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Revolutions Per Minute

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William Crighton - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle Cover)     Folk, Rock 18/05/2018
William Crighton has announced a national tour for July/August 2018, giving this acclaimed singer songwriter an opportunity to showcase songs from his new album, EMPIRE.
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda is the last track on William's brilliant new album 'Empire'. The song describes war as futile and gruesome, while criticising those who seek to glorify it. It is an arresting cover of the song written by Eric Bogle in 1971.

Other tracks by William Crighton:  Fire In The Empire
William Crighton - Happiness     Blues/Roots, Rock 21/03/2018
Building a reputation as a world-class live performer, William Crighton releases his new album 'Empire' featuring the single 'Happiness'. This song has been played on Triple J, Double J, 3RRR.
Happiness sees William Crighton expand his study of the human psyche. The world he weaves bristles, heaves and crawls with life: birds and beasts, men and monsters; cities and seas; all imbued with profound significance, both personal and epochal. Happiness has been played on Triple J, Double J and 3RRR.

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Why We Run - Ignites     Rock, Pop 25/06/2015
Exciting indie / rock / pop 4 piece band from Sydney
'Ignites' is an upbeat indie track, smooth, exciting, uplifting. Follow up to debut single 'Comfortable Lie'. both were produced/mixed by Wayne Connolly (The Paper Kites, Cloud Control, Boy and Bear).

Why We Run - Hallway     Rock, Pop 07/06/2016
Why We Run is a four piece rock band from Sydney with a sweeping, immersive sound. They draw on lush production to compliment their killer hooks and well crafted singles!
A favourite of the band, 'Hallway' is driven by a distinctive marimba line and impassioned vocal from frontman Nic Cogels. Over the course of five minutes, it builds to a cathartic outro with Bowie-esque 12-string guitar and rapid drum fills.

Other tracks by Why We Run:  Where I'll Be Waiting
Why We Run - Comfortable Lie     Rock 11/02/2015
Why We Run is a four-piece indie/pop/rock band from Sydney - previous incarnation was Cogel who received good radio and support.
‘Comfortable Lie’ is about casting yourself adrift and leaving everything behind to start afresh. It's a bold track - starting with a gentle rhythm, almost eerily, it takes you on a journey and builds to unleash the full rock effect.

Why We Run - A Moment To Return     Rock, Pop 21/12/2015
Why We Run is a Sydney quartet comprising Belgian ex-pat Nic Cogels, rhythm section brothers Ed and Lloyd Prescott and guitarist Nick Langley.
A driving, energetic track that builds on their reputation for sweeping sounds, indelible hooks and beautiful melody.

Trey Cooper - Embrace     Pop, Soul 16/03/2018
18yr old singer/songwriter/guitarist Cooper has been honing his skills across South East Queensland for the past few years and is thrilled to be revealing his music to audiences across Australia.
This young singer/songwriter/guitarist is hesitant to commit to his eclectic sound to any particular genre; he says, "Embrace is a mix of old and nu soul'.

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The Rumjacks - Fact'ry Jack     Metal/Punk, Punk, Folk 10/08/2016
The Rumjacks are a high energy folk/punk band from Sydney, who've taken on the world - playing more than 90 shows in UK and Europe over the last 4 months!
‘Fact’ry Jack’ is energetic and fun - Frankie McLaughlin says, “A real knockabout with a tonne o' character. He's seen the very best and worst this world had to offer and has a razor sharp sense of right and wrong to show for it. We've all known someone like him"

Spinifex Gum featuring Briggs & Marliya - Locked Up     Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous 27/09/2017
Spinifex Gum is a collective made up of Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill, Marliya (of Gondwana Choirs), an all-female choir of teenage Indigenous singers from Cairns and BRIGGS (A.B Original).
‘Locked Up’ is the new single from BRIGGS (A.B Original) and Spinifex Gum, a collective made up Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire), Marliya (of Gondwana Choirs), an all-female choir of teenage Indigenous singers hailing from Cairns.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC), Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Spinifex Gum (Feat. Felix Riebl + Marliya) - Ms Dhu     Pop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 26/01/2017
'Ms Dhu' is the new single from Spinifex Gum, a collective made up Felix Riebl & Ollie McGill (The Cat Empire) & Marliya, a female choir of teenage Indigenous singers.
On the 730 Report, Felix Riebl (of Cat Empire) was interviewed about ‘Ms Dhu’ – a song he wrote about a 22 year old Aboriginal woman who died in WA police custody in August 2014. All proceeds of the sale of the single will go to her family.

