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Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Hemingway - Mauve Magic     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic, Reggae, Jazz 19/07/2018
Astronauts to juggernauts Hemingway have been fearless with their sonic adventure since launching in 2015. Dubbed as Queensland's favourite psychedelic cadets, 2017 saw Hemingway have a year of exponential growth.
Mauve Magic... as fresh as your uncle's best friend's dirty socks after a gig.

Other tracks by Hemingway:  Mystique  -  Medicine Man
Black Bird Hum - Say You Want     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Pop, Chill 02/07/2018
Black Bird Hum are a reggae infused party, funk pop band who are taking Australia's stages by storm. They've shared stages with Arrested Development, a regular at local festivals.
Unrequited love is hard but it’s so much sweeter when you got a good soundtrack. BLACK BIRD HUM have given us that with their new single ‘Say You Want’ which draws from traditional smooth reggae vibes and a touch of 60s doo-wop to bring an altogether romantic and chill number to soothe your lovelorn heart.

Solar Cell - Human Nature     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Roots, Dub 26/06/2018
Solar Cell is a 5 piece reggae/dub/soul band from Sydney, with their own original sweet brand of dance-able tunes. Get up and sit back, relax and feel the vibe!
Originally a dub riff, Sun added lyrics from an old song from another band she and Tim were in and hey presto! The lyrics are relatable and the beat is catchy, what more do you want? The change at the end comes out of nowhere and sinks the ears into the depths of the original dub.

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Other tracks by Solar Cell:  Blinded Eyes  -  Call Me
Benji and the Saltwater Sound System - Top Bunk Trait     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Chill, World 02/05/2018
Benji and the SSS fuse pacific flavours with jazz, reggae, world folk and African roots to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies.
Distributed through Ditto digitally.

Drop Legs - Jimi Dubs     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Hip Hop 01/05/2018
Bouncy Dub Hopping 5 piece from the beaches of Byron Bay. Supporting bands like Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley and The Bennies - Drop Legs need to be on your playlists!
Jimi Dubs is a groove smoothy with a Dub Hip Hop groove with powerful spoken word over the top that breaks into a building chorus. The song climaxes into a balls to the wall guitar solo before simmering down and is love and how sometimes things get a bit bumpy...

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Jah Tung - Bed Of Roses (with Deadly Hunta)     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, World, Soul 27/04/2018
An honest reflection of my journey and the struggles we face as spiritual beings with physical limitations and expectations. Profound lyrics and hypnotic, meditative sonic frequencies to feed your soul.
"Bed Of Roses" is a collaboration between UK's Deadly Hunta and Australia's Jah Tung, on the Shackled Riddim by Yard 127 Records. The track, released on April 14th 2018, discusses some of the struggles and difficulties faced in life and how to keep positive in order to see the light.

Dilip n the Davs - Spot On     Reggae/Dub, Ska 16/04/2018
Dilip n the Davs are a 6 piece multi-genre showband from Fremantle, Western Australia specializing in dynamic live dance shows and classy studio recordings.
A highly contagious new Two-Tone infused Ska single “Spot On” by Dilip n the Davs, the multi-genre rhythm band from Fremantle, Western Australia. The track is a celebration of the joys of live gigs and has an accompanying video which is part of a full feature movie titled “Anticipation”.

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Jesse Morris & The Shakedown - Lock Out     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Soul 12/04/2018
'Jesse Morris & The Shakedown' launch their new album titled 'The Shakedown' on April 13th accompanied by an epic tour. Soul, roots, reggae from the Bundjalung Byron Bay hinterland.
This track speaks of the gambling and lock out laws that have impacted the entertainment nightlife in places like Sydney & Brisbane. One of the singles off the new 2018 Album 'The Shakedown' by Jesse Morris & The Shakedown.

Other tracks by Jesse Morris & The Shakedown:  Wake Up  -  Jungle
Fat Picnic - Come And Get Some Good Vibes     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Soul, Roots 21/03/2018
Fat Picnic create an energetic, transcendental atmosphere that have proven to be perfect for late night sets at festivals including Splendour in the Grass and Caloundra Music Festival.
‘Come And Get Some Good Vibes’ has a massive sonic soundscape contributed by the vast spectrum of instrumentation – from fat, fuzzed-out synths to fat and bold horns – caked with a modest amount of echoes, reverbs and panoramic delays that every good dub-track needs.

Rhys Crimmin - Real Music     Reggae/Dub, Roots 14/03/2018
Rhys Crimmin has been amazing crowds around the world every day, with his unique style that he likes to call ‘Aussie Country Roots Folk Reggae & Dirty Foot Stompin’ Blues’.
Real Music is written about the current state of the Melbourne music scene and the constant struggle between venues, residents and live bands.

