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Rice Is Nice

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Rebel Yell - Night Drive     Electronic, Techno 26/07/2019
Rebel Yell is the techno princess moniker of artist Grace Stephenson.
'Night Drive' is an anthem that aims to support to people who don’t feel safe getting home alone or in their own bodies. At its core, this track is about women and other marginalised groups feeling safe and empowered in their physicality, and being able to celebrate it accordingly.

Summer Flake - Hand In The Fire     Rock 19/07/2019
Summer Flake is the moniker of singer songwriter Steph Crase.
Summer Flake has dropped another spell binding track, 'Hand In The Fire', the second single to be lifted from ‘Seasons Change’, the much-anticipated third album from Steph Crase aka Summer Flake.

SPOD - Make Things Right     Electronic 21/06/2019
SPOD is Australia's biggest creative genius, and most un-celebrated national hero.
'Make Things Right' is a track about late nights, cold city streets, headlights spread through the fog, sirens splashing on the empty brick walls. Out on the streets, looking for your only son who’s old enough to make his own decisions, but young enough to not respect the consequences

Summer Flake - In The Dark     Rock 13/06/2019
Summer Flake is the moniker of Melbourne based musician Steph Crase.
'In The Dark' is the first single to be lifted from the forthcoming record. The song's playful drum breaks and big bold guitar riffs belie panicked rumination on how to find a way out of the gloom - a motif repeated throughout the album.

SPOD - Sexual Fantasy     Electronic 12/06/2019
SPOD is Australia's most unrecognized musical genius.
'Sexual Fantasy' is the first single to be taken from the new record. A song about ways love can survive in the long stretch of a committed relationship. Keeping that candle alight, keeping the fantasy alive. Sensitivity, respect, passion. That’s the ticket! The kids are at Grandmas, the dogs are fed, work can wait. This secret is ours.

Angie - Blood On My Eyes     Rock 11/04/2019
Angie’s vast artistic contributions underpin Australia’s contemporary underground musical culture. Having performed and collaborated in bands Circle Pit, Southern Comfort and Ruined Fortune, Angie launched her solo moniker in 2013.
Blood On My Eyes is the first track to be lifted from Angie's fourth studio album, The Underling.

Sarah Mary Chadwick - The Queen Who Stole The Sky     Classical 04/04/2019
The prolific Sarah Mary Chadwick returns with ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’, an album performed and recorded live on Melbourne Town Hall’s 147 year-old grand organ.
‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ is undeniably commanding, yet punctuated by points of intimacy. The songs have a narrative-like quality, unfolding themselves before their audience. SMC's command of the grand organ is testament to her musicality – the sheer size of the instrument could so easily drown out the nuances of the songwriting – but not so for Sarah.

The Laurels - Monkey On My Back     Rock, Psychedelic 20/03/2019
The Laurels are a neo-psychedelic four-piece based in Sydney's Inner West.
‘Monkey On My Back’ combines raw guitars and layered harmonies that are driven by a soulful rhythm section. The track sees the band regain the energy they captured on Mesozoic, the pop sensibilities displayed on Plains, and the hip-hop production aesthetic developed on Sonicology.

Rebel Yell - High Authority Reworks     Electronic 11/12/2018
Sydney via Brisbane based artist REBEL YELL makes brooding, dark electronic bangers, guaranteed to destroy the dancefloor.
Lifting a selection of her favourite tracks from 'Hired Muscle', REWORK' was designed with DJs in mind, allowing Rebel Yell’s live show to evolve into DJ territory.

The first track to be lifted from the upcoming EP is ‘High Authority’, which Rebel Yell will be releasing for free via her Soundcloud and Bandcamp + available on all digital outlets.

Straight Arrows - Headache     Rock, Garage 16/10/2018
Straight Arrows are a garage band from Sydney, Australia. 'ON TOP!' is their third album.
Headache is the blistering, high intensity second single lifted from Straight Arrows' third album ON TOP!

Fuzzed out, harmonic and loud, Headache is a track that captures what Straight Arrows are all about.

