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Arsenic & Old Lace - Creature of Sin     Rock, Pop, Goth 27/04/2018
Creature of Sin retains the bands dark edge whilst lifting them more into the realm of indie pop. "I've given in I'm just a constant creature of sin"
"I've given in, I'm just a constant creature of sin"

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Other tracks by Arsenic & Old Lace:  Ice Age  -  Kings
BENCH PRESS - Baby Steps     Rock, Garage, Punk 27/04/2018
Melbourne's BENCH PRESS straddle the sound of classic post-punk and the gritty style of garage-rock that their hometown of Melbourne is well versed in.
Bench Press’s ‘Baby Steps’ is all flinty muscle, armed with a great skittering hook and a cathartic bark recalling Ian MacKaye’s Fugazi-era growl.

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Bitch Diesel - Power     Rock 27/04/2018
Made up of members from SMB and Modesty, the three-piece punk outfit have been bringing their raw rock n’ roll to Melbourne since the bitter end of 2016.
'Power' is a raw rock n’ roll track, self-described as "intricately composed liquor infused notes of genius."

Dan Sultan - Drover (feat. Dave Le'aupepe)     Rock, Roots 27/04/2018
Liberation Records is thrilled to share news of Dan Sultan’s forthcoming collaborative EP, Killer Under A Blood Moon, set to land on May 18.
"Working with Dan is captivating, inspiring and often hilarious, and although it’s easy to be outshone by Sults, you usually wind up feeling better about yourself and your craft than you did when you started.” – Dave Le’aupepe

Emerson Snowe - Could You Love Me?     Rock, Pop, Electronic 27/04/2018
Emerson Snowe is the creation of Brisbane based artist/creator/musician Jarrod Mahon, who started making tracks under the moniker several years back.
Though he has been creating music for many years (fans might also recognise him as one of the founding members of The Creases), ‘Could You Love Me?’ marks Emerson Snowe’s first release via a record label. The song, an ode to his girlfriend Tina, arrives complete with a self-directed video.

Harmony - Daisy Cutter     Rock 27/04/2018
Harmony coast through verse, chorus and coda like a tropical cyclone. Their sound is a mongrel concoction of gallows blues and balladry, but offset by glorious three-part gospel vocal ensemble.
Their sound is a mongrel concoction of gallows blues and balladry, but offset by a glorious three part gospel vocal ensemble, that lifts the song out of the dark and into thrilling, yet haunting territory.

Mere Women - Skin     Rock, Punk 27/04/2018
Mere Women have continually explored new structures in greater depth with a collaborative writing process, with the aim to find new ways of expressing and writing popular music through post-punk.
Haunting, restless and impeccably composed, Mere Women have taken their sound to another level and found the space between keys and guitar that they had not previously explored, and broken the barriers of the predictable male-dominated status quo of post-punk.

Moody Beaches - Guns     Rock, Punk 27/04/2018
Moody Beaches are a new post-punk grunge project from Melbourne, featuring members of La Bastard, Hot Wings, & millennia teen dreams Sugarfiend.
Moody Beaches’ ‘Guns’ is a driving, shout-along anthem roughened with gnashing distortion and squealing feedback, with Lienhop turning her famous soul-style singing chops to a leaner and more immediate approach

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New Talk - Red Tuesday     Rock, Punk 27/04/2018
New Talk have played festivals such as Falls, SOTA, Baybeats (Singapore) and Concrete & Glass (China), and played alongside Stiff Little Fingers, WAAX, Jen Cloher, Ecca Vandal, and more.
Recorded by frequent collaborator Dave Parkin, ‘Red Tuesday’ is a powerful statement on the importance of place and family remembrance, oscillating between vast space and massive distortion and anchored by Kiera Owen's ever-powerful lead vocal. 

Nice Biscuit - Captain     Rock, Psychedelic 27/04/2018
Electrifying, cinematic and delivered with intergalactic gusto - Nice Biscuit are the storm that breaks the heat of a summer’s day.
Through rolling guitar solos, walloping bass riffs, and the double-barrel harmonies of front women Billie and Grace, ‘Captain’ sees the band create a psych-pop haven of their very own, ripened under the sweltering Queensland sun.

