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Ravens Nest Artists

Ravens Nest Artists (RNA), a division of Raven’s Nest Consulting, provides creative
development, management consulting, rights management, strategic direction and
connection-making services for emerging and evolving artists in the music industry.

Utilizing a variety of business models tailored to suit the needs of clients, RNA is a
music company that offers a menu of services frequently provided by the manager,
record label, agent, lawyer, marketer and investor.

Website // Soundcloud

Ravens Nest Artists

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Alana Wilkinson - Good For You     Folk, Indie, Pop 27/01/2020
Melbourne based folk-pop-punk-poet Alana Wilkinson combines delicate melodies with disarmingly insightful vignettes about the human condition. Wilkinson is a smiling assassin.
Have you ever started spending time with someone and the people around that person start to mention that you’ll be ’good' for them? It’s about an over developed sense of duty and having to break up with a whole family and their beautiful pup when it didn’t work out and knowing when to say ’not my circus, not my monkeys’.

Mannequin Death Squad - One Way Ticket     Punk, Rock 07/11/2019
Mannequin Death Squad are a Melbourne based punk-rock duo that break down the walls between what's cool and what's not, by being a great band.
One Way Ticket is a snarling, sneering anthem for the relationship alienated. It sounds like Concrete Blonde would have in 2019, but With extra crunch.

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Mannequin Death Squad - Blue     Rock, Punk 26/02/2019
Mannequin Death Squad are a two piece punk band from Melbourne offering aggressive, riffing rock n' roll with healthy dollop of bratty humour
'Blue' is a song I wrote at 16 years of age in my 90's poster drowned out room. It feels to me like an angst break up song. It's about who we vilify when were feeling kinda blue.

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Mannequin Death Squad - Honey Punch     Rock, Garage 09/10/2018
Mannequin Death Squad are a hard hitting punk rock duo from Melbourne combining provocative lyrics with crazy riffing and maximum velocity vocals
“Honey Punch came about before we left for our second tour of the UK. We realised that we had no new songs since the first tour haha. It ended up being a blessing because we had a crazy creative burst and came up with Honey Punch and most of the songs on our upcoming EP in a few days"