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The Demon Parade - She's Dope     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 31/07/2015
The Demon Parade formed in 2009 and play their brand of ethereal psychedelic pop songs. They are known for their recognisable melody, wall of sound harmonies and chiming guitar hooks.
EP opener She's Dope hits the listener straight up with an instantly recognisable guitar and sitar chiming hook. Accompanied by a driving rhythm section and fuelled by acoustic guitars, this pop gem will stain your ear drums for eons to come.

Other tracks by The Demon Parade:  My Life In Pieces  -  Utopia
West Thebarton Brothel Party - Two-Bit Loser     Rock 05/08/2015
West Thebarton Brothel Party combine a fuzz heavy four-pronged guitar attack with a rumbling three-part rhythm section to deliver cathartic and chaotic garage rock.
A classic tale of old versus new with slow burning guitars and exasperated vocals. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us and I ain't got time for no two-bit loser.

Other tracks by West Thebarton Brothel Party:  Billions  -  Misophonia
Zii - Belief (ft. Natalie Ruiz)     Hip Hop 14/08/2015
Originally from Zimbabwe, Zii’s story is the one about how the school rascal somehow finds himself in the world of hip-hop spruiking a message of positivity and self-worth.
This single is an inside looking out view of how Zii’s faith has influenced his view of the world around him. It provides an honest view of how certain beliefs can be limiting as they place people in boxes that don’t necessarily allow them to flourish.

Anabelle Kay - Mountain Man     Folk, Pop, Rock 21/08/2015
Anabelle Kay is a young folk artist who grew up in country NSW in a little town called Wingham, eventually migrating south to the Central Coast NSW.
This song was written in the beautiful snowy mountain's of Jindabyne.
Inspired by the surroundings, it's all about dreaming about a hypothetical man, creating the perfect person who is strong yet sensitive - "not afraid to love, nor to be alone".

Other tracks by Anabelle Kay:  Next Time Around  -  While I'm Gone
Peter Black - History Jack     Pop, Acoustic 21/08/2015
The world-renown rampaging lead-guitarist, vocalist and song-writer from Australian underground legends The Hard-ons introduces album number four.
"One of the 1st lyrics that I was super proud of. This song is about my dad and ... shows how proud of him I am."

Other tracks by Peter Black:  My Best Means a Lot to Me  -  Freckles
Babaganouj - Hit Song     Rock, Pop 04/09/2015
Babaganouj play power pop in the vein of Australian classics like The Melniks and Smudge, with inspiration from Creation Records and Flying Nun classics.
Babaganouj teamed up with old friend and previous collaborator Sean Cook to record Hit Song at Brisbane’s Plutonium Studio in 2014. Inspired by aborted romances and daytime drinking, Hit Song is an anthem about attempting to write the greatest song ever.

Bones Atlas - Sex (On Their Minds)     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Garage 04/09/2015
Bones Atlas are a high-energy outfit, exhibiting flavours derivative of 60s, 70s and modern rock, fused with subtle Eastern influences & a veritable smorgasbord of funk, psychedelia, reggae, and more.
A funky blues rock number, “Sex (On Their Minds)” is the combination of dirty guitar tones and a driving rhythm, with soulful vocals and a catchy chorus. The song reminds fans to always bring their dancing shoes to a Bones Atlas show and leaves them with something on their minds.

Maples - I Have Heart     Folk, Pop, Ambience, Electronic 11/09/2015
Spending several years crafting her sound, songstress Gabby Huber, aka Maples, produces a sound that occupies the sonic world where the acoustic meets the electronic.
I Have Heart encapsulates the essence of Maples. Ambient, synth driven pop. Pianos and vintage synthesizers, topped with layered vocals, embedded on acoustic percussion and programming.

Glitoris - Disgrace     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock, Pop 18/09/2015
Conceived as a one-gig-only protest band (performing naked, covered in glitter), Glitoris have since been proclaimed ..”a powerhouse of feminist magnificence..” roaring their potent blend of loud protest and punk.
Glitoris’s debut anthem “Disgrace” represents their music as much as their protest, amidst heavy guitars, soaring harmonies and a fiery, passionate chorus. The guile and grit of this exciting band screams through the track, acting as a perfect musical outlet for the repressed rage and silenced symbols of our culture.


Closet Straights - Eight Days     Rock, Britpop, Garage, Chill 09/10/2015
Closet Straights are a quintet of young multi-instrumentalists. The sound of the collective is born from the unique styles and influences of each individual creating a real "Heavy-pop" sound.
On October 23rd Closet Straights will release the follow up single off their debut LP. This new track uncovers the more sensitive side of the band. As Lashlie sings of his life as a child the band carry the weight with their tight rhythm section and soulful vocals.

