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Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Mama Toto - Strange Mistress     Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Blues 24/04/2013
Mama Toto is fresh, hauntingly familiar and addictive. A sound that is spine tingling, with harmonies like honey and lyrics that cut deep,Mama Toto is sure to thrill the senses.
Strange Mistress is a snappy song that explores the difficult issue of mental illness and it's unpredictable effect on relationships.

Other tracks by Mama Toto:  Reconnect  -  With You In My Arms
Jesse Witney - Dynamo     Pop, Roots, Reggae, Soul 19/04/2013
A charismatic very original songwriter taking influences from Sting to Bob Marley, João Gilberto to Gilberto Gil. Delving into the importance of unity, self expression & following ones dreams.
Title track of Jesse Witney's new EP. Dynamo is a passionate song exploring anguish and lost love. Influenced by Sting and Brazilian Bossa Nova singer João Gilberto. 'Beautiful melody and an amazing vocal range delivered with an emotional depth and strength. Is Jesse Witney at his best...' (Fernando Aragones)

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Other tracks by Jesse Witney:  Dream Sailor  -  Paradise
Bustamento - Livin' The Dream     World, Roots, Reggae, Folk 16/04/2013
Nicky Bomba's Bustamento unleash, 'Living The Dream', a new single from their ARIA nominated album. After their main stage Bluesfest performance the band have now announced an east coast tour.
Livin' The Dream is a classic style Mento/Calypso track.
Energetic grooves it is upbeat, with punchy horn lines that will make you shimmy.
Lifted from the ARIA nominated album 'Intrepid Adventures To The Lost Riddim Islands'. It was acclaimed in reviews and featured on major networks and stations nationally.

Other tracks by Bustamento:  Mañana
Hussy Hicks - We Can Go Anywhere     Blues/Roots, Folk, Dance, Pop 09/04/2013
HussyHicks-well loved for their unique take on the acoustic/roots-style, JulzParker dropping jaws with her guitar prowess and LeesaGentz winning every heart in the room with her soul-staggering vocals and enormous-smile.
We can go anywhere, so where do we go?
Social commentary about human potential. A
very bouncy happy song.

Other tracks by Hussy Hicks:  The Keeper  -  Breaking It All Down
The Lyrical - Rule The World     Reggae/Dub, Acoustic, Blues, Hip Hop 22/03/2013
Take a dash of Franti, a hint of Harper, a twist of John Butler, with a drop of Marley and you have "The Lyrical".
This track depicts all the things that are wrong but fixable in the world in regards to environment, xenophobia and religious undertones. It is a call to love the place that we are in ... Earth!

Frieda's Boss - i i i (I no longer care)     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 15/03/2013
Frieda’s Boss, a popular reggae, ska, dub outfit have endeared themselves to lovers of the lively rhythms of Jamaica’s dancehall scene, drum ‘n’ bass and ska. Bo!
The fierce brass bursts of "I I I (I No Longer Care)" may bowl you over if you're not ready for them. Lead vocalist Train defiantly vocalizes breaking away from marital bondage, ripping through the verses in an monotone chant that's slightly sung, but with a hip-hop emcee's cadence.

Other tracks by Frieda's Boss:  Never Leave  -  Dreadlocks Nuh Kill Yuh
Kingfisha - Digging For Fire     Reggae/Dub, Soul 13/03/2013
Kingfisha offer up yet another skankin reggae groove with a toe tappin/head bobbin hook. It is no wonder they are fast becoming Australia’s top Dub/Soul group.
'Digging For Fire' is an upbeat skankin tune, with a smooth and soulful melody. With killer production the song grooves along and draws you in.

Other tracks by Kingfisha:  Piece Of The Puzzle  -  Looking Glass
The Marshall Kenyon Band - I Do As I Want     Reggae/Dub, Pop 01/03/2013
The Marshall Kenyon Band is the culmination of over 50 years of 'Live' Gigs and 40 years of studio recording. The Songwriters are Vaughan and Clare Famularo.
"I Do As I Want" is a reggae style song with some swing bass here and there to give it a change of pace.
It is simply about trying to stand up to bullying and manipulating people.

Other tracks by The Marshall Kenyon Band:  Gonna Do It My Way  -  Escaping
Tadam Lockyer - River Deep Country     Reggae/Dub 23/02/2013
Sounds of Tom Price features tracks by artists from Western Australia’s most elevated town.
An Indigenous radio broadcaster sings about the country he lives in, the landscapes and colours

Koahlition - Mary     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Reggae, Blues 20/02/2013
Koahlition is a band from Far North Queensland with indigenous and non-indigenous musicians.Their music represents the region well with songs about social and political issues we can all relate too.
Mary is about gambling addiction and the consequences.Yet it is also hopeful and supportive. The message is there are much more important and meaningful things in life.And these addictions carry through families.

