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Remote Control records

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Art Of Fighting - Conjuror     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening, Chill 13/06/2019
Art Of Fighting share their single 'Conjuror' ahead of their new album Luna Low, released on Friday 7th June via Remote Control Records.
'Conjuror' is written in tribute to frontman Ollie Browne and Miles Browne's father, renowned jazz drummer Allan Browne, who passed away in 2015. The meandering rumble of 'Conjuror' lets the band loosen up and push the music into unexpected spaces.

Katz - Back From Nothing     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 12/06/2019
Following the release of his collaborative 2018 debut EP Waterfall, Melbourne-based musician, instrumentalist and producer Katz returns with new single 'Back From Nothing' out via Dot Dash Recordings/Remote Control Records.
Written and produced in Katz’s Collingwood home studio with Melbourne-based songwriter Janeva Burrill, ‘Back From Nothing’ features powerful, soaring vocals that are both rich and intimate. “It’s a song about being grateful for someone’s friendship and guidance, particularly through difficult times”, says Katz.

Katz’s long-time collaborators Hamish Mitchell and Nick Keays directed the visual accompaniment, as premiered by Cool Accidents.

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jade imagine - Big Old House     Rock, Pop, Garage, Easy Listening 28/05/2019
jade imagine release their first new material in 2 years; 'Big Old House', it's the first single from their forthcoming debut album due later this year via Milk! Records/Remote Control.
Premiered via Double J and Pilerats, ‘Big Old House’ was written "in Sunshine Beach, after a dream in which a loose melody and lyrics came to me...” Jade McInally, jade imagine’s front-person and key songwriter says. “Then in a Brisbane hotel room, the band and I workshopped the arrangement and it was pretty much done!"

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Evan Lock - Queen of Sydney     Folk, Alternative Country, Blues, Easy Listening 22/05/2019
Sydney guitarist/singer-songwriter Evan Lock shares new single ‘Queen of Sydney’, just ahead of his debut album Kaleidoscopic, out Friday 24 May via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records.
‘Queen of Sydney’ is the country portrait of a woman who never really existed. Strummed guitars, harmonicas, harmonies & pedal steels are her siren songs, calling you to her cliffs. Lock collects myriad genres and styles from country, folk, progressive rock, blues, latin and raga into a picturesque cluster of evocative and honest scenes.

Gena Rose Bruce - Rearview     Rock, Pop, Folk 17/05/2019
Gena Rose Bruce shares new single 'Rearview', from her forthcoming debut album Can't Make You Love Me, released Friday 28th June through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
Gena explains "This song is a conversation I could never have with this person, it's about accepting failed love. I was angry at the time but I didn't have the energy to stay angry or feel sorry for myself. We wanted to create a Twin Peaks vibe for this video, weird and dreamy." The video was directed by Alex Badham.

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Art of Fighting - Luna Low     Rock, Folk 16/05/2019
Art of Fighting share the title track to their first album in twelve years, entitled Luna Low, released on Friday 7th June via Remote Control Records.
As premiered by Double J 'Luna Low' shares the honour of being written to close out the record. It is a quiet moonlit drink very late at night, and a looking back on days that didn’t go as planned. It pushes and pulls, ebbs and flows, as its gently strummed guitars and brushed drums patiently reach for a lonely ending.

Carla Geneve - Yesterday's Clothes     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 16/05/2019
Perth artist Carla Geneve shares new single 'Yesterday's Clothes' from her newly announced debut self-titled EP, released Friday 7 June via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
Premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed, Carla explains her new single "Yesterday’s Clothes is about falling out of love with someone and feeling guilty about it. I wrote it at a time when I was burning the candle at both ends and had no energy left to try to deal with the end of a relationship."

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Evan Lock - Scorpio     Folk, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 17/04/2019
Sydney guitarist/singer-songwriter Evan Lock shares the first single ‘Scorpio’, from his newly announced debut album Kaleidoscopic, due for release on Friday 24 May via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records.
‘Scorpio’ is a call to arms for the disconnected. The realisation of a life’s ambition, Kaleidoscopic explores themes of love lost, identity dislocated, and solidarity expressed most acutely in the chorus of ‘Scorpio’, with its earnest invitation to the brokenhearted reminding us that "the lonely boys are here".

Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 11/04/2019
Courtney Barnett releases brand new single 'Everybody Here Hates You', out now via Milk! Records/Remote Control. It will also be released as an exclusive Record Store Day 12 inch.
'Everybody Here Hates You' features one of the most anthemic sing-along choruses Barnett has ever conjured, with a lead vocal that brings new strength and range to her unmistakable voice. The single is the superb final instalment from the creative period of Barnett's life which gave birth to her acclaimed and adored sophomore album Tell Me How You Really Feel.

Jess Ribeiro - Dylan     Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
Jess Ribeiro shares third single ‘Dylan’, from her highly anticipated new album LOVE HATE, released Friday 12 April via Barely Dressed/Remote Control Records.
Ribeiro explains the hypnotic new track “Dylan is about disorder. Change. Being in limbo, in-between your old life and the new one.” It once again shows just how masterful Ribeiro is as a performer and writer; it’s almost unfair that a song as unassuming as ‘Dylan’ can get under your skin the way it does.