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Serina Pech - Sugar Muffin     Pop 29/08/2015
Young singer songwriter from Katherine, NT. Fresh, new, quirky sweet indie pop.
'Sugar Muffin' is a gorgeous slice of indie pop from an exciting new artist - a gorgeous vibe to see in the start of Spring! it cruises along and makes you feel good!

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Serina Pech - Not Like Them     Pop 10/08/2016
Serina Pech is a raw and honest lyricist from Katherine, Northern Australia. This young singer songwriter wraps her songs into a bubble of gorgeous quirkiness.
A jaunty little indie pop track that showcases Serina's unique songwriting and captivating vocal. Serina says "it is a song about being swept up in the emotion and entering the imaginative space that the feelings love (or infatuation) can create especially when you are young or experience your first love."


Serina Pech - I Hope To See The Sun     Pop 20/05/2016
Young singer songwriter from Katherine, NT. Fresh, new, quirky sweet indie pop.
A beautiful, melodic and uplifting track - this song has a lovely tempo, it swings along - a real feel good track with an indie pop sensibility.

Sametime - When You Come Down     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 25/08/2018
SAMETIME is Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam and When You Come Down is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut EP, on Duckfeet Records/AWAL.
When You Come Down is an upbeat track and a colourful tale of teen angst about inviting someone special to a party who subsequently ditches you for the cool druggy kids.

SAMETIME are Brothers Tim and Sam from Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

The single is lifted from their forthcoming debut EP and is available on Spotify and all other decent DSPs.

Paul Kelly and Rebecca Barnard - Now That Our Babies Have Grown     Pop, Acoustic 20/07/2016
Paul Kelly and Rebecca Barnard team up on this first track to be lifted from Pesky Bones Volume One, 12 tracks featuring different vocalists, the creative brainchild of Peter Farnan.
On "Now That Our Babies Have Grown", Paul Kelly and Rebecca Barnard duet about wayward offspring, empty nesters, and long haul love. It is a lovely, gentle, ethereal track perfectly melding their vocal styles.

Ollie Brown - Backroads     Pop, Folk, Rock 01/09/2017
Ollie Brown is an old-school troubadour. He writes songs that are earnest and confessional without tipping over into saccharine sentimentality.
'Backroads' is an ethereal, delicate track with an acoustic sentiment, from an artist who has stamped himself as a genuine singer songwriter and has honed his craft over the last few years. It's a moody roadtrip that winds itself gently into Spring and Summer.

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Lonely Boys - The Hunter     Indigenous, Rock 17/02/2017
They are a 6 piece guitar inspired rock band from the Arnhemland community Ngukurr- 700km south-east of Darwin. They debuted their career at Groove In The Moo 10 yrs ago.
Lonely Boys are a six-piece guitar inspired rock band from the remote Arnhemland community of Ngukurr 700 km south east of Darwin. The original version of ‘The Hunter’ was first introduced at the Barunga Festival in 2014 and features on Triple J’s unearthed.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

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Other tracks by Lonely Boys:  The Hunter (Dazastah Remix)
Lonely Boys - Murray Island     Rock, Punk 13/07/2016
Lonely Boys are from the remote Arnhemland community of Ngukurr, 700 km south east of Darwin. They are an exciting six-piece guitar inspired punk rock band.
"Murray Island" is a driving, melodic punk-rock track set to electrify playlists across the country. Totally original and authentic, it captures the listener with it's pure energy, this is a band of accomplished and exciting musicians pouring their hearts into something they love - so evident in the song.



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James Reyne and The Magnificent Few - I’d Still Be In Love With You (featuring Mia Dyson)     Pop, Rock, Country 28/08/2015
James Reyne is one of the most distinctive, iconic voices in Australian music, through his role as lead singer of Australian Crawl to his solo hits and new music contributions.
A laid back, languid exchange between two of Australia's most striking vocalists. This song rolls along and tells a story as it does so - a really clever track that demands the attention of listener from the opening lyric.

Other tracks by James Reyne and The Magnificent Few:  One Little Kiss  -  What A Pain In The Arse It Is...
Fresco - Separate     Pop 10/08/2016
Fresco comes from a dream about creating something special and unique. After years of writing, Robbie, Ryan, and Ben are now ready to make their impact on the world.
The perfect track if you're looking for stunning dreamy pop with an incredible vocal delivery. Sweeping, atmospheric and beautiful!