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Rare Finds

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Eliza Hull - Hard Way     Folk, Pop, Rock 18/04/2018
Castlemaine-based indie artist, Eliza Hull, has just announced tour dates and her new single ‘Hard Way’ - produced by Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Ali Barter) at New Market Studios, Melbourne.
‘Hard Way’ is an elegant and emotively-driven slice of indie-pop, that draws on learning to move on from a toxic relationship. Taking cues from the likes of Meg Mac, The Jezabels and London Grammar, the track also shines a light on the songstress’ evolution as a musician.

Papaya Tree - Radar     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Roots, Rock 10/04/2018
After releasing their standout debut track ‘Bamboo Schooner’, Sydney-based indie sextet Papaya Tree have just unveiled the stunning follow up new single ‘Radar’.
Recorded and produced by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios, Annandale, ‘Radar’ is an eclectic and sophisticated slice of up-beat funk-infused indie-rock, that melds intriguing pop-sensibilities with elements of jazz, reggae and soul.

Essie Holt - Magnetise     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 21/03/2018
Melbourne indie-pop artist Essie Holt is poised to release her second single 'Magnetise', delivering on the accolades generated by her much-lauded debut in late 2017.
'Magnetise' is an ethereal, drenched-in-melancholia slice of electronic indie-pop. Solemn vocals and sparse verses are underscored by deft percussion, giving way to an intricately layered chorus that submerges the senses and ensnares the heartstrings. The infectious track was co-written and produced by Melbourne artist Fractures and mixed by Dave Hammer.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Semiotic Vision     Rock, Soul, Psychedelic, Pop 10/03/2018
Melbourne indie-pop collective Approachable Members of Your Local Community are set to unleash their new single 'Semiotic Vision'.
Semiotic Vision is a detour into beguiling groove and low-fi reflectiveness. It's a seamless segue from infectious bass and keys to a warm buzz of euphoria, all weaved together around an irresistible hook.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Yes Yes Whatever - Mushrooms     Rock, Punk, Garage 02/03/2018
Melbourne garage rockers Yes Yes Whatever are set to release new single 'Mushrooms', the unruly new follow-up to debut single 'Lacklustre'.
'Mushrooms' is a boisterous race from start to finish, a bruising punk-infused riff and contagious chorus set off by punchy, undeniably danceable percussion. The band's knack for the anecdotal is in full force, shining through in their trademark tongue-in-cheek, self-aware lyrics.

Halcyon Drive - Silver Ray     Rock, Pop 28/02/2018
Melbourne-based indie-rock group Halcyon Drive have just unveiled tour dates and their latest single 'Silver Ray' - a compelling track lifted from their forthcoming debut album (due 2018).
Recorded and produced by Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Dustin Tebbutt, ELKI), 'Silver Ray' is a stunning and sophisticated slice of intricate indie-pop. Shining exuberantly with its spirited melodies, the track takes cues from the likes of Everything Everything. Glass Animals and The Strokes.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

Born Lion - Slowly Sinking     Rock, Punk 22/02/2018
Following on from their critically adored 2015 debut album 'Final Words', Born Lion return with their highly anticipated sophomore full-length 'Celebrate the Lie' and new single 'Slowly Sinking'.
'Slowly Sinking' combines angsty punk-rock, frenetic hardcore and unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks, to deliver on what is quite simply a straight up, raucous, razor-sharp rock n' roll track.

Born Lion - Drag     Rock, Punk, Metal, Hardcore 01/02/2018
ARIA nominated Sydney-based punk-rock band, Born Lion, are set to soon release their sophomore album 'Celebrate The Lie'.
Carried by its thunderous, dynamic rhythmic section, volcanic riffage and infectious group sing-a-longs, new cut 'Drag' delivers on another exciting take of abrasive and unpredictable melodic punk-rock that the band has become widely known for.

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Househats - Stop     Rock, Punk, Garage 01/02/2018
Melbourne based three-piece band, somewhere between post-punk and garage pop.
Taking cues from the trio's staple influences Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Omni and Parquet Courts, 'Stop' combines elements of garage-rock and post-punk, while also blending well-crafted pop sensibilities, that are sure to inspire many rowdy house party sing-a-longs.

Machine Age - Fighting     Electronic, Rock, Atmospheric, Experimental 28/11/2017
Machine Age's music is a fusion of eclectic genres and influences. Intricately layered instrumentation, collides with synth-laden soundscapes and pattering drumbeats, resulting in a unique, exciting brand of experimental electronica.
'Fighting' is a fusion of eclectic musical genres and influences. Intricately layered instrumentation builds throughout the song, colliding with synth-laden soundscapes and pattering drumbeats, resulting in his own brand of experimental electronica. Meanwhile, a sense of desperation is encapsulated beautifully by raw, simmering vocals.

JANEVA - Humble Beginnings feat. Zensofly     Pop, RnB, Soul, Electronic 24/11/2017
Geelong-based singer/songwriter, JANEVA has just revealed East Coast tour dates and new single ‘Humble Beginnings’ - featuring North Carolina rapper Zensofly.
‘Humble Beginnings’ is a slow-burning slice of sophisticated pop and R&B, which places JANEVA's raspy, soulful vocals - described by Indie Shuffle as “enveloping your mind with soaring and husky tone” - front and centre.

