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Rhinoceros Music

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Narli - We Are One. ft. Hazy     Hip Hop, Rap 01/10/2018
Narli, is an Indigenous HipHop artist who lives along the east coast of Australia Narli has just recently found his sound an calling after collaborating with Sydney based producer Hazy,
We are all One, love, peace and respect for the world we all share

EaRelevant - Sunshine     Hip Hop, Rap 29/09/2018
A character of many names, the ever-elusive EaRelevant (ER) is a hermit who has manifested his style as a lyricist over the course of many years
A story of battling drugs and mental health issues, that just lead to nowhere, but regrets and loss

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Greg Cooper - Let It Happen     Pop, Easy Listening, Christian 03/08/2018
For me, it's about the song. I love that songs can instantly break me, or quietly tap me on the shoulder, unearthing emotions I didn't realise were there.
LET IT HAPPEN, the first single from my new album HEAL (released 18 July).
Written with Marcella Detroit (Shakespeares Sister, Eric Clapton Band) in LA, and produced, recorded and mixed by Shane Nicholson on the beautiful NSW Central Coast.
A positive uplifting songs about Life... Let it Happen..

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The Dead Riders - Waltz of a Falling Angel     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 03/08/2018
Hailing from Sydney The Dead Riders is a rock n roll trio with a passion for rocking songs, massive drums, lots of guitars and vocal harmonies.
Waltz of a Falling Angel is a beautifully crafted, very emotional song. Overdriven guitars exploring a quieter Dead Riders sound and introducing new sounds as well as their classic vocal harmonies. The song is about being down but being able to come to terms with who you are and embracing it.

The Dead Riders - Victims     Rock, Garage, Grunge 16/09/2017
The Dead Riders is a guitar driven rock trio from Sydney. Epic drums, solid bass, lots of riffs and vocal harmonies. Explosive live shows and pure rock n roll.
Victims is the explosive debut single by The Dead Riders. The song is pure rock n roll and high energy. It has powerful bass lines, solid harmonies, epic drums and riffs that prove guitars aren’t dead. Heavy refreshing rock n roll.

Stone Empire - State of Control     Rock, Metal 18/08/2017
Stone Empire are a Newcastle rock band with a passion for social commentary and a love of hard rock. Similar in style to Rage Against The Machine & Sound Garden.
State Of Control is an anti-establishment, angry, loud and powerful song, & discussion about the state of the world we live in.
Turn the other cheek
wait for history to repeat
elect for us to speak
Democracy for the weak
Rise above the tide
No more comfort in their lies

New Regulars - Sweet Cologne     Rock, Garage, Grunge, Pop 11/08/2016
Following their successful first two single releases "Give No Reason" and Excuses" from the upcoming 7 track album of the same name, New Regulars drop their third single "Sweet Cologne"
"Sweet Cologne" is a smoldering mid tempo outpouring of emotional energy dripping with melody.
It's the third single from the forthcoming album "Give No Reason" recorded with legendary producer/engineer David Nicholas (INXS, Elton John, Pulp, George )
and captures New Regulars fuzzy overtones, catchy hook driven riffs and vocals.

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New Regulars - Excuses     Rock, Grunge, Garage 14/07/2016
Following their successful first single release "Give No Reason" from the upcoming 7 track album of the same name, New Regulars drop their second explosive rock single , "Excuses"
The much anticipated second single, "Excuses" from the forthcoming album "Give No Reason" recorded with legendary producer/engineer David Nicholas (INXS, Elton John, Pulp, George ) capturing New Regulars fuzzy overtones and catchy hook driven riffs and vocals.

Other tracks by New Regulars:  Give No Reason
Greg Cooper - Take One Step     Pop, Easy Listening 01/06/2016
I love music. Everything about it. I can’t wait to record more songs soon, and to continue to embrace the amazing soundtrack that music is to each moment of life.
Take One Step- Written in LA with Marcella Levy (Shakespeare's Sister, Eric Clapton band), this is a song about treating every hour in life as precious and moving one step closer to our dreams and towards those we love, every minute of every day...

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Stone Empire - Cage     Rock, Hardcore, Grunge 01/06/2016
Described as "The New Aussie Rock Band with the old School Rock band attitude "
With extreme sports and the liberation of woman's sexuality in our Modern times, Cage is a song aimed at our love of adrenaline and the freedom to express our inner primal desires with confidence and conviction.

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