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Reggae / Dub

Crank the reverb on the hats and put the snare on the off beat. Australian musicians continue to take these genres into new and exciting territory.


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Manoa - Change Is In The Air     Reggae / Dub, Folk 20/12/2019
California-born and Australian based roots artist and eco-educator Manoa combines uplifting reggae grooves and laid back folk melodies with soulful vocals and conscious lyrics.
‘Change Is In The Air’ (feat. Bobby Alu) embodies the message of personal and cultural transformation twoard a regenerative society. The music video was shot live at Island Elements Festival and the Pacific Earth School on Stradbroke Island, Australia.

Mau Power - Warriors Dance     Reggae / Dub, Hip Hop, First Nations 13/12/2019
Mau Power is the first rapper to emerge from the rich musical traditions of Torres Strait, a leader & a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous & hip-hop culture
Warrior Dance features Astro Brim from Indigenous reggae band Zenith. It’s an upbeat reggae driven rap track that puts a summer smile on your dial and makes you move your feet. This is Mau Power feeling fin

Meem - Everything Is Love (Featuring Skarra Mucci)     Reggae / Dub, Hip Hop 29/11/2019
Pioneering music producer, DJ and host of the Back To Funk radio show on 2SER, known and celebrated for his unique approach to funk, soul, disco, hip hop, reggae beatmaking.
One of the poignant messages needed in todays global plight often forgotten - Everything Is Love. Teaming up with Meem, Skarra Mucci is considered one of Jamaica's cult reggae/dancehall artists with constant changes between Soul, Gospel, Rap & R&B. His talent is incomparable and his endless lyrical flow and creativity make his style unique, prompting the title "The Dancehall President".

Other tracks by Meem:  Move Through The Night (Featuring Keysha Freshh)  -  Think Carefully (Featuring Serocee)
Jay Thomas - Mother Earth     Reggae / Dub, Roots, R&B, Soul 23/11/2019
Gifted singer/songwriter Jay Thomas has independently self produced his long awaited debut solo single. This song is the embodiment of his life loves; Reggae, Soul & Mother Earth.
Mother Earth challenges the integrity of humans on this planet. It begs the question: "When are we gonna wake up to all the greed a & destruction?" It sings candidly of the dire neglect and exploitation of our beautiful natural resources from ocean to earth, from forests to the sky & what we need to do before it's too late.

Sky Eater - Dear Pilbara (What Are You Fighting For?)     Reggae / Dub, Roots, World 22/11/2019
Two multi-instruMENTALists taking audiences on a signature trip-hop, dub journey with stirring moments of sparkly soul & hip-hop. Their lyrics are positive, powerful and vulnerable - their vibes are high!
After seeing a huge excised section of stunning 2.5 billion year old National Park (in Western Australia) that had been turned into an open-cut iron ore mine, Chelsea wanted to write a song that encourages us to stand up for the people and places that don't have a voice. What are you fighting for?

Other tracks by Sky Eater:  All Around You  -  Trapped
Fat Picnic - Don't Wanna Get Up     Reggae / Dub, Soul, Roots, Rock 13/11/2019
Fat Picnic have been one of Brisbane's mainstays of soul-infused ska and deep-dub. After years of releasing singles, touring and performing at festivals they are now releasing their debut album.
'Don't Wanna Get Up' boasts bright succulent horn lines, pumping bass lines, crisp guitars and an anthemic chorus that a crowd can chant along to.

The track has already received national airplay on Triple and Double J.

Other tracks by Fat Picnic:  Feeling Good Feeling Bad  -  Can You Feel It
Maira Cortez - Fire Up ft. Max Gencher     Reggae / Dub, Folk, Pop, Indie 17/09/2019
Maira Cortez is a Sydney-based Brazilian singer-songwriter, sharing groovy uplifting intentional Reggae Folk songs for social change, healing and unity, with her busking, and projects Insight Out and Aussa Nova.
Maira Cortez’s first single “Fire Up” has been catching attention up and down the East Coast. Her first Folk-Reggae singalong anthem has powerful lyrics honouring the importance of the cycle of gratitude, and calling to people to do what they love. She Co-produced/arranged with Tristan Alaba, featured Max Gencher rapping, mixed by OM Collective, mastered by Steve Smart Studios 301.

Bloomfield - Open     Reggae/Dub, Roots 23/08/2019
Glenn Bloomfield, professionally known as Bloomfield, is a New Zealand singer songwriter and guitarist who lives in the small beach town Cabarita, in Australia.
Open is a playful song exploring the issues of transparency in a relationship. The listener is challenged to shed off themselves, in the name of honesty, to deepen the intimacy with their partner.

Other tracks by Bloomfield:  I Promise You  -  No Regrets
Declan Kelly - Catch Your Ego     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Blues 15/08/2019
Acoustically impeccable whilst writing each and every song from the heart, Declan Kelly is a timeless musician, not afraid to present his blood, sweat and tears to the word.
“Catch Your Ego” is about reigning in your ‘untrue self’ that sometimes lets fly at the expense of the one you love and most of all, you. A simple message to remain grounded, perfectly matched by the smooth, ‘wailing island’ harmonies by Stephenson and reflected in Kelly’s humble yet honest performance.

