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RiSH Publicity

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Zii - Belief (ft. Natalie Ruiz)     Hip Hop 14/08/2015
Originally from Zimbabwe, Zii’s story is the one about how the school rascal somehow finds himself in the world of hip-hop spruiking a message of positivity and self-worth.
This single is an inside looking out view of how Zii’s faith has influenced his view of the world around him. It provides an honest view of how certain beliefs can be limiting as they place people in boxes that don’t necessarily allow them to flourish.

Zeahorse - Torana     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Psychedelic 04/11/2016
Seven years of togetherness has built a dynamic and immersive live experience that has earned Zeahorse a loyal and underground following across Australia.
As a 17 year old hoon, (fresh on my red P’s) I used to whip my 1989 Ford Laser around the bends always dreaming that one day I’d be whipping a LC Torana GTR round those bends. I’m still dreaming about it.

Other tracks by Zeahorse:  Nature Strip
Zeahorse - Chicken Dinner     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Grunge 11/10/2016
Zeahorse are a 4-piece noise-rock band from Sydney. Seven years of togetherness has built a dynamic and immersive live experience that has earnt them a loyal underground following across Australia.
Did anyone else eat BBQ chickens on the reg in the 90’s?
I sure did. Like a lot, in fact that’s really all I remember dinners being, apart from the Thursday night ‘kids I cant’ be ****ed cooking’ maccas run. Maybe I just really liked chicken?

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

World Wild - Poolside     Electronic, Pop 10/04/2015
Jarrad Lee Jackson is the mystical face behind the next synth sensation World Wild. World Wild is like the love child of cheesy 80s disco combining flawlessly technical electronica.
Poolside, indie funk electronica track that instantly hits your lungs with a cool punch of fresh air. Girls are laying poolside wearing one piece bikini's waving their legs, champagne bubbles glow on a sunglasses lens, attitude that turns men into boys, feels so real inside your 80’s day dream.

Other tracks by World Wild:  Physical  -  Jungle Kids
World Wild - Coast To Coast     Electronic, Rock, Pop 05/12/2014
Jarrad Lee Jackson is the maverick behind 4 piece band World Wild – an artist fusing 80s funk with synth, pop and electronica to bring you perfect summer soundtracks.
80's, trash, synth, pop. Cheese on toast melted by the coastal californian sun. The sizzling synth is sticking to the road like your girlfriends testarossa tyres as she speeds recklessly down Pacific Coast Highway to Venice Beach. Coast to Coast is a party, everyone should be there.

Other tracks by World Wild:  Caribbean Gold  -  Holidaze
Winter Moon - Sun Is Gonna Come     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic 19/09/2014
Winter Moon are like sex in space. Tempered with the pop flourishes of The Black Keys and Fleetwood Mac, the band’s psychedelic blues rock squall is a force majeure.
‘The Sun Is Gonna Come’ shines a light on the human experience with it’s uplifting soul groove, profound and raw in it’s honesty, this rock anthem draws the listener inexorably towards the depths of their own reality.

Other tracks by Winter Moon:  Me & The Devil  -  Holy Mother
Wild Meadows - Stay For A While     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 02/03/2018
An impressive balance of dark, roaring crescendos and gentle, hazy guitar noise, Stay For A While is the new radio track from Wild Meadows
Like broken glass surfing a wall of sound... Stay For A While is a classic shoegaze anthem redolent with swirling vocals, waves of sparkling guitar and gob-smacking choruses grander than the Simpson Desert.

Wild Meadows - First Exit     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 01/02/2018
With members hailing from different corners of Australia and the world, Wild Meadows came together over a love of all things garage, shoegaze and noise-pop.
First Exit is a song of light and shade. Singer Jessica Lawrence explains:
“The verses represent fear and illusion accumulated from negative past experiences, while the choruses represent breaking through those limits and redefining what’s possible. It’s a song written to empower people to be master of their own lives.”

Wild Meadows - Feel The Noise     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 15/09/2017
With members hailing from different corners of Australia and the world, Wild Meadows formed over a love of all things garage, shoegaze and experimental noise-pop.
Wild Meadows proudly present ‘Feel the Noise’, the lead single from their forthcoming self-titled LP. A pulsating blend of noise-pop, psych-rock and shoegaze, the track is an ode to impulsiveness and the pleasure that comes from letting go. Recorded, mixed and produced by Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Black Cab, Rocket Science).