Other tracks by Koahlition:  This Land  -  High Life
The Cactus Channel - Budokan (Grant Phabao Remix)     Reggae/Dub, Instrumental, Funk, Soul 15/02/2013
The Cactus Channel are a 10 piece instrumental group playing high-octane, instrumental car chase funk and smooth soundtrack soul. Their debut album Haptics was released in 2012.
Thanks to their label, HopeStreet Recordings, French reggae/afro/funk/jazz producer Grant Phabao managed to get his hands on The Cactus Channel's 'Budokan' track, and cooked up one of his legendary reggae remixes. Roll a phat one or help yourself with a nice cocktail drink, sit back in the sun and enjoy!

Formidable Vegetable - Get Together     Reggae/Dub, Soul, Funk, Pop 22/01/2013
Formidable Vegetable (aka Charlie Mgee) is spearheading a new and exciting form of musical activism. He is becoming one of the most important voices in a global cultural movement.Harry Angus- The Cat Empire
A bit of permaculture ukulele soul-funk about integrating rather than segregating. Life is better for everyone when there's cooperation over competition. Start connecting with people and the land & share the love. Many hands make light work. It's time to get it together.


Other tracks by Formidable Vegtable:  No Such Thing As Waste  -  Yield
Cumbia Cosmonauts - Colombia     Reggae/Dub, World, Electronic, Experimental 14/12/2012
Cumbia Cosmonauts are producers Saca La Mois DJ!! and Soup, internationally celebrated for pumping up Caribbean offbeat rhythms with dubby basslines, creaking synthesizers and driving beats.
Colombia is a tribute to the bass lines and rhythms (including Cumbia) from Colombia, and also features psychedelic Peruvian "Chicha" style guitar solos all produced with a strong Jamaican dub production aesthetic. But Made in Melbourne and released on a Berlin label.

Other tracks by Cumbia Cosmonauts:  Big Sound feat. Congo Tardis #1  -  Our Journey To The Moon (And Back)
Agency Dub Collective - Sub Detonator (Dub)     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Instrumental, Roots 08/12/2012
Australian live dub pioneers, Agency Dub Collective combine roots reggae rhythmswith classic dubwise sound effects and radical ragga rap. Great earthy dance music exploring the spacious outer sonic realms.
The live band dub version (without lyrics) of Sub Detonator is as roots as it gets. That's why it kicks off the album Beggars Belief. Classic space echo FX, brittle piano tones and soaked melodica characterise this easy-skanking 3 chorder. This riddim is especially for the selectas out there.

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Other tracks by Agency Dub Collective:  New Galaxy  -  Won't Burn
Lyall Moloney - Milk & Honey     Reggae/Dub, Blues, Roots, Hip Hop 08/12/2012
Sydney based beats (beatboxing), and loops specialist, Lyall comes with a full cache of songs. Moloney has recently started touring nationally and is pushing the envelope in the looping genre.
One-of-a-kind blend of indie, blues and hip-hop. "Milk & Honey" is one of the most refreshing sounds you will hear this summer. You'll be dancing at it's RnB heart or singing along with Moloney's soothing vocals. Every track highlights Moloney's natural ability to develop a catchy singalong chorus.


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Kobra Kai - Firestorm     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 24/11/2012
Kobra Kai are an Australian Sydney-based five piece Bass Music act combining sounds of Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop and dub.
1st single Firestorm is about a moment of clarity .... a volatile
relationship that's hit it's breaking point. A true powerhouse
of Drum & bass voracity, apt in its title and like any storm,
amongst all the chaos and confusion, there's an eye.

Other tracks by Kobra Kai:  Let you Down  -  Firestorm (Radio Edit)
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - The Best Things In Life Are Free     Funk/Soul, Ska, Roots 23/11/2012
Founded in 2003, Melbourne Ska Orchestra is dedicated to educating and entertaining audiences to the sweet sounds of Jamaican ska, roots music and the evolution of the genre.
Melbourne Ska Orchestra are currently the face of the latest Freeview TV ad which is on high rotation across all networks with their take on the 1920s classic song "The Best Things In Life Are Free”.

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Kinsky - Easy Now     Reggae/Dub 29/10/2012
Kinsky are a 9 piece roots reggae band based in Sydney. Their music is inspired by icons of roots reggae: Burning Spear, Alpha Blondy, Bob Marley and Lee Scratch Perry.
Chill back to the easy groove and infectious chorus on this new summer reggae tune.

Kooii - Kick It     World, Funk, Reggae, Jazz 08/10/2012
Brisbane-based Kooii are a band pushing boundaries in contemporary Australian music with their rhythm-driven fusion of Afrobeat, Reggae and Funk. The new EP is ‘Call Out’ another brilliantly pulsating release
A rhythm driven celebration, featuring pulsating percussion and smooth trumpet lines. Sitting beside a hooky vocal line, 'Kick it' is a grooves to a distinct beat. The horn line and vocals of Award winning composer Peter Hunt, will draw you in and move your body.

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Electric Empire - Changin'     Blues/Roots, Reggae 02/10/2012
Electric Empire is fast becoming one of Australia’s top music exports. But like many of their contemporaries, the group has taken the global route before hitting the headlines at home.
On the new EP, the group experiments in new soundscapes, built around strong themes and messages. It’s co-produced by John Castle, the studio mastermind behind recordings from Washington, The Cat Empire, The Bamboos, Lior and The Drones, among many others.