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RiSH Publicity

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Steve Clisby - The Christmas Song     Pop, RnB 02/12/2013
Steve Clisby is one of the most exciting and acclaimed singers in Australia and his performances stay with the listener long after the music has stopped.
“The Christmas Song” is a classic and has been dubbed the most listened to Christmas song since its conception in 1944. Steve Clisby’s recording of this song reminds us of how special Christmas can be.

Other tracks by Steve Clisby:  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Spender - Hotel Home     Pop 16/12/2013
From busker to producer, Spender plays a handful of instruments including chromatic harmonica, laptop and tenor saxophone and created a bunch of stuff you need to see and hear asap.
Singer, songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist, SPENDER, is a musical powerhouse. Embarking on his biggest release yet, his second single - Hotel Home via Gotye – he caps off a stellar year including sold-out national supports with Mama Kin & Clare Bowditch, & a stand-out performance at BigSound.

Smile On Impact - Heartbreak Song (feat. Froya)     Electronic 21/01/2014
Melbournite, Smile on Impact is a producer renown for sub-bass & laser-leads, his collaboration with Malaysian Songstress Froya presents a softer side combining their shared love electronica & tearjerkers.
'Heartbreak Song' is the collaboration between Malaysian songstress Froya and Melbourne bass music producer Smile On Impact. The two of them are yet to meet in person but have managed to combine their diverse backgrounds of folk, dubstep, electronica & indie music into a haunting piece of audio.

River & The Snap - Ride It (Frankie Remix)     Electronic, Pop 04/02/2014
The new indie-pop creation of Melbourne-based musician, River Cordes-Holland. The debut single is pop, indie, upbeat and cheeky; inspired by a great night out partying on a pumping dance floor.
River & The Snap is the new indie-pop creation of Melbourne-based musician, River Cordes-Holland. The bass remix of Ride It by Frankie (a founding member of the Bumblebeez) gives the song a darker edge, influenced by Frankie’s recent sojourn to Delhi deejaying club sets and collaborating with local musicians.

Other tracks by River & The Snap:  Ride It
AlithiA - Sacrifice     Rock, Experimental 07/02/2014
AlithiA’s music is dubbed as ‘Astral Space Core. More than simply a genre or musical tag, this reflects a philosophy to embrace the exploration and unlimited possibilities of the mind.
‘Sacrifice’ features two guest artists including New York MC Illspokinn on spoken word and Bodoczy Zoltan, lead vocalist of Hungarian art-rock band Grand Mexican Warlock on screams. Vocalist John Rousvanis cites the song’s theme to be about ‘the search for your true will, the beginning of your consciousness’.

Other tracks by AlithiA:  Thirteen Revelations  -  Here I Am
All The Colours - Fragile     Pop 14/02/2014
Progressive yet vintage. Sophisticated yet subtle. The Soundtrack to a Tarantino movie that has yet to be made. Debut self-titled album is due for release February 2014 via Inertia.
This song came from a dream where a being from an ascended state gets bored and decides to come to earth in a body and kidnap a girl for salvation. Got that? With some work from Moriarty we found some Orbison there and boom! Under three minutes vintage progressive baby.

Mat McHugh - More Money     Pop, Dub, Roots 14/02/2014
Singer, songwriter, performer, producer for The Beautiful Girls and his solo recordings, Mat’s music ranges from singalong to intimate acoustic to dancehall rhythms and has created a worldwide audience.
Mat McHugh is kicking off 2014 with the dancehall and dub influenced More Money, “part of the continuum” from his self-penned and home recorded The Beautiful Girls’ Spooks album. Along with the goodtime grooves there is a message for our times which sits with McHugh’s long held independent, self-reliant ethos.

Monks Of Mellonwah - Tear Your Hate Apart     Rock 28/02/2014
Described as the 'birth child' of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (MTM 2013) Monks of Mellonwah (MOM) are an award winning alternative rock and indie band based in Sydney.
Tear Your Hate Apart is a modern lullaby, sung with modulating drums and a pulsing bass and guitar line. The vocals are sweet and haunting, building the track to an epic bridge which features deep synths and a swelling of symphonic strings.

Other tracks by Monks Of Mellonwah:  Pulse  -  Turn The People
Jimmy & The Mirrors - Toucan Blues     Rock, Pop 07/03/2014
Jimmy & The Mirrors. Drawing influences from yesteryear and tomorrow, touring the country in all sorts of dubious vehicles and always grinning from ear to ear.
Toucan Blues was recorded late 2013 after spending much of the year on road. The single was recorded in Byron Bay at the prestigious Studios 301 and is a taste of what the band have in store for 2014, showcasing the charisma Jimmy & The Mirrors have become known for.

Axe Girl - Silence     Rock 21/03/2014
Formed in 2012, Axe Girl are a three piece pop punk band from Perth, WA. Axe - guitar and vocals, Ness - Bass, Brett - Drums.
Silence is more brooding than their debut single Give Me You’re Tee Shirt but maintains the bands flair for contagious melodies and infectious beats.

