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Roxferry - Riding To The Grave     Rock, Metal, Punk, Garage 27/03/2020
Formed in 2015, Roxferry is a hard hitting 3 piece rock unit from NSW, Australia. They take influence from bands such as Turnstile, Foo Fighters, Metallica, IDLES and Royal Blood.
'Riding To The Grave' is an energetic hard rock track, hitting the listener in the face with a solid riff that grooves at walking pace. The lyrics talk about mental health surrounding gun violence and the frustration with societies plans to properly deal with this issue.

CUSTARD - FUNKY AGAIN     Rock, Pop, Alternative 27/03/2020
Custard is a much loved indie rock band, featuring the classic line-up of David McCormack, Glenn Thompson, Paul Medew and Matthew Strong.
Irresistible nationwide lockdown hit, ‘Funky Again’ - a catchy pop offering that mentions the Russian winter of Operation Barbarossa AND home renovations in one convenient 3-minute package.

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Dear Doonan - How Do You See?     Rock, Psych, World, Experimental 27/03/2020
Dear Doonan brings flavour from the East and sprinkle it through the West. Expect an Indian Sitar weaving melodies with buzzing surf guitars, grooving rhythms, among many unorthodox musical couplings.
We have been conditioned in our devices,
Money and technology drive us blindly forward.
But when disaster strikes, we become lost.
With only your third eye to guide you,
Ask yourself… How do you see?

Excuse for an Exit - Manic     Rock 27/03/2020
A 4-piece, equal gendered alt. rock band from the Latrobe Valley, Gippsland.
'Manic' will be the first song on our debut EP and will set the standard for the explosive energy and moodiness that continues to develop throughout the EP. It is a provocative song about lust, strengthened by its confident and adventurous guitar riffs.

Other tracks by Excuse for an Exit:  Two Hearts (feat. Chris Johnson)  -  My Solace Ain't Here
faceless Mirror - Journey Home     Rock, Country, Blues, Soul 27/03/2020
If Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd all visited Neil Young's for dinner and jam.,. This is what it may sound like. That is what was once described about Faceless Mirror.
Song about your Journey home. From the moment you are born, your journey starts.

Other tracks by faceless Mirror:  Only You  -  Faceless Mirror
Just A Number - Everybody Knows     Rock, Alternative, Garage, Indie 27/03/2020
Just A Number is a 5-piece rock band created in 2018.
Everybody Knows is the second single from the band Just A Number.

Primo! - Machine     Rock, Alternative 27/03/2020
Primo! (members of Terry, Constant Mongrel etc) produce music with an idiosyncratic delivery that is punctuated by post-punk sensibilities, upbeat jangle and unexpected electronic flourishes.
“'Machine' contemplates workplaces and hierarchies, the feeling of being like a machine inside the machine but as well the fact that sometimes great ideas, thoughts and observations come to you during the working day, in unexpected ways."

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Tiali Eliza - Stoned Vacation     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Blues 27/03/2020
Raw, resonant lyrics and a soulful, versatile voice accompanied by grungy guitar tones. A sultry alternative rock sound, incorporating elements of Latin, punk, soul, & jazz into the live show.
If taken lightly, “Stoned Vacation” could be about getting high in paradise, however, the track is dark in its irony, coming from feelings of love, guilt, and regret.

With a sonic contrast of dark and light, the tune has a mix of fierce, sensual energy and dreamlike melancholy.

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Loose End - Discontent     Rock, Punk, Metal 25/03/2020
Melbourne rockers Loose End are incredibly apt when it comes to toeing the thrilling line between pop punk and metalcore, with the credentials to prove it in new single ‘Discontent’.
‘Discontent’ toes the line between pop punk and metalcore & is a candid look in to the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success - something rife within the creative industries.

Sophisticated Dingo - Vultures     Rock, Pop 25/03/2020
Sophisticated Dingo are an endearing and unstoppable Melbourne duo, drawing on personal experiences and relationships to coin their own brand of nostalgic, hook-driven, and roaring “trash pop”.
Combing through elements of surf rock, 60s guitar melodies, thrashing percussion, and a daring dose of pop sensibility, ‘Vultures’ dives into familiar yet refreshing territory for the beloved two-piece as they make a triumphant homecoming to the musical sphere.