Other tracks by Rhys Crimmin:  Get Back (I Ain't Ever Coming' Back)  -  Demons
Dyer Maker - Soul Blaze     Rock, Pop 01/03/2018
DYER MAKER are a 5 Piece Psychedelic Dub / Reggae infused rock from Maitland, NSW.
The themes of Soul Blaze are peppered over a light, summery riff, reflective
of Newcastle’s beachy culture. Guitarists Alex Dorn and Tom Turner move away from their previously experimental styles
to focus on a more traditional indie rock composition while Tim Howell’s smooth, resonant
vocals balance the track.

Adrian Eagle - 17 Again     Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Reggae 16/02/2018
Adrian Eagle - Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae born & raised in South Australia.
This song is very personal to me, but I wanted to share it to inspire & motivate my family. I hope my fam can continue their journey in life and appreciate how far they’ve come. As the song ends for me like a rebirth, Thank God I’m Not 17 Again.

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Carus Thompson - Starved Myself Pretty     Blues/Roots, Chill, Roots 15/02/2018
Carus Thompson has the rare skill of being able to engage an audience emotionally as well as entertain; always ensuring the crowd get out of their seats.
Starved Myself Pretty is a sharp, succinct and emotive comment on toxic televised talent shows; the anti-thesis of the commercial, mainstream, corporate and exploitative approach that reality music shows abuse.

Ocean Alley - Confidence     Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae 15/02/2018
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, six-piece Ocean Alley have captivated audiences worldwide with their infectious melody lines and memorable blend of psychedelic-surf-rock.
Oozing with cool and a pulsating bass line, ‘Confidence’ is the third single from Ocean Alley’s upcoming second LP Chiaroscuro. It pairs blissful, scuzzy riffs with intoxicating echoing vocals, to create the ultimate fusion of psychedelic reggae and laid-back surf rock.

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Charlotte Roberts - Dr​. ​Lalalulu     Reggae/Dub, Experimental, Roots, Hip Hop 01/02/2018
An ever evolving creatrix, sound weaver, musician and explorer of the spirit of play, Charlotte Roberts has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.
Written by Charlotte's friend/uber-ego - a voice weaving Doctor of Musical Medicine - 'Dr. Lalalulu' explores how we might express our aliveness through voice, traverse the thresholds between music and life and wield the alchemical power of music for personal and social transformation.

Air Structure - Fuzzing And Fighting     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Jazz 01/02/2018
Air Structure is home to some of Byron Bay's most respected musicians. The band plays relaxed, thoughtful Reggae with interesting Jazz influences, catchy horn lines and complex drum beats.
Fuzzing And Fighting is the opening track of the record. Starting with powerful horn-lines, singer Stuart caries through thoughtful verses and catchy choruses, peaking with an epic vocal duel with trumpet player Mish. Hugh plays some unbelievable drum fills and Tom holds it all together with hypnotic, groovy bass-lines.

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Other tracks by Air Structure:  Say About  -  Your Choice
Skankstarz - Gimme Di Fyah     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Ska, Dub 31/01/2018
Skankstarz are Byron Bay's hottest Dancehall / Reggae act! The Skankstarz are the live band of the legendary 420 sound crew, their uptempo party-tracks are catchy and very danceable.
Gimme Di Fyah is the opening track of the record. The song starts with a quiet intro, then builds up into a driven, uptempo song. The vocals are catchy, supported by driving drum beats and pumping key/guitar skanks.

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Other tracks by Skankstarz:  Reach For Your Dreams  -  Skankstarz
The Steele Syndicate - Funky Trombone     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Ska 31/01/2018
The Brisbane-based octet has an eclectic, genre-bending sound that reimagines elements of old school funk, reggae, ska and indie rock.
"Funky Trombone" unleashes their evolved, energetic sound while still capturing the essence of their live show.
'We all have moments in our life that get us down. When I play music, nothing else matters; I can just feel good."

Rhea Robertson - Pink & Gold     Pop, Electronic 22/12/2017
Rhea is an Australian artist whose soulful voice and evocative tunes leave audiences spellbound. Fusing alternative pop with alluring jazz undertones, her stories are driven by compelling soundscapes.
This song works with the idea of knowing someone beyond their physicality. When your eyes are closed and love is projected in colours. After an intense heartbreak, writing this song released me back into the arms of love.

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Other tracks by Rhea Robertson:  Mr. Maybe
Mack Fyah - Watermelon Drips     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 13/12/2017
Sydney RnB vocalist and rapper Mack Fyah brings a soulful sound to funky glitch hop beats from producers Immoral and Fermi
The first release from the upcoming 2Personal EP, Watermelon Drips is about the feeling when the music hits the right spot in your soul and everything makes sense, that moment when the funk kicks.

Other tracks by Mack Fyah:  Lights Out ft. Tendekasha  -  Aeroplane Mode