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RiSH Publicity

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Number Station - The Money     Pop, Electronic, Rock 28/11/2014
Number Station are a five-piece indie pop/rock band from Melbourne, and are previous winners of Triple J Unearthed. Their sophomore EP, Back Seat, is released on 28 November, 2014.
The rhythm section leads the way and synthesisers follow in a relentless chase between verse and chorus, a metaphor for the tail-chasing dreams of contemporary aspirational culture. Cantering high hats, a bass riff that lifts and falls, open out into a disco beat and driving bass in the dancefloor chorus. 

Other tracks by Number Station:  Want You To Know  -  Our Friends
World Wild - Coast To Coast     Electronic, Rock, Pop 05/12/2014
Jarrad Lee Jackson is the maverick behind 4 piece band World Wild – an artist fusing 80s funk with synth, pop and electronica to bring you perfect summer soundtracks.
80's, trash, synth, pop. Cheese on toast melted by the coastal californian sun. The sizzling synth is sticking to the road like your girlfriends testarossa tyres as she speeds recklessly down Pacific Coast Highway to Venice Beach. Coast to Coast is a party, everyone should be there.

Other tracks by World Wild:  Caribbean Gold  -  Holidaze
Dark Fair - Listen Up     Rock, Pop 30/01/2015
Ramones, Snowy, drums and guitar. Dark Fair is garage/rock/pop duo from Melbourne. Since forming in 2012, they’ve supported the likes of Veruca Salt, Adalita, Kingswood and They Might Be Giants.
“Listen Up” is a summer power anthem drenched in industrial pop from Melbourne’s Dark Fair. It’s about breaking off the chains, standing up and being heard. It’s about saying no to emotional trips and being someone’s sucker punch. 

It was recorded with legendary producer Lindsay Gravina at Melbourne’s Birdland studio.

Kaleidoscope - Junior     Rock 31/01/2015
Kaleidoscope are 3 young guys from the south coast of NSW who spent their musical lives playing in Wollongong before touring their energetic live show relentlessly in their Kombis.
Kaleidoscope are 3 young guys from the south coast of NSW who spent their musical lives playing in Wollongong and writing in Gerringong. After releasing a 7” record and touring relentlessly in a 1976 Kombi, Kaleidoscope spent a weekend at Brisbane's Bedlam Records to record their new single Junior.

Hound - God Is Calling     Rock 20/02/2015
From a beer soaked balcony in Brisbane, Hound form a unique sound out of passion for 80’s punk and 90’s alternative. Combining influences from The Cure, Sonic Youth and Fugazi.
After we supported Killing Joke, local legend Gerald Keaney congratulated us on our set, saying he enjoyed when we screamed “God Is Calling”. Despite that song not existing yet, it was a ripper idea. It was written when life felt like an arrivals/departures terminal and recorded by Sean Cook.

Peezo - Here Now     Hip Hop 27/02/2015
Hailing from Byron Bay, Melbourne’s Peezo grew up alongside Leeze and Griffin Brain (formerly from The Hated) in the hardcore scene; a tough ask for the indie rap hopeful.
“Here Now” is a bold statement that rings true throughout the track’s entirety; Peezo is here now and he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Accompanied by a melodic Cultra (Illy, Aston Shuffle) and a jazzy Cam Bluff beat, the summery feel-good anthem's sure to worm it’s way into your head

Battlehounds - Visions     Rock 06/03/2015
Battlehounds were born in a beer soaked share house in 2013 where Alex, Dale and Andrew bonded over a love of Black Sabbath, Dead Meadow and The Stooges.
Visions is three minutes of thumping drums, fuzzy guitars and gravel soaked vocals. A chant for late nights and lovers past, stale beer and painful mornings. Visions is that last song of the night, arms around your mates, sung slightly out of tune that feels oh so right.

Penelope Austin - Dynamite (ft. Baro)     Pop, Electronic 03/04/2015
Penelope Austin was born in the Southern Highlands of NSW and moved to her spiritual home, New York City in 2006 with a guitar and $150 in her jeans.
Penelope Austin’s single ‘Dynamite’ is a breezy slice of electro-pop, featuring a bright, glittery video clip shot in LA. Dynamite features the vocal stylings of up and coming Aussie rapper, Baro.

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World Wild - Poolside     Electronic, Pop 10/04/2015
Jarrad Lee Jackson is the mystical face behind the next synth sensation World Wild. World Wild is like the love child of cheesy 80s disco combining flawlessly technical electronica.
Poolside, indie funk electronica track that instantly hits your lungs with a cool punch of fresh air. Girls are laying poolside wearing one piece bikini's waving their legs, champagne bubbles glow on a sunglasses lens, attitude that turns men into boys, feels so real inside your 80’s day dream.

Other tracks by World Wild:  Physical  -  Jungle Kids
Eliza Hull - Walk Away     Electronic, Pop, Ambience, Chill 17/04/2015
Eliza Hull's songs evoke a certain fragile nostalgia that sculpts an introspective, and mesmerising yet uplifting push and pull of the emotions and senses for her listeners.
Walk away is the new brooding track taken from Eliza Hull's debut album 'The Bones Of Us.' Produced by Hayden Calnin and cowritten with Ainslie Wills, the track showcases Hull's dynamic vocal range.

