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Reality Instructors - Ideal Love     Rock, Punk, Pop, Funk 15/08/2018
Ritual outbursts of ham-fisted aggro-jangle and urgent suburbanite melodicism from Bland St, NSW 2131
Muscular drums, sinewy bass and flatly passionate vocals all built around a primitive heart of chiming churning guitars. A terse combo of motorik rhythm, melody and menace.

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darvid thor - Do It Again     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 14/08/2018
At times anxious and quietly anguished, tender and candid, Darvid Thor (The Cactus Channel, Frida, Karate Boogaloo) makes dreamy indie pop from Melbourne. Debut show this September!
At times anxious and quietly anguished, tender and candid, the song is about growing-up and learning to be content in yourself ~ “It’s about being comfortable doing things purely for yourself, and not letting your idea of what someone else thinks affect you”.

Refractory Road - Sunda Strait     Rock, Roots 14/08/2018
An Australian brand of gritty, full blooded, beer soaked, pub sweating rock and blues.
An ode to the crew of HMAS Perth that sunk of the coast of Sumatra during World War II

Other tracks by Refractory Road:  Love Me Dear  -  Wanna Be Saved
Cool Sounds - Cactus Country     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 13/08/2018
Playful, earnest guitar music for long haul drives, sunsets, gardening and contemplative walks.
Dainis Lacey’s twangy falsetto flavours the album’s title track, peppered with synths, an earworm-like slinky guitar line, and a seagull sample. Eventually you get swept up in spaghetti western-esque technicolour...
Lacey explained he had a bit of scope for experimentation on the recording, including pitch shifted vocals, field recordings, super processed and layered guitar tones, and drum machines.

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Bear The Mammoth - Known Unknowns     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric, Ambience 10/08/2018
BearThe Mammoth play a progressive form of post-rock with plenty to digest underneath its rich layers and textures.
'Known Unknowns', is a journey within itself. Riddled with floating riffs and subtle undercurrents, the song slowly flows into a triumphant crescendo before sliding into a more straightforward riff-driven jam. All in all, the song stands as a perfect example of the album’s strengths – shifting moods, rich textures and breathing room for each instrument to shine.

Darren Cross - 90's High     Rock, Pop 10/08/2018
90's High is the first single from Darren Cross (ex-Gerling / Jep and Dep) new solo album- an ode to the pitfalls of artists that helmed the grunge rock movement.
90's High is the first single from Darren Cross (ex-Gerling / Jep and Dep) new solo album 'PEACER' - an ode to the pitfalls of artists that helmed the grunge rock movement. 'PEACER' lightning bolt's between dreamy abstract sampler based pop, proto grunge anthems to neo-folk inspired open tuned acoustic bliss.

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Dave Wells - Picasso's Cloud     Rock, Acoustic, Folk, Atmospheric 10/08/2018
Spaciously intense and progressive, emotionally and soncially diverse. Wells’ Alt-Indie records exemplify a master craftsman whose songs creep up on you and cut deep. One of our nation's finest songwriters.
‘Picasso’s Cloud’ was written from the perspective of how one feels when they are suddenly left behind for someone else. Not so much the helpless sadness or hurt, rather ones own battle to express and concur the frustration, jealously and spitefulness that is infused with a vindictive anger towards someone who can so easily move on with contentment.

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FourPlay String Quartet - Wish     Rock, Classical, Pop 10/08/2018
FourPlay String Quartet defy convention and stereotyping. As much a band as a string quartet, they blur the boundaries between styles and genres while maintaining their own original true sound.
FourPlay put the ‘eclectic’ back into ‘electric string quartet’ with ‘Wish’, a powerful, haunting ballad about living in a climate-changed world. 'Wish' has tones of Not Drowning Waving and ‘70s folk protest songs, with powerful lyrics delivered passionately by Tim Hollo and Lara Goodridge, intricate viola lines from Shenzo Gregorio, and a soaring, poignant cello solo from Peter Hollo.

Girl York - Dandies     Rock, Pop, Punk, Britpop 10/08/2018
Girl York combine elements of dreamy shoegaze with harsh punk rock grit that will take you back to the 90s.
Have you ever felt that rush when you hold the hand of your longtime crush for the first time?

That's how Girl York will have you feeling in their new single Dandies; a chill indie-rock future-classic that will have dreaming of Summer afternoons spent with your love.

