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RiSH Publicity

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Mailer Daemon Ft Sage - Automation (feat. Sage)     Hip Hop, Electronic 30/09/2016
Sydney Producer Artist Mailer Daemon combines Alternative Music and Hip Hop, fusing rock textures with the sonic depth and future embrace of bass music, a cyberpunk rap adventure.
Automation's fun and upbeat bravado showcases Mailer Daemon's unique mix of 80s/90s Alternative music, matched with modern Hip Hop vocals. The song sports a hook that speaks to 'Grime' and 'Soundsystem' culture, while the musical bed evokes 'Radiohead' style glitch melodies equipped with a 'New Order' groove.

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Zeahorse - Chicken Dinner     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Grunge 11/10/2016
Zeahorse are a 4-piece noise-rock band from Sydney. Seven years of togetherness has built a dynamic and immersive live experience that has earnt them a loyal underground following across Australia.
Did anyone else eat BBQ chickens on the reg in the 90’s?
I sure did. Like a lot, in fact that’s really all I remember dinners being, apart from the Thursday night ‘kids I cant’ be ****ed cooking’ maccas run. Maybe I just really liked chicken?

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

The Ruiins - Open Up Your Soul     Rock, Pop, Blues 18/10/2016
The Ruiins are a collaboration of raw blues and vintage rock enriched by powerful vocals and a touch of character bringing life to each song.
Open Up Your Soul continues The Ruiins raw upbeat combination of blues and indie tunes. The verse carries you along with an edgy lyric and guitar riff arrangement. Flowing through a soulful pre-chorus that does not warn you of what's to come. The chorus hits hard entwining a catchy melody.

Battlehounds - Good Man     Rock, Grunge, Garage 21/10/2016
Battlehounds like to keep things simple. Guitar, bass, drums and a heavy dose of gravel soaked vocals. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but they do it so bloody well.
Battlehounds first offering since emerging after 12 months of hibernation, Good Man is a three and a half minute rock n roll rollercoaster that’s heading straight over the edge, keeping your knuckles white all the way till the end.

Glitoris - Paradise     Rock, Punk 21/10/2016
Conceived as a single-gig protest band, the courageous women from Glitoris and their potent blend of energetic punk-pop have since been proclaimed ..”a powerhouse of feminist magnificence”.
A catchy and energetic radio nugget, Paradise is 1 minute and 45 seconds of Glitoris gold. Punchy drums, crunchy guitars, and the shout-singing so typical of the band, Paradise is the energising track you play when you want to get fired up and release the rage.

Other tracks by Glitoris:  Off With Their Heads  -  Pole
Krista Polvere - Father     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 21/10/2016
Melbourne based artist Krista Polvere returns with her self-titled album featuring the second single Father, a fearless, confident and sexual song proving Polvere is not one for playing it safe.
Krista Polvere’s single Father is fearless, confident and sexual proving she’s not one for playing it safe. Showcasing her talent as a chameleon style songwriter Polvere clearly thrives on taking risks. From a lustful nostalgic demeanor, Father makes you want to close your eyes and move through iridescent light.

Leeli - Into The Dark     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Blues 21/10/2016
Leeli is based back in her hometown of Byron Bay after spending 9 months in Indonesia where she played gigs at festivals and worked with local musicians.
Into the Dark is the first single from Leelis EP Skeletons. Recorded with a live band arrangement in Byron Bays Inky studios. This tune captures Leelis intimate reflections on addiction and losing loved ones. Returning to her folk roots, and fusing alternative dark country with a pop like structure.

Jim Dickson - Gravity     Rock, Psychedelic 28/10/2016
With elements of pop, psychedelia, rhythm and blues, folk and gospel, fleshed out with rock'n'roll, Coelum Versus is the debut solo album from Jim Dickson (Citadel Records).
The introduction to Coelum Versus, Gravity tells of a world that is being lost, a world where the power of myth had an important role in informing and guiding people by the retelling of its cautionary tales, tales ignored at our peril.

Other tracks by Jim Dickson:  We Know How You Feel... Relax  -  Lysanne
Mailer Daemon - Enlighten     Hip Hop, Electronic 28/10/2016
Sydney Producer Artist Mailer Daemon combines Alternative Music and Hip Hop, fusing rock textures with the sonic depth and future embrace of bass music, a cyberpunk rap adventure.
Enlighten's thunderous bass-line and cyber-goth neon synth pads set the scene for our heroe's auto-tune rap croonings. A major lift in the chorus brings melodic flight and fresh emotive heights before crash landing into the bass drop again. Cyberpunk internal digi-battle swings with drama and polish, an adventure of rock/rap.

Other tracks by Mailer Daemon:  Mountains
Zeahorse - Torana     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Psychedelic 04/11/2016
Seven years of togetherness has built a dynamic and immersive live experience that has earned Zeahorse a loyal and underground following across Australia.
As a 17 year old hoon, (fresh on my red P’s) I used to whip my 1989 Ford Laser around the bends always dreaming that one day I’d be whipping a LC Torana GTR round those bends. I’m still dreaming about it.

