on scene vanguards and the ever bitter pursuit of success. Singing out to the prickly subject of fame, the song takes inspiration from a year full of high profile blunders in every corner of the world.

Kensington - I Was Born To Rock 'N' Roll     Rock 16/10/2018
Kensington play good old Aussie-Hard-Rock-'N'-Roll. The type you can't sit still to even if you tried. Play it loud. Enjoy responsibly...
I got the idea for the album one night driving home from a gig when AC/DC's 'Hells Bells' came on the radio. I wrote this song when I got home in like 10 minutes..

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Other tracks by Kensington:  One Way Ticket  -  Good For Nothing (But The Blues)
Straight Arrows - Headache     Rock, Garage 16/10/2018
Straight Arrows are a garage band from Sydney, Australia. 'ON TOP!' is their third album.
Headache is the blistering, high intensity second single lifted from Straight Arrows' third album ON TOP!

Fuzzed out, harmonic and loud, Headache is a track that captures what Straight Arrows are all about.

Poorxcuse - Home     Rock 15/10/2018
Poorxcuse are a Melbourne three piece band playing funky rock and blues
A song about driving home in Melbourne peak hour

Other tracks by Poorxcuse:  Miss You Babe  -  Cut Finger blues
The Desert Sea - How To Bleed     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 15/10/2018
Groove, riffs and inspirational lyrical content… the makings of an amazing rock anthem by Sydney band The Desert Sea.
How To Bleed was recorded and produced by the band’s fill in drummer and good friend, Lucius Borich, (COG) in his Byron Bay recording studio earlier this month. Diving straight into a heavy bass groove, How To Bleed quickly takes form with a somewhat ‘classic rock’ style introduction. Clearly influenced by the likes of QOTSA and Kingswood.

Sofala - Confetti Dreams     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Funk 15/10/2018
Sofala are seven piece outfit out of Melbourne that fuse sounds psych rock with driving funk rhythms. The music is a balance between intricately composed music with wild, manic expression.
Confetti Dreams is the debut single from Melbourne band Sofala. Recorded live to tape it highlights the bands highly energetic and immersive live performances. The song's lyrics draw inspiration from Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf that also reflects the songs mania throughout.

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The Sea Gypsies - Be A Man     Rock, Reggae 15/10/2018
Take the charismatic energy found in alternate rock and blend it with the spirited groove of reggae and you’ll begin to understand the charm of The Sea Gypsies.
“Be A Man” evokes strong emotion and passion as the indie band sing about his journey from adolescence to manhood.

The single starts with a soft bass accompanied by vocals,then interrupted by an intense drum solo full of emotion. “Be A Man” features energetic bass and guitar solos as well as heartfelt vocalist Luke Marlin guiding listeners through his life.

Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren - All For Rum     Rock, Folk 15/10/2018
A band of filthy pirates who perform rockin' sea shanties about high seas adventure, rum and tales of the sea!
The soon-to-be pirates national anthem: All For Rum! A song in the style of traditional sea shanties, with a big rocking sing-along chorus.

Grab your tankard, raise it to the sky and join in the chorus of "it's all for rum and rum for all!"

Other tracks by Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren:  Drink ('Til We Die)  -  Sea Of Fire
The Lawnton Bowls Club - Direction     Rock, Chill 15/10/2018
The Lawnton Bowls Club are from the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne and play an eclectic mix dreamy pop and alt country
The first track and single is called Direction, and its about being in you're 30's and not always knowing where you're heading. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's not. It's sort of chilled dreamy pop, part of my War on Drugs phase.

Other tracks by The Lawnton Bowls Club:  Don't Let Go of Me Tonight  -  Plenty of Time
Cyanide Thornton - Hot Air     Rock, Folk, Pop 13/10/2018
Cyanide Thornton share their stunning new single 'Hot Air.' The track comes from their self-titled debut album, out November 9 via Bedroom Suck/Remote Control Records.
The band describe the single - "'Hot Air' in a fast moving car on flat ground. Smash into yourself, burst out of yourself. This is a song about difference and distance in close relationships, about trying not to be too self-destructive, and finding different ways to love."

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Cyanide Thornton - Weight     Rock, Folk, Pop 13/10/2018
'Weight' is the first single from the eagerly anticipated self-titled debut album from Naarm (Melbourne) band Cyanide Thornton, out November 9 on Bedroom Suck/Remote Control Records.
While incorporating elements of folk and rock, Cyanide Thornton transcends its composite parts, moving into a space of raw emotion and fierce determination. Thornton’s voice is at once wistful and melancholic, painting narratives with a tender immediacy.

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The Terrifying Lows - Comet     Rock, Pop 13/10/2018
Emerging from several enterprising years playing with a string of Australia’s best new musicians, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Tyler Millott presents his intriguing and bittersweet pop-grunge project, THE TERRIFYING LOWS.
Power-pop banger reminiscent of 90s and early 2000s bands such as Weezer and The Posies

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