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Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Kooii - Preparations     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Roots 28/09/2010
Kooii rises from Brisbane and shines a vibe of the city and it’s surrounds. Its music strikes a chord with young and old.
Preparations is the 5th track from Brisbane based KOOii's brand new album 'In This Life'. An uplifting groove and thought provoking lyrics combine to underline the group's distinct afro-reggae roots.

The Beautiful Girls - 10:10     Reggae/Dub, Roots 28/09/2010
Reggae, Dub, Rock, Acoustic, Folk international touring act. Over 250,000 records sold, Triple J Hottest 100 5 times, ARIA nominated, J Award nominated and fully independent Australian Band.
“A song in the tradition of some of those that inspired us most. The Specials. The Beat. The Clash. Punk English Reggae” The story of the archetypical rude boy 'Rudy' being gunned down in a club for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin.

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Other tracks by The Beautiful Girls:  Don't Wait
Oka - Pandanus     Indigenous, Live Performance 27/08/2010
LMR_4ZZZ_The Dreaming 2010 Oka as recorded by 4ZZZ at The Dreaming Festival 2010
Oka as recorded by 4ZZZ at The Dreaming Festival 2010

Heart Tribe - Burnin'     World, Dub, Roots 24/08/2010
Heart Tribe are a funky reggae dance band with delectably new world flavours! Experience their fresh hi-fi sound, powerful lyrics, unique instruments, dubby soundscape and tight improvisatory style, check 'em!
Inspired by the floods and fires we had in mid-2009; this song is full of dynamics, energy and emotion and is crowd favourite because of its energy and tempo change mid song. The unique instruments you hear include a cimbalom put through a wah pedal, and an 11-holed bamboo flute!

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Other tracks by Heart Tribe:  Somewhere in Between  -  Six Foot Under
Dr Strangeways - Racehorse     Reggae/Dub, Rap, Rock 11/08/2010
Dr Strangeways are a 6 piece band hailing from Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Their quirky debut album 'Strange New World' was released in 2009.
Racehorse is a fun, fast reggae track with rap lyrics. It encapsulates adolescent life in Alice Springs and 'NT possibilities'.

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Other tracks by Dr Strangeways:  Oh Lady  -  Six Eight
Melatonin - Everybody's F&*&#d     Reggae/Dub, Electronic, Dance 03/08/2010
Melatonin play original rootsy dub n rocksteady grooves to challenge your mind and move your feet, and express their eco-social conscience through decadent beats, earthly rhythms & soaring melodies.
Melatonin play their blend of rootsy dub and rocksteady grooves to challenge your mind and move your feet. With an eco-social justice conscience, backed by musicians who have performed with the likes of Aretha Franklin and James Brown, Melatonin dish up an exciting blend of decadent beats with a point.

The Rooftops - Lest We Forget     Reggae/Dub, Jazz, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_The Friday Sessions Brisbane’s The Rooftops know how to groove. Their latest EP “Clean Dirt” is a rollicking ride of soul, funk and reggae.
Brisbane’s The Rooftops know how to groove. The track"Lest We Forget" is taken from their latest EP “Clean Dirt.”

Dropwise Dubs - Bass Bucket     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Reggae, Electronic 25/06/2010
Pulling together vintage sounds and underground electronic styles, Dropwise dubs is the new project from Sydney based producer, Jonny Faith.
Old and new, organic and synthetic, to create future-vintage bombs! Not to be taken lightly, these dubs can cause serious damage, please drop them wisely.

Other tracks by Dropwise Dubs:  Yes Please
Mista Savona - Where Did We Go Wrong     Reggae/Dub, Live Performance 24/06/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions 2009 Mista Savona and Vida Sunshine, recorded by 3PBS as part of the station's weekly flagship live music program 'Easey Street Sessions'
To perform 'Where Did We Go Wrong' live, Mista Savona brought together an incredible 10 piece band, including a horn section, African dancers and Melbourne vocalist Vida Sunshyne.

The Red Eyes - Titokowaru's War     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Electronic, World 22/06/2010
The Red Eyes alternative sound combines masterfully produced beats, soulful, heartfelt lyrics and grooves, with shake the house dub rhythms that have set a benchmark for Australian Dub/Reggae.
Titokowaru’s War tells the tale of battle against colonial attack led by one of New Zealands early Maori leaders.

