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Australia - Physical!     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Dance 24/01/2020
Sydney trio, Australia is the collaboration between producers Guy Fenech, Nick Franklin and Oliver Marlan. and has described as a mix of new wave, post punk, disco and adult contemporary.
‘Physical’ is bombastic and laden with hooks and earworms. It bounces on the spot - lyrics probing facets of the body and mind we don’t fully understand. The track playfully builds, before breaking into the chorus you so badly wanted, complete with the three-part vocal hooks, synth arrangements and Nile Rodgers-esque guitar that have defined Australia’s sound.

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Ben Catley - RUN     Rock, Roots 24/01/2020
With blistering guitar playing, huge vocals and a high-energy, infectious stage presence, Perth's Ben Catley captivates crowds like few other solo acts.
An up-tempo, guitar-driven summer track about Ben's long-standing love for running, and using fitness as a tool for mind, body and spirit. Known for his high-energy solo shows, Ben finds a strong synergy between his live performance and running - always giving his all for both. The guitar playing is energetic and the vocals are his best performance to date.

BLACK WHISKEY - WILD & FREE     Rock, Rock 24/01/2020
Rock vocals, booming bass lines, pounding drums and catchy riffs - This is Black Whiskey ! Black Whiskey instill your faith that the Aussie Rock Scene lives on.
WILD & FREE is an ANTHEM of many a love affair, Bad boy meets girl, Boy settles down for girl ,Girl shafts boy - Boy goes back to what he knows best


The Story is one we all know - The Chorus is a road we all want to take only few of us do !

Dirty Rats - The Juice     Rock 24/01/2020
Dirty Rats are an “old school” heavy rock band
The juice is a story about leaving your boring old rut behind and going out and having fun, doing what you want to do, and getting down and dirty.

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Jollee - White Woman Wasted     Rock, Indie, Blues 24/01/2020
With split lip lyrics and a devil woman attitude, Jollee takes you on a wild Wonder Woman rock n roll ride to the other side.
White Woman Wasted is a devilish tune for all the ladies in the bar.

Red Dragon Blues - No April Shadow     Rock, Blues, Alternative, Rock 24/01/2020
Made in Japan! Leaving a session player’s life in Australia for Japan, guitarist/singer Luke Cuerden was inspired to create something from the clash of neon and old tradition in Tokyo
A mid tempo rocker with a strong groove and Hendrix flavour.
The title is a reference to cherry blossom season in Japan.

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Other tracks by Red Dragon Blues:  Blue Forever  -  Bar H, Pt.2
Romero - Honey     Rock, Garage, Soul, Punk 24/01/2020
New Melbourne band that take cues from the heavy heart heavyweights of late 70's power-pop smashers.
The first single from the debut double A side smasher single 'Honey'.

Other tracks by Romero:  Neapolitan
SPARROW - Breathe     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Metal 24/01/2020
The latest release from Perth industrial rockers, SPARROW
After a 12 month hiatus, SPARROW returns with a tribute to the influential frontman, Keith Flint (1969-2019) of iconic UK group 'The Prodigy'.The track features two new members to the band in bassist, Anthony Jackson (Birds of Tokyo and End of Fashion) and Robert Buratti on guitars and synthesisers, continuing the heavy industrial edge of the acclaimed ‘DIGITAL PEOPLE' EP.

Spiral Perm - Hometime     Rock, Psych, Garage 24/01/2020
Spiral Perm’s rasping, DIY aesthetic and unmistakable charm yields the kind of music that your inner social realist has always lusted after.
Single from Greatest Hits EP. A swirling bowl of spaghetti.

Other tracks by Spiral Perm:  Fixed Licks  -  Disco // Taco
The Letter Tellers - The Door     Rock, Alternative, Blues, Indie 24/01/2020
The Letter Tellers are a big riff, alt-rock duo based in Newcastle NSW.
The Door is a song written along the theme of rejection. Taken from some personal and experiences of friends.

The Door contains large rock & roll in your face riffs and damn hard hitting drums, making you feel good about being rejected...