Hands Like Houses - Overthinking     Rock 10/08/2018
Riding high from their most successful two years together – which included an ARIA Top 10 and three back-to-back sold out tours – Hands Like Houses return with -Anon.
Overthinking -the first single from -Anon. - takes the unique sound Hands Like Houses have been cultivating over the past 10 years and injects it with a big dose of fresh, modern rock’n’roll. The most charismatic album of their career, it marries who Hands Like Houses are as individuals into an assured yet fun collection of songs.

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Lazy Colts - The Mountain     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Atmospheric 10/08/2018
Cinematic rock & roll, written in the country and rocketed to space. Songs about blood, canyons and car chases.
‘The Mountain’ is the first single from Lazy Colts’ upcoming EP Be The One. The legacy of seminal Aussie post-punk and alternative rock bands, like The Triffids and the Bad Seeds, lingers in the song’s barroom ferocity and fatalistic sense of dread.

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Life After Football - Spewcastle     Rock, Britpop, Punk 10/08/2018
A constant struggle between its steady, dependable rhythm section, haphazard guitar and vocals, Life After Football play jarring, dance-friendly post-punk songs for fans of Gang of Four or Eddy Current.
Spewcastle is the sound of New Order playing 'Bound for Glory' at the 1991 AFL grand final instead of Rose Tattoo.

Lincoln Mackinnon - Sparks Will Fly     Rock 10/08/2018
West Australian rock guitarist Lincoln Mackinnon releases “Sparks Will Fly”, the title track and first song to be released from his forthcoming album.
Lincoln Mackinnon is an eclectic and mysterious rocker originally hailing from Melbourne. Now based in Perth after a stint in the desert regions of the NT, Lincoln’s brutally honest vocals, wild guitar riffs and steady thumping drums provide him with a beautiful layer of sound. You can feel the raw talent on this the first single from his forthcoming album.

Liquid Time - Beer and a Lime     Rock, Psychedelic 10/08/2018
Psych troublemakers Liquid Time are a psychedelic rock 5-piece strumming out blistering and pounding psyche tracks spread around with spaced out nonsense!
Beer and a Lime holds special place in the band's heart, as they've worked on it endlessly. Trying to bring it together as a symbol of themselves as a band and how hard they've worked to create blistering, pounding psyche tracks that embody exactly what they are about.

Milky Thred - Love You Everyday     Rock, Pop 10/08/2018
Milky Thred are a 3 piece teenage surf rock band from Newcastle, Australia. The band consists of Riley (Vocals and Guitar, 15), Bronte (Bass, 16) and Adrian (Drums, 18).
Feel good surf rock song about having a girlfriend and not actually knowing how to work a relationship yet.

Mylk - Day 4 // Now     Rock 10/08/2018
Mylk is a four piece alt rock band from Melbourne. This mylk is not just a drink but a full body experience.
A tearjerker for some.

Other tracks by Mylk:  I Want You  -  Internet Cafe
Nerdlinger - Underrated     Rock, Punk 10/08/2018
Wannabe punk rock band from Sydney working their way to an early grave and loving every step of the way. Fast, melodic, high energy skate punk music.
Underrated deals with the roller coaster of emotions that is addiction and depression. "Hold on tight to say the least".

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Other tracks by Nerdlinger:  Sails  -  Can Yu Forgive Me?
Nerve Quakes - Running     Rock, Goth 10/08/2018
Nerve Quakes are a 5 piece band from Perth drawing inspiration from early post-punk and goth bands such as Wipers, Siousxsie and the Banshees and Xmal Deutschland.
A side from the 7" single Running/ Rewind.

Other tracks by Nerve Quakes:  Rewind
Paul Kelly - With The One I Love     Rock 10/08/2018
If you want to know something about Australia, how it feels to be Australian, you can find it in his songs by Paul Kelly.
‘With The One I Love’ continues in a similar rocking spirit to last year’s ‘Firewood and Candles’ (which won Paul the coveted APRA Award for Song Of The Year) and again echoes the melodic guitar rock of Paul’s 80s work with The Messengers.

Relative Ways - This World     Rock, Punk 10/08/2018
Relative Ways is a guitar driven rock act from rural NSW. Featuring dynamic guitars and introspective lyrics, Relative Ways marries emotive sonics with raw, honest and compelling subject matter.
This World is a song about how social narratives influence our ambitions and personality at the cost of who we actually are. We work towards unattainable and unstable goals because we’re led to believe they are more desirable than the type of person we truly are.

Other tracks by Relative Ways:  Pride  -  Frames