Whoa! - Stay The Night     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 21/06/2017
Emerging from the South East corner of Queensland comes Whoa! a diverse mix of musicians, with incredible talent, energy and stage presence that has gained them a fierce reputation.
Stay The Night is nothing short of huge. Blending pop, rock and psychedelia, Whoa! have created a song that becomes embedded into the back of your brain, and leaves you wanting more. Shimmering with bright guitar hooks, punchy vocals and layered synths; a polished taste of the band’s talent!

White Summer - Zero In Tennis     Rock, Blues, Garage 24/06/2017
"This is big blues at its theatrical best, with all the light/dark contrast and the sensationalised build-ups clearing only for inevitable emotional explosions”
"Zero In Tennis is a song about Love, Memory Loss and finding comfort in the familiar and asks the question "If you were unable to form new memories what would matter the most to you?"

White Summer - Talk Me Through     Rock 12/10/2017
'Talk Me Through’ is the second single off the forthcoming album (2018) by White Summer, recorded with acclaimed producer Burke Reid (Peter Garrett, Sarah Blasko, Courtney Barnett and DZ Deathrays)
'Talk Me Through' explores anxieties surrounding self discovery, compromise and expectation and how this shapes you as a person. Talk Me Through is about regaining control and blocking out crippling social influence.

White Summer - Soul Breaker     Rock, Rock 08/06/2018
After a massive 2017 supporting the likes of British India and Ash Grunwald, rock band White Summer release their debut album ‘Soul Breaker’.
Started from a bass line, beat and the vocal rhythm you hear at the beginning of the track. We knew we liked it but we went chorus fishing for a long time, then once we got there everything started to take shape.

Other tracks by White Summer:  Rattle My Cage
White Summer - Paradigm     Rock, Blues, Grunge 04/03/2016
White Summer are a four piece rock band gaining momentum in the local and national scene. Touring with bands such as Holy Holy, The Delta Riggs, Kingswood and DMAs.
Being consumed by the idea of altering the past and playing out an alternate scenario where you don't lose your love only to discover you never had it to begin with.

White Summer - Out Of Phase     Rock 20/03/2018
'Out Of Phase’ is the final single before the forthcoming album by White Summer drops! Recorded with acclaimed producer Burke Reid (Peter Garrett, Sarah Blasko, Courtney Barnett and DZ Deathrays)
Out Of Phase is about living in a political bubble that reinforces whatever political biases you may have rather than introducing you to new ideologies. From the bands upcoming debut album, out this May.

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West Thebarton Brothel Party - Two-Bit Loser     Rock 05/08/2015
West Thebarton Brothel Party combine a fuzz heavy four-pronged guitar attack with a rumbling three-part rhythm section to deliver cathartic and chaotic garage rock.
A classic tale of old versus new with slow burning guitars and exasperated vocals. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us and I ain't got time for no two-bit loser.

Other tracks by West Thebarton Brothel Party:  Billions  -  Misophonia
Waxhead - Home     Rock 24/10/2014
Drawing from their life in the waves and on the margins of the mainstream, WAXHEAD is dirty seaweed rock with a filthy lust for cheeky sounds. Stoner rock meets grunge.
There is something both mature and gritty in the expansion of WAXHEAD’s sound. The sound takes elements from the early Aussie rock scene and slaps them together with chunks of Pink Floyd and Talking Heads while retaining something that is altogether unique and individual.

Wasters - Bye Bye Bye     Rock 22/01/2016
Wasters combines sunny pop melodies with awkwardly honest lyrics, burying it all under a mountain of gooey fuzz guitar and feedback.
Equally personal and fantastical, “Bye Bye Bye” is the tale of an alien who scorched the earth and fled to outer space. Produced by the band and mixed by Aria-Nominated Producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths - The Positions).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Violet Swells - Here Comes Yesterday     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 21/11/2014
Combining whimsical progressions, dramatic dynamics and textured soundscapes, Violet Swells narrate tales of stars, time travel and personified dreams, creating an intriguing and mystifying atmosphere.
A dreamy number showcasing the strong influence of pop and psych-rock from across the ages, Here Comes Yesterday is a track that expands Violet Swells’ guitar driven sunshine pop sound into prog territory with the introduction of synths.

Village Echoes - You Are Mine     Rock 24/10/2014
Sydney’s Village Echoes are a multi influenced, energetic indie rock trio creating music that is certain to appeal to fans of Bloc Party, Jimmy Eat World and Biffy Clyro.
‘You Are Mine’ is a healthy dose of infectiously catchy, upbeat indie rock from the Sydney trio, lyrically influenced by a new but endless opportunity in life and love. Creative vocal melodies roll seamlessly over a hard hitting rhythm section and their trademark thumping choruses make a welcomed return.