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RiSH Publicity

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Ms.45 - 'Til We Meet Again     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric, Goth 17/10/2018
Ms.45 is the brainchild and alter-ego of arcane pop chanteuse Ella Jackson (formally of Crimsonettes). Described as "Massive Attack meets Patti Smith" to "the goth Taylor Swift", Ms.45 is genre-defying.
Ms.45 wrote ‘Til We Meet Again as the theme to an imaginary dystopian James Bond film. Slow and moody, this song marries trap-inspired drum beats with soaring guitar and cinematic strings. Recorded and mixed at Phaedra Studios with John Lee (Lost Animal, Totally Mild).

Other tracks by Ms.45:  No Television  -  Give Me A Reason
The Beautiful Girls - Beautiful World     Reggae/Dub, Pop, World, World 15/10/2018
The Beautiful Girls is an Australian act based on the beaches of Sydney, Australia. They’ve sold over 350 thousand albums Worldwide, all whilst remaining completely Independent.
There’s something about a cruisey, upbeat melody that instantly brings to mind summer skies and gentle breezes, no matter where you are. So pump up the volume and let the simple warmth and humanity of The Beautiful Girls’ latest single, Beautiful World, put a smile on your face and lift away the cares of your day.

Jodi Phillis - Hudson Dreaming     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/10/2018
ARIA nominated singer/songwriter/composer who first made her mark on the Australian cultural landscape with alt-rock band The Clouds. Jodi has forged a parallel career as an independent, influential solo singer/songwriter.
Hudson Dreaming is a double love song….to the town of Hudson, New York and to my husband Tim Oxley. It’s a fantastic day dream, imagining that we are living in this beautiful old town where it snows in the winter and comes alive again in the spring.

Slow Fades - Leave The Canyon     Rock, Pop 09/10/2018
Slow Fades are a widescreen indie outfit led by songwriter Ben Birchall (Klinger) and multi-instrumentalist Dave Rogers (Ben Lee). They release their debut EP Canyon Songs on November 15.
One part E Street Band bombast, one part Laurel Canyon sweetness, ‘Leave The Canyon’ is a meditation on failure with a chorus that won’t quit, set poolside in the Hollywood Hills in the summer of 1973.

Inklines - Back To Me     Rock 26/09/2018
Inklines are a 3-piece rock band from Sydney. Forming in 2017, Inklines already have a national tour, several singles and supports with British India and more under their belt.
This boppy, 70's inspired tune rounds out and closes off the EP on a high note. An arpeggiated guitar riff over an earwig bass line and a huge chorus featuring Lachlan West on backing vocals, all laid over a thumping drum track, makes this the perfect outro song.

Other tracks by Inklines:  Willing And Able  -  Mylar
Glitoris - The Policy     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Fearless females roaring through unforgettable punk shows. Fierce musicianship, indelible songwriting and bad-ass attitude, Glitoris’ debut THE POLICY (November 2nd) takes their theatrical punk mayhem to the next level.
‘The Policy’: a modern-day rock anthem featuring soaring vocal harmonies, hard rhythms and driving guitars. Beginning as a delicate, harmony-laden slow burn with pizzicato strings, the positive self-empowerment message gradually ascends through huge symphonic choruses into a fiery, dramatic climax. Epic, visceral, defiant and empowering: THIS IS THE GLITORIS POLICY.

Jodi Phillis - Becoming     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 12/09/2018
An ARIA nominated singer/songwriter/composer who first made her mark on the cultural landscape with The Clouds. Jodi Phillis has forged a parallel career as an independent, influential solo singer/songwriter.
‘Becoming’ is a vintage filtered, pocket-sized folk-pop song, celebrating the evolution of consciousness and the pursuit of living an authentic life. Featuring dreamy, layered backing vocals and a George Harrison-esque slide guitar solo, Phillis urges the listener to let go and “become who you are”.

White Summer - Soul Breaker     Rock, Rock 08/06/2018
After a massive 2017 supporting the likes of British India and Ash Grunwald, rock band White Summer release their debut album ‘Soul Breaker’.
Started from a bass line, beat and the vocal rhythm you hear at the beginning of the track. We knew we liked it but we went chorus fishing for a long time, then once we got there everything started to take shape.

Other tracks by White Summer:  Rattle My Cage
Ms.45 - Salt Water     Pop, Rock 26/05/2018
Ms.45 is the brainchild and alter-ego of arcane pop chanteuse Ella Jackson (formally of Crimsonettes). Described as "Massive Attack meets Patti Smith" to "the goth Taylor Swift", Ms.45 is genre-defying.
Second single ‘Salt Water’ transports you to Bret Easton Ellis inspired dance parties on the beach, where cocaine and champagne are abundant and inhibitions are scarce. Jarring and detached, this song is a commentary on drug and party culture, and the feeling of isolation one feels in its grips.

Brother Be - Nine Dollars     Rock 16/05/2018
Armed with a mission to put a smile on your face, Brother Be’s anthems will have you putting aside your troubles and enjoying the brighter side of a rainy day.
There are times when we aren’t so sure what we are really doing and whether or not what we are doing is even the right thing to do. Nine dollars plays on this doubt that inevitably rears its head in all of our lives from time to time.

