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Electric Zebra - It's A Lot     Rock, Garage, Punk, Pop 19/04/2019
Born in four different countries, Daniel (drums) played saxophone, Adam (guitar) played flute. Kesh (bass) played nothing and Keelan (vocals) didn't sing. Seems EZ are doing things their own way.
"It's A Lot" describes the feeling of looking for something to fill a void left by someone else, but eventually coming to the conclusion that the person you're missing so much probably wasn't that good to begin with.

The Ransom Family - Same Old     Rock, Garage, Punk 19/04/2019
The Ransom Family, as the name implies, are a Family band, containing three siblings from Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges. Inspired by 70’s punk, 90’s grunge and 00’s garage rock.
‘Same Old’ is a raw and impassioned garage punk track, featuring loud guitars, and a fuzzed out vocal performance. Short, fast and loud, a strong first showing from a fresh new band.

FIction Writer - Shooting Up My Spine     Rock 18/04/2019
Sydney-based outfit Fiction Writer takes squished guitars, sizzling hats and belting drums and mince them through a propulsive sound.
Fiction Writer frontman Gideon Bensen co-produced 'Shooting Up My Spine' with Wade Keighran (Polish Club/Wolf & Cub).Inspired by the sounds of Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above, alongside an undercurrent of 90’s British trip hop, Fiction Writer meld Bensen’s distinctive, crooning vocals over the top of a melting pot of soundscapes.

Fierce Mild - No Sense     Rock, Experimental, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 18/04/2019
Fierce Mild are a group that draws from cinema, visual art and Australian history, as much as any musical influences, to craft their intricate brand of Post-Electro Cinematic Art Rock.
Drawing from the emotional turmoil of losing a close friend, the song explores the trading of death and life as lead singer.

NIGHTCLIFF - Squeezing Time     Rock, Rock 18/04/2019
4 piece Classic Rock Covers Band that has written and recorded an EP 4 songs Looking for recognition and consequently more live work locally in and around Darwin
A catchy Rockt tune .

Other tracks by NIGHTCLIFF:  Eager Child  -  Not so Blue
Party Pest - Happy Man     Rock, Punk, Garage, Pop 18/04/2019
Post-punk, fun-time, gal-pals formed Party Pest in Melbourne in 2017, and launch their debut 7" on May 24 via Psychic Hysteria. It's not a party without a pest!
The A-side of Party Pest's debut 7"!

Other tracks by Party Pest:  I Can Do Better
Sturm - Get My Wings     Rock, Pop 18/04/2019
In an era where DJs set the trends and reality TV stars follow them, Sturm is out to prove there is still a place for a man and his guitar.
Get My Wings is written from the perspective of someone who is largely alone, has little going for them in their lives and is desperate to get off the mat, but he can't do it alone. Ultimately he needs the support of a society that has largely left him for dead.

Blood Bank - Shadow Boxing     Rock, Punk, Grunge 17/04/2019
Blood Bank is a five piece Indie-Post Punk outfit from Brisbane, Australia. Meeting during high school, the band formed in late 2016 and immediately began writing original material.
The inspiration for "Shadow Boxing" came from a bad breakup and vocalist Sam says "Shadow Boxing is a song we wrote about bad decision making and avoiding tackling things head on. In my life, I’ve seen people do the wrong thing knowingly and then avoid facing the consequences of their own actions."

Dress Thèque - Gone Mad     Rock, Britpop, Electronic 17/04/2019
Dress Thèque is a genre-blending band from Sydney. Drawing on Manchester inspired flavours of trip-hop & dance-rock, Dress Theque echo the 90’s but bring it together with a futuristic aesthetic.
“Gone Mad’ is an ode to everything Manchester and to all our favourite Manchester bands from Joy Division to Oasis and everything in between. We jammed as many of those sounds & our own into the song including the ‘too loud’ guitar mix of early Oasis" - Dress Thèque

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L.A. Mood - Highway Fidelity     Rock, Blues 17/04/2019
L.A. Mood is the solo project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Dave Mudie. Having played or cameo'd in 40+ bands, Mudie is best known as Courtney Barnett's full-time drummer.
Short and sharp at 2:17, it's a woozy, sun-ravaged jam. Co-written with Ambrose Kenny-Smith (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard/The Murlocs), this is a real road-dog's anthem about the ground-hog day of touring, then adjusting to home-life in between. Musically inspired by the likes of James Brown and The Spinners with some washed-out blues added.