“Silence is about the cyclic nature of a doomed relationship... When you can’t survive without your soul-mate, but you can’t live with each other either...” Axe

Luke Jon Shearer - Peace On Earth     Rock, Atmospheric 21/03/2014
Hailing from Newcastle, Luke Jon Shearer is known for writing atmospheric Indie rock. In March 2014 Luke will release debut Single ‘Peace on Earth’ via Dark Poet Records.
‘Peace on Earth is a song of immense beauty and atmosphere. A catchy drum loop, Waves of Piano, Electric guitars and emotive vocal delivery combine to create a massive wall of sound. In short, It is a beautiful song from a brilliant talent’ – Karen Mitchell (Dark Poet Records)

Howling Bells - Slowburn     Rock, Pop 03/04/2014
Howling Bells return with their brilliant new single, Slowburn, on Birthday Records. Slowburn is the first single to be taken from Howling Bells’ forthcoming fourth album.
Slowburn was the first song we recorded for the new album, I feel it perfectly captures the immense conviction and passion the band have. The song explores the idea that some of us effortlessly glide to the surface, whilst some others simmer away quietly.”

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Problems - Terraces     Electronic, Chill, Experimental 18/04/2014
Problems is the brainchild of South Australian musician and producer Justin Walkden. Influenced by world music and downtempo electronica, Problems has crafted a sound that is quickly gaining momentum.
Layers of organic and electronic sounds make up the bones of Terraces, the lead single from Problems debut EP ‘For The Ages’. What sets Terraces apart from the sea of other electronic ambience is the pained vocals and the driving sense of urgency that the producer has created.

Other tracks by Problems:  Self Rewards  -  For The Ages
Jimmy & The Mirrors - Hailstorm     Pop, Blues 24/04/2014
Since 2008, the always-grinning Jimmy & The Mirrors have built a reputation as a unique presence on the Adelaide scene thanks to loud shirts, colourful facepaint and infamous flower parties.
A classic tale of sudden love lost, Hailstorm is “pretty much the biggest departure from the sound that people are beginning to know us for” tells Jimmy Meegan, as the track further explores the soul and blues influences in the band’s recent writing.

Howling Bells - Your Love     Rock, Pop 28/04/2014
The foursome were formed in Sydney, have recorded in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and now call London and Berlin home.
Heartstrings spans the piano-led chamber pop of Paper Heart and the MBV-go-Spector fuzz-tune landscapes of new single 'Your Love' – and overall, positions Juanita’s honeyed voice and melodies in “a really stark, cold dark place”.

Spender - Lake     Pop 21/06/2014
Producer and songwriter Spender delivers ‘Lake’. A quirky, textural single that follows on from acclaimed debut EP ‘Modern Pest’ that featured hits ‘Bed & Chair’ and ‘Hotel Home featuring Gotye’.
Melbourne producer and songwriter Spender delivers ‘Lake’. A quirky and textural single that follows on from last year’s critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Modern Pest’ that featured hits ‘Bed & Chair’ and ‘Hotel Home featuring Gotye’. This single draws you into a true story song about his colourful upbringing in Adelaide.

Lunatics On Pogosticks - Less Than Sober     Rock, Grunge 11/07/2014
Lunatics On Pogosticks release 'Slug Cat and Snail Dog' EP on Friday 11th July. In support of the release, the trio will head out on a tour this September.
Less Than Sober is about perishing at 10:30 on New Year's Eve and having to have your girlfriend hold your hair back while you vomit and walk you home.

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Other tracks by Lunatics On Pogosticks:  Breakfast At Jeremy's  -  Edgy
Problems - Capture Me     Electronic, Chill 23/07/2014
Influenced by world music and down-tempo electronica, Problems mix organic sounds with modern production creating a cross between the chill-wave vibes of Washed Out and the worldly electronica of Bonobo.
Capture Me is packed with ethereal vibes that won’t just touch your blackened stone-like soul, it’ll tie it down and make sweet, erotic love in a penthouse before then raising a family with it.

Jimmy & The Mirrors - Still I Fall     Pop, Roots 25/07/2014
Remember that time that music made you feel happy? Jimmy & the Mirrors remember that.
Drummer Kaurna Cronin takes lead vocals on Jimmy & The Mirrors latest in Still I Fall. A celebration of love through mundane times, it'll transport you to a warm and fuzzy place from the beginning of the very first strum of the chords and breath of the trumpet.

Monte - Reminiscence     Rock 01/08/2014
Sydney's Monte release 'Reminiscence', a capturing combination of counterpoint guitar work, driving drums and lush vocal melodies. An emotional and sonic insight to their 2014 debut album release.
Sydney's Monte release 'Reminiscence', an emotional and sonic insight to their 2014 debut album release. The song presents a story of raw emotion felt at the end of a complicated relationship and captures the listener with its combination of counterpoint guitar work, driving drums and lush vocal melodies.