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Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Drop Legs - Criminal     World, Hip Hop, Reggae 27/05/2016
Drop Legs is a 7 piece party band that plays a fusion of pumped up Reggae Hip Hop jams. Influenced by their vibrant coastal surrounds, they love to party.
Criminal depicts a story about an ordinary citizen who get caught up in the system for a minor weed offence.

Other tracks by Drop Legs:  750 mL to Paradise  -  Hungover Days (Desmond Cheese Remix)
Claude Hay - Love No More     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Reggae 11/05/2016
'Love No More' returns Claude's music to a rootsier place and intertwines bluesy slide guitar riffs, catchy call-response melodies and reggae grooves.
'Love No More' returns Claude's music to a rootsier place and intertwines bluesy slide guitar riffs, catchy call-response melodies and reggae grooves, as lyrically it counsels a close friend through a divorce.

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Jesse Morris Band - Freedom Has No Measure     Reggae/Dub, Acoustic, Roots, Soul 22/04/2016
Conscious acoustic soul roots and reggae music direct from the Byron Bay hinterland.
A track co-written with a Cambodian volunteer teacher about showering the world with love.

Other tracks by Jesse Morris Band:  Morning Sun  -  Open Your Eyes (dub remix)
Hemingway - Unified     Reggae/Dub, Rock 11/04/2016
Hemingway is a Brisbane four-piece with a tasty blend of Indie, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic, Roots, and Reggae.
“Unified” is signature Hemingway with grooving bass lines, stunning guitar tones, and raw vocals. The track is a bold new release with a strong political message questioning propaganda being fed to the public through the media and encouraging listeners to unite against negativity with compassion.

Caravana Sun - Eye Of The Storm     Blues/Roots, Dub, Rock, Reggae 29/03/2016
Caravana Sun are an eclectic surf/dub/rock fusion outfit. Good vibes and good times
Big fat looping grooves with an upvibe beat

Dilip n the Davs - With You     Reggae/Dub, Ska 25/03/2016
Multi-genre, multi-generational Fremantle based rhythm band Dilip n the Davs release their 7th album. First class production, amazing songs and hi quality playing make this a 'must listen' release.
A bouncy uplifting, happy, love song in the style of Madness and the Specials. Lots of energy in this one; guaranteed to bring smiles to listeners and make them feel real good.
Pop/Ska with elements of Blues and Bluegrass make this an interesting musical cocktail

Other tracks by Dilip n the Davs:  Outta Time  -  Thank You Jah
The Dub Captains - The Energizer     Reggae/Dub, Pop 23/03/2016
More Badfinger than Bob Marley, the 13piece band rock effortlessly through a thick gumbo of influences from Beatles-era British pop to Afro-Beat and the Jamaican dance music of their namesake.
'The Energizer' floats along with a summery tropical feel full of perky horns and a pacific island inspired backing vocal until all the instrumentation falls away to a strong female lead and reggae guitar (reminiscent of the likes of NZ luminaries Fat Freddys Drop) and a multi-layered outro.

Other tracks by The Dub Captains:  Fish Guts  -  Daisies and Forget Me Nots
Nattali Rize - Natty Rides Again     Reggae/Dub 18/03/2016
Ask her where she comes from, she’ll tell you “All Directions”. Of mixed global heritage, Nattali Rize, known for her work fronting epic roots band Blue King Brown.
Nattali Rize (of Blue King Brown) collaborates with Julian Marley, son of the late great Bob Marley, on new deep reggae track. Their rare video clip was filmed at Bob Marley’s house and surrounding areas in Kingston Jamaica. This is a first-of-its-kind release for any Australian singer.

Bootleg Rascal - Shade     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Reggae, Dub 08/03/2016
Ghetto-Dubsters, Bootleg Rascal are a 4 bliss dub crew from Sydney and Gold Coast. Masters of hiphop infused jams and sonic brews: blending infectious alternative rhythms. ( May 2015).
Embraces dub aesthetic, thick bass lines and big beats smeared with intergalactic psych sounds with a twist of island vibes and melodies. The Rascals have dipped their toes into the electronic pool on this one, tweaking and morphing basic synth sounds to add to their already delicious signature sound.

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Other tracks by Bootleg Rascal:  Asleep In The Machine
Manalion - Dirty Roots     Reggae/Dub, Rock 02/03/2016
Between all three members comes a combination of musical influences from Soul to Roots, Funk to DnB, Gangsta Rap to Hardcore Punk and everything in between.
Out forth-coming single ‘Dirty Roots’ is no more than a feel good track, which embodies our sound and what we represent through story lining a house party. We like house parties (who doesn’t) and we like them roots you know. Dig.” - vocalist Duan & Only.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Funkchunk     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Funk 24/02/2016
They are the world famous Melbourne Ska Orchestra. They bring it to the people so the people can dance!
Its funky and its chunky and its dance music!