Hound - Something Else     Rock, Punk, Pop 17/04/2015
Lucas, Gray, Tom and Chris, formed Hound in the loudest living room in Toowong. They had a band, a sense of direction and the desire to write some post-punk.
The sound of us having our cake and eating it without mercy, this is a terrifically fun and upbeat track about unspeakable misery. It’s got more hooks than a BCF and a guitar solo that has forgotten which song it is actually in. Ripper as ripper does.

Other tracks by Hound:  Gamekeeper  -  Dying In The Sun
Lunatics On Pogosticks - 15 Months     Rock, Garage, Grunge 28/04/2015
Forming in a garage in Lennox Head, after winning Triple j’s Unearthed High, in 2013 they graduated to a Melbourne lounge room. Calum, Bryce and James play good ole garage/grunge
A tasty tune off the back of Lunatics On Pogosticks most recent EP. It’s a sugary sweet little pop rock tune about wanting to be with that special someone. Vocalist Calum Newton drenches the song in soppy lyrics about longing while an infectious hook and grooving beat keep you interested.

Smaal Cats - Free Your Mind     Rock 28/04/2015
Smaal Cats hail from Sydney's Northern Beaches and have been working over the last 3 years developing a tight and unique repertoire of songs and gaining loyal and enthusiastic fans.
"Free Your Mind" is track written about someone who turned out to be me (Charlie Gradon)

Other tracks by Smaal Cats:  Seagulls Part 1  -  Morning Kerfuffle
Closet Straights - Zadie     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 08/05/2015
Since receiving a coveted Arts Victoria grant Closet Straights have been locked away recording and producing their DEBUT LP. The lead single 'Zadie' is to be released on May 15th!
May 15th Closet Straights will release the long-awaited first single off their debut LP. Pretty much recorded in one take, "Zadie" perfectly displays the bands inclination for producing luminous and catchy 'heavy-pop' songs. This first single will establish Closet Straights as a young band to watch over the coming months.

The Bacchanales - Sandcastles     Rock, Pop 15/05/2015
The Bacchanales, a Brisbane rock band, are a controlled detonation of melody and groove, recalling Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, QOTSA and other lovers of dynamic and sprawling guitar jams.
New single "Sandcastles" showcases a new maturity of songwriting and arrangement for the band. An intimate vocal ends up soaring atop an unbreakable backbone of groove, all gracefully intertwining into a reflective, heartfelt ballad on memory and loss.

Love Parade - Pretend     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 05/06/2015
Love Parade have been compared to The Replacements, The Knack, The Sunnyboys, and other bands who play sloppy pop music about feelings, cities, heartbreak, and all that kinda noise.
‘Pretend’ is the lead single from Love Parade’s difficult second album, Shake On The Mission and was produced, engineered and encouraged by Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb). It is a short, sharp blast of power pop, and follows their 2013 debut album King Me.

Penelope Austin - Trigger     Pop, Electronic 05/06/2015
Penelope Austin is an intriguing singer/songwriter/nomad from the Southern Highlands, who wrote her first song at fifteen with a stolen guitar before running away to NYC in 2006.
‘Trigger’ is her second single co-written with longtime collaborator Robert Conley and mixed by renowned UK mix engineer, Cenzo Townshend (Florence & The Machine, George Ezra, Snow Patrol). Capturing her passionate spirit and raw vulnerability, the track was written in NYC with a stunning video shot downtown to match.

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Pretty City - Melt     Rock 05/06/2015
Pretty City, create a unique brand of grunge, fuzz rock, power pop with catchy hooks, and explosive rhythms. Heavy riffs and licks, sing along melodies, and dancey beats.
The competing personalities in Pretty City cause a firestorm of shoegazey rock articulated by fuzzy, grinding rhythm guitars, epic, explosive drums, punctuated by angular, melodic and ethereal lead guitar and vocals. The Manchester style beats keep the track moving through its spiralling epic melodies.

Other tracks by Pretty City:  Running Around  -  Second Hand Clothes
The Orange Humble Band - You Close Your Eyes     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 05/06/2015
The Orange Humble Band emerged in 1994 as the brainchild of ex Lime Spider and Someloves' guitarist/songwriter Darryl Mather.
I enjoyed this from the Dwight's 'Soundtrack' album. I liked the tunes anthemic quality, and I knew it would be a great starter. We approached the song differently in that we tried to blend a Carl Wilson 'I Can Hear Music' feel against a Robert Fripp style guitar aka 'Heroes'.

Other tracks by The Orange Humble Band:  The Girl Without A Name  -  Ain't Tougher Than Me
Burn Antares - Vangablonde     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 06/06/2015
BURN ANTARES is a five piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Sydney. Their music is strongly focused on superior songwriting and musicality.
Dangerous. Fantasy. Femme Fatale. Tarantino-esque and executed with flair. The haunting string arrangement is an homage to the works of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, laced with spaghetti western overtones.

Other tracks by Burn Antares:  Rich Man (Radio Edit)  -  Knight In Shining