Gena Rose Bruce - Angel Face     Rock, Pop, Alternative Country 09/04/2019
Gena Rose Bruce releases new single 'Angel Face', premiered via Pilerats, from her forthcoming debut album Can't Make You Love Me, released Friday 28th June through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
On 'Angel Face' Bruce describes "anger at the sense of entitlement this person had, who always got his way. Sadness at the loss or inability to have a connection, and jealousy that this person had moved on; but at the same time, there’s the not wanting a connection or relationship with that person. It’s about that place in the middle."

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Sunbeam Sound Machine - Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 05/04/2019
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' is the second single to be lifted from Sunbeam Sound Machine’s second LP Goodness Gracious, out May 3rd through Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
'Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind' was premiered by NYC's Document Journal, describing the track as "a sonic snapshot of those bright yet melancholic summer evenings that begin with high intentions yet end in a slow-moving haze—and sometimes the unexpected."

Sunbeam Sound Machine perform a free headline show at Sydney's Golden Age Cinema & Bar this Saturday 23rd March.

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Art of Fighting - Your Love     Rock, Folk 20/03/2019
Premiered via Triple R Breakfasters and the Geoffrey O'Connor directed video clip by The Music - Art of Fighting share new single 'Your Love', out now via Remote Control Records.
Ollie Browne shares his insights on the track - "‘Your Love’ is about that feeling when what your fear the most in the world is the inability to contain and rationalise your love for someone. How that makes all the other genuinely terrifying things in both the internal and external world seem completely insignificant.”

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Methyl Ethel - Ruiner     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 20/03/2019
Pscyhe-pop band Methyl Ethel play huge national tour in support of their new record. Triage is out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control and marks the Perth artist's third album.
This delicate balance of internal revelations played off against calculated ambiguity, has struck a nerve as Jake’s lyrics are sung back at him by audiences around the globe. They're precise enough to be authentic, and hazy enough to be anyone's, a universality that's echoed when Jake touches on the themes of Triage. "Its about people, love and relationships. Isn't everything?"

Denise le Menice - Stars     Pop, Rock, Retro 14/03/2019
Premiered on triple j's Home & Hosed, ’Stars’ is the scorching new single from Melbourne-via-Sydney-via-Perth based ratbag Denise Le Menice (AKA Ali Flintoff), out now via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
The single stays true to Ali’s self-described pop/shoegaze style (Kylie meets Dandy Warhols) but takes flight thanks to her blistering lead guitar and the dreamiest and poppiest of all dream-pop melodies.

Ali describes ‘Stars’ as a song which encapsulates that feeling of finally feeling happy again – after having been in a period of total darkness.

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Jess Ribeiro - Chair Stare     Rock, Pop 14/03/2019
Jess Ribeiro releases 'Chair Stare’, the third single from her highly anticipated newly announced album LOVE HATE out Friday April 12 via Barely Dressed/Remote Control Records.
Premiered via Double J and accompanying video premiered via Pilerats, brand-new track ‘Chair Stare’ exemplifies one of the reasons Jess Ribeiro is such a compelling and extraordinary songwriter – packed full of double and triple entendre, the protagonist addresses a wooden chair assigning it personality, agency and sexuality. Or maybe not.

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Black Cab - Take It     Electronic, Pop, Dance 28/02/2019
Melbourne group Black Cab release new single 'Take It', out via Interstate40/Remote Control. The band launch the single on Friday 11 May at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne.
Vocalist Andrew Coates describes the track: "'Take It' is about surrendering material things in the age of conspicuous consumption and waste. "We're only going to waste it, so why don't you just take it?"

The song also highlights the sound of the Cab moving back towards tighter, more concise songwriting and live instruments after the last few mostly electronic recordings.

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Carla Geneve - 2001     Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
Remote Control Records is proud to welcome Perth artist Carla Geneve to the ever-growing Dot Dash roster. She releases new single '2001' premiered this week on triple j's Good Nights.
Taking its name from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the track '2001' also references science fiction writer Jack Vance and John Carpenter's film The Thing (1982). Carla explains the song "2001 is about escapism through old movies and books that I loved as a kid. Those paired with songwriting serve as the best form of catharsis for me."

Huntly - Giving Circle     Pop, Electronic, Dance, RnB 22/02/2019
'Giving Circle' is the fourth remarkable single from Huntly’s debut album Low Grade Buzz, to be released on March 15 via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
Opening with a legato wash of dreamy choral harmonies before a beat drops and we find ourselves transported to a world of flawless RnB. Elspeth explains, “Giving Circle is a pop tragedy, combining rawness and intimacy with movement and energy. It’s about dread, loneliness, and how we shift and adjust to our social landscapes after the end of a relationship.”

Sunset Cities - Oh Baby     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 19/02/2019
Sunset Cities, the collaborative project from So.Crates, Nelson Dialect & Alnitak Kid, release new single 'Oh Baby' from their self-titled album Sunset Cities, out 22 February via Bedroom Suck/Remote Control.
As premiered by Life Without Andy, 'Oh Baby' featuring the soulful vocals of Jace XL (Hiatus Kaiyote) highlights the lyrical heavyweights mastery of Sunset Cities' individual cadence and sound and simultaneously solidifies their union on record as a supergroup comfortable with the allure of boom bap basics and the challenge of great story telling.

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