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Lloyd Spiegel - Track Her Down     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Folk 16/07/2019
Aussie acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Lloyd Spiegel is pleased to unveil a brand spanking new song ‘Track Her Down’
Aussie acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Lloyd Spiegel is pleased to unveil a brand spanking new song ‘Track Her Down’ - a deep and soulful blues number about the fleeting, yet precious nature of connections he makes with people on the road and the fragility of personal relationships for a travelling musician.

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Claude Hay - Give Me Something     Blues/Roots, Rock 20/03/2019
Blue Mountains blues-rocker and award-winning independent artist Claude Hay stakes his claim on the Australian music landscape with the release of his new single ‘Give Me Something’.
A fast-paced and upbeat foot-stomper with all the dirty, funky blues he effortlessly instils in all his work, Claude says ‘Give Me Something’ is about “the pressures of life in general and working to crazy deadlines.”

Julian James - Silver Spade     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Roots 20/03/2019
Everything about Julian James and his new album ‘Silver Spade’ shouts the love of traditional blues for all to hear.
The title track Silver Spade tips its hat to the old hollers of the south with reference to the endless struggle of materialism.

“The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything.”

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Other tracks by Julian James:  Grinding Wheel  -  Sleep Now
The Lachy Doley Group - A Woman     Blues/Roots, Rock, Soul, Funk 20/03/2019
Dubbed the Jimi Hendrix of the Hammond Organ, Lachy Doley is the most celebrated Blues/Soul/Rock Organ player in the world today.
After taking a break from re-arranging my music room, amongst the chaos of keyboards, clothes and records was my crappy Squire Bullet bass. To procrastinate I started jamming on the main slow groove which then became the perfect musical bed for my lyrical admiration of the opposite sex.

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Other tracks by The Lachy Doley Group:  Mix Tape  -  Cruel Cruel World
Creek - The Deep     Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Grunge 20/02/2019
Awoken from their slumber, the hairy Creek rad-lords have ascended from riverbanks Victoriawide, merging in Melbourne to spread their concoction of heartfelt noise mud all over fans of heavier music.
Heavy, earth-shifting beats and murky guitar riffs combine to lead you astray; as does the hand of the swamp siren to her blissfully unaware victims.

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Corey Legge - Driving Out Of Eden     Blues/Roots, Folk, Pop, Acoustic 14/02/2019
Corey Legge plays heartfelt folk-rock and alt-country, drawing influence from growing up in the small country town of Bega on the beautiful Far South Coast of NSW.
An upbeat alt-country gem reminiscent of ‘Dots’ era Paul Kelly. Corey’s wholesome debut single is sure to resonate with anyone who has been stuck in a 9-5 job dreaming of bigger ambitions. The title gives a nod to the beautiful Far South Coast of NSW where Corey grew up.

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Other tracks by Corey Legge:  Rose  -  Great Just Ain't for Me
Hat Fitz and Cara - Hold On     Blues/Roots, Blues, Folk, Roots 07/12/2018
High-energy duo Hat Fitz and Cara are one of Australia’s most enduring, popular and talented roots artists.
Fitzy and Cara are thrilled to announce the imminent release of their much-anticipated 5th studio album ‘Hand It Over’, featuring lead track ‘Hold On’, and they’re headed out on an extensive tour this Summer to get everyone’s blood flowing.

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The Swamp Stompers - Shadows On The Wall     Blues/Roots, Pop, Rock 20/09/2018
The Swamp Stompers are back on tour this Spring to launch their new EP ‘Shadows on The Wall’
A moody, brooding, bluesy alternate-rock song about love lost. The verses bubble along menacingly, with lead vocalist Corey Legge lamenting missed opportunity, and questioning what might have been. This song has enough hooks to catch even the most casual listener completely off-guard.

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Other tracks by The Swamp Stompers:  Wishing I Had You  -  Hey
Geoff Achison - Skeleton Kiss     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Roots 04/07/2018
Veteran Aussie blues-roots artist Geoff Achison is a household name for many music fans in the more southerly states.
I often tell students that if you can’t think of something to write about, watch the news tonight. You’ll find ‘the blues’ right there. That’s the stuff that matters. This song reflects my concern for where we’re all headed and who’s taking us there.

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Other tracks by Geoff Achison:  Miniature Men  -  Sovereign Town
Matty T Wall - Sidewinder     Blues/Roots, Rock 04/07/2018
Western Australian Blues-rock up-and-comer Matty T Wall is stoked to announce the release of his new album ‘Sidewinder’.
With a distinctive tough rock edge and the introduction of Matty’s vocals to the mix, the title track, “Sidewinder” adds fuel to the fire. Breaking down into a half-time interlude,
Matty delivers the promise “you can trust me,” before a feverishly flashy solo and wailing outro brings it all home.