Maples - Into My Arms     Pop, Ambience, Chill 16/10/2015
Songstress Gabby Huber, aka Maples, produces a sound that occupies the sonic world where acoustic meets electronic. Spending several years crafting her sound, she presents her self-produced album, Two Worlds.
The last track written for Two Worlds and third collaborative effort with the incredible synth master, Jules Hamilton. Written on reflection when finally feeling physically and emotionally separated from a past life. Driven by the groove of bass, snare, acoustic bass drum and embellished with a plethora of synthesizers.

Other tracks by Maples:  Who Am I?  -  Be Free (Two Worlds)
Pretty City - Mary Go Round     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 30/10/2015
Pretty City, create a unique brand of grunge, fuzz rock, power pop with catchy hooks, and explosive rhythms. Heavy riffs and licks, sing along melodies, and dancey beats.
Pretty City’s second single release this year and captures the band’s growing prowess in the live setting. Recorded at 1am after a live show, the song features heavy riffs, explosive drums, and raspy, punchy vocals punctuated by glam inspired lead melodies to counterbalance the heavy grooves of the rhythm section.

Singles - Fire     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 13/11/2015
2015 was a big year for Singles, the band burst onto the scene playing countless shows. Singles have already played alongside the likes of British India, Last Dinosaurs and Kingswood.
It's a guy-meets-girl kinda thing. He's in love, she's wild and ultimately too bad for him. But he's kind of addicted to her and can't shake it. Channelling grunge with it's big booming chorus and wacky indie verses, 'Fire' is a sure fire summer stomper.

Krista Polvere - Shut Up and Ride     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Acoustic 16/11/2015
Alt-country artist Krista Polvere returns with her self-titled album, featuring first single Shut Up and Ride, a rollicking, guitar driven ode to spontaneity and risk-taking, with an unmistakably lustful lyric.
Shut Up and Ride is a rollicking, guitar driven ode to spontaneity and risk-taking, with an unmistakably lustful lyric, reflecting the character of Krista Polvere, a true Gemini, having two very different sides to her personality.

Lisa Crawley - Up In The Air     Pop, Jazz, Atmospheric, Chill 04/12/2015
The five-track EP is produced by Ryan Ritchie (Kimbra, Oh Mercy, Birds of Tokyo), whose work with Kimbra on ‘Cameo Lover’ earned him an ARIA.
Up In The Air features sparse production and vocals that go from soaring to sounding fragile; lyrics that don’t just amount to hiding beneath the shade-cloth. It builds on the retro vibe, showcasing a singer-songwriter who has found her place in a dreamy, melodic pop world, with an edgy darkness.

Other tracks by Lisa Crawley:  Is There Something Wrong?  -  Showgirl
Kirklandd - Right Now     Hip Hop 14/12/2015
Delivering unmistakable golden age vocals over riveting production from Aria-winning producer Cam Bluff, Kirklandd promises to deliver an unprecedented sound for Australian Hip Hop with his first EP in 2016.
Possessing a flow reminiscent of the Late Registration over a cinematic instrumental, Kirklandd explores a character hungry to prove his ambitions aren’t purely meaningless, nearing closer to his most distant desires. Produced by Cam Bluff, Right Now serves as the first taste of Kirklandd’s debut EP, slated for release mid-2016.

Ed Kuepper - Pavane     Rock 06/01/2016
Four decades after the release of his first record, Ed Kuepper returns with an album that may well be considered a high point in his lengthy and uncompromising career.
Pavane means 16th century slow dance. The song itself was loosely inspired by a Keith Roberts book of the same name. Set in England in the mid nineteen sixties it describes an alternate reality, one in which the reformation didn't happen, a world of myth and superstition.

Other tracks by Ed Kuepper:  Friends With The Leader  -  The Ruins
Close Counters - Picture Me     Electronic, Dance, House, Jazz 22/01/2016
Tasmania’s synth-connoisseurs and beat makers, Close Counters, bring with them a selection of instruments, sounds and production techniques that will throw you off your seat and onto the dance floor.
Retro synthesisers drive a 90’s house inspired groove, coloured with intricate percussion and warped samples. A dance-floor worthy banger, driven by a memorable boogie bassline and the sassy RnB vocals of BINI.

Wasters - Bye Bye Bye     Rock 22/01/2016
Wasters combines sunny pop melodies with awkwardly honest lyrics, burying it all under a mountain of gooey fuzz guitar and feedback.
Equally personal and fantastical, “Bye Bye Bye” is the tale of an alien who scorched the earth and fled to outer space. Produced by the band and mixed by Aria-Nominated Producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths - The Positions).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Adam Young - Ghost Song     Country, Acoustic 05/02/2016
Adam Young is an alt-country singer/songwriter who has been covered by You Am I and the Lemonheads. He is a former member of the Daisygrinders and Big Heavy Stuff.
Singer/Songwriter Adam Young (ex-Daisygrinders, Big Heavy Stuff) wrote Ghost Song in a farmhouse and was inspired by the sound of music drifting over from a neighboring valley. It’s Australian alternative country in it’s truest sense and features pedal steel from ARIA Award nominee, Jason Walker.

Other tracks by Adam Young:  The Queen of the Plains  -  New West