The Quarters - Chaos     Rock, Punk, Indie, Pop 24/01/2020
Rock & roll trio from Melbourne. Slick riffs, fat beats and melodic charm played with ferocious passion.
Title track off The Quarters 2020 ep Chaos kicks off with a meaty riff felt through the whole body causing involuntary head movement know as headbanging. Take caution when listening through car stereos, you will be urged to commit a speeding violation - you have been warned

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Other tracks by The Quarters:  Bottom of the Bottle  -  Submarine
UTE ROOT - Your Time Has Come     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Psych 24/01/2020
Two girls, one guy, three piece JUNK ROCK LIVE ACTION band outta Melbourne, Australia.
Bootsy leads with big vox before Kate and Matty (drums and gtr) tear the middle 8 apart and bring it home.

Other tracks by UTE ROOT:  Alan
Bobby Burgess - Took Too Much     Rock, Alternative, Blues, Pop 23/01/2020
Bobby Burgess is a rock'n'roll guitarist and singer from Perth W.A.
A nice mellow rocker with a groovy chorus and message about taking it easy on yourself

Other tracks by Bobby Burgess:  DVL  -  Don't Say I Didn't Warn Ya
Dead Dirty Dinosaurs - Sweetness     Rock, Alternative 23/01/2020
3 piece Alt-dad-rock. Think The Pixies and Dune Rats had a baby!
Sweet,sweet rock track about love and lollies

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Other tracks by Dead Dirty Dinosaurs:  Vacant
Dip Road Dogs - Serenity Now     Rock, Alternative, Psych 23/01/2020
From a dusty dirt track deep in the Mallee come the Dip Road Dogs, who today have announced their new single “Serenity Now”, releasing on all streaming platforms January 14th.
Dave from the band explains, “Serenity Now” was a riff we’d had for a while that felt very generic but, the song follows a man fed up with the world, who goes through a series of unfortunate events and eventually cracks. It’s a slow build rock song that builds into a big finish.

Slowly Slowly - Race Car Blues     Rock, Punk, Alternative 23/01/2020
Brandishing vivid storytelling, soaring choruses and unbeatable live appeal, Slowly Slowly continue to prove themselves one of the most striking rock acts out of Australia of late.
The title track from Slowly Slowly's third album 'Race Car Blues', this track captures frontman Ben Stewart grappling with the incongruence of where he was he at at the time of writing, and where he wanted to be.

Ezra Tide - Bad Thoughts     Rock, Blues, Roots, Alternative 21/01/2020
Perth based, 4 - piece rock band doing it the old way! Originating from WAAPA Ezra Tide has been on the music scene for just over a year.
"Bad Thoughts" is a track inspired by the 70's Rock scene that we have put our own little twist on. The catchy Riff, Tight Rhythm Sections, Strong Vocals, and Screaming Lead Guitar, it is a track for everyone to enjoy.

Other tracks by Ezra Tide:  Take Me Home
Created Alive - Sovereignty     Rock, Christian, Easy Listening, Alternative 20/01/2020
Spiritually inspired, the first of 3 albums, ‘Sovereignty’, is a modern slow-rock gospel album encompassed by a variety of different voices, harmonies and instrumental layers.
Alone now I step outside and I hear you crying as you cross my mind...

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Other tracks by Created Alive:  I Say, Beautiful Day  -  Frozen Over
David McMullen - Save Our Farmers     Rock 20/01/2020
David McMullen is an Australian author/poet/lyricist/songwriter
A call to arms to help our farmers struggling with the seemingly never ending drought.

Paladin - Took Your Time     Rock, Pop, Country, Easy Listening 20/01/2020
Paladin an Australian singer/songwriter who releases his own music independently. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays drums, guitars, bass and keyboards.
The song takes the view that time is the greatest loss in any failed romance or business/investment venture. Whether you suffer a broken heart or financial loss, you can recover and start again. However, the time wasted is gone and it's something you can't get back. That is truly the saddest part.