Other tracks by Zeahorse:  Nature Strip
Resd - The Right Thing     Rock, Electronic 09/11/2016
Languid, yearning and otherworldly; the songs of Resd could soundtrack the ennui that comes like silence, before the first beams of light hit the horizon at dawn.
'The Right Thing' is deftly wrought eletro-guitartronica with all the beats, guitars, bass, synths and vocals recorded by Carpenter himself. Mixed by Michael Badger at Melbourne's Jaya Jaya Studios (The Demon Parade, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard) who also contributed backing vocals, 'The Right Thing' is deftly wrought eletro-guitartronica.

Aquila Young - Crimson Criminal     Electronic, Rock, Pop 11/11/2016
A brazen world of isolated mystique and curiosity surrounds the artist known as Aquila Young. Her influence exudes a warmth and charisma that is both fearless and fearsome.
A fleeting moment, a fleeting high. From conversation to temptation. From temptation to intoxication. The tension of seduction sees a muse chasing desire and the allure of something more. Crimson Criminal is a delicate cry of vulnerability and a vulnerable plea towards the unrequited love.

Krista Polvere - Songbird     Rock, Alternative Country, Alternative Country, Folk 18/11/2016
Melbourne based artist Krista Polvere returns with her self-titled album featuring the second single Father, a fearless, confident and sexual song proving Polvere is not one for playing it safe.
This depicts a story of my goals and aspirations for music. The songbird who stuck to the plan and never sold out wrote for the truth not for stardom. The man in this story represents the music industry which offers everything and gives very little at times.

Other tracks by Krista Polvere:  Lonelier Than Yesterday
Glitoris - Trump Card     Rock, Punk 20/01/2017
Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed debut The Disgrace EP, with their explosive new single Glitoris play the ultimate 'Trump Card' on inauguration day.
Two minutes of explosive punk protest featuring Trump's most memorable campaign trail quotes. Drugs, crime and rapists? We're gonna build a wall! Punchy, raucous drums, abrasive riffs and a driving bass pitched against hard-hitting gang vocals and choral four-part harmonies, 'Trump Card' bears all the hallmarks of a Glitoris classic!

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (ACT Awards - Alice Cottee), Hard Rock Live Act of the Year (National Awards), Live Act of the Year (ACT Awards)

Resd - We Run     Rock, Electronic, Pop 27/01/2017
Languid, yearning and otherworldly; the songs of Resd’s acclaimed debut EP could soundtrack the ennui that comes after a relationship is over.
Though we're told that we live in a free society, some of us have an underlying feeling that we are somehow being controlled or guided through what is supposed to be an ideal existence. It’s about not settling for a life we’re told to live by people we don’t trust.

Other tracks by Resd:  No Oxygen
Peter Black - Cherry Light     Pop, Rock 02/02/2017
Known more for heavy bands Hard Ons and Nunchukka Superfly, Peter “Blackie" Black is also up to four solo albums and released 366 songs in 2016 alone!!! Prolific?
'Cherry Light' a personal favourite of Peter Black's, written during the Song A Day project. Indie pop with a dark dark, at its very finest.

The Clouds - Mabel's Bookshop     Pop, Rock 03/02/2017
The Clouds return in 2017 with a new single 'Mabel's Bookshop' - featuring the first new material in 20 years from a forthcoming EP Zaffre out on February 14, 2017
'Mabel's Bookshop' is about a stint of volunteering at the Lifeline Bookshop, where I met some interesting characters. Residing in different parts of Australia, The Clouds recorded this new EP with the use of technology over long distances.

The Clouds - Float On Air     Rock, Pop 17/02/2017
The Clouds were among the leading lights of the Australian indie scene in the early to mid-nineties, fronted by the dual vocals of Jodi Phillis and Patricia Young.
Float On Air was inspired by a short story I wrote about a young woman who attends a mysterious ball where the dance floor is a checkerboard lawn, the orchestra is always just out of sight and her dance partner is invisible. It’s an urban fairytale with a twist.

Other tracks by The Clouds:  House Of The Sun
Deniz Tek - Penetration     Rock, Acoustic, Punk 31/03/2017
Deniz Tek is the guitarist for iconic Australian band Radio Birdman.
Williamson and Tek decided to do it after joking about playing lounge gigs together. On “Penetration,” Williamson laid down an acoustic guitar part as well as some licks on Weissenborn lap slide with Tek on vocals.

Other tracks by Deniz Tek:  Night Theme  -  No Sense Of Crime
The Cherry Dolls - Slave     Rock 19/04/2017
Melbourne’s incandescent The Cherry Dolls distil the riffs of The Stooges, the self-assuredness of The Strokes and the swagger of The Stones.
A frenetic Stooges style anthem to being under the thumb, this live favourite shows The Cherry Dolls at their frenetic best. Distilling voodoo rhythms and squalling guitars into a tightly wound firecracker that explodes out of the speakers, this is the essence of Aussie rock n’ roll in 2017.