Other tracks by Melbourne Ska Orchestra:  Sly Boots
Bearfoot - Feed My Soul (Jesswah Remix)     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Dub, Electronic 05/02/2016
Bearfoot’s roots/reggae has you bound for the dancefloor, bringing together the best musicians the Sunshine Coast has bared. It’s a great idea, which turned into a brilliant one
Blending Bearfoot's dubiety and oldest track, with a hip hop spin, the band has done the brave & geeky thing of releasing the remix before the original (slated for later in the year). Inspiring creativity, the song hits hard in the right places, musically & mentally.

Ras Jahknow - What A Gwan     Reggae/Dub, Roots, World 03/02/2016
Originating from the heart of Cape Verde West Africa, Ras Jahknow ushers an innovative reggae style drawing their worldly sound from a variety of countries from across the globe.
‘What A Gwan’ bestows the bands iconic sound of rolling bass power melded with melodic sincerity to deliver a prized strain of vintage roots reggae.

Centre and The South - Take It As it Comes     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Soul, Funk 28/01/2016
Centre and The South's sound is a web of roots, upbeat funk and soul interlaced with a pronounced mellow reggae flavour.
Take It As It comes is a track that excudes positivity, it's bouncing pace takes listeners down a colourful funk reggae soundscape that will definitely make you want to groove as its skips along. Upbeat, happy and carefree are key emotions that resound from the songs message and delivery.

Other tracks by Centre and The South:  Ride the Storm  -  Is There More
Midnight Tea Party - The Soprano Has A Moustache     Reggae/Dub 15/01/2016
Hypnotic balkan melodies set to electronic-style grooves, grungy metallic riffs and raucous crowd sing-a-longs. Midnight Tea Party delivers an experience both mesmerising and loaded with fun.
Opens with dub groove which is joined by a synth solo and blazing horn riffs. Moves through an instrumental dub out into a chilled hip hop style tempo featuring lush synth pads and a breathy trumpet solo.

Other tracks by Midnight Tea Party:  Magic Roundabout  -  Baby I Love You So
The Escalators - Open Fire     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Pop, Easy Listening 15/01/2016
With more grooves than a record store, The Escalators tip their fedoras to the sophistication of Swing, the funk of New Orleans, & the rhythmic pulse of Jamaica.
A love of Jamaican music & beach culture brings a Summer vibe, with a deliciously-trippy detour in the Middle 8.
"The light goes out in your eyes when my shadow's blocking out the sun."
Your own actions will bring out the best in your partner. It's up to you!

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Other tracks by The Escalators:  Feeling Good  -  The Dig Tree
Desert Mulga - Nyirripi     World, Reggae 08/01/2016
Formed in 1998 and a household name throughout the Central Desert, Desert Mulga is the quintessential desert reggae band.
Nyirripi is one of the tracks off Desert Mulga's debut album 'Tangapa Yanu' released on CAAMA Music' new Therrka label.

Bearfoot - Impolite     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Rock, Psychedelic 26/11/2015
Bearfoot’s roots/reggae has you bound for the dancefloor, bringing together the best musicians the Sunshine Coast has bared. It’s a great idea, which turned into a brilliant one
A monster of a reggae track that bounces along, smiling while flipping the bird at the establishment. 'Impolite' solidifies Bearfoot's position firmly in Australian psychedelic reggae, with swirling layers of keys, trumpet and dubby guitar over the steadfast groove.


Bin Juice - Bubblegum Warrior     Funk/Soul, Rock 19/11/2015
Bin Juice play high energy funk music with influence drawn from Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop and Psychedelia. It is music to dance to. Heavy, deep grooves and explosive jams.
A classic funk groove turned on its head, accompanied by the story of a professional high pressure cleaner, leading into a heavy jam with a noisy guitar solo.

Other tracks by Bin Juice:  3 AM  -  Why Keep Track of The Time
Kinsky - I Am The Mountain     Reggae/Dub 19/11/2015
After their critically acclaimed debut album Sunset On The Good Fight, Sydney soul reggae band Kinsky are back with a new 6 track EP slated for release in early 2016.
In true Kinsky fashion this new track (mixed in Tokyo no less) combines Ernie Garland's typical smooth vocals with their signature solid backing vocals and classic reggae mid-tempo back beat. A laid back but catchy and powerful tune for the dance floor or the hammock.