Straight Arrows - 21st Century     Rock 04/09/2018
Straight Arrows are a four piece DIY garage punk band from Sydney, Australia.
The break-beat groove of “21st Century” is the sound of a band that isn’t short on ideas and isn’t afraid to push the envelope of what people expect from the Straight Arrows.

Richard In Your Mind - I Hope You Weren't Waiting Long     Pop, Retro 30/08/2018
Psychedelic pop quintet Richard In Your Mind have been kicking around since 2006, releasing 4 albums through Rice Is Nice.
This beautifully layered sweeping track is a song of contentment as someone watches the person beside them sleeping waiting for them to wake up, reflecting on their past and how lucky they were to eventually find each other.

Richard In Your Mind - All I Can Do     Pop 31/07/2018
Psychedelic pop quintet, Richard In Your Mind, are set to release their fifth studio album and first full-length release since 2014, Super Love Brain, this September.
All I Can do is the first taste of Richard In Your Mind's upcoming album, Super Lovw Brain.

Rebel Yell - Next Exit     Electronic 18/05/2018
Rebel Yell is a demon-like force producing some of the most mesmerizing, brooding bangers in Brisbane, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of Australia’s club scene.
Next Exit is the fourth single to be lifted from Rebel Yell's forthcoming debut LP, Hired Muscle. It explores the illusion of movement within animation and games and the focus on forward momentum as a means of achievement.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Flow Over Me     Blues/Roots 27/04/2018
Before embarking on a solo career, Sarah spent a decade fronting Batrider. Eventually becoming tired of the collaborative requirements intrinsic to band life, she shifted her focus to songwriting independently.
"Flow Over Me," taken from her forthcoming LP Sugar Still Melts In The Rain premiered via Blackbook Magazine who note, "there are moments when she strikingly recalls Nico." Sarah told them the track "is some deep psychoanalytic shit and you would hope so after what I've spent on therapy."

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

SPOD - Boys Night     Electronic 27/04/2018
Sydney's original party starter has been making us all taste the radness for over a decade. The dance rock pioneer electrifies brainwaves wherever and whenever he graces the stage.
A critical read of the Boys Night text assures that, somewhere along SPOD's intra-planetary travels, it was witnessed just how the other 50.1% lives. Indeed, it was from those a**holes that this festive phoenix did arise.

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SPOD - Day In The Sun     Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Sydney's original party starter has been making us all taste the radness for over a decade. The dance rock pioneer electrifies brainwaves wherever and whenever he graces the stage
Newest single from SPOD 'A Day In The Sun' is a fun electronic pop track about doing what you do and riding the wave of fame or potentially missing that boat.

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Rebel Yell - STAINS     Electronic 10/04/2018
Grace Stevenson AKA Rebel Yell has released her second single 'Stains' from upcoming debut album 'Hired Muscle'.
The song is about how hard it is to scrub away the lasting effects of someone mistreating you and push forward with the memories of that.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Sugar Still Melts In The Rain     Pop, Pop 13/03/2018
Title track from Sarah Mary Chadwick's new album 'Sugar Still Melts In The Rain'. Album out May 11
To listen to Sarah's music is to be a quiet observer to her thoughts on love, death and mental health. Sometimes this anguish bears itself in sullen, quiet moments, but more often torment manifests at the break of Sarah's voice as she sing-shouts painfully vulnerable, self-aware lyrics.

Rebel Yell - PRESSURE DROP     Electronic, Dance, Industrial 02/03/2018
Rebel Yell, aka Grace Stevenson made her mark with debut EP Mother of Millions. Returning in 2017 with ‘High Authority‘.2018 sees Rebel Yell releasing debut album 'Hired Muscle 'this June.
'Pressure Drop' is a song describing a Rebel Yell set, a track about experiencing the night and dancing - "Rebel yell, feel the pressure".

Stevenson creates a heavy, haunting experience within her music. Rebel Yell summons a unique and dark style of EBM bangers.

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