Zennith - I Like it     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Australian Indigenous, Roots 15/08/2019
Australian Aboriginal roots reggae rockers ZENNITH have announced their new album ‘ANCIENT WARRIOR’ will be released on Friday 11th October via American label Zojak World Wide.
“I Like It” was originally released on Zennith’s first EP in 2007 and this new Album Version has been given a chilled out Jamaican makeover featuring the addition of Jesse Royal and his versatile singjay style vocals.

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Black Bird Hum - All Hail The Market (Radio Edit)     Reggae/Dub, Reggae, Dub, Roots 09/08/2019
A unique, driving blend of roots reggae, soul and dub, wound together with captivating hooks, solid grooves and striking harmonies.
A hymn to the gods of Neo-liberalism and all the joy capitalism has brought humanity.

Other tracks by Black Bird Hum:  All Dub the Market
Adrian Thomas - Kukuyalanji Girl     Reggae/Dub, Australian Indigenous, Roots, Alternative Country 03/07/2019
Island/Roots fused with the sacred, Adrian’s blend of uplifting, lyrically driven songs, sweeping melodies and sacred chants will inspire, challenge and open the heartstrings.
Originating from the rainforests of Far North Queensland, the Kuku Yalanji people have been living in harmony with the environment for over 50,000 years. Kukuyalanji Girl is a celebration of the balance Indigenous women walk co-existing in two worlds and the light they share with their communities.

Myles Mitchell - Together Like This     Reggae/Dub, Roots 27/06/2019
Hip shaking alternative blues and high energy indie folk
A pop reggae tune with a distinctive Aussie twang about catching up with old friends and everything feeling just the way it used to...

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Other tracks by Myles Mitchell:  Creator  -  Love on the Streets
The Moonsets - Supersede     Reggae/Dub, Psychedelic, Roots, World 24/05/2019
Electric Harp, Bass and Drums trio The Moonsets deliver an eclectic, psychedelic blend of folk, world and quirky funk. Their latest offering is recorded and mixed on 100% solar power.
A sub-tropical dub flavoured groove featuring breezy psychedelic electric harp, bass and drums. Although there is a throwaway reference to drug use, Supersede celebrates the many offerings - medicinal, nutritional, industrial etc. and questioning the current laws prohibiting access to a truly remarkable and controversial plant.

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Other tracks by The Moonsets:  Llokesh  -  Follow the Dollar
MUFASSA & The Pride - Goin Away     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Ska, World 13/05/2019
Cool, calm & connected is the best way to describe these smooth coastal groovers. Their unique blend of roots-dub-reggae is fresh, dreamy and full of colour.
“Goin Away is about making your own path in life, moving away from the norm. If everyone did the same thing, life would lack colour and excitement!”

‘GOIN AWAY’ features the bands smooth coastal-reggae style, layered with bright brassy hooks, this track really cements them as one of the most exciting bands to come out of South East QLD!

Ragged - Song X     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Hip Hop 11/04/2019
Ragged brings together five band members with various musical influences, culminating in an eclectic yet cohesive sound. Their soulful melodies float seamlessly over skanking rhythms, complimented by infectious riffs.
‘Song X’ is the newest single off Ragged’s debut album “Love in Your Hands”. The song is an exhibition of the how band members’ diverse, individual styles amalgamate to create their Ragged sound.

Other tracks by Ragged:  Love Is In Your Hands
Drop Legs - Witness the Eucalyptus     Reggae/Dub, Rock, Hip Hop 09/04/2019
Byron Bay band Drop Legs have attracted a frothy following with their energetic live performances and fusion of Heavy reggae, dub, punk and Hip Hop.
‘Witness the Eucalyptus’ is about “our material connection and obsession with devices, absorbing us into a sometimes shallow and plastic world – blinding us to the beauty that surrounds”. The song comes from Ham (vocalist) teaching/performing music with Ngarluma and Yinjibanrdi people of Roebourne, WA. He was amazed by the local culture and the connection with land and spiritual world.

Sun Salute - No More     Reggae/Dub, Roots, Hip Hop 01/04/2019
Sun Salute are a collective that draw inspiration from nature, travel and community. Their philosophy is both simple and infinitely complex: to use the power of music for change.
Featuring local Indigenous custodian Ken Dodd, 'No More' lends its voice to the original owners of this land and to all people around the world whose cultural values, sacred protocols and ancient voices have been silenced by corruption and misinformation.

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Suzan Mutesi - The Feeling Is Mutual     Reggae/Dub, Pop, Dance 01/04/2019
Suzan Mutesi is a young African woman committed to creating unique and authentic music that inspires healing, restoration and hope in people.
The Feeling is Mutual gives hope to lovers, the secret crusher, the shy and charismatic personalities to express their feelings through dance and the confessional lyric. Its light-footed dancehall vibe enticing you to be confident and carefree.

Fistful Of Trojan - Diamonds     Reggae/Dub, Retro, Ska, Roots 21/03/2019
Fistful of Trojan , abit of Punky Reggae ! Diamonds in The Rough
Diamonds a track about the pitfalls of consumerism and material things are sometimes just fools gold , that just make you feel good for a moment

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