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PINCH POINTS - SHIBBOLETH     Rock, Punk 17/04/2019
PINCH POINTS play clean, angular guitar harmonies and heavy mechanical riffs, belting-out group-vocals, all at a turbo-punk speed.
Between a punctuated riff and a call and response chorus, Pinch Points fit a lot into a less-than 3-minute song. Listen to also hear a catchy post-chorus lead line and lyrics alluding to nasty people in the music industry.

PLTS - Young Ones     Rock 17/04/2019
Since forming in 2012, Byron Bay's PLTS have produced mesmerising music, and through their exploration of grunge, indie and garage rock, developed an innate knack for writing larger-than-life songs.
Bittersweet ‘Young Ones’ is a song about reflection, a collection of memories and stories that shape the world you’ve built around yourself. Straddling the realms of mature indie and stadium rock, the track articulates feelings of growth, change and loss - elements which across the seven tracks of Lonely Leaves evoke a rich sense of nostalgia.

Slowly Slowly - Jellyfish     Rock, Punk, Pop 17/04/2019
In just a few short years, Melbourne four-piece Slowly Slowly have marked themselves as one of the most adored anthemic rock purveyors the country has ever seen.
Frontman Ben Stewart describes 'Jellyfish' as being about that all-too-common human feeling of existential dread. "Sometimes everything just seems so ridiculous," he says. "The concept of existing, being in a body, our interactions with feelings and emotions and this wacky 3D landscape we tell ourselves is normal." Though sonically light-hearted, 'Jellyfish' ultimately toys with some heavy concepts in expert fashion.

The Ruiins - Wasted     Rock 17/04/2019
2 piece from mid north coast Lead singer is the drummer just released first single off second EP touring Australia at the moment.
Wasted is primarily about wasting time. The mind frame you face as a result of time wasting and really wanting to change bad habits, but it seeming too hard or out of your control

It’s an upbeat song that’ll get your singing along

Towns - Safe To Stay     Rock 17/04/2019
It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.
This is probably the funnest song we’ve written to date, not only to play live but inspiration wise its very different to our first release. It just felt like we wanted to write a song yelling out to the world ‘ITS OKAY’ ‘WE HAVE ALL FELT THAT TOO’ cause that always makes everyone feel better.

Vatche Demirjian - No Regrets     Rock, Pop 17/04/2019
Singer/Songwriter and music producer.
About falling out of love and separating but having no regrets for the time spent together.

White Bay - Jump Into The Wind     Rock 17/04/2019
Sydney based Rockers White Bay create an extremely powerful brand of Rock music.
Jump Into The Wind explodes out the gate with epic rock riffage! Singer Sam Marks has an extremely powerful voice and is capable of some truly soaring melodies. Jump Into The Wind is the perfect balance of sounds from times gone by and contemporary goodness. Press play and get fist pumping!

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Mousewater - When The Sun Is Gone     Rock, Britpop 16/04/2019
MOUSEWATER calls Melbourne, Australia home. Mousewater’s musical style is guitar based indie rock with occasional Britpop tones.
WHEN THE SUN IS GONE lyrically is about seizing the day, before the light is gone, don’t wait because “when it’s gone it’s really gone”. The subject of what you might take action on is open to personal interpretation but could be anything that leaves an element of regret.

Swim Team - Everyday Things     Rock, Pop, Garage 16/04/2019
Swim Team is the three piece of Sammy, Krystal and TJ. they take inspiration from 60s girls groups, lo-fi indie pop to ramshackle garage and anything soaked in reverb.
Everyday Things is a tongue in cheek tune about everybody's first world problems, a 2 minute moan and groan about all the little annoying things that make up the daily grind.

Andrew G - Turning Pages     Rock, Garage 16/04/2019
Andrew G is a multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer who collaborates with friends and other musicians to write guitar-driven alt rock music.
Turning Pages is a riff-driven rock song with punchy guitars, beating drums and a soaring chorus. The song is a collaboration between Andrew, Allan Delaney and Tim Saal who met while studying at University.