Amy Elise - Teenagism     Rock, Punk, Alternative 24/03/2020
Amy Elise is a 15 year old Gold Coast singer/songwriter with three singles already under her belt.
"Teenagism" is a pop punk teenage anthem full of the angst of being young. “Being young is hard, all you adults just don’t get it”.

BIILMANN - Good Book     Rock, Blues 24/03/2020
BIILMANN was born in late 2018 off the back of the love of rock...a boiling pot of hard rock served with a side of the blues.
Good Book opens with an eerie soundscape that is soon accompanied by a droning bass line. When the guitars hit, the band establishes a very 'Kings Of Leon' like sound. Jack's vocals absolutely shine on this new track, singing of the good and bad times. Absolutely brilliant.

Other tracks by BIILMANN:  Sink Like A Stone  -  Red Wine
Critchley & Simmons - Ancient Civilisation     Rock, Pop, Alternative, Psych 24/03/2020
“Ever wondered what it would sound like if David Bowie & Jacques Derrida had love children who decided to form a band?" Critchley and Simmons - are those love children!
Ancient Civilizations: evocation of the emergence, consolidation and violent of ancient cities in the river systems of the near east, egypt, the indus valley and the yellow river.
Baritone Sax leads us into a slow rock beat and serious lyrics. We even have an old school guitar solo to help propel the track skywards.

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Floodlights - Matter Of Time     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Garage 24/03/2020
Melbourne's Floodlights-Louis Parsons, Ashlee Kehoe, Joe Draffen and Archie Shannon-present a distinctive outlook on contemporary life in Australia, with candid lyricism and a distinct, biting garage sound.
'Matter Of Time' is a searing address on Australia’s political landscape, tackling wilful ignorance and the misuse of power through a shambolic, catchy sound that melds 80s alternative rock with 90s New Zealand jangle-pop. “A state of despair,” wails lead singer Louis Parsons over rollicking garage guitars.

Cacophaction - Hammertoe     Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Experimental 23/03/2020
Cacophaction's music is electronic with a bias towards heavy sounds, grungy riffs and running bass lines. All songs are instrumental but as for genre... who knows? It's mostly noise.
No, this has nothing to do with MC Hammer. It's called Hammertoe because of the intense drum kicker and accompanying toms. It's a heavy beat and a filthy, smelly, grubby distorted guitar. This song is not meant to be sweet and will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Brian EL Dorado and The Tuesday People - Everlasting War     Rock, Psych, Hip Hop 22/03/2020
a big bang and a whole lotta things getting funky.
A real cosmic blend of pumping rock psychedelic sounds. Great drumming and production.

Other tracks by Brian EL Dorado and The Tuesday People:  Lil Banga  -  It's Not My Fault
1016 Ways - Gun In My Hand     Rock, Alternative 21/03/2020
One of the most exciting recent acts out of Queenslands Gold Coast, 1016 Ways draws its roots from a time when rock was king
Make of it what you will, the lyrics for this track will send you on your own journey of understanding. Its passion and delivery fills you with a rollercoaster of emotions - on a ride that leaves you wondering about what the hell you were just thinking about....

alt. - Nothingwithoutyou.     Rock, Alternative, Pop 21/03/2020
alt. is an alternative rock band from Adelaide, SA
nothingwithoutyou. is about the moment vocalist Dan realised his relationship needed to end. "I felt isolated, unwanted and was stuck in a state of limbo. But when it came down to ending the relationship I was told I meant everything to them, which confused me after being treated the way I was."

Ashes of Autumn - Let Go     Rock, Alternative, Metal 21/03/2020
Perth five piece Ashes of Autumn burst onto the scene in January 2020 creating an immediate buzz around town and instant social media following keenly awaiting their debut single.
Let Go is Ashes of Autumn's debut single. A rock track that depicts the addiction and the personal struggles within. Let Go is the first track the band wrote together.

Belle Phoenix - Livin' Life Blues     Rock, Alternative, Indie, Punk 21/03/2020
Belle Phoenix announces the release of Glorious Dead EP.
Trash-rock with elements of ska and 50s rock 'n roll, Democracy Now!, Political

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