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Riot House Publicity

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Xylouris White - Black Peak     World, Folk, Experimental, Ethnic 28/09/2016
Xylouris White is the pairing of renowned drummer Jim White (Dirty Three) and one of Crete's best-loved artists, lute player George Xylouris.
Black Peak the title track of the album opens with a plucked riff, backed by pounding floor toms and a powerful vocal.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Wolfmother - Freedom Is Mine     Rock 24/11/2017
Wolfmother have amassed a global fanbase, played to packed crowds around the world, at festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Reading and Leeds, and have shared stages with Aerosmith and AC/DC.
Freedom Is Mine is the barnstorming new single from Grammy winning Australian rock lords Wolfmother.

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Vacations - Lavender     Indie, Pop, Rock 03/04/2020
Newcastle quartet Vacations trade in a chiming brand of indie guitar pop attracting a global audience. Their new single 'Lavender' introduces as a well-honed, keen-edged pop outfit. Greatness awaits.
Lavender is a breezy, chiming indie pop gem that lifts the listener to a place and time that is both halcyon and melancholic. Swooning guitars cradle a sonorous lead vocal delivering persistent, gleaming hooks that hang in the air for days after. A delicious taste from their forthcoming album 'Forever In Bloom' which has plenty of diamonds still to yield.

The Southern River Band - Second Best     Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock 09/07/2019
The Southern River Band are fast becoming Australia's premiere 70's rock influenced attraction, riffs, hooks, power and humour all underpinned by the talents of frontman, chief guitar slinger Kal Kramer
Tight riffs, breakneck licks and 70's FM harmonies, Second Best is The Southern River Band at their most melodic and aurally infectious. Another slice of classic Australian rock from the new contenders for the crown of Australia's best live band, captured in full flight.

The Southern River Band - Do You Miss Me?     Rock 30/08/2019
Rock n Roll believers, The Southern River Band have built a fiercely loyal fan base drawn to the band's insistent guitar driven songwriting and take no prisoners live shows.
A deep and melodic ear worm showcasing the maturing song craft and tasty guitar work of The Southern River Band's lead vocalist Cal Kramer on the new single Do You Miss Me?

The Southern River Band - Chimney     Rock, Blues 15/05/2019
A Rock n Roll Dance Party from from the wrong side of the tracks, that's where the cool guys live.
Feel good, make you smile, relentless high octane, guitar driven rock and roll to get you in the mood to party

The M.O.A. - Marbles     Rock, Indie 13/11/2019
The M.O,A are a five piece from Melbourne via Birmingham who conjure guitar driven soundscapes providing the perfect vehicle for the inventive wordplay and plaintive delivery of vocalist Darren Houghton
A melancholic indie anthem, “Marbles” tugs directly at the listener’s heart strings and draws a lump in the throat as waves of looped guitar flood the periphery while a driving bass signature and sharp and evocative lyrical themes push the song on, marching defiantly toward a land of revelation.

The M.O.A - Mind At Large     Rock 22/07/2019
Exciting new Melbourne via Birmingham quintet featuring cinematic driving indie rock and the plaintive and enthralling wordplay of lead vocalist Daz Houghton.
Brilliant debut single full of pathos, emotion and inventive wordplay set to a tasteful driving indie rock soundscape, sparse yet tastefully adorned. Infectious and feel inducing, You can sense the emotion of this track just at the back of your throat. Enthralling.

The Jezabels - The Others     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric 16/08/2017
The Jezabels formed in Sydney in 2007, comprising primary school friends Hayley Mary (vocals) and Heather Shannon (keys), high school friend Samuel Lockwood (guitars) and Nik Kaloper (drums).
Revisiting their romantic roots, 'The Others' presents "a reflection of the kind of intense loneliness that makes simply being in ones own body feel painful. The unsolvable predicament of ones desire for another crossing over into a desire to lose yourself...."

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (presented by APRA AMCOS - National Awards)

The Jezabels - Pleasure Drive     Rock, Electronic, Pop 27/01/2016
Australian quartet the Jezabels shimmer with their anthemic, empowering approach to indie pop. The Jezebels are singer Hayley Mary, guitarist Samuel Lockwood, pianist/keyboardist Heather Shannon, and drummer Nik Kaloper.
Second single off the Jezabels forthcoming album, Pleasure Drive is all sensuous swing and electro burbles. Described by vocalist Hayley Mary, as "a song about life and the sort of human rite to pursue pleasure and the freedom of pain. So it's probably the least spooky song on [the album]."

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Running Young - Not The Same     Rock 29/07/2016
Ascendant Melburnian indie-rock outfit Running Young are ramping up for the release of their second EP, You Better Run Son, with the announcement of new single Not The Same.
‘Not The Same’ is the first single the forthcoming second EP, You Better Run Son, due later this year. It’s a modern take on vintage rock, delivered with equal parts polish and grit, and packing a one-two punch of smooth harmonies and a cracking lead vocal.