Little Earthquake - Human Connection     Electronic, Pop 08/11/2017
NSW Central Coast-based indie-pop duo, Little Earthquake, have just unveiled their new single ‘Human Connection’ (featuring Rosa Morgan) – mixed by Chris Galland and Manny Marroquin (Post Malone, The Weeknd).
Human Connection’ is a deep brooding slice of indie-electronica, melding dark-pop sensibilities with snippets of future bass-inspired production. Composed by brothers Justin and Matthew Hyland, and fellow collaborator Simon Carter, the tracks emotive highs are carried by Rosa Morgan, who’s endearing vocals soar and float effortlessly along throughout.

Essie Holt - Underwater     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 01/11/2017
Melbourne-based indie-pop artist, Essie Holt, has just unveiled her debut single ‘Underwater’ – produced by Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac, Dustin Tebbutt), with additional production and mixing by Dave Hammer (Washington)
‘Underwater’ is a meticulously crafted slice of indie-pop, taking cues from the likes of Lykke Li, St. Vincent and Banks. Opening with beautifully layered melancholy vocals, the track ascends into its soaring chorus, driven by the songstress’ infectious melodies and aptly composed instrumentals, which navigate dynamics and structure effortlessly.

Georgia June - Broke     Rock, Garage 26/10/2017
Georgia June combine angsty, passionate vocals with catchy guitar riffs and crisp basslines to create candid indie anthems, with the spirit of fem-rock icons Joan Jett, Blondie and Chrissy Amphlett.
‘Broke’ is instantly impressionable, bursting open with infectious guitar riffs and battering drums. The track retains an exhilarating energy throughout, complimented by front woman Georgia’s emotionally-charged vocals. Combining these elements with honest, relatable lyrics, she channels the sound of past and present indie songstresses Blondie and Alex Lahey.

Austen - Storm     Electronic, Pop 20/10/2017
Brisbane-based indie-electronic artist, AUSTEN, is excited to reveal her stunning new single ‘Storm’ – produced and recorded by James Angus (Midas.Gold, Carmouflage Rose, Gill Bates).
Taking cues from the likes of Broods, Halsey and Banks, ‘Storm’ is a dark and brooding cut of intricate electronica-pop. Song structure navigates effortlessly as dynamics are harnessed with finesse; flickering in between swirling synths, meticulous percussion, deep moody bass and ethereal vocals.

Nocturnal Tapes - All I Need     Electronic, Psychedelic, Pop, House 30/09/2017
Nocturnal Tapes are excited to unveil their headline East Coast tour dates and new single ‘All I Need’, the follow on from their critically adored debut EP ‘Visions IV’.
‘All I Need’ is a dreamy melting pot of dance, electronica, and psychedelia. Glimmering with walls of synth, subtle yet apt percussion and mesmerising vocals, the eclectic track gradually ascends into its soaring and infectious chorus. Dynamics and structure float elegantly, melding together a meticulously composed piece of indie-pop.


Desert Moons - Deep Water     Pop, Chill, Experimental, Electronic 29/09/2017
NSW Central Coast-based experimental-electronic duo, Desert Moons return with stellar follow up cut ‘Deep Water’ – produced and recorded by the group themselves at their home studio.
Opening with a gradual crescendo, ‘Deep Water’ harnesses dynamics with finesse, melding electronic beats, keys, synth, moog and the endearing vocals of enigmatic front man Jake Dobson, and his layers of hauntingly intricate harmonies.

Georgia June - Cool     Rock, Pop 16/09/2017
Georgia June combine angsty, passionate vocals with catchy guitar riffs and crisp basslines to create candid indie anthems, with the spirit of fem-rock icons Joan Jett, Blondie and Chrissy Amphlett.
Recorded in New York, 'Cool' is full of angst and honest expression. Georgia’s passionate vocals are complimented by catchy guitar riffs and crisp basslines, resulting in a candid indie anthem. The spirit of fem-rock icons like Joan Jett, Blondie and Chrissy Amphlett manifests in her powerful lyrics and nonchalant attitude.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

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Wharves - Love Decide     Rock, Pop, Goth, Britpop 25/08/2017
Lennox Head-based band, WHARVES, have just revealed East Coast tour dates and new single ‘Love Decide’ – recorded and produced by Steve Schram (San Cisco, Tiny Little Houses).
On their infectiously gritty new offering, the Lennox Head-based quartet take cues from the likes of The Strokes, Foals and Joy Division, melding walls of intricate guitars, thumping fuzz-laden bass, driving drum rhythms and the endearing vocals of front man, Matthew Collins.


Blondebears - Sedative     Electronic 18/08/2017
After releasing their critically adored debut single ‘Dissolve’, Sydney-based experimental-electronica duo Blondebears return with the atmospheric follow up ‘Sedative’ – produced and recorded by Jake Stiles and Sebastian Morales.
Awash with sonic textures, the dark and dreamy ‘Sedative’ further shines a light on the group’s ability to push songcraft boundaries with meticulous delivery and cohesive finishing. Flawlessly navigated by its apt builds and drops, the hypnotic piece comes to life with spellbinding production finesse.