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Other tracks by Nice Biscuit:  Fairfield Of Dreams
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Mainland     Rock, Pop 27/04/2018
Melbourne's Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever's highly anticipated debut album 'Hope Downs' will be released on Friday 15 June.
'Mainland’ boasts the same urgency as tracks like 'Clean Slate' and 'Sick Bug' that helped bring the band to the attention of punters and won them critical acclaim. Inspired by a 2017 trip to his grandparent’s birthplace of the Aeolian Islands off Sicily.

Other tracks by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever:  Talking Straight
Snark - Live It Up     Rock, Punk, Pop 27/04/2018
Punk rock from Melbourne, Australia.
Produced by Darren Cordeux (Kisschasy), this track features a fusion of pounding drums, driving bass lines and soaring vocals to create a huge punk rock anthem.

Stellar Addiction - Blame Her     Rock, Electronic 27/04/2018
Stellar Addiction are a five piece band from Sydney, Australia. Channelling pop/punk vibes blended with alternative influences, Stellar deliver a fresh sound bursting with harmonies and catchy hooks.
Raising awareness about victim blaming and showing support to any woman who has ever been a victim of assault - that they are not alone.

Other tracks by Stellar Addiction:  Burden  -  Ignorance Is This
The Rivers - Tricks and Lovers     Rock, Roots, Folk 27/04/2018
The Rivers prefer to live underwater, away from the rage and chaos of modern life. Their music is nostalgic, electronically layered and vocally harmonic, telling tales of hope and loss.
‘Tricks and Lovers,’ an early-morning alleyway glimpse of gratuitous love gone wrong, is a broken heel struck through the heart of a willing victim. It depicts the complex nature of love surviving on the edge of morality, where sanity is tenderly balanced by the contents of a ‘pretty pill box.’

Vesper Green - Innocent Illiterate     Rock, Grunge, Rock, Garage 27/04/2018
Vesper Green have materialised with loud, tight, raw and technical alt-rock tones that provides that kick-in-the-teeth attitude that Brisbane has needed, to pair with the likes of Violent Soho.
Highly reactive and fuelled by angst, ‘Innocent Illiterate’ is indeed a homage to the bands that have inspired and led the members of Vesper Green into creating music.

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Ben Camden - Last Night     Rock, Blues, Roots 26/04/2018
Riddled with attitude, Ben Camden, is stirring big grins on bright faces with his deep, ominous and looming vocal tone over this strutting blues-rock beat that bolsters this new single.
‘Last Night’ is ultimately a culmination of Ben’s influences and is a showcase of his wide range of song-writing capabilities. Touching on blues, rock, folk and even country, this new single is one that pertains a bit of grit, confidence and swagger that is easily imbibed and revigorating.

Infinite Void - Dark Dreams     Rock, Punk, Goth 25/04/2018
Infinite Void. Post-Punk from Melbourne
First single from Infinite Void's final, posthumous LP 'Endless Waves' out July 2018 on Black Wire Records

Port Royal - Rock & Roll Is Dead     Rock, Blues 24/04/2018
Giving a nod to the likes of Jet and The Vines, Port Royal are in their own regal form with beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits.
In regal form with bustling anthemic choruses, beseeching rock & roll licks and a barrage of hits, ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ is their most comprehensive, fetching and accessible release to date and is a completely ironic and ballsy statement to the cynical haters of the genre which they’ve confronted.

Horace Bones - Sex Beast     Rock, Punk, Grunge 23/04/2018
Australian-Gothic-punks Horace-Bones make intense, dark and frenzied music. Inspired by the likes of The-Birthday-Party, The-Drones and The-Cramps, the four-piece ransack the Australian-landscape to produce a sound equally unique and gut-wrenching.
Inspired by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novel, Venus In Furs, Sex Beast is delirious with sexual desperation and perversion. An unashamed chronicle of pure masochism, both in music and lyrics, it constantly builds, releases and builds again giving each listener no chance in hell to come up for air.

My Elephant Ride - Map of the Stars     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 23/04/2018
My Elephant Ride make cosmic and soulful indie pop. After releasing their debut album 'Into the Jungle' in 2016 their follow up full length is due later in 2018.
First taste of their upcoming full- length, ‘Map of the Stars’ is due to be released on April 23rd 2018. 'Map of the Stars' is a romantic journey about finding happiness in uncharted territories, and sees Chev return to lead vocals for the first time since ‘In The Water’.