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Other tracks by Matty T Wall:  Can't Stop Thinking  -  Walk Out the Door
Rhythm X Revival - Almost Every Night     Blues/Roots, Blues, Soul 28/04/2018
Rhythm X Revival’s debut is centered around the friendship and songwriting of Victorian boys JL and Johnny - and neither a stranger to the thriving Melbourne scene
This fast paced electric drenched blues, is fun filled, energy packed and keeps you guessing. A catchy and energetic take on the blues.

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Other tracks by Rhythm X Revival:  Man and Woman  -  Good Man Feeling Bad
Lloyd Spiegel - The Kick Around     Blues/Roots, Roots, Rock 27/04/2018
Lloyd Spiegel is an artist on the cutting edge of the blues scene in Australia and is one of the most exciting acoustic guitarists in the world right now.
A return to Lloyd's electric blues roots, the kick around offers an insight into the frantic life of an artist bouncing from country to country.

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Other tracks by Lloyd Spiegel:  Betcha Bottom Dollar  -  Man On Fire
Claude Hay - Still Want More     Rock, Roots 07/03/2018
Claude Hay has become a permanent fixture on the live circuit and rightly so. He has clocked up four albums since hitting the scene a decade ago
The new song is classic Claude Hay, jaunty drums bustle along with gritty guitars straight out of Claude's home studio back up one of the best voices around, 'Still Want More' is typically impressive work from Australia's leading DIY swagger rock technician.

Paul Winn Band - Down So Long     Blues/Roots, Swing, Blues 17/09/2017
The Paul Winn Band are described as guitar driven blues with an improvisational style incorporating facets of jazz and funk.
“Down So Long” is the first song on Paul Winn Band’s latest live release. A fast paced 12 bar blues shuffle featuring the vocals of Paul Winn followed by a Harmonica solo by Rick Wilson.

Other tracks by Paul Winn Band:  Take The Long Way Home  -  Look Around
Lloyd Spiegel - Devil On My Shoulder     Blues/Roots, Acoustic 31/05/2017
Australian Blues master and acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Lloyd Spiegel is delighted to announce the release of his ninth album ‘This Time Tomorrow’.
A look into touring through Amsterdam's late night music scene, the album opener, Devil on my shoulder is a rootsy, dark play on the double life of a traveling musician.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Blues Album 'This Time Tomorrow'

Other tracks by Lloyd Spiegel:  Kansas City Katy  -  This Time Tomorrow
Chase The Sun - Live It Up     Rock, Blues, Roots 14/01/2017
'Live It Up', the first single from Chase The Sun's upcoming, and as yet untitled third album (due for release in winter 2017),
A pretty straight forward message that most people can relate to. It's about grabbing life by the balls and enjoying it. It's about how time moves so fast and doesn't wait for nobody so don't miss an opportunity when it comes. Live it up.


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Datura4 - Fools Gold Rush     Rock, Psychedelic, Grunge, Garage 16/11/2016
Datura4 follow up their acclaimed 2015 debut album Demon Blues with the equally rockin’ and lysergic long-player Hairy Mountain.
A pulsating Fuzz riff, tempered by acoustic guitars and dreamy vocals harmonies. Reflecting on things in the aftermath of the mining boom.

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Other tracks by Datura4:  Trolls  -  Confide in Me
Claude Hay - Roller Coaster     Rock, Blues, Grunge 19/08/2016
Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Claude invokes the best of stomping-traditional blues, hard-rock and booty‐shaking funk, all delivered with slide guitar chops to burn and a vocal range to match
Roller Coaster pulls out some of my traditional stomping rock/bluesy riffage. It’s about the constant ups and downs in life and with my journey there are many. It’s about trying to deal with them and finding a balance so you don't go crazy.

Other tracks by Claude Hay:  Never Say Goodbye  -  Forget About Me
Prequel - Saints     Electronic, Jazz, House, Dance 12/08/2016
Paying respect to just some of our influences.A meditation on blackness and inclusion and something to move you on the dance floor.
A meditation on influences, blackness, jazz and music to shake your ass too.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC), Nick Rodwell, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Rory Ellis - Rah Rah     Country 17/06/2016
Master Australian songwriter Rory Ellis will hit the road this June to welcome his new 5-track release ‘Rah Rah’ into the world.
A dash of mystery, cheeky, oozing an exciting hint of sensuality, and ever so catchy. It’s Americana at its finest from troubadour Rory Ellis. This standout single, already infectious among close fans, will take you into those wicked corners of your mind. Rah Rah…Ooh Ahh‼

Other tracks by Rory Ellis:  Redneck  -  A Good Man