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Principal - His Knife Collection     Electronic, Psychedelic, Soundscapes 25/08/2017
Inspired by the intersection between Kraftwerk and Robert Palmer, Principal unite over evil memories of their teenage years and create a world forged in synthesis and noise based music
Emerging from the shadows, Principal rides the pulse of an alternate dystopian future. They bring an invitation to a glorious and debaucherous apocalypse. First single 'His Knife Collection' which features plenty of dobermans and sharp edges to help you through your day.

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Max Lawrence - Gasoline     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/04/2020
Max Lawrence is a 23-year old progressive pop artist exploring his place in the world as a queer artist via sublime electro pop punctuated by sublime falsetto and plaintive songwriting
“Gasoline” flows forth propelled by a spare rhythm as the young singer narrates the passing world around him. Shifting into bloom, a tender hook line reveals the sublime falsetto Lawrence carries ably in his vocal arsenal. The chorus refrain embraces the receiver, planting melodic seeds that continue to sprout tendrils long after the 3.5 minutes on offer here have subsided.

Marlon Williams - Vampire Again     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 11/08/2017
Marlon William's ability to truly inhabit his material illuminates his majestic rendering of everything from diverse cover touchstones, to his own novelistic noir with gallows humour and a widescreen groove.
In creating “Vampire Again,” Williams returned to NZ to re-engage in the writing process and work again with producer Ben Edwards. The accompanying video, directed by Williams in collaboration with UK cinematographer Steve Gullick is a tragicomic vignette of a societal outcast – misshapen, uncomfortable, humorous and a little touching.

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Marlon Williams - Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/11/2017
Hailing from New Zealand, but now wholeheartedly adopted by Australia, Marlon Williams has quite simply got one of the most extraordinary, effortlessly distinctive voices of his generation.
The lead single off Marlon Williams' sophomore album is a duet with former long-term girlfriend and solo artist Aldous Harding. Recorded via a late-night long distance phone call, the song, as with the rest of the album, captures the bliss, ache, uncertainty and bitterness that is associated with a break-up.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, 3PBS, Melbourne (VIC)

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Marlon Williams - Hello Miss Lonesome     Blues/Roots 04/11/2015
Described as “the impossible love child of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt”, Marlon Williams is an Award winning singer-songwriter touted as an 'Artist To Watch' in 2014.
Album opener 'Hello Miss Lonesome' is a full tilt workout with mandolin and acoustic guitar that's somewhere between Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash

Other tracks by Marlon Williams:  Dark Child
Mama Kin Spender - What's Wrong With Me?     Blues, Roots, Soul 10/10/2019
Featuring Mama Kin and Tommy Spender, Mama Kin Spender create a stripped back duo of brooding guitars, primal drums and howling harmonies that is illuminated by a chorus of singers.
A brooding and bruised, bluesy rumination where love blinds the author who chooses culpability over self-belief. Blanketed in a minimally adorned layer that hides carefully scattered gems both lyrical and musical. A compelling and deeply engaging new work from a duo acclaimed for their mastery of song craft.

Mama Kin Spender - The Road     Roots, Blues, Folk, Soul 26/03/2020
Mama Kin Spender lock in on both a musical and spiritual level. This compelling bond and creative sparks generated mark them as favourites for an ever-growing league of music fans.
‘The Road.’ a dirt track lament shared by a couple of broken and rejected strangers. A song about those times when someone brings you their broken bits and you sit in the discomfort of their discomfort with them for a moment. Sharing their load, not challenging it by asking them to defend or validate what is real for them.

Mama Kin Spender - Eye of The Storm     Roots, Pop, Blues, Soul 29/01/2020
Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin) & Tommy Spender (Spender), Mama Kin Spender came together in 2016. An inspired, dynamic collaboration pushing each artist to deliver beyond the sum of their parts
Eye of The Storm is a rhythmic and hook-laden roots pop gem from the ARIA nominated duo Mama Kin Spender that is a call to vigilance, raising a red flag to the false sense of security that can arise in the middle of a conflict. An emotionally ominous situation juxtaposed with a joyous vocal refrain and intelligent arrangement and production.

Josh Cashman - Wishful Imagery     Rock, Soul, Pop, Electronic 30/09/2016
Every now and then a local artist emerges who has an undeniable, palpable and infectious momentum, and 21 year-old Josh Cashman definitely fits into that exclusive category.
Produced by renowned Australian producer Jan Skubiszewski (John Butler Trio, ILLY), Cashman locked himself away in the studio with Skubiszewski in August, where he crafted ‘Wishful Imagery’.A mix of both organic and electronic instrumentation that has broadened Cashman’s soundscape, delivering a beautiful song, showcasing a song-writing talent mature beyond his 21 years.