The Tipsy Scholars - Andy Warhol     Folk, Rock, Pop 16/05/2018
Indie folk outfit The Tipsy Scholars (FKA The Gypsy Scholars) are Conagh McMahon-Hogan and James Kelly on lead vocals, Joel Shapero (Bass) and Alec Brinsmead (Drums)
Andy Warhol is a song of fleeting thoughts. It’s about home, loss, friendship and two slightly controversial tattoo’s. The song makes me think of my late old man's sense of humour, great love of mountains and his ability to form friendships anywhere and everywhere.

Other tracks by The Tipsy Scholars:  Run From the Rampage
Inklines - Elusion     Rock 02/05/2018
Inklines (comprised of Will Tremain, Tom Bowden and Daniel Mulroney) are a 3-piece rock band from Sydney, forming in 2017. They have a unique alt-rock sound with a modern twist.
The second single lifted from a batch of songs recorded with Lachlan West of The Vines, ‘Elusion’ is a hard-hitting alt-rock track, laden with infectious melodies, electrifying riffs and a raw-emotional chorus to boot.

Other tracks by Inklines:  One Day
Ms 45 - Neuromancer     Pop, Rock 20/03/2018
The brainchild of arcane pop chanteuse Ella Jackson. Described as "the goth Taylor Swift", Ms.45's genre-defying set marries recherché piano lines and cowboy-inspired guitar with phat bass-lines and lush pads.
The debut single from Melbourne dystopian pop outfit Ms.45. Equal parts The Cure and Kylie Minogue, this reverb-drenched break up anthem delivers 80s goth nostalgia in a neat pop package. Recorded and mixed at Phaedra Studios with John Lee (Lost Animal, Two Steps On the Water & Pikelet).

White Summer - Out Of Phase     Rock 20/03/2018
'Out Of Phase’ is the final single before the forthcoming album by White Summer drops! Recorded with acclaimed producer Burke Reid (Peter Garrett, Sarah Blasko, Courtney Barnett and DZ Deathrays)
Out Of Phase is about living in a political bubble that reinforces whatever political biases you may have rather than introducing you to new ideologies. From the bands upcoming debut album, out this May.

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The Electric Guitars - Sadistically Speaking     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage 14/03/2018
The Electric Guitars play Stooges-esque skronk rave-ups, mangled Phil-Spector-via-Jesus-&-Mary-Chain melodies, grandiose Jean-Claude Vannier affectations and epic explorations of nihilism and psychic doom for all flame-brained beatniks and ecstatic cosmic surfers.
A revenge song but this is really a tale of wronged love between a sadist and a masochist, where nobody’s sure if what’s going on is revenge or just violence. The guitar feedback at the start sounds like Gamera, and the bass feedback at the end sounds like King Ghidora.

Other tracks by The Electric Guitars:  Three Body Problem  -  Postcard from the Deep
Wild Meadows - Stay For A While     Rock, Pop, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 02/03/2018
An impressive balance of dark, roaring crescendos and gentle, hazy guitar noise, Stay For A While is the new radio track from Wild Meadows
Like broken glass surfing a wall of sound... Stay For A While is a classic shoegaze anthem redolent with swirling vocals, waves of sparkling guitar and gob-smacking choruses grander than the Simpson Desert.

Wild Meadows - First Exit     Rock, Psychedelic, Atmospheric 01/02/2018
With members hailing from different corners of Australia and the world, Wild Meadows came together over a love of all things garage, shoegaze and noise-pop.
First Exit is a song of light and shade. Singer Jessica Lawrence explains:
“The verses represent fear and illusion accumulated from negative past experiences, while the choruses represent breaking through those limits and redefining what’s possible. It’s a song written to empower people to be master of their own lives.”

The Gypsy Scholars - Cold Hands     Rock, Folk, Pop 01/02/2018
With their diverse indie folk tunes, The Gypsy Scholars tell stories of travel and life in a way that only four guys and an array of instruments can do.
Cold Hands is the first single from The Gypsy Scholars’ forthcoming debut EP, a body of work that reflects three years of shows, travel and mateship. With the resonating vocal tones of band’s lead vocalists, this latest addition to their unique folk rock catalogue is both memorable and melodic.

Quails - We Don’t Need Entertainment     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Ambience 18/11/2017
QUAILS is Sydney singer/songwriter/producer Amy Pes. Navigating a digital river of synthesis and sentiment, QUAILS writes music for the ardent and impassioned, merging tormented, honest lyricism with emotionally deep production.
“We Don’t Need Entertainment” is the first single from QUAILS’ forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Worlds’ - a six track excursion into the space between love and loss. Co-produced by Quinn, the single captures a potent mix of elegance and power and connects the dots between electronica, R&B and moody pop.

Ron S Peno & The Superstitions - Just Like Diamonds     Rock, Pop 01/11/2017
Ron S. Peno launch third album ‘Guiding Light’. Here, then, is that rarest of things: a record that hits the heart as hard as it hits the hips.
Along with possessing one of the album’s most driving beats, ‘Just Like Diamonds’ richly evokes a private world smouldering with yearning and unanswered desire. “I’ll get down on my knees and I’ll pray,” Peno sings, a supplicant before love whose inner struggle is given coruscating melodic uplift by the Superstitions.

Other tracks by Ron S Peno & The Superstitions:  Kid Gloves  -  Dreams of Leaving