Other tracks by The Red Eyes:  Inside Out  -  Souls Almighty
The Versionaries - Open Eyes     Reggae/Dub, Electronic 12/06/2010
The Versionaries are a ragga/dub/soul collective from Bondi. As their name suggests, it’s all about “versions”. Starting with a master rhythm then dubbing, reshaping or remixing into a new sound.
Open Eyes, nice vibes skanky reggae infused hip hop beats.

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Other tracks by The Versionaries:  Kina's Open Irie Dub  -  Saviour
Matty Woods - Down in Australia 7" version     Reggae/Dub 25/03/2010
Matty is one of the emerging "true" voices of Australian reggae. His illuminating stage presence brings a message of empowerment and unity.
A true dance floor filler. This song is of pounding dance hall vintage with a fresh modern approach, relentless bass lines and irresistible "ragga" style lyrics. One of Matty's aims is to put an Australian flavour to the world evolution of reggae music.

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Mista Savona - Feat. Burro Banton - Clean Air Clean Country     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Hip Hop, Electronic 12/03/2010
Mista Savona is a Melbourne based producer/engineer /songwriter and keyboardist specialising in cutting edge new sounds and heavy vintage roots music. Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Roots Reggae and Dub is his speciality.
Pure Fire! Huge dancehall/reggae track.

Other tracks by Mista Savona:  Feat. Sizzla - Why Does The World Cry (acoustic)  -  Feat. Junie Platinum - Stumble & Fall (Enemies Scatter mix)
Zennith - Simplify     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous 17/12/2009
Zennith are an Indigenous roots reggae act hailing from Far North Queensland.
The new single from roots reggae Indigenous outfit Zennith- this track is true reggae style.

Dubmarine - Pass It On (Drew ID Remix)     Reggae/Dub, Hip Hop, Electronic 16/12/2009
Dubmarine are dub, reggae, dancehall 9 piece who hail from Brisbane, Qld.
This track was featured on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

Oka - Kulcha     Indigenous 16/12/2009
Oka are an Indigenous duo from the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Their track Kulcha was included on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists
Kulcha was included on Home -A collection of songs from QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists

Saritah - Do What Lifts     Reggae/Dub, Ska 04/12/2009
South Korean born, Saritah is a dynamic artist with a positive global sound. From acoustic soul to roots, reggae and dancehall, hers is music to uplift and inspire.
Do What Lifts, the first single taken from the album ANCIENT FORWARD, is a fun celebration of life that moves from ska to dub, with its catchy melody, pumping rhythm, infectious bounce and positive message – that we need to all do the thing we love!

Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne - Where Did We Go Wrong     Hip Hop, Reggae 18/11/2009
Producer extraordinaire, Chasm, teams up with phenomenal Melbourne songstress Vida-Sunshyne to create a fusion that is beyond hip hop, beyond reggae and brilliantly new.
A lament on the demise of a relationship, told through the inimitable positivity of Chasm production. A fusion of worlds at once energetic and soulful.

Other tracks by Chasm & Vida-Sunshyne:  Stress (ft. Damajah)  -  Twinkle Twinkle ft. Million Dan
The Beachniks - Riding Out     Reggae/Dub, Pop 16/11/2009
The Beachniks have played the length of the Surf Coast. Their jazz-pop-reggae grooves built them a truly loyal following. There have been wild parties from deep in the Otways.
Worlds collide right from the MANY MOODS’ opener RIDING OUT where reggae meets kinky rockabilly.

Other tracks by The Beachniks:  Magic Faraway Dub  -  LAGO
Dubble Dub - Double-up     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Jazz 13/11/2009
Ranging anywhere from jazzy-trippy dub sounds through to full on, over-the-top ska/funk! Your feet are moving, toes are tapping and before you know you are under the Dubble Dub spell.
‘Deadly Headly is the perfect coctail-hour accompaniment, dripping with lusty jazz horns and breezy reggae sounds.’
Vogue, Australia, Jan 2001

‘an abundance of class... there isn’t one dud track.
A little gem!’
dB Magazine, 30 Nov 2000

Other tracks by Dubble Dub:  Everbody's Outta Town  -  King Of The Sand Bar